cellI don't know00:03
cellIs there a reason that Xubuntu represents a better choice for a volunteer than another open-source project such as Wikipedia or Kde, just to name two alternatives? 00:09
knomecell, better is subjective. if working with xubuntu scratches your itch, then it's the ideal/best choice for you00:11
celli do not know anyone who uses xubuntu or for that matter linux besides myself and people i have corresponded with on the internet.00:14
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knomei didn't know anybody using xubuntu when i started contributing either00:15
=== doko_ is now known as xnox
pleia2reminds me, they use it for testing at mozilla, see: http://benjaminkerensa.com/2013/10/14/mozilla-summit-2013-santa-clara bkerensa said he'd put me in touch with the guy doing it00:16
pleia2"It was also really cool to see some automated battery life testing for Firefox OS being doing on Xubuntu the XFCE Community-Driven Flavor of Ubuntu."00:16
knomecool :)00:16
pleia2most of my work team uses it too, then they nag me "hey pleia2, you work on xubuntu, can you..."00:18
knomeyou can direct them to me00:18
knomeand i can grumble for them00:18
pleia2one of my colleagues uses a different window manager, wanted us to make it easier :)00:18
knomehow does that make anything easier? ;)00:19
pleia2er, make out switching out the WM easier00:20
knomeheh, okay...00:20
pleia2I think he did something crazy like symlink the xfwm binary to the one he wanted00:20
knomei guess if that works for them..00:21
Unit193Can't you just change xfce4-session?00:22
Unit193xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml:        <value type="string" value="xfwm4"/>00:22
Unit193xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml-        <value type="string" value="--replace"/>00:22
celli like xubuntu. lately, the software manager has been crashing though.00:25
pleia2Unit193: the obvious solutions weren't working well, I don't remember the specifics00:26
pleia2I can't find that wiki page where we were putting interview ideas for our site00:27
* pleia2 fails at wiki00:27
knomepleia2, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Marketing/Projects/XubuntuAt00:27
pleia2knome: yep, saw that and totally didn't read it, thanks00:28
Unit193Great, now I'm trying it. >_<00:30
pleia2he uses xmonad00:32
cellone thing i'm grateful to xubuntu for is encouraging me to explore and use Xchat. there are a lot of channels out here. I used to play Wesnoth, but now I think I'd rather chat00:34
Unit193pleia2: Yeah, I just switched to openbox, was pretty easy.  Just edited /etc/xdg/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml and /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml, but don't think you need to edit both.00:43
pleia2Unit193: try xmonad?00:43
pleia2maybe it was something specific to the wm00:44
Unit193Your fault if I can't figure out how to get out of it, sure. ;)00:45
Unit193Erm, maybe in a VM.00:45
Unit193Holy crap, what did I do to my desktop?!00:47
Unit193He uses this by default?00:48
Unit193I'm so confused, but it works fine, pleia2 .00:48
Unit193Note Note to self, pleia2 has bad ideas. :P00:51
pleia2Unit193: I have passed along your suggestion!00:51
pleia2< clarkb> pleia2: neat, that seems better than my hack00:51
knomewhy is he hiding!00:51
pleia2not hiding, just working :)00:51
knomepleia2, that leaves us the question... what are *you* doing?00:52
pleia2waiting for my code to compile?00:52
Unit193pleia2: Heh, sure.  Works fine here (well, as much as an unconfigured xmonad does.)00:52
knomea question mark? you are unsure?00:52
pleia2knome: no one compiles code anymore, but the joke remains00:53
knomepleia2, no?00:53
pleia2we all write in python!00:53
Unit193Do we get to ask him how he uses xmonad? :P00:54
pleia2you know sysadmins, their brains work weird00:54
knomea screenshot at least...00:54
pleia2hah, I'll see what I can do00:55
Unit193pleia2: If he doesn't use xfce4-session, another method is used.00:56
knomeyou? wouldn't it be easier to ask him to take the screenshot than try to sneak one? :P00:56
Unit193But sure, glad to help00:56
pleia2Unit193: ah, thanks, that may be the case00:57
pleia2knome: we are actually working, need to stop distracting with random things :)00:57
knomego away then :P00:57
knome(and let me go to sleep)00:57
pleia2go to sleep!00:57
knome(i can't go since i need to distract you as long as you get distracted)00:58
