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MooDoomorning all07:00
MartijnVdS\o MooDoo07:04
MartijnVdSyou're up early today :)07:04
* MartijnVdS hasn't even put the kettle on yet 8-)07:04
MooDooMartijnVdS: start work at 707:06
MartijnVdSMooDoo: 8 here :)07:10
MooDooMartijnVdS: my choice though...I must be mad :S07:14
MartijnVdSMooDoo: do you work from home?07:14
* MartijnVdS has a 1 hour commute (best case, no delays etc)07:14
MooDooMartijnVdS: no about 30 mins from where I live.07:19
MartijnVdSthat makes it a bit easier to start at 7 ;)07:19
MooDooMartijnVdS: yeah, especially seeing as my sister drives me into work :D07:20
MartijnVdSso you get 30 minutes of sleep extra?07:20
MooDooMartijnVdS: nah always up at 5:3007:21
MartijnVdSthough also, you get to go home early, right?07:22
MooDooMartijnVdS: yeah 3:30 finish07:33
MooDooubuntu spotted - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-2558464408:12
MooDoolooks like they are using terminator too08:13
MartijnVdSno better way to h4x0r banks :)08:13
foobarryhttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/952953995/bluetooth-zx-spectrum-recreating-the-sinclair-zx-s seen this?09:12
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:15
MooDoohow are you SuperMatt feeling better?09:22
SuperMatta wee bit09:22
SuperMattI think I have nandos to thank for that09:22
MartijnVdSfor the feeling better, or the feeling bad?09:23
SuperMattfeeling better09:23
SuperMattcleared my sinuses09:23
foobarrywee bit? urine infection?09:23
MartijnVdSfoobarry: it's like a fitbit, but to measure "liquid flow" ;)09:24
SuperMattno urine infections09:24
MartijnVdSyeah, keep that away from your sinuses ;)09:25
SuperMattwhat is wrong with you people?09:25
MartijnVdS<- Dutch09:25
andylockranHowdy folks09:31
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brobostigonmorning everyone,09:37
foobarryhey blue skies!09:39
foobarrywas grim first thing09:39
bigcalmSame here. Amazed to see sunshine09:42
foobarrycan't see the sun from my dungeon office, but can see sky through the crack09:43
bashrcit won't last long09:43
popeybigcalm: I added "Escape to quit" from asteroids, and made the ships loop around09:44
popeyoh and added a starfield background09:44
popeyneed to add more game features later09:44
MartijnVdSpopey: are there ship collisions?09:47
popeythey bump but no damage yet09:47
bigcalmpopey: nice one09:50
davmor2Morning all10:05
MooDoomorning davmor2 :D  how are you?10:06
davmor2MooDoo: good thanks you?10:07
MooDoodavmor2: yeah ok thanks :D10:07
foobarryfound some roses chocs i put in the pocket of my hoodie yay10:21
MooDoofoobarry: nice n melty?10:21
foobarrynot bad10:22
foobarryjust received 4 steam account activation codes..10:37
bigcalmRather delayed email10:39
foobarrysomebody else thinks they have my username10:41
* dwatkins notes that yet another american has written a telephone number like it's US internal, when actually it's a Danish mobile number10:42
dwatkinsthe plus symbol seems to elude many people10:43
foobarryskyrim for 3.74, wow10:43
dwatkins...or just confuse them10:43
MartijnVdSdwatkins: "not America" confuses americans10:43
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: indeed10:43
foobarryshame i don't play pc games10:43
dwatkinsI'm sure some people think England is located somewhere on the east coast near Newfoundland10:44
MartijnVdSdwatkins: near New England10:44
dwatkinsindeed, MartijnVdS10:45
dwatkinsjust like York is a mere stone's throw from New York...10:45
MartijnVdSdwatkins: s/York/Amsterdam/g10:46
foobarryamsterdam is named after a giant wall of hamsters10:46
MartijnVdSfoobarry: nah, we pronounce our 'H'10:46
MartijnVdSfoobarry: it's the Americans who don't ("erbs"? really?)10:46
foobarrybit like first day of minecraft? http://store.steampowered.com/app/25249010:47
dwatkinsfoobarry: I know you're kidding, but you might find this map of literal names interesting... http://i.imgur.com/ZDPOsoH.jpg10:48
