gamerchick02a cat with allergies sounds funny. i'm sorry.00:28
cmaloneyNo worries. She's our special little exception00:34
gamerchick02it's 20 out. ooof.00:37
jrwrenlooked through a dell catalog at my inlaws. i hadno idea their tablets are x86 atom based. I would like to get one and try ubuntu on it. What do ya'll think?02:09
rick_h_very interested in it with the dual app screen business, but not sure it's far enough along yet.02:10
cmaloneyHm, I probably shouldn't have an extension .jason should I? :)02:18
greg-gbuddy: "Do you think ADD exists?"05:44
greg-g<little bit of discussion, we talk about some other things as well>05:44
greg-gme: so what brought up the ADD question?05:45
greg-gbuddy: "Random side tangent on Reddit in an unrelated thread."05:45
cmaloneyGood morning12:46
cmaloneygreg-g: hah12:46
brouschrick_h_: Time to switch to Django! http://mindref.blogspot.com/2012/10/python-web-pep8-consistency.html13:02
rick_h_heh, they must have had a refactoring in the last year13:03
rick_h_last time I went in there I about had a fit and rolled on the floor for a while13:03
brouschDidn't this come up when you interviewed Pyramid guy?13:03
rick_h_pep8? yea.13:04
rick_h_the debate is consistancy over making the move13:04
rick_h_until you decide to go all pep8, you have to match the rules of the problem. So it just builds on itself over time13:04
brouschWhat did he ignore? Was it line length?13:04
rick_h_oh a few things I'm sure. I don't recall we went down the list13:05
brouschI think line length was one. I found it extra amusing because of the PyOhio conversations13:06
brouschPyramid fares much better on http://mindref.blogspot.com/2012/11/python-web-excessive-complexity.html13:09
rick_h_meh, those blog posts are all just that wheezy guy trying to point out this his stuff is cool13:09
rick_h_wish him luck on gaining traction or whatever, but he's just about doing charts that show wheezy at the low end13:10
cmaloneyQuestion: why is an article from 2012 showing up on the planet in 2013? :)13:18
cmaloneyAlso: Full Text Feeds are A+. Let's do more of those.13:19
brouschrick_h_: I've never heard of wheezy13:24
cmaloneybrousch: He's the dwarf that never calls and never writes.13:25
brouschcmaloney: Old feeds popping up is usually due to someone touching their blog platform in a way that resets their RSS feed13:25
cmaloneybrousch: I know. Just being a dork.13:25
brouschSpeaking of dorks, did you play Ogre yet?13:26
cmaloneyNo. I have to figure out where to put the damn thing first.13:27
cmaloneyI think we're also going to have an Ogre assembly party.13:27
cmaloneyThis is the one item that really cemented that I have a kickstarter problem. :)13:28
cmaloneyBut to my defense it was one of my early kickstarters13:28
brouschI have curbed my kickstarter habit by only looking at ones that other people have mentioned. Do not search the site yourself13:29
cmaloneyNo, that would be bad.13:29
brouschQuestion of the day http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20192246/is-there-a-java-replacement-for-kivy13:53
jcastrorick_h_, still no kitkat. :-/14:56
rick_h_jcastro: :(14:56
jcastroI'm kind of meh about kitkat anyway15:05
jcastroI mean, there's nothing really big in it afaict15:05
rick_h_jcastro: yea, I was curious how it was on a N415:06
jcastroyou got it on your X right?15:06
rick_h_honestly, not a lot to see or notice. Even the 'improved battery life' is meh15:06
rick_h_maybe a few percent?15:06
jcastroat the end of the day they can't fix my phone running java15:06
rick_h_and really, the only thing to see is the grey icons a bit.15:06
jcastroI might get a Moto G in Jan though, to free up the N4 for ubuntu15:07
rick_h_why not get a N5?15:08
jcastroand tbh, the sculpted look of the moto you have is just too awesome to ignore15:08
jcastroI don't really see the justification to spend that much tbh'15:08
rick_h_yea, I do <3 the feel. I checked out waf's N5 and honestly I'm really happy with the size and hand feel of the X15:08
rick_h_though I want to put it in a case because of the $$, but then I lose the awesome feel so I'm running free15:08
jcastrothese days I am finding hard to justify the price for the top tier phones15:09
jcastroI really don't care that much15:09
jcastroit'd be nice to go mid-tier for a while15:09
rick_h_yea, I got the wife a droid mini and just let it be15:09
rick_h_she's happy15:09