Unit193If he's not using xfce4-session, then /etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc is the file to look at.00:59
Unit193line 144/19900:59
Unit193# this is only necessary when running w/o xfce4-session01:01
Unit193xsetroot -solid black -cursor_name watch01:01
brainwashwouldn't an autostart entry do the trick?01:01
Unit193xfce4-session/xfsm-fadeout.c:          gdk_window_set_background (window, &black);  so, does that mean xfce4-session sets the color too?01:08
Unit193ali1234: Heh, I get the seemless login if I chmod -x xfce4-session and xsetroot. :D01:11
Unit193So the black isn't actually the video card at least.01:15
brainwashit's that something different?01:17
brainwashlike when you open the shutdown dialog01:17
Unit193I just did a quick grep because of the comment, that may not be the right src file at all, but something in there seems to be doing it.01:18
brainwashI did not notice any black screen so far01:21
brainwashafter login01:21
brainwashI just wish that we can push all the changes and start testing/enjoying them01:22
Unit193All you need is two ppas to try it, in theory.02:26
sergio-br2when i use 2 keyboard (portuguese and english, for example), there is no icon to change between them, in xfce panel?02:37
Noskcajsergio-br2, Isn't that what the xkb plugin is meant to do?02:38
sergio-br2i don't know... i mean something like in ubuntu unity02:38
sergio-br2i included other language key, but there is no icon in panel. I have to Add this manually?02:39
Noskcajinstall xfce4-xkb-plugin, then add it to the panel02:42
NoskcajWe probably need to advertise that xubuntu can do that better. Maybe even a "dual-languages" installer option02:43
sergio-br2humm, it's already installed02:50
sergio-br2so, it couldn't be automatic to add an xkb-plugin in top panel?02:51
sergio-br2ohh yeah, now i understood, it can do that better even02:53
sergio-br2hey, it has the country flag :D02:54
bluesabreelfy, forestpiskie: what details are you wanting on menulibre?03:19
zero6688hi, anyone knows the default user name and password for xubuntu 14.04 a104:32
zero6688when i run it via live cd, it asks me the username and password, but no one mentions it04:33
Unit193Select the Xubuntu session too, and English language from the top right options, username is xubuntu and password is blank.04:34
sergio-br2see this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-default-settings/+bug/1261660/comments/404:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 1261660 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "User session fails to accept settings" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:35
sergio-br2if you forget this, you will enter in xfce session, instead of xubuntu session04:35
zero6688looks nice than 12.04 ;)04:37
sergio-br2Unity193, where can i track one bug from lightdm-gtk-greeter?04:37
sergio-br2Noskcaj, do you know?04:38
Noskcajsergio-br2, do you just mean subscribe to it?04:38
sergio-br2i mean put it in iso.qa04:38
sergio-br2or packages.qa04:39
sergio-br2there is no test case for lightdm in xubuntu04:39
zero6688actually i found that after type the username, i clicked "Enter", but it doesn't work, i need to press the "Login" button.04:40
Noskcajsergio-br2, Maybe in a iso install test04:41
Noskcajor write a test for it04:41
sergio-br2zero6688, try to Tab to password, and press Enter.04:42
Noskcajsergio-br2, lubuntu have a lightdm testcase. I'll get someone to try and copy it to xubuntu04:43
zero6688i found the chinese translation is much better than previous versions04:43
sergio-br2because i didn't know how to do it :)04:44
Noskcajsergio-br2, For the gthumb website bug, can you contact upstream gthumb about it?04:46
Noskcajor make a patch, which should be super easy04:46
sergio-br2Noskcaj, i have to learn how to do that04:46
NoskcajIt's not enough reason to fail the test though04:46
sergio-br2or to do an patch04:47
Noskcajto make a patch for this, just find what file the website link is in and change it.04:47
sergio-br2hum, ok, i will see that04:47
sergio-br2maybe more easy mainstream?04:48
Noskcajhttp://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/patches-to-packages.html should have the full instructions04:48
sergio-br2it's good for me04:48
NoskcajWhen you get a patch made up, i'll have it into debian, ubuntu, and upstream within the week04:48
NoskcajI've just contacted upstream about it, and i am the debian maintainer04:51
Noskcajsergio-br2, do you know any programming languages?04:54
