kbmonkeyhiya 0/04:03
inetprogood morning07:06
* inetpro wonders what happened with kilos07:07
Kilosmorning superfly and others07:41
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:41
superflyhi Kilos07:42
ThatGraemeGuymorning Kilos07:42
Private_Usermorning people07:47
Kilosohi Private_User hows things07:48
* Kilos apologises for being offline yesterday07:49
Private_Userhi Kilos, things are ok busy doing a memtest on mt desktop07:49
Kilosyou can also reseat the ram. sometimes they lose some of their speed and reliability when they been there a long time07:50
Private_Userany idea how long it would take? I tried one yesterday and it came up with errors so I removed and reinserted the ram and no errors so far07:50
Private_Userwell it is saying 0 errors07:51
Kilosoften reaseating all plugin modules helps too07:51
Private_Userhopefully my removing and reinserting fixes some of the internals errors I was receiving07:51
Kilosmemtest takes a while, but you have min ram so not too long07:51
Private_Userit seems to be still running but at the bottome of the screen it states "*****Pass complete, no errors, press Esc to exit*****"07:53
Private_Userso not sure if I should wait or just press esc07:53
Kilosif it is still showing all the different  sectors/blocks or whatever they are called then its not done07:54
Kiloslike if its still counting throegh07:55
Private_Userok I will let it continue, its been doing it for about an hour 20min now07:55
Kilosya it takes a while07:59
Kilosyou wanna try 1.5g07:59
Private_Userhow long does that one take?08:04
Vince-0! its Maanday08:05
Kiloscoupla hours Private_User 08:06
Kiloshi Vince-0 08:06
Vince-0Hi Kilos hoe gaan dit met jou08:08
Kilosgoed dankie en self Vince-0 ?08:09
Kilosbit frustrated at usb stick speeds though08:09
Vince-0Ek is by die werk en nie so keen nie08:12
Vince-0USB stick? data transfer speeds usually suck08:12
Vince-0especially on the cheap ones08:12
nlsthznUSB-3 ftw?08:18
Kilosyeah i find it strange though because an external drive in the same place is quite fast08:18
Kiloshi nlsthzn 08:18
nlsthznalo all08:18
Kiloscan you use usb3 on old pcs or is the mobo different08:19
nlsthznneed the hardware...08:19
Kiloslike an adapter card that goes in pci slot?08:20
KilosMaaz, convert 49 USD to ZAR08:25
MaazKilos: That didn't seem to agree with me08:25
Kilosnot cheap that card08:25
Kiloshi SmilyBorg-r2 08:27
SmilyBorg-r2hey there Kilos08:27
Kilosyou winning with the job hunt girl?08:28
Kilossjoe Using USB 3.0 devices with this PCI Card will allow data transfer rates at up to 1.3 Gbps,08:37
Kiloshi bduk1 08:39
Vince-0SmilyBorg-r2, !08:43
SmilyBorg-r2nothing useful so far Kilos. Still looking08:44
SmilyBorg-r2hey Vince-008:44
Vince-0work is over rated08:56
Kiloseating isnt though08:59
Vince-0*job should I say09:02
inetprogood morning and wb Kilos09:03
Kilosgood morning inetpro and thank you09:04
* inetpro almost thought he fell off the blue planet09:05
Kiloslol, no man major work with by project09:05
Kilosusb2's suck09:06
Vince-0I ran Ubuntu off a USB2 toshiba 16GB stick once - in the on-board slot on a HP micro server09:08
Vince-0needless to say it as KAK slow09:08
Kiloslol, ive tried all the slots, they all slow09:09
Private_Userdude if you hate USB2.0 you should try USB1.009:12
Kilosive just overcome my hate for mobile connections09:12
Kilosstarted with gprs09:13
Kilos9 hr upgrade on old buntu09:13
Kilosbut usb2 is even slower09:14
Kilosfast net and slow data transfer09:14
KilosMaaz, announce Meeting here tonight at 20.30 peeps. Excuses to be mailed in triplicate before 18.0012:08
MaazHear ye, hear ye! Meeting here tonight at 20.30 peeps. Excuses to be mailed in triplicate before 18.0012:08
Kiloshi psychicist 12:08
Kiloshmm... nearly forgot about our meet12:10
Kilosinetpro, you gonna tell the tweet place?12:12
inetproKilos: hmm12:14
nlsthznah ... I might actually make tonight's meeting...12:17
Kilosthats good nlsthzn 12:21
Kilosinetpro, i aint got choqok here12:21
inetproKilos: it's been a long time since I posted on there, think I have the password at home but not here12:23
Kilosnp i got it for you12:23
Kilos-who is the ubuntu-za-owner@lists.ubuntu.com12:35
Kilos-it refuses my posts from ms.kilos@gmail.com12:35
inetproKilos-: posted, thanks12:38
inetproKilos-: you have a tail12:38
Kilos-yw inetpro 12:38
Kilos-ya for some reason old modem disconnecting today12:38
Kilos-inetpro, who is the lists owner?12:39
inetproKilos-: I'm not sure12:39
inetprobut I think it's either drubin or maia or both12:40
Kilos-i mqiled there last week from ms.kilos but im still not allowed to post12:40
inetprodid you subscribe with that address Kilos-?12:40
* Kilos- takes back my mail addy from inetpro 12:41
