den4ikso when i built the image im rebooting to recovery, it installs my image and after that i need to flash armhf?00:01
den4ikwhats the command for flashing armhf00:02
TechieElfDo you have CWM or TWRP on your device?00:02
den4iki have ubuntu CWM00:03
TechieElfThen use it to flash the zip00:03
den4iki will try flashing this one  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/trusty-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz00:04
TechieElfWhy not the .zip?00:05
den4iki just like tar.gz is there a difference?00:05
TechieElfden4ik: I think the .zip contains instructions for flashing for the recovery00:06
den4iki think its just file format. will see00:06
anonynimityif I were to install Cyanogen mod on my device (full install), then install ubuntu-touch dev preview, would my phone calls/sms/networking be working?00:35
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TechieElfCrimson_Rogue: no00:37
Crimson_Rogueawweeee :((((00:37
Crimson_Roguewas worth asking anyway00:38
den4ikno??? i thought it should work00:39
TechieElfden4ik Ubuntu Touch will only work as much as it is stated to work per port00:42
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nhainesden4ik: if you install one OS, then wipe it out completely and install the second OS, nothing from the first OS will remain.01:18
den4iki know thanks01:18
omacIf there is anyone here from Canada, you might want to try this command out even with the latest version of jellybean.02:15
omacGo to the dialpad/phone. Dial in the this number: * # * #4636# * # * (This will bring up "Phone info"). Tap WCDMA from under "Set preferred network type". Select "LTE/GSM/CDMA auto (PRL)". The 4G LTE network should now be activated.02:16
omacthat's for the mako users out there living in Canada and using windmobile.02:16
omacBefore doing it, I was getting 0.4Mbps download/0.4Mbps upload.  After doing it, I got 2Mbps download/1Mbps upload.02:17
omacThat's pretty good for being on 4G LTE AWS BAND4 in Canada.02:18
omacI used the speedtest.net app for these results.02:19
omacAnother word of caution.  Don't listen to any windmobile reps at the store, they are not techies.  The rep claimed not to have LTE, but the speedtest says otherwise.02:20
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den4ikdoes somebody has working custom image?02:46
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices02:48
Crimson_Roguehow long does it take for phablet-dev-bootstrap to download?03:06
TechieElfA few hours03:07
Crimson_RogueGreattttt.... Thank you TechieElf03:07
TechieElfWell actually it depends on your download speed.. I have 2.4mbs/sec and it took less than an hour03:08
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Crimson_Rogue58.00 KiB/s03:11
Crimson_Roguebe back later then... thank you for your help TechieElf03:12
TechieElfno problem crimson_rogue03:13
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xenokillerhello semone know what function is utilised to get volume buttons value03:44
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pete-woodsfginther: good morning! are you still the right person to ask for CI to be set up for launchpad projects?08:41
brendandbregma, hi08:46
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dholbachgood morning09:10
nhainesdholbach: good morning.  :)09:12
dholbachhi nhaines09:12
nhainesdholbach: have a nice morning so far? :)09:13
dholbachyep, doing well - I'm at dpm's place today - how are you?09:14
nhainesDoing pretty well!  Finally got the Ubuntu Touch emulator to work on trusty... in VirtualBox, haha.  So that's a beginning.  :)09:14
dholbachan emulator in an emulator :)09:15
nhainesIf there's anything I enjoy, it's definitely meta.  :)09:16
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tsdgeoszsombi: what do you think of http://paste.ubuntu.com/6473048/ so i can use a C++ list model in there?09:55
jnhghyis ubuntu phone: http://www.ubuntu.com/phone same as ubuntu for android phone? http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/ubuntu-for-android10:55
popeyUbuntu for Android = Android + Ubuntu desktop10:56
popeyUbuntu Phone = Ubuntu Touch user interface with only enough Android kernel bits to access devices (GPS/sensors)10:56
tsdgeos+ Ubuntu desktop when the thing is done11:00
davmor2Morning All11:04
ogra_janimo, running: ARCHES=i386 CDIMAGE_NOPUBLISH=1 for-project ubuntu-touch cron.daily-preinstalled --live ... lets see what comes out ...11:07
zsombitsdgeos: that makes sense. I wanted to tight the model to ListModel to make sure we really have a model there, however forgot that it does not allow to use QAbstractListModels...11:07
janimoogra_, \o/11:07
janimoogra_, last time I looked at live build IIRC you also had to export some more envvars but hopefully it is cleaner now11:08
tsdgeoszsombi: oki, https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/c++_models_tabbar/+merge/196518 you go11:08
janimolike PREINSTALLED and TOUCH11:08
ogra_if it doesnt fall over (i suspect it will though) i'll just re-run it with the publishing enabled11:08
zsombitsdgeos: the only thing is that the model must have either the title or the tab role defined11:08
tsdgeosbut well that was already the case11:08
janimoogra_, even if it fails it's great to have this started, thanks11:08
tsdgeosin ListModel11:08
zsombitsdgeos and in the latest (tab) one's case, the tab must have the title property available11:09
ogra_ah, and there it returned11:09
* ogra_ goes to look for logs11:09
tsdgeoszsombi: i can just add a QIdentityModel to my existing model and add the title property11:09
tsdgeosor just add the role11:09
tsdgeosthat is what i did :D11:09
zsombitsdgeos: thinking of unit tests... unfortunately the whole logic is in the style, and we still haven't committed to the Ambiance stability...11:10
tsdgeoszsombi: well it'll break at the unity8 unittests then :D11:11
tsdgeosand i'll have to fix it11:11
ogra_janimo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6473301/11:12
ogra_first hack already bites us11:12
omacdoing the phablet flash of the ubuntu phone. It says ubuntu update complete. but it seems to stop with a question Rom any flash recovery on boot. Fix?11:12
zsombitsdgeois: try to add some unit tests to guard it11:12
zsombitsdgeos: to the MP11:13
janimoogra_, are there some dpkg hooks that are failing there? It's not clear to me what the error may be11:13
zsombitsdgeos: at least have few models and check the roles11:14
ogra_janimo, the mutlimedia -touch packages are a giant set of diversions against the actual qt5multimedia packages11:14
tsdgeoszsombi: tbh i don't know why i need to do that in my MP11:14
ogra_its extremely ugly11:14
janimoogra_, ouch, diversions11:14
tsdgeoszsombi: the problem existed before my MP11:14
zsombitsdgeos: I know, but you were the lucky one to note it, and if you change the API then you have to guard it ;)11:15
Laneyogra_: oh god, I looked at the failure :P11:15
tsdgeoszsombi: great way to make sure i'm not finding any flaws in your api in the future11:15
zsombitsdgeos: :D11:16
t1mphehe :)11:16
zsombitsdgeos: look, if you have changes for a component, you have to cover it with tests, right?11:16
tsdgeoszsombi: i'll do the tests, don't worry11:17
