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talsamonsigh.. same question as everytimes ubuntu updates the kernel ...why dkms on ubuntu 13.10 don't, work - i have everytime install de nvidia-driver new00:02
talsamonwhy does not do automaticly ... have i something to do with the /etc/dkms.conf .. the /usr/src/... /nvidia-173/dkms.conf is there....??00:03
bbbahi eveyone! I have a question here. how can two laptops with ubuntu studio chat and acess files from each other directly via wireless?00:09
hitsujiTMObbba nfs shares are samba shares00:11
bekksAnd the good old ssh and wall :)00:11
bbbabut i do i need to have internet access? I'd like the to laptops to talk to each other directly00:12
hitsujiTMObbba: they are local share protocols. no inet access required00:12
bbbaok great! is it hard to do it? can you recomend somewhere to look for info on it?00:13
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gvohitsujiTMO: however a router might be.00:13
gvoUnless you configure one of them as an access point,  perhaps.00:14
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hitsujiTMOgvo: ahh yeah, wasn't thinking like that00:15
narnarhey guys im having something of a black screen problem and i tried nomodeset and it didnt work, i went from a black screen of death to a purple screen of deat00:15
hitsujiTMObbba: do you have a way to network the two laptops together?00:15
gvoI thing he might want to connect two laptops without any other hardware.00:15
RedHatterCouldn't you ssh?00:16
bbbayes i'd like to connect them without any other hardware involved. is it possible?00:16
hitsujiTMObbba: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc00:16
narnaranyway it was an initial install so i havent been able to log into the xserver yet00:17
hitsujiTMObbba: the difficulty lies in what hardware you have00:18
narnarand when i try to boot safe mode x it just frezzes until i hit ctl alt del then it loads a window saying my drivers are off, but the ctl alt del makes it immedietly restart00:18
narnarwhen i get to said window00:18
narnarbefore i can fix thie issue00:18
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bbbai don't know much about networks yet. has it something to do with ad-hoc?00:19
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hitsujiTMObbba: adhoc is a method of connecting multiples devices wirelessly without any infrastructure devices.00:20
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PublicStaticVoidso there is no onger a build-essential package?What replaced it?00:25
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hitsujiTMOPublicStaticVoid: nope, still there00:27
PublicStaticVoidhitsujiTMO: I had an s at the end.. cant believe this isnt installed by default... I mean ubuntu is so bloated but it doesnt come with gcc haha00:28
Beldarmmmm the pseudo geeks favorite word "bloated"00:28
hitsujiTMOPublicStaticVoid: most peeps dont need gcc00:28
PublicStaticVoidhitsujiTMO: based on what?00:29
PublicStaticVoidWHat research tells you that, cause that is complete BS00:29
PublicStaticVoid80 percent of linux uers build something from source once in a while00:30
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: [citation needed]00:30
PublicStaticVoidYou are the ones claiming most pople don't need it00:30
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: they don't00:30
PublicStaticVoidwhen your ditro is preloaded with software that most people actually dont neeed, hillarious00:31
hitsujiTMOPublicStaticVoid: and those people are well capable of installing build-essential. Most peeps don't build something from source because they don't need to.00:31
PublicStaticVoidgordonjcp: Prove it00:31
PublicStaticVoidshow me any data00:31
ObrienDaveshow us your00:31
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: show me any data that says users *do* ever compile stuff00:31
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: I don't count, since I develop for a whole bunch of different systems and have all manner of weirdass compilers, not just various flavours of gcc00:31
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PublicStaticVoidYou are the one claiming that people do not need it.. so you show me00:32
PublicStaticVoidCause you can't. I is BS00:32
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: how do you propose I do that?00:32
PublicStaticVoidBut whatever.. it is Ubuntu.. what can you do.. haha.00:32
gordonjcpwhat would you like me to show you?00:32
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: basically, Chrome OS will end up overtaking all the other desktop OSes before long00:33
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: about 90% of users of *any* OS only ever use a web browser00:33
gordonjcpas long as they can get facebook and gmail, that's the bulk of their needs sorted00:33
PublicStaticVoidWe are Linux users.. completely dierent demographic00:33
PublicStaticVoidWell except Ubuntu users00:33
PublicStaticVoidGuess you can clump you guys with winduhs00:34
gordonjcpUbuntu is the only distro for *serious* Linux userrs00:34
Beldarand play a little public enemy don't forget00:34
PublicStaticVoidSO yeah, guess you are right.00:34
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: what are you trying to compile?00:34
ObrienDavemy new years resolution: no feeding trolls00:34
* Church is probably non serious user. hence i migrated to mint :)00:34
PublicStaticVoidYeah Ubuntu is the only distro for serious linux users...00:34
hitsujiTMOPublicStaticVoid: also only 1/3 of the world even have access to a computer. i sincerely doubt starving children in africa require gcc. Since this topic is very much off topic i'm bowing out00:34
PublicStaticVoidThat mde my night.00:34
whatisthematrixLFS is for serious gnu/linux users :P00:35
gordonjcpwhatisthematrix: noob distro00:35
whatisthematrixyou know what lfs is?00:35
gordonjcpit's for people who like to pretend that watching compiler output means they're learning stuff00:35
Churchno. LFS for those with overblown ego and too much free time on hands00:35
bekkswhatisthematrix: It's for users who have too much time and computing power.00:35
gordonjcpwhatisthematrix: nobody who is actually serious about using their computer use LFS00:35
whatisthematrixbekks: yes, i'd agree with that00:35
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: so, what are you trying to compile?00:36
* Church started with slackware long time ago. migrated at some point to ubuntu because i wanted to work on pc not to work to make things work00:36
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: you can install pretty much all you need with "apt-get install build-essential" which will pull in gcc and its various deps00:36
gordonjcpChurch: indeed00:36
PublicStaticVoidDebian, Gentoo, Arch, Fedora, Slackware, Etc... All Derious Distros with beter communities and documentation.. and far less spyware00:36
ChurchLFS is worse on that acount. way worse.00:36
PublicStaticVoidgordonjcp: I know this00:36
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: Debian is exactly the same as Ubuntu00:36
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: Gentoo and Arch are fun, but I wouldn't use them for anything serious00:37
PublicStaticVoidBut you have a uper bloated distro and you leave out essential packages like that00:37
xtacieHelp me please. Im trying to recover an encrypted home dir in 12.04.3. I have followed the tut at, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory where it sats recovering data manualy. i can open the dir but all names are encrypted still00:37
PublicStaticVoidits ironic to me00:37
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: it's not essential00:37
PublicStaticVoidits more essential than half the crap you include00:37
PublicStaticVoidNo drop it00:37
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: actually, my Linux distro fits in about 4MB00:37
PublicStaticVoidYou soun dumb00:37
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: but it's pretty domain-specific, and you won't have come across it00:38
bekksgordonjcp: Actually, there is a commercial product that uses Gentoo - I never believed, until they showed me some insights. Updates are - strange :)00:38
gordonjcpbekks: o_O00:38
gordonjcpbekks: something else to add to the "won't touch with a ten foot stick"00:38
bekksgordonjcp: It's a long term archive solution, which claims to be revision safe.00:38
bekksgordonjcp: Yeah :)00:39
xtacieHelp me please. Im trying to recover an encrypted home dir in 12.04.3. I have followed the tut at, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory where it sats recovering data manualy. i can open the dir but all names are encrypted still00:39
gordonjcpbekks: until little Timmy Bolashenko from Ukraine decides to check in a patch that completely replaces some part of Gentoo00:39
bekksgordonjcp: No downgrades possible, and stuff. Restoring to a former state means: reinstall and resetup everything.00:39
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: you could always start you're own distro. that way, your opinion get fully implemented in it00:39
gordonjcpxtacie: have you got a backup?00:39
jeffrey_fPublicStaticVoid: you can create your own distribution if you are not happy with what is out there.  The nice thing about open source is to make it your own and even create your version going forward.00:39
gordonjcpPublicStaticVoid: what do you find yourself compiling so often?00:40
bennypr0fanehellome, I'm trying to mount a network share in nautilus (Lubuntu 13.04 with Gnome 3.8 on top). I believe that is supposed to work like "connect to server", enter an URL and click "connect". This is where I stumble, because the "connect" button is greyed out, I can't click it00:40
gordonjcpxtacie: did you read the bit about recovering encrypted filenames?00:40
bennypr0fanehellome, why do you have this nick? this happens to me each and every time I'm in here...00:40
* Church has finalized choices to ubuntu derived distributions on desktop for enduser tuning / wide community, and centos/rhel clones for servers as official distribs for commercial apps, more conservative non-bleeding edge approach and target distribs for many vendor hw drivers for server hardware00:41
gordonjcpChurch: I must get back into centos00:41
xtacieno.. on that link i sent?00:41
gordonjcpxtacie: yes00:41
gordonjcpxtacie: are you going through "Recovering your data manually"?00:41
Churchall the cases when i had to deal with something else i suffered through and regretted. well, maybe with exception of slackware.00:41
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gordonjcpChurch: slackware was good, and I even put some money into it00:42
joiim not sure if this is the right channel to ask, but is there a software in ubuntu i can download that supports PHP?00:42
gordonjcpSlackware was the second distro I ever used, the first being something I don't remember the name of, from a company called Lasermoon00:42
Churchslackware is ideal for learning.00:42
gordonjcpChurch: not really00:42
jeffrey_fjoi:explain "Supports"00:42
gordonjcpmostly you learn how to unbork your system00:42
gordonjcpUbuntu is the best distro for learning about Linux00:43
jeffrey_fjoi: What do you want to do?00:43
xtacieya. i did all that, i can goto /home/recover/monted and it opens the home dir and can see file sizes and all but names are still encrypoted00:43
gordonjcpit's about equal with Debian00:43
gordonjcpxtacie:  sudo ecryptfs-add-passphrase --fnek00:43
gordonjcpxtacie: ^ you did that?00:43
Churchgordon: in slackware with KISS you get initscripts you can edit in simple way by reading comments in them, simple enough packaging system to encouridge usage of it instead of compiling from source and many alike bits00:44
xtacieyup, saved the second pass as it said00:44
gordonjcpxtacie: don't know then, this is why I always tell people to avoid encrypted filesystems00:44
roothorickinteresting issue. Atheros AR5418 based ExpressCard WiFi card, doesn't work on boot but is magically fixed if I unload and reload the ath9k driver00:46
palhow can get ipv6 ?00:46
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Hydr0p0nXdoes the 13.10 hwe include kernel > 3.11.0 ?00:52
whatisthematrix!info linux-image00:52
rww!info linux-image-generic saucy00:52
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB00:52
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 2 kB, installed size 33 kB00:52
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Havenstanceso ubuntu 13.10 just updated... broke my graphics in the process00:56
piccaHavenstance: that sucks00:57
whatisthematrixHavenstance: perhaps you  need a new freshly created /etc/X11/xorg.conf file00:57
Havenstancetell me about it, i've tried almost everything i can think of short of a reinstall00:57
Havenstancewhatisthematrix its saying something about it can't detect the graphics and it wont load the config backups or anything. wont let me out of console terminal mode00:58
whatisthematrixHavenstance: i'm not an expert at it, but perhaps if you post the problem you're having again along with a pastebin of your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file, someone might be able to help00:59
Havenstancewell let me ask this, how far out is the next LTS release?01:00
rwwHavenstance: April01:00
whatisthematrixHavenstance: in April i reckon01:00
JRH2001Hello, I am new to this01:00
whatisthematrixHavenstance: but i'm running it now... as 'testing'01:01
Havenstancek, i'll just wait for that to come out for official release, i'll put 12.04 on for now and get it setup01:01
XiaolinHello JRH01:01
whatisthematrixaka, development branch01:01
Havenstancehello JRH200101:01
JRH2001I am new to Ubuntu and liking it so far, does anyone has any recommendations on what I should get in the software center01:02
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Havenstancewhatisthematrix i've had all kinds of trouble with 13.10 but so far the 12.04 has been very stable01:02
XiaolinJRH, what do you like to do?01:02
rwwHavenstance: ATI or nvidia?01:02
whatisthematrixHavenstance: i hear you. stick with what works then :)01:02
Havenstancerww dual nvidia's a 660ti and a 650ti not in SLI01:02
FireStormsJRH2001, you might want to try f.lux or redshift01:03
Havenstancejust stinks cuz I love the 13.10 version, already has quite a bit of the latest software in the repos and I don't have to add much01:03
JRH2001Xiaolin, I would like to learn more about the power of the kernal01:03
JRH2001terminal stuff... I was brainwashed with windows growing up so I never messed with system3201:04
whatisthematrixHavenstance: well, you upgraded to it, correct? it's not like you tried it as a fresh install? or did  i get that wrong?01:04
HavenstanceJRH2001 i'd suggest looking on the forums sir, I've learned alot this ubuntu community is pretty amazing as far as support goes01:04
JRH2001Firestors, F.lux and redshift are what01:04
Havenstancewhatisthematrix it was a fresh i formatted and put 13.10 on01:04
JRH2001thanks havenstance, will do. Is that on the ubuntu website01:05
whatisthematrixHavenstance: ah, okay. well, as you said, that kinda sux then01:05
Havenstance13.10 gives odd freezes sometimes which is usually fixable by a simple reboot, but only if i wait to long to login once i login its perfect.01:05
whatisthematrixHavenstance: the installer worked okay though? you had X-Window when doing the install?01:06
HavenstanceJRH2001 askubuntu.com is one i've used alot, however if your looking for a basic list of commands try googling ubuntu "Yourversion" basic terminal commands01:06
Havenstancewhatisthematrix yes installer worked beautifully01:06
XiaolinJRH2001: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP6xJDWyioc ubuntu basics, for newbies transferring over from windows01:06
Havenstancejust when i boot in, then like i said it updated this afternoon and went wonky01:06
FireStormsJRH2001, they automatically adjust your displays colour temperature based on your longitude and latitude. Good for fighting fatigue for extended computer use.01:06
JRH2001Xia and Haven, thanks for the input01:07
JRH2001one last question, can i configure this chat app to go to another server like MIRC01:07
whatisthematrixHavenstance: roger that01:07
XiaolinJRH2001: yes you can.01:08
Havenstanceno problem man, i remember the first time i looked at ubuntu. i was about 12 or 13 i think back when they were in version 1.0 or 2.0 i can't remember01:08
JRH2001ok, Ill have to look at the manual or help page to learn01:08
Havenstanceits all about how much you want to put into it man01:08
JRH2001Ladies/Gents thanks for all the words of advice, looking forward to becoming a part of the community01:08
Havenstancei refuse to touch Microsoft anything for the rest of my days01:08
Havenstancewhatisthematrix where can you get the 14.xx?01:09
gueghow do i turn dowm brightness in ubuntu 13.10 UEFI NOMODSET01:09
FireStormsAnyone use cinnamon?01:09
roothorickgueg: you probably need to be in X01:10
guegroothorick: what is X?01:10
HavenstanceFireStorms i did01:10
whatisthematrixHavenstance: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/01:10
guegHavenstance: you use cinnamon desktop on UBUNTU?01:10
roothorickgueg: I mean actually in the GUI, not the terminals01:10
FireStormsgueg, yeah you have to add the PPA though, it's maintained by Linux Mint01:10
Havenstancegueg yeah, didn't much care for unity01:11
jeffrey_fJRH2001: Giving back is a big part of it.  Hang out in here.  If you see something you know how to resolve, jump on it and help.01:11
kostkonJRH2001, here's the place to start from http://community.ubuntu.com/01:11
roothorickUnity vs. gnome-shell vs. new KDE vs cinnamon vs etc... who's used multiple of those and which do you prefer?01:11
guegFireStorms:  Havenstance ill give cinnamon on buntu a try01:11
whatisthematrixHavenstance: i would suggest using a window manager other than the 'ubuntu desktop' selection in it though. like kde, or xfce, or one of many others01:11
guegi like it01:11
Beldarroothorick, no polling please01:11
roothorickfair enough01:11
XiaolinMy computer has been abruptly crashing, i ran memtest and it said i passed all tests. so i assumed it was the video memory and disabled the driver, but the problem still persists.01:12
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guegroothorick: in the GUI like settings?01:12
whatisthematrixHavenstance: if you decide to install it and have any issues, you can join the room #ubuntu+1 to get help01:12
kostkonXiaolin, did you check your logs?01:12
roothorickgueg: if you're logged into Unity/KDE/whatever try just using your hardware brightness buttons01:12
roothorickthe nvidia blob supports brightness control via those IIRC01:12
guegroothorick: they dont work when you use NOMODSET01:13
roothorickbut you have to actually be in X so the actual driver is running01:13
roothorick*the entire driver01:13
roothorickgueg: why nomodeset anyway? If you're not using fglrx or the nvidia binaries you SHOULD be using kernel modesetting01:13
bingohello. I am using LTS and i noticed it wants me to restart. what exactly is so important?01:13
Xiaolinno i have not, i wouldnt know what logs to check.01:13
roothorickbingo: probably a security-related kernel update01:14
kostkonXiaolin, syslog, kernel.log, Xorg.0.log maybe01:14
Xiaolinkostkon: i think i just heard the problem01:15
guegroothorick: i booted into the disk and if i dont do NOMODSET, then i cant install ubuntu01:15
kostkonXiaolin, kern.log*01:15
guegroothorick: i have a nvidia card as well01:15
kostkonXiaolin, what do you mean01:15
Havenstancehow does a person tell if they have installed 12.04 or 13.10?01:15
Hydr0p0nXcat /etc/lsb-release should do it01:15
whatisthematrixbingo: i can only guess that you updated and it updated package(s) that need a restart to finish installing and be accessed01:15
Xiaolinkostkon: nevermind the part about hearing it. you know when hard drives start to die they make a funny beep sound? i heard your message and thought that was the sound of my hard drive going bad01:16
roothorickgueg: don't worry about it for now, do the install, then set up nvidia binary drivers. The hardware brightness buttons should start working again once you have The Blob set up correctly01:16
kostkonXiaolin, oh01:16
Cpt-Oblivious'service ssh start' after boot, no errors. nothing.01:16
Cpt-Obliviousmy ssh refuses to start at boot01:16
Cpt-Obliviousno clue why01:16
Cpt-Obliviousmanually starting it after boot and all works fine.01:16
guegroothorick: ok i dont want to mess up :P so I install UBUNTU with the NOMODSET now and set up nvidia binary drivers after right?01:17
roothorickgueg: yeah01:17
guegthx :_) brb01:17
Xiaolinkostkon: ill have to reboot back to linux to check the logs,01:17
kostkonXiaolin, ok01:17
roothorickhow stable is 14.04 right now?01:18
jmimihi, anybody knows how create virtual com port or have experience with?01:19
whatisthematrixroothorick: it might depend upon what you use it for. i'm not having much problem except for when it comes to using the ubuntu desktop, i guess because, i suppose it's under heavy development01:20
potterskyjmimi: does "socat" applies to what you want to do? i think i've tried it before01:22
bennypr0fanehellome, I'm trying to mount a network share in nautilus (13.04 with Gnome 3.8 on top). I believe that is supposed to work like "connect to server", enter an URL and click "connect". This is where I stumble, because the "connect" button is greyed out, I can't click it01:22
FireStormsCinnamon desktop: http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac183/micha8l/Screenshotfrom2014-01-03011634_zps3d8502ee.png01:22
jmimipottersky: i want to create virtual port and connect it to terminal, then test my program and send data (text) from termnal then catch in program01:23
jmimipottersky: i was not lucky with socat, maybe i do not know how use it01:23
whatisthematrixroothorick: i'm sure it depends upon what you're using in it though. i wouldn't know if some of your favorite apps might have some problems. also, i turn my computer off overnight. what might happen if i tried to leave it on 24/7? dunno01:23
spearheadbennypr0fane: what type of network share?01:24
wafflejock!mount | bennypr0fane01:25
jmimipottersky: do you think socat satisfies my scenario?01:25
ubottubennypr0fane: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount01:25
potterskyjmimi: yeah i remember having some troubles too, but then it worked just fine01:25
jmimipottersky: can you give me some hint?01:25
potterskyjmimi: pretty sure it does... i had a Chrome Packaged App that used the serial port and tested it using socat... let me see if i find the command that i used01:25
SaberX01roothorick, it's in A1 stage, so the expectation should the that of finding and fixing bugs. My local mirror gets updates pretty much every day.01:26
jmimipottersky: thanks a lot01:26
Hydr0p0nXis saucy a "released" hwe yet?01:26
Hydr0p0nXfor 12.0401:26
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ObrienDaveHydr0p0nX, what?01:26
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talsamondkms install -m virtualbox -v 4.2.16 -k 3.11.0-15-generic  -->  Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 3.11.0-15-generics cannot be found.     UND  sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.11.0-15 -->  linux-headers-3.11.0-15 ist schon die neueste Version.  ????? - do really understood - is there a link missing to the headers ???01:27
bennypr0fanespearhead, smb share01:27
talsamonsorry ist schon.... is the newest version01:28
Hydr0p0nXi'm running 12.04.3, which if i'm not mistaken, includes the raring  enablement pack. Due to an issue with the kernel provided, i want to install the saucy enablement pack. But I'd prefer to wait until it's officially released if possible01:28
jtranwhen i do apt-get install mysql-server , it auto creates a mysql user and assigns it a uid.  how do i control which uid to give it?01:28
Xiaolinkostkon: the problem just got weird01:29
spearheadbennypr0fane: are you using the prefix before the server address? If I remember right it should be smb://SERVER_ADDRESS01:30
kostkonXiaolin, please explain01:30
wafflejockbennypr0fane: http://askubuntu.com/questions/137011/how-to-mount-a-samba-shared-folder-ubuntu-x-ubuntu <-- this should work01:30
bennypr0fanespearhead, did not. trying now01:30
Xiaolinkostkon: i logged on to ubuntu, pressed the super key to bring up the dashboard and the pc crashed. now im having trouble just trying to log in and it crashes.01:30
SaberX01Hydr0p0nX, I don't see anything documented about for 12.04 +13.10 on  Hardware Enablement Stack Policies01:31
kostkonXiaolin, hmm01:31
potterskyjmimi: i cant find the exact command that i used, its been 2+ months already :(01:31
Xiaolinkostkon: yeah tell me about it. i coulda swore this was a video memory issue01:31
kostkonXiaolin, can you go into tty?01:31
jmimipottersky: np, as you mentioned socat fits my problem, that's good enough, thank you01:32
potterskywelcome :)01:32
Xiaolini know i could have at one point, now im not so sure. just clicking the icon to change window managers causes a crash.01:32
SaberX01Hydr0p0nX, Then again, they normally only support two levels anyway, so in the case of 12.04, that's 12.10 + 13.04, which are both documented.01:33
Xiaolinkostkon: brb, gonna go try. if it works ill log into this chat from my desktop and let ya know.01:33
kostkonXiaolin, ok01:33
bennypr0fanespearhead, it lets me click the "connect" button once I add the smb prefix, but after that click, nothing happens01:37
spearheadbennypr0fane: does it say cannot connect? or nothing at all?01:38
Xiaolinkostkon: logged in to tty101:38
Hydr0p0nXI just saw 12.04.4 would be released this month and it included the 13.10 enablement pack, was hoping i could download it early01:40
Xiaolinkostkon: the moment i attempted a command i got a faceful of text and it crashed too fast to read it01:40
PublicStaticVoidWhats the main gstreamer package called?01:40
bennypr0fanespearhead: "Oops, something went wrong. unknown error. mounting windows-share failed. connection timed out."01:40
PublicStaticVoidapt-cache search gstreamer gives so many results01:40
SaberX01 Hydr0p0nX where did you see that 13.10 would be included?01:40
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PublicStaticVoidI also need a dependency called xlib which I cant find a package for01:41
BeldarPublicStaticVoid, generally just installing the restricted-extras loads all the gstreamer you need.01:41
spearheadbennypr0fane: are you using the ip address or the hostname of the server?01:42
PublicStaticVoidBeldar: Okay thansk01:42
Hydr0p0nXunless i was misreading it ?01:42
SaberX01Hydr0p0nX, that doesn't say 12.04 to 13.10 supported it says: Only the -generic x86 kernel flavor from 13.04 will be supported in the Raring HWE stack in Precise.01:43
PublicStaticVoidBeldar: You heard of xlib?01:44
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: i can only guess. do you have a full filename?01:44
Xiaolinkostkon: im running the BIOS HDD self diagnostic test now. im hoping its the hard drive.01:44
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: you can try installing --> libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 & libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev01:45
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: maybe that's it. don't know01:45
bennypr0fanespearhead, hostname, like so: smb://ben.cifs.hidrive.strato.com/root I don't know the IP address01:45
PublicStaticVoidwhatisthematrix: No..a configure told me I needed it.. Ie it is a dependency01:45
BeldarPublicStaticVoid, What are you reading that says you have to have it?01:45
Hydr0p0nXSaberX01, I was looking at the graph under the 12.04.x upgrade and support policy01:45
Hydr0p0nXshows 12.04.4 + 13.10 HWE01:45
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: what are you trying to compile? and perhaps we should go to the #ubuntu-offtopic room01:45
PublicStaticVoidBeldar: the output of a configure script01:46
PublicStaticVoidYou know.. the one you run before you buid something...01:46
BeldarPublicStaticVoid, Are you sure you need to be configuring?01:46
Hydr0p0nXbut, i'm not in the loop on builds so I could be entirely off base here :)01:46
PublicStaticVoidI have been running it over and over.. installing the dependencies it needs... but this one I cannot find.01:46
PublicStaticVoidBeldar: Yes I am sure lmao01:46
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: what is it you're configuring?01:47
PublicStaticVoidIts the script that checks to make sure your system is configured to build the package01:47
trismPublicStaticVoid: Omar Hijab01:47
PublicStaticVoidIt is in the readme lmao01:47
trismPublicStaticVoid: oops sorry wrong paste01:47
trismPublicStaticVoid: libx11-dev01:47
BeldarPublicStaticVoid, many start to download and compile what is already available in the ubuntu repos is why I ask.01:47
PublicStaticVoidtrism: Thansk01:47
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SaberX01Hydr0p0nX, yes, I think it's missleading, graph shows 04.4 to 13 but texts says 13.04 .. so I guess when the pot release is out you'll know for sure :-)01:49
PublicStaticVoidtrism: says I already have that, but I just installed the ubuntu-restricted-extras package01:49
spearheadbennypr0fane: I am assuming based on the .com in the host name that you don't have direct access to the server. is that correct?01:49
PublicStaticVoidso maybe it installed it, I will run the script again01:49
myndziwhat's the simplest way to configure a batch of ipv6 addresses?01:49
myndziusing the ip -6 command is extremely slow01:49
oaulakhhow to install all backtrack tools on ubuntu01:49
PublicStaticVoidBeldar: Yeah well they do not keep those repositories up to date at all01:49
PublicStaticVoidLike for instance I am installing the EFL for Enlightenment 1801:50
PublicStaticVoidAnd there is no ppa or anything for it01:50
PublicStaticVoidSo I have to manually take care of all these dependencies01:50
BeldarPublicStaticVoid, Not up to date that is a ridiculous statement.01:50
PublicStaticVoidIt is a well known fact01:51
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: ahh, i compiled/configured, and hacked my system a little, to do that just a couple of days ago. it's really really new01:51
PublicStaticVoidIts the nuber one complaint about ubuntu01:51
trismPublicStaticVoid: probably got it as a dep of libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev from before, now that I think about it01:51
Beldarlol, well now you go where you belong.01:51
PublicStaticVoidThe number one reason other distros smash on Ubuntu so hard01:51
PublicStaticVoidtrism: No I still get this: configure: error: Software Xlib dependencies not found01:52
PublicStaticVoidBeldar: ?01:52
Beldarmmm broad generalizations not supported with any evidence my favorite.01:52
PublicStaticVoidWas just correcting you..When you claimed my statement about Ubuntus dependencies were incorrect. They were not.01:53
oaulakhhow to install all backtrack tools on ubuntu01:53
Beldaroaulakh, backtrack is eol, and not supported here.01:53
oaulakhthen where should i go?01:53
Xiaolinoaulakh: i dont think anyone wants to help you hack your neighbors wifi01:53
oaulakhi know01:54
PublicStaticVoidBeldar: Arch, Slackware, Fedora and Gento all have respective packages for EFL 1.8.. Latest ALSA, I can anme over 100 more packages01:54
oaulakhbut i'm not interested in hacking someone in my neighborhood01:54
PublicStaticVoidIt is not a generalization.01:54
spearheadoaulakh: why not dual-boot ubuntu and backtrack?01:54
Xiaolinoaulakh: give me a moment, ill see what i can find for ya01:54
oaulakhi want to start practice on my own acess points01:55
bennypr0fanespearhead, if by "direct access" you mean command line access, no, I don't have it. It's a commercial cloud storage provider: https://www.free-hidrive.com/01:55
PublicStaticVoidall of the tools you can find in backtrack can be downloaded and installed on any linux system01:55
Beldarno backtrack support here please01:55
PublicStaticVoidtrism: Any other ideas what packages might have this?01:55
oaulakhi already have dual boot with ubuntu and window 801:55
PublicStaticVoidBeldar: Are you an Op?01:55
oaulakhso i dont want triple boot01:55
PublicStaticVoidoaulakh: You can boot more than 2 OS's..  there is no reason to have a seperate Linux install for Backtrack.. just install all the Network tools on your current installation01:56
PublicStaticVoidMost are even in the Ubuntu repos01:56
PublicStaticVoidthe ones that are not can be downloaded and built easily01:56
Xiaolinoaulakh: from what i just read it woul;d be best to use something like VMWare and install it within a virtual OS01:56
RonRhello all,  Latest update hosed my system.  Will not boot into any GUI01:56
RonRI am in as root, Was on Ubuntu 13.0401:57
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oaulakhi know bro how to install backtrack in Vmware01:57
PublicStaticVoidNo you dont need to run a VM for backtrack01:57
spearheadbennypr0fane: try running ping ben.cifs.hidrive.strato.com to make sure your computer can find the server01:57
Xiaolini didnt say need, i said best.01:57
PublicStaticVoidJust install the software packages that backtrack has!01:57
PublicStaticVoidIt is that simple01:57
oaulakhbut can you guys find a way to install all tools in ubuntu instead of installing another OS01:57
oaulakhor in vmware01:58
Xiaolinoaulakh: yes it can be done, ill link a guide for you01:58
PublicStaticVoidoaulakh: I told you 3 times01:58
PublicStaticVoidGet the list of packages from backtrack website...01:58
oaulakhthen do i have to install one by one?01:59
PublicStaticVoidInstall them with apt-get, might have to add a few repositories and manually build a few of them.01:59
spearheadoaulaka: you should be able to find most of them in the repositories in ubuntu and those that aren't there just google them followed by ubuntu and it will show you how...01:59
vince__oaulakh, only install what you need imo01:59
bennypr0fanespearhead, it says "unknown host"01:59
PublicStaticVoidI need Software Xlin Dependencies01:59
PublicStaticVoidwtf package has that?01:59
Xiaolinoaulakh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srtXC6zoinA01:59
Seveti have just upgraded my linux kernel through aptitude and rebooted, and am now stuck at the grub prompt unable to get into linux. system is xfs on lvm on mdadm. i can ls (VolGroup00-LogVol00)/ fine, but booting into linux causes errors that it cannot find root and then kernel panics. any suggestions on how to fix that?02:00
vince__Sevet, did you remove old kernel?02:00
spearheadbennypr0fane: are you trying to connect to the shared drive on the same computer as this chat is running?02:00
BeldarSevet, Can you get in with an earlier kernel?02:00
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: i might be willing to help you, but in the #ubuntu-offtopic room02:01
vince__spearhead, remember he may not be able to access the remote address from an internal computer02:01
oaulakhcan we do it in ubuntu02:01
Sevetvince__: i can see multiple kernels in /boot/ ... all fail to boot using the linux /boot/vmlinux... and initrd /boot/initrd... commands (no menu appears)02:01
Xiaolinoaulakh: yes you can. do you know how to build packages from source?02:01
spearheadvince__: I just pinged the server he provided and it went through on my end02:01
RonRdid you just install the latest update?02:01
oaulakhyeah i know02:01
spearheadand my router is fairly locked down02:02
Xiaolinoaulakh: well thats what you will hav e to do for a lot of them.02:02
kostkonXiaolin, i was afk. you could also try doing a fsck on that disk02:02
RonRin ubuntu 13.04 where is the xorg conf file?02:03
PublicStaticVoidwhatisthematrix: It is on topic02:03
oaulakhoh god don't tell me bro that i have to build it all from scratch02:03
RonRor similar02:03
PublicStaticVoidBut helping this guy with backtrack.. seems very ubuntu02:03
kostkonXiaolin, if you still boot into your system and go into tty or at least in safe mode02:03
PublicStaticVoidwhatisthematrix: Do you know the package name?02:03
BeldarRonR, It's not there unless made or generated.02:03
Xiaolinoaulakh: you can try adding the repo's. but i know that will just end in frustration for you. so its best to stick to what is known to work. and that means building from source.02:04
vince__Sevet, it may help to know which kernel version you updated to, pm me if you wish02:04
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: i already know that at some point, an op would tell us to take it to offtopic02:04
bennypr0fanespearhead, yes, that's right02:04
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: getting enlightenment 0.18.1 configured and installed takes a lot, i mean, A LOT02:04
oaulakhhave you link for all packages for backtrack02:04
RonR<Beldar> last update changed the graphics driver, and now will not boot, need to undo02:04
Xiaolinkostkon: i made it into tty1. but i crashed seconds later02:04
Sevetvince__: i can tell you that in a few minutes, i'm just booting the ubuntu cd to see if the rescue option works02:05
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: it has a lot of requirements that you probably don't have on your system yet... but02:05
patrikfI'd like to unmount and detach a LUKS-encrypted from a script. how do I do this? I tried udisks --unmount and udisks --detach, but the latter fails because udisks does not close the LUKS device.02:05
spearheadoaulakh: you should be able to use apt-get to install the vast majority of the packages. but like Xiaolin said the best option would be to use vmware to make a virtual machine that runs backtrack or to compile them specifically for your machine.02:05
vince__Sevet, sometimes booting with a different boot option thrown to the linux kernel will allow booting, i think its an aspci problem02:05
BeldarRonR, You can tab complete nicks here, where you using a proprietary driver?02:05
whatisthematrixPublicStaticVoid: try installing this -->  libx11-xcb1 libx11-xcb-dev02:05
oaulakhokkkk thanks bro02:05
oaulakhi will let you know02:06
oaulakhand thats sure i will find a way to install it in ubuntu02:06
RonRBeldar, was on Nvida but also runs on generic02:06
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oaulakhand will publish tutorial when i'm done02:06
oaulakhthanks for help02:06
Sevetvince__: vmlinux-3.8.0-35-generic latest, also have -34 (guess that is the one i was running earlier) and also have -29 and -33 installed02:06
BeldarRonR, You can nomodeset boot or use failsafe x in recovery to get to the desktop probably top fix this.02:07
gmachine_24greetings. will someone please look at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6682121/ and tell me how I've messed up this simple cron job? thanks.02:07
RonRBeldar, started with the issue of no prompt after sleep, so updated to Nvida driver, then had to modify the conf file to re-init  I am in Root mode now02:07
bennypr0fanespearhead, I have a Windows computer in the same home network that can connect to it02:08
BeldarRonR, The nividia driver from them will not follow kernel upgrades, so you were using their driver right?02:08
Xiaolinkostkon: currently waiting on the self diagnostic tools to finish up. i have no problems using windows, other than loading anything that requires any amount of memory (youtube or a game) i crash. ubuntu has started crashing the moment i do anythning at the login screen02:09