dwatkinsApparently, I live in Slopecastle.10:48
MartijnVdSI like how Dublin is also Blackpool 8-)10:49
foobarrydwatkins: would be good topic for a tea towel.10:49
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: is 'eng' the Dutch word for 'angled' or is it something like 'narrow'?10:50
dwatkinsI like your thinking, foobarry ... *checks zazzle*10:50
MartijnVdSdwatkins: It's an old word for "narrow" (or a common word for "scary")10:51
dwatkinsYou can get pillows printed, but not teatowels, sadly.10:51
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: so the translations are wrong, maybe... the region should be called "The narrow country"10:51
foobarrywhere did you find the pic?10:51
dwatkins"Channel of the narrow country"10:51
dwatkinsfoobarry: http://www.reddit.com/r/mapporn#page=210:51
dwatkinssource: http://www.kalimedia.com/Atlas_of_True_Names.html10:52
dwatkinssadly they don't sell a poster version for the complete map of Europe10:53
popeyRust looks pretty10:54
foobarrypopey: yeah10:54
foobarryexcept everyone is naked10:54
foobarryuntil you kill something, so not that pretty...cavemen..10:55
MartijnVdSfoobarry: well, until you build a fort and steal clothes.. or something10:55
foobarry"place of wocca's people". wonder what town that is10:55
foobarrynorth of guildford10:55
dwatkinsRust looks neat, but hoe come you get airdrops if you're making weapons out of sticks?10:56
MartijnVdSdwatkins: it's post-apocalypse10:57
MartijnVdSdwatkins: so more "back to the stone-age" than "first time around stone-age"10:57
dwatkinsah ok10:57
foobarryoracle sent an email to me with an animated signature gif of a penguin walking along the oracle logo :-|11:00
dwatkinsdoes your e-mail client display it inline?11:02
dwatkinshttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-Ry6jD83DGao/Ur2p-P0bjNI/AAAAAAAAJSU/Ms_JpnJ1C4Q/w500-h700-no/2013+-+1.gif - I'm tempted to e-mail this to someone now11:09
foobarryscreenshot from rust.11:12
dwatkinsimpressive realism11:12
foobarrymuch real11:12
foobarrywoops, its 2014. doge is dead11:12
MartijnVdSsuch sad11:19
* popey slaps MartijnVdS 11:22
neurowoop woop that's the sound of the police11:23
neurowoop woop that's the sound of the netsplit11:23
neurohappy new year ubuntuers11:24
MartijnVdSyou too, neuroman11:24
dwatkinswhy do people feel the need to implement their own drop-down boxes in javascript?11:30
foobarrydoh, changed a password before xmas and didn't write it down11:42
bashrcuse keepassx11:48
foobarryi do11:49
foobarryi did what sherlock does and managed to remember11:49
bashrcI use it for all but a couple of passwords now.11:50
* popey hugs lastpass11:54
popeyand a gpg encrypted text file11:54
* foobarry thinks about luncheon11:57
foobarryargh more rain12:15
foobarrywhich part of a boiled egg is good for you? white or yolk?12:20
AlanBellall of it, the white is basically just protene12:21
foobarrythe yolk is the eggy bit though so i can eat the white bit without it repeating on me12:22
foobarryits amazing how much good stuff is in an egg12:24
popeyi suddenly want to eat an avacado pear12:27
foobarryyoutube subtitling needs fixing for northern accents: "i had an absolute nightmare and the flaps kept falling off on me" becomes: http://i.imgur.com/O8oLXgo.png12:30
MartijnVdSit reads Northern enoguh12:30
* popey boggles at all that grey12:33
foobarryi haz pixels to burn12:34
MartijnVdS♫ Burn baby burn / Pixel inferno ?12:34
foobarrybottom bar shouldn't have been there12:35
popeythunder and lightning!12:39
popeyand wind and rain12:39
foobarryvery very frightening12:39
MooDoosounds magnifico to me12:52
davmor2figureo, will you let me go?12:55
MooDoono  no no no no no no12:57
foobarrythunder and lightning reached e113:02
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davmor2no thunder or lightning here, now I'm gutted, I wants thunderstorms too13:05
