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dobeyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-touch-meta/+bug/1265689 has been very annoying since saucy02:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1265689 in ubuntu-touch-meta (Ubuntu) "Hard Depends on ubuntu-ui-toolkit-examples" [Undecided,New]02:48
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timppaHi, when is the terminal app going to be repaired?08:00
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leemeng0x61Nexus4 4.4.3  wifi is connected, but can't connect to www09:39
drubadurWhat about an instant messenger? Anything's going on?!09:39
davmor2Morning all10:04
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davmor2Who is the best person to quiz on bluez?10:55
popeydavmor2: cyphermox?10:58
davmor2popey: oh okay I thought it was someone else unfortunately I've been alseep and stuff since then :D10:59
johnny_|_Hi. In integration mode with desktop during phone calls -- does this use microphone of the desktop computer. If yes, how is input routed to the phone? (via hdmi or via software by sockets or something else?)11:10
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tobCO44Any efforts to create a jabber cilent?14:09
popeytobCO44: not that I'm aware of, would be interesting to see something that maybe re-used existing libraries14:10
popeywith a qml frontend14:10
tobCO44popey: pitty that there is no core app.. :-/14:11
popeyI'd love to see one that supported more protocols14:12
popeyand more secure protocols like bitmessage or torchat14:12
davmor2popey, tobCO44: I don't think it would be that hard if you got the mission-control plugin from telepathy installed and then you just need a qml frontend that speaks to it14:18
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Tachyon`any updates to fix the missing update command issue on 4.4.2 yet?14:37
tobCO44davmor2, popey: I wonder why it's missing! Seems so basic, at least it 'feels more core' than e.g. a stock ticker... Maybe there is more complication behind?!14:45
popeytobCO44: there's no backstory. Just that nobody has stepped up to make one yet14:45
davmor2tobCO44: someone has to care enough to write it and it's really not a 5 minute job but it is a doable one14:46
popeyThere's a small problem that it can't run in the background, so you'd have to have the app open to receive notifications14:46
davmor2tobCO44: also I'm not sure there is an easy way currently to install the plugin14:46
tobCO44popey: no background service? That's huge! Are they gonna fix/change this?14:48
tobCO44so it's not surprising that there is no IM yet14:49
sergiusensdavmor2, popey the messaging app can service as a chat application, or use to be able to at least14:54
davmor2sergiusens: right so you just need to be able to add the plugins that you need and add an account, but there is currently no way to do that is there?14:56
sergiusensdavmor2, from cli there should be14:56
davmor2sergiusens: you need to get your head out of cli land ;)  CLI is no place for a phone user thank you very much ;)14:57
sergiusensdavmor2, ah, yeah, but building the ui into settings to add an account should be much easier than creating a messaging app ;-)14:58
davmor2sergiusens: yeah indeed, my point was though if you wanted a dedicated app then in theory you should only need to write a nice gui in qml and just plug it into accounts and telepathy right?15:00
sergiusensdavmor2, yup15:01
dobeydavmor2: problem is that you need new account plug-ins for UOA, and some way to install them, first15:03
johnny_|_In integration mode with desktop during phone calls -- does this use microphone of the desktop computer. If yes, how is input routed to the phone? (via hdmi or via software by sockets or something else?)a15:03
davmor2sergiusens: in which case there needs to be a way to add the telepathy plugins into mission-control correct which is possibly harder in click form than on the desktop deb15:03
dobeydavmor2: the current ones are just the code in empathy being patched, which isn't acceptable for the phone15:03
davmor2dobey: indeed there are lots of flaws that need to be ironed out, it is more just the simplest theory :)15:04
dobeydavmor2: i wouldn't call it simple, but telepathy would be the way to have IM, indeed. the problem is all the integration work that hasn't been done :)15:05
Dandeldavmor2, I was wondering if there is any plans for a modified recovery image that can be used to ease porting ubuntu touch to devices.15:07
davmor2Dandel: no idea15:08
DandelI figure it would be extremely useful to kickstart some devices... namely an image that is meant to test most of the basic functions that users would expect.15:08
Dandelbasic features such as Correct Screen Resolution, Buttons ( Power/volume keys), touchscreen configuration, wifi ( a must for most devices), and led settings.15:10
cwaynecyphermox, hi, are you the correct one to ping re: gallery-app autopilot tests?15:12
cyphermoxdon't know about correct one, but you can certainly ask about it15:12
cyphermoxwhat's up?15:12
cyphermoxyou want me to get tests re-run in jenkins?15:13
cwaynecyphermox, nah i'm seeing a lot of issues with the tests running on the touch_custom image, and I'm having trouble figuring out why15:14
untitled1Hello there I have a bunch of questions today.  1)  my creator is not working at all I have tried to launch it from the command line and also tried to launch it in customwizard verbose and nothing. All I get is  Registered the AalSensorPlugin types  ,  then a seg fault. I am on trusty and fully updated.  any one else have this trouble ?  I know tha15:14
untitled1t the libs are working because I can use them in other versions of the creator and also can use via command line.15:14
cwayneit seems to not be loading our custom theme, which is breaking all the tests, but when you launch gallery-app normally, it works fine15:14
cwaynebut launching from autopilot shows no theme15:14
cwaynecyphermox, ^15:14
sergiusensDandel, there is no generic image like on x86 if that is what you are asking for15:15