spearheadbennypr0fane: try to connect using smb://
RonRBeldar, I beleive I was, but even on previous kernal, still no good02:09
kostkonXiaolin, hmmm better run a memtest then, could be faulty ram02:09
RonRBeldar, update did also include an update to driver, saw it download02:09
JDSANDERSONdose anyone know about mate desktop on ubuntu?02:10
BeldarRonR, I'm not a nvidia user and have really no info to help other than doing  low graphic boot to the regular desktop to fix this.02:10
Xiaolinkostkon: that was the first thing i did before suspecting the gfx card02:10
kostkonXiaolin, oh yeah youve said that already02:10
vince__Sevet, does the following command show any results? ls -l /boot/initrd.img*02:10
RonRBeldar, can't get into low graphic boot, does not work.  Only TTY.  Can I reconfigure from there?02:10
mackeralhi. Usually run slackware, trying ubuntu-based (deb based) 'AtristX'. Trying to install Nvidia driver. Need to get into a multi-user mode without graphical garbage running. Read alot about 'upstart', but not enough. Is there a simple solution to get disable that dratted X?02:10
BeldarRonR, You can from the cli yes, however you need help from a more familiar user in this area.02:11
Sevetvince__: in grub? yes... matching files for each vmlinuz02:11
RonRBeldar, I understand Thanks for your help so far.02:12
vince__Sevet, ok let me read further02:12
Sevetvince__: thanks for your help...02:12
Sevetrescue mode from cdrom fixed it :>02:12
Sevetwould be nice to know what borked it, but it's working now at least02:12
Mjmac85Hello! Is there a specific channel to ask for some advice?02:13
Xiaolinkostkon: if it were the video card, i dont ubuntu would have started crashing on boot. not considering windows loads fine and lets me browse and even watch short videos. ubuntu however is installed 1st in the physical load order. so im starting to think my first few sectors have went bad.02:13
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gmachine_24greetings. will someone please look at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6682121/ and tell me how I've messed up this simple cron job? thanks.02:14
spearheadMjmac85: if it is related to ubuntu ask here02:14
BeldarMjmac85, advice is generally a subjective area, there are 1000's of channels.02:14
JDSANDERSONmackeral Ubuntu is now so graphic used to you could just hit ctl+alt+bkspc and it would kill x but now you have to install some sort of terminal as a scheem in the greeter like adding flux box or old gnome02:15
bennypr0fanespearhead, no, this isn't working either. I think I'm gonna give up for today, it's 3a.m. here... Maybe I'll submit a support ticket to those losers02:15
Mjmac85Thanks!  I'm looking to setup a NAS for my house.  I have an old computer with 1gb of ram.  I did a little research and I've seen some suggestions to use xubuntu.  What flavor of Ubuntu would be best?02:15
bennypr0fanespearhead, thanks for the help! have a good one!02:15
spearheadbennypr0fane: ok, if you want to try one more thing you can try a command line option02:15
vince__Sevet, does the following command return any output? cat /etc/grub.d/00_header | more02:15
Beldar!best | Mjmac85 are you getting the point02:15
ubottuMjmac85 are you getting the point: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:15
bennypr0fanespearhead, alright02:16
RonRMjMac85, I would say yes to Xubuntu, as the XFCE interface requires far less RAM, and is Gnome app compatible from what I have seen02:16
spearheadbennypr0fane: in terminal run the command smbclient //server/share -U user02:17
Mjmac85Thanks!  Was concerned with that little amount of ram it would just be clunky02:17
mackeralMjmac85: I know this isn't the answer, but,  you might want to consider a command-line based option... ubuntu has alot of stuff that, for just NAS, would seem unneeded. (Note: i have not setup a NAS server, but if it is anything like ftp, http, etc, well then I have some xperience)02:17
spearheadbennypr0fane: where server is the server name, share is the name of the share you want to connect to and user is your username02:17
XiaolinMjmac85: look into puppy linux02:18
spearheadbennypr0fane: it should ask you for a password if it connects02:18
Mjmac85Xiaolin:  Will do thanks!02:18
Mjmac85And off to go try this out02:19
RonRAnyone know how to recofigure the video driver from tty ?02:19
mackeralgui-based NAS. OK, well thanks for whatever... L802:19
vince__bennypr0fane,  smb works best when using IP addresses especially if you working linux --> windows connections02:19
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guegwhere do i getthe nvidia binary for brightness ocontrol roothorick02:26
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OerHeksWhat exact date is support ending of ubuntu 13.04 ?02:35
BeldarOerHeks, to hard to find on the web?02:36
OerHeks27th this month?02:36
SaberX01OerHeks, Here's a list, does not specify an exact date in the month: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases02:39
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isosceles[Ubuntu 13.10] sometimes some but not all launcher icons are in shadow, but still functional (when this happened in 12.04 icons were not functional). also, sometimes application windows go gray and the program temporarily freezes (e.g. Firefox, Files, System Settings, etc.), despite a perfectly capable System 76 Lemu4. screenshot: http://imgur.com/JUnJEHn02:39
cummsengapititude is in a old messed up state (it thinks some packages are still installed, some missing), how can i reset apititude and force a rescan of installed packages?02:40
tj_is there a hybrid iso of ubuntu that i can simply dd to a usb drive?02:40
rwwtj_: yes, the normal Ubuntu desktop ISO02:40
tj_i tried but it doesnt boot02:40
tj_other distros do02:40
rwwI did it literally yesterday.02:41
spearheadOerHeks: if you click on the January 2014 link it says through January so I would say the end of the month but why does it matter?02:41
tj_the lts release? or does it have to be the new one?02:41
Beldartj_, You tried the per session boot menu?02:41
rwwtj_: lts release == 12.04?02:41
tj_Beldar, what is the per session boot menu?02:41
tj_rww, yes 12.0402:42
Beldartj_, A boot menu outside the bios mine is a f12 prompt at powering on yours maybe that or another.02:42
tj_i tried it twice but my computer says no boot device02:42
OerHeksspearhead, i wanted to know the exact date, as i don't want to mess up my system again with upgrade to 13.10, so i want to go back to 12.04/other distro until 14.04 comes out02:43
tj_Beldar, I have no idea what your talking about02:43
Beldartj_, shame, you should.02:43
tj_i have my boot order set to boot the usb device if thats what you mean02:43
MAbeeTTHi, i want to do a release upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 in a desktop computer. I would like to download all the content first.02:43
tj_other distros boot fine02:43
tj_only ubuntu doesnt02:43
MAbeeTTI mean all the packages first, since I dont have a decent ISP.02:44
spearheadOerHeks: "Maintenance updates will be provided for Ubuntu 13.04 for 9 months,02:44
spearheadthrough January 2014."02:44
whatisthematrixcummseng: perhaps removing the /root/.aptitude dir?02:44
MAbeeTTI see in the man page of do-release-upgrade it has no option for download only, is there some official way for just download in a release upgrade ?02:45
RonRBeldar, update, tried low graphics mode, so messed up, it even fails and loops back to menu.02:45
BeldarMAbeeTT, not really possible with that sort of upgrade, that is eol and needs specific repos called.02:45
impossiblewhy does it give me an error when i try to print02:45
Hydr0p0nXOerHeks, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-12.04.4 says 1/24 for 12.04.4, but, that is an expected date and subject to change02:45
impossibleshould i update02:46
OerHeksHydr0p0nX, thnx02:46
Beldar!details | impossible02:46
ubottuimpossible: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:46
tj_ok where can I get a checksum for the ubuntu iso so i can be sure my file is not corrupted?02:47
impossibleok brb going to update02:47
dilemaJust installed chrome in Ubunut02:48
Hydr0p0nXtj_, releases.ubuntu.com/saucy/ has md5 sums for saucy02:48
dilemawhy is it blue02:48
dilemait doesnt follow the same window colors02:48
somsiptj_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes02:48
Beldardilema, a whole sorting of themes, find one you like.02:48
spearheadtj_: http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/ for 12.0402:48
dilemaBeldar, uh...02:49
dilemaChromes window colors do not match....whats that gotta do with themes02:49
Beldardilema, hehe hyes02:49
aernanhi all02:50
whatisthematrixcummseng: you  get my message? perhaps removing the  .aptitude dir in /root ?02:50
dilemaBeldar, can you please expound on your answer02:50
dilemawhat themes02:50
cummsengwhatisthematrix, only a single file named config is in there, and it's and empty file02:50
whatisthematrixcummseng: oh, roger. don't know what to think then02:51
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cummsengwhatisthematrix, http://askubuntu.com/questions/73868/aptitude-state-is-corrupt-how-do-i-fix-it02:52
aernandoes anyone know about the eeepc super hybrid engine?02:52
cummsengwhatisthematrix, took me a while to find that, searching for the wrong keywords :D02:52
whatisthematrixcummseng: i hear you :)02:54
Beldaraernan, You might give some context for help, state the issues.02:54
whatisthematrixcummseng: have you tried the suggestion? did it work?02:54
aernanI have an eeepc and on stumbling I found out I could get longer battery life02:55
aernanI have an intel atom02:55
aernanthere is supposed to be some ability to adjust the cpu speed02:55
somsipaernan: try the eeepc forums. Much more specialist advice there02:55
aernansomsip. ok thanks02:56
DarkAceLaptopcan I change how large the scrollbar is?02:58
lustichey , I've download a game,  I'm not sure how to run/start/install it,   the file  is called " AmnesiaAMFP-1.0.0.sh"   i thought i just had to run  sh AmnesiaAMFP-1.0.0.sh  in the terminal to start .sh files ?03:02
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
somsiplustic: sh ./Amnesia...sh  (and chmod +x Amnes* first)03:03
spearheadlustic: you just have to run ./Amnesia...sh but you do have to make is executible first with either chmod +x Amnesia...sh or chmod 755 Amnesia...sh03:04
lustick i'll try, thanks !03:05
spearheadand make sure you are in the same directory as the Amnesia...sh file03:05
mackeralOK, so I finally found the proper answer on google, 6 hours later, to the question of getting a non-graphical multi-user boot..03:05
Hydr0p0nXmissed that03:06
impossiblegot the printer working03:06
impossibleproblem was that it needed the update and restart03:06
mackeralsimply replace all the stuff on the grub 'kernel' line after the 'ro' to read 'text'03:07
PublicStaticVoidThis build is complaining about Software Xlib Dependencies not found.03:07
mackeralIt is really simple and I should have known, but after hours of fruitless manpage reading, i asked here... srry here's the answer03:07
impossibledo i have to manually install Nvidia drivers?03:07
PublicStaticVoidAny idea of the the package I need?03:07
lusticchmod worked fine ,  but now it says ./AmnesiaAMFP.sh: 15: export: START/AmnesiaAMFP.sh: bad variable name03:08
lusticwhen i try to start03:08
somsipPublicStaticVoid: usually build instructions are in the README of source, or on the project homepage03:08
mackeraloh for the record, my nvidia driver install failed, but I got the binary from nvidia.com03:08
PublicStaticVoidsomsip: I am aware..03:08
PublicStaticVoidI am following the README03:08
PublicStaticVoidIt doesnt tell you Ubuntu package names for dependencies..03:09
somsip!find xlib | PublicStaticVoid03:09
ubottuPublicStaticVoid: Found: libglu1-mesa-dev, libosmesa6-dev, fonts-linuxlibertine, libmixlib-authentication-ruby, libmixlib-authentication-ruby1.8, libmixlib-cli-ruby, libmixlib-cli-ruby1.8, libmixlib-cli-ruby1.9.1, libmixlib-config-ruby, libmixlib-config-ruby1.8 (and 12 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=xlib&searchon=names&suite=saucy&section=all03:09
PublicStaticVoidI would think it wa the libx11-dev package, but that is not it03:09
PublicStaticVoidYeah I loked already03:09
PublicStaticVoidThat is why I am asking here03:09
PublicStaticVoidI am pretty familliar with apt-cache search..03:10
PublicStaticVoidI also googled for 45 mins03:10
trismPublicStaticVoid: pastebin the last 10-15 lines of the output, because libx11-dev should be that dep03:11
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somsipdamiank: /quit03:11
PublicStaticVoidtrism: It's just it checking other packages until tat line03:11
PublicStaticVoidIs there maybe na xorg package?03:12
Xiaolinkostkon: the hdd self test passed, running bios memory test now.03:12
lusticchmod +x AmnesiaAMFP.sh  worked fine,   but now when i run ./AmnesiaAMFP.sh it says   lustic@lustic-HP-Pavilion-g6:~/Documents/Games START$ ./AmnesiaAMFP.sh03:12
lustic./AmnesiaAMFP.sh: 15: export: START/AmnesiaAMFP.sh: bad variable name03:12
trismPublicStaticVoid: there is xorg-dev which would get you a bunch of things, I suppose you could try that03:12
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impossibleI am tryingto install Nvidia drivers on UBUNTU 13.10 but ubuntu doesnt tell me about additional drivers. Should Iadd the repository??03:13
trismPublicStaticVoid: but it would still help to see more output03:13
PublicStaticVoidNot really, but here you go03:14
PublicStaticVoidBecause the last things it checked before that were all answered yes03:14
spearheadlustic: try bash Amnesia...sh03:14
Xiaolini attempted to install video drivers once. found out that HP had modified the video card and therefore required custom drivers. of course HP had pulled support and never developed drivers for linux or anything beyond winxp03:14
PublicStaticVoidI didn't think getting e18 setup would be this hard03:15
somsipspearhead: if it's a sh, maybe it should be 'sh ./Amnesia*'03:15
lusticwith bash it did something different...this03:15
PublicStaticVoidNot even sure why I need this EFL, and why they didnt build it in.03:15
Beldarimpossible, The drivers may have been installed automatically, is it looking normal in resolution and use?03:15
lusticlustic@lustic-HP-Pavilion-g6:~/Documents/Games START$ bash AmnesiaAMFP.sh03:16
lusticVerifying archive integrity... All good.03:16
lusticUncompressing Mojo Setup..............03:16
lusticCollecting info for this system...03:16
lusticOperating system: linux03:16
lusticCPU Arch: x86_6403:16
lustictrying mojosetup in bin/linux/x86_6403:16
lustic./startmojo.sh: 44: export: START/AmnesiaAMFP.sh: bad variable name03:16
PublicStaticVoidDude use a fucking pastebin site03:16
somsip!language | PublicStaticVoid03:16
Beldarlustic, use a pastebin03:16
ubottuPublicStaticVoid: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:16
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:16
impossibleBeldar, resolution seems good, like normal. I was asking because my brightness buttons arent working03:16
lusticyaya no need to freak sorry03:16
Beldarimpossible, How about the brightness gui?03:17
spearheadlustic: try it with sh instead of bash03:19
PublicStaticVoidYa, well there is a reason.. you are not the only one using this channel fo help.03:19
somsiplustic: http://www.frictionalgames.com/forum/thread-22830.html03:19
impossibleBeldar, I have never heard of the brightness gui03:19
Beldarimpossible, brightness and lock in the menu03:19
lusticthat link doesnt load,03:19
lusticnot found,03:19
somsiplustic: works fine when I click on it, summary "If I type "sudo bash ./AmnesiaAMFP-1.0.0.sh" the install script runs correctly." http://is.gd/Twh0CT03:19
lustichmm maybe cause i shortened the file name?03:19
lustici changed it to AmnesiaAMFP.sh03:19
somsiplustic: unlikely03:20
spearheadlustic: it might need root access try with sudo bash Amnesia...sh03:20
aernanhow do I force a package to install?03:20
SaberX01aernan, do you need to reinstall it, or are there deps not met what?03:21
DarkAceXtremehey, I can start synaptic without root, but if I try it with root, it gives me this error:03:22
DarkAceXtremeNo protocol specified03:22
DarkAceXtreme** (synaptic:11331): WARNING **: Could not open X display03:22
DarkAceXtremeNo protocol specified03:22
DarkAceXtreme(synaptic:11331): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.003:22
FloodBot1DarkAceXtreme: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:22
aernanI'm trying to get acpi stuff wedged in. I manually installed a package using dpkg. Can I remove that with apt?03:23
Xiaolinkostkon: so far no problems detected with the hdd or ram.03:24
SaberX01aernan, remove it with dpkg then03:24
BeldarDarkAceXtreme, any thing pertinent leading to this like removing the password...etc03:24
lustichere are the commands I've tried,  with a listing of the file name http://pastebin.com/BbkR9Gry03:24
Beldaror making a root password03:24
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VedritCan anyone help me how to find out what filesystem is used for a mount point? I'm trying to resolve an error in my Apache2/Mono stack, and was told to look into it03:25
DarkAceXtreme"synaptic" will work, but "sudo synaptic" will give me that error03:25
aernansaberx01. thanks. I had no idea apt could not remove dpkg installed packages03:25
aernanwhat a pain03:25
somsiplustic: try using what I posted from that link I gave "If I type "sudo  bash ./AmnesiaAMFP-1.0.0.sh" the install script runs correctly."03:25
aernanthen I did the apt-get -f install and it sorted itself03:26
somsiplustic: using your filename obviously, but include the ./03:26
lusticsorry, the link just wouldn't load always "not found"  i'll try03:26
whatisthematrixVedrit: try... sudo mount ...that will just give and informational display03:26
BeldarDarkAceXtreme, You would use gksudo, why are you using the cli to open it?03:26
spearheadlustic: is your system 32 bit or 64 bit?03:27
DarkAceXtremecli is supposed to work03:27
DarkAceXtremegksudo gives the same error03:27
BeldarDarkAceXtreme, sure but your command is incorrect with sudo, I have to wonder how many gui app you haver opened with sudo rather than gksudo, this will mess up your setup03:28
impossibleBeldar, http://pastebin.com/kWgpnxUu did he change his boot option to get his brightness working?03:29
SaberX01aernan, dpkg is the Debian package manager, apt-get is also a package management system, not all things cross over, then throw in Synaptic and apptitude and the picture is clear as mud :-)03:29
DarkAceXtremeno, I don't think that's the case :P03:29
DarkAceXtremesudo does not force to the cli03:29
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Vedritwhatisthematrix: can't. Unknown filesystem type 'none'03:30
Beldarimpossible, Not really an area I'm up on is all.03:30
whatisthematrixVedrit: you mean the command 'sudo mount' showed the filesystem on the mountpoint in question as 'unknown'?03:31
DarkAceXtremeoh wow03:31
DarkAceXtremeyou're right, Beldar, with the new version, gksudo and sudo do not work03:32
Vedritwhatisthematrix: I tried sudo mount /tmp since it's the directory that my web stack is trying to access, or something03:32
spearheadlustic: well, you have tried everything that i can think of. it might be a 32bit game that doesn't want to compile on a 64 bit system. but I don't know03:32
lusticstrange...that thread wont load for me,  even when i find it on google,03:33
Vedritbecause just sudo mount gives me a whole bunch of information I do not understand at all03:33
lusticouch,  well.... maybe i can just get it for win and run it on wine03:33
SaberX01impossible, His main change was adding acpi_backlight=vendor  to boot options, but there's no guarantee hat solves the issue.03:33
Xiaolinbroadcast message unknown, what could an error like that mean? i keep seeing it when my system crashes03:34
somsiplustic: you may be better off seeking support in the AMFP forums03:34
impossibleSaberX01, alright thx03:35
=== wycats_ is now known as wycats
lusticunfortunately that thread on the forums wont load nomatter what ! lol03:35
Vedritwhatisthematrix: if the directory in question isn't listed, what does that mean?03:35
somsiplustic: go to where you downloaded it from. Look for forums or other suport from there maybe03:36
SaberX01impossible, You may find this useful, but read the links also: http://askubuntu.com/questions/128463/how-to-control-brightness03:36
whatisthematrixVedrit: is /tmp it's own separate partition?03:36
Vedritwhatisthematrix: shouldn't be03:36
somsiplustic: also would recommend downloading it again and checksumming. also this: http://www.frictionalgames.com/forum/forum-53.html And that's me done03:37
lusticohh,  chromium wouldnt load it,    but firefox will, weird03:37
SaberX01Loads fine here.03:38
whatisthematrixVedrit: then i don't think /tmp can be mounted all by itself.. have you taken a look a 'sudo mount' ? does /tmp show as being part of your filesystem?03:38
Vedritwhatisthematrix: that's kind what I was asking when I asked : if the directory in question isn't listed, what does that mean?03:40
whatisthematrixVedrit: have you taken a look a 'sudo mount' ? does /tmp show as being part of your filesystem? does it show up  as being mounted?03:40
SaberX01There's no diff between sudo mount and normal user mount .. it's when you add options that sudo is then required.03:41
Vedritwhatisthematrix: yes I looked at sudo mount, and no /tmp isn't listed. Part of the filesystem, mounted or otherwise. It's not there at all.03:41
SaberX01The command mount simply lists all inuse mount points.03:41
whatisthematrixVedrit: well, that doesn't sound good03:41
whatisthematrixVedrit: can you do? --> cd /tmp03:42
whatisthematrixVedrit: okay, then you have a /tmp directory, but it's not a mount point, if i have that correct03:43
VedritI wouldn't know if you were wrong03:43
spearheadthen it should be getting mounted with /03:43
Xiaolinsounds correct03:43
Xiaolinassuming the system in question is responding to logic03:44
SaberX01that is the default, it's a directory under /root ... thus /tmp  / is the mount point.03:44
Vedritum... so in sudo mount, what would it look like?03:44
SaberX01You dont need to mount it, as the root file system is already  mounted, why you trying to mount /tmp ?03:45
spearheadyou wouldn't see /tmp in sudo mount. it gets mounted when the / mount point is mounted03:45
VedritI have no idea. That's what the one and only person responding in #httpd asked to ask here03:45
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SaberX01That makes no sesne at all ..install an app called .. tree .. then do tree -L 1 / and you will see all the dir's under the mount point /03:46
SaberX01of which, /tmp should be one of them, unless you deleted it.03:47
Vedrit"is /tmp mounted as tmpfs?" is what I was asked. The error I get from Apache2, that I'm trying to resolve, is: [crit] (13)Permission denied: Failed to create shared memory segment for backend 'default' at '/tmp/mod_mono_dashboard_default_2'03:47
lusticthe same method worked for  amnesia the dark decent,  so, yeah must be corrupt download or something,  i'll try to get it again or find it elsewhere,  thanks everyone03:49
SaberX01Vedrit, that tells me, for whatever reason, apache2 cannot r/w to /tmp .. it's merely guessing if it is an tmpfs setup, thus cvausing the r/w wrror, but I suspect it's not tempfs.03:49
=== Guest45403 is now known as VLanX
VedritOkay, so it's permissions? What should it be?03:50
SaberX01Vedrit, thats that it looks like to me ..03:50
MendelHey guys!03:50
VedritSaberX01: what should the permission be?03:51
=== daz_ is now known as Guest58004
spearheaddo ls -la and see what the permissions are for /tmp03:52
Apolloim running xchat through terminal and from what i read the only way i can make it so i can use that terminal again is by cntrl-z then type bg to put it in the background.03:52
Apollois that the easiest way? its just unfortunate cause i have to pause it03:52
spearheadsorry it needs to be ls -la /03:52
SaberX01Vedrit, sudo chmod 1777 /tmp ; sudo chown root.root /tmp03:53
VedritLooks like tmp has drwxr-xr-x03:53
spearheadso users other than root cannot write to it... do what SaberX01 said03:53
spearheadApollo: are you using terminal in a window?03:54
VedritOkay. Did that, so lets see if the errors go away...03:54
SaberX01Vedrit, should be sudo chown root:root /tmp  not " . "  sri03:54
spearheadApollo: if so, go to File>New Tab03:54
VedritWell, no errors when I restarted the stack, lets see if my .aspx pages will load...03:55
ianorlinapollo you can also make a new tab by control shift t in the terminal03:55
Vedritdarn, no...03:55
SaberX01Vedrit, did you get the correct shown cmd:   sudo chown root:root /tmp03:56
SaberX01What's the error your getting nwo ?03:57
spearheadis apache configured propperly to load aspx files?03:57
DarkAceXtremexhost SI:localuser:root03:57
DarkAceXtremethat's what fixed my sudo issue03:57
SaberX01spearhead, that was wehre I was going next :-)03:57
DarkAceXtremethere's a ubuntu 13.10 glitch03:58
DarkAceXtremewhich makes root not be able to run X programs03:58
VedritNothing other than a 503 error in the browser, and nothing in the error logs03:58
VedritApache2 may very well be misconfigured03:58
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SaberX01Vedrit, try going to the web-root http://ip-addy/index.html03:59
Vedritthat should be a local file?04:00
spearheadif it is on your local computer do http://localhost/index.html04:00
VedritIs it?04:00
VedritOr are you meaning to simply go to the index file I'm trying to reach>04:01
spearheadwhere is your apache server you are trying to get running04:01
SaberX01Vedrit, yes, when you install apache2 it places an "It Works" index.html file int eh web-root to let you know it's working wiht the bas config.04:01
Apolloianorlin, thank you, and thank you for the shortcut i love that.04:01
SaberX01Vedrit, wehre is apache2 installed, local machine or remote server ?04:01
VedritI can access html pages fine, the other virtual host, with an html index, is perfectly accessable. The host with the aspx index is not accessable04:02
SaberX01Vedrit, you probably need: sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-mono mono-apache-server204:02
VedritI thought I had already done it once or twice before, but I'll do it again04:02
SaberX01That should sort out your .NET stuff.04:02
VedritYeah, already have it04:03
VedritSo, my guess would be configurations are not right04:03
SaberX01Vedrit, There s good big of config needed for .aspx .. here's a descent how-too: http://www.toptensoftware.com/Articles/6/Setting-up-a-Ubuntu-Apache-MySQL-Mono-ASP-NET-MVC-2-Development-Server04:03
spearheaddid you delete the html index file from this apache server? if so try adding one just to see if it works04:04
VedritDo I need samba to work? I've had numerous issues with it in the past04:04
spearheadnot if you aren't going to use it04:05
VedritI don't intend to04:05
SaberX01Vedrit, and for simplicity sake, dont add any VHosts until you can get runnign by simply ln -s /home/$USER/some-project /var/www  .. that way you can isolate the VHost errors from base server errors.04:05
VedritLike I said, one host works fine, remotely and local. It's only when I try to load aspx pages that I run into issues04:06
Apolloif i use apt-get remove <package>, will apt-get purge <package> also remove and delete the config files?04:06
whatisthematrixApollo: yes04:06
Apolloor do i have to do something like apt-get remove -purge <package> like i have seen somewhere04:07
SaberX01Vedrit, on the one VHost that works, is it using aspx pages?04:07
VedritYes. One has html, the other has aspx04:07
Apollook, odd that they did it that one way though04:07
VedritEr, no04:07
whatisthematrixApollo: you could just do... apt-get purge <package>04:07
VedritThe host that is working does not have aspx04:07
Apollook, thats easier to remember.04:07
SaberX01Vedrit, Ok, so you still dont know then, it's it's a server config or VHost config issue on the site that is tryign to serve aspx pages.04:08
whatisthematrixApollo: that would both  remove the package and the config files04:08
Apolloremembering all these commands is confusing04:08
SaberX01Vedrit, You need to ensure the server is capable of serving apsx pages first, then if yes, config VHost correctly.04:08
VedritBut at the moment, I don't really see how it would make a difference, since we're only trying to server 1 host with aspx pages04:08
SaberX01Vedrit, see comment above ^^^04:09
whatisthematrixApollo: yea, it can be. you get somewhat used to it after a while tho ;-)04:09
VedritStill don't understand why it would matter.04:09
spearheaddo you have this line in your Vhost AddHandler mono .aspx ascx .asax .ashx .config .cs .asmx .axd04:10
SaberX01Vedrit, Well if your server can't serve aspx, your VHost will never work.04:11
SaberX01That is why it matters.04:11
VedritDoesn't look like it, and maybe that's the issue.04:12
spearheadlook at this page about half way down http://www.toptensoftware.com/Articles/6/Setting-up-a-Ubuntu-Apache-MySQL-Mono-ASP-NET-MVC-2-Development-Server04:12
spearheadit describes creating a vhost to work with asp.net04:12
SaberX01Vedrit, in a terminal, try mono -V04:12
VedritSaberX01: and look for what? That it loads at all?04:13
SaberX01See if the config is correct04:13
VedritI don't know what it would look like if configs were incorrect04:14
SaberX01Alsdo did you mv mod-mono.conf to mod_avail* ?04:14
=== saruman is now known as Guest50414
SaberX01Vedrit, Are you using a How-Too of any kind ?04:14
VedritI've used so many different ones...04:15
Vedritbut yes, mod-mono.conf is in mod_avail04:15
SaberX01Vedrit, Here is the Official one: http://mono-project.com/Mod_mono   .. and .. this from Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ModMono  and this is a good article: http://www.toptensoftware.com/Articles/6/Setting-up-a-Ubuntu-Apache-MySQL-Mono-ASP-NET-MVC-2-Development-Server04:17
SaberX01I suggest starting from the beginning, and work through the Mon-Mono setup.04:17
SaberX01Vedrit, It's most likely somethign simple, a config parameter, or link that's missing, but what / where that is could be anywhere.04:18
munderwohi all, has anybody used apt-mirror?04:18
SaberX01munderwo, I use debmirror, but have used apt-mirror in the past.04:19
munderwoSaberX01: oh cool. So have you uploaded your own deb packages to it?04:19
VedritOdd...I'm getting the index page isn't in the directory...04:20
SaberX01munderwo, no, you can create your own repos, and add them to your /etc/source.list .. the only packages in the ubuntu repo should be from Ubuntu.,04:20
Apolloanyone use the script AutoDeb?04:21
glitsj16Vedrit: you also need to have a symlink to mod-mono in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled .. that step is nowhere to be found in the http://www.toptensoftware.com/Articles/6/Setting-up-a-Ubuntu-Apache-MySQL-Mono-ASP-NET-MVC-2-Development-Server article, but you need that04:22
munderwoSaberX01: right. so I guess what I want to is create my own repo? Have you done that before?04:22
SaberX01munderwo, if you want a packaged added officially, have to go through the pbuild and submit process.04:22
munderwoSaberX01: nah, I just want to deploy my own packages to my own servers? like my own web-apps etc04:22
munderwobut have them apt-get-abe04:23
SaberX01munderwo, If your talking about a PPS, yes, a full on peronal repo, no, but it's pretty easy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal04:23
munderwoSaberX01: Righto, I guess that might be the best way. Im assuming that debian can't use PPA's? are they ubuntu only?04:24
SaberX01munderwo, see comment above, PPA or personal repo will do what your after.04:24
glitsj16Vedrit: did you do a a2enmod step to enable the mono module? that creates a symlink in that directory04:24
VedritThere's already mod-mono in the mods-available folder04:25
SaberX01munderwo, Yes you can, but it's a bit different process than Ubuntu: https://wiki.debian.org/HowToSetupADebianRepository04:25
SaberX01munderwo, If it's one or two packages, for Ubuntu, Launchpad PPA easiest route I think.04:26
glitsj16Vedrit: that only means you have the module, the next thing would be loading it into apache2, which is done by a2enmod command, that's the way apache2 configuration works under ubuntu/debian04:26
Vedritglitsj16: odd. When I enter in the a2enmod mod-mono command, it says mod-mono doesn't exist04:27
we6jboWhat do I need if a program (.exe) is saying that I need mono and I'm running Ubuntu?04:27
munderwoSaberX01: ahh see I got to debian link before and found debmirror etc, and was thinking I could just use those? but it seems like they won't do private mirrors04:27
glitsj16Vedrit: you need the exact same name the mono mod has without the .conf part, never used aspx04:27
munderwosorry not private mirrors, private packages04:27
Beldarwe6jbo, .exe is windows, you familiar with wine?04:28
=== matuka is now known as matuka`
munderwoSaberX01: Actually I just found a part on the debian wiki that talks about setting up a PPA. So i'll have a look at the differences to the ubuntu docs. Thanks for your help!04:29
we6jboBeldar: I've used wine but this particular application's install info is saying that I need mono04:29
glitsj16Vedrit: after enabling it you'll need to restart apache2 as well04:29
spearheadglitsj16: don't you have to a2ensite on the name of the vhost?04:29
we6jboBeldar: and I see everything from libmono to mono complete. I'm not sure which one I need04:29
Beldarwe6jbo, Not an answer here, but you might give more details is all.04:29
glitsj16spearhead: yes, this is about the mono module, not the site04:30
SaberX01munderwo, You could config it to mirror a private mirror, but what is the point, if all you have is a few packages, stick them on Launchpad, add the PPA , job done. I use debmirror to mirro Ubuntu Repos for fater installs and updates.04:30
spearheadglitsj16: shouldn't the module be loaded automatically on install?04:30
glitsj16Vedrit: how is the mono module called in your mods-available directory?04:31
glitsj16spearhead: no it needs manual enablement iirc04:31
SaberX01spearhead, if he hasnt added the module, no it wont.04:31
spearheadglitsj16: learn something new every day04:31
Nicnmis there any command that records keystrokes and can later replay them?04:31
Vedritglitsj16: mod_mono, so I'll give that a try04:32
munderwoSaberX01: Oh It was more like, I would like a local mirror of all the packages for speed, and I want to distribute my own packages that I want to keep on my own servers so if I can do that all with one piece of infrastructure that would be great. If I have to do it with two then thats ok.04:32
glitsj16spearhead: very true :) .. and forget about it the next morning04:32
SaberX01He needs to start from the Apache2 Mod-Mono setup instructions, until the server is setup right, not gonna render aspx.04:32
rwwNicnm: in a terminal or in general?04:32
Vedritand it says it's already enabled04:32
Nicnmmostly in the terminal04:32
munderwoSaberX01: ie I want to have my cake and eat it too :)04:32
glitsj16Vedrit: cool, so you should be able to test a aspx page04:32
corederI'm not able to see the date and time04:33
SaberX01munderwo, You can, that's the whole purpose of PPA ..04:33
VedritIs there a way to test aspx pages without having to go through a vhost?04:33
coredermy titlebar doesn't show date and time. What should I do to get it back?04:33
SaberX01munderwo, it's an atchive / repo of just your packages, add that line to your sources list, and you what your after, a local mirror and personal repo via PPA04:34
glitsj16Vedrit: try putting one under your DocumentRoot?04:35
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
VedritJust so I'm on the wrong track, where is my DocumentRoot?04:36
Vedriter, just so I'm -not- on the wrong track04:36
SaberX01/var/www unless you chaged it.04:36
VedritI hope I haven't....04:36
Vedritthen just go to localhost/index.aspx ?04:37
SaberX01Vedrit, mkdir ~/aspx-test && sudo ln -s /home/$USER/aspx-test /var/www    .. then add a know good index.aspx file in aspx-test dir.04:38
VedritOh, I'm probably complicating things by using master pages04:38
SaberX01probably ?  lol ..04:39
spearheadafter you do what SaberX01 said then if your apache server is on your local machine http://localhost/index.aspx should open it04:40
spearheadjust replace index.aspx with the name of your aspx file04:40
alnris there any way to globally turn off antialiasing? gnome-tweak-tool doesnt do it04:41
munderwoSaberX01: ahh I think I see now. I can just mirror into a directory and the PPA will scan that and provide the whole thing as a repository.. nice!04:41
Nicnmrww: just to clarify I'm using terminator and would like it to open autocratically open and resize the prompt windows04:42
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
VedritI wonder if my permissions on that folder are skrewy too04:42
glitsj16alnr: gnome-yweak-tool has that option .. it doesn't work?04:43
VedritI do see Mono and ASP.NET versions listed on the 404 pages, though, so I hope that's good04:43
alnrglitsj16: yeah i did try that, maybe i need to do something else like restart, but it did not have any effect04:43
=== Mars is now known as Guest95481
glitsj16alnr: just checked here, it should work instantly04:44
alnrhmm. i'm on 12.04 LTS whatever this dm is, unity?04:44
alnrinstalling tweak put a crapton of packages on04:45
VedritI'm going to be AFK for a bit. Thanks for the help so far guys04:45
glitsj16alnr: probably, unity-tweak-tool can do it too04:45
spearheadVedrit: run this command to find your documentroot grep -i 'DocumentRoot' httpd.conf04:45
glitsj16alnr: what does "echo $DESKTOP_SESSION" output?04:46
andrewjs18hi, is it possible to force a hdd to unmount in ubuntu?04:46
Vedritspearhead: httpd.conf: no such file or directory04:46
visceraso wait, i'm running VESA and i can do full transparency? pretty cool.04:47
somsipVedrit: /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, not httpd.conf04:47
mjmac85_I'm having a problem mounting a usb stick  when using mount I don't know what type to put.  fdisk -l lists it as Linux04:47
alnrglitsj16: just outputs ubuntu04:47
mjmac85_so what do I put for the type flag?04:47
glitsj16alnr: that's unity allright, the name is a bit confusing04:47
alnrapt or ubuntu software center did not see anything matching unity-tweak-tool04:48
glitsj16alnr: yeah just saw that isn't available on 12.0404:48
xanguaalnr: what ubuntu release¿04:48
Vedritsomsip: ok... it did nothing04:48
alnrxangua: says 12.04 LTS04:48
SaberX01Vedrit, I wsa in anoth channel, if you did what I said above, point your browser to http://localhost/aspx-test/index.aspx not http://localhost/index.aspx04:48
xanguaalnr: for 12.04, try Ubuntu Tweak http://ubuntu-tweak.com/04:49
=== Gallomimia_ is now known as Gallomimia
somsipVedrit: I don't know what you are doing, just pointing out the correct file name04:49
VedritThat's the problem, I don't know what I'm doing04:50
SaberX01somsip, he's trying to get apach2 to render apsx / .NET files.04:50
VedritAny how, I have things to take care of, so I will be back in 30 minutes or so04:50