foobarryi was supposed to be carrying a server to another building13:05
foobarrynot happening now13:05
davmor2foobarry: wuss ;)13:13
brobostigon[ 4495.638667] gspca_zc3xx 1-1.2:1.0: URB error -71, resubmittinggspca_zc3xx 1-1.2:1.0: URB error -71, resubmitting13:21
brobostigondoes anyone recognise this error in dmesg?13:21
foobarryusb camera?13:22
foobarrychecked the header file for the -71 error?13:24
brobostigonthe header file of the gspca driver?13:25
foobarryi assumed so13:25
foobarry+PDEBUG(D_ERR, "URB error %i, resubmitting", urb->status);13:26
foobarrywhat version you running btw?13:27
brobostigongspca ?13:27
brobostigonLinux raspberrypi 3.10.25+ #618 PREEMPT Thu Jan 2 20:00:10 GMT 2014 armv6l GNU/Linux13:32
brobostigon thats the kernel version, how do i find out?13:32
foobarrywas just looking at http://kerneldox.com/kdox-linux-2.6/d5/d3e/gspca_8c_source.html13:33
foobarrynot sure the version is defined elsewhere than the source file13:34
popeyKiB Mem:   8056528 total,  6706484 used,  1350044 free,    23844 buffers13:38
popeyKiB Swap:  8267772 total,  8254572 used,    13200 free,   891384 cached13:38
foobarrybrobostigon: In Linux 2.6, unlike earlier versions, interrupt URBs are not automagically13:40
foobarryrestarted when they complete.  They end when the completion handler is13:40
foobarrycalled, just like other URBs.  If you want an interrupt URB to be restarted,13:40
foobarryyour completion handler must resubmit it13:40
brobostigonfoobarry: what does that mean?13:40
foobarryi'm wondering if its a notification rather than an error13:41
foobarryAn URB consists of all relevant information to execute any USB transaction  and deliver the data and status back.13:42
popeysaw this and thought of bigcalm http://imgur.com/a/VIthk14:09
bigcalmpopey: nice script14:10
MartijnVdSI couldn't do that without getting my hand all inky14:10
bigcalmAnd a nice nib14:10
bigcalmNot all FP nibs do that. They have to be flexible and intended for such action14:11
MartijnVdSfpgeek alert :P14:13
SuperMattMartijnVdS: lefty?14:15
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: yes14:15
SuperMattyou poor, sinister thing14:15
MartijnVdSnah, lefties rule! :)14:16
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: http://www.reddit.com/r/southpaws14:16
MooDooI'm ambedextrous :p14:16
nigelbMooDoo: wow.14:16
MartijnVdSMooDoo: not ambisinister?14:16
SuperMattMartijnVdS: you can't be that great if you need your own support group :P14:16
foobarryi'm lefty when writing and cutting with scissors, righty for most other things14:17
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: support group, or "planning to take over the world" group? :)14:17
SuperMattdefinitely support14:17
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: Good, you keep thinking that ;)14:17
SuperMatt"ooh, somebody help me please. I can't get these scissors working"14:17
foobarryinterestingly i'm lefty with a paintbrush for detail work, righty for airbrush and house painting14:17
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: Scissors are fake.14:17
SuperMatt"how do I open this tin can? why is my life so awful?"14:17
foobarrySuperMatt: i have some left handed scissors, my wife used them and finally i got some sympathy14:17
SuperMattsympathy is for the weak14:18
foobarryeven facebook is quiet today14:19
SuperMattI guess there just aren't many people at work toady14:19
foobarryrealised i took delivery of a server and they sent the cpu, ram, raid card, all separate. i hate IBM14:19
SuperMattI should have had the foresight to take these two days off14:20
foobarryi dunno, at least i can take a busy day off later14:20
SuperMattwell, there are no busy days for me now14:20
SuperMattaint no one gonna give me any real work to do14:20
foobarrycoasting into the finish line14:20
SuperMattI'm so bored, I'm actually doing my timesheet *ahead* of schedule14:21
