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Fudgeprobably ubiquity paddy03:04
gnomguyI just had a continuous noise... any report of something like this?03:18
gnomguyI had to reboot... nothing stopped it... it was ongoing03:18
Hydr0p0nXnot sure if this is a pre-release question or not but, i'd like to install the saucy hwe on 12.04, I don't see the Xorg portion in the repositories though, just the kernel... Is there another repository I should be looking at ?03:31
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ThomasBrhythmbox on 14.04 needs my last.fm integration asap07:21
ThomasBcan't scrobble :(07:21
randomcppis there anything wrong if I set a daily cron job for fstrim in trusty? I know trim is enabled in trusty, but as weekly job IIRC07:43
lotuspsychjerandomcpp: TRIM should be enabled by default cron job07:44
lotuspsychjehaving it daily is not bad07:44
lotuspsychjeyou can manually TRIM every day aswell07:44
lotuspsychjeman fstrim07:44
lotuspsychjerandomcpp: pm me for other ssd tweaks mate07:47
randomcpplotuspsychje, I know that, but I'm new to SSD I wanted to know if there were some contraindications07:47
sandGorgonlotuspsychje, can you send me your SSD tweaks as well? or pastebin it and post here. would really appreciate it08:53
lotuspsychjesandGorgon: see pm :p08:54
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cortezso trusty is running xorg server 1.14, right?11:20
bazhang!find xorg-server11:22
ubottuFile xorg-server found in openvas-plugins-dfsg, xdiagnose, xserver-xorg-dev11:22
bazhang!info xserver-xorg-dev11:23
ubottuxserver-xorg-dev (source: xorg-server): Xorg X server - development files. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.14.5-1ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 199 kB, installed size 1436 kB11:23
cortezthanks, bazhang. now how do i make ubottu tell us the rationale for that? ;)11:24
cortezi.e. i've seen 1.15 in the wild on other distros11:25
bazhangcortez, I'd try the mailing lists for that11:25
cortezat least i think i have...11:25
ubottuMail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com11:25
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BluesKajHiyas all12:47
alnrafter upgrade to 14.04, my system boots to grub rescue, file not found. solved by F12 boot menu, boot from 2nd hard drive. what should I do to repair the boot process (tried to install boot-repair from ppa but not found)16:55
alnri'm guessing boot-repair isnt available yet for 14.0417:29
holsteinalnr: you can run it from a live CD17:31
Allison43alnr, boot repair is it's own OS not a package in ubuntu17:36
Allison43use on alive media, cd or usb17:37
alnrAllison43: oh, becuase i have seen a boot-repair package in ppa yannubuntu17:37
alnrAllison43: ok usb would be a lot less pain than cd, thanks17:38
holsteinalnr: you can run the software from a liveCD.. it will pick up os's, such as 14.04, or windows, or whatever17:39
holsteinor, just add it to whatever live CD you have handy... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair17:40
alnrAllison43: thanks a lot. i'll have to brush off my usb-key making skills.17:40
Allison43well, if you can buirn a cd it's abit easier17:42
roothorickthe wifi picker in the installer is broken. Clicking "Connect" does absolutely nothing. I can connect to networks just fine via the gnome-shell bar so it's not a driver issue18:28
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Gilligan94Hi I intend to chuck the 14.04 dailies on a spare drive to watch it's progress, I'll be dual booting it with Windows 8.1, what do I need to do to get it to boot the USB in UEFI mode so that the bootloader installs correctly?20:09
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ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:28
roothoricksigh. powernow-k8 managed to creep back into the kernel20:37
bekksKill it with fire.20:38
roothorickIs there a way to disable powernow-k8 with it builtin as it is in the normal kernels, or do I have to build my own kernel?20:39
bekksBlacklist the module.20:40
roothorickit's not a module.20:40
bekksIt doubt it is compiled into the kernel.20:40
roothorickit is, in fact, compiled into the kernel20:40
roothorickconfig-3.12.0-7-generic: CONFIG_X86_POWERNOW_K8=y20:41
roothorickI want to use phc-k8 so this is a problem20:42
bekksThen you have to recompile the kernel.20:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 355232 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) "acpi-cpufreq/powernow-k8 should not be built-in into the kernel image" [Low,In progress]20:51
roothorickthis is actually a BFD for me as HP in their infinite wisdom designed this laptop in such a way that the CPU can't be run at full power and voltage for an extended period of time without overheating20:53
roothorickbut I can safely undervolt the proc A LOT, and it reduces the heat enough to maintain full load at the full 2.0Ghz indefinitely20:54
roothorickwhat the... why are you building the deprecated SpeedStep driver at all!?21:03
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roothorickthermal-throttled kernel compile. Truly, this is hell.22:32

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