wrstdentist... im not a fan :)00:27
wrstwb netritious00:27
netritiousty wrst :D16:12
wrstyou're welcome netritious :)16:13
wrsthappy monday or as I am calling it this week, Wednesday16:13
netritioussame to you wrst...cooking a turkey this year?16:23
wrstno we go places that they cook it... thankfully16:24
wrstif it were up to me we would grill burgers16:24
wrstI'm not a terribly huge turkey fan16:24
netritiousI cook one every year, usually a 8-12 pounder traditional style in a roasting pan.16:29
netritiousmost of the time it's a quick byte of it here and then off elsewhere, the rest doomed to leftovers for the next week lol.16:29
* netritious loves turkey and mayo week16:30
netritious*bite lol16:30
wrstha ha16:31
wrstactually a good turkey sandwich I do like16:31
wrstand I like the dressing16:31
wrstI think its just the nothing but turkey for a week16:31
netritiousyeah, that's why I avoid it all year long16:33
wrstgood move :)16:33
wrstmy parents usually cook steak... I like that :)16:34
netritiousHm steak...cowturken?16:34
netritiousj/k :)16:34
wrstha ha just cow16:35
netritiousPart of me wonders if anyone has tried that yet, and part of me knows someone probably has16:36
wrstha ha likely16:38
cyberangerI'm thankful for this completely non-kosher pulled pork bbq16:38
wrstha ha16:39

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