pmcgowanuntitled1, are you referring to the startup disk creator?15:16
cyphermoxcwayne: tbh I have no idea what that might be, but I accept the challenge ;)15:16
untitled12) I have mad a chroot of ubuntu armhf and have compiled a debian package from it.  I then installed this to my phone but it will not show up in unity8 nor can I run it via ssh I get a QUbuntu can not and then crash any tips15:16
untitled1pmcgowan: no I am talking about qtcreator sorry sould have said that15:17
davmor2cyphermox: are you the man to annoy with bluetooth issues.  Headset connects now but doesn't actually work.  Just installed android to confirm it isn't the headset but it is working perfectly there :(15:17
Dandelsergiusens, Thanks... I was just was wondering since this type of image is generally extremely useful for porting ( cyanogenmod porting is usually started by porting clockworkmod to the device )15:17
pmcgowanuntitled1, not aware of any issues, maybe bzoltan would know15:17
untitled1ping bzoltan ^^ :)15:18
cyphermoxdavmor2: yeah, I know about the problem. the headset doesn't get properly paired up in the bluetooth applet15:18
cwaynecyphermox, i like it :)  so does autopilot launch the app differently or anything?  we're definitely seeing errors that the theme isn't found, but launching from the app scope always finds it..15:18
cyphermoxcwayne: no idea. I'll take a look at the code15:18
cyphermoxcwayne: could you paste me the errors?15:18
untitled1I am also looking for someone to make autopilot scripts and tests for me as I am not good at python.15:19
davmor2cyphermox: no that is fixed now, this seems to happen on the desktop too, it connects but if I run the sound test on the device nothing15:19
cyphermoxdavmor2: you on a thinkpad?15:19
davmor2cyphermox: ideapad15:19
cyphermoxnothing related to bluetooth has changed. the indicator on touch fails miserably to properly connect the device, it pairs but incorrectly connects the audio part15:20
untitled1Like I have some c++ functions that could be tested the QQuickView could be tested ect.  But never used auto pilot15:20
davmor2cyphermox: but I have a usb BT connector I can add too15:20
cyphermoxdavmor2: it might be the bluetooth adapter on your ideapad if it's a broadcom15:20
cwaynecyphermox, http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch_custom/mako/105:20140103:20131223.2/5854/gallery-app-autopilot/631630/15:20
davmor2cyphermox: ah okay so before it wasn't doing the pairing bit so that bit is now fixed and is displaying a different underlying issue then right?15:21
cyphermoxcwayne: "Theme not found: " "themes.Ubuntu.Custom" ?15:21
cwaynecyphermox, yep15:21
cyphermoxdavmor2: I would say so yes15:21
davmor2cyphermox: right thanks15:21
cwaynecyphermox, but the theme is most definitely there, especially since some of the gallery-app tests do work15:22
cwayneand all the other apps (most of them) seem to use it just fine as well15:22
cyphermoxcwayne: maybe it's not installed in the environments where the autopilot tests run15:22
pmcgowanuntitled1, updating my trusty now and will see what qtc does here15:22
untitled1thanks pmcgowan15:22
untitled1pmcgowan: I was looking at #1178401 this is kinda what is going on15:23
cwaynecyphermox, but then how would some of the gallery-app tests pass?15:23
untitled1!bug 117840115:23
ubot5bug 1178401 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "AalSensorPlugin QtSensors plugin loading is broken with Qt 5.0.2 deployment" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117840115:23
cyphermoxcwayne: alright. well, one of the tests that pass is test_double_click_zoom. that woudln't be something affected by theme15:27
cwaynecyphermox, the nav_bar tests also pass though, that'd be theme dependent15:28
cyphermoxnice catch15:30
cwaynei'd say it seems random, but it is *always* at 28%15:31
cyphermoxyeah, well15:31
cyphermoxthere has to be something special done either to start the tests, some kind of environment is being set15:31
cyphermoxor as the tests run, something is getting changed15:31
cwaynedoes it ever run confined?15:32
cyphermoxI have no idea15:32
cyphermoxmy experience with those has been to start them in jenkins, and to run the manually15:32
cyphermoxI haven't ever looked at the code15:32
mhall119ralsina: you around today?15:33
ralsinamhall119: yes15:33
cwaynecyphermox, ah, ok, do you know who wrote them?15:33
cwaynecyphermox, it also seems weird that all the failures have this as well: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6685184/15:34
cyphermoxI wouldn't worry about that, I think I've seen it before in other tests15:36
mhall119ralsina: hey, did you read the backlog from my chat with Chipaca yesterday?15:37
mhall119re: software-center15:37
* mhall119 realizes now that this isn't the right channel15:37
ralsinamhall119: nope, have a pastebin or something?15:38
ralsinamhall119: you can bring it to #u1-client in the canonical server if you want15:39
sforsheekdub: I pushed some code which seems to fix the unity8 / display device interaction problems to lp:~sforshee/powerd/fix-display-timing15:39
cyphermoxcwayne: do you know where these tests are being run in jenkins?15:39
sforsheekdub: I still need to test it on devices other than mako15:39
cwaynecyphermox, http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Touch/view/Ubuntu%20Touch%20Master%20Jobs/job/trusty-touch_custom-mako-smoke-master/15:40
cyphermoxof course :)15:41
cyphermoxcwayne: do you know what goes to get the themes? is it done directly in qml magic or is there some kind of python glue?15:49
cwaynecyphermox, i thought it's supposed to be qml magic15:51
untitled1Themes like suru and what not are qml styled items i think15:51
untitled1cwayne: is there room for more themes ?15:52
untitled1Like if I was to make one or two ?  I see that there is some if statements in the themes that are hard coded and would have to add some theme names in these statements but might work15:52
untitled1Like in MainViewStyle.qml15:53
untitled1or maybe it is best to only make my own StyleItems15:54
