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shadowbrokerhello. i'm on kubuntu 13.10. i've tried adding chinese as a second keyboard layout, but no matter what i do, i can't get the keyboard to switch from english to chinese00:38
shadowbrokeri'm currently in Keyboard Settings, I added the layout called "Chinese" and added shortcuts to switch to either English or Chinese00:39
shadowbrokerbut they do not work :/ and selecting Chinese from the task bar doesn't switch either. it's always stuck on English00:40
shadowbrokerany ideas?00:40
valorieperhaps run it from the cli and watch the output?00:40
valorienot sure how you figure what command to issue though00:40
shadowbrokeri dont know how to change the keyboard settings from cli either :|00:41
valoriemmmm, too bad our guy from Hong Kong isn't here; I'm sure he knows how to switch00:41
valoriethis might shed some light? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=155140300:42
valorieand possibly: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7021111/kde-how-do-i-find-and-switch-current-globar-keyboard-layout-from-cli00:44
valoriealthough it's sorta old00:44
Poisoned_DragonDoes anyone know how to alter settings governing video overlay?00:44
shadowbrokeri keep reading posts about 13.10 breaking language support, almost completely for some languages00:49
shadowbrokeryet this has been known for months and not fixed? O.o i find that hard to believe00:50
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valorieshadowbroker: we'd welcome help on that00:55
valoriethere is a person working to fix, but it's a big job00:56
valorieremember that this is a community produced distro00:56
shadowbrokerunfortuntely i wouldnt know where to start on such a thing :(00:57
valorieif you have the time, we'll work with you00:58
valoriewe all start out as beginners00:58
shadowbrokertrue. i need to finish school first. maybe then i'll have enough time to contribute00:58
valoriemost of what is done in foss is because somebody wants something fixed enough to learn how to do that00:59
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valoriepractically our whole packaging team at one time was a buncha high school teens00:59
shadowbrokergonna try relogging to see if i missed something that needed to be restarted01:00
valorienow that they are in or done with college, they work upstream as well as packaging01:00
daniel1Hi, heres my story: I duist upgraded to the current version where I found the new muon discover. It so not bad but why in the flying hell does frigging nobody tests his developed program with the standart dark themes/schemes like obsidian coast, zion rev. and so on ?? The values I set do not apply to muons bg of the buttons therefore I have a forced white button with a light colored text that is given by the02:00
daniel1scheme. ;/02:00
xixorI seriously doubt those are rigorously tested02:02
Poisoned_DragonThe themes only effect the panes and, maybe the windows.02:04
daniel1and the buttons too02:05
Poisoned_DragonI'm using Obsidian Coast now. Looks great02:05
daniel1the buttons too ?02:06
Poisoned_DragonGranted, I'm on 12.04...02:06
daniel1your using muon discover ?02:07
xixormuon discover is a window that you probably use like what.... once a blue moon?  don't worry about it02:09
Poisoned_Dragonmuon discover?02:09
Poisoned_DragonSo, you're not talking about the package manager?02:09
xixorfile a bug with Canonical/kubuntu and move on02:09
daniel1Well but this does not matter to me that much. I'd rather know how I can fix this without recompiling. I gues qt's ability of qss can fix this but how can I set specific programs to start allways with a specific qss applied ?02:10
Poisoned_DragonOh, it's a third party front end.02:11
xixorah, sorry, I thought muon discover was muon02:13
xixorwell, apple, android/google, and microsoft have an app store-like interface, so looks like someone wanted to copy it for KDE too02:14
Poisoned_Dragoncould always file a bug with cyberspace.02:14
Poisoned_Dragonthey're in charge of that project.02:15
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daniel1Hell I cant even find the spot where I have to submit the bug.02:32
valoriesubmit a bug for what exactly?02:33
* valorie read up, but am confused02:33
daniel1muon discover02:34
Poisoned_Dragonthe look of Muon Discovey is not complying with theme settings.02:34
valoriedaniel1: try ubuntubug --muon-discover in the cli02:35
daniel1https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/muon this one right ?02:35
valorieor just go to bugs.kde.org02:35
valorieand file it there02:35
Poisoned_Dragonwhy are you filing a bug with Muon?02:36
valorieyes, that's the right place; discover bugs are in with the rest of muon02:37
daniel1Because the buttons of muon are not obeying to the styling, which they should.02:38
Poisoned_DragonWhat version of Kubuntu?02:38
daniel113.10 , kde 4.11.3 I guess. I allways forget the command.02:40
