gdoshow can i configure leafnode for a local network (or ssh tunnels)? i do not want to subscribe to the 'BIG 8' news groups...just create my own.00:05
shaunoyou might just want inn2 or equivalent for that.  transient mirrors of upstream servers is kinda leafnode's job description00:07
knoxyHi all... When I try to upgrade to kernel 3.2.0-56 I get this message http://paste.ubuntu.com/6470615/ Where I get these libraries?00:23
knoxybekks: Ubuntu 12.0400:23
knoxyUbuntu Server 12.0400:24
knoxyI honestly do not know what to do, I found nothing by Google.00:31
knoxyI'm afraid to restart the server because it is dedicated.00:32
pmatulisknoxy: capture and pastebin all output from 'sudo apt-get update; <the command that produced the output in your last pastebin, include the '-V' option>'00:33
knoxythe datacenter where is this server recommended me to remove old kernels and I did it.00:36
knoxyeven though I know it would not, I did.00:36
pmatulisknoxy: how did you do it?00:37
knoxythe result: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471495/00:38
knoxyBUT, the problem is: libraries fault... I need lib__mdma.so.1 and lib__mdmacrypt.so00:39
knoxyand do not know where to find00:39
pmatulisknoxy: you system was in a weird state prior to removing the first kernel00:41
pmatulisyou should not see this:00:41
pmatulisThe following partially installed packages will be configured:00:41
pmatulis  initramfs-tools00:41
knoxyI do not know exactly how it started.00:43
pmatulisknoxy: i suggest you look at previous apt management.  look here: /var/log/apt/{history.lgo,term.log}00:43
knoxyI need help to solve this problem, do not know what to do, honestly.00:43
knoxypmatulis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471517/00:46
knoxyE: /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/fixrtc failed with return 1. is part of failure, I solve this with chmod -x /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/fixrtc, but my problema (library fault) is not solved00:48
pmatulisknoxy: so you've been administering this system for a while?00:51
knoxypmatulis: yes...00:52
pmatulisknoxy: my precise server does not have any of those libraries your system is complaining about00:53
pmatulisknoxy: besides my earlier suggestion of looking in the logs for the *first* problem of such an issue, you can research what those libraries are for00:54
knoxypmatulis: This server had a problem in MySQL, but it was simple in the configuration file my.cnf missing a setting. I solve this past week and in the meantime came the problem with initramfs. This problem came with some aptitude dist-upgrade.00:54
knoxypmatulis: I have tried to search and find nothing00:55
pmatulisknoxy: find the logs of the first appearance of the issue.  dist-upgrade will be there00:58
pmatulisknoxy: also pastebin the output to 'sudo apt-get update' like i said before00:58
pmatulisfwiw, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471568/00:59
knoxypmatulis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471571/01:00
pmatulisknoxy: these repositories might be part of the problem:01:02
knoxypmatulis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471581/01:02
pmatulisknoxy: well, the files are there.  permissions?01:03
knoxypmatulis: I'm crazy? with `ls` I cant see the files...01:05
knoxypmatulis: with ls /lib/lib* I can see01:05
knoxypmatulis: look http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471602/01:06
gdosshauno: cant leafnode be used on an intra-net or localhost ?01:08
knoxypmatulis: ?01:11
pmatulisknoxy: output to 'sudo stat /lib/lib__mdma.so.1' ?01:13
pmatulisknoxy: it's as if the system thinks these 2 files are broken symbolic links01:15
knoxypmatulis: exactly01:16
knoxypmatulis: you have these files?01:16
pmatulisknoxy: i already said no01:16
pmatulisknoxy: i wonder if moving them away (in your home directory say) and then copying them back will help01:17
knoxypmatulis: i'll try01:17
knoxypmatulis: mv: cannot move `lib__mdma.so.1' to `/home/lib__mdma.so.1': Operation not permitted01:18
knoxypmatulis: is there something wrong with these files... I dont know where I get that01:19
pmatulisknoxy: output to 'dpkg -S /lib/lib__mdma.so.1' ?01:19
knoxywhat package have these files...01:19
knoxydpkg: error while loading shared libraries: lib__mdmacrypt.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:20
knoxypmatulis: omg, look http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471662/01:21
pmatulisknoxy: can you try in another directory?01:22
knoxypmatulis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471669/01:23
knoxyroot@srv01:~# ps aux ps: error while loading shared libraries: lib__mdmacrypt.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:24
knoxyomg man...01:24
knoxyim fucked01:25