cwayneuntitled1, yeah, i think(?) the plan is to have themes as click packages eventually15:54
untitled1cool cwayne like have them as a model maybe a abstract list model ?  or not lol . maybe just more qml files15:56
cwayneit'd be qml files15:57
davmor2cyphermox: balls my chipset in the bluetooth dongle is broadcom too grrrrr15:58
untitled1like each abstractlistmodel could hold things like "default color" , theme name  ,  ect ect then expose that to qml and then app devs could use these models or register there own in the models ..... I am confused , you are right best to be Cmake or click  packages that are all qml15:58
cwayneuntitled1, it'd be a theme Palette, much like Suru and SuruDark15:59
untitled1cwayne: cool16:00
untitled1cwayne: or anyone could you all take a look at this and see what it is that I am doing wrong ? thanks    https://plus.google.com/106122674051576198224/posts/Drtd235v8t616:00
kdubsforshee, great :)16:02
untitled1before I was just compiling everything on my device (before flipp happened )16:02
pmcgowanuntitled1, fwiw qtc running fine here on updated trusty16:07
greybackuntitled1: does your package install a "something.desktop" file?16:07
untitled1greyback yes it does16:08
cyphermoxdavmor2: take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/106540016:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1065400 in linux (Ubuntu Saucy) "Support for loading Broadcom bluetooth firmware" [Medium,Fix released]16:08
untitled1from my data dir there is a <appname>.desktop.in that is installing and is installing to the correct place16:08
greybackuntitled1: it possible newly installed desktop file not being noticed. Could you restart the phone/unity8?16:08
untitled1greyback: yeah I tried that nothing16:09
untitled1I will push code give me a second16:09
greybackuntitled1: use "dpkg-deb -c something.deb" to check the file is installing to a correct place: /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications16:09
untitled1greyback: it is in the correct place16:11
untitled1so are the icons and every thing else I even looked at each dir manual16:12
greybackuntitled1: mind pastebin-ing me the output of "dpkg-deb -c something.deb" and the contents of the .desktop file, just so I can confirm?16:13
untitled1sure greyback give me a minute I forgo my lp password and am dealing with that atm16:13
greybackuntitled1: no rush16:14
untitled1greyback: here is src with debian built in it you can see that there is tmp still there in debian also  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+junk/testing_armhf_build/files16:15
greybackuntitled1: cool, let me try it on my phone16:16
untitled1greyback: I can upload the deb package if you like16:16
untitled1built that is16:16
greybackuntitled1: would be even better, thanks!16:17
untitled1greyback: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6685411/   << paste of ldpkg-deb -c16:17
untitled1greyback:   http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+junk/testing_armhf_build/download/josephjamesmills%40gmail.com-20140103161900-s4rzcmm1x5ne5kc3/directions_0.11_armh-20140103161842-qc9t6ax0d53mk3ea-1/directions_0.1-1_armhf.deb16:19
untitled1built deb from chroot armhf ^^16:20
greybackuntitled1: okay. desktop file in correct location at least16:20
untitled1greyback: code is not done 100% but should launch and run as it does on the desktop16:21
untitled1like there are feature that are not implanted aoy16:21
greybackuntitled1: 1 problem I see if in the desktop file, the Exec= line is incorrect16:21
untitled1yeah I changed that manual still nothing16:22
untitled1used nano to do it new desktop file looks like this.    http://paste.ubuntu.com/6685441/16:23
greybackalso, since you're not using click packaging, you'll have problems getting this approved to be in the app store (since deb files don't respect application confinement, the app id isn't correct, files are installed in disallowed locations)16:23
untitled1correct My thought was to take the binarys and build them into click. but still not sure.16:24
greybackah ok, at least you are aware of it16:24
untitled1there are c++ apps in the click store though I would just look at them and use that model.  but before all of that I must make sure that it will run all things are working.  EXample GPG and updatin the map and having the plugins talk to you on upddate ect16:25
untitled1It is set up the same way that say unity8 is or the address-bok-app or well any apps that are cmake16:25
untitled1for now16:25
untitled1pmcgowan: that is good I wonder what it is that is going on in my host machine. with qtcreator.16:26
pmcgowanuntitled1, indeed, maybe reinstall it16:27
untitled1this is what I get  $ qtcreator16:27
untitled1Registered the AalSensorPlugin types16:27
untitled1Segmentation fault (core dumped16:27
untitled1dang white space sorry16:27
untitled1pmcgowan: I tried re-installing16:28
pmcgowanuntitled1, apt-cache policy qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu ?16:28
greybackuntitled1: ok, I can confirm your desktop file isn't being seen. Digging into why16:29
untitled1greyback: thansk pmcgowan just a minute16:29
greybackuntitled1: dsktop file probably needs the "X-Ubuntu-Touch=true" hint16:30
untitled1pmcgowan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6685482/16:30
untitled1greyback:  ok I will try that16:31
pmcgowanuntitled1, try updating it, its not the latest, not sure that will help16:31
greybacktho it still not being found for me, hmmm16:32
untitled1greyback: and if you try to launch it do you get a QUbuntu instance not created16:33
untitled1like from ssh16:33
greybackuntitled1: ah, that's different. You need to launch with "directions --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/directions.desktop" for testing.16:34
davmor2pmcgowan: just the man I've done a fresh install from android all has gone well except mtp is failing on saucy.  Whose the best person to speak to about that?16:34
pmcgowandavmor2, I suspect cyphermox16:34
pmcgowandavmor2, have you tried the new dual boot installer?16:35
davmor2pmcgowan: no but I have an s3 available if it works there16:35