zsombitsdgeos: I agree that the model wasn't covered properly before, but now you have the opportunity to cover it at least :)11:17
zsombitsdgeos: thx :)11:17
tsdgeoszsombi: but you tell me what you want exactly, i'm  not doign the tests you should have done just to get you to comment that this is not what you wanted11:17
zsombitsdgeos: right...11:18
omaci did yes. phablet flash succeeded11:18
ogra_janimo, for more details, the log is now synced at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/trusty/ubuntu-touch/20131125/livecd-20131125-armhf.out11:18
* janimo looks11:18
omacroughly 20 mins to finish entire recipe as described:  http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/install11:18
zsombitsdgeos: so as previously only ListItems would have been there, our side would have been to test the availability of either tab (+tab.title) or title roles. Now you have to check whether an arbitrary model given to the Tabs has these roles or not.11:19
ogra_janimo, err, no ... thats the armhf one obviously11:19
ogra_janimo, i guess syncing will still take a moment11:19
janimoogra_, ok, I was wondering why there's no error :)11:19
zsombitsdgeos: the only problem I see is to test the QAbstractListModel from QML test.. you may need to have a C++ test for that11:20
tsdgeoszsombi: i'm sorry but not sure what kind of test you want really, you want me just to feed it a ListModel to TabsBar and then what? check that it did not give any warning? or?11:21
zsombitsdgeos: ListModel is just one model, right?11:21
zsombitsdgeos: array of JSON objects is another one11:21
zsombitsdgeos which is similar to ListModel11:21
tsdgeosyes, i know there are multiple models11:22
tsdgeosit's what i added11:22
zsombitsdgeos: then a QAbstractListModel derived on eis the third11:22
tsdgeosi'm just not sure what the test is supposed to test11:22
zsombitsdgeos: I was trying to find a way to catch whether the given model will throw error on the TabBar.11:23
ogra_janimo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6473354/11:24
zsombitsdgeos: so like in TabBar onModelChanged you could check whether the model has the roles required or not and throw error...11:25
tsdgeosi can do that11:25
zsombitsdgeos: then you could test whether the given model produces error on the TabBar or not11:25
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janimoogra_, what is with ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd ? Renamed to something else?11:31
ogra_that should just bve fine i suppose11:32
ogra_(on i386 at least)11:32
ogra_we'll see once we get that far11:32
janimoogra_, it should be added to the i386 list it's currently only in armhf in ubuntu-touch11:32
ogra_first that error needs to be fixed11:33
ogra_well, you dont really need it inside the image11:33
janimoogra_, I was just looking at ubuntu-touch and noticed that, while thinking the diverts are in that package11:33
ogra_as long as the binary initrd lands in the android build11:33
janimoogra_, ok11:33
ogra_having it in the rootfs is only hellpful for re-generating the initrd on the running system ... not overly important for a start11:34
ogra_(surely something we need to fix at some point, but not as urgent as getting the media stack installable)11:34
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janimoogra_, I see nothing in particular in qtmultimedia-opensource-src-touch that is armhf specific apart from a symbol file11:35
ogra_well, the installation paths differ ...11:36
ogra_i guess the diversion logic uses them ... or se are missing Replaces in debian/control or whatever11:37
janimoogra_, are there more detailed errors from live-build?11:38
tsdgeoszsombi: error out via console.error?11:39
ogra_arent these detailed enough ?11:39
ogra_shows pretty clear whats broken ..11:39
janimoogra_, not clear to me. Errors encountered, error code 111:40
janimohardly detailed11:40
janimoor is that a summary only11:40
ogra_read the log, loook for the dpkg error above11:40
janimoogra_, ah ok, I saw it now above11:41
ogra_that just means "hey, some subprocess didnt finish properly"11:41
ogra_janimo, the package has .presinst files that create the diversions11:42
ogra_and it does not have any Replaces lines in debian/control11:43
ogra_janimo, can you confirm bug 125468611:48
ubot5bug 1254686 in qtmultimedia-opensource-src-touch (Ubuntu) "package is uninstallable on i386 due to file conflicts" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125468611:48
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^11:49
rsalvetiogra_: that's for sergio, the fun with diverts11:52
rsalvetithat's why we need the mediaserver11:53
tsdgeoszsombi: do you have a way to check there's been an error printed in console.log for the tests?11:53
tsdgeosconsole.error i mean11:53
ogra_rsalveti, well, for now we need an installable package frst :)11:53
ogra_i'll assign it to sergio then11:54
rsalvetiogra_: yup, he created the diverts for that package, might be adding something specific for armhf then11:54
rsalvetiogra_: janimo: but yeah, there's nothing really specific to armhf in that one11:54
ogra_well, we want it to function the saame on x8611:54
janimorsalveti, indeed that's what I see too11:54
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janimoogra_, I wonder what the differences between i386 and i686 are and whether the tools consistently pick the same12:06
ogra_janimo, i386 is the arhcitecture name for i68612:10
ogra_i wonder what _ARCH_ expands to ... looking at the prinst12:11
janimoogasawara, maybe DEB_TARGET_GNU_TYPE should be used12:11
janimoogra_, placeholder, sedded by rules12:11
tsdgeoszsombi: actually, scrap that, i don't know how to do the test you suggested since i can't access the role names of the models12:11
xnoxwhile i386 is a valid cpu-target in dpkg, in ubuntu it is set to target i686 instead. see DEB_HOST_GNU_CPU=i68612:12
tsdgeoszsombi: so i would have to instantiate the model myself and check one of the delegates for the properties, but what if the model is empty?12:12
xnox(GNU_TYPE is also i686-linux-gnu, the install location for multiarch however is compatible with debian arch name i.e. i386-linux-gnu)12:12
ogra_right, i think that replacement is wrong on i386 ... while it seems to work fine on armhf12:14
ogra_        sed "s/__ARCH__/$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)/g" -i \12:15
ogra_                debian/libqgsttools-p1-touch.preinst12:15
ogra_thats the code in question ...12:15
ogra_Adding 'diversion of /usr/lib/i686-linux-gnu/libqgsttools_p.so.1 to /var/lib/libqgsttools-p1-touch-diverted/libqgsttools_p.so.1.diverted-libqgsttools-p1-touch by libqgsttools-p1-touch'12:16
ogra_i assume we would want that dir to be i386 here12:17
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* ogra_ has no plain i386 installs to verify this 12:17
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
ogra_on my amd64 installs it is always i386 ... not i686 though12:18
ogra_janimo, i think DEB_TARGET_GNU_TYPE only expands to i386-linux ... missing the trailing -gnu12:22
om26ersalem_, ping12:39
salem_om26er, pong12:39
om26ersalem_, my phone network only appears when wifi is turned on and connected to a wireless network (on mako). Do you think its something you can look into ?12:40
