rogpeppemornin' all08:56
rogpeppehmm, i wish i knew why this computer spontaneously reboots sometimes09:10
fwereaderogpeppe, heh, that's quite a significant quirk09:11
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rogpeppenate_finch: there seem to be only two tests currently enabled in the replicaset package. what's the reason for that?15:11
rogpeppenate_finch: (for the record, they all just passed for me when enabled, although they did take 32s to run)15:13
nate_finchrogpeppe: damn, I had commented out some to do some tests, I guess I forgot to uncomment them :/15:28
rogpeppenate_finch: in general i find it's better to comment out blocks of code with // rather than /* - that way it's much more obvious that they are commented out...15:31
rogpeppenate_finch: wow, this line takes 11s to run15:34
rogpeppeerr := session.DB("local").C("system.replset").Find(nil).One(cfg)15:34
nate_finchrogpeppe: weird, I wonder why that is.  In theory you're already connected and the server is up.15:34
rogpeppenate_finch: yeah, it's odd15:34
rogpeppenate_finch: also, this line takes 16s to run: session = instances[0].MustDialDirect()15:35
rogpeppenate_finch: and again, the instance should be already up and ready, i think15:36
rogpeppenate_finch: oh no, i tell a lie15:37
rogpeppenate_finch: it's the ping that takes 16s15:38
rogpeppenate_finch: ah, it fails with "no reachable servers"15:40
rogpeppenate_finch: weird, it's succeeding immediately now15:45
nate_finchrogpeppe: inconsistency kills me.  so much rather have things fail 100% of the time than succeed 50% of the time :/15:47
rogpeppenate_finch: yeah15:47
nate_finchholy crap, I just got a $2000 AWS bill16:02
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natefinchfwereade, rogpeppe: I don't suppose we have any connections at Amazon that could help me out with the aforementioned astronomical bill?  ^^   I evidently left a single big instance running in us-west, not my normal us-east, so I didn't see it when watching my account.16:22
rogpeppenatefinch: oops16:23
rogpeppenatefinch: not AFAIK16:23
rogpeppenatefinch: but hopefully you'll be able to expense it16:23
* rogpeppe hopes he hasn't done the same ting16:23
sinzuinatefinch, you might already know this, but in case not, you may need to file the bill under "misc" because there is a cap on the personal "cloud computing" category17:24
natefinchsinzui: cool, thanks17:32
natefinchsinzui: didn't know that, though it makes sense17:32
natefinchwell, time to go snowblow the foot or so of snow we got here the last day or two.  I'll be back in an hour and a half or so.18:50
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