cyphermoxhow is mtp failing?16:35
greybackuntitled1: with that, the app launches, but I get just a grey screen16:36
pmcgowandavmor2, probably not16:36
davmor2cyphermox: no idea, I just get a  popup on the desktop saying it failed to connect16:36
greybackuntitled1: ah file:///usr/share/directions/imports/main.qml: File not found16:36
davmor2cyphermox: give me a second16:36
untitled1greyback: that is not good16:37
greybackuntitled1: it should be /usr/share/directions/main.qml16:37
untitled1that should be under /usr/share/directions/16:37
davmor2cyphermox: this is a fresh install of saucy (well it's about a week old) and a fresh 108 install from android16:37
* untitled1 Looking at CMakeLists.txt16:38
greybackmhr3: on phablet, is there any way I can get the apps scope to do a full re-scan of desktop file directories?16:38
untitled1greyback: error in var in cmake file fixing and building brb16:39
untitled1pmcgowan: upgraded and still no deals16:39
greybackuntitled1: ok. I just want to confirm the desktop file thing works16:40
pmcgowanuntitled1, so strange16:40
greybackoh, gotta run, bbiab16:40
davmor2cyphermox: http://ubuntuone.com/4us9MAEAmSCsgUl0eYnkIj16:42
mhr3greyback, it doesn't do that16:45
mhr3greyback, everything is clicks + a few hardcoded exceptions16:45
pmcgowanuntitled1, the AalSensorsPlugin is only relevant on the touch images, not on the desktop, so I am rather confused why that message apears16:48
untitled1pmcgowan: maybe I should un-install the sensors ?16:49
untitled1pmcgowan: I had them installed to test GPS on the desktop16:49
pmcgowanuntitled1, hmm could be16:50
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untitled1pmcgowan: guess what \o/ after removing qtubuntu-android qtubuntu-sensors  up and running again16:53
untitled1thanks for your help16:53
pmcgowanuntitled1, sure16:53
bruppanyone got their Fairphone and tried Ubuntu Touch already?16:57
untitled1greyback: new build def installs main,qml in the correct place just waiting on OptiPng now will push when done16:59
mhall119ralsina: you're familiar with the click store right?17:09
ralsinamhall119: yes, mostly client side17:14
mhall119ralsina: well maybe you can help me anyway, I asked beuno yesterday but I don't think he's back to work yet17:14
ralsinamhall119: yes, he's out until monday17:14
ralsinamhall119: I can try :-)17:15
mhall119ralsina: so both of my kids are writing apps with the Ubuntu SDK, and I'd like to upload them to the store with their own names showing in the Dash as author, but I don't want to setup separate accounts for them on myapps, is that possible?17:15
ralsinamhall119: I don't think so17:15
mhall119ok, I'll have to decide which is more important to me then, thanks ralsina17:16
ralsinamhall119: np17:16
ralsinamhall119: ask beuno again on monday but I am 99% sure :-)17:16
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untitled1greyback: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+junk/armhf_build2/download/josephjamesmills%40gmail.com-20140103171441-1liqgbklma4cyni3/directions_0.11_armh-20140103171354-fmuqdhmamyy05dj8-1/directions_0.1-1_armhf.deb17:17
untitled1round 2 :)17:17
untitled1Oh wow emulator in the creator now... This is awesome !17:19
mhall119emulator is the creator?17:21
mhall119what does that mean17:21
greybackuntitled1: hmm, I still don't get the app to show up in unity8. Same error: file:///usr/share/directions/imports/main.qml: File not found17:24
greybackuntitled1: I suspect it's not our fault, but we've to kick the desktop file indexer to see the new desktop file somehow17:25
untitled1greyback: yeah I am just rebooting the phone now to test17:27
untitled1had to purge all the other files17:27
untitled1still nothing here also17:27
* greyback confused17:28
untitled1main.qml is there for me desktop files are also there and so is icons17:28
untitled1maybe the icon needs to be different ?17:28
untitled1like the size ?17:29
greybackI doubt zeitgeist would all-out reject your desktop file just because of a bad icon size.17:30
greybackunfortunately I don't understand this layer of the ubuntu phone very well.17:30
untitled1well I just changed the icon and rebooted and ... still nothing I am going to ssh in and see if It will at least run17:34
davmor2cyphermox: are there any logs anywhere for mtp connections and I'll write up a bug. The annoying thing is android on the same device mtp worked fine :(17:35
untitled1huh well after launching it and it not finding main.qml it is now in the launcher though still not in the dash.  and main.qml is installed to /usr/share/directions/   *o17:38
cwaynei wonder if it's a confiment issue untitled117:40
untitled1cwayne: not sure if I follow what you are saying17:42
untitled1like permissions ?17:43
cwayneyour qml should live in /opt/click.ubuntu.com/ instead of /usr/share17:43
cwayneso i wonder if apparmor is denying it17:43
cwaynedo a 'grep directions /var/log/kern.log' and see if you get some DENIED messages17:43
untitled1thanks cwayne17:44
untitled1cwayne: it returns nothing17:44
sergiusenscwayne, from reading above, untitled1 is not doing click yet so the app should be unconfined17:45
cwaynehm, there goes that theory17:45
greybackuntitled1: have you a package handy I could try? Else I'll symlink to try it17:45
sergiusensdavmor2, .cache/upstart/mtp*.log17:45
davmor2sergiusens: ah thanks17:46
untitled1greyback: you mean like with directions-dbg ?17:47
greybackuntitled1: nope, just to get the app running17:48
davmor2sergiusens: meh none there17:49
untitled1greyback: yeah pushing now17:50
untitled1greyback: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+junk/armhf_build2/files17:50
greybackuntitled1: thanks17:51
untitled1maybe bamf index needs to be rebuilt to see app in dash ?17:53
greybackthere's no bamf on phablet. Think it is zeitgeist which indexes apps17:54
sergiusensdavmor2, is mtp down?17:54
sergiusensdavmor2, what device is this? what's the usb android property set to?17:54
greybackpastebin.ubuntu.com working for anyone else? By which I mean, if you enter text and submit, do you see your paste?17:55