pmatulisknoxy: is there some encryption on this system?01:25
knoxypmatulis: no01:26
knoxypmatulis: no command works01:27
pmatulisknoxy: the lib_mdma is not in any official ubuntu archive.  must be from the 2 i mentioned above01:28
pmatulisthe string 'lib__mdma' i mean01:29
knoxypmatulis: I lost my system?01:30
pmatulisapparently, and strangely, that file you attempted to move is essential to the basic functioning of your system01:30
pmatulisbut it's hard to believe01:31
pmatulissince it's not on a standard ubuntu server, and i did google searches and nothing turns up01:31
knoxypmatulis: you saw, did not do anything wrong, it was working and now has stopped. If I restart the machine it will not come back?01:31
pmatulisknoxy: what is this system responsible for anyway?01:32
pmatulisknoxy: pm me if you want01:33
SemorHow could I know the maxsize of heap in memory ?03:13
SemorHow could I know the maxsize of heap in memory ?03:13
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saad__Hi I'm trying to install gcc on Ubuntu 10.04 and I get the following error06:14
saad__Help trouble installing gcc on Ubuntu 10.04 http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472447/06:19
saad__after trying sudo apt-get install -f http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472465/06:21
saad__Help anyone trouble installing gcc on Ubuntu 10.04 Server http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472447/06:31
saad__HELP trouble installing gcc on Ubuntu 10.04 Server http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472447/06:44
babinlonstonHi , i have a server which was installed with post-fix mail server in VPS, now i can send mail from VPS to any emails, and even i can send mails from any email to vps too, is it possible to use this post-fix to send and receive mails from any other vps which holding applications without installing or configuring post-fix in that vps ?06:54
saad__Help error installing gcc http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472691/07:47
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babinlonstonHi all , I'm Using Ubuntu 12.04 server and While access some webpage which was hosted in my VPS some time not opens and its shows some error as apache version and Ubuntu, I don't want to show that my server is using apache and Ubuntu as my operating system , how can i remove it ? Please Guide09:36
Rorybabinlonston: See the Apache docs on custom error pages http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/custom-error.html09:41
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rbasaklifeless: the lxc task in that bug exists because I experienced the same issue in a Debian container that has yet to have its DHCP client patched. I think that fits closer to the case you're describing. But if you want to split those cases off into a separate bug, then fair enough. They're certainly closely linked and should refer to one another.10:09
jamespagepsivaa, where do I find the utah smoke tests again? going to convert the floodlight test into a DEP-8 test instead10:10
psivaajamespage:  lp:ubuntu-test-cases/server is the branch if that's what you're looking for10:14
jamespagepsivaa, thanks10:31
jamespagepsivaa, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/ubuntu-test-cases/server-drop-floodlight/+merge/19651110:33
psivaajamespage: ok, I see this DEP-8 tests are not run in smoke, but that's intended and you're running it somewhere else?10:35
jamespagepsivaa, yes - they will get run when its reverse-deps change or when its uploaded to distro10:36
jamespageso its pre-entry rather than post entry if that makes sense10:36
psivaajamespage: ack, i think i understand :)10:37
jamespagerbasak, any thoughts on how much effort its going to be to enable mongodb on arm64?11:22
rbasakjamespage: I've not looked yet, but it's on my list. I don't think it'll be that hard - just need to patch atomic intrinsics in for everything.11:23
jamespagerbasak, good11:23
jamespage(I'll assign the work item to you then :-))11:23
jamespagerbasak, I think the jump for v8 should be quite minimal as well11:24
rbasakI'm not so sure about v8, but I've never touched that code base. Does it use LLVM or something else?11:25
jamespagerbasak, no - its gcc - scons build system like mongodb11:27
jamespagerbasak, I'm looking at it specifcally for this forked juju-mongodb package that we agreed with the security team so that we might actually get juju into main11:28
jamespage(as I have to use the embedded v8 source - which has arm build disabled right now :-()11:28
rbasakjamespage: what does it use for the JIT bits? Does it even have JIT bits? I assumed it did.11:28
jamespageno idea11:28
jamespageit does lots of asm bits11:28
rbasakThat's the tricky part.11:28
rbasakNote that armv8 is a completely different ISA from armv7.11:29