sergio-br2yeah, a little, like C, java, matlab (gnu octave and scilab)04:56
sergio-br2bash, a little too04:57
sergio-br2and i want to learn python and C++05:00
NoskcajYou're far better than i am then. Please patch whatever you can05:01
Noskcajsergio-br2, Next time you test gthumb, would you mind trying to confirm bug 1240169? if it's still there, upstream will fix it05:03
ubottubug 1240169 in gthumb (Ubuntu) "Find Duplicates does not use start directory from dialog" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124016905:03
sergio-br2haha, ok, but i have to learn this patch thing05:03
NoskcajMy simple guide to patching: 1. Do changes. 2. Run "dpkg-source --commit" 3. check header of patch. 4. "quilt push && quilt refresh && quilt pop" 5. commit and upload05:06
Noskcaj(if it's in a bzr branch)05:06
sergio-br2the source is in gthum-dev?05:08
sergio-br2i think yes05:11
Noskcajsergio-br2, bzr branch lp:ubuntu/gthumb05:12
Noskcaj-dev adds headers for other packages building05:12
NoskcajDoes anyone think we should SRU gthumb? bug 126158905:12
ubottubug 1261589 in gthumb (Ubuntu) "please update gthumb with last version in Ubuntu 13.10" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126158905:12
sergio-br2i saw it, but i think it's invalid to trusty, non?05:13
sergio-br2the trusty version is update05:13
NoskcajI don't know how to nominate for a distroseries, so leave it for the time being05:17
Noskcajlderan, FYI, gthumb is probably able to introspect properly05:18
sergio-br2Noskcaj, i do dpkg-source --commit in ~/gthumb/05:41
sergio-br2but but: error: no upstream tarball05:42
sergio-br2i found the file to change, it is gthumb/gthumb/gth-browser-actions-callbacks.c05:43
Unit193sergio-br2: If you did apt-get source, use dpkg-source commit, if you did a bzr branch, use bzr diff.05:46
sergio-br2ok thanks05:47
sergio-br2Noskcaj, i will see later it, take a rest zZzzZ06:00
sergio-br2Unity193, Noskcaj, thanks, bye06:01
Unit193Unit != unity06:04
elfybluesabre: I just need to have some idea of where menulibre is at the moment - when it's ready enought so we can use to get a testcase ready, then let me know via m/l you want it testing 07:26
elfyjust more than - the vagueness I manage to pick up in here from backlogs07:27
Unit193cyberrufus: Howdy.09:37
slickymastermorning all10:00
bluesabreelfy, I'll let you know via the M/L when its ready11:05
bluesabrethat's why I sent that email out last week :)11:05
elfybluesabre: thanks :)13:03
sergio-br2Noskcaj, could you see if my patch is correct? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gthumb/+bug/126286116:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 1262861 in gthumb (Ubuntu) "Website link in About gThumb is wrong" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:01
ElderDryasQuick question re: 14.04A1 iso...by my count it takes 7 clicks/pages (from the xubuntu home page) to get to where one can actually download the iso.  Am I just being my normal, early (for me) morning, no tea yet, self and can't see the obvious link?16:11
ElderDryasOr, as I just thought of, is this a commitment test? :)16:15
slickymasterElderDryas: you're about right, 7 is the exact number to get it ;)16:15
slickymasterElderDryas: see it this way: 7 is the number of the natural world. There are 7 days in the week, 7 notes on the musical scale and 7 directions (left, right, up, down, forward, back and center) ;)16:19
ElderDryasah, I thought you were trying to go Monty Python one better.16:21
ElderDryaspeople must be hammering the canonical servers this morning, the DL is really slow.16:23
eric_the_idiot_jjfrv8, the Wallpaper for Workspace X display in xfdesktop has more possible options when doing multi-monitor setups.  Git master also adds an infobar to the mix. The code starts at: http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfdesktop/tree/settings/main.c#n67816:24
sergio-br2it seems that xfce session has broken configs...16:46
jjfrv8eric_the_idiot_, thanks for the tip. I had gotten some screenshots of the "Wallpaper for %s" but not the infobar.16:47
sergio-br2some configuration is reset, like font hint. 16:47
jjfrv8I'll get set up again and try to capture the infobar.16:47
jjfrv8slickymaster, you still around?16:48
andrzejrguys, how in correctly configured xubuntu does xfconfd start?17:02
slickymasterjjfrv8: yes17:03
slickymasterjjfrv8, I'll be back later after dinner (21:00 UTC)17:08