xixorthe command to get the ubuntu version is ridiculous02:40
xixorlsb_what? lsb_something? lsb_version ?02:40
Poisoned_DragonThat's why I use inxi. :)02:40
BluesKajlsb_release -a02:41
xixorcat /etc/debian_version is so easy02:41
Poisoned_Dragonthat too02:41
Poisoned_Dragonbut inxi makes it pretty02:41
BluesKajor -r02:41
daniel1it is 13.1002:43
Poisoned_DragonWell, out of my expertise.02:44
Poisoned_DragonBecause of my chipset/gpu, I gotta stick with LTS. So, I know little about issues in kde 4.1102:44
xixorPoisoned_Dragon: what chipset/gpu?02:45
Poisoned_DragonIntel 82852/855GM02:47
Poisoned_DragonAfter kernel 3.5, I have issues with the laptop lid button.02:47
Poisoned_DragonIt's a common bug filed in launchpad and the forums.02:47
Poisoned_DragonEasier just to stay with LTS. If I'm feeling adventurous, I could install the quantal lts kernel package.02:49
Poisoned_DragonBut I finally got kubuntu the way I like it. I don't feel like messing with i much more. Considering I'm more of an xfce guy, things seem to be working ok.02:49
xixorima install 4.12 to join the cool crowd02:50
Poisoned_DragonI thought about using the backports ppa.02:51
Poisoned_DragonBut, I might just let things be.02:51
xixorI never let things be.02:51
TrelI'm having a few problems with themes on the latest KDE available in Kubuntu.   Are there any known issues right now that weren't in previous versions?02:51
Poisoned_DragonI usually don't either. But this laptop is very particular.02:52
Poisoned_Dragonyou should check out the bugs section of the backports ppa, launchpad site.02:53
BluesKajtesting prerelase kubuntus is a hooby of sorts for me, stable id fine for thode who need it.02:53
Poisoned_DragonIt might have come up02:53
Poisoned_DragonIf I had a less temperamental setup, I'd go for it.02:54
* BluesKaj retrieves his glasses02:54
Poisoned_DragonBut, not being able to use the latest kernel is bummer enough.02:54
TrelSince upgrading KDE+Kubuntu, I'm having these issues http://imgur.com/a/UHiQy  (first two show how a window decoration is losing its gradient when a window is maximized)02:54
xixorI haven't found a laptop that isn't tempermental with linux02:54
BluesKajmy issue with linux is the lack of a comprehensive audio suite, there's too much chaos02:57
daniel1Trel: I had this once too. There is shomewhere a option to disable the rendering of the gradients on maximized windows. Looks like it is enabled on your system.02:58
xixorBluesKaj: agreed.  I'm having alsa problems on 13.10 I installed on my desktop last night02:58
Poisoned_DragonSurprisingly, my eeepc 701 has been pretty good.02:58
Treldaniel1: any idea where, it must've been triggered when I upgraded kubuntu releases.02:58
xixorBluesKaj: trying to track down if it's a phonon, pulseaudio, or alsa problem is .... frustrating.02:58
Poisoned_DragonThe biggest issue is the low resolution of the lcd. Can't overcome that02:58
BluesKajxixor, which audio chip ?02:59
valoriethe problem is, that every effort to wrap up all of the linux audio, just makes another layer02:59
Treldaniel1: I'll look around, that's easy enough.02:59
valoriesort of a nightmare for all the a/v devels, all the time02:59
valoriethere are still people using OSS!03:00
xixorBluesKaj: I'm not on the machine, I can't recall off the top of my head, the problem is that I have 3 audio devices, that all seem to work, just the ordering seems messed up... I think03:00
BluesKajalsa is perfectly capable and was until pulseaudio was forced down our throats03:01
Poisoned_DragonCould alsa handle multiple apps streaming audio at once?03:02
valoriethat isn't how I experienced it03:02
excalibrWhen you use plasma-desktop, how do you hide the titlebar for maximized app window just like in plasma-netbook?03:02
Poisoned_DragonI thought it was a one at a time thing.03:02
valoriebut then I didn't have a clue how to fix things back in the day either03:03
ghilPulseaudio seemed like a good thing at first though. But seeing it's state, and it's development, I'm really missing the old ALSA days.03:03
valorieghil: to me it seems to get better over time03:03
valoriewe used to advise people to remove PA in #amarok03:03
valorieit's been a few years since I had to make that suggestion03:04
ghilit is better than it was yes. and I'm glad, because now it's useable.03:04
valoriecolin guthrie is awesome to work with03:04
valoriehe's a great maintainer03:04
Treldaniel1: sorry to ask again, I can't find where it even might be, you have any clue where that setting was?03:05
BluesKajxixor,  index settings in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf cab help solidify the order of importance for the sound drivers the devices use03:07
xixorI just think it's silly that it's 2013 and there doesn't seem to be a way for alsa to change the order of sound cards.  So if I want to use my mobo audio instead of hdmi audio or my usb sound card, I gotta edit some cryptic file and which may or may not involve a reboot03:08
