Phuzzyyo, not sure where else to ask this... is there a working alterrnative to Simple-CDD that could be used with Ubuntu?14:45
mptxnox, the standalone installer session has no session menu. Is that to minimize memory use?15:20
xnoxmpt: no it's a bug and regression currently affecting 13.10 released ISOs and Trusty due to different reasons. It was working early in trusty =)15:21
xnoxmpt: but it should be the same as "session menu" in lightdm in 13.10.15:21
xnoxmpt: which only has "restart, shutdown" and the like i think.15:22
xnoxmpt: do you want a picture?15:22
mptSo you can’t access “About This Computer” from the installer session15:22
xnoxcan't remember. let me check.15:22
mptI guess if you could, that would lead you to the whole System Settings ball of wax15:22
mptYou also can’t access “Ubuntu Help” … which is mostly irrelevant at that point15:23
xnoxmpt: it's literarly "Supsend, Shut Down..." in lightdm, and I think we even disable suspend during ubiquity =/15:23
mptxnox, why disable Suspend?15:24
mptor Restart, for that matter?15:24
xnoxmpt: no way to resume back into livecd =) we resume into hard-drive installs only. Restart will not do what you expect, as all shutdowns display "please remove installation media and hit enter" and if you didn't finish installation it will get you back to what you had on your computer.15:25
xnoxwhich is well, empty or whatever it still had.15:25
mptxnox, that seems like what I would expect from Restart, at least.15:26
xnoxthose concepts are irrelevant on a read-only livecd which has a sole purpose to destroy & format hard-drives, while telling the user that's what's it's doing =)15:26
xnoxmpt: it's same as shutdown, Plus I think you still get a pop-up with "shutdown or restart"15:27
mptUgh, that awful dialog15:27
xnoxmpt: so the fact that we have two menu items which do the exact same thing is a bit, interesting.15:27
mptIt’s because of the awful dialog.15:27
xnoxmpt: http://img.chan4chan.com/img/2009-09-19/1253350973912.png15:28
mptxnox, if you “Quit” the installer you end up in a live session where you can restart. I’m not sure the effect of restarting is more obvious in that situation than it is inside the installer.15:29
xnoxmpt: true, but live session is suppose to be representetive of the installed system - "common system actions are in the cog, about this ubuntu, help, logout, restart shutdown" "Ok, gotcha"15:31
mptxnox, when starting up the installer I get a non-sequitur “IBus Update” notification  that “Super+Space is now the default hotkey”. Should I report that on ubiquity, ibus, or something else? :)15:46
xnoxmpt: i've failed to find where to report this. Last time around i think seb128 suggested that it might be because we have shortcuts missmatch in the default setup, and thus on first login it's "updated" and "notified"15:47
xnox(e.g. one thing believes the shortcut is one thing, and something else believes it's something rather other)15:47
xnoxmpt: it may even be a ubiquity bug =)15:47
infinityxnox: Has nothing to do with ubiquity, happens on first login after install, and happened on first upgrade of whatever-package-that-was.15:49
xnoxmpt: bug 1178164 is about kubuntu, not ubuntu. which is totally different UI =)15:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 1178164 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "quit button should be "live session" in ubiquity only mode" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117816415:56
xnoxmpt: or does it apply to both?15:56
mptxnox, I encountered that bug report because I was about to report it on Ubuntu15:56
xnoxmpt: ah =)15:59
mptxnox, infinity: reported bug 126585416:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1265854 in ibus (Ubuntu) "Non-sequitur "IBus Update" notification when starting installer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126585416:12
mptxnox, what do you think of the standalone-installer session having a session menu that contains only one item, “Start Screen Saver”?16:47
mptUseful or silly? (Or both?)16:47
xnoxwe disable screensaver.... cause back in the day when installation was taking too long and screensaver kicked in, some people thought installation was finished and e.g. pull the plug mid-install on the machine =(16:48
xnoxmpt: imho just shut-down is useful, since we hide (x) after the installation is not reversible any more.16:49
xnoxmpt: maybe we don't need system cog at all, and just have (x) all the time....16:49
xnoxmpt: which goes back to the quit button and other buttons debacle.16:49
xnoxleft, right, centre and upside down.16:49
mptxnox, so screensaver is disabled for the live session too?16:50
xnoxmpt: i think just during the installer, or that's the intention. not sure how it's actually currently done.16:51
* mpt tries16:51
mptThe installer won’t launch for me :(16:55
mptBut then, neither will the Dash open, so probably not Ubiquity’s fault16:56
mptxnox, <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemMenu?action=diff&rev2=8&rev1=6> is my conclusions about all the variations, with the live session and installer session being two of those. I would greatly appreciate you pointing out any mistakes. :)17:10
xnoxmpt: i think it's all correct.17:14
bdmurrayDoes anybody recall a bug regarding configure_face and the .face file causing a crash with the precise installer?20:15
bdmurraybug 970641 for example20:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 970641 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "installer crash" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97064120:15

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