jamespagerbasak, I'm really hoping it uses gcc abstractions11:29
jamespagebut I suspect that is a vain hope11:29
rbasakI'm not sure that's really possible for a JIT.11:29
rbasakThe best available abstraction that I know of is LLVM IR.11:30
jamespageno - I thought not11:30
jamespageno gcc primitives use that is11:31
jamespagerbasak, great11:32
jamespagerbasak, arrrggh - mongodb strips out all of the arm specific source as well11:35
jamespagerbasak, fwiw we are back in sync with Debian for mongodb11:41
jamespagenew maintainer (gcs) was been picking up everything I've been sending them11:41
jamespagethem/to Debian11:41
rbasakjamespage: it sounds like I should take this on and figure out what it'll take to make the whole thing go.11:43
rbasakjamespage: I don't mind doing that - just need gaughen to prioritise me.11:43
jamespagerbasak, OK - I'll ping her about this11:44
jamespagefeels important11:44
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Shockwavehi people13:50
Shockwavehow are you!13:50
ShockwaveI need to make a career with ubuntu server13:52
Shockwavewhat are the recommendations13:52
RoryShockwave: Experience13:54
ShockwaveRory: yes x example, study full asterisk o better sql ,13:55
RoryShockwave: Just use Ubuntu at your current place if you have the option to for new boxes. Or configure a home server with ubuntu13:55
Shockwavei want do a profesional in ubuntu server13:55
Shockwavefor the job13:55
RoryLearn about Linux system administration13:56
RoryApply for a Linux system administrator job13:56
patdk-wkprofit == working lots of unpayed overtime?13:57
Rorylmao patdk-wk sounds about right13:57
ShockwaveRory:  thanks!14:02
RoryShockwave: Honestly the best thing is to just use Linux a lot, and then being an admin will just be the obvious career move14:02
RoryShockwave: Try joining #reddit-sysadmin - not an Ubuntu-affiliated channel, and the language is potentially NSFW14:03
RoryShockwave: But they will probably answer your questions about the career14:03
ShockwaveRory:  ok perfect14:03
Rabooi'm having a insane problem14:50
Rabooi've setup nfs server14:50
Rabooand mounting it as rw14:50
Rabooas root, i still can't create files14:50
Raboono permission14:50
Raboowhat can possibly be wrong? it's exported as,sync,no_subtree_check)14:51
patdk-wkroot_squash :)14:54
zuljamespage:  quick review please https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-ceilometerclient/1.0.6/+merge/19654815:02
soahcccAny idea how I managed it to have libmysqlclient15off on one server but not the other? http://files.sven.bmonkeys.net/images/___ssh_20131125_161422.png15:14
soahcccAhh nvm I've installed it manually15:20
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mreggHi - We just updated our 10.04.4 server with the latest security updates, and since then, Postfix no longer sends nor receives emails. Everything is queue with "Connection timed out" error. It was working perfectly up until then. What can we do?15:40
zulhallyn_/jamespage: im just looking at the libvirt python bindings split, they are calling the tarball libvirt-python should we call it python-libvirt?15:43
jamespagezul, I reckon so15:43
hallyn_zul: that seems more traditional to me.  (i.e. we have python-lxc015:43
jamespagebut we can deal with that in the packaging15:43
zulthis is going to suck15:44
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danleyHi. I'm having a small atom machine (nothing but board, HDDs and Ethernet) with 12.04 LTS Server. I'm sending it into S3/Suspend. But it wakes up after a random time by itself. No USB-Devices connected. ethtool says eth0 only reacts to the magic packet (g). so I'm a bit clueless to why it is waking up... is there any way to get that information from the kernel?17:52
hitsujiTMOdanley: are you running X on the machine?18:05
danleyhitsujiTMO, no. at least not that I know of.18:13
danleyhitsujiTMO, no. at least not that I know of. I am running NFS, though18:14
danleyas in I export NFS shares. also samba, mysql and apache...18:15
danleyI think the only other process that is running and not standard is screen.18:15
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danleyuhm, sorry. if anybody replied to my question since 19:17... looks like my bouncer had disabled the buffer so could you please repeat?18:41
sarnolddanley: sorry, there were no furthre responses in that time18:42
billy_ran_awayWhy does my 2 disk RAID 1 device have no identity information? mdadm: ARRAY line /dev/md0 has no identity information.18:54
sdvhbhszo8yhwtu  YOU MAY BE WATCHED19:22
sdvhbhszo8yhwtuWARNING       WARNING      WARNING,                       WARNING19:22
sdvhbhszo8yhwtuWARNING             WARNING              WARNING,     WARNING         WARNING19:22
sdvhbhszo8yhwtu YOU MAYWATCHED19:22
