airurandoJust seen that the next Ubuntu Global Jam will be held on the weekend of 04 -06 Apr 14.20:58
airurandonot good for me :-(20:58
airurandowon't be able to participate that weekend20:58
airurandono, that wouldn't stop me21:00
airurandodaughters confirmation21:00
zmoylan-lenyeah, miss that at your peril21:00
airurandoworst luck :-(21:01
airurandoreally wanted to give full LoCo support to 14.0421:01
airurandozmoylan-len: did you see Aaron Hastings post to the list?21:02
zmoylan-lennot ringing any bells, have been busy as of late recovering a wiped media drive21:03
airurandoAaron is a real nice guy.  If you can test his app out on any device I'd appreciate it.21:05
airurandoI do hope we have some events in 2014 that he can meet up with you guys.21:06
airurandotdr112 knows him well21:06
airurandowell knows him anyway21:07
airurandohe introduced me to him21:07
zmoylan-lenno devices running or capable of running ubuntu touch at the mo.21:08
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zmoylan-lenjust switched back to dumbphones after iphone 3g threw a wobbler21:08
airurandoif you know anyone who could test it would you give them a nudge?21:10
zmoylan-leni'm trying to think and am coming up empty.  if i do see anyone mention it i'll give them a poke21:12
zmoylan-leni mean ubuntu said they had a hardware manufacturer onboard but i'm doubtful unfortunately.  and their window of opportunity is closing fast21:14
airurandowe will see what happens in 201421:16
zmoylan-lenwhat i really wish is that some one make a generic phone so that people could try ubuntu touch, blackberry, androids, sailfish and other low % devices21:17
zmoylan-lenpeople would be more prepared to make a leap of faith if they could move to other os if 1 dies or os not to their liking21:18
airurandohadn't thought of it like that before but you have a good point!21:28
zmoylan-leneach of these minor players are trying to carve out a place with the big boys elbowing them out.  together they could make a difference and the nsa's job a damn sight harder21:29
airurandogood point21:30
tdr112hey airurando22:19
tdr112i hope you and your family had a great xmas22:19
airurandothanks tdr11222:36
airurandowe did indeed22:36
airurandoI hope it was a good one for you also22:36
airurandoDaughter got a laptop22:36
airurandoSon got a nexus 722:37
airurandoi got a car stereo22:37
airurandoto replace the one that was stolen a year ago!22:37
tdr112ah cool, i was in germany, from the 26th was great fun22:45

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