inetproit probably tells you that you posted as a non-subscriber12:41
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
KilosYou are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has12:42
Kilosbeen automatically rejected.  If you think that your messages are12:42
Kilosbeing rejected in error, contact the mailing list owner at12:42
inetprokbmonkey: are you ready for the chair tonight?12:42
* inetpro notices a very short agenda again12:43
Kiloshes afk12:43
inetproKilos: guess you'll have to stand in then12:43
Kilosyeah everyone too busy to think about stuff to discuss12:43
Kilosno man he will be here tonight12:43
Kiloshes afk now12:43
Kilosoh ya inetpro maia is the owner12:55
inetproKilos: ty12:57
gwoodhey everyone13:18
Kiloshi gwood 13:20
gwoodI'm wondering if anyone uses a VPS for various things, what providers are cheap, don't need anything beastly, just something to mess around with, maybe use as a vpn, ssh, etc.13:20
gwoodI'm wondering if anyone uses a VPS for various things, what providers are cheap, don't need anything beastly, just something to mess around with, maybe use as a vpn, ssh, etc.13:20
gwoodI'm wondering if anyone uses a VPS for various things, what providers are cheap, don't need anything beastly, just something to mess around with, maybe use as a vpn, ssh, etc.13:20
Kiloslol you stuttering?13:21
Kilos3 sentence stutters13:21
Vince-0georgl, if you don't need a local ZA vps check cloudatcost.com13:36
Vince-0I mean, gwood 13:36
gwoodcool, thanks Vince-0 i'll take a look13:47
gwoodwow, they are definately the cheapest i've seen so far13:50
Vince-0unfortunately it requires pay pal13:51
Vince-0and I bought 2 years up front, its not per month but it does work out cheapest per month13:52
Vince-0I think they're XEN VMs13:52
Vince-0ah its VMWare13:58
Vince-0and the latency to Canada is pretty shocking via MTN right now - like 450ms to cloudatcost.com's VPS14:07
gwoodyes, internet access/speed in South Africa is quite bad in general or costs a lot14:10
Vince-0afrihost just revised their bandwidth pricing on their hosting options14:11
Vince-0but it doesn't come close to international VPS pricing14:11
gwoodyes, i've noticed that if you want to host a website cheaply, don't even waste your time looking within south africa14:13
superflyI use Linode14:14
Vince-0A EU host will have lower latency - the hosts in the US/Canada go via London at like 380ms+14:14
superflyaverage latency to my VPS is 247ms14:16
superflyrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 247.150/250.395/274.473/6.296 ms14:16
superflyOK, a little above 247, but not bad :-P14:17
ThatGraemeGuyi get this to my virtual server14:19
ThatGraemeGuyrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 21.337/34.761/56.295/13.244 ms14:19
ThatGraemeGuybut that isn't really a fair comparison :-D14:19
superflyThatGraemeGuy: that's cause your virtual server is sitting on a rack next to you :-P14:23
gwoodlinode is a bit more hardcore than what i need14:24
ThatGraemeGuynot quite, but yeah.... i did say its not a fair comparison :)14:24
ThatGraemeGuywe have 30Mbit from the office to the core of our DC where that VM is14:25
Kilosinetpro, dit voel of dit wil kom reen14:37
inetproKilos: eish!14:38
gwoodawesome, i'm signed up and already using my vps, wow that was a quicker than i expected14:38
inetproKilos: how much time I have?14:38
Kilosboem boem by kalefong14:41
Kilosso maybe an hour14:42
Kilosunless wind picks up all of a sudden14:42
Kilosyour side still looks not to bad14:42
Kilosyo JoTraGo 14:42
kbmonkeyhi inetpro - yes meeting tonight15:15
Kilosohi kbmonkey 15:16
Kiloshi aquarat 15:18
aquarathey kilos15:18
Kilosso you clever okes tell me how to speed up a usb ubuntu flash drive without spending lotsa money15:19
Kilosneeds a libusb-boost or turbo or something15:20
kbmonkeyI want to know that too!15:21
kbmonkeyusb copies are very slow15:21
Kilosi looked at the usb3 adapter card, usb2 backward compatible15:22
Kilossuper fast with usb3 but dunno if it will be faster with usb215:22
Kilos1.3gb/s with usb3 stick15:23
Kilosbut 500 bucks15:23
* nlsthzn just killed his S3... so as a final ditch effort I am installing Windows and going to try and recover it... might miss the meeting :/15:52
not_foundback up IRC solution enabeld15:54
Kilosoh my goodness16:00
nlsthznthe meeting is at what time again?16:09
nlsthznk, cool... I will use the wife's PC for the Windows things.. not in the mood for all that hassle again16:13
nlsthznsucks that I need to use Windows to Fix a linux based device16:27
nlsthznthen I am going to have to use Windows again to prepare it so I can break it again >.<16:29
Kiloss3 is android?16:29
Kilosnot ext4?16:29
nlsthznandroid is an operating system... ext4 is a filesystem 16:30
