pleia2^^ andrewsomething willing to help with sponsoring stuff in Debian01:58
Unit193Ah, speaking about mugshot by name.02:03
bluesabreGuess I better start being productive again02:52
bluesabreJust got my new laptop02:53
Unit193Likely since you have a sponsor now.  Oh?  So does it work as well with Xubuntu as they said?02:53
bluesabreTime to start a series "Adventures in Installing Ubuntu on a Windows 8 computer"02:53
Unit193Hah, UEFI, have fun!02:53
bluesabreHaven't found out yet02:54
bluesabreWindows finally finished setting itself up just now02:54
bluesabrefigured I'd update all that stuff first and move on to the more fun stuff after02:54
Noskcajpleia2, Would you be able to point andrew to catfish (in the PAPT) and gthumb?05:30
pleia2Noskcaj: are the RFS or..?06:48
Noskcajno official rfs, one is in the PAPT with and IRC topic RFS, the other is on mentors06:49
NoskcajPAPT= Python Apps Packaging Team06:49
pleia2ok, thanks06:49
pleia2I know :)06:49
Noskcajjust checking06:49
pleia2https://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/python-apps-team/2013-November/008393.html ?06:50
pleia2I'll fwd along and Cc: you06:51
pleia2Noskcaj: did you create a .deb, or just what is in svn?06:52
pleia2re: catfish06:53
NoskcajJust what's in the SVN, but i can make a .deb if you want06:53
Noskcaj(it builds fine)06:53
pleia2ok, I'll ask andrew what he wants06:53
pleia2I think you may need to remove the Uploader field in gthumb (pretty sure if that's used the sponsor puts their info there) and it looks like gthumb itself is depending on something in experimental?06:57
pleia2anyway, off this email goes06:58
NoskcajI'll check gthumb now07:02
Noskcajgthumb has no uploader field. Catfish does so bluesabre can upload too.07:04
Noskcajwhat's in experimental that it b-deps on?07:05
pleia2Noskcaj: I was just looking at http://mentors.debian.net/package/gthumb07:07
pleia2under QA information07:08
pleia2"Maintainer" email is the same as the uploader07:08
Noskcajthe uploader as in who put it on mentors07:08
pleia2oh :)07:08
pleia2this site has changed a lot since I last looked at it, I should look at it more07:09
NoskcajMy main issue with gthumb is dpackage-buildflags break it. Although it's not my only package that does that07:09
Noskcajhey elfy 07:17
elfyhi Noskcaj 07:17
NoskcajDoes anyone know why autopilot cannot introspect xfce? running "autopilot launch PACKAGE" is proof07:20
elfyask lderan :)07:21
Noskcajelfy, I did, he has the same problem AFAIK07:27
elfyautopilot is designed for ubuntu and it's things - no real wonder we have problems07:32
Noskcajpretty much my thoughts. I'm also working on transmission, which works, but i don't know how to do half the stuff07:35
elfywe need to have the discussion about what we need to be trying to get working with it 07:36
elfyI'll get that ball rolling soon, but I'm rather meh about the whole thing07:37
Noskcajtransmission is good because it's not just xubuntu. My xfce target was screenshooter since it's fairly easy (when autopilot works with xfce)07:38
elfyobviously if 'we' have anyone working on autopilot then logically they'd be better working on specific xub things rather than ones ubuntu use as well07:41
elfythey've got more resources 07:41
elfybut on the other hand - it's not a job 07:41
elfypersonally I've not seen or read or heard anything that changes my mind about it 07:42
ochosiali1234: i think we should get all those greeter changes in one branch08:57
ochosibrainwash: ping09:53
lderanelfy: aye xubuntu specific things would be best, shall see if i can find out why autopilot doesn't like xfce apps10:55
slickymastermorning all11:08
lderangood morning slickymaster :D11:15
slickymasterhi lderan, how's everything with you?11:16
lderanslickymaster: everything is going okay thanks :), how about yourself11:43
slickymasteralso fine , lderan. Thanks11:46
brainwashali1234: I've cloned your lightdm branch and applied the xsetroot patch, also compiled your xfwm4 git version.. zooming does work, everything else does not really work: 1) grey background without xfdesktop 2) with xfdesktop the background does not get repainted and will end up grey 3) scrambled screen after unlocking the screen14:43
