infinity  %w[8.5 8.4] # At present, Tcl/Tk8.6 is not supported.00:10
infinitydoko: ^-- That's the problem.00:10
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infinitydoko: Okay, so maybe that's *a* problem, but not *the* problem.01:04
infinitydoko: Though, even ruby trunk claims to not support anything >> 8.5, so I think this is a lost cause, and it should just build-dep on 8.501:10
infinitydoko: Was there a reason other than "new shiny" to bump the tcltk-defaults ahead of Debian?01:10
dokoinfinity, well, I was trying to get the interpreter languages up to date ... things like ocaml did block, didn't expect that many issues with tcl/tk01:17
dokoruby is the only failing one for now in main01:18
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xnoxinfinity: doko_ : i distinctly remember multiarched-tktcl patches required to build ruby2.0 against multiarched tcltk... have those been applied? /me looks05:14
* xnox did ask ruby maintainer to do so at debconf....05:14
xnoxright those did get merged.05:15
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ubottuDebian bug 733372 in src:ruby2.0 "ruby2.0: FTBFS: ossl_ssl.c:2179:65: error: 'SSL_OP_MSIE_SSLV2_RSA_PADDING' undeclared (first use in this function)" [Serious,Open]05:23
xnoxupstream does claim 8.6 is not supported... http://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/800005:23
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xnoxbdmurray: i've uploaded a fix to apport (ubiquity hook) and adt test has failed, with loads of errors of: FileNotFoundError: [Errono 2] No such file or directory: for apport-upack, apport-valgrind, crash-digger. I'm not sure if that's something I have caused, or how to resolve / fix the adt test.11:35
xnoxbdmurray: any ideas?11:35
xnoxpitti is not online.11:35
zygaany X person here might know why I still need to edit xorg.conf in 2014? Is this something that we can convert to a better (but sensible) default? https://plus.google.com/116315264177593873442/posts/WhF9anC2mow11:41
xnoxzyga: weird, i didn't have to do anything like that with my dual or tripple head setups with all my laptops/desktops. Granted all of them are intel.11:44
xnoxzyga: on the latest laptop I did have to set xorg settings to get the brightness working.11:44
rbasakzyga: I had to do that for dual-head support on an ancient laptop. How old is your hardware?11:44
xnox(keys that is)11:44
zygaxnox: this is A8 apu, current gen, with fglrx as open source drivers resulted in heavy corrpution all the time11:46
zygarbasak: brand new11:46
zygarbasak: this A8 richland APU11:46
zygarbasak: with two screens11:46
zygarbasak: one is 2048 another 1024 in width11:47
zygarbasak: apparently the default is 2048 max horizontal resolution11:47
zygarbasak: I tried with two smaller screens and it worked out of the box11:47
zygarbasak: using DVI and VGA outputs, nothing fancy11:48
rbasakzyga: sounds like a bug to me. Though I'm not familiar with things that happened in X since the days of XFree86 :-/11:48
zyga(this is a desktop, not a laptop)11:49
zygaI recall reading that some GPUs have a limit on the max texture size, so large screens would not work with something like unity11:50
zygabut this was last on i915 or something like that11:51
zygaasac: hey, any chance for plainbox MIR review? :-)11:53
apwcjwatson, am i right in thinking that grub2 no longer has 'trigger' support ?12:03
cjwatsonapw: AFAIK it never did12:10
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apwcjwatson, no longer compared to grub1 ... would it be something we would like if i can be bothered ?12:14
infinityapw: How would triggers be any better than /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-update-grub ?12:23
apwinfinity, when you install or remove 3 kernles at once you would only run it once12:23
infinityapw: Oh, sure, one could turn zz-update-grub into a trigger wrapper like ldconfig, or do something more clever entirely.12:24
infinityNot that update-grub takes long to run.12:24
apwit does take quite a while if you have more than a few kernels installed, and right now twice per kernel12:25
infinityIs it uncouth to eat a wheel of brie on its own because it's the only food you have?12:27
cjwatsonapw: maybe, yeah12:28
cjwatsonthough the postinst is pretty complicated as it is12:29
cjwatsonbut it would be nice to speed all that up a bit, I agree12:30
infinityapw: Anyhow, using something like /sbin/ldconfig as a cheat, you could just add a few guards to zz-update-grub, register the trigger, and call it done.12:30
infinityNot that I'd recommend that as the best way forward, it was just the easiest way to do ldconfig without forcing all its users to adapt.12:30
cjwatsonThe GRUB Legacy trigger work never went into Debian, apparently.  This would need to (I don't want to have an Ubuntu delta for grub2 again).12:30