greybackI get white screen only17:55
untitled1greyback: I just built app on desktop and it is also not finding main.qml either17:55
untitled1maybe it is my c++ looking at it now17:55
davmor2sergiusens: checking mtp first, maguro, no idea how do I check that re: what's the usb android property set to?17:55
untitled1duh it is looking in imports and sould not be it should be looking in /usr/share/directions17:56
untitled1DOH   greycat cp /usr/share/directions/main.qml /usr/share/directions/imports/17:56
greybackuntitled1: I'm getting a crash - but I'm not working with a clean image, so it could be my fault: http://pastebin.ca/252402717:56
greyback/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libubuntu_application_api.so.1 is a file I was hacking on, so quite possible I broke something17:58
sergiusensdavmor2, run getprop|grep usb17:58
sergiusensshould say mtp,adb17:58
untitled1greyback: it is working on my sausy now17:59
untitled1still not in dash though lol17:59
davmor2sergiusens: mtp, adb for all 317:59
greybackuntitled1: ok, well that's something. I'm on trusty, possible that's to blame17:59
sergiusensdavmor2, at least your bus is properly configured; does it work if you replug the device in?18:00
untitled1greyback: I will build on my tusty also I have multirom installed and like 4 different touchs also18:00
davmor2sergiusens: nope18:00
greybackuntitled1: cool, I've not dared try the multirom. Nice. Yep, the desktop file thing annoying me18:01
untitled1greyback: works great I have 4 touchs FFOS cm 10 and google android on my white n418:03
greybackuntitled1: yeah there's some indexing thing we're missing. To test I copied /usr/share/applications/friends-app.desktop into an enemies-app.desktop file, and changed the Name. That /should/ appear in dash as a new app, but hasn't even after reboot. Somehow need to trigger a re-index, but I don't know how.18:04
greybackmhr3 could help, but I guess he's afk18:05
mhr3lucky you then18:05
mhr3but i already replied18:06
mhr3there's no indexing thing18:06
* greyback didn't see a reply18:06
davmor2sergiusens: so initctl list is showing anything with mtp in it18:06
davmor2isn't even18:06
cyphermoxyou should have at least mtp-server in all cases18:06
cyphermoxoh wait18:06
greybackmhr3: okay, so I added a new dummy desktop file to /usr/share/applications. Should it just appear in the app lens?18:06
cyphermoxdavmor2: as your own user (no sudo)  /sbin/initctl list mtp-server18:07
mhr3greyback, no, only clicks work on the phone18:07
cyphermoxit's going to be in your own user, not in the system upstart jobs18:07
greybackmhr3: really? So the non-clicks are hardcoded in somehow?18:07
mhr3greyback, yep18:07
greybackmhr3: ah, that was driving me nuts, okay18:07
greybackuntitled1: so I guess you'll have to use click18:08
greybackmhr3: thanks for the help!18:08
greybackah, now I see your reply. Dammit, why didn't I read up18:08
davmor2cyphermox, sergiusens: ah thanks.  phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ /sbin/initctl list | grep mtp  mtp-server stop/waiting18:09
cyphermoxand the cable is connected?18:09
sergiusenswhat device is this?18:09
cyphermoxand mtp,adb is set in the usb props... hmm18:09
cyphermoxdavmor2: /sbin/initctl start mtp-server, then send me the file .cache/upstart/mtp-server.log18:10
cyphermoxif it's not there, then for some reason you wouldn't have the binary at all?18:10
untitled1mhr3: where is this hardcoded thingy ?18:15
untitled1some JSON file  ?18:15
mhr3compiled in the click scope18:15
davmor2cyphermox: now there is a log and now it connects woohoo! http://ubuntuone.com/2ZZHIuI7UqzpdiYgDwYKEW18:16
cyphermoxcrap, that doesn't help18:16
davmor2cyphermox: I can try rebooting the phone and see if it still works18:17
cyphermoxyes, please18:17
untitled1mhr3: is there a way for me to make a click package out of my binary or deb package ? thanks18:17
untitled1because there are c++ plugins18:18
untitled1<< dont know anything about click18:18
mhr3untitled1, me neither really18:18
mhr3but i think c++ plugins are supported in clicks these days18:18
mhr3but how to actually create one... beats me18:19
greybackbzoltan: do you know? Click packages support C++ plugins, right? Could you point untitled1 to an example where he could figure out what he needs (or even better, docs)?18:20
davmor2cyphermox: reboot and mtp is back to stop/waiting18:21
bzoltangreyback:  not yet18:21
untitled1I see that there are other packages like the reminders app that is using extrenal libs packaged in there click18:21
davmor2cyphermox: grabbing the log to see if it is different18:22
bzoltangreyback: this is something I want to see done next week... the click chroot building is the first step18:22
greybackbzoltan: ok, thanks for the update18:23
bzoltangreyback: sorry mate I could not give you better answer ... this whole click chroot and fat packaging is a forming piece of the dev story18:23
davmor2cyphermox: it's bigger so http://ubuntuone.com/6zUg41WdAwIM692CVfF8jH18:24
davmor2cyphermox: back in 30 tea time18:24
greybackbzoltan: understood, we're almost there.18:24
cwayneballoons, ping18:26
greybackuntitled1: I notice that the notes-app (https://code.launchpad.net/notes-app) does have a binary included for a shared library (see /usr/share/click/preinstalled and look for .so files) so I think it's possible, just the SDK tooling doesn't support it yet.18:28
greybackcould be wrong though18:28
bzoltanmhall119: ping18:29
* greyback has to go18:30
untitled1thanks greyback and bzoltan18:31
cyphermoxdavmor2: nothing special there18:31
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mhall119bzoltan: pong18:37
untitled1Ok I think that I have now built the click package lol.  how to install .18:44
cyphermoxcwayne: I can't find anything wrong with the gallery-app tests... what package ships the theme?18:48
cwaynecyphermox, it's not in a package, it's in custom.tar.xz that gets installed with the -customized images18:49
cyphermoxonly in the customized?18:49
cwayneit's a customized theme, after all :)18:50