om26erimage 2812:40
* Mirv dropped qtsensors5-private-dev, no remaining reverse dependencies12:51
Mirvso following Debian12:51
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pittiboiko, salem_: do we support the SIM phone book in the UI? ofono supports it (and so does phonesim)13:16
pittiboiko, salem_: I can't find it anywhere in the UI, but want to make sure13:16
salem_om26er, sorry the delay. you mean the indicator only appears? or the network itself?13:16
salem_pitti, we dont support it yet as far as I know.13:17
boikopitti: nope, we don't.13:17
pittisalem_, boiko: OK, thanks for confirming; ofono only supports importing them, but not changing them, FTR13:17
boikopitti: we discussed that long ago, but it ended up not being implemented. I think the idea is just to import the addressbook from the sim13:17
boikopitti: I guess that would be enough13:18
pittiyes, makes sense13:18
om26ersalem_, the network indicator only shows wifi icon and calling my Ubuntu phone in this case does not work neither can I call. Only once I connect to wifi a second icon for sim signals appear in the top panel13:18
om26erand I can make calls/sms13:18
pittiboiko, salem_: sims are too limited for modern rich contacts anyway, but import sounds nice13:18
om26erif I disconnect wifi again, I don't receive any calls even though the caller on the other end seems to hear the ringing tone13:18
pittiboiko, salem_: BTW, do you know a rough estimate for the PIN unlock UI?13:18
salem_pitti, yes, I think I did a quick research some time ago around this topic. It is possible to import them, but I am not sure if ofono-ril currently implements the addressbook interface.13:19
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boikopitti: hmm, that's not something we are working on, it was decided this was going to be implemented outside the dialer and messaging apps13:19
boikopitti: not sure who is working on that13:20
pittisalem_: no, it doesn't; it only works with phonesim, not with ril13:20
pittiboiko: yes I know, it doesn't make sense in the dialer; it needs to be asked at boot13:20
boikopitti: I guess awe would be the right person to ask about that, but he is not online right now13:21
salem_om26er, ouch, it seems this problem lives in the backend. probably not related to apps or telephony-service. I would suggest asking tony about it.13:21
boikorsalveti: do you know anything about PIN unlocking UI?13:21
om26ersalem_, ok. will ask him13:21
salem_om26er, ok, thanks.13:22
pittiboiko: ack, thanks13:22
rsalvetiboiko: hm, nops13:22
rsalvetiyeah, wait for awe13:23
salem_om26er, hey, boiko reminded me about a setting that might be related to this issue. can you run this command as phablet? "dconf read /org/gnome/empathy/use-conn"13:24
boikorsalveti: thanks13:28
om26ersalem_, returns false13:30
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ogra_janimo, so i just did a test build here ... using DEB_TARGET_GNU_TYPE gets me an empty replacement :(13:32
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ogra_aha, because /usr/share/dpkg/architecture.mk doesnt export "TARGET" stuff13:36
salem_om26er, ah, it is correct. so the problem is probably somewhere else.13:36
* ogra_ adds the appropriate snippet to debian/rules and re-tries13:38
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randomcppwhere can I find trusty-proposed changelogs?13:48
ogra_randomcpp, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/13:49
randomcppthanks ogra_ :)13:49
ogra_the proper mapping of the versions can be found by looking at http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/13:50
ogra_(first is the system image number, second is the rootfs (which is the one you want)and the last one is the android build)13:50
randomcppthanks again :)13:52
fgintherpete-woods, yes, I can still setup projects under CI for you13:56
cjwatsonmhall119: in general, impossible (most .debs have all kinds of assumptions such as paths that won't work in the extremely constrained environment of click packages); in some specific cases it can be made to work and sergiusens was doing something like that for core apps for a while.  alien has a MUCH easier time of it because it doesn't have to rearrange the file structure on disk.13:58
cjwatsonmhall119: basically anything more complex than a single self-contained executable will probably be intractably difficult14:00
rsalvetixnox: would be nice, before uploading the change, to also close the MR (and possibly merge it as well): https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/ubuntu/trusty/qtbase-opensource-src/android-emulator-workaround/+merge/19562214:01
pete-woodsfginther: I forgot that you were on a different time zone! basically it's a newish launchpad project (https://launchpad.net/unity-voice)14:01
rsalvetithe fix was uploaded but the mr is still open14:01
fgintherpete-woods, I should have it added today, will send email when it's done.14:03
pete-woodsfginther: thanks very much!14:03
xenokillerhello semeone kno what function control the press button volume if is a gpio or what else?14:06
xnoxrsalveti: those branches are annoying. So i've merged and pushed the branch where qt packaging is actually maintained: lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtbase-opensource-src_5.0.214:11
rsalvetixnox: right, but it's useful to have a working udd branch as well14:11
rsalvetixnox: and closing the mr is also a good thing :-)14:12
xnoxrsalveti: no, it's useful to use one branch, be it udd one or the specific packaging one.14:12
rsalvetixnox: having a working udd doesn't mean we're using it as the packaging branch14:12
xnoxMirv: why are you pushing merge proposals for both lp:ubuntu/qt* and lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qt* ?14:12
rsalvetihaving a working udd is good so we can have a packaging merge proposal/code review when needed14:13
rsalvetievne if the original packaging is maintained in a separated branch14:13
xnoxMirv: if you want sponsorship, you can simply request merge proposal review by "~ubuntu-core-dev" on the kubuntu-packaging branches.14:13
xnoxrsalveti: all core-devs have ~kubuntu-packagers ( i think) so really those are the only one that should be used.14:14
xnoxrsalveti: or in otherwards anyone who can upload, have (or should have) the ~kubuntu-packagers access.14:14
rsalvetixnox: right, but we might want to do a packaging review using the udd branch, for example14:15
rsalvetinot saying for core-devs14:15
xnoxrsalveti: similar with all the ~ubuntu-desktop packaging branches, and e.g. seeds branches for each derivative.14:15
rsalvetifor such packages, we shouldn't be doing uploads without review and such14:15
xnoxrsalveti: no, we should not use udd branches for any qt* packages, cause that's not where they are maintained.14:15
xnoxrsalveti: otherwise that's not really working with the rest of the team who maintain qt* packages, but against them.14:16
rsalvetixnox: I know, all I'm saying is that we shouldn't block people from using the udd branchs for simple code review, if needed14:16
xnoxok. we shouldn't block. but eg. there is no reason for you, Mirv, and I to not use the ~kubuntu-packagers branches, since we know better =)14:16