cjwatsonI don't think it was very complete either - it didn't auto-trigger on things running update-grub, it just supplied an explicit trigger, which isn't as good an approach12:31
cjwatsoninfinity: Probably not necessary here.  Adjusting zz-update-grub would do most of the work.12:32
apwcjwatson, no indeed, they said they wanted the equivalent of our grub1 work in grub2, but ... its not there indeed12:33
cjwatsonIt was in the Ubuntu package but was never merged back12:33
infinitycjwatson: Well, you could guard zz-update-grub or update-grub itself, depending on the desired outcome.12:33
cjwatsonAs far as it went, anyway12:33
infinityGuarding update-grub and registering an update-grub interest would probably do the trick without having to touch any callers.12:34
cjwatsoninfinity: Sure, either would work12:34
cjwatsonIndeed, update-grub is already a wrapper script12:34
cjwatsonSo it would probably be logical to put it there12:34
apwso if i do somethign comprehensive in that manner, it should be mergable back to debian pretty well i assume12:35
infinitySomething like guarding update-grub and an interest trigger would be very mergable back because, like I said, no need to update callers.12:36
infinityAnd /sbin/ldconfig /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc-bin.triggers probably have the three lines of hints required to make that work.12:36
apwinfinity, ok cool i'll likely poke at it and get with you on the details12:37
infinityProbably don't need the NOTRIGGER hack, since grub triggering itself isn't nearly as vile as libc6 triggering ldconfig.12:38
apwi am mostly interested in fixing the update initramfs mess -extras have made12:38
infinityupdate-initramfs is a whole different story...12:38
apwinfinity, but i see ... we still have your 'hacked merge' in here12:38
infinityYeah, I'm fixing that this week. :)12:39
* apw will wait till you fix that then12:39
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wachinGood day to all Ubuntu Developers15:34
wachinOn my operating system UbuntuSTudio 13.10 is installed Nautilus 3.8.2 and the search feature is not helping me. I ask you to please leave it as it was before in Nautilus 3.4.15:34
wachinConsider that only for this reason many people will go to Linux Mint, it is not convenient15:35
rbasakWe're supposed to keep all quilt patches refreshed on an upload right? So if I see offsets in an Ubuntu-delta patch while merging, I should refresh it?15:35
xnoxrbasak: not necessory, the only dpkg requirement is to have no "fuzz", but offsets are ok.15:36
rbasakxnox: good to know, thanks. What's best practice? Leave it alone?15:36
xnoxrbasak: plus if one uses options different from debian maintainer, one can easily generate very large diff because like timestamps are removed or "a/:b/" are renamed to "foo/:foo.old/" etc....15:36
xnoxrbasak: i tend to go for minimal diff possible, and thus i don't refresh patches unless i have to (e.g. to get rid of fuzz)15:37
wachinand I read several posts, many people complaining for this reason.15:37
wachinAnd I read in a post that is people who complain, developers will do nothing15:38
rbasakwachin: have you checked to see if these changes are coming from upstream, or from Ubuntu developers?15:40
wachinI have tried to put myself in your place, to understand why this happened, I understand that you can use it to 3.8 or 3.6 nautilus efficient way for their activities. But for the normal user that is not a help. Nautilus 3.4 are best15:40
wachinNo I'm not know how to that15:41
rbasakIt sounds to me that upstream are making changes that you don't like, and Ubuntu developers are stuck in the middle.15:42
wachinI am a Spanish parlant. In the #Ubuntu chanel guide to here15:42
xnoxwachin: this is not an appropriate forum to raise those concerns. #ubuntu-devel is for ubuntu core platform development. And e.g. nautilus is a single packaged shared by Ubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, Ubuntu Studio etc. There are many file managers available, and you are free to install any you like.15:43
xnoxwachin: if you want to change the defaults in any of the distos, please talk to developers/leads of those distros, e.g. ubuntu-studio.15:43
xnoxwachin: or email ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing to reach all interested parties.15:44
xnoxwachin: such things are never revert based on "demands" or "cries out" on irc. that is not productive technical discussions.15:45
wachinOk xnox, I understand15:45
wachinDo you know how to I  can write to the team that set nautilus 3.6 -3.8 on Ubuntu15:46
rbasakwachin: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-devel-discuss15:47
xnoxwachin: ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing list.15:48
wachinThanks rbasak15:48
