bkerensapleia2: I have to fly back down to SF in two weeks :) if you wanna grab a coffee again00:35
pleia2bkerensa: I shall try to be alive in 2 weeks :)00:46
pleia2my poor jetlag brain00:46
bkerensapleia2: have you heard from MarkDude at all? I have not been able to nail him down last few trips to SF00:46
bkerensapleia2: Unfortunately I cannot say I get jet lag in my 1hour 55min flight to SFO00:47
pleia2bkerensa: haven't seen him in ages, he does use facebook though so might try contacting him there00:47
bkerensaI did00:47
bkerensahe never answers00:47
bkerensathis must be what happens when you get a girlfriend00:47
* bkerensa can't recall its been so long00:47
pleia2speaking of which, set a date yet? ;)00:48
rwwhowdy all00:49
pleia2hey there rww00:49
rwwbkerensa: well, I did disappear off IRC too, maybe there is truth to this...00:50
bkerensarww: :D00:50
pleia2I just got back from florida, so I'm still on east coast time00:52
pleia2flying to .au tomorrow, so I'll be on.. oh gosh who knows00:52
pleia2should be fun!00:52
bkerensapleia2: oh dear have fun00:53
bkerensapleia2: my paris trip got pushed back to Q3/Q4 which is why I have to fly to SF so suddenly.. They just told me today00:53
bkerensapleia2: are you going to try for OS Bridge this year?00:54
pleia2bkerensa: not planning on it, I have so many on topic (to work) conferences lined up this year00:55
pleia2debconf is on my schedule though :)00:56
bkerensaoh nice00:56
* bkerensa is on the Debconf Team00:56
bkerensasomewhere in my bag of hats00:56
rwwyou have a lot of them, I keep seeing bkerensa@mozilla in the blogosphere00:57
rwwanyways, I finally got out of university and am thus down to 40 hours a week of work, so I am thinking of wandering back into the Linux scene01:00
bkerensapleia2: did the Moz guy ever respond to you on Twitter about the Xubuntu Power Testing they were doing?01:03
pleia2bkerensa: nope :( but it's holiday time01:03
bkerensarww: Yeah I like that Mozilla is much more then just a Open Source project or Open Source Community but is also focused on some really important issues like privacy activism, education and other initiatives like promoting open web01:03
bkerensapleia2: yeah today is the first day back but I bet most took today off too :)01:04
* pleia2 nods01:04
pleia2I worked today, but had a fair amount of backlog to get through as I'm sure many others did01:04
rwwbkerensa: yeah. I've been impressed with how well it maintains its values, given the whole Google funding thing. I was kind of concerned for a while, without foundation it seems. Firefox is my day-to-day web browser :)01:04
pleia2(I tried to keep up somewhat, but it's a lot to keep up with!)01:04
rwwkeep meaning to look at the mozilla phone thing, haven't gotten around to it01:05
rwwthe cellphone i have is annoyingly non-open01:05
bkerensarww: Although I cannot really elaborate too much because I'm under NDA.... Mozilla gets money from a number of sources in addition to Google and in significant amounts01:05
bkerensaGoogle is not the cash cow anymore although it is still a big flow of revenue01:05
bkerensarww: will you be at SCALE? We will be demo'ing devices there :)01:06
rwwwhen is SCaLE?01:06
pleia2feb 21-2301:07
rwwboo, midweek01:07
pleia2it's fri-sun01:08
rwwoh, I'm looking at january, duh01:08
* pleia2 gets rww a new calendar01:08
rwwperhaps I will go then. will ask work for a day or two off01:09
pleia2we're doing an ubucon on friday01:09
rwwdo y'all need volunteers?01:10
rwwin general, not just ubucon01:10
pleia2we certainly need booth volunteers https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale12x01:10
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale12x - Ubuntu Wiki]01:10
pleia2I think philballew is the only one so far ;)01:11
pleia2not sure about ubucon, I know all the speaker slots are full, not sure if Richard needs help beyond that01:11
philballewpleia2, I know me, Mikey, and Steve will all be at the booth. Other than that, It's open to more.01:36
pleia2philballew: can you add their names to the wiki so we can start tracking it?01:37
philballewpleia2, Sure.01:37
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raevolHAPPY FRIDAY18:26
nhainesYay, I'm being super productive today.23:52
nhainespleia2: thanks for the IRC Council shoutout.  I'm honored and relieved not to have been elected.  :)23:52
blitzI don't blame you, it's one of those things you kind of want but are still relieved about?23:54
pleia2nhaines: it was good to see a healthy election :) so thanks for standing23:54
nhainespleia2: I thought it was important to do my part.  :)23:56
nhainesblitz: yeah, I wanted there to be enough Ubuntu members standing for there to be a real election.23:56

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