xnoxsame e.g. with ~ubuntu-installer branches all of them are not using UDD branches, but share history with git imports of debian's d-i, and therefore do proper VCS mergers (since all of them are native packages).14:17
rsalvetixnox: I closed the mr btw14:17
rsalvetiso we don't have another forever-opened mr around :-)14:17
xnox(imho it's unfortunate that one cannot force ignore udd branch.... *sigh*)14:18
xnoxmaybe push --override "README => use this branch instead" =)))14:18
rsalvetiwell, udd might still be useful, if you want to upload something without necessarily going via the original packaging branch14:19
rsalvetisuch as before the release14:19
rsalvetiif you want review, of course :-)14:19
rsalvetiwhich we should be doing anyway (at least for packages touching the touch seeds)14:19
mhall119thanks cjwatson14:24
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ogra_janimo, patch added to teh bug and verified on three arches14:36
janimoogra_, great!14:37
ogra_now i have to dig through that CI crap to actually create an MP ... (sigh, uploading would take me 5 min)14:38
janimoogra_,  I can sympathize :/14:38
rsalvetiogra_: well, code review at least is always a good thing :-)14:39
ogra_rsalveti, sure sure :P14:39
ogra_(its not like the patch i added to the bug would be hard to review :P )14:39
rsalvetiright, janimo can review it easily I guess14:40
Ursinhaogra_, if you have a problem creating an MP, the problem is you :P14:40
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rsalvetiogra_: at least once we have a cli way to automatically create the mp ticket and submit it to the "landing spreadsheet" it'll be easier14:42
rsalvetilooking forward to have such tool in hands14:43
Ursinharsalveti, you mean having your approved MP added automatically to the "landing spreadsheet"?14:44
rsalvetiUrsinha: well, shouldn't it be added there as soon the mp is in place?14:44
rsalvetiwith a 'needs review' status?14:44
ogra_rsalveti, https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/phablet-extras/qtmultimedia-touch/+merge/19654114:44
rsalvetiogra_: oh, so it was indeed the i386 x i686 problem?14:45
ogra_Ursinha, i have the package already local, have it built several times fo different arches ... now instead of just uploading the verified fix i have to first find the upstream branch, add my change there, push to LP, find the right name for my ~ogra push, fill an MP form etc etc ... its like 20min extra work where i could just have uploaded and have started my next image build for janimo in the next hour or two14:46
ogra_rsalveti, yeah14:46
ogra_Ursinha, it adds pointless paperwork delay to my work ...14:47
Ursinhaogra_, why you say it's pointless?14:47
Ursinha(honest question, I don't know)14:48
ogra_Ursinha, because my patch was tested and can be reviwed n the bug14:48
ogra_MPs add an additional buerocracy layer on top of that14:48
Ursinhaogra_, and how would that be? you generate a patch, attach to the bug, have it reviewed by someone then apply yourself the patch to the trunk?14:48
ogra_Ursinha, well, what i did for the last 9 years was apt-get source the package ... add my fix, d testbuilds in different chroots for the different target arches i want to test, submit a debdiff to the bug ... and then upload after someone told me "looks good"14:49
ogra_if i follow the habit i did (and most of the other ubuntu-devs did too) for the last 9 years i have to now add additional paperwork14:50
Ursinhaogra_, okay, creating a branch, making the fix, submitting a MP isn't exactly the same?14:50
ogra_Ursinha, if i'm a new dev who only works with branches, that might indeed be different ...14:50
rsalvetiogra_: right, but just because we're now requiring code review and somebody else to test your change14:50
rsalvetiso we avoid landing possible broken code in the archive14:51
rsalvetias sometimes fixing it after it's already in the archive causes us more problems14:51
ogra_rsalveti, well, it woul be good if we could automate the crossover here ... so you dont have to do the paperwork twice14:51
rsalvetiright, we should probably optimize the path indeed14:51
Ursinhaogra_, you don't need to do the debdiff linking part, if I understood it well14:52
ogra_i'm not objecting to have two ways of doing stuff ... not at all ... but forcing twice the paperwork on ourselves doesnt feel right14:52
Ursinhaogra_, agreed, I'm trying to understand why you still need to do the previous paperwork as well when using the MP14:53
ogra_i dont *need* to ... but it helps i.e. debian to find the fix based on the bug description later14:54
Ursinharight, got it14:54
ogra_its just good behavior to note down your patch in a bug14:54
Ursinhaogra_, if you're using an MP the patch is there, but I think I understand your point14:56
ogra_Ursinha, in a perfect world, i would just upload and $something would hold my upload from entering the archive and generate an MP automatically ...14:57
Ursinhaogra_, for that to work you would need to submit to another system than the official one, as there's no way to prevent something to be uploaded if it's uploaded by a coredev14:58
Ursinhaogra_, I'll think about it14:58
ogra_well, there is already proposed intercepting ... such a system would need another such layer in the way14:58
ogra_-pre-proposed :)14:58
rsalvetiogra_: DONE :-) reviewed, merged, uploaded15:02
* ogra_ higs rsalveti 15:03
ogra_*hugs too15:03
* rsalveti hugs ogra_ 15:03
iBelieveballoons: ping15:03
balloonsiBelieve, pong15:04
iBelieveballoons: hi, I submitted a bug fix Saturday for File Manager and the Autopilot tests passed locally. But jenkins failed on two of the tests. Maybe you can help figuring out how to get jenkins to approve my branch.15:06
iBelieveballoons: here's the merge request: https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/fixed-home-icon/+merge/19642415:06
balloonsiBelieve, perfect. Yes, I'll have a look right now15:06
balloonsiBelieve, what really needs to happen is to migrate the tests to using a new temporary folder under home15:07
balloonsrather than patching home or using home itself15:07
balloonsmake sense?15:07
iBelieveballoons: isn't that what's happening now?15:07
balloonssince we can't patch home on the actual phone devices, we run into problems15:07
balloonson the device right now, it reuses home15:08
balloonsiBelieve, ohh, this is a code fix, not for tests :-)15:08
balloonsgotcha, I misread15:08
iBelieveballoons: I can change how the tests work if that will help the tests to pass on jenkins, since all three of my branches failed15:09
balloonsiBelieve, yes, what I said above is what needs to happen in order for stuff to run on the device15:10
balloonsbut they shouldn't be failing in the lab15:10
balloonslet me see what it says15:10
balloonsiBelieve, looking at the lab video is interesting15:11
iBelieveballoons: yeah, for the cut test, it looks like it never clicks the folder. That test works just fine locally.15:13
balloonsso iBelieve look at this log:
balloonsI put in extra debug lines at one point because I saw this happening in the lab. Notice in the video the folder never appears?15:14
balloonsye, check this out: 15:51:56.984 DEBUG test_filemanager:54 - Created /home/ubuntu/tmptewpch/tmpfmDv76e4, a file in HOME15:15