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: so, prefilling it with what you think you'll be doing?14:21
SuperMattwell no14:21
SuperMattI'm just filling in this week's today14:21
SuperMattrather than doing it next week14:21
SuperMattthough I guess I could pre-fill14:22
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SuperMattok, all three of my timesheets are done, I just have to remember to submit them on the right days14:25
davmor2MartijnVdS: I'll join your sinister club, MooDoo I always thought you swung both ways :D14:30
MonotokoI have found 8 undocumented servers...14:46
Monotokoso far14:46
MartijnVdSMonotoko: time to turn them off and see who comes complaining14:46
MonotokoMartijnVdS: no idea how to get into them... they're not in the password file I was given14:47
MartijnVdSMonotoko: pull the plug?14:47
Monotokoso short of calling the DC and asking them to start pulling plugs14:47
Monotokoyeah I was getting there14:47
MartijnVdSMonotoko: you could just disable the router ports14:47
MonotokoMartijnVdS: also controlled by the DC... they have some odd cisco firewalls... we're leaving that DC shortly and I thought we only had 4 or so servers in there14:48
Monotokojust checked the old admins email... she is getting active reports from servers that shouldn't exist from two hours ago14:48
Monotokomore interesting, the boss says we aren't being charged for them15:02
gordonjcpMonotoko: torrent boxes15:12
MonotokoI keep being told that they're not on, even though I have a process report from 2 hours ago that clearly shows they are on and certainly doing something :P15:13
SuperMattopinions on nabbing a 200 line script you wrote at work to use elsewhere... go!15:15
foobarrycheck your contract15:16
foobarrydo they forbid writing open source code? open source it!15:16
SuperMattit's not really worth open sourcing15:16
foobarrybut yes i always take code i write with the intention of re-using it...never do15:16
MonotokoI open sourced a buttload of code I spent days slaving over at my old job15:17
SuperMattsurely to open source some code, I'd need to get legal's approval?15:17
MonotokoThe company I was at closed a few months after I left... there was me and a support guy15:18
Monotokoknew I'd gone into a dying company a little too late15:21
SuperMattstarting any job is fraught with those sorts of things15:25
SuperMattlike, you can find out everything you know about a company and the role you're supposed to be doing, but you may still end up cleaning the toilets15:25
MartijnVdSI spent only one month at my previous job..15:36
foobarrybut the toilets were very clean for that month15:39
Monotokohah, I spent 5 months down there... got there, realised my mistake almost instantly but had already relocated15:40
MartijnVdSfoobarry: they were, but that's because $employer installed *cameras*15:40
Monotokoso it took me 5 months to try to find another job and relocate again15:40
MartijnVdSMonotoko: or get a work-from-home type of job? :)15:43
popeyMy very first job lasted 6 months, got made redundant.15:43
popeyCompany moved to Essex and I didn't want to go.15:43
MonotokoMartijnVdS: the problem with that, is 99% of it is marketing bullsh*t15:43
MartijnVdSpopey: essex isn't that bad is it?15:44
foobarryits ok actually15:45
popeythe bit they were moving to wasnt15:46
foobarryyou got it15:47
foobarryi had this rubber thing 2 years before i knew what it was. am i using it correctly now i wonder? http://ubuntuone.com/015kUdNlUJx75qGk097ZfK15:48
MartijnVdSis that what those are for?!15:48
foobarrynot sure if i should wind it round or end to end15:49
foobarryalso a packet of after eights leaked on the wire15:49
MartijnVdSthis looks correct, except I'd use it the other way around15:49
MartijnVdSwith the headphone end in the easy-to-remove side15:49
foobarryboth easy side15:50
MartijnVdSah then it's good like this15:50