somsipSaberX01: I have read. Frankly, I don't want to get involved in that04:50
MrCuriousopenstack on 13.10 server with the goal  of using VM's on same metal to experiment.  anyone know of a quick start for that? i cant seem to get any nodes out of commissioning04:51
SaberX01somsip, I dont see the point either, if ya wont .NET use a IIS server is what I'd say :-)04:51
=== GDiax is now known as NaStYdoG
SaberX01MrCurious, seems to be allot of different appraches to that, im not an openstack expert, but this one looks fairly straight forward:  http://www.stackgeek.com/guides/gettingstarted.html04:58
SaberX01It's for 12.04 though .. may be a few delta's to 13.1004:59
MrCuriousthanks, found this one earlier, then discovered that 12.04 was not wanting to play well with windows on my new laptop05:00
we6jboOk now it says Install Mono 2.8 or greater for Windows to run .NET 4.0 applications05:00
diabolo88alguien habla español??05:01
xangua!es | diabolo8805:01
ubottudiabolo88: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:01
q0how do i know whether i can underclock my hp ?05:02
q0even disable the vga card05:02
somsipq0: disable the onboard card is usually in the BIOS05:02
q0alternative options ?05:03
q0assuming it's not there05:03
somsipq0: hammer?05:03
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
somsipq0: Like, is it there or have you checked and it's not?05:03
stritq0 if it's onboard it would be there.05:04
MrCuriousseems i failed to import-boot-images05:05
VedritSaberX01: IIS?05:09
spearheadVedrit: that is because they made changes I was not aware of in 13.10. to find the DocumentRoot do grep -i 'DocumentRoot' /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf .. also, what SaberX01 said is correct, it should have been http://localhost/aspx-test/index.aspx05:09
SaberX01Vedrit, IIS ~ aka Windoes Web-Server05:10
VedritI'm using 12.04, so what you said, spearhead, still valid?05:11
spearheadi think it will still work05:11
spearheadtry it and see if it outputs anything05:11
VedritSaberX01: If I can do that Ubuntu, I'd give it a try. As it is, I don't have a spare license for windows05:11
SaberX01Vedrit, for 12.04 it is:  grep -i DocumentRoot /etc/apache2/sites-available/default05:13
SaberX01should yeild:  DocumentRoot /var/www05:13
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
Hazard_I'm havig networking problems05:14
VedritSaberX01: do I have to do /sites-available/default?05:14
Vedrit...or did I do something I shouldn't have way back when?05:15
SaberX01Vedrit, On my 12.04 server, I have default and default-ssl .. and that's it.05:15
Hazard_I have Windows 7 OS and used VMPlayer to create a virtual instance of Ubunto 10.0405:15
=== sm is now known as Guest96033
stritHazard_, why 10.04?05:15
VedritI thought that vhosts had to have their own directory in sites-available?05:16
Hazard_I am able to access the internet from it through the host, yes, but I'd like to be able to connect through Wi-Fi05:16
Hazard_strit: That's what VM Player has05:16
Beldar!10.04 | Hazard_05:16
ubottuHazard_: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.05:16
SaberX01Vedrit, not being funny, buy on a localhost web-server, having all those VHost configs is over complicating things, the same can be accomplished by simply using seperate folders in the web-root.05:17
[-wolong-]Windows user recommend to wait for 14.04 or?05:17
VedritThat would defeat the whole purpose of not spending money05:17
stritHazard_, how is the network settings in WMPlayer? are they set up correctly?05:17
SaberX01Vedrit, not on a local machine05:18
spearheadVedrit: have you tried to access the page at http://localhost/aspx-test/index.aspx ?05:18
Hazard_strit: I believe so, the network connection is on NAT05:19
BeldarHazard_, 10.04 desktop is eol you do not have access to the regular repos to start with05:19
Vedritspearhead: I didn't make that directory.05:19
SaberX01Vedrit, in any case, a LAMP server install on Ubuntu is so easy it should be criminal: udo tasksel install lamp-server05:19
VedritSaberX01: I'm a bit confused, what did you mean "buy on a localhost" ?05:19
rwweww tasksel :(05:19
SaberX01I like it.05:19
anujI am getting an unmet dependency error concerning libavahi05:20
spearheadif you ran the command that SaberX01 said before you left then you did05:20
anujcan anyone help me?05:20
rwwi prefer tools that don't get bored and remove half my packages like tasksel has in the past05:20
somsip!ask | anuj05:20
ubottuanuj: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:20
VedritHonestly, I'm just trying to get anything to work. Apache2 and mono is the first, and most numerous, that said it would host web pages05:20
SaberX01rww, that's the nice thing about *Nox system, for every one way to do soemthing, there's many more ways to get the same end results.05:21
VedritFrom here, do I just remove apache2 and mono and get lamp?05:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:21
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/05:21
ubottuanuj,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:21
DWTaylor[-wolong-]: No need to wait for 14.04.  Install 13.10 (the latest release).  You can always upgrade it to 14.04 in April, and then ride out the long term support on 14.04 if you choose.05:22
VedritAlso, what is the difference between tasksel and apt-get?05:22
anujI have an unmet dependency problem with libavahi-client3 which is not getting resolved through apt-get -f install05:22
Hazard_Beldar: I'm trying to check if I can somehow access a ewer version05:23
=== log is now known as Logan_
spearheadVedrit: lamp stands for linux apache mySQL PHP it is just a shortcut to get all of them together05:24
VedritSo there won't be conflicts if I leave... the mess I've made where it is?05:25
spearheadVedrit: sometimes it is easier to purge the problem applications and restart following a known good how-to step by step to get the result you want. I'm not saying it is the best option in your case but it might be. If you try to access the aspx page at http://localhost/aspx-test/index.aspx and it works then you don't need to do that but if you try and it still can't find the page it might be best to start over.05:28
SaberX01Vedrit, maybe that's the best thing for you to do, start from scratch with a LAMP install .. and go from there.05:28
androidfr33kHello.  I  want to expand my drive which I did with gparted but want the home dir there on /dev/sda3 instead of /dev/sda1 the /.   I don't think this is a simple task because its my home dir with all the config files login etc.  I goggled searched and found that I need to get the UUID and put that into the FSTAB.  I tried that already and I still loose my /home dir05:28
VedritI can save the web pages I have (Few and temporary as they are anyway)05:30
Beldarandroidfr33k, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving05:30
VedritI'd rather start over and do it right05:30
somsip!home | androidfr33k05:30
ubottuandroidfr33k: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving05:30
androidfr33kThank you05:30
SaberX01Vedrit, yeah, I'd also recommend, for testing anyway, just use your /home for directories, and trat eash top-level directory as a VHost .. then all you have to do is ln -s that folder to /var/www05:31
SaberX01Vedrit, I mean you can certainly go through the pains of VHosting each one and leanign the configs, but it's not necessary to build websites.05:32
=== saruman is now known as Guest82451
Guest82451hey i noticed that when i add a PATH=$PATH:/NEWPATH line and an export PATH line in either profile or any of the profile.d scripts that nothing happens...05:33
Guest82451where do i globally  add to the PATH variable ?05:33
VedritSaberX01: It'd probably be best to learn how to get it to work how I want in the first place before I start creating vhosts05:33
SaberX01Vedrit, I'd agree, get the top level workign and understood well firs, them move onto sub-domain / VHosting.05:34
somsipGuest82451: ~/.profile or ./bashrc or ./bash_aliases05:34
RPG-MasterMy Ubuntu desktop has fallen into that "low graphics fallback" thing, most likely due to something I did with my NVIDIA drivers.05:34
peterrooneyGuest82451: normally, in .bash_profile05:34
Guest82451somsip: so only user by user then ? no global place ?05:34
RPG-MasterI've tried uninstalling everything nvidia, and then reintalling the version I was last using, but that didn't fix it.05:34
VedritSaberX01: So if I install LAMP on top of what I already have, do you think there might be any issues?05:35
SaberX01RPG-Master, may helpf to explain what you did, and then the end results.05:35
RPG-MasterVedrit, ok, give me a moment05:35
peterrooneysomsip: .bashrc is for functions and aliases.05:35
BeldarRPG-Master, You reboot after theses changes?05:35
somsipGuest82451: I didn't see you asking about global. /etc/bashrc then05:35
androidfr33kthanks again that is an excellent guide05:36
somsipGuest82451: or /etc/bash.bashrc depending on version. Or /etc/environment as an alternative05:36
SaberX01Vedrit, You want to get right of the other packages first, like sudo -P apache2* ; sudo apt-gee autoremove ; sudo apt-get clean ; then install the new LAMP server.05:36
SaberX01*get rid of .. ..05:36
SaberX01sudo apt-get -P apache2*05:37
SaberX01sri for the typo's having allot of keyboard troubles for some reason.05:37
VedritI'm kind of concerned about apt-get clean05:38
Guest82451ahhhh login.defs05:38
VedritWhat all does that command entail?05:38
Guest82451these are the sorts of things they shouldn't change between versions unless its just once lol05:38
SaberX01Vedrit, sudo apt-get remove apache2* ; sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt-get update05:39
VedritSaberX01: what does apt-get clean do?05:40
SaberX01Vedrit, then after that's done: sudo apt-get install tasksel && sudo tasksel install lamp-server05:40
SaberX01Vedrit, clean up old files, man apt --clean05:40
RPG-MasterOK, so I was using the latest version of the drivers, 331. I was having some issues with my game Metro:LL, and I saw someone mention rolling back to version 319 fixed their crashing. So I uninstalled 331, and installed 319. This didn't fix my problem so I reversed and went back to 331. All was fine until I got that little red sign in the corner of my screen about some package error which was preventing updating. So I tried my hand at05:41
RPG-Masterfixing it, which involved uninstalling some nvidia stuff, letting it update, and then reinstalling what I had just removed. Rebooted and here I am.05:41
RPG-MasterSince then, I have removed all things nvidia, rebooted, installed my driver version of choice, rebooted, which fixed nothing. Also, I recall reinstalling "ubuntu-desktop" which brought some things back I must have removed awhile ago. Not sure why I did that, it didn't mean much to my current situation.05:43
RPG-MasterLet me type the error I found in the xorg log, which I've got pulled up in the fallback mode here05:44
RPG-Master"Failed to initialize the the NVIDIA kernel module. Please see the system's kernel log for additional error messages and consult the NVIDIA README for details."05:46
RPG-MasterThen it says:05:46
RPG-MasterFailing initialization of X screen 005:47
RPG-MasterThen some stuff about unloading what it had loaded05:47
RPG-Master"Screens found but none have a usable configuration".05:47
googchenghi  all ! is it safe to upgrade the ubuntu 12.04.3 kernel to 3.13 RC 605:48
thom_ranyone get linux kernel 3.11.0-15 today?05:48
Beldargoogcheng, no support on that.05:49
googchengi want to solve the black screen when suspend05:49
Beldar!anyone | thom_r05:49
ubottuthom_r: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:49
googchengthx Beldar05:50
googchengi have to compile one for ubuntu12.04 . is it possible ?05:52
roothoricktwo issues. One, my ExpressCard slot isn't actually hotplugging05:54
SaberX01thom_r, I dont know, still waiting on mirror to finish up on trusty, then have to do my daily sync. 14.04 is on 3.12.x already, what UB version you on?05:54
roothoricktwo, I have a A5418-based ExpressCard that randomly stops working, spamming dmesg with "Unable to reset channel, reset status -5"05:54
thom_rI'm on 13.1005:55
roothorickany help?05:55
SaberX01thom_r, ahh, Im on 12.04 here.05:55
SaberX01The we 12.04.4 point release should be happening soon Id' think.05:56
thom_rI had to reboot after the new kernel installed. Seemed to boot up faster, and programs seemed to load faster. That's a good thing.05:56
thom_rmight just be my imagination though05:56
SaberX01thom_r, there's a vry noticable difference in 12.04 and 14.04 both in boot and loading the DE.05:56
googchengwaiting for 12.04.4   haha05:57
[-wolong-]SaberX01: like?05:57
thom_rI probably will wake a week or two after 14.04 is released before I upgrade to it.05:57
SaberX01[-wolong-], like what?05:57
[-wolong-]the difference05:58
SaberX0114.04 not ready for prime time by no means, but it's up and runnign for those wanting to test installs, work bugs, test DE aps etc.05:58
cortezis 13.04 locked to X.Org 1.14 or will it see 1.15?05:58
SaberX01[-wolong-], difference = speed TTB  adn TTDE05:59
[-wolong-]1404 better?05:59
googchengwhich is the best tutorial about compile kernel for ubuntu 12.04?05:59
thom_rcortez, 13.04 will no longer be supported in a couple weeks or so05:59
googchengi want to use ubuntu12.04 for my lift , really06:00
SaberX01googcheng, there are officual how-too also, but I ahve this one book marked, proceed at your own risk :-): http://mitchtech.net/compile-linux-kernel-on-ubuntu-12-04-lts-detailed/06:01
cortezthom_r: what do you mean? 13.04 is the current release!06:01
androidfr33kWow what a great guide I completed that in minutes  no problems.  I am in mac using oracle viirtualbox so my original image is intact in case I screed up.  Thanks Again06:01
thom_rcortez, 13.10 is the current release, it is supported until July06:01
cortezthat's not "a couple of weeks"06:01
cortezsorry, i am running 13.1006:02
cortezwill 13.10 get an X.Org bump?06:02
thom_rok, well you asked about 13.0406:02
cortezyeah, sorry06:02
cortezi was thinking of 13.1006:02
cortezso what's canonical's policy, there?06:03
SaberX01cortez, This dont tell you the actual date, but has the months:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases06:03
cortezSaberX01: fair enough. I'm asking because i have random font glyph corruption in gnome-terminal in 13.1006:04
xanguacortez: policy is to release secutiry updates, no new software version...except very little few exceptions06:04
thom_rinteresting to note, 10.04 is still supported until may 9th06:04
SaberX01cortez, for policy, see bottom of the page, Management of Releases.06:04
cortezSaberX01: i didn't have that in Arch Linux, but Arch was running 1.1506:04
cortezxangua: okay, so i'm guessing X.Org isn't an exception :)06:04
xanguathom_r: only server packages06:04
androidfr33ksince that went so well is there a way to resize the / to a smaller size and expand the new /home partition06:05
thom_rxangua, April for the server, May for the desktop06:05
androidfr33kgparted has them locked of course06:05
thom_raccording to wiki.ubuntu.com/releases06:05
xanguathom_r: 10.04 desktop is no longer supported06:06
thom_rnevermind, you are correct. we are in 2014 now. Still have 2013 on my mind06:06
SaberX01androidfr33k, you have to boot from another media source, like a LiveCD so you can umount the drives first, but be careful resizing drives with data on them, a good Backup would eb good now Id' think.06:07
androidfr33kah ok that makes sense so the drive I want to resize is no longer mounted.  Thanks06:08
googchengSaberX01, thanks .06:08
treeprogramHi, I can't find 'Software Sources' control app in my dash, I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. I need to enable backporting, and the instructions say to open 'Software Sources' to do that.06:09
treeprogramany suggestions06:09
xanguatreeprogram: Software Center>Edit menu>Sources ; or Update Software, Configure button06:10
SaberX01Dash >> Update >> select Update manager06:10
Psil0Cybinhey guys I just did sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:10
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:10
Psil0Cybinand it installed a new kernel and i got this error message06:10
Psil0CybinExamining /etc/kernel/header_postinst.d.06:10
Psil0Cybinrun-parts: executing /etc/kernel/header_postinst.d/dkms 3.2.0-58-generic /boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-58-generic06:10
Psil0CybinError! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.2.0-58-generic (i686)06:10
Psil0CybinConsult /var/lib/dkms/cedarview-drm/20120717/build/make.log for more information.06:10
Psil0CybinSetting up linux-headers-generic ( ...06:10
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:10
Psil0Cybini am guessing my graphic driver will not work with this kernel again? sigh06:10
Psil0Cybinin the error log i get06:11
Psil0CybinMakefile:5: /boot/config-3.2.0-58-generic: No such file or directory06:11
Psil0Cybinmake: *** No rule to make target `/boot/config-3.2.0-58-generic'.  Stop.06:11
treeprogramxangua: thanks06:11
SaberX01yeah what xangua said too ^^^^ :-)06:12
thom_rPsil0Cybin, what version are you trying to install?06:13
Psil0Cybinwell sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:14
Psil0Cybininstalled kernel -3.2.0-58-generic06:14
Psil0Cybinwith headers06:14
Psil0Cybinduring the install it said its having problems with cedarview (my driver)06:14
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:14
Psil0Cybinsaid to read the log06:14
Psil0Cybinand the log said there was no make file for that kernel build06:14
Psil0Cybinthus i am out of luck again?06:14
cortezaww, cryptsetup 1.4 :(06:14
cortezno tcrypt for me06:14
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, what Ubuntu Version ? 3.2 Kernel is kind of dated06:15
Psil0Cybini know06:16
Psil0CybinSaberX01: but I am using an old acer aspire06:16
Psil0Cybinand it is the only working kernel i can use06:16
Psil0Cybin3.2 x06:16
Psil0Cybini have tried newer upstream kernels06:16
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
Psil0Cybinwithout luck06:16
Psil0Cybin3.2 is the only thing that works06:17
Psil0Cybinbut this new kernel is causing problems with my driver..06:17
SaberX01What Ubuntu Version ?06:17
BitwiseHello. I have a wifi adapter which picks up a signal and a nic card in my computer. How can I use my computer and send a connection through the ethernet port to another device?06:18
thom_rPsil)Cybin, what Ubuntu version is it?06:18
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing06:18
rwwdunno if that still works, but i used it years ago06:18
Psil0Cybinthom_r: Xubuntu 12.0406:18
Psil0Cybinor Ubuntu with Xubuntu 12.0406:18
Psil0CybinSaberX01: this happend before06:18
Psil0Cybinand the only thing I could do was wait for another kenerel06:19
Psil0Cybinbut I am starting to get worried, that eventually there is not going to be a new kernel for me to go too :'(06:19
rwwwhat is the thing that comes up when i hold down alt in Unity? is that that hud thing06:19
Psil0Cybinthus I want to fix this asap06:19
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, why did you do dist-upgrade then v.s. just upgrade?06:19
Psil0CybinI thought it was good security measures?06:19
Psil0Cybinto keep your kernel as up to date as possible?06:19
Psil0Cybinso what would I do now? Just remove the problematic kernels?06:20
Psil0Cybinbut I hear this is not a good answer.06:20
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, of the 3.2 kernel was the only one that worked, you shoudl get to know this command : echo package_name hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections06:21
RktRaccoonQ: is there a way to check to see if certain hardware (a scanner) is now supported at install?06:21
rwwplug it in and see?06:21
RktRaccoonIt would be nice to know before installation.06:22
thom_rgoogle it06:22
rwwRktRaccoon: LiveCD...?06:22
BeldarRktRaccoon, simple scan has generic drivers, depends I suppose on what you want.06:23
=== Zekoman is now known as Karlon
SaberX01RktRaccoon, you can grep dmesg for scanner and other things to see, but the best test, after install try to use it.06:23
RPG-MasterBack with a simpler problem: I'm getting a "no screens detected" in my xorg log. How do I fix this?06:23
SaberX01RPG-Master, x-org and simple are two words not commonly associated with respect to Linux :-)06:24
BeldarRktRaccoon, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Scanners06:24
RktRaccoonah, thanks.06:24
Psil0Cybinwhat does that command do06:25
Psil0CybinI am still semi new to linux06:25
Psil0Cybinlearning every day06:25
Psil0CybinSaberX01: so what can I do to Diagnose this issue now? Just remove that kernel? and headers?06:25
Psil0Cybinand wait for a better upgrade?06:25
RPG-MasterSaberX01, I kinda get the feeling. :'(06:25
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:25
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, I've boot into the recovery mode and reinstall the working kernel they way you did previously.06:25
SaberX01* I would boot .. ..06:25
Psil0CybinOh actually?06:26
Psil0Cybinand that could solve my problem?06:26
Psil0Cybinso restart the laptop06:26
Psil0Cybingo into recovery06:26
Psil0Cybinand run what command? sorry06:26
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, however you set up the 3.2 kernel you said was the only one that works for you.06:27
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, Here's a a descent Recovery Mode How Too: http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/09/how-to-repair-broken-system-after.html06:28
SaberX01And like the How-Too Says, when the system boots, remove the Kernel that causing you trouble, ensuring you keep the kernel that works.06:29
SaberX01The put a hold on that kernel for future upgrades, so you dont go through this again.06:30
Psil0Cybini hope i do not cause problems :P06:30
SaberX01Anything is possible, but, lets hope not.06:31
Psil0CybinSaberX01: so if i understand you correctly06:34
Psil0Cybinthere is nothing i can do but just remove the problematic kernel06:34
Psil0Cybinand attempt to reinstall it06:34
Psil0Cybinif it does not work06:34
Psil0Cybinblacklist it type thing?06:34
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:34
treeprogramHi, my cmake is version 2.8.7. I'm trying to upgrade to, but I'm a linux noob. Could someone guide me on how to do it?06:36
treeprogrambackporting is enabled btw06:36
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, "backporting is enabled" makes no sense, do you mean you've enabled the backports repository?06:38
MrCuriousseems my MAAS is not serving up PXE images via dhcp06:38
MrCuriousbet i have competing dhcp servers going06:38
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, which Ubuntu are you on?06:38
treeprogramTheLordOfTime: yes that's right, Ubuntu 12.0406:39
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, best thing to do is upgrade to saucy to get as close to that as you can, the dependencies that cmake from Trusty ( needs aren't satisfiable on Precise, and you'd be upgrading a lot more than just cmake.  You'd have to upgrade libc6 and a bunch of other things06:41
treeprogramJust to clarify regarding the backports repository being enabled: the 'unsupported updates' checkbox in Software Sources -> Updates is checked.06:41
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, Trusty has, if you need that compiler you should either install Trusty in a VM or risk your computer exploding by using Trusty on your system (it's still in development)06:41
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, that's still irrelevant in this case06:41
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, even with the backports repo installed, there's no backports for cmake06:42
rwwcmake isn't a compiler.06:42
treeprogramTheLordOfTime: would it be easier to upgrade to 2.8.11?06:42
TheLordOfTimerww, it still isn't easily backportable, libc6 deps aren't satisfiable06:42
TheLordOfTimerww, and upgrading libc6 might break a lot of other things in the process06:43
rwwthis response seems tangental to my random fact06:43
TheLordOfTimetrue though.06:43
TheLordOfTimerww, it's still not wise for them to try and backport cmake though.06:44
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, same issue, the dependencies aren't satisfiable06:44
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, is there a reason what's in Precise won't work for what you need?06:44
TheLordOfTimeand a specific reason you want to upgrade that package in particular?06:44
treeprogramTheLordOfTime: I'm trying to build Bitcoin-based software, and the 'cmake' is failing. Someone who had a similar problem was able to fix it by upgrading to the 2.8.11 version of cmake06:45
rwwis this dogecoin06:45
TheLordOfTime^ that06:45
treeprogramrww: no, it's MemoryCoin, I want to mine it, as it's CPU friendly, and sell it for bitcoin06:46
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, if it's dogecoin then you should just upgrade to Saucy... if it's bitcoind/bitcoin-qt it still works with the precise compilers.06:46
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, upgrade to saucy then06:46
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, because upgrading cmake is going to need you to basically backport all the build libraries from Saucy to Precise, and there'll be a lot of other problems06:47
treeprogramTheLordOfTime: I'm worried about breaking things on my PC..06:47
treeprogramTheLordOfTime: thanks for the info06:47
TheLordOfTimebackporting is a guaranteed way to break things by messing with the libc6 stuff06:47
TheLordOfTimeyou're less likely to break your computer when using Saucy.06:47
TheLordOfTimetreeprogram, (back up your data before upgrading, though, that's my suggestion)06:47
treeprogramTheLordOfTime: thanks for the suggestion06:48
thom_r13.10 should have been called Suffering Succotash instead of Saucy Salamander06:49
SaberX01Or you could build cmake from source, and use something like checkinstall to install it to $HOME and source that cmake binary which compiling, then your not messing with system level stuff.06:50
SaberX01*when compiling06:50
Psil0CybinSaberX01: if this does not fix the problem06:53
Psil0Cybinwhat is next? remove the kernel?06:53
suyash1629hi everyone, i m getting problem while repo sync, i m getting this error: fatal: [Errno 13] Permission denied06:53
suyash1629how to fix this error06:53
=== Guest10975 is now known as mapps
RPG-Mastery'all I need someone to walk me through diagnosing this. I'm getting the "low graphics mode" deal and besides installing an older version of nvidia drivers and then reinstalling the current ones, I have no idea what I could have done.06:54
RPG-MasterI just want a place to start to find answers. :(06:55
Psil0CybinHey guys can someone help me with an upgraded kernel problem I posted the details here06:55
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, If what does not fix the problem ?06:55
Psil0CybinI upgraded my kernel but it seems that cedarview my driver does not work, I am wondering what is the easiest solution to go with?06:55
Psil0Cybinfor these kinds of issues, as SaberX01 suggested, to do a recovery boot...and attempt to reinstall it06:56
Psil0Cybinjust so i can write it all down06:56
Psil0Cybinsorry :P to annoy you SaberX0106:56
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, Yes, that answer still seems to be the right one, remove the upgraded Kernel, and use your previous kernel ..06:56
Psil0Cybinperfect so i am printing the documentation06:56
Psil0Cybinyou provided :)06:56
suyash1629does anyone know how to fix this permission error06:57
Psil0Cybinwhat is your permission error06:58
Psil0Cybini can attempt to help you06:58
SaberX01suyash1629, what command are you running that gives you the error?06:58
suyash1629fatal: [Errno 13] Permission denied06:58
suyash1629repo sync06:58
Psil0Cybinbefore i restart my system06:58
Psil0Cybinwhat command06:58
xentity1xhi, i just reinstalled chromium and it doesnt display any websites when i go to the url06:58
xentity1xit just shows a white page06:58
suyash1629repo sync is the command06:58
xentity1xanyone know why this might be happening?06:59
SaberX01xentity1x, how did you install Chromium ?06:59
SaberX01suyash1629, I understand it's rsync, but we need the command ..07:00
xentity1xsaberx01 from the universe respository07:00
xentity1xsaberx01 apt-get install chromium-browser07:00
SaberX01xentity1x, what Ubuntu version you on?07:00
suyash1629SsaberX01, it says fatal: unable to start /home/xist/android/cm11/.repo/repo/main.py07:01
cortezi'm getting hit by this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pangox-compat/+bug/1227569 and it's killing me07:01
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ubottuUbuntu bug 1227569 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "individual characters frequently corrupted" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:01
suyash1629than it says fatal: [Errno 13] Permission denied07:01
xentity1xsaberx01, 13.0407:01
cortezgonna try LTS and hope it's not too ancient, i guess :\07:01
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SaberX01xentity1x, you could try sudo apt-get install --reinstall --fix-broken --fix-missing07:02
SaberX01xentity1x, install chromium-browser .. .. ..07:02
cortezdoes LTS come with ufw pre-installed like 13.10?07:02
xentity1xsaberx01, nope didnt work07:04
xentity1xsaberx01, i tried sudo apt-get install chromium-browser --reinstall --fix-broken --fix-missing07:04
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
SaberX01suyash1629, So your trying to rsync to / from an addroid?07:04
thom_rxenity1x try sudo apt-get remove then sudo apt-get install07:05
xentity1xim not even really sure how to begin diagnosing the problem with this07:05
SaberX01xentity1x, yeah, as thom_r saidL sudo apt-get purge chromium-browser ; sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get clean  ... .. then install again.07:07
SaberX01xentity1x, do an update after clean: sudo apt-get update  ... before install07:07
=== _ is now known as Guest81758
thom_rI would imagine that something didn't get downloaded correctly during the install.07:08
SaberX01xentity1x, Well there is good news on this, 13.04 support ends in this month, may as well Upgrade or ReInstall to 13.10 anyway :-)07:08
lotuspsychjemorning to all!07:10
Psil0CybinSaberX01: your solution07:10
Psil0Cybinlooking @ the document07:10
Psil0Cybinis just to remove the kernel?07:10
Psil0Cybinso your saying remove it, and just run the sudo apt-get dist-upgrade command again?07:11
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: did you succeed with dualboot yesterday?07:11
xentity1xsaberx01, nope didnt work07:11
Macrotuslotuspsychje: no, it's still not booting07:11
xentity1xsaberx01, i guess ill just try upgrading07:11
Psil0CybinSaberX01: how can I report my issues to people working on the kernels that I am using?07:11
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, remove the new kernel, which is giving you the trouble, that should default you back to kernel that was working if you only did one upgrade.07:12
Psil0Cybinbut my problem is if i am using an outdated kernel07:12
Psil0Cybinthat is bad news07:12
Psil0Cybinis it not?07:12
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: i recently installed 13.10 on w8 uefi machine, worked out of the box for me (single boot)07:12
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, If you do another dist-upgrade without a hold on the kernel that worksm you will get to do this all over again.07:12
Psil0Cybinor your theory is because i am already using an out dated kernel regardless07:12
Psil0CybinSaberX01: so there is no way to FIX the problem07:12
Psil0Cybinand get that problematic kernel07:12
Psil0Cybinworking is what you are saying07:12
Psil0Cybinit is just a issue07:13
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, I have no Idea.07:13
Macrotuslotuspsychje: How did you install Ubuntu? Did you just create a partition and install it there or what?07:13
Psil0Cybinthat will re-occure.07:13
Psil0CybinSaberX01: but looking at my issue of the cedarview driver not being made07:13
Psil0Cybincould you not tell?07:13
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, You said to us that, the 3.2 kernel was the only one that worked for you and you wated to go back to it.07:13
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: no, like i said worked out of the box for me didnt even touch bios settings...think it depends on machine really07:13
Psil0Cybinor it could be a fluke?07:13
Psil0Cybinyou have no idea07:13
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: what brand is your machine?07:13
Macrotuslotuspsychje: Ok. Mine is a Sony Vaio Pro07:14
Psil0CybinSaberX01: no no no sorry07:14
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: lemme lookup07:14
Psil0CybinI was saying 3.2.0-57-generic-pae works, 3.2.0-56 DId not work, bt 3.2.0-55 did work07:14
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
Psil0Cybinthe mainstream kernel does not work07:14
Psil0Cybinnor does the upstream kernel or what ever.07:14
Psil0Cybinand now 3.2.0-58-generic-pae07:14
Psil0Cybindoes not work07:14
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, then remove the kerenl and sue either -.57 0r 0-55 then.07:15
Macrotuslotuspsychje: Ok, thanks. I'll need find a Windows 8 installation disk and copy it to a USB stick. If nothing else works I think I can repair the MBR with that07:15
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: maybe this is relevant: http://askubuntu.com/questions/360285/13-10-on-vaio-pro-with-uefi07:15
Psil0Cybinokay SaberX01 so thats it, sorry I was mis understanding you I was asking you if I could fix it...you said you had no idea, but kept saying to remove it...07:15
Psil0Cybinso I was wondering if there was a step perhaps to remake the cedarview driver07:15
Psil0Cybinand try again07:15
Psil0Cybinbut i think you are saying no!07:15
Macrotuslotuspsychje: Lol, of course there is a question that is similar to mine.. strange I didn't find that :D07:16
MacrotusLet me read..07:16
roctawserHello, just testing out my new install.07:16
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, I know nothing about the cedarview driver. If the 0-57 kernel works, why not use it?07:16
thom_rroctawser, have any questions?07:16
roctawserTesting 1,2,307:16
lotuspsychje!test | roctawser07:17
ubotturoctawser: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )07:17
Psil0CybinSaberX01: I just thought it was better to use the most recent one you can.07:17
Psil0Cybintype thing07:17
Psil0CybinSaberX01: as I was explained previously.07:17
Psil0Cybinso while I am in the previous kernel (just after intalling it without restarting)07:17
Psil0Cybincould I just remove it? from the Synaps package manager?07:18
roctawserNo, I don't have any questions.  I am using Ubuntu 13.10 and loving it!07:18
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, I use the latest kernel that works on my hardware, that may or may not be the latest kernel in the repos. Other folsk may want the latest and kernel available, but I dont do change management that way.07:18
suyash1629SaberX01, sorry i was disconnected because of my network problem. do you know how to fix that problem07:18
lotuspsychjeroctawser: welcome to the ubuntu experience!07:18
thom_rroctawser, glad you're enjoying it07:19
Psil0CybinSaberX01: thank you that last statement, was amazing..and answered all my problems.07:19
Psil0CybinI am just paranoid07:19
SaberX01suyash1629, from the error you posted, it loosk like the my.py is not running on the android.07:19
Psil0Cybinand do not want a system thatcan be exploitable SaberX01 that is why07:19
Psil0CybinI just am stressing out07:19
roctawserlotuspsychje:  as they say, "It makes computing fun again."07:19
Psil0Cybinas you can see.07:19
lotuspsychjeroctawser: true, if you need any handy packages to make life easy just ask us ok07:20
roctawserThanks!  That's good to know.07:20
suyash1629SaberX01, last time someone here said me to give it unix permission from terminal, but i did not remember how to do that..07:20
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, well, kernel exploits are  in every Kernel,  just becasue it's newer, does not mean it is safer, sometimes it can be worse.07:21
suyash1629SaberX01, the .repo folder has lost the unix permissions because it was restored from windows07:21
SaberX01suyash1629, I think it's like rsync -aIL -s ssh user@host-ip:/folder/to/download /home/android/rsync  .. somethign alone those lines.07:22
SaberX01rsync -ail -e ssh .... .. .07:22
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: keep up to date and you will be fine07:22
Macrotuslotuspsychje: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of /cow07:22
MacrotusWhen I executed update-grub07:23
SaberX01lotuspsychje, that's not always true, latest may not run on his hardware ..07:23
suyash1629SaberX01, do you know how to set unix-permissions to a folder?07:23
SaberX01suyash1629, chmod and chown07:23
lotuspsychjeSaberX01: i mean up to date, for security flaws (not specifi latest)07:23
suyash1629SaberX01, A+X?07:23
lotuspsychjeSaberX01: isnt there an url that follows ubuntu vunrabilities?07:24
SaberX01lotuspsychje, yes, agreed, he just needs a hold on that version that works on his box + updates07:24
SaberX01lotuspsychje, it's an eepc or something . wiht some odd drivers / hw config.07:25
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+question/21879507:25
lotuspsychjeSaberX01: oh ic, some eepc netbook ive seen run smooth only with that oem ubuntu remix07:26
SaberX01suyash1629, All you wnat to know, and more, about file permissions: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~rc/help/faq/permissions.html07:26
dhruvasagarHey can someone quickly have a look at this - https://gist.github.com/dhruvasagar/8234177 and tell me what;s wrong in my syntax07:27
SaberX01lotuspsychje, yean and only a couple kernels would boot properly, and he did a dist-upgrade, and it pulled a kernel that floped on a partial install.07:28
Nicnmhow would one go about pulling info form a file in /dev/uinput w/ file permissions of crw-rw----?07:28
lotuspsychjeSaberX01: ouch07:28
lotuspsychjedhruvasagar: maybe the ##programming guys might know?07:28
SaberX01dhruvasagar, that's a question for #bash07:28
dhruvasagarlotuspsychje: hmm tried in #zsh got no reply, SaberX01 trying in #bash07:29
suyash1629SaberX01, i m not that familiar with ubuntu so can you please provide syntax on how to use chown?07:29
lotuspsychje!chown | suyash162907:29
ubottusuyash1629: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:29
dhruvasagarsuyash1629: man chown07:29
suyash1629dhruvasagar, yes chown. do you know/07:30
Macrotuslotuspsychje can I restore the original MBR? Not sure what the files are that Boot Repair pasted to the net but can these be used to revert it back?07:30
SaberX01suyash1629, read man chown .. chown <user>:<group> /file or directory, use -R flag for recursive.07:31
dhruvasagarsuyash1629: you can type 'man chown' or 'man <command>' to know more about it in the linux man pages (manual)07:31
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: not sure mate, i never touch those dualboots myself07:31
Macrotuslotuspsychje lucky you, no need for Windows =D07:31