brainwashali1234: and zooming is not triggered while being on the desktop, it switches the workspaces, so something needs to be done here to make it more consistent 14:45
brainwashochosi: yeah, I'm slacking a bit and will try to test everything now14:47
brainwashochosi: the xsetroot change could be merged into ali1234's lightdm branch, if there is nothing wrong with it14:48
brainwashforgot to mention that my screen stays blanked after locking it with light-locker (experimental lightdm branch)14:56
slickymasterknome: whenever you'll manage to find the time in your hellish agenda https://code.launchpad.net/~slickymaster/xubuntu-docs/xubuntu-docs/+merge/19621315:49
knomeslickymaster, yeah, i need to get that done... i'll be back later today, if you are around, ping me again15:50
knome(going to a concert soon, back after that)15:50
slickymastertoday it will be difficult. Dinner at in laws 15:50
knomeheh, np15:50
knomei'll try to do it anyway15:50
slickymasterI'll ping tomorrow on that15:51
knomewe're also looking to get access for more people to the core docs (to be able to merge)15:51
knomeso that should clear that bottleneck15:51
ochosibrainwash: well, if it doesn't work, it's not working :)15:51
slickymasterit would take some load off your back, at least15:52
knomesure, and it doesn't hurt to have >1 person able to do any task, since it happens that people are away when they are needed15:52
slickymasterochosi: just a quick one. I think you're right, regarding the Parole's shortcuts. seek is better than skip15:53
slickymasterknome: agreed15:53
ochosislickymaster: ok, sweet, then let's change that and then i'll copy things over to docs.xfce15:53
slickymasterochosi: I'll do it now, and I'll ping once it's done15:54
elfyin an ideal world with a team our size we should have 3 people able to do things imo15:54
ochosislickymaster: thanks!15:55
slickymasterdelegation is many times a key process in organizations15:56
slickymastertask delegation ^^15:56
knomeelfy, in an ideal world our team size should be bigger;)15:56
knomenot necessarily much, but it wouldn't hurt to have more active contributors15:56
elfywell yea - but it isn't so we should be able to multitask 15:57
knomeactive in the sense that they are more or less self-guided in starting new tasks15:57
knomehaving clear routes (incl. -qa team) to more active contributing (-team membership) is a good thing as well16:00
knomeanyway, i'm off16:00
knometalk to you all later16:00
ali1234ochosi: my branch already has all the needed changes16:01
ochosiali1234: hm, do you see any benefit in bluesabre's gtk_image branch anymore?16:02
ali1234not really16:03
lderanknome: cheerio16:03
ochosiali1234: ok, i'll try to test it today16:04
ochosiwhat do you think wrt nick's reply on the xfce-dev ml?16:04
slickymaster ochosi, http://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=usage&#keyboard_shortcuts It's done all the occurrences of skip were replaced by seek. You can now copy it to docs.xfce.org 16:12
ochosislickymaster: thanks! will do16:14
ali1234brainwash: you don't need to apply any patch on lightdm16:15
ochosiali1234: ok, just applied the patch you linked to on the xfce-dev ml for xfwm4 and used your greeter-branch, but that didn't do the trick yet16:15
slickymasterochosi: np16:15
ali1234ochosi: you don't need to apply any patch :/16:15
ochosiali1234: i thought for xfwm4 i do..?16:15
ali1234also you can't "make install" lightdm-gtk-greeter16:16
ali1234i will write instructions on how to test it16:16
ochosiok, great16:17
ochosislickymaster: perfect, done!16:20
slickymasterochosi: thanks16:20
ochosiwell, thank you again ;)16:20
ochosiali1234: hm, what's the difference between the first half and installing the greeter?16:23
ochosiali1234: also, i've just used the last commit of the zoom2 branch on xfwm4 from upstream, so that should be the same as your branch (minus the zooming)16:25
ali1234if you install the greeter with make install it goes into /usr/local16:25
ochosiyeah, but i used "--prefix=/usr"16:25
ali1234lightdm won't use it's .desktop, it will continue using the old one from /usr/share16:25
ali1234so it won't launch the new greeter you just built16:25
