krababbe1bekks, hitsujiTMO Thanks, creating the LDAP users locally on the fileserver seems to work. :)00:17
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jtranwhen i do apt-get install mysql-server , it auto creates a mysql user and assigns it a uid.  how do i control which uid to give it?01:28
krababbelIs there a major problem creating users all with GID=100?01:37
jtrankrababbel:  /scarcasm?01:37
jtransarcasm lol01:38
krababbeljtran: Just a necessity01:38
jtranoh u said GID10001:38
jtrani misread that as uid 10001:38
krababbeljtran: Oh, it is 100, or group=users. I have LDAP for authentication, and I didn't want to create group entries in LDAP.01:39
jtrani don't see any reason why having all users in same GID would be bad as long as it is no privs in that gid01:39
krababbelSo I assigned all accounts stored in LDAP GID=100. It is just a small lab.01:39
lifelessjtran: you can pre-create the user if you want.01:40
krababbeljtran: OK, I see. Well they won't be able to put each others in "their" groups to restrictively share files for example, but I was  wondering if there was some major issue. :)01:40
jtranlifeless: cool that's what i was thinking. thanks for confirming01:40
krababbeljtran: I misread uid as well :)01:41
krababbelIs there a way to create a group as non-root?01:44
krababbelOr something similar, so that I as a user can put another user in that group, so only the two of us can access a file with group access for that group?01:45
jtrankrababbel:  no groups are 'root'01:46
jtranother than sys01:46
jtranand root01:46
jtranby def users don't have the ability to add another user to a group01:47
krababbeljtran: I mean, as a user, I cannot create a group01:47
jtranso i dunno hwo you'd do that other than by granding sudo01:47
krababbeljtran: I see01:48
jtrangranting sudo01:48
krababbelof course, sudo may do it01:48
krababbelMaybe I am tired, but this means you cannot give access to only specific users to some of your files without root?01:49
krababbelI guessed you could create non-system groups as user. :)01:50
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jtrankrababbel: u can create non-system groups?02:02
jtrankrababbel: u might get more hits on your question right now in #ubuntu or #linux02:03
krababbeljtran, no I wnat to, I am new to Linux and sysadministration, and didn't know that users could not create groups or assign users to them.02:07
zuladam_g: heat is still in universe02:32
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zuladam_g: done02:34
adam_gzul, oh? hm02:34
adam_gzul, thanks02:34
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emkoany reason when i access a url with https it will autoload the index.php but when i try http it wont i have to type index.php for it to work07:12
emkohtaccess has DirectoryIndex index.html index.php07:12
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* ockert is here10:35
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brendon1981hi everyone.... hoping someone can help me - tried to follow a guide to install headless transmission.  Now I give up and just want to fix my permissions, as when I try to mkdir in ~ directory it says "no space left on device", but when I sudo, it works fine.16:00
danwest^^ do-release-upgrade fail16:08
danwestseems I'm not the only one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/117824516:09
patdk-wk_from? do?16:11
rbasakdanwest: I just asked bdmurray in #ubuntu-devel.16:16
rbasak(about that bug)16:16
rbasakdanwest: could you join #ubuntu-devel and help bdmurray, please? He asked:16:19
rbasak16:18 <bdmurray> rbasak: ah, okay.  do you know what kind of install (for  testing) the upgade was being attempted from?16:20
danwestrbasak: will do, thx16:23
Untouchab1eWhat email server would you all recommend?16:24
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TheLordOfTimerbasak, did you see this?  http://www.jorgecastro.org/2014/01/02/nginx-coming-to-main-in-14-dot-04/  http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/01/ubuntu-puts-nginx-web-server-on-equal-footing-with-apache/17:30
rbasakTheLordOfTime: indeed!17:33
rbasakTheLordOfTime: I don't think jcastro was expecting that reaction! How do you feel about it?17:33
TheLordOfTimerbasak, i did have a minor spat on twitter with the arstechnica author about them jumping the gun, but jcastro's comment was made "promoted" about how it's not yet in main.17:33
TheLordOfTimerbasak, a mix of happy, excited, and not caring17:34
TheLordOfTimethe not caring part because i'm more concerned about things outside of Ubuntu at the moment17:34
jcastrowelcome to the ubuntu server team!17:34
TheLordOfTimelike the frigid cold17:34
jcastroevery day is like that! :p17:34
TheLordOfTimerbasak, at this point, though, i'm hoping nothing catastrophic happens to prevent the main inclusion17:34
rbasakI hope so too.17:35
TheLordOfTimebecause this is something everyone is happy to hear about17:35
rbasakThough, if anything, the reaction demonstrates why we should have it in main.17:35
TheLordOfTimerbasak, i do have a feeling the Apache2 die-hard fans who despise nginx are going to have some complaining17:35
TheLordOfTimebut ultimately this is good news, and this reaction should serve well in favor of nginx in main (if only a little)17:35
TheLordOfTimejcastro, thanks for the recognition though :)17:36
rbasakWell, there's no suggestion that apache2 will leave main.17:36
TheLordOfTimerbasak, true.17:37
TheLordOfTimeeither way, this is a good thing :)17:37
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gdeebleCan someone direct me in the right direction here? I have a server running Zentyal 3.2. Followed their tutorial on setting up a domain, however, only have 1 NIC. My problem is, I can get my laptop(only computer I'm trying right now) to join the domain. It says it can't find the controller, but I have my DNS set up right any all.18:08
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hallynzul: bug 1244694 , could you test the proposed line in comment #17?18:25
hallyn(make sure to apparmor_parser -r /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.libvirt.virt-aa-helper after adding the line, of course)18:26
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tclarkehi, trying to get the ubuntu cloud live usb working on a laptop..when I boot, not seeing eth0...restarting networking show's it in stop/waiting...lspci shows an Intel controller available20:11
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nwilson5best way to allow a process to copy files between servers efficiently? ex: web server, user uploads image, web server saves image on separate computer to serve said image.23:10
nwilson5can scp with web user having ssh key on image server w/ appropriate permissions23:11
nwilson5although i'm not sure that's ideal23:11
krababbelHi, I got a client which can access my LDAP server for user accounts. 'getent passwd' shows them fine and I can login too with those. Lokal accounts are OK too. My problem is, that I cannot get proper write access to another server running Samba. This server does not know about LDAP user accounts, but I tried enabling them and it wouldn't help. I created a Samba share which should be accessible to users with GID=100. My LDA23:29
krababbelThe files created from the clien have the UID of winuser on the server. I can touch them, but not edit them. I can also delete them, although it always tells me, they are write protected.23:32
krababbelnot even the same lokal user on both systems seems to be able to write. I have to enable force user  for a share and set it to the lokal user.23:50

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