foobarryend to end requires bigger cable management holes15:50
foobarryall the best toys come as freebies i pick up at shows15:50
Myrttiok, back from all hands at a ski resort, I got my supplies I requested - including a 1TB hdd for backups. Now, the question is, which filesystem should I put on it?18:02
IdleOneext4 unless you need read/write support from windows18:04
IdleOneotherwise NTFS18:04
* popey hugs btrfs18:04
IdleOneuntil it asplodes18:04
popeyYeah, people say that.18:06
popeymostly people who don't use btrfs ☻18:06
IdleOneI have never used it but LjL has and he had a lot of problems.18:06
IdleOnethat doesn't mean that it doesn't work great for you :)18:07
xnoxpopey: don't temp me to upload patch "if login = popey...."18:08
popeyI had a failure over xmas18:08
popeyone of my disks had a problem, could be cable issue18:08
popeyI powered down, detached all disks, re-attached and rebooted, all fine.18:09
popey        corrected errors: 14547, uncorrectable errors: 0, unverified errors: 018:09
popeystill scrubbing now18:09
* gordonjcp has just binned some hard disks18:14
popey        corrected errors: 31439, uncorrectable errors: 0, unverified errors: 018:36
popeystill climbing ☻18:36
sebsebsebAlanBell and/or popey ping19:01
sebsebsebneed to ask you about something really19:01
popeysebsebseb: ask away19:06
sebsebsebpopey: ok  helping to organise still (even though my own distro and  choosen interface got out voted),  an event  with some people from the LUG19:06
davmor2popey: is this the equivalent of watching the log on raid rebuild?19:06
sebsebsebwe need some offical Ubuntu diss and   anything else like that really, to give away19:06
sebsebsebdiscs above19:07
popeyCool, yeah, I think AlanBell can sort that19:07
sebsebsebpopey: can you help with this?19:07
sebsebsebyeah someone emailed him, but didn't get a reply, now I am down for sorting out most of the merchandice except for one of the distor's19:07
sebsebsebneed Ubuntu 13.10  discs  and  other freebies for the distro's19:08
sebsebsebpopey: didn't you used to sort out that kind of thing?19:08
popeyAlanBell is the man to speak to19:08
davmor2popey: yeah if you can wrestle them away from his Chickens19:09
sebsebsebyes thought so, but I thought you might have been able to help a well, anyway here he is it seems then19:09
AlanBellhi sebsebseb19:09
sebsebsebAlanBell: hi19:09
AlanBellI have very few disks now, maybe 5 or so left19:10
sebsebsebAlanBell: yep we got an event coming up in March and I am responsible for getting most of the freebies sorted out now19:10
AlanBellif that19:10
sebsebseboh of Ubuntu 13.10 ?19:10
sebsebseb,but Ubuntu stickers and anything else you can give us like that for free, is also wanted really19:10
popeyi wouldn't distribute 13.10, it doesn't have a long shelf life19:10
AlanBellno, they didn't press that one at all19:10
AlanBellI have no 13.10 disks, not sure they exist at all19:11
sebsebsebpopey I know what you mean, but the event is 15th March19:11
xnoxAlanBell: last pressed release was 12.10, and still piles in the office =)19:11
sebsebsebthey are going with remasters of distro's actsaully that they have choosen,  but also want some official discs19:11
sebsebsebpopey: are you saying the LTS would be better to go for?19:11
xnoxAlanBell: next one to press, i think will be 14.04. (At least in 2013 that was the plan that LTS will still get pressed)19:12
xnoxpopey: 14.04 that is, right?! =)19:12
sebsebsebAlanBell: have you got any discs for the LTS?19:12
sebsebsebthe current LTS19:12
AlanBellnot sure I have any 12.04 left, certainly not many19:12
AlanBellmight have some server ones (which nobody wants)19:12
xnoxsebsebseb: not sure what the point in that would be. It will be 12.04.0, which has two years of update which will be >>700MB of downloads.19:13
xnoxsebsebseb: thus you are better off downloading a fresher iso, e.g. 12.04.319:13
sebsebsebxnox: of which?19:13