balloons15:51:56.984 DEBUG test_filemanager:64 - Directory Listing for HOME15:15
balloons['tmpfmDv76e4', '.local', '.Xauthority', '.config', '.cache']15:15
balloonsthe directory exists; it's properly created and can be seen by the filesystem15:15
iBelieveballoons: very strange.15:15
balloonsyes. I *think* it's a lab thing and doesn't affect the devices15:16
cwaynezsombi, ping15:17
iBelieveballoons: so is there a way to force jenkins to approve the merge, since the tests are working fine locally?15:17
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
zsombicwayne: pong15:18
rsalvetihm, my indicator is kind of drunk with latest image15:19
rsalvetiincoming is actually displaying battery15:19
rsalvetiUrsinha: is that the issue you had over the weekend?15:19
Ursinharsalveti, I filed that bug, was on r2715:20
Ursinhasince r2715:20
rsalvetiUrsinha: have the bug number?15:20
ogra_rsalveti, heh, see #ubuntu-ci-eng ...15:20
* ogra_ just said the same there 15:20
rsalvetioh, cool15:20
cwaynezsombi, hey, so i was having a bit of trouble dropping my custom theme into XDG_DATA_DIRS15:20
ogra_Ursinha, got a number so we can confirm ?15:20
Ursinhait's already confirmed15:21
zsombicwayne: what was that?15:21
Ursinhapopey checked that once I filed that, I'm grabbing the bug #, a moment please15:21
cwaynezsombi, so in XDG_DATA_DIRS we have /custom/xdg/data15:21
cwayneif i create a dir for a theme /custom/xdg/data/UbuntuCustom/Themes/Custom it will work15:21
cwaynebut if i made it like, /custom/xdg/data/themes/Ubuntu/Custom it won't work15:22
Ursinhaogra_, rsalveti, bug 125380415:22
ubot5bug 1253804 in unity (Ubuntu) "Indicator icons don't match the settings they display" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125380415:22
ogra_thanks !15:22
ogra_didrocks, ^^^15:22
didrocksthanks ogra_, /me tracks people now :)15:22
zsombicwayne: because then you would have to have to have the theme name as  "themes.Ubuntu.Custom..."15:23
Ursinhaogra_, I'm filing a shitload of bugs, I'm glad you like it lol15:23
didrocksUrsinha: FYI, there is an Unity8 source package, Unity is for Unity715:23
cwaynezsombi, yeah, i changed that to reflect it, it still didn't work15:23
* ogra_ hugs Ursinha 15:23
Ursinhadidrocks, I haven't linked to that bug, I filed against Ubuntu UX15:23
balloonsiBelieve, well let's debug a bit15:23
didrocksah, interesting, someone opened it :)15:23
balloonsiBelieve, however, I'll try and make sure your merge isn't held up15:23
didrocksSaviq: mind having a look at bug #1253804? (maybe not you ;))15:23
ubot5bug 1253804 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[regression] Indicator icons don't match the settings they display" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125380415:23
Ursinhadidrocks, that was popey, you can see it in the comments15:24
didrocks"bad bad popey"15:24
didrockstold that twice in less than 20 minutes! \o/15:24
Saviqdidrocks, yeah I saw that today15:24
zsombicwayne: have you had everything in place? also in the qmldir in the theme file? (though that is needed only if you have types exported there)15:24
didrocksSaviq: unity8 is a potential right victim?15:24
zsombicwayne qmldir in the theme folder I mean15:24
iBelieveballoons: okay, thanks.15:25
cwaynetmoenicke, btw i can get pinyin to work in today's build, but i still need to switch back and forth first15:25
Saviqdidrocks, victim, yes, since it wasn't released for two weeks or something15:25
Saviqdidrocks, there is https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/unity8/per-profile-indicator-positions/+merge/190472 in trunk, though15:25
cwaynezsombi, ah! i forgot about qmldir15:25
cwaynei bet that's it!15:25
didrocksSaviq: ok, Unity8 will be released soon I guess15:25
cwaynezsombi, otherwise, everything else was in place15:25
didrocksSaviq: just after mir15:25
tmoenickecwayne: i thought that was fixed, letme check15:25
Saviqdidrocks, let me see if that fixes15:26
Ursinhaso what's required to have a bug I filed looked into, having rsalveti to face the same bug and bring it to attention? :)15:26
cwaynetmoenicke, also you still need to edit the enabled-languages key manually15:26
rsalvetiUrsinha: if it's a regression, please ping everyone at #ubuntu-ci-eng :-)15:27
Ursinharsalveti, right, will do15:27
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
zsombicwayne: we have tests which guard the XDG_DATA_DIRS loading themes from different paths, and everything works well there, without the qmldir file, so there has to be something else there...15:28
cwaynezsombi, well, i had the qmldir file, it was just incorrect15:29
zsombicwayne if you have the qmldir file, then you better have it correct, otherwise it won't load the current module correctly, if you don't have that, then you can move it anywhere freely15:30
cwaynezsombi, let me take a look, it was wrong before so i bet that's what the issue was15:30
* zsombi eod, C U guys tomorrow!15:33
didrocksSaviq: did you get it tested or still building?15:48
mterryogra_, I went to your touch-image-stats/current page, and the last two .changes files are 0-sized15:48
Saviqdidrocks, distracted, rather15:49
Saviqdidrocks, shouldn't be long now15:49
ogra_mterry, ah, thanks, will check wahst going on there15:49
mterryogra_, thanks!  is that supposed to also have changelog information or just package version info?15:51
ogra_mterry, just changed packages and their versions ... talk to jibel about detailed changelogs .. he pulls mine and generates more info from them15:52
oSoMoNdidrocks, *Vwrorrrp Vwrorrrp Vwrorrrp Vwrorrrp* ?15:54
didrocksoSoMoN: id you didn't get the whole reference of this email… I feel sorry for you to have to read it :)15:55
oSoMoNdidrocks, I’m afraid I didn’t, I’ll read it again just in case :)15:56
* seb128 didn't either15:56
didrocksseb128: oSoMoN: look for UK series that just got their 50th anniversary on Saturday and where google.com changed even their logo/game :)15:57
oSoMoNah, got it :)15:57
seb128didrocks, right, I didn't watch enough dr who to understand it, google for Vwrorrrp told me it was from there though15:57
didrocksoSoMoN: seb128: there were other references hidden in the email, but yeah, won't talk to you :)15:58
didrockshence the phrasing a little bit weird ;)15:58
cwaynedidrocks, should've had something about exterminating bugs :P16:06
didrockscwayne: well, yeah, I powdered TBH ;) and finally decided to only make references to what was on Saturday (I almost sketch a story around paintings as well)16:07
cwaynedidrocks, :)16:07
cwayneawesome episode btw16:07
didrocksindeed, it was :)16:07
cwayne"let's just let zygons be zygons"16:08
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
cwaynetmoenicke, shall i log a bug on that pinyin weirdness?16:09
tmoenickecwayne: yes please16:10
cwaynetmoenicke, k, will do.  i've got one already for enabled-languages not being set automatically :)16:10
undefined1Hello there (I asked this on #ubuntu-unity but channel)I have some questions about unity8 and was directed here.  my questions are as follows.  How do I add previews to a Carousel ? I see that I can use the model.icon/title ect but it seems that the gridviews that have previews also are in some sorta model.  I am a little bit lost any docs on this ?  or should I just make a loader that has propertys for each of the model types16:10