zygamterry: hey, what did you mean by "Package needs a team bug subscriber", I cannot see any bug controls on the source package page and the upstream project already has a team subscribed15:51
xnoxzyga: which package?15:51
xnoxzyga: typically same team should be subscribed to distro bug mail as well.15:52
zygaxnox: plainbox MIR request: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plainbox/+bug/126575415:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 1265754 in plainbox (Ubuntu) "[MIR] plainbox" [Undecided,Incomplete]15:52
zygaxnox: see mterry's comment on that bug15:52
xnoxzyga: on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plainbox there should be "+ Sbuscribe to bug mail" on the right.15:52
xnoxzyga: and you should subscribe, e.g. plainbox-team to it.15:53
zygaok, I get it now15:53
mterryzyga, yup15:56
mterryxnox, thanks15:56
mterryzyga, that's just so that when bugs get filed in Ubuntu, they don't go into the void15:56
zygamterry: that's a very good point, I just didn't understand how that works15:57
zygamterry: I'm filing a bug on the autopkg test issue you found and I'll get it fixed in Debian15:57
zygamterry: do you think we should wait for -3 to hit Ubuntu before that MIR can be reconsidered?15:58
mterryzyga, if you're trying to promote right now, I can approve the MIR as long as the test fix is in the works15:58
zygamterry: I'll show you commited -3 in debian SVN and then we can decide, ok?15:59
mitya57mterry, barry: while we are speaking about the teams: do you think we can subscribe ~ubuntu-pythonistas to jquery* bugs? Or do you know any better team?16:01
mterrymitya57, is that a real team?16:02
* mitya57 notices that jquery itself has ~ubuntu-foundations-bugs subscribed16:03
mitya57bdmurray: can we please have ~ubuntu-foundations-bugs subscribed to 4 packages mentioned in bug 1261149?16:05
ubottubug 1261149 in libjs-jquery-isonscreen (Ubuntu) "[MIR] jquery-goodies, libjs-jquery-{hotkeys,isonscreen}" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126114916:05
zygamterry: http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/python-modules?view=revision&revision=2698116:05
mterryzyga, approved, thanks!16:07
zygamterry: awesome, thanks16:08
bdmurraymitya57: okay16:09
rbasakbdmurray: could you take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1178245 please? danwest just experienced it. The last comment looks like a good explanation to me; on the surface, anyway.16:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 1178245 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "missed python-apt dependency" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:16
mitya57mterry: there are three members ;)16:18
bdmurrayrbasak: ah, okay.  do you know what kind of install (for testing) the upgade was being attempted from?16:18
mitya57mterry: note that I am subscribed to those packages anyway16:18
rbasakbdmurray: no, but I'll ask danwest to join this channel.16:19
mterrymitya57, yeah and that is useful.  But teams provide some long-term security in case you get hit by a bus  :)16:20
danwestbdmurray: testing upgrade from raring to saucy (armv71)16:24
bdmurraydanwest: what kind of install was the raring system?16:24
danwestbdmurray: kind? server - is that what you were looking for?16:25
bdmurraydanwest: yes16:26
bdmurraydanwest: so it was a server install?16:28
danwestbdmurray: yes, I believe so - let me verify16:29
danwestbdmurray: this was the image -> https://rcn-ee.net/deb/rootfs/raring/ubuntu-13.04-console-armhf-2013-12-17.tar.xz16:31
bdmurraydanwest: okay, thanks16:31
infinitydanwest: Really, a third party image? :P16:32
infinity(I guess this was on something we don't support, like a BBB?)16:32
danwestinfinity: yup beagle bone black16:32
danwestnice little MAAS server I hope16:32
mitya57bdmurray: thanks16:34
mitya57mterry: better now?16:34
infinitybdmurray: Seems fairly obviously just a fundamental issue with the py2->py3 transition, where do-release-upgrade and the release-upgrader tarball are of different vintages.16:35
mitya57doko_: Can you please test if the aarch64 atomics patch can be dropped from qtbase?16:37
mitya57<hrw> mitya57: you do not need qatomics stuff for 5.216:38
mitya57<hrw> mitya57: in other words: 5.2.0 qtbase builds out of box for aarch6416:38
mitya57Mirv: ^ also FYI16:39
mterrymitya57, approved, thanks!16:44
mitya57mterry: thanks!16:45
chilukwhat are the conditions that prevent me from changing a bug to won't fix?16:48
jtaylorhas python3.4 changed something in their shared library extensions again?16:48
xnoxjtaylor: compile flags.16:50
xnoxjtaylor: but i don't know if that was fixed / reversed or not.16:50
jtayloryou mean the -Wdeclaration-without-statement thing?16:50
jtaylorI mean file extensions of c libraries16:50
jtaylorI get a test failure in the source tree but not on install tree (after dh_python3 ran and possibly reverted it?)16:51
jtaylor3.4 only16:51