sebsebseboh I see19:13
sebsebsebof the 12.0419:13
AlanBellyeah, that would be a fairly nasty introduction to the distro now really19:13
sebsebsebfor this event atsauly what is happening is this:   they are going to have some demo computers, and then give out re msters with pre instaled this and that19:14
xnoxsebsebseb: all OEMs rebase on top of point releases, but i don't think we "repress" LTS CDs.19:14
sebsebseb,but still ant some offical discs for the distro's as well19:14
popeythe only re-press we did was 8.04.1 with the SSH fix19:14
xnoxsebsebseb: oh for giving out, any will do =)19:14
xnoxpopey: i did not know that =)19:15
sebsebsebalso if anyone has  any idea's for event feedback forms, or suggestions for the questions, I am all open, since I am down to sorting that out as well,  and some kind of Libre Office info flyer/handout19:15
sebsebseba template even for such form19:15
AlanBellwhat is the event?19:15
sebsebseban even that will probably be quite small19:15
sebsebseba local thing19:15
sebsebseb,but that is also aimed at the general public19:16
sebsebsebmeant to get people  to switch from WIndows to a Linux distro that's the idea19:16
sebsebsebAlanBell: I don't know if you read that email, but someone emailed you about it already, the Bristol event19:16
sebsebsebLinux Live 201419:16
* AlanBell fails to find such an email19:18
sebsebsebok well no problem19:18
sebsebseb,but we want some offical discs if possible,  and anything else e.g. stickers19:18
sebsebsebso if you can provide anything, that's greaty appreciated, and thanks in advanced :)19:20
AlanBellthey were doing conference packs, but shipping was messy, they came with my name on it to wherever they were going, so the shipments got refused and sent back19:20
sebsebseboh what's this?19:20
AlanBellnot sure if they are doing those at the moment until the next LTS19:20
sebsebsebMint is another distro that was choosen, that's probably going to be difficult to get anything for.   openSUSE on the other hand which is also in, well no problem there it seems19:22
ali1234is there any way to make thunderbird's address book not suck?19:22
ali1234by default it has two address books, ubuntu adds a third, and if you want to sync with anything, it adds another one19:22
ali1234and there is no way to search all address books at the same time, or delete the built in ones19:23
ali1234also there is no working contact search for unity19:24
AlanBellsebsebseb: I really think Canonical is in a bit of a holding pattern until the phone and Unity 8 on the desktop comes out, I am not even sure if the 14.04 LTS will be a big deal19:26
sebsebsebAlanBell: oh?19:26
AlanBellwell 14.04 doesn't get the new hotness that they are working on, no Mir, no unity819:27
sebsebsebyeah things will bbe pretty much the same until Unit 8  I guess19:27
sebsebsebyeah thought htat's what you meant and indeed19:27
ali1234also, if you import an account from outlook express, any time you send an email it will be From: "Imported Identity" instead of your actual name19:27
AlanBelland they are talking about convergence all the time and this will kind of not be convergence19:27
sebsebsebwhat's that convergence thing?19:27
sebsebsebthe running on more than one deice thing or19:27
AlanBellrunning Mir and QML as the desktop shel19:28
AlanBellon all the things19:28
sebsebsebAlanBell: maybe the freebies will just be openSUSE for this event uh19:28
sebsebseband  some od stuff from Linux Format19:28
sebsebsebmagazines anyway  to read or whatever the idea was19:28
sebsebsebAlanBell: maybe I can get some stuff in Belgium when I go to FOSDEM,   from the Belgium Ubuntu loco,  or whoever is running the stand, if there is one, which there probably wil be hmm19:29
AlanBellthat is a good idea19:29
sebsebsebaltough last year 2013,  I got a disc there, and they had some stickers they made, and that was about it19:30