tmoenickecwayne: ok cool, thank you16:10
undefined1 data in the dash.  There seems to be the c++ code in the backend and I have exposed most of this to QML but it is still not showing up.  is there people working on this and if so where are blueprints.  Thanks16:11
om26erawe_, ping16:11
awe_om26er, pong16:11
om26erawe_, on the latest image my SIM does not work until I connect to a wifi network. Do you know any recent change that might have caused that ?16:12
undefined13rd question I see there is some stuff that is beeing read over dbus com.ubuntu.touch.*  where is the *.in files for this (package)16:12
om26eror maybe is that known already ?16:12
awe_om26er, yes... there's a bug about this16:12
om26erawe_, ah. cool. Thanks16:13
awe_om26er, one minute, I give you a link16:13
awe_om26er, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-ofono/+bug/125273716:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1252737 in telepathy-ofono (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu touch cannot get GSM signal if not joined to a WLAN network " [Undecided,New]16:13
undefined14th) what is the plain to make this for the desktop will it be a simple setting that looks at mir (window size) and  set it from that or is it something else. are there blueprints for this ? thanks16:13
cwaynetmoenicke, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-keyboard/+bug/125478116:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1254781 in ubuntu-keyboard (Ubuntu) "Pinyin needs to be unselected/re-selected to be enabled" [Undecided,New]16:14
cwaynedidrocks, hey, it looks like touch_custom wasn't run yesterday (for image 29), any ideas why?16:20
didrockscwayne: I guess it's a sequel to the CI infra move, can you get on #ubuntu-ci-eng and talk to cihelp?16:21
plarscwayne: looks like some issue with the device. let me check on it16:23
rsalvetiawe_: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/ofono/releasing-1.12+bzr6842/+merge/19658816:27
rsalvetiawe_: just to release it in the distro16:27
awe_rsalveti, can we chat after lunch about reviews/release plans you discussed earlier?16:29
awe_I'd like to able to give ChickenCutlass ( and bfiller indirectly ), and idea when the multi-party code will land in distro16:30
awe_s/and idea/an idea/16:30
rsalvetiawe_: sure16:30
awe_ok, thanks16:31
rsalvetiwe still need to merge most of the stuff we have in github, so I'd say that would probably be around during next week16:31
rsalvetibut yeah, let's talk16:31
rsalvetiping me once you're back from lunch16:31
awe_just want to catch up with emails, review comments, ... first16:31
rsalvetiawe_: mind just reviewing this mr first? https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/ofono/releasing-1.12+bzr6842/+merge/19658816:34
rsalvetiawe_: just so I can push it to the archive soon16:34
awe_the diff look good16:34
awe_I assum you'd like me to do a quick sanity check first?  ;)-16:34
rsalvetiawe_: well, that would be fine, but not sure we need it as we both tested the sim related mr first, before merging it16:35
rsalvetiawe_: this is just to make it available in the archive16:35
Ursinhatedg, I marked bug 1253703 as affecting the distro package as well, according to discussion in #ubuntu-ci-eng earlier today16:52
ubot5bug 1253703 in Upstart Application Launcher "Webbrowser tries to open file:///usr/share/webbrowser-app/'URL' instead of the URL directly" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125370316:52
tedgUrsinha, Cool.  I think that the autolander will do that when it lands as well.16:53
tedgdidrocks, right? ^16:53
didrocksbzoltan1: hey, around? the toolkit caused bug #1253804, can you work on that as a priority?16:53
ubot5bug 1253804 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[regression] Indicator icons don't match the settings they display" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125380416:53
Ursinhatedg, I added so we know the bug is there before deciding an image is promotable or not16:54
Ursinhait seems people were only tracking regressions in ubuntu packages, not upstream projects16:54
didrockstedg: yeah, it does that when it lands16:55
tedgAh, okay.  People are funny.  :-)16:55
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
didrocksKaleo: hey, around?16:56
* tedg wants to know too, as was about to ping.16:56
Ursinhatedg, how do you look for bugs to fix? you go and search directly in the upstream project?17:01
tedgUrsinha, Well, I don't look for bugs to fix, usually they look for me :-)  But when I look at bug lists I look at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-menu-bar/+bugs17:02
Ursinhatedg, right17:02
tedgUrsinha, So not the upstream projects per se, but the aggregation of them.17:02
ogra_tedg, so people filing bugs in ubuntu will not get through to you17:03
Ursinhaogra_, rsalveti, do you see my point now? :)17:03
tedgogra_, Not unless they assign them or subscribe me.17:03
ogra_Ursinha, yes, i do :)17:05
Ursinhaa policy is nothing if people don't use it17:05
ogra_well, i'm pretty sure we had a mail about bug tracking policies in ubuntu touch ... where it was pointed that we need to file against packages from saucy on17:07
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
ogra_but i cant find it anymore17:07
rsalvetiUrsinha: that's why we need only one place to track bugs :-)17:08
rsalvetiif possible17:08
rsalvetiunless the upstream wants a separated one for the upstream project17:08
Ursinharsalveti, no, that's why we need to make the policy clear, which is not17:08
rsalvetithat's not going to fix the issue :-)17:08
rsalvetiwe already said this in a quite clear message before17:08
Ursinhawhere's the wiki page describing the policy?17:08
Ursinhaagain, that's an honest question17:09
ogra_Ursinha, i'm sure it was a mail17:09
rsalvetidon't know, would need to look for it, I remember we had an email for it17:09
ogra_but i cant find it ...17:09
rsalvetiUrsinha: if we suggest only one place to track bugs as the default use case, we won't need a policy17:09
rsalvetiwe just need to follow the one we already have for ubuntu17:10
rsalvetiwe just need to add a new policy in case the upstream also wants a separated bug tracking system17:10
Ursinharsalveti, "suggest only one place to track bugs" == define the policy to ubuntu touch bugs17:10
rsalvetiUrsinha: which is using what we already have :-)17:10
Ursinharsalveti, I don't understand the resistance to have a wiki page that describes that, to avoid communication problems17:11
UrsinhaI'm not saying let's reinvent everything, but let's make clear the current approach17:12
Ursinhaand that's about it17:12
rsalvetiUrsinha: sure, I'm fine with that17:12
rsalvetijust saying that I'd still love to see us killing upstream bug tracking unless the team wants to keep it around17:12
rsalvetito make our life easier :-)17:12
tedgTo be clear, I don't have any "Ubuntu Touch bugs."  All my stuff is converged.17:13
Ursinhatedg, in upstream projects, right?17:13
tedgUrsinha, yes, but also on desktop, laptop, etc.  The same binaries run everywhere.17:13