ochosiwell with the prefix it does16:25
ali1234if uyou build with --prefix=/usr then it will attempt to load configuration from /usr/etc/lightdm and that will also mess it up16:25
ochosii know cause i don't have my greeter.conf file anymore and the ambiance theme now :)16:25
ali1234actually, you should build it with --prefix=/16:26
ochosistrange, it always seemed to work fine here this way16:27
ochosibut anyway, i can try it your way, there's not really any problem with that16:27
ochosiok, rebuilding the greeter now then16:31
ochosiali1234: what xfdesktop version were/are you using?16:35
ochosi(asking cause it's not working yet, i still get a grey pixmap)16:35
ali1234the one from the repositories16:35
ochosihm, i'm using the one from the xfce4.12 PPA16:35
ochosiwhich is xfdesktop4.11.116:36
ochosialthough that should have no effect on the grey background that xfwm4 produces16:36
ochosiat least that one should be gone16:36
ali1234the grey background happens because xfdesktop has not yet started16:36
ochosii thought xfwm4 would hold the background "in the meantime"?16:37
ali1234it's supposed to16:37
ali1234to be honest, i think you're doing it wrong16:37
ochosiwell this time i followed your instructions16:37
ali1234make sure you check out the correct branch16:37
ochosiyeah, zoom2 branch16:38
ali1234and make sure you actually do reboot the computer because just logging out may not restart the greeter16:38
ochosi(i can zoom with xfwm4 now, so it's the right branch)16:38
ochosiyeah, rebooted16:38
ochosieven turned off auto-login ;)16:38
ochosii mean i agree, usually the user is at fault, but i'm not sure where the mistake could be16:39
ali1234check the source code16:40
ali1234what revision of lightdm-gtk-greeter are you using?16:40
ali1234and what commit hash on xfwm4?16:41
ochosigit branch > * zoom216:42
ochosigit pull16:43
ochosiAlready up-to-date.16:43
ochosibzr pull16:45
ochosiUsing saved parent location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~a-j-buxton/lightdm-gtk-greeter/experimental/16:45
ochosiNo revisions or tags to pull.16:45
ali1234so what revision is on top of your local tree?16:46
ochosifwiw, with your method of launching the greeter my original greeter.conf seems to be used again16:46
ali1234yeah thats the idea16:46
ochosifor the greeter: revno: 15116:48
ochositimestamp: Sat 2013-11-23 22:29:32 +0000 (Fix the rest of the pixmap leaks.)16:48
ochosifor xfwm4 it's commit b7baa7aa60cdb80759e0872d0ab5a7cb59ec5c1016:51
ochosiali1234: ^16:51
ochosigotta go now, but i'll be back in an hour or so16:51
ali1234ok the reason it doesn't work is because the zoom2 branch doesn't build17:02
ali1234and apparently neither of you noticed this before running "sudo make install"17:02
ali1234so i must have forgot to commit a file or something17:03
ali1234ok something is very broken here17:11
ali1234HAVE_RANDR has different values in different parts of the code17:12
ali1234i see... xfwm4 has a missing build-dep on libdrm-dev17:15
ali1234right, the new xfdesktop also throws up a grey pixmap for no reason18:21
ochosiali1234: :/18:48
ochosiso we also need an xfdesktop patch?18:48
ali1234well the xfdesktop code is crap18:48
ali1234it needed fixing anyway18:48
ali1234it's not really any better or worse now18:49
ali1234it's just broken in a different way18:49
ali1234if you build against tag xfdesktop-4.10.1 then it works, btw18:49
ali1234now bisecting to figure out exactly what the problem is18:49
ochosixfdesktop is one of the more ancient parts of xfce18:50
ochosiwasn't properly maintained for years, iirc18:50
ochosiand eric did some cleanup, but not a rewrite or anything18:50
ali1234yeah, it looks like someone decided to "tody it all up"18:50
ochosithing is, nobody cares enough about the desktop18:51
ochosiand it might become an extension of thunar in gtk318:51
ali1234what are we gonna do about the gnome CSD?18:52
ochosinot sure, what can we?18:52
ochosii haven't seen a CSD app in xfce so far18:52
ali1234calculator, unfortunately18:52
ali1234if it was up to me i'd say "drop it, find a new calculator"18:53
ochosiyeah, the calculator should be replaceable18:53