Kiloswinodows cant see ext4 methinks16:30
Kilosya man but the format16:31
Kilosfilesystem used16:31
nlsthznah I am not sure ... for the SD card I had to use exfat16:33
nlsthznand that isn't easy for linux per default16:33
nlsthznas for the base system I dunno16:33
nlsthznbut Windows doesn't have issues once the drivers are installed16:33
Kilosi think the android os i downloaded for pc wanted ext216:34
nlsthznfor PC...16:34
nlsthznseems my flashing is going OK thus far... no errors yet... still got to see the phone actually boot16:35
Kilosya they made the os for pc but i cant get it going16:35
nlsthznvery easy way to mess with android on the desktop - http://www.genymotion.com/16:37
nlsthznoh the irony... the reason I was messing with the phone was that it didn't connect onto the network so no calls/sms's... now it is up and running again but the same issue still plagues it...16:39
nlsthznnow I have to re-read how to root it so I can again install other custom roms to see what the is up with that >.<16:39
nlsthzninteresting... it sees my service provider but doesn't want to access it 16:42
Kilosyou been near with windows so it needs a reboot16:44
nlsthznat least now it can reboot16:47
nlsthznlets see what a factory reset yields...16:48
nlsthznwell there we go... all working again ... phew16:53
kbmonkeywhat up17:56
Kilosoh he of the tired fingers arrived17:56
inetproKilos: the latest droid phones no longer come with the ext filesystem17:57
Kilosoh my, what do they use?17:57
Kilosi dunno where the storm went17:57
inetproKilos: gone with the wind17:57
Kilosyeah but lets hope for later and tomorrow17:58
inetprogood film that btw17:59
Kiloslol ya17:59
Kiloswhat filesystem does android use now then17:59
inetproI think it depends on the hardware manufacturer18:03
Kilosarent they all google based?18:03
inetpromy Nexus S used ext418:03
inetprobut my Samsung Note II uses some yucky proprietary FS 18:04
Kilosbut is it also android?18:05
inetproactually one of the few things I really don't like about Samsung18:05
inetproKilos: yes it's android18:06
Kilosand they all linux based?18:06
kbmonkeyI am online tethered to the phone tonight18:06
kbmonkeyget intermittend disconnects18:07
nlsthznlinux just the kernel... 18:07
inetproKilos: if you want as many people as possible to read your files you'd better format it as VFAT18:07
nlsthzna lot of other stuff around it to make it an OS18:07
kbmonkeyluckily on irc via a shell acount that stays online18:07
Kiloscan you install ubuntu on vfat?18:07
tal0nhello everyone18:08
inetproKilos: I wouldn't even it it was possible18:08
Kilosyes nlsthzn but doesnt the kernel decide the filesystem you gonna use?18:08
nlsthznif there is a driver then it will work18:08
* inetpro would prefer to see hardware manufacturers combine efforts to decide on a OSS file format for cameras, etc18:09
kbmonkeyguise, we dont have any meeting agenda items...18:09
inetprokbmonkey: s/guise/guys/18:09
Kiloshe is a van der merwe18:10
nlsthznlekka hey18:10
inetprovfat should die18:10
Kiloskbmonkey, i dunno what we gonna chat about but even a short meet keeps us legal18:11
nlsthznextfat more difficulty18:11
nlsthznthe whole loco thing is about to change...18:11
inetprounfortunately it's still very widely used18:11
nlsthznno more having to prove anything etc.18:11
inetpronlsthzn: how so?18:11
Kilosman i dont want windows peeps to see my stick unless they boot from it18:11
nlsthznthey are going to chuck it all out18:11
Kilosoh my18:12
inetpronlsthzn: please define "about to change"18:12
nlsthznjust about18:12
nlsthznno more yearly proving activity and no more you are approved and you are not... 18:12
inetpronlsthzn: when?18:12
nlsthznbut OK, it is still in discussion so anything is possible18:12
Kilosgoodness me18:12
nlsthznbut it would seem the way it is now isn't going to be the way forward for long...18:13
nlsthznnothing official etc... 18:14
kbmonkeyanybody tried the new pifs filesystem yet?18:14
inetpronlsthzn: when was this discussed?18:14
Kilosso locos will be something thats up to each areas decision18:14
nlsthznthis has been thrown around for months... some of it you can get from blogs (planet) and from IRC... not sure if there has been to many official meetings and stuff on mailing lists... that is way I have no idea on a ETA...18:15
inetproπ = pi18:16
Kilosoh not an n18:16
* nlsthzn messages pleia as she is on all the councils and will have more concrete info :p18:17
inetpronlsthzn: cool18:17
nlsthznnot sure when she will respond as she is in the US someplace18:18
* inetpro has not seen the discussion point but it makes sense to review it18:19
Kiloswill be a while still before it works 100% kbmonkey 18:19
inetproplustwo: wb18:20
Kilosand then to get your system to work on it18:20
