lazypowerbic2k: Are you still working through moving your juju install? I just recently did that.00:40
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bic2klazypower: I think I got it figured out, added the new machines ssh key to the authorized_hosts on machine/0. So far so good, but haven't tried any fancy stuff yet00:43
lazypowerYeah, That was my gotchya I ran into. I ended up just sharing the SSH key with the new host and all was well with the world.00:44
lazypowerConsidering i've only done this with AWS and LOCAL environments I cannot speak to the openstack specifics.00:44
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michal_smarcoceppi: I have deployed clean WP on Azure, with no tuning and with juju set wordpress wp-content=git@github.com:smereczynski/jujuwp-content.git. Again nothing. I have logs from machines 0 and 1 here: https://gist.github.com/smereczynski/823659211:39
michal_smarcoceppi: clould You please tell me if I'm doing sth wrong?11:40
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marcoceppimichal_s: huh, that's odd. One min11:55
michal_smarcoceppi: no problem, You don't need to hurry11:59
michal_sI wish to present Juju and Windows Azure to students and this one thing seems to not work properly :/11:59
marcoceppimichal_s: yeah, the code looks sound, as it should work, I'm going to spin it up - it's just bailing before doing the do_vcs function12:04
michal_smarcoceppi: If You wish, I can give You code for Windows Azure test account12:09
michal_swith this code You can create subscription without credit card12:10
marcoceppimichal_s: no, that's okay. I've got accounts in all the clouds12:10
michal_sok :)12:10
marcoceppimichal_s: can you describe "doing nothing"12:35
marcoceppiif you ssh and move to /var/www/wp-content do you not see your git stuff?12:36
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michal_smarcoceppi: there is no my stuff in wp-content13:16
marcoceppimichal_s: is the deployment still running?13:16
marcoceppiI think there's an idempotentcy issue with the charm13:16
marcoceppimichal_s: have you completed the setup?13:16
marcoceppivia the web interface13:17
michal_syes, setup is completed13:17
michal_ssite is running13:17
marcoceppimichal_s: run `juju set wordpress wp-content=https://github.com/smereczynski/jujuwp-content.git`13:17
marcoceppijust so that the command is a different value, and the config-changed hook will run13:18
michal_sagent-state-info: 'hook failed: "config-changed"'13:20
michal_sfrom juju status13:20
michal_sand no changes in wp-config13:20
michal_sshare juju config output?13:21
michal_sjuju status*13:21
marcoceppimichal_s: well, a config-changed error, that's interesting. Can you pastebin the /var/log/juju/unit-wordpress-0.log from wordpress/0?13:24
michal_sok, moment13:25
michal_smarcoceppi: https://gist.github.com/smereczynski/823780913:28
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marcoceppimichal_s: try `juju resolved --retry wordpress/0`13:28
michal_smarcoceppi: ok, it works!13:29
marcoceppimichal_s: interesting, there's an idempotency error in the charm during configuration changes.13:30
marcoceppimichal_s: I'll file a bug and try to follow up with a patch next week13:30
michal_sgreat :) Thank You very much for Your help13:30
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tclarkehaving trouble d/ling charms due to https/ssl intercept firewall. Is there a way to disable cert checking (alternately, where is the cacert file juju uses so I can add the firewall certs)17:58
marcoceppitclarke: downloading charms where?18:15
tclarkeERROR cannot get latest charm revision: Get https://store.juju.ubuntu.com/charm-info?charms=cs%3Aprecise%2Fjuju-gui: failed to parse certificate from server: x509: RSA modulus is not a positive number18:17
tclarkejuju deploy juju-gui18:17
marcoceppifwereade: Is there a way to disable cert checking during deploy?18:20
marcoceppitclarke: One way around this is to deploy from local18:20
marcoceppitclarke: you can download the charm to your computer, then run a deploy using that version18:20
tclarkewhere does juju get it's cacert's from? I can always add the local ones there18:21
marcoceppitclarke: it's in the public chain18:26
tclarkethe standard /etc/ssl chain?18:27
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marcoceppiyeah, they use a cert for all of *.ubuntu.com18:28
tclarkeI'll try installing the firewall certs there (the problem is ssl intercept proxies rewrite the cert chain for all ssl)18:29
tclarkeis there information on how to setup a local mirror? the only thing I see re: local repositories involves writing your own, nothing on how to pull a cs charm to a local mirror  and deploy18:34
marcoceppitclarke: you can use charm-tools to download charms18:36
marcoceppifrom the stable ppa (ppa:juju/stable)18:36
marcoceppionce installed, and you have your directory structure, just `juju charm get <charm-name>`18:36
marcoceppithere's a juju charm get-all but it takes forever to run, better to just grab the ones you're interested in18:37
tclarkejuju charm get juju-gui18:39
tclarkeError: Could not locate charm in store.18:39
marcoceppitclarke: oh, haha, it uses SSL as well18:40
marcoceppito look up things via the API18:40
marcoceppitclarke: if you have bazaar installed, try `bzr branch lp:charms/juju-gui`18:40
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surgemcgeeIs it possible to set up a meeting or maybe discuss our cloud infrastructure needs here? It is hard to wrap ones mind around the concept of cloud scalability. I would be licensing the charm GPL v3.22:11
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hatchsurgemcgee this would be a good place but it looks like most people are offline atm, maybe try back tomorrow or Monday22:33
marcoceppisurgemcgee: check pm23:06
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