ochosibut in general, that blows18:53
ali1234well, actually, i'd say "patch gnome calculator to drop CSD and let gnome deal with it"18:54
ochosithe apps should send a request for an undecorated window18:54
ochosithat's possible, xfce4-notes does that18:54
ali1234no, the app shouldn't have CSD18:54
ochosibut in general i agree, a runtime check would be best...18:54
ochosianyway, it looks ridiculous18:54
ochosiwith two decorations and a meaningless appmenu18:55
ali1234actually, we could switch to mate's calculator18:55
ochosiis it in the repos yet?18:56
ochosiit's a bit like forking the current calculator without having to maintain it :)18:57
ali1234i guess not18:57
ochosianyway, thanks for the hint to that g+ post19:00
ochosidinner-time, bbabl19:08
ali12349becad1569798894bdae9beaffc9076338fed299 is the commit that causes the grey screen from xfdesktop19:21
ali1234i love the commit message on that19:30
pleia2Noskcaj: can you follow up with http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=711827 ?19:31
ubottuDebian bug 711827 in wnpp "RFA: gthumb -- image viewer and browser" [Normal,Open]19:31
Noskcajpleia2, did that last week19:31
pleia2Noskcaj: might want to update the bug :) andrew is still under the impression that it's pending19:32
ali1234ochosi: so... the white flicker now comes from xfdesktop and is completely unrelated to the one i've just fixed19:51
ali1234in fact you'd see grey, then white without my patches19:51
knomelderan, wha? :)19:57
lderanknome, hmm? to your wha?20:10
lderanknome, ah it was just a cheerio when you said you're off20:20
ali1234this code is horrible20:58
pleia2quit looking at my github repo20:59
brainwashali1234: new round of compiling and testing, now only xfdesktop shows a white screen for a brief moment21:26
ali1234yeah i'm tryig to fix it21:26
brainwashscreen is still scrambled after unlocking via light-locker21:26
ali1234what has happened is that now xfdesktop supports a background per workspace21:26
ali1234so they made it load the background async21:27
ali1234so it doesn't get loaded when the window first opens21:27
ali1234g_signals everywhere... impossible to figure out what order any of this code runs in21:27
brainwashfirst a grey screen flicker, now a white one :D21:28
brainwashbut what about the scrambled screen?21:28
brainwashit wasn't there before, started to show with your experimental lightdm greeter branch21:28
ali1234quite possibly21:29
brainwashamd restricted driver21:29
ali1234the code is all leaky as hell21:29
ali1234i removed the leaks from lightdm21:29
ali1234but there's still the leaks in xfwm and xfdesktop to deal with21:29
ali1234i need to deal with xfdesktop first, because it also plays around with the root window atoms, but in a none-standard way (while the comments complain about the lack of a standard)21:30
brainwashit started as small screen flicker issue.. now it's a huge code mess up21:30
ali1234the two flickers are totally unrelated21:31
brainwashbut we don't want to have additional ones21:31
ali1234yeah what i mean is one doesn't cause the other21:31
ali1234without my patches you see grey then white21:31
brainwashI understand this21:31
ali1234it's just very hard to notice21:31
brainwashcan you triage bug 1251431 ?21:32
ubottubug 1251431 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "user background gets painted over background specified in config file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125143121:32
brainwashplease :P21:33
ali1234there you go :)21:35
brainwashthanks :)21:36
ali1234what do you see if you kill xfdesktop btw?21:37
brainwasha white screen, then my user background21:39
ali1234what do you see before the white screen?21:40
brainwashxfdesktop gets restored by xfce4-session21:40
ali1234it should be whatever is in the xfwm4 root tile21:40
ali1234this might be your background (you can tell because icons disappear)21:40
ali1234or it might be the grey21:40
Unit193It's grey, I've done it before.21:41
ali1234if you change wallpaper in xfce, the root tile shouldn't update21:41
ali1234Unit193: yeah but with my patched stuff?21:41
Unit193No, stock.21:41
ali1234there are three different things that show the background21:41