* xnox wants armhf desktop machine =)17:15
xnox(of same performance as my current desktop machine, with kvm and all that)17:15
* tedg buys a big case for xnox and puts a Raspberry Pi in it.17:15
* xnox is not impressed =(17:16
* tedg puts LED fans in it to impress xnox17:16
* xnox is happy =)17:16
davmor2xnox: buy the snapdragon developer board17:18
davmor2xnox: http://www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon/tools/embedded17:20
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
xnoxwell qualcomm left linaro =) but yeah, that looks good.17:22
davmor2ogra_, didrocks, lool: image 29 has some odd issues on n7 and maguro to get it on from a sleep you have to press the power button 3 times17:26
ogra_davmor2, works for me at the first time, but has a slight delay17:28
Dry_LipsHi lads! I haven't tried Ubuntu Touch myself, but I wonder if there is an equivalent of Unity Lens in Ubuntu Touch? And if there is one, does it send info to Amazon?17:28
davmor2ogra_: ah that might be it then let me try that17:28
achiangis there a *ahem* canonical high-level wiki for our definition of a click package?17:29
ogra_achiang, yes (dont ask me where though :P )17:29
=== _salem is now known as salem_
achiangogra_: existence proof is good, but the actual url would be more useful to me ;)17:30
looldavmor2: I sometimes have to wait quite a bit to get the device out of sleep17:30
looldeep sleep mainly17:31
* achiang goes with http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/apps/packaging-click-apps/17:31
ogra_achiang, iirc there is a blueprint and a wikipage, but i dont know the url ... probably cjwatson can help you17:31
cjwatsonachiang: https://click.readthedocs.org/en/latest/17:31
ogra_there you go :)17:32
cjwatsonhttps://click.readthedocs.org/en/latest/file-format.html more directly17:32
achiangcjwatson: ta! i had just been to a stale/incorrect link - https://click-package.readthedocs.org/en/latest/17:32
achiangcjwatson: i'll try and get the blog owner to update to point to proper url17:32
cjwatsonYeah, I had some difficulties getting everything synced, which actually turned out to be https://github.com/rtfd/readthedocs.org/issues/435, but in the process of debugging that I created the new site17:33
cjwatsonAnd it's a better name anyway17:33
cjwatsonActually https://github.com/rtfd/readthedocs.org/issues/34917:33
ogra_janimo, next i386 build running17:39
ogra_(cross your fingers)17:40
janimoogra_, crossing them :)17:40
ogra_Selecting previously unselected package qtdeclarative5-qtmultimedia-touch-plugin:i386.17:42
ogra_Unpacking qtdeclarative5-qtmultimedia-touch-plugin:i386 (from .../qtdeclarative5-qtmultimedia-touch-plugin_5.1.1+git17:42
ogra_Adding 'diversion of /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/QtMultimedia/qmldir to /var/lib/qtdeclarative5-qtmultimedia-tou17:42
ogra_Adding 'diversion of /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/QtMultimedia/plugins.qmltypes to /var/lib/qtdeclarative5-qtmult17:42
ogra_Adding 'diversion of /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/QtMultimedia/Video.qml to /var/lib/qtdeclarative5-qtmultimedia-17:42
janimoxnox, I had to add something like this to allow building with gcc 4.6 again http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=aosp/platform/system/core.git;a=commitdiff;h=4f37d8c428e20b90e53946ba54985201cc314d9217:42
ogra_Adding 'diversion of /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/QtMultimedia/libdeclarative_multimedia.so to /var/lib/qtdeclara17:42
ogra_Selecting previously unselected package libapparmor-perl.17:42
janimoogra_, \o/ :)17:42
ogra_lets see what fails next :)17:42
ogra_wheee !17:43
ogra_already installing click packages17:43
xnoxjanimo: interesting.17:43
ogra_janimo, that looks like it will succeed ... i have built with CDIMAGE_NOPUBLISH thoough, so you wont get it easily17:44
ogra_ah, bah17:45
ogra_Setting up com.ubuntu.filemanager_0.1.1.86_armhf.click17:45
ogra_2013-11-25 17:42:51 URL:http://archive-team.internal/click_packages/com.ubuntu.filemanager_0.1.1.86_armhf.click [14417:45
ogra_Cannot install /tmp/tmp.tpsf2210VO/com.ubuntu.filemanager_0.1.1.86_armhf.click: Package architecture "armhf" not com17:45
ogra_E: config/hooks/60-install-click.chroot failed (exit non-zero). You should check for errors.17:45
ogra_P: Begin unmounting filesystems...17:45
janimoogra_, no prob, it's a great step 1 :)17:46
ogra_janimo, i guess thats a bit more tricky ... we need the cick package for i386 (or arch: all)17:46
ogra_*click package17:46
ogra_not sure why or how that got arch: armhf17:46
ogra_i guess thats another question for sergio, since i dont know how exactly hegenerates them17:47
janimoogra_, are there click packages made for i386 at all? Not sure why I though armhf was hardcoded somewhere17:47
janimoor maybe it was only the click package servername17:47
ogra_all other click packages it installs are arch: all17:47
ogra_(calculator, calendar, clock and dropping-letters get installed before the filemanager)17:48
janimoogra_, what service builds the default click apps?17:48
ogra_no idea17:49
ogra_i guess some script from sergio17:49
ogra_i know how they get pulled into the image, but not how they get created17:49
ogra_he will be back tomorrow ...17:49
ogra_and it looks like the rootfs will at least be fine after we fix this one issue17:50
ogra_(there might be other cdimage changes needed to have them properly published still. but i need a successful rootfs build first)17:50
janimoxnox, 4.6 is the default in AOSP 4.2.2 hence I was testing it.17:53
xnoxjanimo: sure, we on the other hand in phablet-trusty use gcc-4.8 cross-compiler for user-space, only the kernels are compiled with older toolchain.17:54
xnoxjanimo: we actually want default 4.8 across the board.17:54
xnoxactually let me check our android cross-compiler.17:55
xnoxnah, we are on 4.717:55
janimoxnox, right, this change is a compromise I found to work on both 4.6 and newer17:55
xnoxsounds good then.17:55
janimoso GNU SOURCE needs to be first line, but not the inlcude necessarily17:55
janimoxnox, but double checking for sanity from someone else does not hurt :)17:55
janimoxnox, with this one x86 generic can be built o nAOSP 4.2.217:56
xnoxjanimo: it looks sane enough, but seems to invert the logic. (include in GLIBC case, do not include in BIONIC case)17:59
xnoxjanimo: do you have i386 cross glibc-dev installed?18:00
xnoxaka libc6-dev-i38618:01
janimoxnox, not sure, let me check18:01
janimoxnox, I do have it18:01
janimoxnox, the include is on the #else branch of if BIONIC from what I saw18:02
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
alesagequick (I hope question): what service do we use to get a time reference to set our time zone on the phone?  doing a micro-survey of our location services18:04
cwaynealesage, i think right now it's just hardcoded to utc18:10
alesagecwayne, interesting18:10
timppawhat's with the latest image r28? OTA does not update from r25?18:17
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
randomcppiBelieve, ping18:23
iBelieverandomcpp: pong18:23
randomcpphey how you doing? :) have you already used Ubuntu.Content service?18:24
=== _salem is now known as salem_
