ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !forget lies-#ubuntu-offtopic01:21
* Pici sighs15:36
IdleOneseems like a wish list item. should have been referred to LP to report a bug/wish15:38
IdleOnenow will see what happens15:42
IdleOnenow he is banned every where15:44
IdleOnehe went to k-ot and called us a bunch of twits.15:56
=== jpds_ is now known as jpds
AlanBellooh look http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_0e98d92be61c7e4420:27
* hggdh is surprised...20:32
pleia2congrats hggdh :)20:33
hggdhpleia2: thank you. And to think I entered it because AlanBell was looking for more candidates :-)20:33
knomehggdh, your nick isn't too familiar to me, and i only say that because i think it's positive that we have new nicks (to me) in the council. congrats!21:56
PriceyIndeed, congratulations hggdh! (and the remaining four average successfuls..)21:58
hggdhknome: thank you... it just happened we did not cross paths21:58
hggdhPricey: thank you sir :-)21:58
Priceyhggdh: I hope you call everyone sir.21:59
IdleOnehonestly, I am very surprised also.21:59
IdleOneThank you.21:59
hggdhPricey: well, I do try to respect gender; apart from that, it is sir indeed for all21:59
hggdhIdleOne: and congrats to you as well22:00
IdleOneSame to you :)22:00
IdleOneabout freaking time you get voice22:30
IdleOneyou have no idea how many times i almost kicked you for idling in here :)22:30
topylicongratulations hggdh, IdleOne23:12
IdleOnethank you :)23:12
hggdhIdleOne: I wondered about it as well -- and this is why I kept silent23:33
hggdhtopyli: thank you23:33

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