GridCubeCarlinhos, sure, follow the instructions here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-panel/+bug/123899700:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 1238997 in xfce4-panel (Ubuntu) "Add support for GTK3 panel indicators" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:08
Aravecan anyone help me?00:17
CarlinhosGridCube: they don't look too good... how can i revert back to the gtk2 ones?00:23
GridCubeCarlinhos, there are several woraround in this thread https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-sound/+bug/120820400:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 1208204 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin" [High,Triaged]00:25
Reptardfor future refernece, is this place cool to come for noob help? Like driver issues or UI configuration.01:32
Unit193If you are using Xubuntu.01:32
Reptardsure am bub01:33
ReptardI'm on my win7 boot right now, so I was going to do everything later tonight.01:34
MVanDruffhello everyone04:12
MVanDruffmy soundblaster audigy sound card is no longer being detected. anyone know how to fix?04:13
MVanDruffmy soundblaster audigy sound card is no longer being detected. anyone know how to fix?04:22
linuxer0Hello world06:39
neweb1010newb q06:47
neweb1010Where is the win desktop?06:51
koegssorry what?06:53
neweb1010on dual win/xubutu boot, where is the 'desktop' file?06:55
koegsyou mean, you want to see the desktop-folder on the windows-partition?06:57
neweb1010yes, I have a txt file on the win side. Need to open.06:57
koegsneweb1010: please take a look here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions#Using_the_File_Manager06:58
dr_chaosHello there. I just setted up xubuntu 13.10 and it didnot show me the drive partition dialog, so I have just one logcal HDD. I need two. I downloaded gparted but It is not available to do anithing07:46
elfyto work with partitions they need to be unmounted - boot the usb or whatever you used to install with and use that07:46
dr_chaoselfy, oh thanx! i forgot I have the livecd07:47
elfygparted is in settings manager there - you'll likely have to swapoff as well - right click on swap partition - swapoff07:47
dr_chaoselfy, thank you, I've got it07:48
dr_chaoselfy, whatis lvm?07:49
elfylogical volume management - and that's as much as I've bothered to know about it I'm afraid :)07:50
dr_chaoselfy, I checked box "lvm" before installation. I hoped it will allow me to part drives07:51
elfymmm - I thought so too07:51
elfymight be better to hang in the channel and see if someone else see's07:51
dr_chaoselfy, okay07:51
dr_chaoselfy, i ll better ereboot and try gparted)07:52
elfydr_chaos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuDesktopLVM as well07:52
dr_chaoselfy, oh by the way, how to set default browser here?07:53
elfyall a bit confusing - "resizing the root (/) volume is tricky since you need to unmount the volume to do file system checks, and that is impossible if you are using it"07:54
dr_chaoselfy, me too07:54
elfyI'll shut up now - likely to just confuse the issue :)07:55
dr_chaoselfy, maybe better reinstall without lvm?07:55
elfywell - if I had time I might play with it - but ...07:55
dr_chaoselfy, I mean myself07:56
dr_chaoselfy, I just installed xbutu07:56
dr_chaoselfy, maybe I ll better reinstall it?07:56
elfyI know what you meant :)07:57
dr_chaoselfy, sry I am not english as well07:57
elfyif you've just installed and want to reinstall - now's the time to do it07:57
dr_chaoselfy, fck yeah!)07:57
elfyI used to set up partitions prior to running install - and then use the somethign else option to install where I want to07:58
dr_chaoselfy, as I understand I have to create swap part first?07:59
dr_chaoselfy, i installed 12.04 yesterday and have done smth wrong wit partitions and didnot see any of it after installation08:00
dr_chaoselfy, how to do it the most  right way?08:01
elfydr_chaos: well - I usually create a primary then an extended - then create logicals in the extended08:01
elfyleaving the primary for 'just in case'08:01
elfybut gpt has changed all that08:01
dr_chaoselfy, what about swap?08:02
elfyin a logical08:02
elfybut not sure why you'd want/need to create it first08:02
dr_chaoselfy, I have (dont laugh) 80 Gb hdd. how many gb give to primary?08:03
elfysome will tell you to have a seperate /home - I don't do that - but symlink to other partitions08:03
elfyright - if all you're doing is playing with xubuntu on it and have no need for anything else then just use the 'Use whole drive' option and it will create a suitable swap and the rest will be available for you08:04
elfybut I've got to go - work soon - good luck08:05
dr_chaoselfy, thank you, good luck08:05
hurdorbsdHow to select kernel from grub in xubuntu 13.1008:39
hurdorbsdI have 3.12.1 on my system now I want to remove it08:39
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:44
hurdorbsdThanks a lot guys08:52
alainuswhat can I expect by installing 14.04 daily build?18:29
alainuswill it work?18:29
audreyalainus: that's a good question18:31
audreyinstall it and find out, it's called a daily for a reason18:31
alainusI want to install xubuntu on a vaio pro 11, but I'm overwhelmed by the amount of problems people is having with linux on this pc18:37
alainusI don't know if I should wait or go ahead.18:37
Unit193alainus: Not recommended on a production computer, vbox or testing computer.18:37
alainusapparently, linux 3.12 has patches for this hardware18:38
audreyalainus: use a stable build18:38
xubuntu361I'm not sure how to use this.  Is there anybody out there?18:50