amerigenaa couple questions, if people don't mind me asking?17:13
holsteinamerigena: support question? those should ideally be in #xubuntu if xubuntu related17:15
amerigenaNope, it has to do with testing Alpha 1.17:20
holsteinmaybe #ubuntu+1 ?17:20
holsteinno one will likely care if you ask here17:21
jjfrv8eric_the_idiot_, I see in the code what the infobar should say but I don't see it when I bring up the dialog17:24
jjfrv8where should I look for it?17:24
jjfrv8is it recent code that is not in the PPA maybe?17:24
eric_the_idiot_Probably. I haven't done another xfdesktop release yet unless there are daily PPAs17:26
jjfrv8yeah, definitely not seeing that17:29
eric_the_idiot_guess I need to do a dev release :)17:29
jjfrv8okay, will ochosi let us know when and where to get it?17:30
eric_the_idiot_yeah, I imagine it should make it into the 4.12 ppa17:32
jjfrv8okay, thanks for the heads up. We definitely want to capture that for the docs.17:33
sergio-br2Noskcaj, or other that know that, theres is no icons for sound and keyboard panel gtk3 plugin?17:34
eric_the_idiot_Indeed, thanks for helping to write the docs for it17:34
sergio-br2and it's missing network too...17:38
sergio-br2it's the normal behavior?17:38
amerigenaWhen the alpha of 14.04 is installed, is Xfwm4 4.11.0 the default or not?18:11
brainwashsergio-br2: no icons or no indicators for sound/keyboard/..?18:28
brainwashsound icon sometimes does not load, you can restart the indicator service until it does finally load the icon18:29
brainwashif an indicator won't show up at all, take a look at the official wiki article18:31
brainwash"Indicators may fail to load"18:31
sergio-br2brainwash, ok18:40
MarcFalckhttp://oi42.tinypic.com/etvbx4.jpg is this invisible tab a 14.04 issue?19:00
MarcFalckalso for some reason images are associated with firefox by default19:01
NoskcajWhere's the original bug for bug 1263188 ?19:02
ubottubug 1263188 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "At first login, default session is xfce instead of xubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126318819:02
sergio-br2hey guys, are there problem to attachment files in xubuntu mailing list?19:12
pleia2sergio-br2: there is a size limit on what you can send, so it's best to give a link19:14
pleia2unless it's a small file (a few kb)19:14
Noskcajsergio-br2, bug 1262861 got fixed at https://git.gnome.org/browse/gthumb/commit/?id=908c8b019432737df5ce048433984d3a1763d72619:17
ubottubug 1262861 in gthumb (Ubuntu) "Website link in About gThumb is wrong" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126286119:17
sergio-br2Noskcaj, is it right?19:30
Noskcajsergio-br2, the website part is done, upstream should fix the copyright thing soon. I'll upload the patch in my next debian upload19:31
brainwashNoskcaj: power-manager-systemd seems to work fine, we got some positive test results (except from elfy :P)19:33
elfywho'll get ignored - but doesn't care19:33
brainwashare there still some packaging problems unsolved?19:33
elfythese 'fixes' need really to be testes in vanilla installs so we can be sure 19:35
brainwashit's trusty after all19:35
brainwashwe just push the package into the proposed19:35
elfyanyway - have fun 19:36
brainwashand let people test some more19:36
pleia2amerigena: your mail to the -devel list was too big, was there an attachment or something? could you put it somewhere else and resend?19:39
Noskcajbrainwash, Adding the patch forces us to disable autoreconf19:44
brainwashso we need to patch the debian package first?19:46
NoskcajIf you put it in the xfce git, i assume it would break autogen.sh too19:49
brainwashI assume adding patches should not be a problem, so the content of these systemd support patches is somehow causing trouble?19:51
sergio-br2pleia2, i sent other message to mailing list, now with images in imageshack, sorry19:52
Noskcajbrainwash, yeah20:02
Noskcajbrainwash, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6607547/ is the error i get20:10
brainwasherror: HAVE_SYSTEMD does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL20:32
brainwashI see20:32
brainwashsergio-br2: comment out the custom configuration for the right-click bottom area in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf and check if it disables right-click for you22:52
brainwashxfce4-settings seems to do everything correct and synclient confirms the changes22:52
brainwashso 50-synaptics.conf might be the cause22:53
sergio-br2hum, found it22:54