cyphermoxso why is this showing up at all in the smoketests?18:50
cwaynebecause touch_custom is one of the smoketested images18:50
cyphermoxI hadn't noticed this was for custom18:50
cyphermoxeither the theme is installed wrong or some piece that should read it isn't doing it right, but things look fine to me for what I could find, the test cases, gallery-app, etc.18:51
cyphermoxI don't know what else to look for -- I'd ask the QA team18:51
cwaynecyphermox, the theme works when you launch gallery-app from the app scope, and it works in every other app18:51
cwaynecyphermox, well, thanks for taking a look!18:51
cwaynesergiusens, would you have any idea of why the gallery-app autopilot cases are failing to load our custom theme?18:53
sergiusenscwayne, not really, but I can look; I never used custom themes yet18:54
cwaynesergiusens, the thing is, when you launch the app normally, it works perfectly fine18:54
cwaynebut when you launch from autopilot, it can't find the themes18:54
cwayneeven though all the other apps seem to work just fine18:55
sergiusenscwayne, how are you launching manually?18:55
cwaynesergiusens, by clicking on gallery from app scope18:55
sergiusenscwayne, ah; does this depend on env vars?18:56
sergiusenscwayne, try manually launching with upstart18:56
sergiusensstart application APP_ID=gallery-app iirc18:56
cwaynesergiusens, trying now18:56
cwaynesergiusens, theme works18:57
cwayneat least with sudo -iu phablet start application APP_ID=gallery-app18:57
sergiusenscwayne, oh wait, gallery is a legacy app still; and it's not being launched by upstart with autopilot; it's using that desktop file hint thing18:58
cwayneah there we go18:58
cwaynesergiusens, if i do 'sudo -iu phablet gallery-app --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/gallery-app.desktop' it doesn't get the theme18:59
davmor2cyphermox: sadtrombone.com18:59
cyphermoxdavmor2: I can't do anything unless I was able to reproduce the issue or if there is a lot that tells us why mtp isn't being started19:00
cwaynesergiusens, but it seems that it *can* launch with upstart though?19:00
cyphermoxoh wait19:00
cyphermoxdavmor2: you're rebooting, with the cable plugged in?19:00
davmor2cyphermox: yes19:00
cyphermoxdavmor2: what if you just disconnect and reconnect?19:01
cyphermoxI know why this is happening19:01
cyphermoxthat's something that was being handled by the system upstart job before sergiusens killed it :)19:01
* davmor2 glares at sergiusens 19:01
cyphermoxon boot, if the cable is already connected the user session will not get a *connected event, so it can't start mtp19:02
cyphermoxsergiusens: I'm just harassing you for fun ;)19:02
cyphermoxthere were two things in that upstart job, and this one was a one-liner hidden in it19:02
sergiusenscyphermox, I need to get rid of the adb situation (that last disconnect)19:02
davmor2cyphermox: that still got the error, so I'm now disconnecting the cable turning the phone off and back on once that is complete I'll reattach the cable19:03
cyphermoxsergiusens: not sure it's going to change anything, you stil lwouldn't get the connected event19:03
cyphermoxdavmor2: you need to wait a bit, just to give things the time to settle19:03
cyphermoxyou shouldn't have to reboot it to make it work19:03
cyphermoxI'll fix that by adding the job again with that emit line19:03
sergiusenscyphermox, are the session jobs guaranteed to get all events from the system?19:05
sergiusensrephrasing, are the jobs loaded before everything starts shooting out events19:06
cyphermoxsergiusens:  they are not, at least that I know of19:06
cyphermoxthe events should depend on udev, which ought to be started before the session upstart ;)19:06
cwaynesergiusens, okay, is there any reason gallery-app and ubunti-ui-toolkit-gallery *cant* be launched with upstart?19:06
cyphermoxhowever, the cable is already connected so udev won't be firing a usb-device-connected event19:07
sergiusenscwayne, non at all; I talked about that on the phone mail list when people were complaining about tests not passing19:07
sergiusenscwayne, just needs implementation on autopilot or migration in the test itself19:07
sergiusenscyphermox, yeah; so the part I'm missing and I haven't implemented yet since we were in crux with how to solve this in the settings side is that I wanted to trigger the start mtp thing when the usb config says mtp19:08
cyphermoxsergiusens: yes, makes sense19:09
sergiusenscyphermox, that happens on every boot if mtp is enabled;19:09
cyphermoxwe don't have the settings bridge yet?19:09
cwaynesergiusens, ah, okay, i'll see if i can whip up some MR's to get our tests green as well :)19:09
cyphermoxyou'd send an event for every setting?19:09
sergiusenscyphermox, writing android properties requires root19:09
Rienzilhado I need to have an ubuntu one account in order to install apps?19:09
sergiusenscyphermox, no, not every setting ;-)19:09
cyphermoxsergiusens: don't want to write, just read in upstart ;)19:09
sergiusenscyphermox, assign the bug to me, I'll get something proposed in today19:10
cyphermoxthere is no bug yet19:10
sergiusensno bug, not task? :-P19:10
cyphermoxI'm not sure we actually need that... the setting part is actually separate from running the service19:10
sergiusenscyphermox, I'll get something today and send an MR your way19:10
sergiusenscyphermox, yeah, the thing is; where do we want to store the setting for enabling mtp19:11
cyphermoxsergiusens: I'd just make a system job fire up the right connected signal on boot19:11
cyphermoxsergiusens: we shouldn't have to write the setting in any upstart job19:11
cyphermoxat most, it would be set via a system-settings panel19:11
sergiusenscyphermox, yeah, but we had some talks of moving all that usb config stuff over to ubuntu19:12
sergiusensjust avoiding doing something twice19:12
cyphermoxforcing that setting in an upstart job is very wrong for various reasons19:12
sergiusenscyphermox, no, not setting it in the job, just reading it ;-)19:13
cyphermoxbut as I mentioned, you miht want to switch between mtp, adb, rndis, etc., so that makes sense only really in a system-settings context19:13