mitya57Mirv: by the way, any news on Qt transition?16:51
bdmurraychiluk: probably not being an uploader of the package or not in ubuntu-bugcontrol16:51
chilukbdmurray I'll apply now.16:52
xnoxjtaylor: i had some 3.4 failures, where some of my deps were missing 3.4 modules.16:55
xnoxjtaylor: do you have build-log?16:55
jtaylorno I'm just running the build again thistime with shell hook to look into it16:56
jtaylorjust asking if someone knows something16:56
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jtaylorgreat it really changed again17:40
jtaylorand the interface it provides gives wrong results17:41
jtaylormight be an ubuntu change17:51
jtaylordoko_: is the multiarch SOABI accessible somehow?17:52
jtaylorpython3.4 only17:52
mitya57So... When built against a mix of Qt versions, python3-pyqt5.qt{serialport,sensors} .so files are empty18:09
mitya57I.e. ldd says they are not linked dynamically to anything18:10
doko_mitya57, should be SOABI-$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)18:22
mitya57doko: ENOPARSE, where is the issue?18:29
cjwatsonI think doko_ maybe intended to address that to jtaylor18:31
jtaylordoko_: from within python18:32
jtayloruse the _multiarch?18:32
jtayloralso special case it for 3.4 and not 3.3?18:32
doko_and it's 3.3 and 3.418:32
jtaylor3.3 works fine18:33
jtaylorshouldn't python itself be fixed instead of the modules?18:33
jtaylorby having SOABI not be wrong for what it is used outside of ubuntu18:33
jtaylorok 3.3 has the same problem but only after running dh_python318:36
doko_jtaylor, well, we still want this as the default for people building extensions not only for the distribution18:48
doko_the renaming is distro specific. I know, it will break for a handful of packages18:48
doko_mitya57, ahh, qtbase, yes will start a build18:48
jtaylorso what should upstream do if they want the abi tag?18:52
jtaylorcheck if running on ubuntu?18:52
tedgIt seems that "ubuntu-bug" doesn't work to file a bug on a package.  What has that changed to?19:02
doko_jtaylor, get the EXT_SUFFIX, that's the suffix you use without --install-layout=deb19:04
tedgSeems apport-cli -f -p works19:04
jtaylordoko_: that doesn't have the multiarch parts19:05
jtayloralso unreliable, but thats a different story19:05
doko_jtaylor, yes, that' what I said19:09
jtaylorwhat if I want to find packaged modules?19:09
doko_somewhere there is a list of extensions the interpreter understands19:09
doko_anyway, later, have to run19:10
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jtaylorI guess this should work until python3.5 http://paste.ubuntu.com/6686728/20:01
tarpmanhi! while working on bug 937200 I found an odd behaviour wrt fontconfig, ubuntu font, and unfonts: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-7/+bug/937200/comments/62 Can anyone help me figure out whether that fc-match behaviour is buggy, and if so which package is responsible?20:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 937200 in openjdk-7 (Ubuntu) "Fat fonts in Swing applications" [Low,Confirmed]20:21
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sbeattiedoko_: do the regular buildds install recommends? I had a daily ppa build just fail on trusty because the split out libtool-bin package didn't get installed from the build dependency on libtool.21:27
stgraber(trusty-amd64-sbuild)ubuntu@lxc-testing01:/$ grep -ri recommend /etc/apt/21:40
stgraber/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99buildd:APT::Install-Recommends "0";21:40
stgrabersbeattie: ^21:40
sbeattiestgraber: okay, so are we expected to add an explicit build dependency on libtool-bin?21:52
stgraberunless libtool can't function without libtool-bin which would then make the Recommends a bug and should have it promoted to a Depends21:54
nemoheh. you know, I don't know if you guys know this, but, Wine, a thing that is pretty important for noobs trying to transition, breaks pretty badly when installing from ubuntu software centre22:38
nemomy approximate guess as to what happens, is it is the ms core fonts license dialog22:39
nemosomehow it is prompty forever for that, just burning CPU, at about the halfway point22:39
nemoyou kill it, and it then requires a dpkg --configure -a to repair, which luckily synaptic informed me of22:40
nemoinstalling in synaptic ofc worked perfectly, since it isn't trying to be quite as friendly22:40
nemoI ran into this on a test VM image of 13.10 where I was going through the effort of setting things up using unity and software centre like my noob friend would22:40
OdyXtkamppeter: I have just uploaded cups 1.7.0-1 to Debian unstable, which should included all your changes, some of which I implemented differently, plus some Fedora patches that make the package globally better; I trust. Feel free to compare+sync it!22:58
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