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: tell us what you need win still for, maybe we can help replace software?07:31
SaberX01Macrotus, while it's possible, it's nto easy, you ahve to have a boot-repair disk from the Original Win system to do it.07:32
Macrotuslotuspsychje: Not really for anything, it seems better for the touchscreen. And I use Microsoft's OneNote for school notes07:32
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: you can simulate alot of software tru 'playonlinux' did you know?07:33
DarkAceLaptopalot is not a word07:33
SaberX01Macrotus, Unless your want rid of Ubuntu / *Nix all together, Grub2 boot loader shoud work well for you booting Win.07:33
lotuspsychjeDarkAceLaptop: this isnt vocabulary school neither07:33
MacrotusSaberX01 yea... this was easy with Windows 7 but now they have changed something with Windows 8 that doesn't work07:33
Macrotuslotuspsychje yea I've run programs on Ubuntu with Wine etc, might try out that07:34
SaberX01DarkAceLaptop, Allot is a work though .. not everyone passed typing class or even took it for that matter.07:34
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: check this out: http://askubuntu.com/questions/19230/microsoft-onenote-alternative07:34
SaberX01*word though .. LOL see I screwed up on the reply even.07:34
lotuspsychjeSaberX01: :p07:34
SaberX01Macrotus, Yes, from what Iv'e heard, Win8 == Nightmare.07:35
lotuspsychjeSaberX01: i totaly agree07:35
Macrotuslotuspsychje: I have to check out those apps when I'm ready with this07:36
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: single boot ubuntu will ease up your life really07:36
Macrotuslotuspsychje: True.07:36
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: also 13.10 and 14.04 will be getting better touch support07:36
SaberX01I dual boot allot, but. mostly dual-boot *Nix & *Nix .. rarely Win + *Nix.07:36
thom_rWindows 8 is the Jar Jar Binks of the computer world.07:37
Eromejthought it was millenium07:37
Macrotuslotuspsychje: Hope 14.04 has a good one. I don't think 13.10 has that good yet. For example, probably the only thing I use the touchscreen for is scrolling webpages and this didn't work07:37
SaberX01Macrotus, My experience has been, if I need *Nix on a Windows machine == VirtualBox Install :-)07:37
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: we recently have a user here installing 13.10 on his dell venue and worked with touch on it..07:38
Macrotuslotuspsychje could've been Firefox or something. Well, I'm installing it anyway so I'll see07:38
MacrotusSaberX01 Yea, I'd like to have a real installation though07:38
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: ive tested webbrowser-app on 14.04 seems like it will be touch too07:39
SaberX01Macrotus, Well there's two viable options then, Native Install or Dual Boot :-)07:39
Macrotuslotuspsychje: Is that some specific browser for Ubuntu or what's that?07:39
MacrotusSaberX01 I'm trying to get it working in dual boot =D07:40
SaberX01Macrotus, You box have that UEFI stuff?07:40
lotuspsychje!info webbrowser-app trusty | Macrotus07:40
ubottuMacrotus: webbrowser-app (source: webbrowser-app): Ubuntu web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 0.22+14.04.20131107-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 585 kB, installed size 1332 kB07:40
Macrotuslotuspsychje ah, ok07:40
MacrotusSaberX01 yea07:40
SaberX01Macrotus, That could be the trouble then, but guess. Most of the answers Iv'e seen for dual-boot that come through here is to disable UEFI when dual booting.07:41
MacrotusSaberX01 If I set boot mode from UEFI to legacy Windows 8 won't boot07:42
SaberX01Macrotus, I dont ahve a UEFI system, so cant really advise any further than that.07:42
MacrotusSaberX01 ok07:42
SaberX01Macrotus, It should, if you get Grub2 installed properly, but maybe others can chime in on this one.07:42
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: maybe pastebin your grub to chan might help understand whats happening?07:42
keplrHow can I access the temp sensors in a Thinkpad under Ubuntu 13.10? Is there something in the standard repos?07:43
Macrotuslotuspsyche What do you mean? Here's what boot-repair created http://paste.ubuntu.com/6679765/07:43
SaberX01keplr, maybe this will help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto07:44
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lotuspsychje!es | humberto12107:45
ubottuhumberto121: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:45
humberto121jaja lotuspsychje :)07:45
keplrDanke, SaberX0107:46
roctawserI'm on the east coast of the United States, and the winds are very strong from the snow storm.  I lost power a few minutes ago.07:47
MacrotusSo no luck with this thing...07:47
SaberX01Macrotus, have a read here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/246931/uefi-boot-loading-problems-cant-load-windows-8-or-ubuntu07:47
paddyhow do you share passwords amoung 2 computers which are stored in the firefox browser?07:49
MacrotusSaberX01 that guy had similar problems but the answer wasn't very informative what he did...07:49
keplrpaddy: lastpass?07:50
* paddy checks07:50
paddydoes not exist in my repo07:50
keplrit's a Firefox extension07:50
SaberX01Macrotus, yeah, he went here, para1 it seems: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:51
keplrLook up Steve Gibson's audit of Lastpass, it's a good explanation of the technical merits07:51
MacrotusSaberX01 looks complicated.. =D07:52
SaberX01Macrotus, don't shoot the messenger, it's an Intel Microsoft thing :-)07:52
paddyoh, that will store all my passwords on a remote server. and when that is cracked i am lost07:53
keplrIt is structured in such a way that it's not possible for them to recover your passwords.07:54
CrazyWoodsMy system fail to startx after install compiz, how to  check it?07:54
TrominoThis is the help irc?07:54
SaberX01Ubuntu spupport yes07:54
paddykeplr: thanks07:54
keplrThe Lastpass servers only store encrypted pseudorandom noise which has to be decrypted locally to be used.07:55
BeldarCrazyWoods, what desktop is this unity has compiz?07:55
TrominoGoogle Chrome was renamed to TweetDeck, and it doesn't load. It works if I load it from the terminal, though. :S07:55
CrazyWoodsBeldar: the default one07:56
SaberX01Ubuntu-Desktop is Unity3d / Compiz07:56
CrazyWoodsBeldar: i use livecd then just make the default choice07:56
BeldarCrazyWoods, which is unity right? Can you explain the install of compiz, unity is a plugin in compiz.07:57
MacrotusSaberX01 this is the problem. When I installed Ubuntu the installer didn't have the option for installing alongside Windows. All these guides tell me to use that option. Mine had only the option to completely erase the disk and do a full install on it or "something else" which was to manually handle the partitions07:57
CrazyWoodsi have install compiz using software center, then i just fail to startx after reboot07:57
CrazyWoodsis the Xorg.log file help?07:58
MacrotusSaberX01 though the problem with this might be that I didn't do what this tells me: "if you use the manual partitioning ("Something else"), the difference is that you will have to set the /boot/efi mount point to the EFI partition. "07:58
SaberX01Macrotus, All the Desktop LiveCD use / have along-side option, IF, the LiveCD detest a previous install. Which CD you using?07:58
MacrotusSaberX01 I have Ubuntu 13.10 on a USB stick07:58
keplrIs anyone here using a Thinkpad with Ubuntu 13.10?07:59
BeldarMacrotus, This a W8 dualboot?07:59
MacrotusBeldar yes07:59
BeldarMacrotus, Resize the w8 with it's partitioner leaving a unallocated space for ubuntu.07:59
=== sepehrdad is now known as Hitman
MacrotusBeldar, SaberX01 yea the installer didn't detect Windows. In the partition manager it didn't show Windowas on any of the disks07:59
MacrotusBeldar that's what I did07:59
SaberX01Macrotus, Beldar prob better for this that I am, likek I said earlier, no UEFI system here to work with.07:59
HitmanHi i install steam but it got the error  opengl glx not support what should i do ?08:00
BeldarMacrotus, This a uefi setup or you installed windows on a msdos setup?08:00
MacrotusUEFI Beldar08:00
BeldarMacrotus, You have seen the uefi wiki?08:01
TrominoHow do I replace the broken Google Chrome link with one that works and isn't renamed to "TweetDeck" (o.O) ?08:01
MacrotusBeldar I'm reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:01
nashantHey. Is there any way to get prower control of power settings and create multiple profiles from a gui, like with windows?08:01
BeldarMacrotus, Not sure why you see nothing, I have not installed on a uefi myself yet, here is another link on these installs though. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729508:02
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BeldarTromino, google chrome?08:02
TrominoBeldar: yes08:02
MacrotusBeldar I'll check that one too (huhh)08:03
BeldarTromino, this ? means what are you talking about the browser the OS?08:03
MacrotusSaberX01 that UEFI page you linked didn't really have anything that would've helped me with my problem08:04
TrominoBeldar: I'm asking how to replace a Dash/Launcher shortcut file with the one you get after you install application, reinstalling the application didn't do anything08:04
BeldarTromino, Tweetdeck is like an add on right?08:05
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
TrominoBeldar: The Google Chrome dash/launcher shortcut was replaced by one with the name "TweetDeck" that doesn't do anything when I click it08:05
BeldarTromino, Look in the menu for the browser icon or open it and drag or save to the dash/launcher, I have not seen this add on is all.08:07
TrominoBeldar: It was replaced with the renamed one08:08
MacrotusDamn this pc.. it has a partition that has the Windows installation files and backups but this crap doesn't let me select which partition I want to boot from08:09
BeldarMacrotus, I just wonder if you are booting the live session in efi or something like that, in that some trhings on some computers have to be on or off. IE quick boot....etc. The manufacturers have their own uefi versions is all.08:09
BeldarTromino, In the menu as well?08:09
TrominoBeldar: yes08:09
BeldarTromino, Hmm, strange, have you had a chance to scour the web on this one?08:09
ckknightHello, is there other squid monitoring tools than SARG which both users and ip addresses can be seen?08:10
TrominoBeldar: What did you say?08:10
BeldarTromino, Have you checked the web on this?08:10
kruxomanI've removed the 3.12 kernel via removing some kernel images. I still have the 3.12 klernel as option when booting. Howto remove this?08:11
TrominoBeldar: Yes,08:11
Beldarkruxoman, Did you run sudo update-grub08:11
MacrotusIn Windows the partition manager showed me five partitions, why doesn't GParted in Ubuntu show me all of them?08:11
BeldarTromino, Not sure myself, first I have heard of this on the channel.08:11
kruxomanYes, I'm pretty sure I've done that whevever I changed anything about kernel08:12
MrCuriousscore maas tftp server is now up08:12
TrominoBeldar: I want to remake the shortcut file, how do I do that? Reinstalling didn't work08:12
TrominoBeldar: Reinstalling Chrome*08:12
=== _gypsy_ is now known as zz__gypsy_
kruxomanBeldar: Oh hang on. Found /boot/initrd.img-3.12.0-031200-generic08:13
BeldarTromino, Not saying you have to remove chrome, however if you did not purge it when you did the configs keep the info.08:13
kruxomanBetter delete that then08:13
kostkonTromino: see if you can find anything in .local/share/applications in your home folder08:14
TrominoBeldar: google-chrome.desktop is there08:16
MacrotusBeldar, SaberX01 I decided to ditch Windows and I started installing Ubuntu. I selected the option to wipe the disk completely08:17
MacrotusSuck it Windows08:17
keplrStill need Windows (or OS X) for Netflix :(08:17
kruxomanMacrotus: inb4 realising "i forgot to backuyp something"08:17
keplrOr some ridiculous workaround08:17
SaberX01Macrotus, That will be good .. 13.10 pretty fast .. after install, you can add 14.04 for testing and dual-boot that side by  side too, that's what I ahve on this Laptop.08:18
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Macrotuskruxoman I have everyting in Dropbox. I only had some programs installed there but I can always download them on Ubuntu again08:18
Tromino[Desktop Entry]08:18
FloodBot1Tromino: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:18
MacrotusSaberX01 does that have any stability issues or is it your daily os?08:18
SaberX01Macrotus, You cna also sync files to Ubuntu1 .. 5GB free08:18
MacrotusSaberX01 I was using Ubuntu One but I changed to Dropbox when I bought a new phone -> got 25 gigs free08:19
SaberX01Macrotus, It's still in A1 stage, yes but it's nice to have a looky at what's coming  down the pipe.08:19
=== paul_ is now known as paulus68
MacrotusSaberX01 ah ok. Maybe I'll install it when it comes out as a stable version..08:20
SaberX01Macrotus, If you get references to sign up fer UB1, you get more storage free too.08:20
TrominoBeldar: so I edit that? do I delete it?08:20
BeldarTromino, Not sure to be honest.08:20
MacrotusSaberX01 Yea I know but it can't beat my 35 gigs in Dropbox :D About waiting 14.04... I think 13.10 will be a massive upgrade from Windows 8 =D08:21
SaberX01Macrotus, I have my own local mirror for 12.04 & 14.04, so updates are quick .. get a good number of updates daily on 14.04.08:21
SaberX01and 12.04 about to release the last point release too 12.04.408:21
MacrotusSaberX01 ah ok =D08:21
SaberX01Macrotus, Just my personal opinion, anything is a Mass Upgrade from Win8 .. lol08:22
lotuspsychje!mir > lotuspsychje08:22
ubottulotuspsychje, please see my private message08:22
MacrotusSaberX01 when EA releases Battlefield 4 for Linux I will delete all my Windows OSes08:22
SaberX01Macrotus, BF4 on PS3 :-)08:23
MacrotusSaberX01: Not really a console guy =)08:23
SaberX01This is all Off Topic, we'd better stick to the theme here or we'll get shouted at :-)08:24
MacrotusLol =D08:24
TrominoBeldar: I tried loading the exec in the terminal: /opt/google/chrome/chrome: error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:24
AiAthere used to be a restricted drivers popup for my nvidia card... have they removed it?08:25
pragmatismHow do I disable keep-alive using curl?08:26
kruxomanpragmatism: --no-keepalive08:27
SaberX01yeah, what he said ^^^  is supposed to work.08:28
kruxomanpragmatism: "man curl" then type /keepalive08:28
kruxomanI have an nvidia optimus graphics card and am currently on kernel 3.8. I want a never kernel but what should I do with bumblebee/drivers?08:30
TrominoBeldar: Ok, I deleteed than and reinstalled now it works08:30
SaberX01kruxoman, what version Ubuntu you have?08:32
kruxomanSaberX01: ElementaryOS/Ubuntu12.0408:32
SaberX01kruxoman, I know nothing about EOS sri08:33
kruxomanSaberX01: It's based on Ubuntu 12.04 so it's kinda the same08:34
thom_rwhat about it?08:35
SaberX01kruxoman, still not supported here through.08:35
kruxomanSaberX01: lol, then just imagine I have Ubuntu 12.04. Almost the same thing08:37
Beldarkruxoman, How about we imagine you actually installing ubuntu fir the great support.08:38
eject_ckOn Ubuntu box $uname -a -> Linux evgeniy 3.11.0-14-generic #21-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 12 17:04:55 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:38
eject_ck$ openssl version -> OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 201308:38
eject_ck$ openssl engine -> (rsax) RSAX engine support (rdrand) ;Intel RDRAND engine; (dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support08:38
eject_ckHow can I get aesni there ?08:38
eject_ckCPU have support08:38
kruxomanBeldar: Imagine I install Ubuntu 13.10. How should I then go about updating to kernel 3.12/3.13 and using bumblebee?08:38
makarahi. I have a single core virtual machine showing load average of around 5, but nothing's happening, as shown by the htop cpu meter. Why is the load average so high?08:40
Beldarkruxoman, The deal is, all that elementary is, can be done in ubuntu so if you want ubuntu support here install ubuntu, this is just how it is, is all.08:40
SaberX01eject_ck, Info: http://askubuntu.com/questions/43021/is-aes-ni-fully-supported08:42
eject_ckSaberX01: thank you!08:42
kruxomanBeldar: So there is also no Lubuntu/Kubuntu support here? The fact that you do the same stuff in eOS Luna as in Ubuntu 12.04 when installing stuff etc. then it does not really matter if i run pure Ubuntu 12.04 or eOS Luna.08:43
=== guest322 is now known as denialr
hexacodehey you guys. why would this happen?  i recently got a server set up with some public keys. the computers that generated them were then able to ssh into the said server using their respective id_rsa keys..problem is after it working for a few days now i get public key denied?08:43
SaberX01But i really don't understand the paranoia about the need to encrypt the file system, thats a bit crazyness.08:43
=== fire is now known as ffio_
hitsujiTMOkruxoman: eos is not supported here. we don't use it so we have no idea how its configured. Lubuntu and Xubuntu share the same common underlying configs as well as repo. But much has been changed in eos that we don't know about so we are unable to support it08:44
dashuoIs there a way to block keyboard shortcuts for gnome-terminal when using vim in it??08:45
SaberX01kruxoman, yes there support for thsoe distros, but no EOS. Ubuntu is based on Debian, but Ubuntu folks dont generally go to Debian channel for Ubuntu support, or vice versa.08:45
shiznixguys, i've successfully installed 13.10, but booting into this new install, it gives nothing but a blank purple desktop08:45
shiznixis this a known issue ?08:45
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
SaberX01shiznix, what hardware you running, old / new, Graphics / UEFI y/n ?08:46
Beldarshiznix, Do a nomodeset boot, and if you get the desktop do the updates and check the additional drivers.08:46
peteri do not know,how to start the fingerprint -bodhi linux08:46
shiznixno uefi, so probably gfx drivers yeah ?08:47
Beldarpeter, bodhi is not supported here I believe they have a channel though.08:47
=== peter is now known as Guest32299
Guest32299can you help me08:47
somsip!ask | Guest3229908:47
hitsujiTMO!details | Guest3229908:47
ubottuGuest32299: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:47
ubottuGuest32299: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:47
kruxomanhitsujiTMO: Thanks for pointing out that there are underlying changes.08:48
shiznixBeldar: will do, but how do i set nomodeset at boot ?08:48
Beldar!nomodeset | shiznix08:49
ubottushiznix: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:49
shiznixBeldar: i do get a desktop, it's just blank with a mouse, right click works and i can change the desktop background08:49
BeldarGuest32299: Try #bohdilinux08:49
shiznixjust don't have any desktop icons, side launcher or top panel08:49
shiznixaah ok, so reads like nomodeset is not for me, the splash screen is fine, and i do get a beautiful purple desktop (albeit blank) :p08:50
shiznixi'll check the gfx drivers08:51
Beldarshiznix, nomodeset is a low graphic boot, you seem to have graphic problems.08:51
hitsujiTMOshiznix: what gpu do you have?08:52
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=== GREECE|Sinis is now known as GREECE_Sinis
shiznixhold on i'll get some details08:55
=== GREECE_Sinis is now known as Sinis_green
makarahi. The size of my virtual server's drive is 40G, and according to "df -h" I've used 4.2G. But one of my apps (a proxy) has a 20G cache file, which I can verify with "ls -lha". What's going on?08:57
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
mikodoIn rsync, what does copy symlinks as symlinks mean? Does it make a copy of the directory path, or does it follow the path and copy the data at end of path?08:59
SaberX01mikodo, depens on which flag, but standa --links: When  symlinks are encountered, recreate the symlink on the des‐09:01
SaberX01              tination.09:01
hitsujiTMOmakara: whats the path to the cache file and is it on a tmpfs?09:01
SaberX01mikodo, see man rsync .. then /--links to search09:01
makaramikodo, see the man file. See what the other options do -L, -k, -K, -H09:01
mikodoSaberX01, makara Thanks. will look at man rsync09:02
makarahitsujiTMO, /opt/ats/var/trafficserver/cache.db09:03
SaberX01mikodo, in a nushell, if there's a link on the source, when using -L --links .. it creates the same link in the destination tree.09:03
sec_ask about cron job: this command is correct? "*/5 13-14 * * * cd /root/ro && /root/ro/ory.sh" or ""*/5 13-14 * * * cd /root/ro && ory.sh" ?09:03
makarahitsujiTMO, the only sizeable filesystem is /dev/mapper/geriatrix--vg-root   38G  4.2G   31G  12%09:04
mikodoSaberX01, Gotcha!   Thanks'09:04
hitsujiTMOmakara: can you pastebin the output of: ls -l /opt/ats/var/trafficserver/cache.db09:04
makarahitsujiTMO, "-rw-r--r-- 1 tserver tserver 21474836480 Jan  3 10:16 /opt/ats/var/trafficserver/cache.db"09:04
llutzsec_: if you really need to cd into that dir before, use  ".... cd /root/ro && ./ory.sh"  assuming /root/ro is not part of your $PATH09:04
cortezhow do i grab the source files from a PPA and build it on my own machine?09:05
cortezie. the recommended way09:05
somsip!ppa | cortez09:05
ubottucortez: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge09:05
sec_llutz: thanks i need cd that dir09:05
SaberX01sec_, use absolute paths, and cd in the scripts as needed.09:05
somsipcortez: so, you install from official repos, or you're in unsupported territory09:05
llutzsec_: let the script cd to wherever it has to, makes it much easier.09:06
shiznixhitsujiTMO: gpu is an intel 855GM09:06
hitsujiTMOmakara: thats certainly interesting. not sure how its pulling it off. this is ext4?09:06
sec_llutz: i like ".... cd /root/ro && ./ory.sh"09:07
llutzsec_: no, inside the script09:07
svergie2Hi! Can i ask a question?09:07
somsip!ask | svergie209:07
ubottusvergie2: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:07
sec_llutz: okie09:07
SaberX01cortez, there should be a deb http:// .. .. .. use deb-src http://.. .. .. of the PPA.09:07
cortezthanks SaberX01 & somsip09:08
llutzsec_: you just call /path/tp/script.sh   and inside  script.sh  there is a "cd /path/needed/" statement09:08
hitsujiTMOshiznix: thats your chipset. can you pastebin output of: lspci | grep VGA09:08
makarahitsujiTMO, yes09:08
cortezSaberX01 & somsip the reason i want to build from source is i have no way of knowing that a PPA maintainer is malicioius09:09
somsipsec_: in the script "PWD = `pwd`; cd /path/needed; do rest of script; cd $PWD09:09
llutzsomsip: no need inside a cronscript09:09
somsipcortez: hence why they are unsupported...09:09
somsipllutz: fair enough, but if the script mught be run from command line...?09:09
llutzsomsip: true then09:10
svergie2Can i dualboot using WUBI? And is it possible to just upgrade from 12.10 to 13.10 when i get acces to ubuntu?09:10
cortezsomsip, yeah. but if i can audit the source (compare checksum to upstream, read packaging commands), then i'll be happy enough09:10
somsipsvergie2: install wubi if you must. PLay for a while to see if you like it, then do a proper dual boot as soon as you can09:10
cortezie. like Arch's AUR09:10
hitsujiTMOmakara: i can only guess that ext4 allows for volatile files somehow that i'm not aware of09:10
shiznixhitsujiTMO: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)09:11
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eject_ckGuys, can't get aesni in list of openssl engines.09:13
eject_ckboth lts and desktop latest09:13
hitsujiTMOshiznix: can you pastebin the output of: lspci -k | grep VGA -A 3                   so we can see what driver its using09:13
SaberX01eject_ck, You should really go into the openssl channel for AES-NI09:14
eject_ckthank you09:14
shiznixhitsujiTMO: Kernel Driver in use: i91509:14
cortezso now that I have the deb-src for the PPA in my sources.list, what's the recommended method to download and build the sources?09:14
cortezi know that debian has multiple ways (?)09:15
cortezi seem to recall some tool that does a clean chroot build09:15
SaberX01cortez, if really that worried, debootstrap and build the packages there.09:16
hitsujiTMOshiznix: i can only assume that you gpu isn't capable of the 3d acceleration needed for unity 3d.09:16
SaberX01cortez, ans yes, you going to need pbuilder as well.09:16
cortezSaberX01, it's more to have a clean, self-contained build.09:16
cortezthe worried bit is fixed by reading the source and comparing checksums :)09:16
eject_ckwhy I don't see aesni in "openssl engine" output ?09:17
SaberX01cortez, Here's a good start: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/09:17
sec_thanks llutz09:17
F1kI had a weird bug few days ago. ATIcofig recognised the graphics card, but the application that needed to use it couldn't.09:18
sec_thanks somsip SaberX01 too09:18
F1ktried reinstalling the driver, didn't work09:18
=== Sinis_green is now known as Sinis_smooth
SaberX01cortez, toward the bottom there's links for Packaging, Debian Policy and Packaging Tutorial Links.09:18
hitsujiTMO shiznix you may wish to try 12.04 as that has a 2d version of unity or try a non accelerated DE such as lxde or xfce09:18
BlinkizHello. I will buy a webcam and microphone that I can use with Google Hangout and other video programs. I want as high resolution and quality as possible with a good price. What will work in Ubuntu?09:19
shiznixhitsujiTMO: i'm ok with that but shouldn't 13.10 be using llvm software render if it's not ?09:19
shiznixotherwise, how would it be able to run in a VM ok ?09:19
lotuspsychjeBlinkiz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam09:20
shiznixBeldar: no joy with nomodeset btw, and thanks for the link09:20
SaberX01cortez, also, I missed you question earlier, to install the sources, you should be able to do somehting like: sudo apt-get source <package-name>09:21
mikolaj__on startup Ubuntu often crashes sometime between grub and login, what may be the most likely cause for this?09:21
mikolaj__it never crashes after log in09:21
Beldarmikolaj__, do text boots and see the crash.09:22
shiznixBeldar: actually it got worse with nomodeset as it killed VT switching :(09:22
lotuspsychjemikolaj__: can you press F1 during boot, to see what errors you have?09:22
Beldarshiznix, it is a per-session.09:22
SaberX01or check dmesg for errors after the crash.09:22
MacrotusHey I just installed Ubuntu on the laptop using the option that wipes the disk. Well, it wont boot...09:22
mikolaj__lotuspsychje, when do I press F1?09:23
shiznixBeldar: is ok, only did a temp kernel parameter boot - was well worth a shot09:23
lotuspsychjemikolaj__: after POST boot (when ubuntu boots up)09:23
cortezsorry if anyone was talking to me, fullscreen flash in chrome just took out my xserver09:23
SaberX01Macrotus, you have that UEFI turned off  and when it asked yo about the boot loader in the MBR you say yes?09:24
SaberX01cortez, also, I missed you question earlier, to install the sources, you should be able to do something like: sudo apt-get source <package-name>09:24
MacrotusSaberX01 UEFI is turned on. Wait, asked what?09:24
njsghow do I set the default gcc toolchain version?09:24
njsg(kind of like gentoo's gcc-config, for those who know that one)09:25
mikolaj__sometimes I get a msg that the "CPU core 1/2/3/etc was stuck for 23 sec!"09:25
mikolaj__but only sometimes09:25
SaberX01cortez, Wait, dont use sudo wiht that, just apt-get source <package-name>09:25
MacrotusSaberX01 now it won't even boot from the USB stick.. what?!09:25
lotuspsychjemikolaj__: doublecheck your /var/log/syslog for any strange errors09:26
SaberX01Macrotus, thes UEFI gurus gonn have to chime in here, but if you dont need Win8 anymore, tun off the UEFI stuff and install normally that way.09:26
SaberX01cortez, als see man apt-get  .. then .. /source09:27
MacrotusSaberX01 Let me see...09:27
MacrotusChanged boot mode from UEFI to legacy -> Operating System Not Found09:28
SaberX01Macrotus, that probably because  Grub2 didn't make it to the MBR cuz of the UEFI being enabled.09:29
MacrotusI'll install it once again. Unfortunately our wifi has some problems and downloading the packages from the net is terrible.. So slow. =D And my laptop doesn't have an ethernet port09:29
MacrotusShaberX01 Yes.09:29
shiznixhitsujiTMO Beldar: thanks for your help so far guys, i'll persevere with it a bit more and see what i can come up with :)09:30
MacrotusSaberX01 should I disable Intel virtualization in bios? Someone on the internet said that should be disabled09:31
hitsujiTMOMacrotus: no don't disable it.09:31
SaberX01Macrotus, If you dont plan on installing VM's ya dont need it, but it dont hurt to be enabled.09:31
MacrotusWell then I'll leave it on09:31
MacrotusI have set the boot mode to legacy and disabled secure boot. Now when I try to boot from the usb stick I get just a black screen saying "Boot error"09:32
SaberX01Macrotus, I dont think I've ever tuned mine off .. some of that CE1 stuff, and OC items, yeah, but not Virt.09:32
hitsujiTMOMacrotus: what type of boot image is it?09:32
SaberX01Macrotus, also, make sure the boot order is set to USB / External or whatever first, and that all the modes for boot are allowed.09:34
MacrotushitsujiTMO I downloaded 13.10 64 bit from their site and copied it to a USB stick using Universal USB Installer09:35
MacrotusSaberX01 let me double check.. I don't think I changed them09:35
hitsujiTMOMacrotus: pendrivelinux doesn't work for most with 13.1009:36
MacrotushitsujiTMO it has been working earlier09:37
hitsujiTMOMacrotus: what changed ? before it stopped working09:37
njsg"pendrivelinux"? aren't you using the ISO image directly?09:37
MacrotusSaberX01 can't boot... "Boot error". I've set boot mode to legacy so it won't use UEFI and disabled secure boot.09:38
njsgMacrotus: make sure you are booting from the USB drive09:38
njsgMacrotus: try to trigger some boot menu and explicitly pick the USB stick09:38
=== hp_ is now known as Guest22588
MacrotushitsujiTMO Not sure. I booted from the stick and installed Ubuntu using the option that wipes the disk first so it would remove Windows. When it rebooted it didn't start again09:38
njsghmm, I take it gentoo has no explicit way to manage different versions of the same package? such as /usr/bin/gcc?09:38
njsgups ubuntu09:38
hitsujiTMOMacrotus: does it only boot with uefi mode enabled?09:39
Macrotusnjsg: Nobody really seems to know how to access boot menu on this thing. I've tried everything: F1-F12, esc, delete, shift..09:39
lotuspsychje!gcc | njsg09:39
ubottunjsg: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)09:39
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: F12 should give you boot device menu09:40
MacrotushitsujiTMO: Yes, if I set it to UEFI it will boot off the stick09:40
Macrotuslotuspsychje: not on this device. It just starts booting right away.09:40
hitsujiTMOMacrotus: then the universal  usb installer never installed a mbr to that usb ans therefore it will only boot in uefi mode.09:41
njsglotuspsychje: how does that help me?09:41
MacrotushitsujiTMO damn...09:41
hitsujiTMOMacrotus: whats wrong with uefi tho?09:42
njsglotuspsychje: at least unless I'm missing something it does not explain how to make the package manager or something set /usr/bin/gcc and others to point to a specific version09:42
MacrotusjitsujiTMO: It doesn't seem to work as we have discussed with lotuspsychje and SaberX0109:42
lotuspsychjehitsujiTMO: he's on a sony vaio pro09:43
njsgMacrotus: which computer is that, or motherboard? you may have more luck searching for how to get into the firmware setup by motherboard or computer model name09:43
hitsujiTMOin what way doesn't it work?09:43
Macrotusnjsg: it's a Sony Vaio Pro09:43
MacrotushitsujiTMO: Well now after wiping the disk and doing a full install of Ubuntu on it it won't boot.09:44
MacrotushitsujiTMO: It also couldn't dualboot with Windows..09:44
* lotuspsychje never saw a machine that could not singleboot ubuntu09:45
njsgI think that'd be practically impossible, except of couse for trusted computing09:46
hitsujiTMOMacrotus: ok. at what point in the boot process does it fail?09:46
MacrotushitsujiTMO: After the Vaio logo disappears09:46
Macrotusand it starts loading os09:47
SaberX01Macrotus, I found this in the Vaio Pro: http://askubuntu.com/questions/360285/13-10-on-vaio-pro-with-uefi09:48
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: here's a guy fixxed it with  libata.force=noncq http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=218311409:48
DwarfDefenderif i put 512 as first value to net.ipv4.tcp_rmem and  net.ipv4.tcp_wmem, whould that make system use 1024 bytes of memory per socket?09:49
MacrotusI have already tried that (SaberX01 lotuspsychje)09:49
RepoxAny of you guys have any experience with LXC? I'm trying to learn and I started an Ubuntu 13.04 and installed LXC. First container had a network connection at fist boot. But after that the container gained no ip address anymore. Nor did new containers. Installed a fresh Ubuntu again and everything seems to work this time. I worry about using this in a production environment.09:50
SaberX01Macrotus, when you see the BIOS screen, is there an F12 or some other F+key that will allow you to select Boot Menu ?09:51
MacrotusSaberX01 there's no such screen. If I want to access bios I need to turn off the computer and press an assist button on the keyboard to access a menu where I can select to boot from a dvd/usb, access bios or to access recovery09:52
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: did you try enable F12 network boot in bios?09:52
SaberX01Macrotus, You may need to tuen OFF quiet mode in the BIOS to allow you to see it.09:52
Macrotuslotuspsychje: There's no such option. The bios is very empty09:52
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: maybe the ##hardware guys might also know any know issues?09:53
SaberX01Man, this UEFI stuff is a real PITA ..09:53
ikoniaRepox: if this is the level of experience with it - don't use it in a production environment09:53
lotuspsychjeSaberX01: :p09:54
Repoxikonia: I wouldn't. But it is something that worries me still. Maybe there could be an explanation as to why it happened.09:54
ikoniaRepox: are you serious ? that's all the information you've given us and you want me to explained why it happened09:54
ikoniaRepox: "it didn't get an IP" - that's it, that's as much debug information as you've given us09:55
Macrotuslotuspsychje asked the same there09:55
MacrotusSaverX01 there's no such quiet mode setting.09:56
Repoxikonia: I kind of missed the line where I specifically asked you to explain something for me. But that's probably just me...09:56
ikoniaRepox "Maybe there could be an explanation as to why it happened."09:56
ikoniaRepox: if you're not asking me/the channel, I don't know who you are asking09:56
Repoxikonia: Yeah, you know what? Nevermind... irc is getting so f*cking hostile.... don't even know why I bother anymore...09:57
SaberX01Macrotus, I've found several sites saying add : libata.force=noncq : to boot parameters, but nothing about not getting to a boot menu from the BIOS09:57
MacrotusSaberX01 I'll try that once more. I had some problems earlier with that..09:58
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: can you take a photo of your bios?09:58
Macrotuslotuspsychje I try first that libata.force=noncq option09:59
SaberX01Macrotus, there saying at power on,  PRESS and HOLD the ASSIST button and then the power button. Now you get the menu you want.09:59
llutzMacrotus: do you have any "normal computer using bios/legacy boot"? use that to create a new 13.10-usb to fix your system with09:59
SaberX01Macrotus, then they found SLAT for hyper-v in the 2 - (or F2 ?) advanced bios settings screen10:00
Macrotusllutz I've created this with my desktop that is a "normal" computer10:00
llutzMacrotus: using uefi too?10:00
Macrotusllutz yes10:00
llutzMacrotus: hence i asked "normal computer using bios/legacy boot"?10:01
MacrotusSaberX01 I'll try soon, I give this boot option a try first10:01
Macrotusllutz ah..10:01
kruxomanWhat should one use to limit program access for a user to lets say only chromium?10:01
lotuspsychjekruxoman: what would you need it to do?10:02
MacrotusSaberX01 lotuspsychje: If I use nano to edit /etc/default/grub doesn't it edit it on the USB stick?10:03
llutzkruxoman: http://askubuntu.com/questions/124759/customize-ubuntu-for-a-library-internet-kiosk10:03
kruxomanPerfect(headline at least) llutz10:03
SaberX01Macrotus, How are you running nano form the USB ? is do, no that's mounted RO.10:04
kruxomanThat's so cool10:04
SaberX01*if so .10:04
MacrotusSaberX01 I was planning to edit the boot options with this one http://askubuntu.com/questions/360285/13-10-on-vaio-pro-with-uefi10:05
neonrainllutz good article. I will save it for future use10:05
MacrotusSaberX01 that's the one you linked10:05
SaberX01Macrotus, Ok, that is the Grub installed on the disk they are editing.10:05
MacrotusSaberX01 To me that looks like editing on the live usb.10:06
SaberX01Macrotus, I take that back, that's at the Grub Boot menu, using "e" I think to edit the boot options.10:06
MacrotusSaberX01 I can't get to Grub so I can't do that then?10:07
SaberX01Macrotus, anything you edit from the LiveCD / USB image, is RO ..10:07
MacrotusSaberX01 what's RO?10:07
SaberX01read only10:07
SaberX01Macrotus, You need to get booted into LiveCD before you can edit those options.10:08
MacrotusSaberX01 I have booted from the usb and I selected the try Ubuntu before installing option.10:09
SaberX01Macrotus, others may be able to verify, but during the boot, if you hit shift or tab, I dont recall which, can dump you to Grub for option edits.10:09
SaberX01Macrotus, Oh, I thought you were unable to boot the USB key .. then you chould be able to do the install.10:10
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MacrotusSaberX01 I used Universal USB Installer again to put Ubuntu on the stick and with boot mode set to UEFI I was able to use it again10:10
ItsMeLennyis there a way to make a shortcut instead of a link?10:10
SaberX01Macrotus, have a read of this real quick for overview / understanding: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions10:10
ItsMeLennyi want a shortcut so that when i go into it it has the full file path10:11
llutzMacrotus: use dd to write the iso again onto usb and try to boot that10:11
SaberX01llutz, whay dies he need to dd anything?10:11
kruxomanItsMeLenny: Why do you want that?10:12
llutzSaberX01: to get a legacy-bootable usb-stick to repair his installation10:12
MacrotusSaberX01 I'll read that10:12
SaberX01Ok you lost me on that one.10:12
ItsMeLennykruxoman, because when i right click and open in terminal it has used the link path, and i need the full path10:12
F1kCan I ask a stupid question?10:14
SaberX01!ask | F1k10:14
ubottuF1k: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:14
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kruxomanItsMeLenny: Use readlink -f10:15
kruxomanItsMeLenny: cd `readlink -f testlink`10:15
F1kHow can I use xubuntu without a mouse? I need to open a console / terminal10:15
ItsMeLennyF1k, ctrl+alt+T10:16
ItsMeLennykruxoman, but i need the link to work in nautilus10:16
=== nikolov_ is now known as Dreaman
F1kItsMeLenny: lifesaver10:16