cyphermoxI'm not sure we should be reading it either19:13
sergiusenscyphermox, also would affect multilogin systems19:13
cyphermoxsergiusens: ideally mtp should just always run within a user's session and catch all changes to the media directories (or even better, to the media database itself)19:14
sergiusenscyphermox, well you don't want the service running unless the user has a config that says it should be running, right?19:14
cyphermoxyou know what I mean ;)19:14
cyphermoxit shouldn't have to be killed off and restarted all the time19:14
cyphermoxjust when the session changes, if the user doesn't want it to run, or if the session is locked19:15
sergiusenscyphermox, hmmm, I actually like it being stopped when not plugged19:15
cyphermoxit's not wrong, but it would be simpler if it didn't get stopped19:16
cyphermoxand well, for now listening to that usb event is good enough to deal with the issues19:16
cyphermoxI'd really just make it be emitted in a system job on boot, if it's possible19:16
cyphermoxthat would fix it the simplest way for now, until I spend more time hacking at MTP19:17
cyphermoxbut first, flight mode :)19:17
cyphermoxI'm close to being done with flight mode too, at least if you omit ofono19:17
sforsheekdub: https://code.launchpad.net/~sforshee/powerd/fix-display-timing/+merge/20043119:24
kdubsforshee, will take a look, busy day19:25
sforsheekdub: np, just thought you'd want to verify that it fixes the problem19:26
davmor2cyphermox: still no joy however if I start it manually it behaves fine19:26
davmor2cyphermox: in fact now I've manually started it lets see what happens if I disconnect it19:27
* Rienzilha is highly disappointed19:28
davmor2Rienzilha: at what?19:29
RienzilhaI expected ubuntu to offer at least those apps that are free software in a repository that does not require any kind of authentication19:29
Rienzilhabut apparently I either sign in to ubuntu one, or I need to hassle with separate click packages19:30
Rienzilhaor am I mistaken?19:30
davmor2Rienzilha: why? It works the same way google, ios, chromebooks, windows 8.......19:31
davmor2Rienzilha: the ubuntuone is just a login mechanism19:31
Rienzilhaand it is one of the reasons I want to move away from google, ios, chromebooks and windows 819:31
Rienzilhaif not the main reason19:31
Rienzilhait is a login mechanism that ties my phone to me19:32
cyphermoxdavmor2: point is, software center does not require login to download free apps19:32
Rienzilhait is a privacy issue (maybe not a compelling one, right now), but it is one19:32
Rienzilhaand it is unnecessary19:32
cyphermoxhow is it a privacy issue?19:32
Rienzilhaat the very least it allows the cloudprovider to track what accounts downloads what software19:33
davmor2cyphermox: yes it does.  The free apps are the same as the 0$ apps that require a login to give you a subscription to be able to download the app19:33
mhall119cyphermox: I think it requires login for non-libre gratis apps19:33
cyphermoxmhall119: davmor2: yes19:34
cyphermoxhowever you can get stuff from the archive for free, without login19:34
Rienzilhaanyway, I may be mistaken, but I just read a thread that stated any click app from the ubuntu infrastructure needs a login to be downloaded19:34
Rienzilhacyphermox: directly on the phone?19:34
mhall119Rienzilha: I think the current implementation of the click scope requires it, but it's not strictly necessary AFAIK19:34
davmor2cyphermox: no you can get stuff from the repos not click apps19:34
cyphermoxRienzilha: well, yes, but I was just comparing to desktop. on the phone it wouldn't necessarily help you19:34
Rienzilhamhall119: all right. I most certainly hope so19:35
mhall119Rienzilha: the upside is that it makes it easier to re-download your apps on other devices (or the same device if you re-flash it)19:35
Rienzilhabut the thread here http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-phone@lists.launchpad.net/msg04491.html seems to indicat otherwise19:35
cyphermoxdavmor2: yes. I'm saying it would be nice for this stuff to be in the repos in a standard sense. I also don't especially enjoy trying to input my U1 creds on the device, when I need two-factor auth and have no USB device... just to download an authenticator19:36
Rienzilhamhall119: yes I know, but I would like to have a choice in that19:36
mhall119Rienzilha: for now you can manually download the .click package, adb push it to the phone, and pkcon install-local to install it, but it sure it a pain19:37
mhall119Rienzilha: do you want to avoid having an Ubuntu SSO account, or just avoid having your app downloads associated with it?19:37
Rienzilhathe former19:37
cwaynesergiusens, so the way it's being launched is definitely the problem.. now just to figure out how to make it launch the right way from autopilot with the fewest possible changes19:37
mhall119Rienzilha: you'll find your experience with Ubuntu (software and community) will be less enjoyable without an SSO account19:38
RienzilhaI know19:38
Rienzilhathe same goes for windows 8, ios and android :)19:38
mhall119for software yes19:39
Rienzilhaso everybody happily puts all his data into googles or whoever's cloud19:39
mhall119but Ubuntu SSO is used for many other aspects of the Ubuntu project19:39
Rienzilhabecause it's the only way it works19:39
RienzilhaI know, and I dislike that19:39
mhall119this isn't about "the cloud", it's just a user account19:39
Rienzilhabut it stores information about me19:39
Rienzilhain a place I do not control19:39
mhall119Rienzilha: it's better than having three dozen different username/passwords to keep track of19:40
Rienzilhafrom a usability point of view, yes19:40
mhall119FWIW, Ubuntu SSO is open source, so you can view the code that's being run19:40
RienzilhaI was under the impression the entire server side of ubuntu one is -not- open source19:41
Rienzilha(which was another disappointment, to be fair)19:41
mhall119the cloud file storage isn't open19:41
mhall119but the SSO part is19:41
