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dufluracarr: Can you please comment on (or fix!) bug 1260612? :)01:48
ubot5bug 1260612 in Mir "Nested servers never receive input events (in their filters)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126061201:48
dufluHmm, or is that for the nesting guys?01:48
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anpokduflu: ping09:41
dufluanpok: pong09:42
anpokduflu: i tried to answer you comment on the mp09:46
dufluanpok: I saw. But officially have no more opinions till Monday :)09:47
anpokyou already EOD?09:47
dufluanpok: Almost EOD09:58
anpokas in end of world of course09:59
dufluZOMG, no one told me09:59
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kdubgood morning16:02
kdubdo platform-api and unity-mir need mir package version bumps?18:48
kdubwhy did we flatten out the pixel format types :(18:55
kdubmterry, so it looks like that fix for nested you're interested in has gone into lp:mir20:55
kdubbut what is in lp:mir has not hit the images yet20:55
mterrykdub, ooh, good news. Thanks!20:55

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