iBelieverandomcpp: I'm doing well. No, I haven't used the Ubuntu.Content service18:25
randomcppmm ok18:26
randomcppI'll experiment :p18:26
dakeriBelieve: randomcpp https://code.launchpad.net/~amanzi-team/webbrowser-app/webbrowser-app-file-upload/+merge/19576018:28
* randomcpp clicks18:29
randomcppdaker, after I get the importItems, can I access them everytime I want?18:31
dakerrandomcpp: i have no idea, i just gave you a MR i have found ;)18:33
randomcppoh ok18:33
randomcppI'm trying anyway18:33
randomcppI need to replace the photo picker implemented in saucybacon18:34
randomcppwhich is not working anymore on latest ut builds18:34
xnoxjanimo: looked like "ifndef" to me, will fetch / download tomorrow to look at the full context, instead of partial one.18:38
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, not even sure if we have clicks for !armhf18:39
cwaynersalveti, most of them are arch: all18:39
janimoxnox, sure thanks.18:39
rsalveticwayne: right18:39
ogra_cwayne, well, that wont make them magically runnable :)18:40
ogra_they indeed need the x86 binariees18:40
cwayneogra_, of course18:41
ogra_that the filemanager click package is arch: i386 is wrong though18:41
ogra_as i understand they should always be arch: all and just ship the binaries for all arches18:41
cwayneogra_, right, thats how i understood it as well18:42
timppaCan anyone help on the update issue? I just tried OTA update from r25 to r28, it seems to download just fine but after pressing install & reboot, phone just reboots and does not update18:44
rsalvetitimppa: guess that's because you might have the recovery image from r2518:46
rsalvetiwhich was a broken one18:46
rsalvetimaybe this can get fixed by flashing the recovery from r28 and trying to update your phone again18:46
timpparsalveti: ok, how can I recover from that?18:46
rsalvetitimppa: which device?18:47
timpparsalveti: mako18:47
rsalvetitimppa: download http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/trusty-preinstalled-recovery-armel+mako.img18:48
rsalvetitimppa: then adb reboot bootloader18:48
rsalvetifastboot flash recovery trusty-preinstalled-recovery-armel+mako.img18:48
rsalvetiand try upgrading your image again18:48
timppathanks, I'll try that18:48
Guest34250Do I understand correctly the ubuntu touch firmware is available for testing on exactly two devices, Nexus4 and Nexus7?18:50
geniiGuest34250: Those are the official releases, yes. But there are also many unofficial ports which are maintined by their creators18:51
geniiGuest34250: Those are to be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices18:51
timpparsalveti: I cannot boot to recovery...18:53
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rsalvetitimppa: after flashing the recovery?18:54
rsalvetiyou need to flash the recovery from bootloader18:54
rsalvetithat's why adb reboot bootloader18:54
rsalvetior boot the phone with vol down + power18:54
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timpparsalveti: ah, my mistake, I tried to boot to the recovery :)18:56
timpparsalveti: Now it seems to update to r29 even18:57
timpparsalveti: Thank you very much! It's now updating normally! :D18:59
rsalvetitimppa: great!18:59
ogra_dont attempt to use the keyboard ...18:59
ogra_or get earplugs first :)18:59
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timppaogra_: Holy mother of sound, but why??? :)19:11
xnoxhm? =)19:11
ogra_bursted your drums ?19:11
* xnox needs to try this.19:11
ogra_timppa, try typing fast ... it gets entertaining19:11
timppajust mindblowing :)19:12
timppacan I turn it off somehow?19:12
ogra_gsettings set com.canonical.keyboard.maliit key-press-feedback false19:13
rsalvetiyeah, fix in progress to disable it by default19:13
timppahaptic would have been nicer19:13
rsalvetisoon :-)19:13
Tassadarwhoa, I didn't know audio worked on grouper Oo19:20
anonynimityhello. how do I call breakfast in 13.10?19:55
davmor2ogra_: how hard would it be to have a keyboard button on the chrome bar for when the keyboard decides it doesn't want to play :)20:01
rsalvetistgraber: how can add a new target into system-image?20:20
rsalvetichecking if I'm able to get system-image for goldfish (emulator)20:20
stgraberrsalveti: so the first step is to make sure we have a boot.img, recovery.img and system.img on cdimage, once that's done I can turn builds on for some of our channels20:21
rsalvetistgraber: cool, let me first make sure these files are published in there then20:22
stgraberrsalveti: I believe once they're build by the android source package they should show up automatically with the next phablet build (unless ogra hardcoded the platforms somewhere on cdimage)20:23
stgraberrsalveti: they indeed seem to be hardcoded...20:24
stgraberrsalveti: so you'll want to fix lp:ubuntu-cdimage first20:24
rsalvetistgraber: right, then I first need to make sure the package is exporting it correctly and change the cdimage code20:24
timswearingenI was linked here by the contribute to ubuntu touch page, is there a current version that is not preview that I can port?20:24
anonynimityIm having issues with breakfast. Could someone help me?20:28
anonynimitymy errors: http://pastebin.com/wGNg8f8u20:28
rsalvetiurgh, it seems to be hardcoded in a bunch of different source files20:30
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rsalvetiogra_: can we work tomorrow on cleaning up the cdimage code to better define how to add a new touch target in there?20:46
rsalvetiogra_: otherwise it'll be a huge pita if we keep changing the hardcoded values all around20:46
jayxmillerhas anyone tried out ubuntu touch on a nexus 5?20:51
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labsinHi, still someone up?21:05
labsinI was wondering if there is a way to know you app is beïng suspended or out of the screen on the phone?21:06
ogra_rsalveti, sure21:11
ogra_rsalveti, there shouldnt be much in cdimage though ... but there surely is in livecd-rootfs21:12
rsalvetiogra_: there are a bunch of hardcoded stuff in cdimage :-)21:12
ogra_(i need to work on cdimage for x86 tomorrow anyway)21:12
ogra_i just need sergio to fix the click packages first ... else i cant build a rootfs21:13
balloonsiBelieve, https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-filemanager-app/disable-patch-home-click/+merge/19565821:20
iBelieveballoons: what about it? You want me to review it?21:21
balloonsiBelieve, yes if you would. It's the migration to using a temp directory under /home, rather than patching and rather than re-using home itself21:22
iBelieveballoons: sure. and thanks for getting the one merge request to merge!21:22
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omacok...I got n4 running ubuntu phone, I tried my first call with it.  It seemed to ring my other phone on another mobile network in Canada, but when I answered there is no voice sound.  The 3G icon appears and disappears.22:38
omacwhere can I find the radio.img file I need to get my wifi on with the latest version of ubuntu phone?22:57
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dakerdamn it! that's why the wifi didn't work when i reflashed :( the android 4.4 radio firmware isn't compatible23:56

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