ItsMeLennyF1k, or i think you can press the "windows" key to pop up the menu10:17
kruxomanItsMeLenny: Use a alias for the following: cd `readlink -f .`10:17
MacrotusSaberX01 So you were reffering to the last chapter in the document, "Changing boot options permanently for an existing installation"?10:17
kruxomanItsMeLenny: Then you can use that when youre in a folder and wants the absolute path10:17
F1kwindows key didn't work.10:17
SaberX01Macrotus, yes, that and Changing the CD Boot Option Configuration Line10:18
kruxomanItsMeLenny: Oh, I misunderstood you. But why do you want that at all?10:18
ItsMeLennykruxoman, because when i go into a link to a folder i want the filename to be the full path10:19
MacrotusSaberX01 but isn't the "Changing the CD boot Option Configuration Line" just for booting the CD and not the installation on the SSD?10:19
SaberX01Macrotus, You can use that option in any for the boot images, CD, USB or whatever, it's takes affect for that install.10:20
SaberX01Macrotus, then after install, you cna use the USB LiveCD again and change permanently is need be10:21
MacrotusSaberX01 but because I can't access Grub that is installed on the drive I can't use that10:21
noradhi any idea how to get the newest version of vlc in to ubuntu 12.04 ? tryed the master ppa but no luck10:21
SaberX01Macrotus, are you sure that you installed Grub ?10:21
MacrotusSaberX01 Shouldn't it be installed automatically?10:22
hillaryHow to check  mobile attached Com Port in ubuntu 12.0410:23
SaberX01Macrotus, If you said yes, during installation at the section that said, Install to the MBR.10:23
MacrotusSaberX01 It didn't ask that?10:23
SaberX01Macrotus, :-) I dont know, I wasn't there to see it :-) .. Did it ask you to install to MBR?10:23
llutzMacrotus SaberX01 : if you installed *buntu in UEFI-mode it probably will have installed grub-efi, which you cannot boot in legacy-mode.10:23
SaberX01llutz, If you know how to sort this out, please, help us, as Im lost on UEFI10:24
MacrotusSaberX01 No. I selected the option to wipe the disk and do a full install of Ubuntu on that. So it wiped Windows.10:24
Macrotusllutz Yes, I installed it in UEFI mode10:24
MacrotusAnd now I'm booting in UEFI too.10:24
kruxomanItsMeLenny: What are you going to use the absolute path for?10:25
llutzSaberX01: that's why i suggested to get a legacy-bootable usb ready to repair the grub-installtion (chroot , replace grub-efi with grub2)10:25
SaberX01I dont know how to do that.10:25
ItsMeLennykruxoman, my own sanity, it's just for my personal files, things dont work right when using the symlinked one10:25
MacrotusSaberX01, llutz: Now I've booted from the USB and I have Boot Repair here in front of me. When it launched it said EFI detected, see options.10:26
MacrotusShouldn't I be able to get it working with this?10:26
llutzMacrotus: and the options you see are what?10:26
hillaryhow do i check modem com port in ubuntu 12.04?10:26
kruxomanItsMeLenny: I guess you have to move your files then ^^10:27
Macrotusllutz there are these tabs, main options, grub location, grub options, mbr options (this is disabled) and other options. On the main options tab there is a checkbox that is not checked "Use the standard EFI File".10:27
ItsMeLennykruxoman, that doesnt make any sense10:27
MacrotusThen there's also Unhide boot menu and it's set to 0 seconds. Might this be a reason for Grub not appearing?10:27
MacrotusOn the GRUB options tab, should I try to add splash libata.force=noncq to the "Add a kernel option" textfield?10:29
llutzMacrotus: not sure if this helps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Converting_Ubuntu_into_Legacy_mode10:29
cortezso if chrome is repeatedly whitescreening my xorg, do you guys care?10:29
corteztechnically it's not part of ubuntu but it's a pretty major piece of software10:29
cortezi suppose i have to take it up with google10:29
SaberX01llutz, Macrotus as llutz have to conver the grub to legacy first, then work the secondary items.10:30
SaberX01*as llutz sais ..10:30
MacrotusSaberX01, llutz so you are saying I shouldn't try to use boot repair to just try to fix the UEFI first?10:31
SaberX01Macrotus, This is the part you need first: go to the "GRUB location" tab. Untick the "Separate /boot/efi partition" option10:32
SaberX01The Apply.10:32
SaberX01After, set the BIOS to boot legacy mode10:33
rJaspuris this something of ubuntu 13.10 or a plugin? that info after i vagrant ssh in my vm. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8nzbpkvxspv739a/Screenshot%202014-01-03%2011.32.29.png10:33
SaberX01Macrotus, That, in theory should allow Grub2 to boot normally.10:34
MacrotusSaberX01 I need to first create a partition for that. It says GPT detected. Please create a BIOS-Boot partition (>1 MB, unformatted filesystem, bios_grub flag). This can be performed via tools such as GParted. Then try again.10:34
MonkeyDustrJaspur  vagrant seems to be a developper tool, are you a developper?10:35
rJaspuryes MonkeyDust, but not that familiar with ubuntu. never seen that info after loggin in to my ubuntu 12* machine.10:36
MacrotusSaberX01 there are three partitions on my disk: sda1 is fat32 and is 500 MB size. It has the boot flag. sda2 is ext4, it's the partition where Ubuntu is installed. Then there is 8 GB sda3 partition that is linux-swap10:36
MonkeyDustrJaspur  it may be beyond the scope of this channel, better ask in #ubuntu-app-devel10:37
SaberX01Macrotus, Follow the recommendations, exit Boot Repair, fire up Gparted o create a BIOS-Boot partition (1MB, unformatted filesystem, bios_grub flag) at the start of its disk.10:37
llutzMacrotus: if your disk contains an efi-boot partition (the fat32 most likely, it is not needed in legacy mode anymore) you can change that into the bios_grub one.10:37
hitsujiTMOrJaspur: if you're reffering to the system usage info. thats available in 12.04 aswell but not installed by default on a minimal system10:37
rJaspurthats is hitsujiTMO. what plugin is it?10:38
SaberX01llutz, How does he do that?10:38
llutzSaberX01: point 1 of the link i gave him, boot into live-usb, use gparted (or gdisk, parted)10:39
MacrotusSaberX01 llutz Here's a picture of GParted10:40
llutzMacrotus: umount /dev/sda1, change type to bios_grub EF0210:41
Macrotusllutz: EF02?10:41
hitsujiTMOrJaspur: i think its part of landscape-common10:41
llutzMacrotus: partition type "bios_grub" = code EF02   i don't know if gparted uses the name or the code to set10:42
Macrotusllutz, ah it has bios_grub in the list10:43
weeb1eHello everyone10:43
Macrotuslluzt, what about the second part: unformatted filesystem? Do I just right click, select format to and select cleared?10:43
llutzMacrotus: you can format it it fat16/32 but there is no need to do10:44
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weeb1eCan anyone tell me why ionice cannot be found in the apt repo on 12.04.2 LTS? I'm fairly certain I have installed ionice with apt-get on other 12.04 boxes10:44
llutzMacrotus: that partition won't hold any files later, it just has to be existing10:44
kruxomanWhy do I still have alot of /boot/*-3.2* kernel stuff on my machine? Is it safe to delete those when on 3.8 kernel? Ex: initrd.img-3.2.0-51-generic10:45
DarkAceLaptopalot is not a word10:45
kruxomanDarkAceLaptop: I see. And you don't understand what I mean?10:46
llutzMacrotus: after you finished  follow steps 2...5 of   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Converting_Ubuntu_into_Legacy_mode  and keep your fingers crossed10:46
Macrotusllutz but it says unformmated?10:46
weeb1ekruxoman: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html10:46
llutzMacrotus: if gparted allows, then leave it unformatted10:47
kruxomanAHAHAHA point taken weeb1e DarkAceLaptop10:47
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SaberX01Macrotus, just FYI .. dont forget to commit / save the changes when your all done :-)10:48
Macrotusllutz http://sharepoint.peltoset.fi/1388746157180-2014-01-03-12.47.42.jpg10:49
llutzMacrotus: if gparted allows, then leave it unformatted10:50
Macrotusllutz Yea, deleting it made it unallocated10:52
llutzMacrotus: you don't delete it !10:52
llutzMacrotus: whats so hard with: umount /dev/sda1, change type of sda1 to bios_grub EF02 and save/quit?10:54
DwarfDefenderdoes setting SO_RCVBUF in application overrides settings in net.ipv4.tcp_rmem?10:54
llutzi'm out now10:54
Macrotusllutz, thanks. Let's hope this works10:54
makarahitsujiTMO, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparse_file10:55
hitsujiTMOmakara: ahh cool. never encountered that before10:56
gehhHi guys,  after a lot of fails yesterday I finally managed to install 13.10 by using nomodeset,  then after the reboot I couldn't use nomodeset cause it was not working so I used instead acpi= off then I had a mug saying my computer is running low graphical blabla...  So I tried Sudo get-install fglrx to get my AMD graphic card driver but failed as I got the message unable to resolve be.Ubuntu...10:56
makarahitsujiTMO, every day, hey10:56
gehh(gehh) Hi guys,  after a lot of fails yesterday I finally managed to install 13.10 by using nomodeset,  then after the reboot I couldn't use nomodeset cause it was not working so I used instead acpi= off then I had a mug saying my computer is running low graphical blabla...  So I tried Sudo get-install fglrx to get my AMD graphic card driver but failed as I got the message unable to resolve be.Ubuntu...10:59
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Macrotusllutz, SaberX01: Well, I did that all on the page and it says it successfully did the tricks. This is what it gave me. http://paste.ubuntu.com/6683806/ Now when booting in legacy mode, I get an error saying operating system not found.11:01
gehh(gehh) Hi guys,  after a lot of fails yesterday I finally managed to install 13.10 by using nomodeset,  then after the reboot I couldn't use nomodeset cause it was not working so I used instead acpi= off then I had a mug saying my computer is running low graphical blabla...  So I tried Sudo get-install fglrx to get my AMD graphic card driver but failed as I got the message unable to resolve be.Ubuntu...11:09
erenI cannot find thttpd in 12.04. Why was it removed?11:09
erenI will serve cgi scripts (mailman) with thttpd, it seems easy to setup together with nginx11:09
SaberX01Macrotus, To be honest Im kinda lost on this. I think grub is looking for /core.img in the wrong place, but how to fix that, Im not sure.11:09
MacrotusSaberX01 Hmm.. This is tricky11:10
morpheus7hello - is anyone here using shellinabox11:11
SaberX01Macrotus, The main problem really is, you can't seem to boot the USB / CD from your normal BIOS, if you could this would all be a non-issue.11:12
MacrotusSaberX01 Yea I wonder why that is...11:12
SaberX01Macrotus, now that you have Grub2 in that special EFI partition, this is a guess, but I wonder is a quick reinstall would fix it,or go back to wehre we were initially.11:14
SaberX01Macrotus, There is an advanced options screen in the BIOS, soemthing with F2  that should allwo you to get at the boot menu, in normal BIOS11:14
MacrotusSaberX01 Now there is that problem again where I can't boot from the USB stick. It shows the grub to let me select install or try but after selecting try and after the Ubuntu logo disappears it hangs in black screen.11:15
MacrotusSaberX01 None of the regular buttons for accessing it didn't work. I tried F1-F12, delete, esc...11:15
SaberX01Macrotus, Or,. wiht the USB, you may be able to perform a rescue too.11:16
MacrotusI'll try a reinstall SaberX0111:17
SaberX01Macrotus, Ok, this is seriously painful. sri for all the hassle.11:17
MacrotusSaberX01 I have never seen a pc this painful to use...11:18
SaberX01Macrotus, I think I found the BIOS stuff11:18
SaberX01Macrotus, Get into the BIOS by pushing the assist button when the system is shut off and then hitting Start BIOS Setup. Do not try to boot from your usb key using recovery mode, instead change the boot order in the BIOS.11:19
SaberX01Macrotus, then we make some changes11:19
MacrotusSaberX01 That's the way I have managed to boot to from the stick.11:19
MacrotusWhat changes?11:19
SaberX01Macrotus, Intel(R) AT Support System = [Disabled] Secure Boot [Disabled] External Device Boot [Enabled] Select 1st Boot Priority[External Device]11:20
MacrotusSaberX01 That's the way I have set them.11:20
SaberX01Macrotus, and Boot mode Legacy11:20
MacrotusSaberX01 The Ubuntu USB stick won't boot in legacy11:21
SaberX01Macrotus, and they say this as well: mportant! Do NOT use the usb port labelled with a lightning bolt, you will never get it to even boot.11:21
SaberX01Macrotus, Does this Laptop have an SSD HD ?11:22
MacrotusSaberX01 Aaaah, that's it! I haven't put the stick in the same port every time...11:22
MacrotusSaberX01 Yes, it's a PCIe SSD11:22
SaberX01Macrotus, When booting from USB you might need to append libata.force=noncq to the kernel parameters to avoid problems with the SSD11:22
SaberX01Macrotus, Lets see if you can get it too boot form another USB port first.11:23
MacrotusSaberX01 I started creating the live USB again because I thought it had some problems. Just a minute and it's done, then I'll try again11:23
SaberX01Ok no hurry11:23
MacrotusSaberX01 Yea I switched the port and now it booted11:24
MacrotusSaberX01 Great! I believe it's in legacy now. It didn't ask if I want to try or to install it and now I have a graphical screen in front of me asking that. That's what I expected earlier but I got the Grub screen to select this11:25
SaberX01Macrotus, Try to do your install, using the whole drive again.11:25
MacrotusSaberX01 I will11:26
john_ramboI want to convert a wma file to mp3 . What app should I use ?11:26
hitsujiTMOjohn_rambo: avconc11:27
MacrotusSaberX01 It detects the existing installation of 13.10. Should I reinstall it, delete the old and install fresh or select the "some other option" and select the partition manually?11:27
SaberX01Macrotus, I would install fresh11:27
MacrotusSaberX01 I'll try11:28
SaberX01john_rambo, Soundconverter is another option. Then, there's a ton of cli script methods.11:28
SaberX01Macrotus, I think the biggest issue wsa the USB port not booting in Legacy.11:29
MacrotusSaberX01 Yea, hope this works11:30
SaberX01Macrotus, one must have faith if nothing else :-)11:30
SaberX01Macrotus, when you get to that Grub instlal portion, toward the end of the install .. Select Yes to MBR11:31
MacrotusSaberX01 Let's see if it asks for that because I think it didn't last time11:33
MacrotusSaberX01 Now it's doing the installation of the system. It's sliding through the slides and the progress bar is in the bottom. This is the phase what started after selecting time zone, keyboard layout and user names etc11:34
SaberX01Macrotus, You may be right, I don't mostly server installs with the debian installer, more of a command line ncurses type installer, the LiveCD may do that for you.11:34
SaberX01*I do mostly .. ..11:34
MacrotusSaberX01 Maybe, I have installed Ubuntu many times and I don't know if it has ever asked that11:34
SaberX01Macrotus, do a serer install once, it's all different, and about 30 times faster it seems.11:35
MacrotusSaberX01 Yea, I have had Ubuntu Server on my home server downstairs but currently it's running Windows Server 2012 Enterprise.11:36
SaberX01Macrotus, That's the installer Im talking about then.11:36
RPG-MasterI'm able to use "modprobe nvidia_331" and startx to get to my desktop, but if I reboot I'm present with the low graphics mode window, which mean I got to do the command all over again.11:36
RPG-MasterOh my gosh that was almost gibberish11:37
RPG-MasterIt's like 5:00am here11:37
SaberX01RPG-Master, I need to check but on later distro's, I think kmod replaced modprobe11:37
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: try:  sudo nvidia-xconfig   and reboot11:37
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: I'm holding you accountable. :P11:38
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SaberX01Macrotus, Be back in a few need a coffee.11:39
MacrotusSaberX01 Sure, enjoy11:39
lotuspsychje!cookie | SaberX0111:40
ubottuSaberX01: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!11:40
=== NSACustomerServi is now known as EdwardSnowden
Macrotusubottu multiple, lol :D11:40
ubottuMacrotus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:40
MacrotusLol, bot =D11:40
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: Nope :P11:41
RPG-MasterI had to do modprobe and startx again11:41
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: ok, rename or delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:41
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=== GREECE_Sinis\ is now known as GREECE_Sinis
giacomo_usa BuDuScRiPt [ http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript ]11:41
giacomo_Version 3.7.8611:41
giacomo_By  U D A ' S o f t w a r e11:41
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: try:  echo "nvidia_331" | sudo tee -a /etc/modules > /dev/null11:42
giacomo_usa BuDuScRiPt [ http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript ]11:42
giacomo_Version 3.7.8611:42
giacomo_By  U D A ' S o f t w a r e11:42
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: should load the kernel module for you11:42
lotuspsychjegiacomo_: please stop it, ubuntu support only here11:42
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ActionParsnipRPG-Master: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue11:42
RPG-MasterUbuntu 13.10 \n \l11:43
RPG-MasterActionParsnip:  I did that echo command and I didn't get any real response? That normal?11:43
=== zz__gypsy_ is now known as _gypsy_
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: thats normal11:44
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: try a reboot now :)11:44
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: did you install the deskotp OS or did you install server?11:44
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: Desktop, a few days after the release of 13.1011:45
SaberX01Macrotus, what the status ?11:45
MacrotusSaberX01, downloading language packets11:45
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: gotcha, ok try a reboot11:45
RPG-Masterbrb, again11:45
SaberX01Macrotus, in the installer still ?11:45
MacrotusSaberX01, Yes11:45
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RPG-MasterActionParsnip: ALMOST11:48
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: wassup?11:49
RPG-MasterGot to the pretty login screen, logged in, now I'm at my desktop, but without Compiz and unity11:49
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: sounds great :)11:49
RPG-MasterSo windows without title bards11:49
RPG-Masterthey do not sing11:49
SaberX01Macrotus, If this works, dont forget to cheange you BIOS back to Ecternal Device = Disable ( if you want) and First Boot Deice back to Internal Drive, for faster boot.11:50
MacrotusSaberX01 Yes =)11:50
SaberX01wow, it's late, typos up the wazoo .. lol11:50
MacrotusWhat's the time there?11:50
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
RPG-MasterNow, what could be prevent unity from loading?11:51
RPG-MasterAlso, I swear English is my first language... I've been up way to long11:51
MacrotusOh, that's late =D It's 2 pm here =)11:51
RPG-Mastersame, 5am here in Alabama11:51
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: add a startup item to run:  copmpiz --replace11:52
=== Zexal is now known as XxLocutusxX
Macrotus Still installing the system...11:58
SaberX01Macrotus, well at least it hasn't fallen over yet .. lol11:58
SaberX01reboot will tell the the real story though11:58
MacrotusLast time it didn't boot after I pressed reboot11:58
SaberX01Macrotus, that was with UEFI thought right?11:59
MacrotusYes. Let's hope it works now =D11:59
SaberX01It should be ok.11:59
cortezdamnit ubuntu, now i'm addicted to unity12:03
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: SO CLOSE12:03
RPG-MasterReally, I could just stop here12:03
MacrotusSaberX01 Restart time!12:03
cortezi gotta leave ubuntu because of some unfixed font rendering bug, but suse doesn't have a proper unity build :(12:03
MacrotusSaberX01 Wohooo! Works :D12:04
Psil0Cybinhey guys i need your help please, i used the synap package maanger to uninstall a kernel that was not working (it also uninstalled my driver) for my worker kernel and now when i go back to additional drivers and install,  i get a jockey error and it says i need to restart my machine12:04
Psil0Cybindid I just mess it up?12:04
RPG-MasterBut, I notice this weird glitchy thing going on when see the login screen, and I think what is going on is that it's not loading compiz until I actually login, so the hang in the begin is it falling back to some non-composited mode. Maybe. I'm no expert.12:05
Psil0Cybinit uninstalled cedarview-drp12:05
Psil0Cybinor something12:05
Psil0Cybinas well as the kernel that did not work :S12:05
SaberX01Macrotus, Ok, first ting you should probably do is opena Terminal Ctl+Alt+T and: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade12:05
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: could use a non-compoziting session12:06
MacrotusI'll change the boot order in bios first12:06
ActionParsnipRPG-Master: like xfce / lxde :)12:06
Psil0Cybinit just keeps sitting at searching for avaliable drivers12:06
ubuntulyfHello, I want to take a filename and parse it for the extension if any12:06
SaberX01Macrotus, Im just glad it made it to the Desktop :-) well done, sri for all the hassle .. think the USB port was the main point, but no way to really see that one coming.12:07
ubuntulyfso if I have example.py12:07
Psil0Cybini  activiate Cedar Trail drm driver in DKMS Format12:07
ubuntulyfI can see that the file extension or whatever is '.py'12:07
Psil0Cybinand i get a sorry installation of driver failed please have a look at jockey.log12:07
RPG-MasterNo, all I want is to get back to the way things were before I went messing with my drivers. :P12:07
ubuntulyfHow can I do this in bash in ubuntu?12:07
Psil0Cybinbut it worked before I uninstalled a NON working kernel?12:07
MacrotusSaberX01 Yea, it's weird. I think the lightning icon just means it can charge usb devices when the computer is turned off.12:07
ubuntulyfwould awk, grep, or sed work best?12:08
Psil0Cybini get this error 2014-01-03 07:06:57,376 WARNING: /sys/module/cedarview_gfx/drivers does not exist, cannot rebind cedarview_gfx driver12:08
somsipubuntulyf: look at 'awk'12:08
Psil0Cybinanyone please?12:08
MacrotusSaberX01 Thanks a lot for your help =)12:08
RPG-MasterActionParsnip: Anyway, thanks for all the help man. :D12:09
somsipubuntulyf: although, depending on eactly what you want to do http://is.gd/9Lnf7112:09
RPG-MasterI think I can take it from here.12:09
SaberX01ubuntulyf, echo "somefile.txt"|awk -F . '{print $NF}'12:09
SaberX01Macrotus, Cool gald its sorted, we all learned a bit from that one :-)12:10
ActionParsnipubuntulyf: Call Details: Alex     Owen     Corporate Development Manager     31/12/2013     V     No     Corporate Development12:10
ActionParsnipAnn     Tennent     Transport Supervisor     31/12/2013     O     No     Wimbledon12:10
ActionParsnipNicola     White     Accounts Assistant     31/12/2013     I     No     Manheim Retail Marketing12:10
MacrotusSaberX01 Yea, we learned that Sony makes things complicated =D12:10
ActionParsnipHelen      Cann     Driver     31/12/2013     V     No     Manheim Inspection services12:10
ActionParsnipPat     McInally     General Manager     31/12/2013     V     No     Glasgow12:10
FloodBot1ActionParsnip: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:10
ActionParsnipRichard     Kirkman     Client Support Supervisor     31/12/2013     V     No     Manheim Retail Marketing12:10
Psil0Cybinhey guys i need your help please, i used the synap package maanger to uninstall a kernel that was not working (it also uninstalled my driver) for my worker kernel and now when i go back to additional drivers and install,  i get a jockey error and it says i need to restart my machine12:11
lotuspsychjeSaberX01: what solved it now?12:11
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: why are you not using software centre?12:11
njsgis there some way to install an older version of texinfo?12:11
Psil0Cybinwell I just reinstalled using synap ActionParsnip going to restart12:12
Psil0Cybinsee if it helps. .. i hope this works12:12
MacrotusSo the port with the little icon works in UEFI mode, but for legacy it doesn't work.12:12
MacrotusWell, fortunately it took only 4 hours today and 2 yeasterday...12:12
SaberX01lotuspsychje, well the main issue was the USB port with the Lightning Bolt  could not boot the USB key, it he'd used another port, Grub Legacy Install would have worked, but no way of knowing that initially..12:13
ubuntulyf<somsip> ubuntulyf: although, depending on eactly what you want to do http://is.gd/9Lnf7112:13
ubuntulyfsomsip, thanks that's what I'm looking for12:13
ubuntulyfbut what are those things in the example12:13
FloodBot1ubuntulyf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:13
ubuntulyf^ is this a regex of some kind?12:13
lotuspsychjeSaberX01: usb 2.0 ports?12:13
Macrotuslotuspsychje no, they are 3.012:13
SaberX01No idea12:13
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: ah, ive seen issues like this before, machine not seeing the usb stick12:14
MacrotusSaberX01, lotuspsychje: So the stick booted in UEFI mode when it was attached to that port with th lightning bolt icon, but legacy didn't work in that. When I put the stick in the other port it started working in legacy12:14
MarkDavieshow can I browse the Ubuntu repository from console level?12:14
ActionParsnipubuntulyf: export FILE=/path/to/filename.ext12:14
ActionParsnipMarkDavies: apt-cache search wordshere12:15
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SaberX01Macrotus, Yeah, I found a site wiht alot of Infor about your box or the SOny Pro at least, will PM you wiht it.12:15
DarkAceLaptopalot is not a word12:15
MacrotusHmm, my computer locked because I didn't touch it for a while and after unlocking it now the cursor wont move... buttons work though12:15
MacrotusSaberX01, thanks12:15
lotuspsychjeDarkAceLaptop: you got an automatic 'alot' script?12:16
SaberX01Macrotus, has info on Vid, Lan, touchpad the works.12:16
Computer1I am facing a problem if someone can please help ;_)12:16
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
lotuspsychjeComputer1: describe your issue mate12:16
SaberX01!details Computer112:16
ActionParsniphttp://i42.tinypic.com/2a9bl79.jpg :)12:16
SaberX01!details | Computer112:17
ubottuComputer1: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:17
Computer1I have 5 PCs (wiht ubuntu) connected to a windows central machine , and i want to connect other 5(ubuntu machines), what am i supposed to do.,? And help wud be appreciable :-)12:17
ActionParsnipComputer1: connect for what. 'connect' doesnt mean anythnig12:17
lotuspsychjeComputer1: what is your purpose for this?12:17
ActionParsnipComputer1: if you ping between the systems, that is a 'connection'12:18
MacrotusSaberX01 I hope Ubuntu 14.04 will have great support for touch screen. The page you linked says no support for multitouch gestures, but that might have to do with Arch.12:18
SaberX01Macrotus, Maybe, but thats more of a kernel / driver thing I think. 14.04 uses the 3.12+ kernel. Now that you know how to do it, DL 14.04, and install side-by-side, it's easy.12:19
MacrotusSaberX01 I'll enjoy this for a few days first so then I can see what changes there are etc. I don't want to mess up this right away =D12:20
ActionParsnipComputer1: without further details we cannot possibly advise12:20
SaberX01Macrotus, Ok good plan ;-)12:20
SaberX01Macrotus, Dont foget to do you Update & Upgrades12:21
MacrotusSaberX01 It's doing that now. It's taking quite long12:21
SaberX01Macrotus, Yeah, first one usually has a fare number of updates.12:21
MacrotusSaberX01 I wonder why the installation took so long if it didn't update everything12:22
MacrotusEven Windows installs faster12:22
lotuspsychjethe hardest part of support is that one can't see what the user is doing12:22
Macrotuslotuspsychje, TeamViewer? =)12:22
SaberX01Macrotus, There's allot of Dling going on in the background during the install and on a slower connection, can take a while.12:22
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: and people using poor terms, or trying to sound technical with language they don't understand12:23
paulus68lotuspsychje, teamviewer is your friend in that case12:23
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: well in many cases we cant teamview an ubuntu install right unless you point another laptop webcam to it12:23
MacrotusSaberX01 Yea. We have 100/10 connection but for some reason the wifi seems slow. Though, it's not getting under 30/8 so it shouldn't be bad...12:23
Macrotuslotuspsychje, that's true12:23
paulus68lotuspsychje, then the only alternative you have is to do an automate install12:24
SaberX01Macrotus, Also, you want to update your mirrors for best speed, got to Dash >> Update Manager >> Ubuntu Software Tab >> Download from Other, and hit select bester mirror.12:24
ActionParsnipMacrotus: or use apt-fast12:25
MacrotusSaberX01 I will, this is doing those other updates first.12:25
=== trijntje_ is now known as trijntje
SaberX01ActionParsnip, what package is apt-fast in?12:26
Psil0CybinHey guys I need some help please! I uninstalled a non working kernel and it seems to have taken my drivers with it!! I am missing my drivers and my text on my screen is very fuzzy and it is hard to make out text12:26
ActionParsnipSaberX01: its in a PPA12:26
Psil0Cybinbut i finally was able to boot into any display by going into another kernel and reinstalling the driver through terminal12:26
Psil0Cybinbut i can tell some settings are off or it is not enabled or this is a fallback driver.12:27
YokoBRhi guys, please, i have an ultrabook and i need to create an windows bootable usb, but i use linux... is there any app to do that?12:27
Psil0Cybinis there no way to fix my driver to the way it was before i removed the non working kernel?12:27
ActionParsnipYokoBR: I believe unetbootin can do it if yu format the usb partition to NTFS12:27
ActionParsnipYokoBR: which you will need Windows for12:27
SaberX01ActionParsnip, no wonder I couldn't find it .. LOL .. I have my own local mirror so I don't really use all the speed increase tools.12:28
YokoBRActionParsnip, i guess that unetbootin is only for linux distros12:28
SaberX01But that's a good one to know about.12:28
lotuspsychjeYokoBR: you wanna go back to windows?12:28
ActionParsnipYokoBR: no, ive seen guides getting windows on usb12:28
Psil0CybinHey guys I need some help please! I uninstalled a non working kernel and it seems to have taken my drivers with it!! I am missing my drivers and my text on my screen is very fuzzy and it is hard to make out text but i finally was able to boot into any display by going into another kernel and reinstalling the driver through terminal12:29
Psil0Cybin<Psil0Cybin> but i can tell some settings are off or it is not enabled or this is a fallback driver.12:29
Psil0Cybincan someone please help me12:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:29
YokoBRlotuspsychje, NO WAY! I use linux 24/7. It's not for me, it's for my girlfriend's aunt.12:29
popassy!give Psil0Cybin help12:29
ubottupopassy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:29
popassy!help Psil0Cybin12:29
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: what kernel exactly did you remove? and how did you remvoe it?12:30
popassyPsil0Cybin: the msg from ubottu was for you12:30
Psil0CybinI understand but i need this laptop for work and someone told me to remove the old kernel and now that I did! I cannot get into any kernel.12:30
lotuspsychjeYokoBR: there's a win7 usb creator for ubuntu12:30
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: I removed it from synap package manager I found the kernel I did not need, the headers and the kernel it self12:30
Psil0Cybinand I removed it12:30
popassywhat other package manager other than ubuntu software centre exists? i forgot the tname12:30
Psil0Cybinbut It said it removed a graphic driver for that specific kernel12:30
popassyoh synaptic. thanks Psil0Cybin haha12:30
Psil0Cybinso i selected okay,12:31
Psil0Cybinbut now it seems like it is all gone.12:31
Psil0Cybinnow what i did was go into terminal12:31
Psil0Cybinreinstall driver.....but when i finally got into my display and GUI12:31
Psil0Cybinall the text looks fuzzy12:31
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: can you boot a live cd and chroot in and pastebin the output of: dpkg --get-selections12:31
Psil0Cybini go to additional drivers, I see CedarTail drm driver in DKMS format12:32
Psil0Cybinis grayed out12:32
YokoBRhmmm found this> http://www.tuxgarage.com/2011/02/create-windows-7-startup-usb-from.html12:32
Psil0Cybinso when I click install, it gives me Sorry, installation of this driver failed.Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log12:32
lotuspsychjeYokoBR: http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/winusb-create-bootable-windows-installer-usb-in-ubuntu-linux/12:32
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: what gpus are on the laptop?12:32
Psil0Cybin2014-01-03 07:28:15,722 DEBUG: querying driver db <jockey.detection.OpenPrintingDriverDB instance at 0x96c68ac> about HardwareID('modalias', 'acpi:SYN1B20:SYN1B00:SYN0002:PNP0F13:')12:32
Psil0Cybin2014-01-03 07:28:28,976 WARNING: modinfo for module cedarview_gfx failed: ERROR: modinfo: could not find module cedarview_gfx12:32
Psil0Cybin2014-01-03 07:28:28,977 WARNING: /sys/module/cedarview_gfx/drivers does not exist, cannot rebind cedarview_gfx driver12:32
Psil0CybinIntel somthing rather it is an Acer Aspire One12:33
Psil0Cybin300$ laptop12:33
Psil0Cybinit used the cedarview-tail12:33
Psil0Cybinperfectly fine12:33
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: atom cpu?12:33
Psil0Cybinbefore I uninstalled a non working kernel :'(12:33
Psil0Cybinyea yea12:33
Psil0Cybinintel atom12:33
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: I'd suggest you use apt-get to remove old kernels12:34
Psil0Cybinwell i will from now on....12:34
Psil0Cybini never in my mind thought this would happen.12:34
Psil0CybinI thought it would remove kernal and headers only.12:34
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: the gpu driver should be built into the kernel so not sure why dkms is getting involved in it. what kernel are you using now?12:34
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: were the old kernels causing an issue?12:34
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: WERE, not which...12:35
Psil0CybinI was trying to remove a upstream kernel or something someone suggested to try to debug an issue, but it never worked12:35
Psil0Cybinso it was just wasting space12:35
Psil0Cybinso i attempted to remove it, without success.12:35
Psil0Cybinit is gone completely12:35
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: so, was it making an issue on the system?12:35
Psil0Cybinbut so are all my graphic drivers...12:36
=== Matrixiumn is now known as CaveJohnson
Psil0Cybinit just caused a black screen that kernel, never booted.12:36
Psil0Cybinbut for some reason took cedarview driver with it12:36
Psil0Cybinwhen I uninstalled it.12:36
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: can you pastebin the outpu of: dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-12:36
MacrotusHmm... I'm using Ubuntu in Finnish. Any idea how I could make the search work for English too? All guides online are in English so it would be easy to just search with English terms and not to try to figure out what they might be in Finnish.12:36
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: someone helped you this morning to go back to your original kernel for eepc, did that not work?12:37
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: the drivers built into the kernel12:37
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: can you boot an older kernel?12:37
TomyWorkwhere can i find a list of archive signing keys for ubuntu?12:37
Psil0Cybinlotuspsychje: nope12:37
TomyWork(precise and raring, for instance)12:37
Psil0CybinActionParsnip: the only kernel i can boot into now is the oldest kernel12:38
Psil0Cybinand only if i restart my computer 4 times12:38
Psil0Cybinin a row12:38
SaberX01Macrotus, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale12:38
ActionParsnipTomyWork: there isnt a list, raring is EOL in a matter of weeks12:38
=== embed-ns is now known as phil-ns
ActionParsnipTomyWork: if you are getting GPG errors, I can give a comand to import it based on the 16 character hex ID12:38
TomyWorkI just need the key fingerprints12:39
ActionParsnipTomyWork: for what?12:39
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: can you tell us wich eeepc that is?12:40
MacrotusWhat a great feeling to have this working.. =)12:40
ActionParsnipTomyWork: when you install Ubuntu, they signing keys are instated by default12:40
lotuspsychje!yay | Macrotus12:40
ubottuMacrotus: Glad you made it! :-)12:40
TomyWorki'm looking for the equivalent of this page: https://ftp-master.debian.org/keys.html12:41
Psil0Cybinor 5 or 612:42
Psil0Cybinit eventually boots into it12:42
Psil0Cybinsorry I was confused, ActionParsnip sorry I am currently in kernel 3.2.0-58-generic-pae. and I am having problems now with 3.2.0-58-generic-pae.12:42
Psil0Cybinsame kernel12:42
Psil0Cybinbut the display is off...12:42
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:42
Psil0Cybinand the driver that was enabled within additional drivers, is now disabled. I only get into the GUI randomly.12:42
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: can you try installing linux-image-3.5.0-45-generic and see if it makes a difference12:42
ActionParsnipTomyWork: the equivelant is put in to a default ubuntu install. So why would you need to manually download or add them12:42
TomyWorki dont want to manually add or download them12:42
TomyWorki want to know them12:43
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: but my kernel was working before perfectly fine, why would I change kernels? just because I messed up something with a driver?12:43
hitsujiTMOTomyWork: the keyserver is a MASSIVE database12:43
Psil0Cybinwould I not be able to undo, what I did..and fix the driver, get back on the kernel that was working flawlessly12:43
Psil0Cybinthen switching kernels and dealing with new problems?12:43
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: doyou still have the debs in /var/cache/apt/archives12:44
TomyWorkhitsujiTMO, i just need the ubuntu archive signing keys for precise and raring12:44
hitsujiTMOTomyWork: again a massive database. there's soooo many mirrors12:44
Psil0CybinActionParsnip: yea12:44
Psil0Cybinit looks like i do12:44
Psil0Cybinhow can i find the cedarview deb for the kernel I am using?12:45
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: bonus12:45
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: I'd just reinstall the packages for the kernel you are using12:45
TomyWorkhitsujiTMO, the mirrors have the same packages and signatures12:45
Psil0Cybinso I am very new, how would I go about this...12:45
MacrotusCan I download Chrome from the system somehow or do I need to download it from Google's website?12:46