Kilosyo plustwo you still alive18:20
superflyI have an agenda item: how to recover your EC2 instance when you can't SSH into it18:20
plustwo:) tnx guys18:20
nlsthznseems it has been discussed officially and seems to be mostly the same18:20
superflyunfortunately I haven't done it yet, so I'll be relying on you guys :-P18:20
Kilosadd it superfly 18:20
inetprosuperfly: nice one :-)18:21
superflyKilos: I was being facetious18:21
kbmonkeyoutsourcing your work eh?18:21
superflyI have outsourced to a blog post already18:22
KilosMaaz, define facetious18:25
MaazKilos: Facetious \Fa*ce"tious\, a. [Cf. F. fac['e]tieux. See {Faceti[ae]}.] 1. Given to wit and good humor; merry; sportive; jocular; as, a facetious companion. [1913 Webster]  2. Characterized by wit and pleasantry; exciting laughter; as, a facetious story or reply. -- {Fa*ce"tious*ly}, adv. -- {Fa*ce"tious*ness}, n. [1913 Webster], facetious adj 1: cleverly18:25
Maazamusing in tone; "a bantering tone"; "facetious remarks"; "tongue-in-cheek advice" [syn: {bant…18:25
Kilosi had a different meaning for it18:26
kbmonkeylol Kilos 18:27
tumbleweedsuperfly: EBS backed?18:27
Kiloshi captine 18:29
captinehi Kilos18:29
Kilosevening tumbleweed hows you?18:29
tumbleweednot bad, just having breakfast18:29
kbmonkeyinteresting page about the local communities health check, thanks nlsthzn 18:30
Kilosnot pronutro either18:30
Kiloshi Lionthinker 18:30
inetprokbmonkey: 20:3018:30
LionthinkerHi Kilos18:30
Lionthinkerhey guys18:30
kbmonkeythanks inetpro 18:30
Kilosmeeting time18:30
Vince-0Maaz: I am Vincent Swart18:31
MaazVince-0: *blink*18:31
Vince-0Maaz: I'm Vincent Swart ?18:31
MaazVince-0: *blink*18:31
Vince-0lol hi guiz18:31
Kiloskbmonkey, wakey wakey18:31
kbmonkeyMaaz, start meeting about Monthly irc meet18:31
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:31
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer18:31
Maazinetpro: Alrighty18:31
kbmonkeyKilos, stop it. I am on a very slow connection18:31
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe18:31
MaazKilos: Okay18:31
nlsthznMaaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen18:32
Maaznlsthzn: Yessir18:32
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am Wesley Werner18:32
tal0nMaaz, I am Daan Schutte18:32
Maazkbmonkey: Sure18:32
Maaztal0n: Righto18:32
Kilossorry monkey18:32
plustwoMaaz: I am Oupa Mok18:32
Maazplustwo: Sure18:32
LionthinkerMaaz, I am Leon Marincowitz18:32
MaazLionthinker: Sure18:32
kbmonkeyKilos, ;P18:32
Lionthinkeram I logged in18:32
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Welcome and introduction18:32
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcome and introduction18:32
nlsthznHello everybody18:32
kbmonkeyHello and welcome everybody to tonight's meeting18:33
Kiloshello body18:33
KilosMaaz, welcome18:33
MaazWelcome to tonights meeting everyone18:33
kbmonkeyOur very small agenda can be found at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/681/detail/18:33
kbmonkeyMaaz, thanks 18:33
Maazkbmonkey: Okay :-)18:33
Lionthinkerthat is a small agenda18:33
inetprothanks kbmonkey, looks like a wide and open agenda to me :-)18:33
kbmonkeyin the last meeting minutes we have.. Release parties!18:34
kbmonkeyindeed inetpro - I am thinking we can maybe have an open question topic...18:34
Symmetriahttp://www.alstonnetworks.net/house <=== new house in kenya!18:34
inetproSymmetria: welcome to our monthly meeting18:35
Kiloshi Symmetria login with maaz for the meeting18:35
kbmonkeyto update: has anyone had release parties this month for 13.10?18:35
Symmetriaoh you having a meeting :) sorry18:35
kbmonkeywelcome Symmetria 18:35
SymmetriaMaaz: I'm Andrew Alston18:36
MaazSymmetria: Huh?18:36
KilosSymmetria, join us man18:36
SymmetriaMaaz, I'm Andrew Alston18:36
* inetpro not aware of any parties that happened18:36
MaazSymmetria: Excuse me?18:36
KilosI am is the way18:36
kbmonkeythe bot does not do contractions :(18:36
SymmetriaMaaz I am Andrew Alston18:36
MaazSymmetria: Sure18:36
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman18:36
Maazsuperfly: Alrighty18:36
inetprodo we have any new members here... apart from Symmetria18:37
superflyexcept Symmetria is not new :-P18:37
kbmonkeyalright since our agenda is actually tiny, lets have a open discussion18:37
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic open questions18:37
MaazCurrent Topic: open questions18:37
KilosLionthinker, you been here before i think18:37
SymmetriaI actually have a question thats relevant, how are people finding the performance of the current african mirror servers18:37
LionthinkerI always forgot about monthly meeting18:38
LionthinkerKilos but the Google Plus reminder definitly helped18:38
inetproSymmetria: good question18:38