sebsebseb,but really you don't have anything that you can send us really? for a small event19:30
sebsebsebas in any Ubuntu merchandice,  whatever it may be19:31
sebsebsebcomputer issue, well screen issue really,  since on netbook, and the interface  I was on etc19:45
sebsebsebAlanBell: so anyway going back to what yu were saying, indeed I don't think 14.04 will be that speial really either19:46
sebsebsebsince no Unity 8 or Mir19:46
sebsebsebby default19:46
AlanBellI think it will be good, but I don't think they are going to make a huge fuss about it19:47
AlanBellit doesn't really fit the narative  :)19:47
sebsebsebwell  it will be ike many other distor's mainly19:47
sebsebsebjust mainly the later upstream this and that19:47
sebsebseband not much else really19:47
AlanBellyeah, unity8 on the desktop is going to be pretty wacky19:48
sebsebsebwacky in a good or bad way?  you mean good way?19:48
AlanBelldragging from the right edge to flip between apps etc19:48
AlanBelland the indicator thing where they come down and side-swipe19:49
sebsebsebI don't know really not used a preview even19:49
popeyDon't assume it'll be the same.19:49
sebsebsebmay have seen some screenshots some where or something, but other then that in that case, nothing19:50
AlanBellI don't think there are desktop screenshots yet, but the phone is somewhat available19:51
sebsebsebI got to do a little specch yesterday19:51
sebsebsebat something19:51
sebsebsebfor  well two minutes at most19:51
sebsebsebI mentioend alternatie phone OS'S  such as Ubuntu Phone and  Firefox OS :d19:52
AlanBellpopey: the desktop won't be the same as the phone or the desktop won't be the same as the current desktop?19:52
AlanBellor both?19:52
sebsebseband how I would like to see Ubuntu Phone go main streame in 201419:52
sebsebseband FIrefox OS  go main strema in the developed world to19:52
sebsebseband such19:52
popeyunity8 on phone/tablet/desktop/tv wont work identically, because it makes no sense19:52
popeyPeople assuming desktop will be the same as phone are as mad as assuming phone is the same as desktop19:53
popeywhich it isnt19:53
AlanBellbut convergence!19:53
popeysame code base19:53
AlanBellwon't there be similarities?19:53
popeydoesn't mean works identically19:53
popeybut there are degrees of similarity19:53
popeysimilar != identical19:53
AlanBellmore than there are at the moment?19:53
AlanBellI was expecting it to be closer because right now using the desktop doesn't help you at all in terms of using the phone19:54
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popeyright, so unity8 will look somewhat more like unity8 on the phone does, and operate somewhat similar to unity7 on the desktop does19:55
sebsebsebpopey: heh heh you don't even know what it will look like seriously?   and you work for Canonical now :d19:56
AlanBellpopey does know what it will look like, I don't19:57
popeyi dont19:57
sebsebsebpopey: oh maybe I miss read that,  thought you were asking a quesiton19:57
popeydesign team may change things between now and release date19:57
AlanBellwell I guess we will all find out together when they start working on it19:57
AlanBellpresume we have to wait until 14.10 repos go live to see anything19:58
popeyi expect before then19:58
popeyas there will be previews in 14.04 AIUI19:58
AlanBellI haven't tried any of the Mir stuff since they backed out of it for the default configuration20:00
AlanBellxmir was surprisingly OK20:01
AlanBellhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25584644 I spy with my little eye20:24
AlanBellUnity 2d?20:24
AlanBellblack launcher background and old style BFB I think20:25
popeycould be20:31
popeypreviously used at http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jun/25/north-korea-south-websites-hacking-cyber-attack20:32
AlanBellheh, and lots of other cybercrime stories20:33
popeyhah, "neuro is online"22:30

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