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harmwharlowja_away: :)11:04
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harlowjalet me see how much farther i can get today harmw , nearly there i think17:48
mbarrI'm trying to find the code for the puppet module in cloud-init.  part of it is just what variables are available for interpolation into the puppet.conf file..  can someone point me to it?17:56
mbarrI've looked in the bzr repo, and don't see anything, but it clearly works...   17:57
harlowjambarr http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/cloudinit/config/cc_puppet.py17:57
mbarrand there's nothing about modules in the current docs site.17:57
harlowjamainly line 51 and on17:57
mbarrHmm... i wouldn't have expected it inside config.17:57
mbarrthat's why i didn't find it :)17:57
harlowjaback in the day i tried to name that differently17:57
harlowja*name the folder differently17:58
harlowjai failed, haha17:58
mbarrahh, there is only the %f & %i.  got it.17:58
mbarrWhat's interesting is that I'm trying to change the hostname of the system early enough to be picked up by puppet, and it gets cranky.. 17:59
mbarrThus, the code is helpful.17:59
mbarri suspect it's starting the puppet instance before the runcmd actually changes the hostname.18:01
harlowjaare u using the sethostname module?18:02
mbarrThat was what i was *just* looking at.18:02
mbarrIt's not documented at present in the main docs.18:02
mbarrso thus.. the code.  it is helpful :)18:02
harlowjaruncmd happens after pupper18:03
mbarrI could switch it to bootcmd, and it'd be OK, it looks like.18:03
harlowjaya, i suspect so18:03
mbarrI was figuring i would just read code, and figure it out :)18:03
harlowjaalthough set_hostname module runs after bootcmd18:04
mbarror i could just use the set_hostname and it'd be fine too.18:04
harlowjaso it might get overwritten18:04
mbarrpreserve_hostname would prevent that, or i could just do the puppet command by hand.18:05
mbarrhowever, it's annoying to have to edit the defaults file.18:05
mbarrSo i was looking to see how you dealt with it.18:05
harlowjahmmm, i haven't use the puppet stuff personally :)18:08
mbarrThat's oK.18:08
mbarrit's just using the autostart().18:08
mbarrI could not bother w/ the init script and just run it, and mostly, it'd be fine.18:09
mbarri just really wanted to see how this thing worked, and seeing the order was actually key :)18:09
mbarrI'm attempting to give more info to things like logs, so i need my hostnames to have some info as to role, but also still be unique, and auto scaleable...18:17
mbarroh what fun autoscaling is18:17
mbarrI end up w/ hostnames like webserver-prod-us-east-1c-i-2828384.ec2.......18:21
mbarrthank you, I'm glad to see that the project was included in RHEL 6.4.  That'll make this a fairly standard option now.18:21
mbarrThanks again! wonderful job :)18:24
harmwharlowja: any luck?20:31
harlowjaah, haven't had time yet20:31
harmwharlowja: you work at yahoo, right?20:44
harmwyou're behind the ads.yahoo.com malware? :p20:45
harmw:) what is it you do, software developer?20:46
harlowjayuppers, openstack software developer guy20:47
harmwdeveloper or also responsible for the yahoo cloud running smooth and gentle?20:47
harlowjaa little of all the things :-P20:48
harlowjamore developer, less smooth running person20:48
harlowjai try to not get involved there20:48
harmwand yahoo pays you to 'just work on openstack'? 20:49
harlowjapretty much20:51
harmwthats pretty cool20:51
harmwjust you or a team of several?20:51
harlowjaopenstack to big for 1 person ;)20:51
harlowjaso more than 120:51
harlowjaless than 5020:51
harmwthats quite a few :)20:52
harmwand something similar to keep the yahoo cloud running?20:52
harmwand please forgive me for beeing curious :)20:52
harlowjawell its almost the same team, we have to be pretty well connected with the people running it20:53
harmwhow large is your deployment anyway?20:53
harlowjanow u getting into the intereting questions :-P20:54
harlowjaya, that one i can't easily say20:54
harlowjabut in the thousands20:54
harlowjathats the estimate i can say20:54
harlowjalets say both to that20:55
harmwcompute nodes?20:55
harmwand what kind of storage do you use?20:56
harmwsomething iscsi-ish? or a ceph cluster?20:56
harlowjaya, not sure if i can answer that one :-P20:57
harlowja*not yet at least*20:57
harmwbecause you don't know or because it's a secret :p20:57
harlowjawell lets say its a WIP21:00
harlowjaon something, lol21:00
harmwlol, do tell :>21:00
harlowjasomeday when i can :-P21:00
harmwhaha, though by then it's probably on yahoo.com/cloud/solution/bla21:01
harlowjalink not work :-P21:02
harmwbtw, is the yahoo cloud private or public?21:02
harmwsince there's no easy reference on yahoo.com21:02
harlowjahttp://www.openstack.org/summit/openstack-summit-hong-kong-2013/session-videos/presentation/yahoo-case-study :-P21:03
harlowjawith me21:03
harmwlol nice21:04
harmwyou're the bald guy from the still? :p21:04
harlowja2 bald guys are in that video21:06
harlowjabut yes21:06
harmwoh haha21:06
harlowjabb food21:12
harmw:) nice talk21:12
harlowjaalright, harmw finally getting back to freebsd23:25

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