Kilosyay thank inetpro for that18:38
Kilosi dont go g+18:38
inetproour za mirrors have really been unstable 18:38
LionthinkerSymmetria, i stick on the Stellenbosch/academic one18:38
Kilosbad Symmetria 18:38
Kilosonly main still seems ok18:39
Lionthinkeragree, the others are bad18:39
SymmetriaI'm attempting desperately to bring up a new major mirror in east africa, but there is one caveat to that, it will perform fantastically to everywhere in southern and eastern africa at really low latency *except* if you are on telkom or MTN 18:39
SymmetriaVodacom latency to it should be fixed in the next few days18:39
kbmonkeygreat question! I find them okay mostly, a few hiccups. but I don't have the speed or bandwidth to see any noticable change18:39
Kiloseish Symmetria fix it18:40
SymmetriaKilos, Vodacom = easy to fix18:40
Kilosno fix telkom18:40
SymmetriaMTN = probably never gonna happen, especially after the email I just sent them telling them to die in a fire 18:40
Kilosforget mtn18:40
Symmetriaand Telkom? getting peering with Telkom is nigh impossible 18:40
Kilostelkom is growing fast18:40
inetproSymmetria: can't we find somebody at Telkom to fix things up for us?18:40
LionthinkerTelkom mobile might join with Cell C, so that might do something18:41
Symmetriainetpro, Telkom refuses to peer, the only way to get a decent mirror to service telkom clients is to put one at telkom itself 18:41
Symmetriawe're working on a way to peer with Telkom but I don't see it happening in the short term18:41
inetproso maybe it is time that we do that18:41
Kilosyes Symmetria work with them18:41
SymmetriaKilos telkom doesnt work with people, Telkom sues people as an alternative ;p18:41
Kiloscellc sucks18:42
kbmonkeylike a dedicated server in their base of ops?18:42
Symmetriakbmonkey or anywhere with high speed connectivity that is on their network18:42
Symmetriaactually, if mweb put down a proper stable mirror you'd get ok connectivity to it from Telkom18:42
* nlsthzn just re-fixed his S3... just saying :/ now I can pay more attention18:42
LionthinkerKilos, yes but they shaking up the market and will do so even more if merged with Telkom18:42
Symmetriabut to give you an idea just how bad the situation is, the latency from Telkom -> Liquid South africa is 4 times the latency from IS -> Liquid Kenya ;p18:43
Lionthinkerdon't want to sound like an idiot, but how does one set up a mirror?18:43
Symmetrialionthinker, a server, with a fair amount of disk space, running an ftp daemon, a web daemon and an rsync script 18:43
inetproLionthinker: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors18:43
Kilosmajor work if you want it to be recoknised with ubuntu18:44
inetproNOTE: information on that link may be outdated18:44
kbmonkeyvery interesting18:45
Lionthinkerthanks inetpro and Symmetria 18:45
inetprothe mailing lists seem very quiet as well18:45
kbmonkeyalso to echo what nlsthzn linked earlier, there is a new local communities health check process.18:45
Lionthinkerwho manages our country mirror18:45
Kiloswe got about 618:46
Lionthinkeris there a comparison between them?18:47
Kiloswe used to have to be approved yearly18:48
Kiloswell still do so far18:48
Kilosyou shoulda come here earlier we were discussing it18:48
inetprolooks like we need people from #ubuntu-za to sit in on meetings at #ubuntu-meeting18:49
inetproKilos: eish! Like many others I erally struggle to find time18:49
kbmonkeyLionthinker, there is a small comparison on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors (scroll down to South Africa)18:50
Lionthinkerkbmonkey, thanks much appreciated18:50
Lionthinkerinetpro,  but the process seems to be easier, they've changed the name from I think verification to something else I forget18:51
kbmonkeyI always thought that repo archives should be one bandwidth resource we should not be charged for18:51
kbmonkeybut that is a pipe dream18:51
inetprokbmonkey: that would be ideal18:52
kbmonkey"approved" -> "verified"18:52
kbmonkeyto remind everyone, this is our meeting and it is an open question topic :)18:53
Lionthinkeranyway it seems somewhat less strenous from what I read on the blogs18:53
kbmonkeynot sure if it is telkom or me, but the mobile broadband connectivity is pretty unstable lately18:56
Lionthinkerusually its good for me but tonight seems poor18:56
captineHi.  For open discussion, I emailed canonical to ask if they had any success stories in SA with clients using ubuntu desktops etc in place of windows (our company has just began migrating from novel group wise onto active directory + the whole MS thing…  didn't get a good response other than a standard one saying I should ask questions on askubuntu…. anyone here know of any companies moving to Ubuntu (am sure I saw FNB tellers using ubuntu, but coul18:57