sdvhbhszo8yhwtuYOU MAY BE WATCHED19:22
sdvhbhszo8yhwtu  YOU MAY BE WATCHED19:22
sdvhbhszo8yhwtuWARNING       WARNING      WARNING,                       WARNING19:22
sdvhbhszo8yhwtuWARNING             WARNING              WARNING,     WARNING         WARNING19:22
sdvhbhszo8yhwtu YOU MAYWATCHED19:22
sdvhbhszo8yhwtuYOU MAY BE WATCHED19:22
sdvhbhszo8yhwtu   YOU MAY BE WATCHED19:22
sarnoldthanks genii :) may need a +b too..19:26
geniisarnold: If they return, I'll +b19:27
sdvhbhszo8yhwtu  YOU MAY BE WATCHED19:29
sdvhbhszo8yhwtuWARNING       WARNING      WARNING,                       WARNING19:29
sdvhbhszo8yhwtuWARNING             WARNING              WARNING,     WARNING         WARNING19:29
sdvhbhszo8yhwtu YOU MAYWATCHED19:29
sdvhbhszo8yhwtuYOU MAY BE WATCHED19:29
Arrickhey all, if I want this to run every 15 minutes, what would be the syntax in crontab on 12.04 to schedule it?19:51
Arricksudo -u www-data php /www/mwtraining/auth/ldap/cli/sync_users.php19:51
zuladam_g:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/ceilometer/icehouse-ftbfs/+merge/19661719:52
blkperl0,15,30,45 * * * * sudo -u www-data php /www/mwtraining/auth/ldap/cli/sync_users.php19:52
blkperlArrick: ^19:52
Arrickthank you.19:52
sarnoldbetter would be to put that into /etc/cron.d/<something>   and use the native syntax for running a command as a user..19:52
sarnold0,15,30,45 * * * * www-data /usr/bin/php /www/mwtraining/auth/ldap/cli/sync_users.php19:53
sarnold(I always give full pathnames in cron entries, path problems in cronjobs are miserable to debug.)19:53
Arrick*/15 * * * * /usr/bin/php /19:54
Arrickok, so if I put it into say /etc/cron.d/syncusers and put what you said in there sarnold, how do I test it and make sure it runs?19:55
sarnoldArrick: wait 15 minutes? :)19:55
Arrickwould it be */15?19:56
sarnoldArrick: you should see some PAM activity for the user in the logs somewhere..19:56
sarnold*/15 should also work, I forgot the new syntax. hehe.19:56
adam_gzul, typo in changelog19:57
Arricksarnold, where would I look for PAM activity at?19:59
Arrickwhich logs?19:59
zuladam_g:  fixed20:49
makarahi. Is ports.conf in Apache2 new? Because I don't see people talking about it in 2010 when I would expect20:59
smoserrharper, very unscientific21:45
smoserbut http://paste.ubuntu.com/6475987/21:45
smoseri consistently see the non-eat-my-data 'apt-get' (line 8) taking real time 8 seconds compared to 7.21:46
smoseras i said. very unscientific.21:46
rharpersmoser: the interesting test is if it scales based on the number of dpk installs21:51
rharpersmoser: I would expect that it should as it should be eliminating the sync/flush overhead at the end of each dpkg install.21:52
smoserdpkg is more fsync happy than just at the end of each install21:52
rharpereven better then21:53
rharperand it should be evident, but it'll depend on the underlying filesystem's behavoir with fsync, and the block devices as well.21:53
Beatstreetduring install I keep getting an error during partioning21:54
smoserrharper, 12.04 running on azure (painfully slow disk).22:11
smoserthe large delta in 'real'  and small deltas in 'user' and 'sys' show (me at least) that this is all IO.22:12
smoserutlemming, ^ random unscientific data.22:13
utlemmingsmoser: this is inline with the sort of thing that we have seen22:14
smoseryeah, but previously i'd never used 'sync' at the end.22:15
smoserwhich is necessary if you actually want to "finish" this install22:15
rharpersmoser: 12.04 defaults to ext4? and data=ordered ?22:15
rharperor the cloud-image, whatever the os image is22:16
utlemmingrharper: cloud image takes the default -- in 12.04 it is data=ordered22:16
smoserext4 yes.22:16
rharperit certainly seems like a win where we don';t have control over how the hardware/cloud/storage is configured22:17
smoserhallyn_ or stgraber, do you have a guide to run a gui app in an lxc container ?22:55
smoseri think ideally one with sound too.22:55
stgrabersmoser: I don't have a guide, though you could look at the source of steam-lxc for how to do that.22:56
stgrabersmoser: typically that's done by telling pulseaudio to bind to a unix socket, bind-mount that into the container and set PULSE_SERVER accordingly in the container22:56
stgrabersmoser: for X, it's similar, you bind-mount the X socket and /dev/dri22:57
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hallyn_i also want to get to where we can start X over spice in a container, but Xspice was having stability issues last i tried22:58
smoserhallyn_, stgraber thanks.23:06
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TheLordOfTimedoes /var/www even exist in Ubuntu default installs?23:45
TheLordOfTime(asking because unrelated to actual problems, more of a "building knowledge" thing)23:46

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