DammitJimWindows -> Cleanup doesn't seem to be working for me11:53
DammitJimmy Xchat window doesn't get moved11:53
DammitJim Windows -> Cleanup doesn't seem to be working for me11:54
DammitJim<DammitJim> my Xchat window doesn't get moved11:54
munzmeeting tomorrow still on right mhall119 21:36
mhall119munz: tomorrow?21:39
mhall119munz: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-florida/706/detail/ says Monday21:39
munzlol, sorry, ment monday haha21:41
mhall119yes, still on for Monday :)21:41
mhall119speaking of, we only have 2 nominees for the florida team council: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mQeZ4mEjLQvQLotM6deTuIP19gKUdCmxQFQZnnjVbFY/edit#21:42
mhall119we need at least one more to *fill* the council, let alone have a vote21:42
munzok, what all is expected?21:43
munzand/or needed?21:43
mhall119munz: mostly just trying to promote activity within the team, passing information between the team and the wider Ubuntu community, etc21:44
mhall119what dantalizing and itnet7 had been doing, but spreading it out over more people21:45
munzok, tenitavily i will do it :) ill confirm in the next few days or on monday21:46
mhall119thanks munz 21:47
munzno problem! excited to help, was just hesitant to make major commitments but this will be fine21:50

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