Lionthinkercaptine, that's right FNB does use ubuntu, also at their training centres18:57
kbmonkeyinteresting captine - perhaps you reached a tech support area that did not know that information18:58
Lionthinkerbut not in their hq and admin side. I think its more for the server and locked done terminal type thing for tellers18:58
kbmonkeyFNB uses Ubuntu? wow!18:58
Lionthinkeryah Steve is great18:58
captineI thought so.  It was pretty custom, with a more traditional windows xp bottom task bar, but looked slick18:59
LionthinkerPerhaps we could get them to be more vocal, it would contribute to Free Software18:59
inetprocaptine: nice one!18:59
LionthinkerSomething like compiling a list of companies that use Ubuntu and popularise it19:00
captineI just get ripped off by our IT team whenever talking about ubuntu etc.  they ripping out our current slackware routers etc, and putting in big money cisco and IS mols etc… fun.19:00
* inetpro is convinced that there are many more who are just not (for who knows what reasons) willing to talk about it (yet)19:00
captinesorry, not slackware… meant suse19:00
kbmonkeyIn related news the guys from the new linuxvoice magazine started releasing podcasts - http://www.linuxvoice.com/category/podcasts/19:01
captineanyone know where fhb would get their support from?  always told there is no support or linux…. but that is from our Windows admins and consultants :)19:01
Vince-0captine: who supports the Suse environment?19:01
captinea 1 man IT show.19:02
Vince-0Obsidian, Synaq maybe19:02
Vince-0whaat 1 man? then it makes sense to move risk to a corporate support19:02
captinegreat guy, but current infrastructure setup based on old dial up type network… so it hasn't given linux a good name in our companuy.19:02
Vince-0and LSD - these are good support corporates19:02
Vince-0Even local Avaya support runs on some RHEL installs, there are corporates locally19:03
Lionthinkeron a sidenote: does anyone have an interest in Open and Linked data19:04
captineLionthinker: what is that?19:06
kbmonkeyI was wondering the same....19:06
Lionthinkercaptine, Tim Berners-Lee started it. Its where data sets are opened for public use or analysis. the Raw data 19:07
kbmonkeyhuh, I did not know there were that many corp linux supports around. How interesting.19:07
inetprobtw, this whole linux skills shortage debate annoys me19:07
kbmonkeyyes I have such an  interest Lionthinker 19:07
captineinetpro: annoys me to.  this is what our execs were sold…  19:07
inetproit's not just linux skills that are scarce, its an industry problem is you ask me19:07
LionthinkerWhich means the more data sets that are open, the greater the possibility to create links through a community to find links that weren't seen beforehand-hence open or linked data19:08
inetproif you ask me*19:08
Lionthinkerkbmonkey, have you had any experience in the area. I'm researching it and trying to put a proposal together19:08
kbmonkeyyes inetpro very much so. also found anything with the open source or free labels are not trusted in ZA. While embraced in other countries.19:09
inetprothere is lots and lots of scope for anyone who really wants to learn and get to know IT19:10
kbmonkey...at least at every company I worked at19:10
LionthinkerFLOSS needs a special interest lobby group!19:10
kbmonkeymaybe I just end up with the pig-headed ones ;)19:10
kbmonkeyLionthinker, no I have not any experience with it directly.19:11
inetproFLOSS really makes life so much easier for everyone19:11
Lionthinkerkbmonkey, yes they called SA exec's and no one is spared19:11
Lionthinkerkbmonkey, sad, me neither. but similar to FlOSS its so easy to learn, so I'm hiking up that step learning curve19:12
kbmonkeybut I can ask for some info for you if you like Lionthinker - my sibling does statistics for aids research and have huge datasets. I can find out what they do with the results and their policy regarding aggregate data + openness19:13
Lionthinkerkbmonkey, that would be wonderful. it would be especially poweful to share data sets and allow ngo's to correlate in such a field like aids19:14
kbmonkeyfolks, we shall be closing off the meeting in the next 15 minutes...19:14
kbmonkeysure thing Lionthinker :]19:15
kbmonkeyyou don't have to leave the chat though ;19:16
captinelast one from me.  Other than red hat certifications, are there other linux based certifications out there that can be done in SA?  I am an accountant, but keen to learn something new19:17
Lionthinkeranother thought, Jono Bacon Ubuntu Community Manager has a started a podcast http://www.badvoltage.org/19:17
Kilosjust check there isnt anything important we leaving out kbmonkey 19:17