jcastroat $179 full price though for the G15:09
jcastrothat's pretty much epic15:09
jcastrothe hw is basically N4ish15:10
rick_h_yea, I want to see one15:10
jcastroand the N4 is still no slouch15:10
rick_h_heh, and I see the DE motox went down $10015:11
rick_h_oh well15:11
rick_h_http://www.androidcentral.com/motorola-offer-factory-images-developer-editions-not-void-warranties made me happy though15:13
jcastroyeah that is awesome15:13
jcastroso basically, the need for your phone goes away15:14
jcastroI wonder if the motorola guys are like "let's be better nexuses than Nexuses"15:14
jcastroThat's a motto I can get behind15:14
rick_h_sure seems like it atm15:14
rick_h_and on verizon to boot15:14
rick_h_we'll see when the next os update comes around what happens15:15
rick_h_that'll be the true test15:15
brouschI'm happy with my S315:17
brouschFast and clean with Cyanogenmod. Android 4.3.115:18
brouschUg. Blizzard outside15:23
jcastrothere's a bit of snow on the ground here15:23
jcastrobut nothing major15:23
rick_h_yea, just cold here15:33
rick_h_might have to change out of the shorts :P15:33
jrwrencmaloney: Ogre assembly party? will the Ogre from Skinny Puppy be there?17:31
cmaloneyI wish17:31
brouschMy hands ache from the cold. It's a pleasant 43F in Portland18:08
jcastrorick_h_, are you on wordpress.com or do you host your own?19:24
rick_h_jcastro: wordpress.com19:24
rick_h_jcastro: I've given up hosting my own19:25
jcastrocmaloney, you run self hosted wordpress!19:25
brouschWhere's your Pyramid-based blogging platform?19:25
jcastroI need a guinea pig19:25
rick_h_brousch: man bookie or bust19:26
brouschIs that competing with Discus then?19:26
rick_h_brousch: no, just mean if I'm hacking on something it has to be something in the bookie universe19:27
rick_h_too much code not written for me to do anything with a blog/etc19:27
cmaloneyjcastro: You high? :)19:27
brouschI mean discourse competing with Disqus19:28
rick_h_oh, no at least not directly19:28
jcastrodang, I just need to find one lousy person with wordpress19:28
jcastrobut like, tons of people don't self host anymore I guess19:28
brouschI have it on dreamhost19:28
jcastrowanna try it?19:28
cmaloneyI self-host, but I'm not sure I'd want someone else moderating my comments. :)19:29
jcastrowell, it's more like flagging if someone is acting like an idiot19:29
cmaloneyI think it makes more sense for a planet.ubuntu blog19:30
jcastroyeah it's just all the ones I can find are self hosted19:30
cmaloneybut I'm not sure what the benefit is for a little outsider like me.19:30
jcastroand the work-hosted ones will take some time19:30
brouschSo what is Discourse? Replacing Ubuntu forums?19:31
cmaloney(I wish)19:31
jcastroI also wish19:31
cmaloneyHonestly if vBulletin disappeared overnight I'd be happy19:32
cmaloneyTHere's only a handful of forums that I participate in and that number is dwindling19:32
brouschDiscourse is giving me a headache. Too many bright colors19:33
cmaloneyApparently there's a new initiative in CC called "Team Open"20:27
rick_h_team half-open!20:28
rick_h_gonna kick team open's butt!20:28
greg-gcmaloney: it's kind of odd20:28
greg-gbut, whatever20:29
* greg-g doesn't have all the details20:29
greg-gthey don't consult me anymore :)20:29
* greg-g goes to get some lunch and such20:29
gamerchick02so. comcast increased my bill to over $100. i will call tomorrow and get them to take the services i don't use off.22:37
greg-ghuh, interesting:22:47
greg-g"Shotwell's bug tracker has moved to GNOME's Bugzilla: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/browse.cgi?product=shotwell"22:48
greg-gI wonder if that is a good sign or a bad one22:48
widoxwell, its Bugzilla; so probably bad ;)22:59
wafwow, you know how people lament about developers that just glue stuff together?23:39
wafi just glued this together, and I'm feeling pretty awesome: files.fuqua.io/upload/collab/23:39
wafer, http://files.fuqua.io/upload/collab/#81lkijurf6r23:39
wafjust glues together ACE editor with mozilla's together.js23:39
wafand bam, p2p collaborative code editing23:40
greg-gp2p though?23:42
rick_h_you're missing webrtc23:42
rick_h_oh well then coolio :)23:43
wafyeah, it's just using mozilla's free webrtc hub23:44
wafoh wait, i lied. only the audio is over webrtc23:49
wafthe rest is just streaming websockets23:50

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