ochosiali1234: yeah, i can see the root background21:41
ochosi(if i insist on killing xfdesktop enough)21:41
brainwashright, it's the user wallpaper21:41
ali1234lightdm greeter sets it in  the real X11 root window pixmap, xfwm has it's root tile, and xfdesktop then draws it in a window too21:42
ochosiso, your xfwm4 patch works21:42
ochosiyeah, ideally there'd be only one or two of those :)21:42
brainwashI killed xfdesktop like 3 times within a small time frame and now it does not get restored anymore =S21:42
ali1234xfdesktop also copies it to the x11 root window, but at this point you can't see that any more without killing xfwm421:42
ali1234brainwash: 5 times and then it dies21:42
ali1234just run it again21:43
brainwashyeah, so it's the expected behavior?21:43
ochosi5 is the lucky number :)21:43
ali1234ochosi: only lightdm-greeter patch i am totally happy with - all the others still have problems, leaks, and dangling pointers21:44
ochosiali1234: i hope we can merge that part soon21:45
drcFive is right out :021:45
ochosibut i'd prefer to wait until the rest of this is kinda settled21:45
ali1234i don't know why it causes corruption in light-locker, but it is probably something to do with the memory leaks being fixed21:45
ochosiactually this has nothing to do with light-locker, lightdm handles the switch-to-greeter/lock stuff21:46
ali1234what actually happens when light-locker starts the greeter in locked mode?21:46
ochosion the light-locker side, it puts a fullscreen window over your session on VT7 and switches to the greeter21:46
ochosithe greeter itself is started as always21:47
ochosion VT821:47
ali1234so the locker is then running in a different X server?21:47
ochosiyou can also try all this without light-locker, just use dm-tool (uses different signals though)21:47
ochosiwell, yes and no, the *session* is still runnning in a different X server21:47
ochosisry, gotta quickly run, be back in 20min21:47
ali1234the session carries on running in vt721:48
ali1234but the "locked" display is on VT8, which is a totally different X server21:48
ali1234in that case, i don't see how the corruption can be my fault :)21:48
ochosithat's lightdm's design21:48
ali1234it has to be a X server bug21:49
brainwashdm-tool lock works kinda21:49
brainwashdesktop is black and can be restored by moving a window21:50
brainwashlight-locker corrupts the screen21:50
ali1234it works on intel and nvidia21:51
brainwashah right21:54
brainwashI did not restore xfdesktop21:54
ali1234that shouldn't matter21:54
brainwashwithout it I get a black screen after unlocking21:55
brainwashand by moving a window I can force it to redraw the background21:56
ali1234yeah, there won't be any redraw events on the root tile21:56
brainwashsill an issue if some people disable xfdesktop or?21:57
ali1234kind of, but there's not much can be done about it21:58
brainwashforce a redraw via light-locker?21:58
ali1234yeah, you'd have to. this is a unrelated issue though21:59
brainwashas of now light-locker corrupts the screen21:59
ali1234which screen?21:59
ali1234do you mean the background behind the unlock dialog?21:59
brainwashthe X display server21:59
ali1234there's two X displays involved...21:59
brainwashno, after returning back to vt721:59
ali1234ah. ok, that's ... something else22:00
ali1234that likely happens because xfdesktop clears out the atoms... really, it would be better if it didn't22:00
ali1234or if it has to, then it should do it properly22:00
brainwashbasically a black screen via some colorful pixels22:00
ali1234that might be the vt switch happening22:01
ali1234so many bugs22:01
brainwashit happens with light-locker, not with dm-tool22:01
ali1234well, i don't know what dm-tool does22:01
brainwashlight-locker creates this overlay to actually lock vt722:01
ali1234yes, but then it switches to vt822:01
brainwashdm-tool --help22:02
brainwasheverything works until I return back to vt722:02
ali1234yeah that doesn't tell me what it actually does...22:02
ali1234so what happens if you press ctrl-alt-f1, then alt-f7?22:02
brainwashmmh, time to take a look at the source code of lightdm :)22:02
ali1234some X servers just display corruption during vt switch22:03