xixorit's even sillier that I still think it's 201303:08
stunneroh weit a minute that sound driver order i found yesterday03:09
ghiljust a thing though: editing some cryptic file is really more efficient to me than knee deep menus where every option is obscured and hidden through many levels.03:09
daniel1Trel: I gues its shomewhere in application/workspace apperence. But i remember that it was rediculesly hard to find again.03:10
xixorthe KDE phonon device order editing is pretty nice03:10
Treldaniel1: It wasn't spefcific to the decoratoin was it?03:10
BluesKajxixor, that's why i use VLC the audio settings in phonon can be chosen there for a particular audio device03:10
daniel1Trel: No it was some kind of stupid thing that applied to all maximized windows03:11
BluesKajit's clunky but it works03:11
xixorBluesKaj: VLC can also choose the specific alsa device as well I think03:11
xixorBluesKaj: which I find strange because apparently there is no way with an alsa utility to change the order03:11
BluesKajyes , that what i was trying to say :)03:11
xixoror if there is, I haven't found it03:11
daniel1Trel: might even be in window behavior03:12
Treldaniel1: ok, I'll keep looking, thanks03:12
stunnerdoes someone know how i keep the flash video that i play in firefox fullscreen on my dual screen?03:12
BluesKajthe audio devices defaults is hierarchal in alsa , but think it has to be to keep order03:13
Treldaniel1: I think I may have found what it's called03:15
BluesKajxixor, in alsa-base.conf index=0 is the driver for Card 0 in phonon and so on, and any driver setting with a - (minus) is ignored03:19
daniel1Trel where was it ?03:20
xixorBluesKaj: Hm...... ok, I'll have to explore that, you might have to remind me of that when I'm back at that machine03:20
Treldaniel1: I didn't find it, but I think it's related to hiding borders on maximized windows.03:20
daniel1.. or maybe03:20
xixorBluesKaj: is it possible it is just a permission thing with /dev/dsp or something?  I remember that being a common alsa problem back-in-the-day03:21
BluesKajxixor, np ,just remind me ,and we can go thru it03:21
Treldaniel1: if not, I can't find anything else, even via google03:21
BluesKajxixor, it could have been when the asoundrc file was still determining device order etc , but asoundrc has been dropped pulseaudio seems to have taken over that role for device inputs and outputs03:24
daniel1Trel: you could try to make a new user acc to se if it is realy the setting I remember or something different.03:24
xixorBluesKaj: is the asoundrc file only in ~ ?03:25
Treldaniel1: I may as well, be right back03:25
BluesKajnot sure xixor , I just became familiar with it after it was dropped03:26
BluesKajseen references on old alsa and OSS tutorials03:26
xixoryeah, I've seen it mentioned as well03:27
xixorthere is also another tool, asoundconf I think it was, that I seen mentioned a lot on the web, but now it doesn't seem to be included03:27
BluesKajwell, gotta go ...later folks03:41
xixorI haven't been able to tell the difference between any kde versions in a few years04:02
fritiDoes anyone know if it is possible to disable copy/paste via middle-click? It is more a hindrance to me than it is helpful.05:05
Poisoned_DragonLemme look05:07
fritiThe problem is that the switch on my middle mbutton is very sentitive, and it likes to randomly paste stuff in documents that i am scrolling though....05:09
soeefriti: open desktop properties05:11
soeethere you have tasks assigned to mouse buttons05:11
soeeremove of modify them05:11
fritisoee, gonna try that....05:12
fritiDidn;t help05:12
Poisoned_DragonI forgot that was there.05:12
soeefriti: and what did you do ?05:13
fritiThere appear to be at least 2 clipboards. One that holds the string that i copied via ctrl+c and the second that holds the middle-clicked selection05:13
fritisoee: I went to Desktop Settings => Mouse actions and removed the middle-click action05:14
fritiObiously, i have also clicked "apply" and "ok".05:15
soeefriti: maybe try to logout and login again05:15
fritiYeah, i guess i wil give that a go....05:15
fritiIt will restart X and that may just do the trick05:16
fritiNope, it still copy/pastes via middle-click. Gonna try a restart then.05:18
fritiGrrr... That didn;t work either05:25
fritisoee: So the restart didn't help. Is there something else that i could try?05:29
soeefriti: not sure i thought the desktop settings trick will do the job05:37
soeeyou can also try to ask on #kde as it is to it related05:37
fritiSomeone seems to have suggested EasyStroke as a solution. I am now looking into that05:40
fritiHmmm... That seems to have helped, at least a little.05:45
fritiIt will refuse a first middle click, but then a second will pass right through05:47
fritiWell, it will help at the very least.05:52