Psil0CybinI am nervous to do this lol12:46
TomyWorki already have the keys for debian, which also has a large amount of mirrors12:46
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: sudo dpkg -i filename.deb12:46
Psil0Cybinif I am on the kernel I want to fix, I would have to downgrade?12:46
Psil0Cybinin order to do this?12:46
hitsujiTMOTomyWork: the keys are for the trepos not the packages12:46
hitsujiTMOTomyWork: if you go sudo apt-get update: you get an error ending in something like: public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 16126D3A3E5C119212:46
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: you can download it from the web in .deb12:46
BluesKajHiyas all12:47
hitsujiTMOTomyWork: you can add in the pubkey for that signature with the command: apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 16126D3A3E5C119212:47
Macrotuslotuspsychje Yea, quite many of the programs can be installed from the terminal, that's why I asked12:47
TomyWorkhitsujiTMO, i'm not getting errors, i dont want to add keys, i just want to know the keys, is that so hard?12:47
lotuspsychjeMacrotus: apt-cache search chrome12:48
SaberX01Macrotus, unless you need Chrome specifically, instlaling chromium-browser from the repos' is probably ur best bet.12:48
Psil0CybinActionParsnip: so before I run that command12:49
Psil0Cybindo I need to go on another kernel to reinstall the kernel I am using?12:49
MacrotusSaberX01 Hmm.. I'm just reading what's the difference between the two12:49
Psil0Cybinbut if I remoed the driver12:49
Psil0Cybinhow will it repackage something ActionParsnip ?12:49
SaberX01Macrotus, Chrome is closed source, Chromium is the Open source version.12:49
hitsujiTMOTomyWork: there's no public list of the keys because there are so many. Its like asking for a page with every public twitter post ever. you need to request a pubkry by its signature12:50
MacrotusSaberX01 That's the conclusion I arrived =)12:50
SaberX01sudo apt-get install chromium-browser  ..12:50
MacrotusDownloading from the app store =)12:50
TomyWorkhitsujiTMO,  and i'm telling you, you are wrong12:50
Psil0CybinActionParsnip: I am reinstalling the kernel, would this be the only way to fix this issue12:51
Psil0CybinI am scared this might not solve my problem12:51
=== Koma_ is now known as koma
SaberX01Macrotus, is your not well tuned to the CLI yet, the Software Center is a good resource.12:51
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: its one way12:51
hitsujiTMOTomyWork: then since you know better then you should know where to find the list12:52
SaberX01Macrotus, the same for Updates, the Update Manager is nice for those new to the terminal.12:52
MacrotusSaberX01, I'm not really new, I haven't used Ubuntu for a few years so I don't remember that all. Well, that makes me quite new12:53
Psil0CybinActionParsnip: I am stuck on this action12:54
Psil0Cybinrun-parts: executing /etc/kernel/header_postinst.d/dkms 3.2.0-58-generic-pae /boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-58-generic-pae12:54
TomyWorkhitsujiTMO, what kind of flawed logic is that?12:54
Psil0Cybincould this be because I am on this kernel? although I was able to build the non header file fine?12:54
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: may take a while12:54
SaberX01Macrotus, You'll pick it up quick. Just try to avoid PPA's an dpkg .deb installs until your comfortable with things, as they can get you in a jam if your not careful.12:54
Psil0Cybinokay cool ty.12:55
Psil0CybinActionParsnip: thank you for replying man, I am just freaking out...I hate thinking I can go to sleep when really I messed something up I do not want to deal with later.12:55
Psil0Cybinaka few hours when I go to work12:55
Psil0Cybinalthough it is still just stuck on that action, i really hope this is not because i am using that kernel version while doing this12:56
MacrotusDo you guys recommend Thunderbird for email or do you prefer something else?12:56
ActionParsnipMacrotus: use what you like12:57
cfhowlettMacrotus, ^^^ this12:57
SaberX01Macrotus, TBird or Evolution both pretty good.12:57
ActionParsnipMacrotus: you are using an OS based on choice and freedom, yet you ask a room of strangers what to use and think?12:57
SaberX01Evo has gpg integrated I think, TBird gotta add a plugin, but works well.12:57
ActionParsnipMacrotus: smacks of Microsoft, don't you think?12:57
cfhowlettMacrotus, AND you expect that they have the same needs/user profile/experience/tastes as you ... :)12:58
TomyWorkhitsujiTMO, to be precise, i'm looking for the ftp master keys12:58
MacrotusWell if most of you don't like Thunderbird I would think there's something wrong with it. I have been using Outlook for ten years so...12:58
pahaloomMacrotus, one would have to try each one, for email messaging pine or mutt was my favorite until I got away from text terminal. Have used Evolution and Thunderbird both, have no preference12:58
=== paulm is now known as Guest17121
ActionParsnipMacrotus: most people dont use Ubuntu, is there something wrong with it?12:58
TomyWorkthe same kind of key that's listed on the debian page i listed12:58
ubottuMacrotus,: ymmv is short for "Your mileage may vary". It means that someone else's experience with compatibility, performance etc. may not necessarily match yours. Also see !wfm12:59
Psil0CybinActionParsnip: I l O V E y O U12:59
SaberX01Macrotus, Here's a review of 5 common ones for *Nix: http://www.techradar.com/us/news/software/applications/best-linux-email-client-5-reviewed-and-rated-104123612:59
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: yay12:59
Psil0CybinI LOVE YOU12:59
Psil0Cybinyou taught me so many things ty!12:59
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: dude stick to apt-get for removing old kernels.12:59
Psil0Cybinno other way13:00
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: why are you using synaptic?13:00
Psil0Cybinthis is madness lmao13:00
Psil0Cybinbecasue someone told me to on here, aaaaaaaages ago!13:00
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:00
Psil0Cybineveryone has different methods13:00
Psil0Cybinbut some methods are good for people who get them better, you know...and I guess I was not careful enough and educated enough13:00
Psil0Cybinto think that something that small would effect all kernels....it really confused me.13:00
Psil0CybinI am so so so sorry guys, for freaking out in here, I owe everyone beers on me =D13:01
gordonjcpPsil0Cybin: there are many things in Linux that are the equivalent of a chainsaw without a bar brake13:01
gordonjcpyou have to be careful, because it's easy to cut your leg off with them13:01
SaberX01LOL ..13:01
Psil0Cybinwell gordonjcp to be honestly, I get reminded this. every single day.13:01
Psil0CybinI forget13:01
Psil0Cybinthat is my problem13:01
gordonjcphowever, if you actually *want* to cut your leg off, they'll do the job just fine and not get in your way13:01
Psil0CybinI think that things are very quickly reversable, when they are not.13:02
Psil0Cybinespecially if you forget what you do, you are done!13:02
Psil0Cybinyou need to keep everything in mind :P13:02
Psil0Cybinalright ActionParsnip just so this NEVER happens again! can you just explain to me, so what dpkg command13:02
Psil0Cybinshowed all the debs left over on my machine?13:02
pahaloomPsil0Cybin, I doubt you would pass Turing test13:02
Psil0Cybinpahaloom: I doubt I would pass as well. My ego is destroyed.13:03
MacrotusI like when applications start to save their data to servers on the internet. When I logged with my Google account to Chromium I got all the bookmarks, themes, plugins and history =)13:03
gordonjcpMacrotus: :-)13:03
Psil0Cybinhere i thought i knew sommmeeething about linux, honestly guys...I learn this every day I could use linux for 25 years straight13:03
Psil0CybinI still know nothing13:03
Psil0Cybintoo much to learn :)13:04
Psil0CybinI love it, but hate it at the same time13:04
Psil0Cybinlike my gf.13:04
BluesKajnever stop learning or you'll fade away13:05
MacrotusWow, I entered my email address in Thunderbird and clicked next. It got the right settings instantly! Outlook has never managed to do that :D13:05
SaberX01Psil0Cybin, This is your friend for hold packages back from updates: echo ``<package> hold'' | dpkg --set-selections Put <package> on hold (command line method)13:05
Psil0Cybinthank you so much SaberX01. I really appreciate all the advice you guys give me, now that I am more calm.13:06
Psil0Cybinas you can tell.13:06
Psil0Cybinno joke, I feel stress off my shoulders.13:06
Psil0CybinI might need to go out for a ciggie, phew.13:06
SaberX01Macrotus, works with most of the popular mail giants, yah, gm, goog  etc. Can have all you accounts on one client too.13:07
=== user_ is now known as yharrow
njsgOTOH the thunderbird interface is extremely harder and slower to use if you just want to configure a non-major provider account13:08
njsgand, to be honest, it's not like it's hard to get a *small* list of the *very few* settings you need to configure the account13:08
MacrotusSaberX01 My email provider is a small Finnish company =D Still got the right data13:09
SaberX01Cool thing about Open Source and well *Nix in general, is the freedom of choice.13:09
njsgMacrotus: perhaps they just use a sane set of settings13:10
njsgI'd not be surprised if they got my school email wrong, though, as the email is completely different from the Exchange login13:10
MacrotusThis seems to take long. It's been downloading messages for a couple of minutes now and it has got less than 100. 2000 to go!13:11
SaberX01Isn't TBird the default Ubuntu Desktop Mail Client?13:11
jhutchinsIs there an easy way to see which kernels which release currently has?13:11
hitsujiTMOTomyWork: is /var/lib/apt/keyrings/ubuntu-archive-keyring.gpg what you're looking for?13:11
OutOfBound1hi everyone. Anyone encountered this: After an update of the kernel, my server with lvm+luks doesn't boot anymore. I can enter the passphrase on the serial console, but then get a message that cryptroot can't find /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root and drops me to initramfs. From there I can mount and chroot into /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root without trouble.13:12
njsgMacrotus: hm, are you using IMAP or POP?13:12
SaberX01Macrotus, Did you setup IMAP or POP3 ?13:12
SaberX01snap! :-)13:12
njsgMacrotus: because a *full* download should just happen for pop13:12
njsgMacrotus: oh, I hope you actually want to have the messages locally13:12
MacrotusYea njsg, I want them to be on my computer13:12
njsgthen it may take some time, depends on your link, I guess13:13
haohappywhat messages13:13
Macrotus100 down so should be a problem in my end if the email provider is sending13:13
Macrotusshould not be a problem in my end*13:13
SaberX01and attachment size etc13:13
njsgsnrk, I remember complaining too much about foreign servers such as google having problems providing content fast enough13:13
MacrotusWell it's just the initial setup, then it's fast.13:14
njsgI'd go for getmail for such a setup, but I guess I've moved from thunderbird a *long* time ago13:14
njsgperhaps getmail+local IMAP13:14
hitsujiTMOTomyWork: is this for a mirror or for signing packages?13:14
njsgthat always looked nice to me as an universal solution, I can use any client13:15
njsgalthough now I'm on remote IMAP13:15
MacrotusAnyone else use WhatPulse? Interesting how much people use computers: http://whatpulse.org/whatpulse-in-2013.png13:15
* tu_ 13:16
SaberX01Never seen it before.13:17
njsgMacrotus: never heard of it13:17
Macrotusnjsg: Count's your clicks, keystrokes and network usage. It also shows heatmap of you clicking and keyboard usage etc13:18
=== pcarrier__ is now known as pcarrier
njsgcounts my clicks -> that'd be quite useless :-D13:18
Macrotusnjsg: not using mouse?13:19
tu_how can i speak to a robot13:19
totesmuhgoatshey guys13:19
tu_hey you!am i speaking?13:20
totesmuhgoatstu_: yes13:20
SaberX01tu_, try machine code :-)13:20
SaberX01Anyways I'm out of here for today, CU all tomorrow. Don't break your new box Macrotus :-)13:21
njsgMacrotus: it's really not something I use a lot; the only use is maybe mostly to select and paste text, and once in a while to click on links on the web13:22
MacrotusThanks for your help ServerX01! See you!13:22
=== zz__gypsy_ is now known as _gypsy_
njsgeven then, I don't use the mouse that much on the web, so...13:22
Macrotusnjsg: You could use tab + enter for links =D13:22
OutOfBound1Anyone encountered this: After an update of the kernel, my server with lvm+luks doesn't boot anymore. I can enter the passphrase on the serial console, but then get a message that cryptroot can't find /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root and drops me to initramfs. From there I can mount and chroot into /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root without trouble.13:22
njsgMacrotus: I use hints13:24
njsgMacrotus: I can't find a good webpage for reference on this, but "hints" is what some browsers call to text/numbers you use to select links13:25
Macrotusnjsg ah..13:26
njsgesim. http://5digits.org/img/screenshots/dactyl-hints-all.png13:26
Macrotusnjsg That looks weird =D13:27
njsgnot at all13:28
njsgperhaps you're just not used to it :-D13:28
njsgit's kind of the interface I'm used to see to follow links for half a decade now maybe?13:28
njsgelinks, conkeror, pentadactyl, vimperator, all of them have something of this kind13:28
MacrotusEveryone has their own things13:29
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Guest4024hi there i need help in installing java. jst downloaded jdk7.13:34
Guest4024any 1 there?13:34
cfhowlettGuest4024, sorry, no more than a few thousand online at the moment ...13:34
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.13:34
njsgGuest4024: don't download, install using the package manager13:35
cfhowlettGuest40is24, ^^^ th13:35
njsgalthough I guess that if you want to install some non-standard java (say, oracle), you may need to download from them, yeah...13:35
njsgoracle (on whose unspecified behavior some developers still rely) used IcedTea as an excuse to say distros didn't need redistributable packages anymore13:36
Guest4024seems no 1 .....13:37
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=== Guest93348 is now known as VLanX
nitkhow can i block the incoming packet coming from any specific ip using ufw13:49
hitsujiTMOnitk: as in ?: sudo ufw deny from
=== zz__gypsy_ is now known as _gypsy_
StFS-webHi. I'm having problems installing java using the webupd8 repository. The java installer downloads a binary from the web and I think that's causing some problems since I need to use a proxy. However, I've set the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables13:52
nitkhitsujiTMO,  actually i want to block packet coming from specific ip13:53
hitsujiTMOnitk: replace with the ip you want to block13:54
hitsujiTMOnitk: that will block all incoming traffic from that ip13:55
nitkhitsujiTMO,: i tried that one bt it is still working that means it is not blocking.13:55
hitsujiTMOnitk: did you enable ufw?13:55
streulmahello, before I buy a new disk, I ask it here: I need a bigger disk. Now I have an OCZ SSD. Is the 500 GB WD5000BPKX Black disk good?13:56
hitsujiTMOnitk: can you pastebin the output of: sudo ufw status13:56
llutzstreulma: ask in #hardware13:57
llutzstreulma: ask in ##hardware13:57
nitkhitsujiTMO,  yes i enabled and also in status it is showing...13:57
trijntjehow can I see which repository (main, universe, etc) a given package is in?13:59
cfhowlettTriJetScud, apt-cache policy packagename13:59
cfhowlettin a terminal13:59
hggdhtrijntje: apt-cache policy <package>13:59
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hitsujiTMOnitk: you make have a conflicting rule ahead of it as once a rule is matched the others will not be evaluated14:00
trijntjehggdh: thanks!14:00
streulmaman! Ubuntu runs good on this Macbook, no issues :)14:00
hitsujiTMOnitk: can you pastebin the output of: sudo ufw status                   so we can see if you have conflicting rules14:00
nitkhitsujiTMO,  where will i send that output??14:02
hitsujiTMO!paste | nitk14:02
ubottunitk: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:02
nitkTo                         Action      From14:06
nitk--                         ------      ----14:06
nitkAnywhere                   ALLOW
nitk20                         ALLOW       Anywhere14:06
nitk21                         ALLOW       Anywhere14:06
FloodBot1nitk: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:06
MonkeyDustguys, ubuntu 12.04.3, intel video, Google Earth won't show photo's -- hint & tips? http://imagebin.org/28497714:06
nitksory sir i am new to ubuntu ...14:07
hitsujiTMOnitk: use paste.ubuntu.com14:07
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anselyeah i have joined unbuntu 13.1014:10
anselwhich version do u have14:10
MonkeyDustansel  great, this is the support channel14:10
anselthanks monkeydust14:11
anselwhere do u live ?14:11
MonkeyDust!ot | ansel14:11
ubottuansel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:11
anselok ubottu i got it.. sorry14:12
Upperdecksalut , je cherche une personne pour m'aider a faire des truc sur un site web comme installé un Live chat, et d'autre truc en php , merci, (je paye par paypal)14:12
anselhey use english pls14:12
hitsujiTMO!fr | Upperdeck14:12
ubottuUpperdeck: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:12
anselhey how to install backtracker on ubuntu 13.1014:12
sacguys! I've a user "sara:x:1001:1002::/incoming:/sbin/nologin" sshd_config http://nopaste.dk/p71413 and the user home folder is "/sftp/sara" which is root:root 755, sftp -vvv sara@localhost output:http://nopaste.dk/p7141414:12
MonkeyDustansel  backtrack is not supported here and i guess it's no longer maintained14:13
hitsujiTMO!backtrack | ansel14:13
ubottuansel: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (now end of life - see kali-linux)14:13
nitkhitsujiTMO, sry sir i am new to ubuntu i dont know about pastebin14:13
anselok thanku uboottu14:13
nitkhitsujiTMO, in the last msg..you can see the status of my  ufw status14:14
anselcould and one send me each and every keyboard shortcut list for ubuntu 13.1014:14
hitsujiTMOnitk: yes but i cannot see the rules order. what is the ip you are wishing to block? is it by anychance
MonkeyDustnitk  open thins link and paste your information in it -- then copy/paste the new link here in the channel http://imagebin.org/28497714:15
hitsujiTMOansel: hold down the super key14:15
MonkeyDustansel  this link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:16
MonkeyDustnitk   this link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:16
anselhisuji: i know it.. but it doesn't show all keys..i need each and every shortcut keys14:16
pulsar78linux swap partition, how do i determine its size ?14:16
hitsujiTMOpulsar78: lsblk14:17
nitkhitsujiTMO,  yes from
hitsujiTMOnitk: the first rule is to allow all traffic from that ip. you must delete that rule if you want to deny it14:18
pulsar78hitsujiTMO: maybe i was somewhat unclear, i need to setup a new swap, but what do i base its size on ?14:18
hitsujiTMOpulsar78: how mch ram do you have?14:19
MonkeyDustpulsar78  if you want to suspend alot, twice the ram size is adviced14:19
pulsar78no suspend, its a small server14:19
hitsujiTMOpulsar78: how much ram?14:19
hitsujiTMOpulsar78: and what kind of services are you running?14:20
pulsar78512 for ubuntu, 64 for java and 2048 for the xmx, so that would be 262414:20
pulsar78hitsujiTMO: just a java based backup product14:20
nitkhitsujiTMO, which connect14:20
nitkhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6684789/14:21
hitsujiTMOpulsar78: 1-2gb would prob be suitable then14:21
pulsar78hitsujiTMO: thanks, but i need to know how that is calculated / based on ..14:21
nitkhitsujiTMO, are u there14:23
hitsujiTMOpulsar78: well thats based an a guestimation. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq might give you a good idea of what to consider when choosing a swap14:23
hitsujiTMOnitk: so is what you want to block?14:23
nitkhitsujiTMO, yes14:24
donc3Hi all! I have a problem14:24
sacguys! I've a user "sara:x:1001:1002::/incoming:/sbin/nologin" sshd_config http://nopaste.dk/p71413 and the user home folder is "/sftp/sara" which is all the way root:root 755, sftp -vvv sara@localhost output: write failed : broken pipe connection reset by peer http://nopaste.dk/p7141414:24
donc3I have upgrade my ubuntu, and I don't know why14:24
donc3I cannot change the sound14:24
donc3and I cannot enter into the sound preferences14:24
=== happynewyear is now known as Guest24005
hitsujiTMOnitk: how are you testing exactly?14:25
donc3if I try to enter into the sound preferences it keeps loading all the time14:25
donc3can somebody help me??14:25
pulsar78hitsujiTMO: thanks14:26
MonkeyDustdonc3  open a terminal and type    alsamixer    if you see mm, go there and hit m14:26
nitkhitsujiTMO, after executing "sudo ufw reject out to " i am trying to acces that website from browser then it is showing unable to connect14:26
=== Guest40364 is now known as AphelionZ
donc3MokeyDust okay I have done it14:27
hitsujiTMOnitk: you have rules: 20 ALLOW Anywhere and 21 ALLOW Anywhere that are superseding the rule Anywhere DENY
donc3MokeyDust but it doesn't work yet14:28
MonkeyDustdonc3  in any application?14:29
donc3I cannot enter into sound preferences in system preferences14:29
nitkhitsujiTMO, so what to do sir14:29
donc3MokeyDust and I neither can't change the volume into the desktop14:30
donc3MokeyDust if I click into the voice icon into the desktop bar it appears an empty square14:30
MonkeyDustdonc3  and you do have a sound card?14:30
donc3MokeyDust yes I have it14:31
donc3MokeyDust the sound works perfectly14:31
hitsujiTMOnitk: remove the superseding rules. then add them again after. you need to be cause in what order you add rules in14:31
nitkhitsujiTMO, ok14:31
gopiHi can any one help me?14:32
hitsujiTMOnitk: a good rule of thumb is to speficy specific deny rules first, then specific allow rules then the default rules(almost always deny)14:33
trijntjegopi: sure, ask away14:33
donc3MokeyDust what can I do?14:33
gopiWhen all the time opening software center, its not responding  and closed it.14:33
MonkeyDustdonc3  did it work before?14:34
jhutchinsgopi: It's a big, innefficient program.  Give it time.14:34
N07aN0o8@gopi use synaptic instead14:34
donc3yes! before I did an upgrade14:34
hitsujiTMOgopi: can you run software-center from the terminal and pastebin any console output please14:34
gopiafter reopening it opens, but if i try to install more than 4 files then again not responding and closed it14:35
MonkeyDustdonc3  from to ?14:35
gopiwhat to do?14:35
donc3from the daily repositories14:35
donc3MokeyDust really I don't know what I did!!14:35
MonkeyDustdonc3  daily repositories? what's the output of   cat /etc/issue14:35
gopiThis is the result14:36
gopi2014-01-03 20:06:07,692 - softwarecenter.ui.gtk3.app - INFO - setting up proxy 'None'14:36
gopi2014-01-03 20:06:08,282 - softwarecenter.backend.reviews - WARNING - Could not get usefulness from server, no username in config file14:36
gopi2014-01-03 20:06:08,285 - softwarecenter.plugin - INFO - activating plugin '<module 'webapps_activation' from '/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/plugins/webapps_activation.pyc'>'14:36
gopi2014-01-03 20:06:08,291 - softwarecenter.fixme - WARNING - logs to the root logger: '('/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/importer.py', 51, 'find_module')'14:36
FloodBot1gopi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:36
gopi2014-01-03 20:06:08,291 - root - ERROR - Could not find any typelib for LaunchpadIntegration14:36
hitsujiTMOgopi: please use paste.ubuntu.com14:37
donc3MonkeyDust elementary OS Luna \n \l14:37
hitsujiTMO!eos | donc314:37
MonkeyDustdonc3  that's not supported here, ask the elementary people14:37
hitsujiTMO!elementary | donc314:37
ubottudonc3: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.14:37
nitkhitsujiTMO, how to find that incomming packets are blocked14:37
hitsujiTMOnitk: enable logging and check the logs: sudo ufw logging on14:38
gopisorry, i'm new to IRC,,,,ok, i'll use ...14:38
gopican you see that?14:38
hitsujiTMOgopi: yup14:39
nitkhipitihop, ok after what to do14:39
MonkeyDustguys, ubuntu 12.04.3, intel video, Google Earth won't show photo's -- hint & tips? http://imagebin.org/28497714:40
nitkhitsujiTMO, after enabling log information how to check the incoming packets14:40
benimhi guys, have all websites' ssl certificates expired?14:40
trijntjebenim: I'm gonna guess that didn't happen ;)14:40
gopiI pasted ... then what to do?14:40
trijntjegopi: tell us the url of the paste14:40
trijntjebenim: maybe someone is messing with your connection, don't log in to important stuf14:41
hitsujiTMOnitk: ufw should log to somewhere in /var/log read the log there to see what its doing as14:41
hitsujiTMObenim: check the time on your pc14:41
gopiDid you get it?14:42
benimhitsujiTMO, oh, interesting idea, thank you14:42
hitsujiTMObenim: if its 1970 then you may have a deceased bios battery14:42
benimhitsujiTMO, ah, damn it, it says it's 2015 on my comp ) thanks you14:43
hitsujiTMObenim: np14:43
benimthank you*14:43
nitkhitsujiTMO, yes i opened that log file but...i didn't understand nothing from that14:43
hitsujiTMOnitk: can you pastebin the log14:44
=== _dev_urandom is now known as devurandom
devurandomDoes anyone know how to restore the stock /etc/default/grub file?14:44
devurandomdpkg -S claims no package owns the file, as does packages.ubuntu.com...14:45
gopiPlease any one help me ...14:45
devurandomgopi: How long have you been waiting for an answer? And what was your question?14:45
gopidevurandam : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6684893/14:46
Phuzzydevurandom: see /usr/share/grub/default/grub14:46
devurandomgopi: It's an "u" ;)14:47
gregc2Has anyone played with wy60 ncurses in squeeze or ubuntu? For some reason my delete mapping isnt right. Would like to know what it should be.... as its not sending the right codes....14:47
llutzdevurandom: its copied/created by one of the grub-postinst files most likely14:47
gopimy software center is always closing...14:48
gopii dont know what to do...14:48
trijntjegopi: are you on a very old computer? How much RAM etc do you have?14:48
gopi2GB ram14:49
gopiintel dual core processor14:49
trijntjethats plenty. Well, for starters, you can install another package manager so you can at least install software14:49
gopinot an old computer... i bought before 3 years only14:50
Phuzzygregc2: what terminal emulator is this in?14:50
gregc2that one14:50
trijntjedo this in a terminal : sudo apt-get install synaptic14:51
devurandomgopi: I just googled for you. Did you already try "sudo apt-get remove --purge software-center" followed by "sudo apt-get install software-center"?14:51
devurandomPhuzzy, llutz: Thanks!14:51
gopino, i didn't tried.  i'll try and tell you. Thanks devurandom14:51
devurandomgopi: Run that in a terminal.14:52
gopidevurandom : ok :-)14:52
gopitrijntje : thank  you14:53
foxxhello. whenever i use "fakechroot fakeroot" with deboostrap, the second stage always seems to apply the wrong prefix to symlinks.. i.e.  ls -lah home/foxx/wtf/etc/nologin shows "wtf/etc/nologin -> /home/foxx/wtf/var/lib/initscripts/nologin", so its applying full absolute path to symlinks in second stage rather than "/". any ideas how to stop this behavior from happening?14:54
devurandomgopi: Generally, you will often be able to fix your problem by looking at the output of the failing program and googling the error message.14:55
Phuzzygregc2: reason im asking is that i know that under certain conditions the terminal emulator you run will interpret the DEL kep codes differently14:55
gopidevurandom : thank you for given idea. I will do it next14:56
devurandomgopi: In your case "ERROR - Could not find any typelib for LaunchpadIntegration" seemed very suspicious. Google hat several hits for not starting software-center. The recommendation was always to purge and reinstall and then reboot the computer. From the comments on askubuntu.com it seemed that it worked.14:56
Phuzzyso if that is a terminal emulator... and not (as i understand the man page) something you run in a terminal, then it could be a "feature" :)14:57
devurandomgopi: Google results for askubuntu.com, stackoverflow.com and related help-sites are most useful, generally. (Obviously your mileage may vary.)14:57
gopiFrom now, i'll contact google search engine first to solve my problems...14:57
gregc2it is something you run in a terminal via console14:57
gopithank you14:57
devurandomAny time.14:57
Phuzzydoes anyone know of something on the level of Simple-CDD that works for Ubuntu sources?14:57
gregc2command structure looks like wy60 -t termtype -c telnet address14:58
Phuzzygregc2: so what are you running it in? :)14:58
gregc2standard debian console... after install14:58
devurandomThanks again and have a nice day!14:58
Phuzzydebian console?14:59
gregc2yeah the console you get when you install debian...14:59
Sr199820maybe no14:59
hitsujiTMOgregc2: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue14:59
ffio_i have ubuntu 13.04 should i update to 13.10 ? or update would break things ?15:00
=== brummig__ is now known as brummig
gregc2its squeeze15:00
hitsujiTMOgregc2: this is ubuntu support. debian support is in #debian15:00
daliti have installed xubuntu-desktop on ubuntu and now want my system to boot xubuntu session at boot instead of unity15:00
* gregc2 sighs15:00
ffio_because right now i can't afford to lose time to fix things15:00
dalitany idea?15:00
dalitabc : hi15:01
daliti have installed xubuntu-desktop on ubuntu and now want my system to boot xubuntu session at boot instead of unity15:01
dalitany idea?15:01
trijntjeffio_: you could put off updating a while, but don't forget that normal releases are supported for only 9 months15:01
hitsujiTMOffio_: i'd recommend cloning the system, then performing the upgrade15:02
compdocdalit, at the logon screen, is there a drop-down list you can choose your desktop with?15:02
trijntjeffio_: so the end of support for 13.04 would be sometime this january, after that you will no longer receive any security updates, which is not recommended15:02
hitsujiTMOffio_: if anything breaks in the upgrade, you can revert to the clone15:02
dalitcompdoc : yes there is15:02
trijntjewhat hitsujiTMO says is a good idea15:02
dalitcompdoc : but i want it to log in automatically with xfce15:03
ccha4hello, I have a nfs mount, is it possible to use this mount as storage for webdav ?15:03
dalitcompdoc : as if i m running xubuntu15:03
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
hitsujiTMOdalit: lightdm remembers your last session choice.15:04
dalitso i should not worry for next boot?15:05
hitsujiTMOdalit: if you want autologin use: autologin-user=<YOUR USER>  under [SeatDefaults] in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf15:05
satisfied_not_a_Hello, I am sorry if this isn't supposed to be said in this chat, but... *Thank you*. I recently converted from windows to Ubuntu, never had touched Linux in my life and all I heard was horror stories about how stuff is broken and how nothing ever works... but I haven't had a single issue. I found replacements or improvements to every piece of software I used, and I was delighted to find that Ubuntu has a power "repeditive task do-15:06
satisfied_not_a_er" called the terminal, which I've copy-pasted code into constantly to do all the things I was dreading to do by brute force in windows. (Like organizing my pictures by year and month!, and my music by artist-album-(tracknumber -  song)). So well, I just wanted to come to the offical support channel and say *THANK YOU*, I am a new, and very happy Ubuntu user!15:06
gregc2Has anyone played with wy60 ncurses in squeeze or ubuntu? For some reason my delete mapping isnt right. Would like to know what it should be.... as its not sending the right codes....15:06
hitsujiTMOdalit: if you've it previously auto logging in then you should be ok15:06
dalitno i havn't15:06
=== peter is now known as Guest92769
trijntjesatisfied_not_a_: glad to hear you like using ubuntu!15:08
Guest92769spig czech?15:08
hitsujiTMOgregc2: wy60 is not in the ubuntu repos. for debian support try #debian15:08
ubottuČeské uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.15:08
gregc2it is in the repos. older repos.15:09
gregc2thanks though for your awesome help... ill keep asking though15:09
hitsujiTMOgregc2: its in the EOL repos. so not supported anymore15:09
gregc2go fuck yourself15:09
compdocthats no fun15:09
dalithitsujiTMO : got it well and working15:09
nikcsarebHi, where should i report evdev Bugs? Launchpad or Freedesktop?15:09
hitsujiTMO!yay | dalit15:09
ubottudalit: Glad you made it! :-)15:09
hitsujiTMOnikcsareb: whats the bug exactly?15:10
IdleOnegregc2: Please watch the attitude and language. We like to keep this a family friendly channel.15:11
gregc2No problem. I will keep asking though.15:11
CatKillerKeep asking what?15:11
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
nikcsarebthis weary bugs related to Compaq and Hp's touchpads. They usually have right and left butons under sensitive zone15:13
hitsujiTMOnikcsareb: might be best to post it in launchpad first incase its caused by an ubuntu specific patch15:14
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
nikcsarebhitsujiTMO: It seems that manufacturers are using new touchpad hardware. HP Envy and Splitseries15:16
nikcsareband also affects to Fedora, SUSE Linux Enterprise and Debian15:17
hitsujiTMOnikcsareb: if its new hardware then maybe try upstream.15:18
gregc2Has anyone played with wy60 ncurses in squeeze or ubuntu? For some reason my delete mapping isnt right. Would like to know what it should be.... as its not sending the right codes....15:19
hussainhi is there any one??15:20
dalitya we r there , ask?15:21
hitsujiTMOnikcsareb: any such reports to launchpad at least will be pushed upstream tho. so its no harm in reporting in launchpad15:21
hussainhow to find mac of a system??15:21
dalithussain : u mean mac address?15:21
nikcsarebhitsujiTMO: ok thanks15:22
hitsujiTMOhussain: ifconfig15:22
dalithussain : go to network icon on right top corner of desktop15:22
dalithussain : click to "add" any type of connection15:23
dalithussain : there u will find "Device mac address" , just scroll down to get yours15:24
sayahHi, I have a question, I would like to boot an installed ubuntu os using grub4dos, my question is what files dos ubuntu need to start.  Thanks15:25
hussaindalit: thanks alot..15:26
hussaindalit: through terminal it give no info about mac...15:27
JohnnyLHey, my laptop's wireless breaks down, then i need to enter my admin and then wireless password. is there a way to automate when it loses it's signal?15:27
hitsujiTMOhussain: ifconfig is the terminal command to get mac info. its listed as HWaddr15:28
=== krabador is now known as Guest78573
hussainhitsujiTMO: thanks15:29
hitsujiTMOJohnnyL: how exactly have you configured your wifi? network manager doesn't normall do this15:29
ffio_hitsujiTMO: how to clone my ubuntu instance ?15:29
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc15:29
nikcsarebhitsujiTMO: I forget to say it isn't a touchpad, it's a click pad15:30
hitsujiTMOffio_: using clonezilla is probably the easist method15:31
ffio_hitsujiTMO: ok :)15:32
wachinHi to all Ubuntu Developers.15:32
wachinOn my operating system UbuntuSTudio 13.10 is installed Nautilus 3.8.2 and the search feature is not helping me. I ask you to please leave it as it was before in Nautilus 3.4. Consider that only for this reason many people will go to Linux Mint, it is not convenient15:32
BluesKajwachin, tell it to #ubuntu-devel15:33
wachinThanks BluesKaj15:33
wachinI will go15:33
Piciwachin: Don't do that. -devel is not a complaint channel.15:33
nikcsarebOne more question: which packages should I assign for touchpad-clickpad bugs? xorg, synaptics evdev,...?15:33
PiciBluesKaj: In the future, please don't do that.15:34
BluesKajPici, he's just making a request for consideration15:34
hitsujiTMOwachin: nautilus features would be decided by the gnome devs15:34
BluesKajPici, I don't see the harm in that15:35
PiciBluesKaj: I do, when everyone who wishes to voice their opinion is funneled to that channel.15:35
BluesKajPici, everyone? , i haven't seen that.. we must agree to diasgree15:36
CatKillerThe topic on Ubuntu-devel is pretty clear though.15:36
CatKillerIt's about future releases of Ubuntu and not app support15:36
CatKillerThey also handle build problems but that's it15:37
niublhello, anyone come from china?15:37
CatKiller!cn | niubl15:37
ubottuniubl: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:37
hitsujiTMO!cn | niubl but there are cn users here too15:37
ubottuniubl but there are cn users here too: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:37
BluesKajhmm ,less flexible than #kubuntu-devel then, I'll keep that in mind , Pici , CatKiller15:38
niubli am stupid15:38
niublfor mother an russia!!15:38
IdleOneBluesKaj: it isn't about flexibility, it is about reporting wish list items/bugs to the appropriate place. In this case launchpad.15:39
BluesKajanyone else want to jump on the correction bandwagon, I'm waiting15:41
JohnnyLalso, i can't upgrade to .1515:41
JohnnyLsays it's ignoring it.15:41
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: what is the output of the command please?15:42
MonkeyDustguys, ubuntu 12.04.3, intel video, Google Earth won't show photo's -- hints & tips? http://imagebin.org/28497715:43
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: and if you run:  sudo lshw -C network    what driver module is the wifi using?15:45
nikcsarebhi anyone with a Ralink RT3290? Does Bluetooth work out the box for you?15:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 1189721 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ralink RT3290 needs bluetooth driver" [Medium,Confirmed]15:45
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1642943&page=215:46
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: env XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 /path/to/google-earth %f15:47
JohnnyLlshw -C needs a 'class'?!15:47
hitsujiTMOJohnnyL: the class is network15:48
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: and if you run:  sudo lshw -C network    what driver module is the wifi using?15:48
OerHeksnikcsareb, maybe this askubuntu post is any help >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/253632/how-do-i-get-a-ralink-rt3290-wireless-card-working15:48
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: like I said earlier...15:48
gregc2Has anyone played with wy60 ncurses in squeeze or ubuntu? For some reason my delete mapping isnt right. Would like to know what it should be.... as its not sending the right codes....15:48
PessimistActionParsnip, rt2800pci - too bad there is no bluetooth so I had to disable it :)15:49
ActionParsnipgregc2: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue     please15:49
rymate1234will mir work on my netbook?15:49
rymate1234it has intel gma 945 graphics15:49
=== Sinis_smooth is now known as GREECE|Sinis
icerootrymate1234: #ubuntu+115:51
hitsujiTMOrymate1234: mir itself might but any compositing wont. You should stick to non compositing Desktop Environments with such a gpu15:51