brainwashdid anything change after you've edited the file?22:56
sergio-br2no, i will reboot22:56
brainwashyou will need to restart X I guess22:56
sergio-br2no, i reboot, change "Tap touchpad to click", and nothing22:58
sergio-br2it continues to right click22:58
brainwashI cannot test it right now23:04
brainwashso I will add a comment to the bug report later, if the change works for me23:04
Noskcajsergio-br2, for bug 1261173 , just file an identical bug in debian. Or join the debian filesystems team and help maintain it (see http://bugs.debian.org/723596 )23:35
ubottuDebian bug 723596 in wnpp "RFA: f2fs-tools" [Normal,Open]23:35
ubottubug 1261173 in f2fs-tools (Ubuntu) "[upgrade-software-version] f2fs-tools 1.2.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126117323:35
Noskcajto report the debian bug, either use your email or "reportbug PACKAGE"23:35
sergio-br2but reportbug will work in ubuntu?23:38
sergio-br2Noskcaj, is it a valid bug report, if i use reportbug in ubuntu?23:39
Noskcajit will be fine, but you'll have to tell report bug to pretend you're on debian. (it will tell you how)23:40
NoskcajOr just go via your email23:40
sergio-br2f2fs is in canonicals plan support?23:42
sergio-br2gparted supports f2fs, ubiquity no23:43
xnoxsergio-br2: ubiquity doesn't use gparted for partitioning.23:44
sergio-br2I mean, canonical is seeing Trim things to 14.04, but a File System...23:44
sergio-br2yeah, i know it23:45
sergio-br2ubiquity don't use even the same unity of gparted...23:45
sergio-br2you use MiB in gparted, and ubiquity uses MB and GB... it's strange...23:46
xnoxsergio-br2: i believe ubiquity uses https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnitsPolicy23:46
sergio-br2there is no consistency in Live session, Ubiquity and Gparted do things different...23:47
sergio-br2nops, ubiquity utilise MB.23:47
sergio-br2and it is an issue for SSD or SD cards, because you can not align with Erase Block23:48
xnoxsergio-br2: correct, ubiquity uses base-10 units, for disk sizes.23:49
sergio-br2or maybe I'm talking nonsense23:49
xnoxsergio-br2: it's not an issue for SSD nor SD cards, as parted actually does optimal alignment in ubiquity.23:49
sergio-br2i don't know, but i think ubuntu is not ready for SSD...23:49
xnoxsergio-br2: you'll notice partition table gaps and offsets.23:49
xnoxsergio-br2: maybe you should investigate and make an informed opinion.23:50
xnoxsergio-br2: rather than making false claims.23:50
sergio-br2xnox, but, if my SSD or card has 4 MiB of Erase block, and i do 100 MB partition in ubiquity, i think it will not align, dunno...23:51
sergio-br2yeah, i'm not sure if i'm making false claims23:51
xnoxsergio-br2: first of all SSDs and SDCards do not report erase blocks to the kernel / userspace, one can find it out using experimental methods e.g. using flashbench package.23:52
sergio-br2but for from the point of view of a user, there is inconsistency between gparted and ubiquity. At least in the partition values23:53
xnoxsergio-br2: and ubiquity aligns by default to a base-2 values, which can be a few, but on most typical installs ends up 2MiB i believe.23:53
xnoxthus although it's not the best, it's mostly an even multiple of 4MiB.23:54
xnoxask gparted to use correct units.23:54
xnoxand gparted is not a user-facing tool, like ubiquity is.23:54
sergio-br2but... what is the correct units?23:54
sergio-br2yeah, i'm reading23:55
sergio-br2but for me, MiB is the "normal" unity23:56
sergio-br2but for Samsung or Kingston, it is MB...23:56
sergio-br2because MB ">" MiB23:56
xnox"unity - the state of being united or joined as a whole." or "unity - (mathematics) the number one."23:57
xnoxI think you mean "units"23:57
sergio-br2yeah, units, sorry23:57
sergio-br2english is not my strong23:58
xnoxsergio-br2: if I go to a store and buy a 16GB phone, and plug into my computer, i want to see 16GB phone, and partitions/data/filesystems/reserved space adding up to 16GB.23:58
xnoxsergio-br2: so disk-drives should use units as advertised (tm) ;-)23:58
xnoxsergio-br2: anything else, is confusing.23:58
sergio-br2yeah, it makes sense23:58
xnoxsergio-br2: Mac OS X also uses base-10 units for disk space, and base-2 units for RAM. Just like ubuntu.23:59
xnoxsergio-br2: there are inconsistencies in units on Windows, where base-10 prefixes are used for base-2 values =/23:59
sergio-br2and normaly, users thinks that it is less RAM :)23:59

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