fritiIn case you want to know, i followed this post : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1335587&page=3&p=11811126#post1181112605:53
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Shahinjoin .help09:27
Shahinjoin /help09:27
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markus_on every start my desktop looks like I reinstalled my machine12:07
markus_Is there a fix for this?12:07
BluesKajHiyas all12:47
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lordievaderGood afternoon.13:35
eagles0513875friti_: its your trackpad a multitouch one?14:10
eagles0513875as it seems there is an issue with them14:10
eagles0513875at the kernel level14:10
eagles0513875friti_: not sure if this applies to your multitouch track pad but for sure applies to mine https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/96739914:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 967399 in linux (Ubuntu) "[11.10] Elantech trackpoint does not work Lenovo " [High,In progress]14:11
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friti_eagles0513875: I do not have a track pad. I don;t know where you got that idea.14:58
eagles0513875sorry friti_ only saw half the discussion14:59
friti_I just want to disable copy/paste on middle mouse click14:59
eagles0513875friti_: you checked in settings?15:09
friti_You mean System Settings? Yes15:09
eagles0513875should be able to adjust the settings from the input section in terms of mouse and track pad etc15:11
friti_There is no way to adjust mouse button actions from there, for as far as i can tell. However, right-click desktop, then choose settings (i use folder view, so i would choose Folder Settings), then choose "Mouse Actions", where i have already removed the middle-mouse click action15:13
friti_Other than that, my only option would be to disable the middle mbtn in X altogether, but i definitely don;t want to do that15:14
ubottuTo get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.16:26
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TrelThe kwin-style-dekorator package is broken on my system.  It requires removing kde-window-manager and installing kde-window-manager-active (which does not work), where as if I compile dekorator myself, it work just fine with kde-window-manager19:57
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greasyfatok i installed the kunbuntu desktop20:39
greasyfatmy icons keep disappearing off my desktop after i add apps there lol20:39
greasyfatits like random which ones stick20:39
jarkko___i have that also21:00
jarkko___i have a bit wondered why is that so21:00
alihki have a problem with openvpn client!21:06
alihkcan anybody help me!?21:06
lordievaderalihk: What is your problem?21:09
alihki just now install kubuntu 13.1021:09
alihkbefore this i have ubuntu 13.10 and then install kde desktop!21:10
alihkin ubuntu with kde i have openopn i its works fine21:10
alihkbut in kubuntu openvpn doesnt work!21:10
lordievaderalihk: Define "doesn't work". Do you get an error?21:11
alihkno its just doesnt work!21:11
alihkpptp works fine!21:11
alihkbut openvpn !! Nope21:11
Allison43alihk, openvpn works here , do you have network-manager-openvpn installed?21:12
alihkwhere can i find that this package installed??21:13
alihki dont know21:13
Allison43look in the muon package manager for it, or sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn21:14
lordievaderalihk: Open a terminal and run "apt-cache policy network-manager-openvpn"21:14
alihkits not installed!21:15
alihki run installation21:15
Allison43then you have to open the panel toolbox and search for network manager and install it by clicking on it so that NM appears in the panel21:18
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Prometheswhen muon will be fixed? Anyone knows?22:09
Promethesits three months since 13.10 release and still muon updater crashes and/or not installing updates22:10
Prometheswas this muon software piece created for masohists?22:11
SonikkuAmericaPromethes: Use [ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ] for the time being. Also can't you update using Muon's package manager?22:14
PromethesSonikkuAmerica: I can, but i have many PC's with kubuntu on board at my work and i really miss dead simple updater22:16
Promethesthat works22:16
SonikkuAmerica(This is reason #827348 why I don't use KDE at all anymore.)22:18
jarkko___there havent been much  updates anyway22:19
greasyfatwhats the best file explorer22:37
greasyfatis dolphin good22:37
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stunneranyone know i good way to remote control my pc with my android phone?23:45
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valoriestunner: have you tried kdeconnect?23:57
valorieI have it, and it works really well23:57
valorieyou install the package on your computer, then get the app from Google Play, and pair23:58
valorieit will even control your TV or Blu-ray player23:59

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