Kiloscaptine, LPI19:17
KilosMaaz, LPI19:18
MaazKilos: Sorry...19:18
captineKilos: LPI?19:18
Kiloslinux pro stuff19:18
KilosMaaz, LPI manual19:18
captineKilos: i see.  google is telling me about it19:18
Kiloswhere are you theres a guy in durbs gonna help with exams i think;19:19
Kiloshey Vince-0 19:19
kbmonkey^ yes that. also there is lpi.org19:19
Vince-0I haven't attended a class yet19:19
kbmonkeythe fine folks and Jumping Bean are willing to let us write the lpi exams as a group19:20
captineKilos: Jhb19:21
inetproNOTE: certification doesn't guarantee  anything19:21
captineinetpro: thanks.  I am just wanting it for interest sake.  a methodical way to learn a bit about linux.  as mentioned, am a accountant by trade with a love for tech19:21
kbmonkeyYes and by increasing the number of certified techs the more interest it build in corporate business19:22
kbmonkeyIt raises credibility I guess19:22
inetprocaptine: sure thing19:23
kbmonkeyAlright, can I move to a closing topic...19:23
captinecool by me19:23
kbmonkeydo some of you have kids already in bed?19:23
Lionthinkeryip me19:24
Kilosya the fly19:24
Lionthinkerhas anyone flashed to Ubuntu Touch?19:24
captinenot yet.  my one is still in the tummy… arriving later December… ;)19:24
Kilossoon hey19:24
superflymine are supposed to be in bed19:25
Lionthinkercaptine, goodluck -get as much sleep now as possible19:25
Kilosoh my fly19:25
inetpro50% of mine have gone to sleep19:25
Kilosyeah you gonna forget what a nights sleep is19:25
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic closing and choosing next chair19:25
Lionthinkercaptine, I'm even pressed to chase you to bed, as you'll never know what you've lost until its gone ;-D19:25
MaazCurrent Topic: closing and choosing next chair19:25
kbmonkeyhehe you all are so funny :)19:26
superflycaptine: don't let them scare you... you still get a little bit of sleep19:26
inetprocaptine: nice to have you here by the way19:26
captinei tell my wife I have a downstairs room to sleep in :)19:26
kbmonkeyWell thanks everyone for joining us, sorry we did not have a formal agenda 19:26
inetprohope we will see you again19:26
Lionthinkersuperfly, lie to the man19:26
captineinetpro: thanks.  good to be here.  am dead keen to get more involved in linux etc in SA19:27
captinewhere possible19:27
kbmonkeyBut this open discussion kinda got rolling nicely!19:27
captinethanks kbmonkey 19:27
plustwokbmonkey: tnx19:27
inetprokbmonkey: nice job!19:27
inetproanyone else willing to try chairing?19:27
kbmonkeyI shall take the meeting again next time? 19:28
kbmonkeyI am happy with that, objections?19:28
inetpro+1 for kbmonkey19:28
Kiloscaptine, we are here every day not just meeting times hey19:28
kbmonkeyI just have a bad agenda run lately ;)19:28
plustwo+1 for kbmonkey :)19:28
captineKilos: thanks.  I just moved back to SA, just moved into a house a week ago, so been pretty busy19:28
inetprokbmonkey: we'll excuse you for that today19:29
captinetrying to get all my computers back up and running in SA.19:29
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed kbmonkey to chair the next meeting.19:29
MaazAgreed: kbmonkey to chair the next meeting19:29
kbmonkeyMaaz, end meeting19:29
MaazMeeting Ended19:29
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-11-25-18-31-27.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-11-25-18-31-27.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-11-25-18-31-27.html19:29
Kiloskbmonkey, for chair is good19:29
inetprothanks kbmonkey19:29
Kiloskbmonkey, ty19:29
kbmonkeyawe thanks inetpro :D19:29
Kilosmaybe we need to push him a bit of karma19:30
inetprowhen is the next meeting?19:30
KilosMaaz, kbmonkey ++19:30
kbmonkeyright, I am just going to create the meeting for next time...19:30
Kilosgood lad19:30
kbmonkeyis it the 4th monday or the last?19:31
kbmonkeythat would be 23rd December19:31
kbmonkeywe all get to wear pointy irc hats and hang tinsel in #ubuntu-za XD19:32
kbmonkeyKilos, lets start looking for the xmas decorations box. where did we put it again...?19:33
kbmonkeyand xmas stories19:34
Lionthinkerlater guys19:35
Kiloscheers Lionthinker 19:36
Kilosty for the visit19:36
Kilosyou also need to member we are here daily19:36
Lionthinkeryip, will try be more regular19:36
kbmonkeyah gone, oraait19:37
kbmonkeyhang in there... these pages are loading very slowly :/19:37
tal0ncheers all 19:38
tal0nlast exam tomorrow so will pop in more regularly ;)19:38
Kiloscheers tal0n 19:38
Kilosgood luck19:38
kbmonkeycheers tal0n thanks hey19:38
inetprotal0n: good night19:38
kbmonkeyyes good luck19:39
inetpronice to see you back here btw19:39
tal0ntx inetpro 19:39
inetprogood luck19:39
kbmonkeyRight the next meeting agenda is very contrived yet refreshing! http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/698/detail/19:40
