XetaHi! Is it possible to make upstart-job start an application in the foreground? I want my process to be run on startup and be the first thing the user sees.19:14
xnoxupstart view of "foreground" is quite different =) can you describe your application? is it graphical or terminal one?19:16
XetaIt is a fullscreen video + audio player19:26
XetaBut it might take some keyboard input as well19:26
xnoxXeta: if you are using saucy or later. I suggest for a default (non-root capable) user account to auto-login. And then you can auto-launch a graphical application on user-session login.19:30
xnoxXeta: the locations you can put the user-session upstart job is at ~/.config/upstart/, or more global locations (admin path /etc/xdg/upstart/, packaging path /usr/share/upstart/sessions/)19:31
xnoxsee http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/ for further details and manpages, man init and related manpages from there.19:31
XetaOk cool, thanks xnox ill check it out19:35
XetaOr hm, I would actually like the app to be started as root and not require the user to login.19:37
XetaWe are making kinda like a media box (with the rpi) where the user shouldn't have to login and our app should be the only thing runing in the foreground19:37
XetaHow could i achieve this? :)19:38
XetaIm my current config im more or less just doing "exec /myapp". And it is kinda working, the video ourput from my app is shown after startup, but so is the normal prompt to login as a user.19:42
XetaSo hm, maybe my question is: How do I hide the login-prompt after boot so that it just shows the video output from my application?19:43
xnoxXeta: you don't want your app to run as root, create a user account to run your app, password-less and set lightdm to autologin.22:31
xnoxXeta: and auto-start your app from there.22:31
xnoxXeta: or look at e.g. ubiquity, it start on starting lightdm, and if one "quits" ubiquity one is taken lightdm (normal or auto login)22:32
xnoxbut it takes care to drop priviliges.22:32
SegFaultAXIs it possible to make upstart play nice with processes that change pids when reloading themselves?23:52
SegFaultAXIt's kinda sorta but not quite like a restart.23:52

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