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Dandelricotz, the recent packaging changes ( in xorg-edgers ) for nvidia 331.20 on precise breaks install... it does not install the nvidia-331-uvm package ( required since this is the kernel module )16:06
tseliothe can reuse the packaging from precise-proposed16:13
Dandeltseliot, it looks like the issue is that the nvidia kernel module is not built and set to modprobe at boot16:13
tseliotDandel: does the build fail?16:14
Dandelthe build, using this command works just fine... sudo dkms build -m nvidia -v 331-331.2016:14
Dandeland it probes just fine also ( using the nvidia_331 module )16:14
Dandelhowever the module was not loaded at boot ( extremely odd )16:15
tseliotDandel: yes, that's meant to be loaded and used on demand16:15
tseliotit's not something that the driver requires16:15
Dandelalthough I did a recent kernel update to linux-image-3.5.0-45-generic ( 3.5.0-45.68~precise1 )  on top of updating the nvidia driver16:16
Dandelwhere I updated the kernel *and* nvidia driver at the same time16:16
Dandelhmm... exact update order... Install nvidia-331 ( latest ) then install linux-image-3.5.0-45-generic16:18
Dandelso most likely the bug is not t he nvidia driver but the kernel package not attempting to build all dkms modules 16:18
Dandelthis is based on checking the dpkg.log file16:19
tseliotDandel: make sure the headers for that kernel are installed too16:20
Dandeltseliot, They are installed... the particular log i was using is here ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/6685436/ )16:22
Dandelline 1096 and 1484 to 1581 are of interest ( nvidia driver update and kernel update )16:24
Dandelthe tailing portion of the log is after I rebooted.16:24
Dandelbrb... haft to restart xorg.16:32
Dandeltseliot, no go... it's definitely broken.16:38
Dandelthe only thing even remotely listed is the dmesg log for nvidia is the alsa inputs ( kernel module does not load ).16:39
Dandeland xorg.0.log says it can't find the nvidia module16:39
Dandeltseliot, I'm forcing a package downgrade to see if that fixes the problem with the nvidia driver. ( from 331.20-0ubuntu8~xedgers~precise1 to 331.20-0ubuntu1~xedgers~precise1 )16:47
Dandelhmm... that's annoying... can't use synaptic to purge the nvidia-331 packages... wants to force the install of nvidia-304 ><;16:52
DandelI see... the bumblebee-nvidia package was what caused that 0o'16:55
tseliotDandel: you can use my packages from precise-proposed17:03
ricotzDandel, where is your bumblebee package coming from?17:04
ricotzthe current bumblebee in trusty doesnt support 331, but precise doesnt even ship a package17:06
ricotztherefore there are updated saucy and trusty packages in edgers17:07
Dandelricotz, the bumblebee ppa17:10
Dandelto be exact, this ppa ( https://launchpad.net/~bumblebee/+archive/stable )17:10
Dandelricotz, it's somewhat odd since I didn't have any issues until the absolute latest round of updates17:11
ricotzDandel, ok, bumblebee got add to Recommends so it gets pulled in17:13
Dandelricotz, I would also say that the opencl ICD ( and headers ) updates should get pulled into the latest lts.17:18
ricotzDandel, yeah -- tseliot, i don't see a reason to revert the packaging split for precise?17:19
Dandelthere is little to no reason to avoid including this since it's somewhat dumb to provide opencl headers package ( opencl-headers ) and have nothing to link it to... It is sort of on the order of allowing the opengl dev headers to install but not have any opengl libs.17:20
tseliotricotz: what packaging split?17:20
ricotztseliot, installing the opencl library in separate packages17:21
tseliotricotz: we only do that in 14.04. I don't think I have introduced that change in precise17:22
ricotztseliot, yes, that is why i am wondering what the reason for that was17:22
Dandelricotz, there should be no reason to override the opencl lib. There is a set OpenCL ICD spec that exists where all you need to have is the nvidia driver (or ATI/AMD Driver) and the ocl-icd-libopencl1 package.17:22
tseliotricotz: the packages in precise-proposed don't have that change17:23
tseliotricotz: users might want to use those libraries without having to install the driver17:24
Dandeltseliot, where do i find the precise-proposed packages?17:25
ricotztseliot, right, and they cant because the split isnt done for precise17:25
tseliotDandel: in the precise-proposed repository17:25
ricotztseliot, i am asking why it *isnt* done17:26
ricotztseliot, this is most likely just calling for trouble on upgrades17:26
ricotzif there are not conflicts defined17:27
tseliotricotz: in 14.04 you can't install all the drivers at the same time, whereas in 12.04 you can. This is why.17:28
ricotzhmm, still looks like a (maybe) broken upgrade path17:30
Dandeltseliot, does 14.04 enable vdpau on noveau and radeon drivers? ( a critical addition to the driver that was made in the last 6 months )17:31
tseliotricotz: nvidia will be replaced by a new nvidia which will also pull in the other libraries. It didn't break here17:32
tseliotDandel: tjaalton mlankhorst should know about vdpau17:32
Dandeltseliot, I already mentioned this a couple of times... It's a new feature in the Mesa 10.0 tree17:33
tseliotwe'll see then17:36
Dandeltseliot, There's also other improvements that also appear in mesa like Opencl ( since Mesa 9.0, it's the gallium state tracker called clover )17:38
tseliotI think there was a discussion about opencl in debian17:39
DandelYea, and it definitely is because Mesa 10.0 added support for OpenCL ICD.17:42
mlankhorstit's not enabled for now18:08
mlankhorstas soon as it is clear that it becomes an improvement I may enable it, but I'm still reading about way too many vdpau related regressions18:13
Dandelmlankhorst, vdpau has some regressions but there is a lot of improvements by having it enabled... particularly for lower power machines.19:04
Dandelthe only way for some machines to play 1080p video is to have vdpau enabled. A good example of one of these machines is the AMD E-series like the E350 or similar.19:06
Dandelalso, there is major battery life improvements that can be seen on multiple machines like the amd APU based laptops19:06
Dandelhardware accelerated video decoding can easily cause major improvements in battery life for the effected laptops... There is a major difference between 2 hours of battery life and 3 hours of battery life.19:07
Dandelmlankhorst, what time period was the regressions listed? ( I know that there was a ton of issues initially, but most of the regressions/problems have been fixed )19:10
Dandelmlankhorst, I believe the latest openelec development series ( generic configuration ) uses mesa with vdpau ( a single patch was added to enable vdpau playback with interlaced video )23:11
Dandelricotz, the precise-proposed 331 driver ( nvidia-331-updates ) worked... although it may be a good idea to change nvidia-settings package to have the version number with it ( to help avoid packaging avoid conflicts )23:27

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