geniixubuntu361: Yes, we see what you type :)18:53
audreyxubuntu361: no18:53
xubuntu361Hello.  I need help first in backing up all my linux files, I think before I back up all my windows files on the other side of a 40/60 partition on my laptop.  The windows vista is defunct and has a jammed up antivirus program that failed to update and also cannot be removed.  I want to save all my files efficiently from both O.S.'s and then de-partition my hard drive to reinstall an updated version of Linux.  I am running an out18:59
xubuntu361My current version of xubuntu is faulty and can no longer update.  I need some advice.  I think I could benefit from some backup software that can save my files to a flash drive.19:02
cowbaconxubuntu361: http://clonezilla.org/19:04
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masterofpantsI got no sound on my Xubuntu machine and no volume control19:57
masterofpantsI cry to meslef19:57
Poisoned_Dragonaww lol19:58
drcmasterofpants: 13.10?19:58
Poisoned_DragonWell, I could help with the volume control issue if I knew for sure the sound works19:58
drcmasterofpants: http://askubuntu.com/questions/360806/volume-indicator-issue-after-xubuntu-13-10-upgrade19:59
Poisoned_DragonBut, we need you to find something to play.19:59
drcThat should take care of the indicator plugin...the other, it could be a lot of things.  Try the link than see.19:59
drcoh...the instructions say "gksudo", doesn't work (iirc), just use sudo.20:01
audreyhave you tried alsamixer or pavucontrol20:02
masterofpantsPoisoned_Dragon,  Gracias20:04
masterofpantsdrc, Thanks20:04
masterofpantsaudrey, Thank YOU20:04
masterofpantsSound works!20:04
masterofpantspavucontrol revealed that I had muted it20:05
masterofpantsdrc,  I did what the link said20:05
drcand ?20:05
audreynp masterofpants :320:05
audrey9/10 times when sound fucks up i check pavucontrol and the wrong card is selected20:05
masterofpantsdrc, Didn't log out yet but I will once I'm done with the 10000 things I'm doing20:06
masterofpantsI am ruler of all PANTS20:06
Unit193audrey: No swearing please.20:07
masterofpantsYes, no f*$%in' swearing20:09
Unit193!guidelines | masterofpants20:10
ubottumasterofpants: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines20:10
masterofpantsI was joking20:10
masterofpantsThere is NO laughing here either!20:10
masterofpantsNO smiling20:10
newboh shit i'm installing for the first time oh shit oh shit wish me luck20:10
newbalso how come the installer has a skip button20:11
newbhow does that even work20:11
audreynewb: the installer is easy20:12
Unit193newb: TBH I don't know, could be that it comes and asks the question later or lets you set it up after.20:13
newbyeah, i know20:13
newbi hope i didn't screw my partitions up20:13
audreynewb: did you partition automatic or manually20:13
newbok, time to reboot20:30
newbi'll be back, hopefully20:31
newbthanks for the emotional support (?)20:31
newbok, it's done20:38
newbi lost nothing20:38
newbgood day20:38
n3glvhi guys, can someone tell me where the list that the software updater reads is? can I hand remove an app that can't be updated??21:12
cowbaconn3glv: apt-get remove flashplugin-installer21:18
n3glvand will that remove my flash plugin cowbacon?21:18
n3glvI need function, don't need PESTERED DAILY21:19
cowbaconi dont know21:19
n3glvI think it will go away....21:19
n3glvnot a fix21:19
cowbaconif its just installer the plugin shouldnt be removed21:19
cowbaconand even if it gets removed just reinstall it21:19
n3glvand renew the pestering..21:23
n3glvtrying that now21:25
cowbaconyou should also clear your apt logs and stuff21:26
Unit193n3glv: Why can't it be updated?  If you remove the package, the plugin is gone, yes.21:27
n3glvhow is thad done?21:27
n3glvthat done (apt logs)21:27
cowbaconthe easiest is do just do rm -rf /var/log but then you'll lose all your logs. if you never read or care about logs you wont notice the loss21:32
cowbaconor move them to ~21:32
Unit193cowbacon: Um, why?21:32
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Rochvellonhi, is it normal that thunar only will show smb resources if the package "samba" is installed?22:06
bosnjakRochvellon: doesn't that seam reasonable?22:07
Rochvellonwhat's about smbclient? wouldn't that just enough?22:08
Unit193I'd think gvfs-backends would be enough (that and fuse, but pretty sure you can't install it without fuse)22:09
Rochvellonwell, gvfs-backends is installed but yesterday i was surprised that i couldn't see the smb resources from the VM-windows and after installing the paket samba i could browse these resources22:14
Rochvellonwell, I'm using thunar 1.6.2 (13.04)22:15
bosnjakRochvellon: could be that you were just missing a package that was installed when you installed samba. Like samba-common which is a smbclient dependency22:18
bosnjakjust fishing here tbh22:18
Rochvellonbosnjak> only tdb-tools was installed with samba22:19
bosnjakRochvellon: smbclient depends on libtdb1, which is provided by samba-common-bin. And that is provided by samba.22:24
bosnjakRochvellon: i am not 100%, i just analysed dependencies on the fly22:24
Rochvellonbosnjak> ah, ok, thx :)22:30
bosnjakRochvellon: the question remains why it was removed in the first place, but i would leave that one unanswered :D22:35
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KombuchaKipAvaneya, a cerebral sci-fi for Ubuntu under development by Ubuntu Vancouver! https://www.avaneya.com23:46
holstein"a cerebral sci-fi *game*".. for sell at the site above23:51

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