jeajared: hello10:47
jaredjea: here for a little bit if you're still around12:22
jeado you know why that person was deactivated in the team? it wasn't done by one of the team owners12:23
jaredPeople can deactivate themselves12:23
jaredSo I'd say that person is someone who is authorised over the other user name12:23
jeai wasn't aware of delegation of launchpad users12:24
jeabut that makes sense12:24
jaredHmm but that person is sitting in pending members12:25
jaredMaking a little more sense, the person that did the deactiavtion is Canonical ISD12:26
jaredNot sure why they stepped in but perhaps have admin on lp?12:26
jeaYes, I was wondering about that12:27
jaredI'd expect if they had received a request they'd email the team owners about it.12:27
jeaIs there a policy of people working on canonical products/ubuntu core not being members of loco teams?12:27
jaredNot that I'm aware of.12:28
jaredThe person that was deactivated doesn't appear to be canonical.12:28
jaredThe person that did the deactivating was though it seems12:29
jeaThe person deactivated seems to be doing more work on projects12:29
jeaAll a bit unusual12:29
jaredCould ask in #canonical-isd if you're wanting to chase it fully down.12:30
jeaI don't mind too much12:31
jeaIt is just not something I have seen before12:31
jaredThe more I look at it the more it looks weird. However I don't think there is anything sinister about it from what I can work out12:31
jeaNo, I think it is above board12:32
jaredjea: sorry mate I've got to run again, I've been playing around with translations lately when I've had a few minutes here and there. We're on the way now for 14.0412:40
jeaI will get to those translation recommendations soon12:40
jeajust haven't been doing much on my computer for the past couple of weeks12:40
jeaSpeak to you later12:40

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