rymate1234oh ok15:51
rymate1234hitsujiTMO: compiz works fine for me15:51
ActionParsnipgregc2: its a simple terminal command15:52
gregc2that really doesnt address my issue15:52
rymate1234iceroot: pretty sure mir is in the repositories of ubuntu 13.1015:52
rymate1234and therefore not a #ubuntu+1 issue15:52
JohnnyLActionParsnip: ^15:53
ActionParsnipgregc2: it wil help me to locate bugs etc, can you run the command and give the output please15:55
hitsujiTMOrymate1234: xmir as in unity-system-compositor is in the repos yes. From my experience with gma 3d acceleration is so poor that i generally describe it as non existent. Many 3d commands become cpu bound and so slow that that the experince degrades substantially15:55
xcommanderHello all15:55
xcommanderAnyone out there?15:55
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: echo "options ath9k nohwcrypt=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/ath9kfix.conf > /dev/null15:55
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: reboot to test15:55
hitsujiTMOActionParsnip: it's already been established that he's running Debian 615:55
ActionParsnipgregc2: its not a direct fix15:55
icerootrymate1234: mir is for sure not in the repos, only xmir15:56
gregc2what do you even mean by that15:56
rymate1234iceroot: my mistake then15:56
JohnnyLActionParsnip: what does that do?15:57
icerootrymate1234: no problem15:57
ActionParsnipgregc2: if we can see what release you are using, we can look for bugs to see if it is a known issue15:57
rymate1234i thought xmir ran off mir15:57
* gregc2 sighs15:57
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: it adds an option to the kernel module, making it act differently15:57
gregc2Thanks for your help, but thats not what im asking15:57
ActionParsnipgregc2: maybe but I am asking15:57
llutzActionParsnip: scroll back to 15:00 and 15:09 ...15:57
jcyangzhhi all, I am compiling gnome-sharp from source, but failed with 'no package libpanelapplet-2.0' found, but apt-get search does not help.15:57
=== andyfiedish is now known as EctoBiologist
ActionParsnipllutz: I'm GMT :)15:57
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  google-earth photo's, not better, but tnx15:57
gregc2youre free to ask.15:57
xcommanderAre these chats encrypted or must I install a module, or add-on, to make them that way?15:58
=== EctoBiologist is now known as andyfiedish
llutzActionParsnip: thats utc/gmt15:58
ActionParsnipgregc2: then how can I suggest solutions when I have no details15:58
* gregc2 shakes his head15:58
popeyiceroot: yes, mir is in the repo.15:58
popeyiceroot: http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/libmirserver715:58
ActionParsnipgregc2: its a simple request15:59
wachinPici: Very Late Pici, I wrote to them and they said I should not have added written there15:59
xcommandero.o Can some at least respond to me so I know this damn chat is working? Very frustrating being ignored.15:59
gregc2Yes, that it is.15:59
wachinhitsujiTMO: Do you know how I can write to gnome-devs15:59
andyfiedishxcommander: hold up. this chat is not encrypted15:59
ActionParsnipgregc2: if you canrun it and give the output. I can advise / search for guides and fixes for your issue15:59
llutzxcommander: using ssl-connection is all you can do. irc isn't encrypted by default and this channel is logged t the public aswell16:00
gregc2Thanks for your help. I will continue else where.16:00
ActionParsnipgregc2: so you are really holding yourself back.16:00
xcommanderThanks guys!16:00
xcommanderWas jsut curious16:00
JohnnyLActionParsnip: the wireless is working and has been for hours. still do it?16:00
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: I thought you said it was bad...?16:00
JohnnyLno i said every couple of hours the connection dies.16:01
andyfiedishxcommander: there's a lot going on in this channel so people can't always answer, and if they don't know they won't answer at all :) welcome to #ubuntu16:01
JohnnyLso while its still bad, it still kinda works.16:01
=== nutzer is now known as Guest82512
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: worth a try, keep it in the holster :), its easy to undo. Delete the file created thenreboot16:01
JohnnyLbut if this gets rid of that, or automates it i'm all for it.16:01
xcommanderThanks for the welcoming.16:02
hitsujiTMOwachin: feature request in lauchpad for gnome will be pushed upstream to gnome devs. Also gnome have their own irc server where you might be of more specific help: https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/GettingInTouch/IRC?action=show&redirect=GnomeIrcChannels#List_of_IRC_Channels I would suggest starting with the #gnome channel if you wish to try there16:02
andyfiedishxcommander: if you want more privacy, freenode does support the tor network16:02
wachinhitsujiTMO: Thanks for your request16:03
JohnnyLhere is also something weird with permissions. if I use a non admin 'john' account. weird things like /usr/share/applications file permissions and firefox the package (ftp version works) won't work.16:03
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: because the user doesnt have access, as it is not root16:03
PiciJohnnyL: What do you mean by "won't work"?16:03
JohnnyLyeah, i had to manually chmod and chgrp.16:03
JohnnyLit crashes.16:03
JohnnyLi opted to send mozilla the crash log16:03
=== rakesh is now known as Guest48607
JohnnyLthats when i try to start it , i get an error dialog.16:04
=== dewwii is now known as deww
Guest48607hi there can any1 help me with installing jdk16:04
ActionParsnipGuest48607: as in oracle java?16:04
JohnnyLftp downloaded version works great.16:04
JohnnyLi t smells like permissions problems too.16:04
ActionParsnipGuest48607: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html16:04
PiciJohnnyL: How did you create the user?16:04
Guest48607Action:yeah jdk 716:05
hitsujiTMOJohnnyL: from the main account can you pastebin the output of: groups              you should never chmod or chgrp anything in /usr/share16:05
craigbass1976I'm on 12.04, and trying to hook up to my samsung phone.  The directions here: http://shkspr.mobi/blog/2012/01/connecting-samsung-ics-to-ubuntu-using-mtp/  got me hooked up, but I'm getting some duplicate directories, and that's where my pictures are.  I can't see them.16:05
JohnnyLat install with whatever interface it uses.16:05
JohnnyLthen i set is up so that it autologins in without a pw to that account.16:05
JohnnyLmakes sense it's permssions. my other ubuntu installation i use the assigned admin account and everything works out of the box.16:06
=== pako is now known as Guest75518
PiciJohnnyL: What groups is the user in?16:06
hitsujiTMOJohnnyL: can you paste the output of the command: groups16:06
JohnnyLhitsujiTMO: ok16:06
nemoSo. I have ubuntu in a VM here, and don't want to have to set it up too much off default settings, to keep it similar to the user's system16:07
Guest48607actually i have already downloaded jdk package from oracle site .dont know the road ahead.16:07
JohnnyLPici: afaik her group is the same as her account login name.16:07
nemobut these stupid effects are driving me bonkers. and there seems to be no way to turn them off16:07
nemoI installed the tweak tool and disabled animation on window open/close, but I still get this shrinking fade thing that is sloooow16:07
nemoanyone have any suggestions?16:07
nemo(besides switching to MATE or Mint or any other smartaleck suggestions)16:08
hitsujiTMOnemo: disable background blur16:08
nemohitsujiTMO: is that in the tweak tool somewhere?16:08
gregc2Has anyone played with wy60 ncurses in squeeze or ubuntu? For some reason my delete mapping isnt right. Would like to know what it should be.... as its not sending the right codes.... and it appears I cannot map the codes16:08
hitsujiTMOnemo: unity-tweak-tool -> search16:09
OerHeksgregc2, so what ubuntu version are you on ?16:09
nemohitsujiTMO: huh. don't see a "Search"16:09
Guest48607how do i get a nickname .16:09
nemosearch icon16:09
brendon1981hoping someone can plz help me fix the users/groups/permissions mess I am in...16:09
JohnnyL john adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare16:09
hitsujiTMOnemo :)16:09
nemohitsujiTMO: is already off :(16:10
nemohitsujiTMO: but. this is opening and closing any window16:10
JohnnyLbut joanne account has login:joanne group:joanne in the ~ listings.16:10
hitsujiTMOnemo: ahh. thats the worst offender16:10
nemogeneral window animations is already off16:10
nemoand textures are set to fast16:10
nemoyet I still get this annoying slow effect16:10
ActionParsnipgregc2: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue   please16:10
nemois tweak broken in 13.10?16:10
nemoI searched for ccsm but it appears ubuntu no longer maintains it which is a bad sign16:10
ActionParsnipnemo: is it Unity tweak or Ubuntu tweak ?16:11
hitsujiTMOnemo: no. just unity is very heavy on 3d accelerated features.16:11
ActionParsnipnemo: http://iloveubuntu.net/ubuntu-tweak-and-unity-tweak-tool-powerful-tweaking-applications-ubuntu-131016:11
nemoActionParsnip: unity tweak tool16:11
nemoActionParsnip: there's more animations to disable in "ubuntu tweak tool" ?16:11
* nemo hunts16:11
Guest48607cmmon:hw do i set my nickname16:11
JohnnyLhitsujiTMO: ^16:12
ActionParsnip!nick | Guest4860716:12
ubottuGuest48607: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.16:12
brendon1981anyone?  I can't write to my home folder but sudo can...16:13
nemoActionParsnip: btw, dunno if you're an ubuntu guy, but ubuntu software centre totally just hung half-way through installing wine. I ended up doing it in synaptic.  my guess is maybe the MSFT core fonts license agreement interaction16:13
hitsujiTMOJohnnyL: the groups look ok. from the joanne account can you also run the command: groups              and paste the output16:13
ActionParsnipbrendon1981: sudo isnt a user16:13
=== Guest48607 is now known as starhunter
nemoActionParsnip: just something in case some noob runs into it16:13
brendon1981sorry, I don't know how else to explain it16:13
JohnnyLhitsujiTMO: i did this.16:13
ActionParsnipnemo: possibly, I always use apt-get, why are you using synaptic?16:13
hitsujiTMObrendon1981: ls -ld $HOME16:13
nemohad to kill it, rerun dpkg --configure -a ..16:13
starhunterthanx ubottu.hw do i register in freenode16:14
ActionParsnip!apt-fix | nemo16:14
ubottunemo: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »16:14
nemoActionParsnip: I was trying to use the ubuntu software centre16:14
nemoActionParsnip: trying to replicate something that he would be doing - getting his windows apps running16:14
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
nemoActionParsnip: was hoping to give him a nice user experience, like,  open the installer, search for X, hit install...16:14
nemobut, might have to stick to commands16:14
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
hitsujiTMOstarhunter: freenode questions would be best asked in #freenode     to register have a look at: /msg nickserv help register16:16
JohnnyLhitsujiTMO: getting tired. will do it sometime later. any other suggestions?16:17
hitsujiTMOJohnnyL: not off the top of my head16:17
llutzbrendon1981: "touch %HOME/writetest.file"   does it succeed?16:18
llutzbrendon1981: "touch $HOME/writetest.file"   does it succeed?16:18
smebtrying to get ssh vpn working (ssh -w 0:0 etc) - can connect fine to my remote box on the tun ip, but no other machines on the network; any pointers? (have followed this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH_VPN)16:18
llutzbrendon1981: so no write issues16:18
starhunterhitsuji :hw do i change channels say to #freenode16:18
brendon1981ok, but mkdir doesn't work16:18
llutzbrendon1981: "mkdir $HOME/testdir"   does it succeed?16:19
hitsujiTMOstarhunter: /join #freenode16:19
JohnnyLhitsujiTMO: ok thanks alot.16:19
JohnnyLI appreciate all the help ActionParsnip , hitsujiTMO.16:19
ActionParsnipstarhunter: works on any IRC network too :)16:19
googchengwhen i upgrade the kernel of 12.04 to 3.10.18 ,   nautilus  makes high cpu usage16:19
brendon1981Permission denied16:20
googchenghow to solve the problem16:20
hitsujiTMObrendon1981: can you pastebin the output of: mount16:20
googchengdoes i need to upgrade the nautilus16:20
gregc2Has anyone played with wy60 ncurses in squeeze or ubuntu? For some reason my delete mapping isnt right. Would like to know what it should be.... as its not sending the right codes.... and it appears I cannot map the codes16:20
Picigoogcheng: don't do that then. 3.10 is not in any of the Ubuntu repositories.16:20
suyash1629Hi guys, i need some help from you. few days back i was using internet using a manual proxy, everything was working fine but i was not able to clone source codes from github so to make it work i searched a lot in internet and i modified http and https proxy from the terminal for terminal using git config --global http.proxy http://proxyuser:proxypwd@proxy.server.com:8080 git config --global...16:20
suyash1629...https.proxy http://proxyuser:proxypwd@proxy.server.com:8080 and git config --system http.sslcainfo /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt. but i was not able to make it work, from yesterday i m using proxy method none from networks setting. after that i again tried to download the source code but i get following error: Get https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo16:20
llutzbrendon1981: "lsattr $HOME"16:20
suyash1629error: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) while accessing https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo/info/refs16:20
suyash1629fatal: HTTP request failed. I even did git config --global --unset http.proxy and git config --global --unset http.proxy but i get that error continuously. before using manual proxy everything was perfect, i was able to download source codes but now i m having that problem16:20
brendon1981sure, ill paste it in a link16:20
FloodBot1suyash1629: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:20
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: have you tried other file browsers?16:21
suyash1629FloodBot1, the condition of my problem was that long to explain16:21
googchengno try16:21
brendon1981(used the same file)16:21
googchengPici, i followed the linuxg.net    haha16:22
brendon1981I added myself to a group (debian-transmission) and it's all gone south from there16:22
googchengmy usb stick can be mount , but can't automount16:22
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: when you last used it ok, did you use the safe removal feature in your OS before physicaly unplugging?16:23
googchengmany issues are left after upgrade16:23
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: or do you just pull it out?16:23
llutzbrendon1981: pastebin the output of "id"16:23
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: also, what filesystem is the storage using?16:23
googchengActionParsnip,   does it matter  to pull or not ?16:24
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: yes, you need to tell your OS before you pull it out16:24
hitsujiTMObrendon1981: df -h16:24
suyash1629someone please help me with the issue16:24
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: do you do that?16:24
googchengActionParsnip,  I can mount it ok16:24
smebHas anyone had success using the built-in ssh vpn tunneling?16:25
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: do you safe remove the stick before unplugging it physically?16:25
googchengActionParsnip,   it's fat3216:25
googchengActionParsnip,  i can't remember it , now what should i do16:26
hitsujiTMObrendon1981: you have no free space and therefor unable to create files16:26
llutzbrendon1981: there you go, empty your filesystem16:26
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: unmount the file system yourself, then use:  sudo eject    on the device name (eg:  sudo eject /dev/sdz)   then unplug16:26
smebllutz: "empty your filesystem"... ;)16:26
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: you may want to run a file system check if it is FAT32, it has near-zero robustness16:27
brendon1981ok, looks like I have much bigger problems.  thanx guys.  gotta find these ghost gigabytes16:27
brendon1981(should be near empty, basically a new install)16:28
stritbrendon1981, try looking in hidden folders (folders with a . in front)16:28
=== Mars is now known as Guest27318
suyash1629please guys help me with my issue, i dont know how i have messed that ssl certificate16:29
googchengActionParsnip,  how to check fat3216:29
stritbrendon1981, a fresh install should use about 6 GB if it downloaded third party software during install.16:29
brendon1981how come I can create a dir with sudo then?16:29
llutzbrendon1981: there is a 5% space reserved for root on the filesystem16:30
llutz(stupid default today btw)16:30
googchengActionParsnip, i am sure it's fat32 from disk utility16:31
llutzbrendon1981: to check it:  sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda5 | grep "Reserved block"16:32
OerHeksllutz i thought that the 5% is reserved for filecheck?16:32
llutzOerHeks: also for that, but its reserved to be used by "root processes" only16:33
=== Guest78573 is now known as krabador
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: what type of ssl cert is it?16:33
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: fsck.vfat can check it, be sure the partition is unmounted16:34
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: is it a unified cert by anychance?16:34
brendon1981thanks always, you have all been a great help.  All of this is because I am trying to get transmission working.  Lo and behold I should forget that it reserves space for 40GB torrents.  Sorry for being so dumb before coming in here...16:34
stritbrendon1981, we all learn by error.16:35
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: you may find it easier in Windows, either is fine. Just be sure to ALWAYS use the safe removal feature in your OS. There is a reason it is in there. If you right click the icon for the storage in the Unity launcher you wall also see the safe unplug feature there, nothing taxing16:35
llutzbrendon1981: always put directories to hold such amounts of data outside the /-fs16:35
suyash1629hitsujiTMOi dont know what i have done with certs but i just ran a single command whic was related to certificate16:35
suyash1629git config --system http.sslcainfo /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt16:35
brendon1981I tried that but could'nt get the permissions right eh16:36
suyash1629since then i m getting certificate error16:36
googchengActionParsnip, the problem is why i can't automount it16:36
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: if the file system is not consistant, the OS will not mount it16:37
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: you are mistreating your hardware, not following best practice and putting your data at risk16:37
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: what did you expect...16:37
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: whats the output of: echo $GIT_SSL_CERT16:37
suyash1629the output is blank16:38
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: ls -l /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt16:39
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andrewjs18how do I change the color that ubuntu uses for directories and such?16:39
=== Sinis_smooth is now known as GREECE|Sinis
googchengActionParsnip,   really not , i didnt write data some days .  just want the automount to work well16:39
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: yes but the cache for the device doesnt get flushed16:40
suyash1629hitsujiTMO i get something like this: ls: cannot access /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt: No such file or directory16:40
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: it doesnt matter if its actually written to or not16:40
hitsujiTMOandrewjs18: play with LS_COLORS env var16:40
andrewjs18hitsujiTMO, ty16:41
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: sudo ls -l /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt16:41
suyash1629hitsujiTMO:  ls: cannot access /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt: No such file or directory16:41
googchengActionParsnip, if i format it ,then ok ?16:42
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: when you ran  git config --system http.sslcainfo /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt                        it cleared any cert you were using as you tried to point it to a non existent cert16:43
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: thats one way to do it, then safe remove when you unplug it16:43
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: why are you using FAT32 anyway?16:43
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: So what should i do now? i reinstalled git-core and curl but its still the same.16:44
googchengActionParsnip,  i buy with the default , which format you use16:44
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: do you use it in any Windows systems?16:44
googchengActionParsnip,  sometimes , i used ub three years only16:45
suyash1629i have found the two certificates that git uses. but how should i set it now?16:45
Level15Hi. Any NIC bonding gurus around?16:45
ActionParsnipgoogcheng: if you plug it into a Windows PC and format to NTFS, it will work in both and be much better than FAT3216:45
Level15I have sort of a mixed Linux-networking question. I have a blade with a dual port NIC. Each port is mapped to a different switch on the chasis interconnect bays. I want to be able to use both ports as a single NIC with load balancing and fault tolerance. I understand I should use a linux bonding interface, but have had some issues setting it up. Is bonding interface the way to go?16:45
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: if there would be only one certificate than the same way i could set those but there are two..16:46
googchengActionParsnip,  ok  pal  i'll go to zzz16:46
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: the two certificates are: "DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA" and the "DigiCert High Assurance EV CA-1"16:47
googchengniubl,  u know it haha16:47
niublwhere are you from16:48
niublbeijing me16:48
googchengi am guangzhou16:48
niublso far away16:48
googchengjust ok16:49
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: this might give you an idea of whats needed. but make usre you give it the correct paths to the necessary files: http://www.wakoond.hu/2013/07/using-git-with-https-client-certificate.html16:49
niublwhat are doing, coding what? whick company?16:49
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: ok im checking that link16:49
niubli work for baidu16:49
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: and use --global instead of local16:50
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: and use --global instead of --local16:50
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: ok16:50
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: i didn't understand whats said there.. do i need to download the openssl?16:52
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: or what?16:52
StFSHi. I'm installing the Oracle Java with the webupd8 packages but I'm having problems that when the installer tries to download the jdk tarball it always gets a connection refused. I'm behind a proxy but I have set both the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables. I can download the tarball myself from the Oracle web page using a browser. Is there a16:52
StFSchance that the installer is not listening to the http_proxy variable when downloading the package? Is there anything I can do?16:52
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: maybe i should find a better guide. thats a little poor16:53
alnrafter upgrading to 14.04 my system boots to grub rescue, file not found. resolved by going to f12 boot menu and booting from 2nd (of 3)  sata drives shown. what is best way to repair this. i tried to install boot-repair but not found (in boot-repair ppa)16:53
hitsujiTMOalnr: #ubuntu+1 for 14.0416:53
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: ya.. i think links were missing there(maybe)16:53
ChurchStFS: installing from terminal? tried googling on apt-get proxy?16:54
ActionParsnipStFS: you set apt-get proxies in /etc/apt/apt.conf16:54
ActionParsnip!test | jan16:54
=== jan is now known as Guest19437
ubottujan: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )16:54
StFSChurch: yeah.. all it says is that I have to set the http_proxy env variable16:55
StFSActionParsnip, Church: sorry... my bad.. that was what it said and I've done that16:55
StFSActionParsnip, Church: before that I couldn't download any packages but now that's working (so apt is able to get packages from the repos) but the webupd8 package downloads a tarball from oracle "by itself" and I'm wondering if it needs some other proxy settings to work16:56
Churchas in you did export http_proxy=http://yourproxyip:portnumber ? does your proxy require authentification?16:56
ActionParsnipStFS: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/apt.conf file please16:56
StFSChurch: it does not16:57
ActionParsnipStFS: ahh, you will need to set the proxy in ~/.wgetrc16:57
ActionParsnipStFS: that uses wget, which will need the proxy settings too16:57
ChurchActionParsnip: you think so? imho wget also should honor http_proxy env var16:57
ActionParsnipChurch: maybe, worth a try16:57
ActionParsnipChurch: 'should' is a powerful word16:57
StFSActionParsnip: :) gonna try that16:57
ChurchActionParsnip: except maybe if wget has preset proxy in ~/.wgetrc or /etc/wgetrc, that overrides env var16:58
Churchespecially if there might be some env var mixup if running with sudo16:58
ActionParsnipChurch: not 100% sure tbh, I know you can set proxy addresses in the files stated16:58
goschtlhi in which log file can i find the error "too many open files" ?16:59
goschtlin syslog i can not find it16:59
StFSActionParsnip: you rock dude! ;)17:00
ActionParsnipStFS: I try17:00
StFSChurch: thanks for your help also... you rock too :)17:00
ubottubazzo94: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:01
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*17:01
Churchwhat? no warez?! internet was made for warez and porn! :)17:01
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: have you found the guide?17:02
ColinHarringtonHey, I've got a MacbookPro one of those new 1TB PCIe-based Flash Storage (rough, I know)  but I'm getting some horrible IO lag and 100% IO utilization.  Anyone willing to help me sort it out?  (or direct me to the right place)17:02
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: nothing yet i'm afraid. all I've found are quite poor17:03
ColinHarringtonUbuntu 13.1017:03
ColinHarringtonEFI Boot17:03
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: can you guide me yourself?17:03
yanick_hi, I just did the latest upgrade this morning, with the new kernel and I cannot log in to my shell (X server) anymore. From the terminal, everything is fine. I tried reconfiguring the display, but nothing works. How can I troubleshoot this^17:04
hitsujiTMOsuyash1629: i'm not actually familiar with git+httpssl. i use git+ssh17:04
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: i dont have any other options than reinstalling ubuntu.. i m afraid to do that because after that i wont be able to set the android build environment again17:06
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suyash1629hitsujiTMO: is there any way to reset all of the17:06
suyash1629hitsujiTMO: is there any way to reset all of them17:07
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: I missed your original post about git + https, What was your ?17:07
ActionParsnipColinHarrington: if you intended installing Ubuntu, why pay over the odds for a Mac?17:07
yanick_no one had problem rebooting after the last update today?17:08
ColinHarrington ActionParsnip: I intended to dual-boot but mostly live in Linux17:08
suyash1629ColinHarrington: thats really long i need to copy them again.. wait i will copy it17:08
g1I want to change mysql database location on ubuntu,but failed.Mysql can't start:140104  0:48:53 [Warning] Can't create test file /data/mysql/AY140102170744196884Z.lower-test17:08
ColinHarringtonActionParsnip: I am dual-booting - and that works great.17:08
kaanklkyDid you try sudo? @gl17:09
ActionParsnipColinHarrington: same question again, if you intend to use Linux why pay the Mac tax when you can buy a cheaper system which will run the same under ubuntu17:09
ActionParsnipyanick_: in which release?17:09
Churchg1: check write permissions to that dir under user mysql is running from17:09
pvh_sahey there... i'm on ubuntu 13.10, and I'm having trouble finding applications in the Dash... the search results are inconsistent, so just now I looked for xchat, it spun for ages, no result... I closed dash, re-opened it, and now it finally found it - any idea how to make it more consistent (and faster?)17:09
yanick_ActionParsnip, Ubuntu-Gnome 13.1017:09
g1I am Using root user17:09
yanick_ActionParsnip, however I am very doubtful that it has anything to do with Gnome17:09
yanick_ActionParsnip, sorry, 64-bit17:10
llutzg1: make sure the new dir is 700 mysql:mysql17:10
ActionParsnipyanick_: works ok here, Im on Trusty though :)17:10
Churchg1: are you sure mysql is not running under mysql user (if you start it with initscript)?17:10
ActionParsnipyanick_: what happens on reboot?17:10
suyash1629few days back i was using internet using a manual proxy, everything was working fine but i was not able to clone source codes from github so to make it work i searched a lot in internet and i modified http and https proxy from the terminal for terminal using git config --global http.proxy http://proxyuser:proxypwd@proxy.server.com:8080 git config --global https.proxy http://proxyuser:proxypwd@prox17:10
suyash1629y.server.com:8080 and git config --system http.sslcainfo /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt. but i was not able to make it work, from yesterday i m using proxy method none from networks setting. after that i again tried to download the source code but i get following error: Get https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo error: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) while accessing https://gerrit.g17:10
FloodBot1suyash1629: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:10
yanick_ActionParsnip, I get to the login screen, enter my password, then the screen goes blank and returns to the login screen. I am tempted to trash fglrx and attempt reinstalling it17:11
suyash1629ColinHarrington: i have pasted it again17:11
ColinHarrington ActionParsnip: 'run the same'?  HighDPI screen with this performance in such a light package?  I haven't found anything else that matches the hardware in a similar sleek package.  I wish the Razr blade had a high-dpi screen.17:11
ActionParsnipyanick_: if you select a differnet session, is it the same?17:11
Churchyanick_: login from console, check ~/.xsession-errors17:11
ColinHarrington ActionParsnip: anyway, I'm not here to argue about that :-) its a conversation I've had before.   Also take that one up with Linus too..17:11
yanick_ActionParsnip, I tried Gnome Classic and Gnome (only two I have) and the same happens.17:11
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: thx17:11
yanick_Church, right, I'll reboot and do that, I'm on a live USB right now17:12
ActionParsnipyanick_: if you log in as another user17:12
suyash1629ColinHarrington: as hitsujiTMO said "when you ran git config --system http.sslcainfo /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt it cleared any cert you were using as you tried to point it to a non existent cert"17:12
suyash1629ColinHarrington: the original certificates are deleted17:13
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest1676
yanick_ActionParsnip, I only have one user on this box... my personal laptop. Never had this problem for the the past 5 years that I have this computer (all hardware tests pass ok)17:13
sirpatrickI have ubunutu 12.04 and am trying to get a touchscreen to work. Where does the calibration data for x11 get stored?17:13
Guest1676I upgraded from ubuntu 12.04LTS to 12.10, now when i want to boot back into ubuntu it does not let me, it gives me a black screen and stays like that. What could be the problem, im on a live 12.04LTS CD as we speak17:13
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: Read only?17:14
hitsujiTMOsirpatrick: touchscreen calibration data is usually driver specific. what driver are you usign?17:14
suyash1629ColinHarrington: what?17:14
=== Mars is now known as Guest61011
sirpatrickI am following these instructions http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:aYpIaunW_OwJ:gnometechblog.weebly.com/1/post/2012/03/first-post.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us17:15
sirpatrickbut the conf file xord.conf.d doesn't exist for me17:15
sirpatrickhitsujitmo: egalax17:15
suyash1629ColinHarrington: i think its not read only.. there is no key located in /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt17:16
ActionParsnipGuest1676: what video chip do you use?17:16
Guest1676ActionParsnip, i really do not know17:16
suyash1629ColinHarrington: and i dont know where the original keys are stored..17:17
hitsujiTMOsirpatrick: xorg.conf.d is a folder not a file. whats the output of: cat /etc/issue17:17
ActionParsnipGuest1676: does the system have a make and model?17:17
sirpatrickUbuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l17:17
Guest1676ActionParsnip, hp pavilion g617:18
ActionParsnipGuest1676: not thought to use that information, to search the web and find out?17:18
suyash1629i have found the certificates that git uses. its given in this website: http://www.simplicidade.org/notes/archives/2011/06/github_ssl_ca_errors.html17:18
ActionParsnipGuest1676: the web will show you the spec based on the maodel, won't it17:18
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: I meant your interaction with your git server?  Are you trying to commit or just pull read-only17:18
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: also, Thats a good route - see if curl gives you an error17:19
Guest1676ActionParsnip, ill search it now17:19
ActionParsnipGuest1676: not thought of that?17:19
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: is it a self signed certificate?17:19
suyash1629ColinHarrington: i m trying to download android source code and i get that error  when repo init17:19
suyash1629ColinHarrington: thats a DigiCert  signed cert17:20
=== acidflash_ is now known as acidflash
suyash1629ColinHarrington: curl does not give error, it downloads successfully.17:20
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: can you share the URL?  I assume its open for anyone?17:20
hitsujiTMOsirpatrick: whats the output that you get from:  Calibrate Touch-screen17:21
suyash1629ColinHarrington: repo init -u git://github.com/CyanogenMod/android.git -b cm-10.217:21
IlmenI'm on Ubuntu 13.10 and am sometimes experiencing a problem with my Internet connection (wired) after hibernation: the ethernet connection become cannot be activated anymore and I then need to reboot to fix it.17:21
=== SpeedRacer is now known as SonikkuAmerica
IlmenI tried the commands shown on this page [ http://en.kioskea.net/faq/1141-linux-restarting-the-network-interface-using-command-lines ] but to no avail17:22
Ilmen"/etc/init.d/networking restart" gives me the error "ERROR: Calling a sysvinit script on a system using upstart isn't supported. Please use the 'service' command instead."17:22
Ilmenwhat should I do for killing and restarting my network services then?17:23
hitsujiTMOIlmen: sudo service networking restart17:23
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: that URL is using the git protocol not HTTPS ..  http://git-scm.com/book/ch4-1.html17:23
IlmenhitsujiTMO: oh, that's so simple? Thanks for the tip :)17:24
suyash1629but when i run that it give me this error: Get https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo17:24
=== denysonique_ is now known as denysonique
suyash1629error: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) while accessing https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo/info/refs17:24
suyash1629fatal: HTTP request failed17:24
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pavan12345How to block sub domains using ufw?17:26
Guest1676ActionParsnip, I cant find nothing on what kind of video chip i have17:26
ActionPa1snipGuest35909: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&docname=c0297493817:27
ActionPa1snipGuest35909: AMD Radeon HD 6470M (1 GB DDR3 dedicated)17:27
pavan12345How to block sub domains using ufw? Help required urgent..!!17:27
ActionPa1snipGuest35909: your  Intel Pentium B960 also has an Intel GPU17:28
ActionPa1snipGuest35909: does this sound about right?17:28
Guest1676ActionPa1snip, intel i317:28
hitsujiTMOpavan12345: try something like: sudo ufw deny from
ActionPa1snipGuest1676: have you tried the boot option:  nomodeset17:28
Guest1676ActionPa1snip, ive only tried to boot from uefi and from boot repair but neither is working17:29
suyash1629ColinHarrington: one more thing to notice.. when i set use system proxy settings in firefox and try to surf internet than i m always redirected to my proxy address, but in system network settings i have not set any manual proxy.17:29
jc_after recent updates xorg won't start I am getting a "no screens found" error in the xorg log file.  how can I fix this?17:29
Guest1676ActionPa1snip, and also im booting from windows 817:29
hitsujiTMOsirpatrick: whats the output that you get from:  Calibrate Touch-screen  including the new calibration data17:30
suyash1629ColinHarrington: one more thing to notice.. when i set use system proxy settings in firefox and try to surf internet than i m always redirected to the proxy address i used sometimes back17:30
pavan12345<hitsujiTMO> I have site URLs like example.org, abc.example.org, xyz.example.org... If I have 20-30 URL's then that method will be tricky right?17:30
alnri'm getting grub-rescue/file not found after an upgrade to 14.04. i'm asking in ubuntu+1, but is there a good alternative to boot-repair, which does not seem to be supported yet on 14.0417:30
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: You can configure your proxy on a Desktop environment level with the settings.  you can tell FF to use system settings, or its own manual settings17:30
TheLordOfTimealnr, #ubuntu+1 is the only place that can help you17:31
TheLordOfTimealnr, 14.04 is still in development and this channel is not for the in-development version of Ubuntu.17:31
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: I don't believe that the system wide proxy is used in most command line tools like curl, wget, etc.17:31
Guest1676ActionPa1snip, how do i boot from nomodeset17:31
hitsujiTMOpavan12345: afaik ufw knows nothing of domains just ips.17:31
alnrTheLordOfTime: understood, just wondering about boot-repair options not version specific17:32
suyash1629i think the system proxy is still the one i used sometimes back, which i no longer use nowdays.17:32