kbmonkeyOf course they are light hearted - need submissions in due time19:40
kbmonkeyKilos, are you gonna wear a red suit and read us a xmas story?19:41
Kilosna man ill cheer in the background19:42
kbmonkeyyou'll be drinking the brandy cake? ;P19:42
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inetprothanks kbmonkey19:43
kbmonkeyyw inetpro 19:43
kbmonkeythanks to you too19:43
inetproVince-0: good night19:44
kbmonkeyI have to reasearch a bit of html5's local storage methods now19:44
Kilostoods Vince-0 19:44
Kilossleep lekker19:44
kbmonkeyciao Vince-0 thanks for coming man19:44
inetprokbmonkey: keep up to date with http://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/ 19:44
kbmonkeyah great, thanks!19:45
inetproor https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil19:45
Kiloswe keep our loco going19:45
Kilosyou all loco enough19:45
inetpronext meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 17 December 2013 20:00 UTC19:45
inetproLoCo Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 20:00 UTC19:46
inetproKilos: these are the guys who are in charge of LoCo groups19:46
kbmonkeyah, so they manage the loco contacts19:48
inetproThe Ubuntu LoCo Council is comprised of elected, dedicated members of the Ubuntu Community19:48
inetproThey have diverse backgrounds, but have a firm understanding of what makes up successful LoCo's19:48
kbmonkeyI like the logo top-right on that page, ha19:48
Kiloswell they been happy with us every approval meet19:48
kbmonkeyyes I remember that last meet19:49
Kiloswe have been a bit slack ya but life happens19:49
inetprokbmonkey: you mean "Local Communities ROCK!" ?19:49
Kilosi havent seen them even doubt us yet19:49
kbmonkeyyes inetpro that logo19:49
kbmonkeykeeping that page open for further reading :)19:50
* inetpro subscribed to the RSS feed19:51
kbmonkeyright I have an hour to learn about html5 storage, will stay on irc just a bit quieter19:52
* inetpro enjoying newsblur since the death of Google Reader19:52
kbmonkeyoh noes, got to jump in the shower quick - brb!19:53
Vince-0*inbetween battlefield419:55
=== spinza_ is now known as spinza
kbmonkeyeish, pc must be getting old20:20
kbmonkeynetwork card drops and only reboot can reset it20:21
Kilosi have that sometimes with 3g as well20:21
kbmonkeyhey maybe we can try have an open discussion meeting again next monday20:21
Kilosother times moving the modem works20:21
kbmonkeynon official, no maaz20:22
kbmonkeycan add tit to event wiki20:22
kbmonkeyno its wlan0, it drops and taking it down/up or restarting networking does not show any wireless networks20:22
Kiloswhat you wanna discuss20:22
kbmonkeystupid realtek crap20:22
kbmonkeyno like whatever people wanna discuss20:23
kbmonkeylike tonight20:23
Kilosthats fine with me20:23
Kilosyeah was lekker20:23
kbmonkeymagespawn has been in lately?20:23
Kiloshe only makes it weekends mostly20:23
kbmonkeythe guy is busy hey20:23
Kilosodd occasions during the week20:24
Kilosvery ya20:24
kbmonkeyluckily I have data on the phone - 200 MB till month end. phew20:24
Kiloshey get one the telkom mobile sims man20:24
KilosR49 and 200m data monthly for a year20:25
kbmonkeyI can top up if need be but its prorata and not worth it for only 5 days remain20:25
Kilosr$( once only20:25
kbmonkeyr$( is cheap20:25
kbmonkeythat is less than r#*20:25
Kiloslol what a typo20:25
kbmonkeyhey how did you type that upside-down 6?20:26
Kilosshift key at wrong times20:26
kbmonkeymy eyes are very tired20:27
Kilosforty nine20:27
kbmonkeyhehe okay20:27
Kilosi go crash now20:28
Kilosnight all , sleep tight20:28
inetprosuperfly: you didn't bring up your topic again, did you come right?20:31
inetprono backups?20:32
superflybackups of everything except a few files, and those files are kinda key :-(20:33
superflylike, the rest of the stuff is important too, but one of the things that didn't get backed up was the private key for the SSL cert20:33
superflytrying to see if AWS staff can help me get the disk image working again20:34
inetproit crashed?20:34
superflyuh, no... the files in /etc ended up with incorrect permissions, and now the instance doesn't start up20:35
inetproyikes, how does that happen?20:38
inetprosuperfly: where did you blog about it?20:40
superflyI didn't. I looked at a blog about it20:40
superflyinetpro: looks like I can reissue the cert21:03
superflyso that's not too much of a problem. the bigger problem then is the other un-backed-up files21:04
superflybut that's not a huge problem. the certificate problem is worse21:04
superflyso I guess I know what I'm doing for the next few hours21:04
inetprogood luck!21:05

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