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Kilosmorning all05:53
Kiloshi Xethron 06:09
Kilos16WABVKC2, waar is jou niek?08:21
Kilosai! ek sukkel met julle08:21
Kilosen waar is die mazal?08:22
16WABVKC2More almal.08:29
Kilosmaak reg daai niek man08:29
Kiloshoe gaanit?08:29
16WABVKC2Wat gaan nou aan hoekom is 16WABVKC2 my nick???08:30
Kilos tik net /nick bduk08:30
16WABVKC2Goed en daar Kilos , Mazal hou nog bietjie vakansie. Sal Maandag terug wees as die lewe hou08:30
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Kilosdis beter08:31
Kilosals goed hier dankie08:31
bduk1EK het hom nie gebreek nie08:31
bduk1die nick ding08:31
Kilosmiskien die dondervoel08:31
bduk1Ek sal hom ook graag wil laat voel as ek hom kry08:32
Kilosnee man voël08:32
bduk1o ok08:32
Kilosharde werk om dit te doen08:32
Kiloshi Vince-0 psychicist 09:21
psychicisthi Kilos 09:22
Vince-0hi guyz09:34
KilosVince-0, can you tell me please. a graphics card that has a 64bit bus will work on a 32bit pc wont it?10:51
Kilosis the 64bit only on the card10:52
Vince-032bit OS installed?10:53
Kilosya pc cant handle 64bit10:54
magespawngood day all and happy new year11:42
kbmonkeygood day magespawn and the same to you11:45
magespawnlong time, how are things?11:46
Kiloshi magespawn wb11:46
Kilosyo kbmonkey 11:46
kbmonkeythe more things change the more they stay the same11:47
magespawnhey Kilos 11:47
Kiloseverything of the best for 2014 for you guys11:48
Kilosless work and more money for starters11:48
magespawnwell that sounds like a good thing11:49
kbmonkeythe law of energy conservation says you cannot get more money with less work11:53
kbmonkeyI'd rather have less money then thank you XD11:53
Kilosno man11:53
Kiloslike a sarge inna army11:54
magespawnit is possible to get more money for less work, as long as it the right kind of work11:54
Kilosthose above worry about all the decisions and those below run and suffer11:54
magespawnusually need skills and responsibility 11:55
kbmonkeyreality is I'd not mind having no money if I could self sustain.12:01
Kiloswbb tonight. gonna play aoe a bit13:05
Kiloshaha you still here magespawn and kbmonkey 14:43
Kilosthats good14:43
magespawni did leave and join again14:43
magespawngotta go and check a wifi point quickly brb14:48
magespawnright sorted14:58
magespawnit is home time14:58
Kiloslater then14:58
oupateddieHappy new year to all15:10
Kilosyo oupateddie 15:12
Kilossame to you15:13
Kilosoupateddie, what did you break?15:32
oupateddieBroke my virg.... oh no 15:43
Kiloshi theblazehen 15:53
inetprogood evening17:03
inetprooh and hi Kilos17:04
Kiloswb inetpro you  supposed to tell us when you going away man17:04
Kiloshappy new year17:04
inetprosorry oom, dankie oom, was afk 17:06
theblazehenhi inetpro 17:06
* inetpro had a massive migraine yesterday 17:06
inetprothe rain now staying away again?17:07
inetprojust 1mm yesterday17:07
inetprohappy new year to everyone here btw17:08
inetprodidn't realise I was gone for three days already17:09
Kilosya naughty17:09
Kilosnot ai! man. you supposed to let us know before you go anywhere17:11
* inetpro was gone?17:12
Kilosya natal i hear17:12
inetprouh, wat jy waar kry?17:12
Kilosi even did n ctcp ping but you blocked that off somehow17:12
inetproand then?17:13
Kilosthen i asked your colleadues17:13
Kilosdaai goed17:13
KilosMaaz, spell colleagues17:14
MaazKilos: Suggestions: Colleague or colleague17:14
inetprohmm... and them colleagues lied and told you I'm in kzn?17:14
Kilosoh they lied?17:14
* inetpro didn't tell anyone that he was planning to skip the country17:15
Kiloswhere did you go?17:15
inetproit's a secret17:16
Kilosok jou beurt is jou beurt17:17
inetproKilos: just joking17:18
* inetpro was actually down in a very hot Pietermaritzburg for a funeral yesterday17:19
inetproall happened very quickly without much planning 17:20
* inetpro wbb17:20
charl_good evening17:57
charl_Maaz: coffee on17:57
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:57
inetproMaaz: coffee please17:59
Maazinetpro: Righto17:59
inetprocharl_: hello17:59
charl_hi inetpro 17:59
charl_this is looking awesome: http://camlistore.org/17:59
charl_i am really keen to start playing with it17:59
charl_part of the reason is that brad fitzpatrick is behind it18:00
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and inetpro!18:01
inetproMaaz: dankie18:02
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend18:02
charl_Maaz: thanks18:03
Maazcharl_: Sure18:03
charl_hi Xethron 18:06
charl_i also like this short talk by brett slatkin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f5RJ8daolg18:06
charl_now finally i have somewhere to point people to when they ask me why i don't use facebook/twitter18:06
charl_btw, talking about videos, did those videos of stallman ever make it online?18:09
Kiloshi charl_ 18:24
Kiloshi superfly 18:27
superflyhi Kilos18:27
charl_hi Kilos 18:28
* oupateddie looks into the room and sees a lot of people...18:28
charl_hi oupateddie 18:28
charl_have you people seen this? http://codeafrica.org/github-africa/18:28
oupateddieHey guys what must I do to simulate Silverlight for online playing of certain streams?18:28
Kiloswe still min. but hopefully will grow this year18:29
charl_oupateddie: http://www.mono-project.com/Moonlight18:29
charl_i don't know if it's 100% compatible with silverlight though18:29
oupateddiecharl_ have tried that but when you click play on a site it reverts back to asking to install Silverlight.... Typical Microsoft BS18:31
charl_yeah sorry to hear18:31
charl_linux does not make a great gaming platform unless if you're going for linux-compatible games18:31
charl_which there are a lot of afaik18:32
charl_today i was busy experimenting with pidgin and sipe against a microsoft lync server18:32
charl_working really well, except voip doesn't work18:32
charl_but i can chat to people, add contacts, and presence notification is working perfectly too18:32
charl_i was testing it with one of my colleagues, he was running the official lync client on his android phone18:33
charl_have a good evening all18:57
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:36

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