brainwashscreen is kinda dead22:03
ali1234there's nothing we can do about that, if that's what it is22:03
brainwashnothing can restore it22:03
brainwashyeah, but it does work with dm-tool, so it's a strange issue22:04
brainwashlight-locker works the same, but it actually locks vt7 with an extra overlay22:04
brainwashthis overlay might be the cause22:05
ali1234so... i've got an idea22:06
ali1234i need to fix all this xfdesktop root pixmap rubbish22:06
brainwashso much extra work22:10
ali1234well i can't leave it unfixed22:10
ali1234hmm... another idea... maybe we can set the desktop window hidden until the background loads22:12
ochosiyou could even let it fade in ;)22:13
brainwashI have no clue, this whole thing is getting more complicated the more we.. the more you try to fix it :)22:13
ali1234ochosi: but the idea is it's same as what's already there anyway...22:14
ochosiali1234: that's the idea, but only on ubuntu22:19
ochosiin no other distro does xfdesktop inform accountsservice of the user's background22:20
ochosiso the greeter cannot know about that and will show the same background every time (defined in /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf)22:20
ochosiin fact, accountsservice was patched in ubuntu to support the user-wallpaper22:21
ali1234this is lame22:21
ochosithat is why it's an ubuntu-specific patch22:21
ali1234the background loader is trigger by the window being realized22:21
ali1234the window is realized when it becomes visible22:21
ochosiso that's too late..?22:21
ali1234therefore there is no way to load the background withut making the window visible first22:21
ali1234i could force it to be realized with gtk_widget_realize22:22
ochosiwell if xfdesktop would show the root background first, that would help22:22
ochosieven if it only were xfwm4's background22:23
ali1234that's exactly the problem22:23
ali1234wow, that actually worked22:24
ali1234instead of gtk_widget_show(desktop), gtk_widget_realize(desktop)22:24
ali1234then later, *after* the background loads, gtk_widget_show(desktop)22:24
ali1234works perfectly, apparently22:25
ochosiwanna post the patch so i can quickly give it a spin?22:25
ochosi(i still have everything else in place, so i'd hope it'd fix everything)22:25
ali1234sure... but expect it to be buggy22:25
ali1234there is still the issue of the background pixmap usage in xfwm4 and xfdesktop, so you might still get screen corruption22:29
ali1234but the login should be seamless22:29
ali1234also if you have a solid colour background is might never get shown22:30
ochosiwow, quite a minimal patch :)22:30
ali1234they always are22:32
ali1234when we finally get all this working i bet there's not more than 100 lines of code22:32
ali1234across all three things22:32
ochosisounds plausible22:35
* ochosi reboots22:35
ochosiali1234: much better22:37
ochosialthough i have to admit that since i used xfdesktop from git, it doesn't have the accountsservice-patch so the transition was still from one wallpaper to the other22:37
ochosi(which is why i originally suggested a fade-in to smooth things in this case)22:38
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10513 in General "desktop flickers white when xfdesktop starts" [Normal,New]22:38
ochosiok, i'll point eric to it in case he doesn't notice it22:39
ali1234it doesn't seem to have any bad side effects22:40
ali1234solid wallpaper acts a little bit weird, but i don't think it is related22:41
ochosisounds good22:42
ochosiso just out of curiousity, the very short and simple fading implementation you were referring to when we talked about the greeter is set_opacity of gtkwindow?22:44
ali1234i don't want to try implementing anything new until all the bugs are gone22:45
ochosisure, i'm not rushing towards new features atm22:46
ochosijust started reading thunar'22:51
ochosis code for fading (uses cairo)22:51
ali1234all this stuff uses cairo22:53
ali1234mate has fading code too22:53
ochosidon't wanna do too much fading anyway, it usually slows things down a little22:56
ochosibut a smooth startup would be nice, and fading could help to cover some cracks...22:57

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