cmaloneyIt would figure00:33
cmaloneyI buy a router, I get the 3500L (8MB Flash)00:33
cmaloneyI buy my bro-in-law the same router, he gets the 3500Lv2 (128MB flash and faster CPU)00:33
jrwren_greg-g: this 5000 years of debt is great - i just checked it out of library. I've learned more about hte IMF protests in the first 2-3 pages, then I ever knew listening to NPR or BBC00:55
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greg-gjrwren: glad you like it00:55
rick_h_party party01:10
cmaloneyI need to read that book01:10
rick_h_widox: waf cancel due to weather?01:38
wafrick_h_: canceled due to another car attempting to merge into my car.03:17
wafwhich doesn't work out too great03:17
waf(just some minor bumper damage, nothing bad)03:17
rick_h_waf: wow, hope everything/everyone is ok04:05
rick_h_waf: did it happen on the way? or just out and about otherwise?04:05
wafthanks, everyone is fine, nothing remotely close to an injury, thankfully04:07
rick_h_waf: that's good04:07
wafyeah, on the way to CHC, just like 2 minutes outside of my apartment04:08
rick_h_man, so sorry04:08
wafmore annoying than anything :)04:08
cmaloneywaf: ugh. sorry to hear that. glad you are ok04:28
jrwrenomg greg-g really good book. chapter 1 was good.04:31
rick_h_doh jcastro ran away04:34
rick_h_well http://uploads.mitechie.com/lp/jujugui-dev-4k.png works now04:34
rick_h_going to have to have some fun playing with some tiling layouts that didn't work out on the laptop screens04:35
rick_h_spiral is kind of fun now04:35
greg-gthe comments here make me smile: http://www.reddit.com/r/beards/comments/1u9qj4/for_new_years_i_cut_it_all_off/05:29
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cmaloneyGood morning, btw.16:11
brouschI take it you have not been outside16:12
cmaloneyThankfuly not yet.16:13
cmaloneyNot even to shovel16:13
cmaloneyI'm waiting for spring.16:13
brouschGood plan16:13
rick_h_yea, I wanted to go out and get out of the house for lunch, but that plan is rejected16:33
greg-grick_h_: by whom?16:47
greg-grick_h_: not by your subaru!16:48
rick_h_greg-g: no, by my wife and my hacking cough and the cold cold ir16:48
jrwrenoh, that air is VERY cold16:48
jrwrengreat day to stay in16:48
rick_h_greg-g: but have to say, touareg + snow tires yesterday didn't have me missing my subie a much.16:49
rick_h_at least from a 'go anywhere', definitely less fun16:49
jcastroshovelled last night to get it over with17:28
cmaloneyWe're supposed to get a foot more of snow by Monday.17:35
rick_h_yea, looks like tomorrow is the one decent day17:36
rick_h_and then tomorrow night it all comes down down down17:36
* DrDaemonEye plans to extract his car tomorrow before the snow storm and after the cold17:49
jrwrensmall window17:49
DrDaemonEyeIt sure is.  I just need to get it off the front lawn17:55
jrwrennow I have to decide if I should use that, or six18:21
jrwrenI thought six was the way18:21
jrwreni jumped the gun18:21
jrwren*whew* looks good18:21
brouschWind Chill Watch: Wind Chill of -20 to -30 Sunday night to Tuesday19:53
greg-gthat's brisk!19:54
brouschThat's nuts!19:55
cmaloneyThat'll probably remove your exposed nuts.20:11

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