nik90Anybody here free to dicuss u1db usage? Currently the clock app is using Qt LocalStorage for storing user's timer presets and other data. I like to switch to u1db since it is more intuitive. But I have some questions that I like to get answered.10:19
nik90I created a u1db database for the whole app. I am planning to use a single u1db document to store the timer information like name, time etc. But how do I add new entries to the u1db document?10:22
popeynik90: seen http://pythonhosted.org/u1db/ ?10:27
popeyany use?10:27
* nik90 looks at the link10:28
nik90popey: though it is more for python u1db, I guess I could use some of it to get a better understanding.10:30
popeynik90: how about http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/qml/u1db-qt5/concepts.html10:33
popeyhmm, not a lot of detail there10:33
popeyhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/qml/u1db-qt5/tutorial.html better10:33
popeyhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~uonedb-qt/u1db-qt/trunk/files/head:/examples/ has examples10:34
nik90yup I have had a look at the last 2 links.10:34
nik90All of them show how to query and use u1db. but none of them show how to add entries to an existing document.10:35
nik90So basically I know how to create a document, database etc, query them and stuff. but not how to edit/update an existing document10:36
rJaspuris this something of ubuntu 13.10 or a plugin? that info after i vagrant ssh in my vm. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8nzbpkvxspv739a/Screenshot%202014-01-03%2011.32.29.png10:37
popeyrJaspur: thats standard on ubuntu (if you mean from "* Documentation" to "0 updates are security updates" and everything in between10:40
rJaspuryes, thats what i mean popey, but never seen it on my 12.04 vm's.10:41
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