davmor2Rienzilha: the cloud part isn't, this is sso not the cloud19:41
davmor2Rienzilha: it is all called UbuntuOne now19:41
mhall119Rienzilha: https://launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider is the part that provides SSO19:41
mhall119everything else consumes that, Ubuntu One storage, Launchpad, loco-team-portal, forums, discourse, summit, etc19:42
Rienzilhayes, but I bet in a few months or years, that same username/password that I fill in there will be used to conveniently store my calendar data, contacts, app data and what not, so it can be convieniently synched accross my devices19:42
mhall119one can hope :)19:42
davmor2Rienzilha: and at that point you just switch off the syncing services19:43
mhall119though we'll need to support google for calendar/contacts sync too19:43
Rienzilhasure. I can mitigate it19:43
cwaynemardy, ping, if you've updated your app-access u-s-s-o-a branch, do I have to update mine that's dependent on it?19:44
cwayneor does it merge automagically19:44
Rienzilhabut it's kinda disappointing that I need an sso account to access stuff that is free in the first place19:44
Rienzilhathere is no good reason the repository is not just open, at least not from an end user point of view19:45
mhall119Rienzilha: like I said, there are ways to do it without an SSO account, it's just more work for you19:45
mhall119the "store" is open, you can currently download click packages from it using your browser, wget, curl, whatever, without SSO19:46
Rienzilhathen why can't my phone?19:46
mhall119becuase the click scope, that searches, downloads and installs them, is currently written to use it19:46
Rienzilhaso i'd need to make a fork of the click scope in order to work around?19:47
mhall119it will, very soon I hope, also allow you to send ratings and reviews for those apps from the phone dash (which will require an SSO account)19:47
mhall119Rienzilha: you can submit a patch to make it optional19:47
untitled1mhr3: I rebuilt unity-scopes-click and added my app to the list in non-scopes vala code recompiled and installed on phone and it shows right up.  thanks.19:48
mhall119or file a bug requesting that it be optional (please provide UI/UX designs for it though)19:48
RienzilhaI'll consider that19:48
Rienzilhatime to do something else, thanks for the conversation :)19:48
mhall119np, have fun19:49
mhall119hope you're enjoying your Ubuntu phone otherwise19:49
sergiusensmhall119, you actually can't download directly19:49
mhall119sergiusens: did we change that?19:50
davmor2mhall119: I didn't think you ever could19:50
mhall119I did it before, when the click store first came online19:50
sergiusensdavmor2, mhall119 there was an interim have where you added something like ?no_login to the download link19:50
sergiusensuntil the scope was fully implemented19:51
davmor2sergiusens: ah that's why then19:51
mhall119sergiusens: curl https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/12/download/ just worked for me19:52
mhall119hmmm, or did it...19:54
mhall119maybe that was an existing file19:54
mhall119ok, yeah, it's redirecting me to login19:55
mhall119so I must have already has that file in /tmp/19:55
mhall119ah, duh, becaue I clicked the link in chromium first, ignore me :P19:56
* davmor2 ignores mhall119 19:56
mhall119what else is new? :)19:57
mhall119Rienzilha: so I was wrong about you being able to download without logging in, sorry about that19:58
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sergiusensnp :-)20:10
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mardycwayne: I think it should merge automatically, I didn't touch conflicting files AFAICT20:12
cwaynemardy, cool!20:13
cwaynethat's fancy :)20:15
Rienzilhahm okay20:21
Rienzilhawell then I stay disappointed :)20:22
untitled1Wow The emulator being in qt creator is great.  Now to figure out how to use it.  Great Job all !20:23
untitled1Like how do I tell the creator that I want to run it in the emulator and not on a phone ?20:25
untitled1NM I just unplug the device20:28
untitled1simple enough20:28
dobeyrobru: why is bug #1265630 incomplete? are you asking for some sort of additional info from me?20:32
ubot5bug 1265630 in libunity-webapps (Ubuntu) "unity-webapps-service Depends on webbrowser-app rather than Recommends" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126563020:32
mhall119http://developer.ubuntu.com/2014/01/installing-ubuntu-to-phones-using-mac-osx/ thanks achiang!20:40
kenvandineSaviq, i see bug 1241185 is closed as fixed, but i still don't see a way to add a lifecycle exception for an app21:31
ubot5bug 1241185 in unity-mir (Ubuntu) "Should provide policy based lifecycle exceptions" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124118521:31
ZampsonHey I want to run ubuntu touch dual-booted with CM11 nightly on my maguro. I got it working with CM10.2, but in the instructions ubuntu created for dual-booting, the link to the 4.3 radio firmware is broken. Anyone know where I can the 4.3 firmware, or how I can extract it from the phone built with 4.3 or something? Thanks22:02
robrudobey, whoops, maybe i meant invalid. sorry22:21
dobeyrobru: or wontfix? it's obviously not invalid. i'd say it shouldn't be a hard dep in the package until it actually is in the code though22:35
dobeyrobru: if my other bug gets fixed though, i'll let it slide22:36
robrudobey, ok, wontfix then ;-) I don't see the value in fixing it when it'll need to get reverted shortly anyway.22:36
robrudobey, yeah, I'm looking at that one. I'm less familiar with unity-webapps-service, so I'm waiting to hear back from some other webapps people before I move on that.22:36
dobeyisn't webbrowser-app supposed to be getting converted to a click also?22:37
robrudobey, not sure22:38
dobeywell if it does, it means the webapps-service deb can't depend on it anyway (when it gets converted and dropped out of archive)22:38
dobeybut anyway22:38
dobeytime to go do other things22:43
anmolinstalling ubuntu touch on nexus 422:43
anmolusing manual method22:44
anmolstuck on google logo22:44
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