ActionPa1snip!nomodeset | Guest167617:32
ubottuGuest1676: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:32
hitsujiTMOalnr as i've said #ubuntu+1 for anything 14.04 related17:32
pavan12345hitsujiTMO: Thanks for the help..!! :) How to block traceroute using ufw?17:33
suyash1629ColinHarrington: how can i reset the system proxy?17:33
jc_I've removed all the nvidia drivers leaving only the default ubuntu one hopeing that would help but X is still not strarting. BTW  this is for 13.1017:33
yanickChurch, ActionPa1snip, I found my problem. It was a line in my .profile script17:33
suyash1629ColinHarrington: and what to do for that ssl cert error?17:33
hitsujiTMOpavan12345: why do you want to block traceroute?17:33
alnrhitsujiTMO: yep i'm trying to get help there but since thats not availing yet, i'm wondering what would be the course of action on a non-in-development version of ubuntu17:34
Guest1676ActionPa1snip, will i loose all my data if i do this?17:34
alnrin case i could try that17:34
yanick^^ I installed NVM the other day and it suggested adding one specific line, and I guess the guy's script messed up something here17:34
ActionPa1snipGuest1676: no, and if your data is important you will have a backup17:34
Guest1676ActionPa1snip, ok so i do all of this from a live cd right?17:34
pavan12345hitsujiTMO: it's my assignement in college dude.17:34
ActionPa1snipGuest1676: no, from the installed OS17:34
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: Ubuntu Desktop?  That would be in the System Settings under Network -> Network proxy    (also backed by dconf somewhere)17:35
Guest1676ActionPa1snip, so then from windows 8? because the only way im on here right now is from a live cd17:35
hitsujiTMOpavan12345: whoever gave you that assignment is an awful awful person. you shouldn't be blocking traceroute. you'd want to block icmp packets.17:36
suyash1629ColinHarrington: i have done that but still firefox is taking older proxy.. well thats not a big problem, i was just asking if that was also creating that ssl error17:36
pavan12345hitsujiTMO: cool..Is there any alternative procedure to block sub domains in ubuntu? I heard hosts.deny will help in this...Is it so?17:36
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imghostGuest1676, spend some time on web, try to learn proper dual boot on uefi visit help.ubuntu.com17:37
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: curl -v https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo/info/refs17:37
ColinHarringtonThat request doesn't fail on SSL cert stuff for me, but it does give me a "HTTP/1.1 406 Not Acceptable"17:37
hitsujiTMOpavan12345: that depends on the application domain. but yeah looks to be the case(personally i've never used it) as always the best place to look for exact answers is the man pages http://linux.about.com/od/commands/l/blcmdl5_hostsde.htm17:39
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: That might be explainable by lack of valid accept headers17:40
pavan12345hitsujiTMO: Thanks for the great help :)17:41
suyash1629ColinHarrington: https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo/info/refs returning 406 error17:41
Atlantic777Hi! Any lightdm or unity-greeter hackers around? I need to change clock to 24h format in login screen but there's no such settings in gsettings for unity-greeter.17:43
Atlantic777Any ideas other to changing greeter?17:43
jc_I'm getting a fatal x server error "no screens found" can anyone help me trouble shoot this?17:44
Kirksuggested question for #ubuntu "I am having trouble installing Darktable after issuing ./configure && make && make install it starts the fan on my laptop.17:45
Atlantic777Kirk: it's because you're compiling it from source and it's completely ok to make some load on the CPU. :)17:46
OerHeksKirk, use the darktable ppa, it has the latest 1.4 > https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/darktable-release17:46
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jc_here is the content of the xorg log file http://paste.ubuntu.com/6685922/17:48
hitsujiTMOAtlantic777: try adding # clock-format = strftime-format string, e.g. %H:%M             under [greeter]17:49
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Atlantic777hitsujiTMO: to lightdm.confg?17:49
hitsujiTMOAtlantic777: yup17:49
Atlantic777I've already tried that without [greater] section, thanks for the idea. ;)17:50
Atlantic777hitsujiTMO: nope, it didn't work.17:51
suyash1629ColinHarrington: any solutions?17:52
hitsujiTMOAtlantic777: :(17:52
hitsujiTMOjc_ what gpu do you have?17:52
ColinHarringtonI'm assuming that "http.sslVerify false" is not what you are looking for?17:52
ColinHarringtongit config --global http.sslVerify false17:52
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: ^17:52
jc_hitsujiTMO: Nvidia I think it the 440, I've already removed all the proprietary nvidia drivers thinking that was the issue17:53
epsilon1hi. Could someone help me to set up my gufw firewall for transmission client in ubuntu 12.04?17:53
hitsujiTMOjc_: can you pastebin the output of: dpkg --get-selections17:54
suyash1629ColinHarrington: that worked for now..17:54
hitsujiTMOjc_: what was the exact command you used to remove the nvidia drivers17:54
jc_hitsujiTMO: apt-get purge nvidia-*17:55
suyash1629its initiating, i will check if it works for repo sync too17:55
gregc2Has anyone played with wy60 ncurses in squeeze or ubuntu? For some reason my delete mapping isnt right. Would like to know what it should be.... as its not sending the right codes.... and it appears I cannot map the codes correctly either. None of my manual mappings work17:55
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: that opens it up for untrusted MITM attacks, but given git's sha'mazing abilities and lack of authentication, I would just match shas17:55
hitsujiTMOjc_: one thing i tell everyone is to never use * with apt-get ... always leads to trouble. :P17:56
suyash1629ColinHarrington: what do you mean?17:56
wildonso how is fb 2de17:56
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: 'git config --global http.sslVerify false' tells git not to validate https certificates against a Certificate Authority (CA)  This potentially opens you up to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.17:58
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: I wouldn't worry about it if you don't pass any credentials to the server17:58
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: AND you can match the git SHAs on the remote server and local17:59
hitsujiTMOjc_: can you pastebin the output of: dpkg --get-selections18:00
wildonlet me get it right18:00
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: I'm assuming you are just trying to work around a corporate firewall or something.18:00
jc_hitsujiTMO: sorry getting it now18:00
shevyis it possible to have icons as quick launchers?18:01
shevyas permant ones that is18:01
suyash1629ColinHarrington: repo sync is too working..  hey, i have found the certs the git uses, its in the same link i provided you earlier. those are "DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA" and the "DigiCert High Assurance EV CA-1" but i dont know how to set that to git18:01
wildon@shevy yes18:01
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629: I think the earlier guy was on to something, when you specified your cert, you may have used that instead of your other 'trusted' certificates.18:02
ColinHarringtonsuyash1629:  Good luck18:02
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wildon#python nw18:03
jc_hitsujiTMO: here you go http://paste.ubuntu.com/6686026/18:03
cvsguimaraesCan I install ubuntu without grub? I just want to boot using the good'n'old bios18:04
DonRichieHey Internet People. Look what I've built: http://3vo.de. Beware of bugs and lags!!18:05
ColinHarringtoncvsguimaraes: Doesn't BIOS just hand over loading to something else called a boot-loader?18:05
ColinHarringtoncvsguimaraes: You'll need a bootloader of some sort18:05
cvsguimaraesI just want to keep the windows boot loader intact, may if I disconnect my windows drive before installation i can achieve this?18:06
hitsujiTMOjc_ you removed nvidia-common which triggered the removal some of other important aspects of the xserver drivers.18:06
hitsujiTMOjc_: try installing it18:06
jc_reinstall nvidia-common?18:06
hitsujiTMOjc_: yup18:06
jc_hitsujiTMO: ok doing it now18:06
gregc2Has anyone played with wy60 ncurses in squeeze or ubuntu? For some reason my delete mapping isnt right. Would like to know what it should be.... as its not sending the right codes.... and it appears I cannot map the codes correctly either. None of my manual mappings work18:07
hitsujiTMOjc_: nvidia-common is part of the base install and not install by the nvidia driver. this is why you shouldn't blindly purge nvidia-*18:08
jc_hitsujiTMO: that makes sense, I had assumed that all the nvidia-* packages were from nvidia and not part of the base install, will not do that again18:09
wildonthis is nothing http://3vo.de/18:10
HitmanHello there18:10
wildonwho knows the way round custom buiild18:10
hitsujiTMOjc_: if installing nvidia-common alone doesn't help then let me know and i'll see if i can figure out what else was removed18:11
jc_hitsujiTMO: same thing no decives detected no screens found18:11
OerHekswildon, custom build of what?18:11
hitsujiTMOjc_: what version if ubuntu are you using?18:11
wildonDerHeks linux18:12
jc_hitsujiTMO: 13.10 with gnome-shell installed18:12
OerHekswildon, we only support ubuntu here18:12
gdeeble Can someone direct me in the right direction here? I have a server running Zentyal 3.2. Followed their tutorial on setting up a domain, however, only have 1 NIC. My problem is, I can get my laptop(only computer I'm trying right now) to join the domain. It says it can't find the controller, but I have my DNS set up right any all.18:13
hitsujiTMOjc_: try installing xserver-xorg-video-all18:13
jc_hitsujiTMO: ok will give that a try18:13
wildonoh my mistake i meant ubuntu builds18:13
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jc_hitsujiTMO: it looks ugly but at least x started this time! Thanks18:17
HitmanI would never ever date my x again18:18
jc_hitsujiTMO: not sure which driver is actually starts as it looks like compostig is currenlty off18:18
wildon<jc_> why18:18
jc_wildon: why what?18:19
hitsujiTMOjc_: ok can you again pastebin the output of: dpkg --get-selections18:19
jc_hitsujiTMO: will do18:19
wildon it looks ugly but at least x started this time! Thanks18:19
wolfzrathey guys i really need help and you guys are my last resort18:19
lickalotthas anyone here messed with the client side of openvpn on ubuntu?18:19
wolfzrateverytime i open dota 2 on steam i get glGetError18:20
shevyhmm I am compiling on the latest ubuntu without any problems it seems18:20
shevyin the past I had to do "apt-get install build-essential". is this no longer necessary?18:20
wildonwolfzrt: bring it on18:20
wolfzratmessage please help me18:20
mnemonlickalott: i've used it.18:20
Kajunfiendi need to edit my sources list with gedit because there's a bad repo.. i know which one it is i just need to find the sourceslist18:20
wolfzratthere you go wildon18:21
mnemonwolfzrat: have you installed the lastest drivers for your gfx card?18:21
jc_hitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6686158/18:21
=== peter is now known as Guest11634
mnemonKajunfiend:  /etc/apt/sources.list18:21
wolfzratmnemon, i updated everything but just to be sure could you guide me18:21
hitsujiTMOjc_: can you also pastebin the the contents of /var/log/apt/history.log18:21
wolfzratill redo it18:22
mnemonwolfzrat: which gfx card?18:22
jc_hitsujiTMO: will do18:22
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Kajunfiendhow do i delete a source via terminal18:22
wolfzratcan you give me the terminal command so i can paste it here18:22
mnemonKajunfiend: edit the file, remove the offending line.18:23
lickalottmnemon, I can't maintain my internet connection while VPN'd in to my home network.18:23
Kajunfiendthing is i dont see it in the sources.list18:23
mnemonwith nano or gedit or something18:23
hitsujiTMOKajunfiend: is the source aded via a ppa?18:23
hitsujiTMO!ppa-purge | you should use this to remove it18:24
ubottuyou should use this to remove it: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html18:24
jc_hitsujiTMO: history.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/6686168/18:24
mnemonKajunfiend: there's also folder sources.list.d in there that might have it.18:24
gregc2Has anyone played with wy60 ncurses in squeeze or ubuntu? For some reason my delete mapping isnt right. Would like to know what it should be.... as its not sending the right codes.... and it appears I cannot map the codes correctly either. None of my manual mappings work18:24
mnemonlickalott: maintain it?18:24
mnemonlike it cuts off after a while or?18:25
KajunfiendWhat would the repository name be in that url18:25
MosherMike1138My laptop dual boots Ubuntu and Windows Vista. Vista has a virus which I can't remove. I would like to reinstall a clean version of vista but am worried that it will stop the ubuntu boot loader from working. The only Vista disk I have is the system recovery disk. Can I use this but preserve the Ubuntu installation and bootloader?18:25
lickalottit severes the eth0 interface right away (upon VPN connection)   seems like it's taking my default gateway and making it my home networks default gateway (for eth0 on my ubuntu box)18:26
roothorickso does 14.04 enable TRIM by default when an SSD is detected?18:27
hitsujiTMOroothorick: #ubuntu+118:27
mnemonlickalott: you could add a route that will override the openvpn ones18:27
hitsujiTMOjc_: hmm unfortunately it doesn't list the exact removed files.18:27
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
mnemonlickalott: http://linux.die.net/man/8/route18:27
Kajunfiendmnemon, i found the list it's entitled by itself in the sources.list.d could i just delete it?18:27
alainusQuestion: how do I boot into command line, and skip going into the desktop? I want to start the desktop when I want to18:27
mnemonKajunfiend: yes18:28
lickalotti'll try it.  but i didn't think it would be this difficult.  On a windows box I get "both".  Not sure why it's not working the same way on linux18:28
Icehawk78Is there a good way to span the contents of two hard drives (or just two partitions) across a folder structure that doesn't explicitly keep them separate?18:28
mnemonKajunfiend: i'd recheck the contents to make sure :P18:28
Kajunfiendi did, but i cant delete it i guess cuz i'm not root?18:28
MrCuriousnow the tftp server is up and working, now to work out why MAAS isnt giving the nodes a tftp address on boot18:29
hitsujiTMOjc_: out of ideas unfortunately. you may also be running a different version of xserver since you added the xorg edgers ppa18:31
lickalottK, while I'm messing with the network stuff I do have another question (and i hope this is simple).   With Putty, does anyone know how to get more than one session at a time?18:31
jc_hitsujiTMO: thanks for the help at least x is started now going to see if I can get one of the better nvidia drivers working now18:32
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hitsujiTMOIcehawk78: have a look at unionfs of lvm for that18:38
gregc2figured it out18:38
Jordan_UIcehawk78: What is your end goal?18:39
HitmanMine would be to get gta v ;/18:40
eksipHi, why so many users switched to Mind and Debian? Is any one know?18:40
hitsujiTMOHitman: do you have a ubuntu support question?18:41
lickalotteksip, windows 8.18:41
lickalottHUGE fail18:41
StephenS-join #windows18:41
HitmanYeah,where do i get tutorials on ubuntu please18:41
hitsujiTMO!manual | hitman18:42
ubottuhitman: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/18:42
eksipwhy you need tutorials for ubuntu?18:42
eksipit is simple and intuitive18:42
HitmanBecause,I've never used it before?18:42
eksipit is very easy, even format is very very easy18:42
* gregc2 dies on the inside18:42
eksipburn live cd, put it inside18:43
HitmanI'm downloading it right now :/18:43
HitmanGerg-thanks for the support18:43
eksipit too easy, i think you may it figure out without any wiki18:43
gregc2Hitman, if you need any help at all just ask. I can help ya too18:43
lickalottHitman,  there is actually a REALLY good book you can get (at barnes and noble or the like)18:44
HitmanOr you may die inside a bit.more :p18:44
lickalottwalks you through n00b - proficient in a short time18:44
HitmanI would love one in epub format18:44
gregc2Not dying on the inside about you ;-)18:44
lickalottHitman, do you torrent or have a usenet account?18:45
HitmanI don't have a usenet account18:45
HitmanIt's on torrent.18:45
eksipHitman, see on youtube Ubuntu installation videos18:45
Icehawk78Jordan_U: I've got two 2TB drives that I'd like to be able to treat locally as if they were one large partition, mounted at /media/storage18:46
eksipand i think it is alright,  after installing ubuntu all software you need is on Ubuntu Software Center18:46
eksipBut many times it a little bit outdated18:46
HitmanI've already checked a few videos of it was extremely useful18:46
Icehawk78Jordan_U: However, one of the drives is about 95% full, and the other has my root OS filesystem installed on it18:47
roothorickwhich package do I install for nvidia 307.xx series?18:47
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
Icehawk78I'm fine with simply shrinking my root filesystem so that it's only using, say, 200 GB of one of the drives, and not putting that on the LVM/whatnot (that almost seems safer, though I could be wrong) but I'm not sure what the "right" way, if such a thing exists, is.18:49
roothorickoh, I see, there's been some version divergence between linux and windows for The Blob :/18:49
Jordan_UIcehawk78: What is the problem with using separate directories? There are certainly ways to merge directories, but the added complexity might now be worth it.18:49
lickalottHitman, if you can give me some time (busy right now) I have a few books that you may dig18:51
eksipCommon books for ubuntu?18:51
Icehawk78Jordan_U: It's primarily for the simplicity of organization - if I don't need to have, say, /media/sdb1/TVShows and /media/sdc1/TVShows then it'd be simpler to access and scan the files.18:51
=== acidflash_ is now known as acidflash
Jordan_UIcehawk78: You might want to go with a read only Unionfs mount of two such directories, so when adding files you would need to add them specifically to one directory or the other (and thus one drive or the other) but you could view the result and open the files from a single directory.18:54
Icehawk78Jordan_U: Okay, I'll look into that. Thanks!18:54
crankharderwhen i type my (correct) password at the login prompt (ubuntu 12.04 desktop) the screen goes black and then goes right back to the login prompt screen.  if i type in an incorrect password it shows some invalid passsword error message (As expecteD) -- I've recently 'rm -rf /home/.encryptfs' because it was 90GB...  could that be the reason for this behavior?18:56
mknarrHello, I'm having trouble with my PXE boot server.  I have the image created and files in the correct locations but i get the message right befor the computer boots into the image.   http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx28/jamacia_man/Capture.jpg18:56
eksipI do not want see how is log in who logout, is it possible to filter this somehow?18:57
eksiprm -rf ? :)  are you joking18:57
DJoneseksip: Which IRC client are you using, different ones have different ways of hiding joins/parts to IRC18:58
Pici!quietirc | eksip18:58
ubottueksip: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages18:58
Jordan_UIcehawk78: You're welcome. You could also use a more classic UNIX approach of using symlinks, and then you can easily see from "ls -l" which files are actually stored where.18:58
eksipxchat i using18:58
OerHekscrankharder, sure, you wiped your encrypted homefolder18:58
eksipok thanks18:59
crankharderOerHeks: a) I can log in with ssh.  b) i specifically didnt' encrypt my home folder when i set this box up... so why was it there?18:59
mknarrAnyone Know anything about PXE boot?19:00
Jordan_U!anyone | mknarr19:00
ubottumknarr: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:00
OerHekscrankharder, yes you did, otherwise you would not have a .encryptfs19:00
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Guest45745anyone herer19:01
sirpatrickhow can I tell if I am using a PAE kernel19:02
OerHekscrankharder, so you can SSH in, in that same account or are there more accounts on your ubuntu?19:02
crankharderOerHeks: there's only my one account19:02
jhutchinssirpatrick: I think uname -a should show it, or cat /proc/cpuinfo19:06
mknarrI have a PXE/TFTP server setup and running on ubuntu 10.04.01 LTS  I can get some images to load but i cant get the most recent one i created to fully boot.  It loads pretty much everything then pauses for a second  (see pix) thn says "Restarting System"  http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx28/jamacia_man/Capture.jpg  If anyone has any knowledge on PXE/TFTP your help would be much appreciated19:07
catalase_does anyone know if symbolic links are retained when changing directory names with mv command19:07
mknarrdoubt it19:07
eksipcatalase  why not to try ?19:09
catalase_i am linux noob19:09
mknarrcatalase_, I agree with eksip try it and if it does not work just create a new s link19:10
JeeJ2z>>>>> Laughing Out Loud <<<<<19:10
lickalottam I missing something.....??   route add isn't working.  it keeps telling me that the "usage" is inet_route19:11
HomelessSantaHowdy all, I just upgraded a newer Ubuntu kernel from the update manager on 12.04.3 LTS and the kernel won't boot into Unity. Is there any chance I can set the older kernel to boot instead of the non-bootable kernel?!?19:11
b3xmknarr, is it an LTS box?19:11
mknarrb3x, yes19:11
sirpatrickuname -r19:12
b3xmknarr, you rebuilt the image and kernels?19:12
sirpatrickyea, uname -r worked jhutchins19:13
mknarrb3x, I built the image in a vm then mounted the vm hdd on a different vm and copied the files to the tftp server.  the kernel is the default one that comes with ubuntu updated19:15
mknarrHomelessSanta, when you turn on your computer hit Escape that will bring you into the recovery menu select a different Kernel to boot into then downgrade your kernel. im not sure of the steps to do that but google it :D19:15
HomelessSantamknarr, I gotcha already booted back into the older kernel using the shift-key for grub. No problem guess I'll have to Google it.19:16
mknarrHomelessSanta, k19:16
HomelessSantaThanks though for answering. :)19:17
mknarrHomelessSanta, NP :D19:17
eksipLucky you Homeless Santa :) it cound fare more serious xaxa19:17
HomelessSantaeksip, I did see something like Depod problems or something with a module can't seem to remember it.19:18
HomelessSantaDepmod my mistake.19:18
b3xmknarr, did you setup NBD for swap? I typically see a reboot like that if my thin clients dont get a connection to NBD19:18
mknarrb3x, not that i know of19:19
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crankharderokay, got interrupted... so there's a readme in my home directory now that says to run 'ecryptfs-mount-private' which says: 'ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly' --  the thing is, i dont care.. there's nothing in there I want, and i dont need it encrypted.  can I just tell it to not try to mount an encrypted home directory?19:22
crankharderor delete the encrypted one, and create a normal one?19:22
XiaolinI have an issue that is really frustrating me.19:27
crankharderfun, so i've removed /home/.ecryptfs and /home/myusername and recreated /home/myusername -- ssh still works, can't log into the desktop UI :/19:27
XiaolinI assumed it was bad video ram after testing my ram and hdd.19:28
crankhardersomething somewhere still thinks /home/myusername should be encrypted?19:28
Xiaolincrankharder: i think you may have needed the hidden folders under /home/username which contain all the config files for various apps.19:29
hitsujiTMOcrankharder: have you looked in /etc/passwd for anything suspicious19:29
hitsujiTMOcrankharder: also whats the output of: groups19:30
hitsujiTMO!details | Xiaolin19:30
ubottuXiaolin: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:30
crankharderhitsujiTMO: groups: jsharpe adm disk cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare -- normal enough?19:30
crankhardermaybe i could create a new user with a 'default' home directory contents and copy it over?19:31
hitsujiTMOcrankharder: disk is the only group i dont recognise there19:31
b3xcrankharder, if you dont want anything encrypted remove the encryptfs-utils19:32
Xiaolinnp. what happened was, my pc recently started crashing (fast crash no warnings) while running windows 7. so i booted up ubuntu yesterday and was hoping to isolate the issue when suddenly ubuntu crashed as well. now windows will still run but still crashes whenever i do something like launch a game or watch a video thats too long.19:32
Xiaolincrankharder: i think that would work19:32
b3xcrankharder, copy contents of /etc/skel to your home directory19:33
Xiaolinat least to get the UI19:33
Xiaolindo what b3x said, skel is the directory new users get created from.19:33
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b3xXiaolin, your crashes ... does the machine lock up, or reboot?19:34
hitsujiTMOXiaolin: is the machine getting hot before it crashes?19:34
Xiaolinshuts down19:34
JoniiHello. I like playing Dota 2, but I have a problem: Alt key is used heavily in that game, but doubletapping alt brings up the command prompt thing in Unity19:34
b3xheat or power is what you ought to check first ...19:34
Xiaolinand no but i have put a lot of stress on it in the past, so i assumed i had burnt the vram19:35
mknarrJonii,  then under shortcut settings chang that option to a different key :D19:35
JoniiI really dislike disabling commands entirely, or remapping keys(dota 2 one can't be rebound), so optimal solution would be to disable such functionality while playing19:35
mknarrJonii, sorry keyboard shortcut  settings *19:35
JoniiIs there reasonable route to just disable it only while playing?(Like, full screen application running)19:36
JoniiAlso, what would be the suggested least-conflicts key to rebind it to?19:36
hitsujiTMOJonii: Sounds like something you should file a bug report on19:36
JoniiI really dislike rebinding system keys because no matter what you do, it always ends up being clunky and causing conflicts later on :/19:37
JoniiMaybe I could use alt gr though?19:37
crankharderb3x: did something along those lines... thanks :)19:38
Xiaolinb3x: its not heat or power. im running on a laptop with no battery, always plugged in. and i can launch a game right after booting (before it has a chance to heat up) and cause the crash. however i have been logged on to windows all morning and no crash (until i load the wrong video or launch a game). and the problem was the same for ubuntu, was, until yesterday when it started crashing ubuntu just trying to log in.19:38
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Xiaolinat least i think its not heat or power, this problem seems to have a forceful hatred towards logic.19:39
JoniihitsujiTMO: what part? The part I'd really like to see would be option to disable stuff while playing(oh yeah, I have 12.4), but that's more like feature request than bug19:39
JoniiHaven't ever filed a bug report :|19:39
JofironsesHello, would someone know of a proxy server that connects to the client? Maybe what I need is a proxy, I want to open access to my network, but cannot listen on any ports.19:39
XiaolinJonii:  you could make a script that will launch the game and disable the shortcut.19:40
DanTheDaneJonii: That shortcut is rather basic, and changing it to something else of your liking shouldn't cause any issues later on.19:40
b3xXiaolin, so, games and videos work the video card, if you got a nice video card it is probably doing some battery saving (lower power) when your not using it .. then it starts using more power when you fire up a game or video and it powers off19:40
b3xheat will typically lock a machine up, unless you got some emergency power off options when a hreshold is crossed19:41
Xiaolinb3x: i tried disabling the drivers while under windows, but then i realized i never installed drivers for it on ubuntu (there arent any)19:41
hitsujiTMOJonii: you can file it either way. there's a lot of issues with the alt key atm because of the hud. it breaking games and other apps is certainly a bug. but if you want to suggest a work around that you'd be happy with then make a feature suggestion19:41
b3xwhat kind of card is it?19:41
XiaolinATI FireGL 5200 (modified by HP, which is why i cant get drivers for it)19:42
oxmoxhi i have trouble with my hdd's some software is reading or writing on the hdd's  how can i see what is using the hdd's ?19:43
Xiaolin2006 laptop hp compaq nw844019:43
Xiaolini think top handles that?19:44
cigritsocmox "iotop -o"19:44
mah454Modem-manager automatic disconnect ttyACM0 !!!!19:44
cigritsif you dont have iotop  do "sudo apt-get intstall iotop"19:44
mah454How can fix this problem ?19:44
Xiaolinoxmox: he means for you to type that in a terminal without the quotation19:44
mah454I add this line to udev : ATTRS{idVendor}=="0e8d", ATTRS{idProduct}=="2000",  ENV{ID_MM_DEVICE_IGNORE}="1"19:45
jhutchinsmah454: What problem?19:45
mah454but not work !19:45
Mendelhey guys19:45
mah454jhutchins: My problem is this : http://pastebin.com/0uZyheTg19:46
Mendelthis is probly going to be long to explain but can someone activly help me? im making for fist application using glade (a web browser19:46
Mendeli wrote alot of lines of code but when i try to do quickly run it says there is an error19:47
XiaolinMendel: you might wanna try a software channel that specifically with the type of code you are working with19:47
Mendelwhat do u mean?19:47
Mendelwhats a software channel19:47
Xiaolinbrowse the available channels here on freenode, look for something like #Glade19:48
oxmoxthx i just installed and opened it19:48
hitsujiTMOMendel: what language is this written? this is ubuntu support not an app dev channel.19:48
Mendellike the option for ubuntu i look for one that says glade?19:48
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
=== ola is now known as Guest89313
Mendelon this program?19:48
=== Christian is now known as Guest50376
Mendelso i gotta leave this chat to do that right?19:49
Xiaolinyou can have many tabs open with multiple channels19:49
Xiaolinwelcome back19:51
XiaolinDII: LoD19:52
Christian_BaleI need some help with my sound card19:52
Christian_Balecan anyone help?19:52
hitsujiTMO!sound | Christian_Bale start with this19:52
ubottuChristian_Bale start with this: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.19:52
b3xbut, your the f'ing batman19:52
Allison43Christian_Bale, what is your soundcard?19:53
Christian_Balebut batman don't know ubuntu19:53
=== GTB3NW_AWAY is now known as GTB3NW
Christian_BaleI get sound19:53
b3xI bet Alfred does19:53
Christian_BaleBut when I test Front Right it gets choppy19:53
Xiaolinbet your sweet buttox he does19:53
Christian_Baleand I see Headphone pops up and disappears19:54
Xiaolinanyone know who Damian Wayne is?19:54
Xiaolindont answer that, its OT19:54
Mendelxiaolin: i cant find a channel #glade19:54
hitsujiTMOChristian_Bale: that could be a connectivity issue. are all the cables in correctly?19:54
XiaolinMendel: sry bud, im on windows using a webchat service. i dont remember xchat enough to tell you what to look for19:55
GTB3NWHaving issues with flash audio, it's delayed by maybe half a second when it starts playing, videos seem to be in sync, it's just the audio stream takes half a second to start actually playing in my device, anything I can do about that?19:55
Christian_BalehitsujiTMO, yes they are and I tried on Windows everything is fine19:55
GTB3NWother audio sources are fine, start straight away19:55
hitsujiTMO!alis | Mendel19:55
Christian_BalehitsujiTMO, I had this problem in the past and I did something but I don't remember what I did exactly19:55
ubottuMendel: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:55
Mendelis there someone who can take a look at my code? maybe I have basic mistakes that can be easily spoted...19:56
hitsujiTMOChristian_Bale: what driver is loaded: lspci -k | grep Audio -A 319:56
Xiaolinb3x: btw, thats what im naming my son when he makes his escape this march19:56
b3xMendel, according to glade.gnome.org you want to join #glade3 on irc.gimp.net19:57
Christian_BalehitsujiTMO, snd_hda_intel19:57
hitsujiTMOMendel: you should visit a channel for that language... what language is it?19:57
b3xXiaolin, Alfred?19:57
XiaolinDamian Wayne19:57
MonkeyDustMendel  what language is the code? you may wa,t to ask in the appropriate channel19:57
Mendelits code im learning to write from youtube19:57
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
Xiaolinhe will forever be confused as to why i call him Robin19:58
Mendeli dont know how to find different channels19:58
MonkeyDustMendel  /msg alis list *your_word_here*19:58
b3xMendel, as I said ... on the glade.gnome.org site it says their channel is #glade3 on irc.gimp.net19:58
Xiaolinb3x: he doesnt know how to switch channels let alone servers.19:59
b3xXiaolin, but he arrived here?19:59
MonkeyDustMendel  and you want to start coding?19:59
hitsujiTMOChristian_Bale: there can be issue with pulseaudio and that driver.19:59
Xiaolinxchat is configured that way in ubuntu19:59
Mendeldoesnt hurt to try19:59
Xiaolinit auto opens this channel19:59
Mendelthe stuff is really interesting19:59
hitsujiTMOChristian_Bale: dropping the audio levels in the pa mixer seems to be a fix for some20:00
Mendeli have to search for the  channel glade3?20:00
XiaolinMendel: i know where you are coming from. i barely knew what linux was and the first thing i tried was coding bash scripts to do stuff i hadnt a clue about20:00
Mendeli downloaded linux last week. before that i didnt know what an operating system was20:01
XiaolinMendel: no, you need to first switch servers to irc.gimp.net and then find the channel glade320:01
Mendelbut now i can do tons of stuff on the terminal20:01
Mendelhow do i switch servers20:01
GTB3NWanyone able to recommend an audio player for me? I'm a big foobar fan, but would rather not add another layer between the kernel by running it in wine20:01
Xiaolinyou are currently on irc.freenode.net20:01
MonkeyDustMendel  i guess you best start here http://developer.ubuntu.com/20:02
b3xGTB3NW, Audacious is pretty decent20:02
Gilligan94Hi I intend to chuck the 14.04 dailies on a spare drive to watch it's progress, I'll be dual booting it with Windows 8.1, what do I need to do to get it to boot the USB in UEFI mode so that the bootloader installs correctly?20:02
GTB3NWb3x, what is the plugin community like?20:02
GTB3NWpeople say use deadbeef but the plugins community looks trash20:03
Gilligan94Ausacious is pretty good plugin wise20:03
GTB3NWcan't find any other than the dev repo, are they on the forums?20:03
b3xGTB3NW, ya , I just use it vanilla ... I will say that I know it struggles to import libraries with 30k+ songs ;)20:04
GTB3NWonly running 2k atm20:04
GTB3NWty, looks like a nice choice, how well does it integrate with xfce>?20:04
ArunHi i have a tp-link tl-wn723n usb wifi adapter but its not working in ubuntu 12.04, can anyone help me with this issue? :)20:05
MonkeyDustGilligan94  14.04 support in #ubuntu+1 until final release20:06
Gilligan94Thanks MonkeyDust20:07
b3xGTB3NW, I run it with XFCE ... check out the classic look if your like me and nostalgic for the old winamp <3 days ;)20:07
anselyour welcome20:07
anselhey tell me command line for ubuntu20:07
GTB3NWb3x, thanks, I will :)20:07
Mendelhow do i get to a channel about glade20:07
anselanyone has command for terminal20:07
bekksansel: which coomand?20:08
anselfor hacking beeks20:08
anselya command20:08
Mendelto open terminal ctrt+alt+t20:08
anselhow to hack wifi using terminal20:08
Xiaolinb3x: do you know what kind of error this could be, "Broadcast message from root@ubuntu (unknown)"20:08
anselmendel i have open20:08
hitsujiTMOArun: start off by telling us the chip its using: lspci -nn | grep Network20:08
bekksansel: this is the wrong channel.20:08
b3xXiaolin, is that in syslog? or turning up on a term?20:09
anselwhy ubuntu don't need antivirus20:09
=== captain is now known as Guest50490
Mendelisnt glade in ubuntu so tecknacly this is the right channel to ask about coding?20:09
Arunhitsuji: lspci -nn | grep Network returns nothing20:09
Xiaolinb3x: during system crash, i guess its popping up on a tty?20:09
anselok i am going.. bubye20:09
anselbubye and good morning to everyone20:10
hitsujiTMOArun: is this a usb wifi adapter?20:10
MonkeyDustMendel  coding may be beyond the scope of this channel, visit this link https://glade.gnome.org/20:10
Arunhitsuji: ya20:10
b3xXiaolin, does it immediately follow a "checking battey State" msg?20:10
hitsujiTMOArun: please pastebin the output of: lsusb20:10
jc_hitsujiTMO: Finally got it working! I had to purge the xorg PPA and add the xedgers one, I then installed the proper drivers with synaptic and finally activated them, now it all finally working! Again thanks for the assistance20:10
XiaolinMendel: this channel is mainly for general OS issues, coding isnt an issue but a job or a hobby.20:11
hitsujiTMO!yay | jc_20:11
ubottujc_: Glad you made it! :-)20:11
ArunBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub20:11
ArunBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub20:11
ArunBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub20:11
ArunBus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub20:11
ArunBus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub20:11
FloodBot1Arun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:11
ArunBus 006 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub20:11
Mendelwhy are you sending me to thier website i already have the program downloaded20:11
hitsujiTMOArun: please use paste.ubuntu.com20:11
Mendeli have questions about code that i wrote20:11
hitsujiTMOMendel what language is the code in?20:11
=== randomcpp is now known as randomcpp|afk
Arunhitsuji: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6686782/20:12
XiaolinMendel: this channel will not help you with that other than to point you in the right direction. best uestion for you to ask right now (which google can answer quicker) is how to switch irc servers in xchat.20:12
Mendelkk thankss20:13
Mendelthat helpes20:13
Arunhitsuji: device 009 is my gsm modem i'm online using that20:13
Xiaolinb3x: its really fast, i can crash a few more times and try to read it.20:13
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:13
evonIs there a way to run linux off a USB without booting from it or using a VM while inside windows?  I don't have admin privileges on the computer I'm using and I'd like to use GIMP without installing it.20:13
b3xXiaolin, did you see the link?20:14
Xiaolinno sry was typing, stupid webchat isnt color coded. prolly shouldnt be calling my lifeline stupid atm20:15
hitsujiTMOArun: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2172877     seems to be covered here20:15
Xiaolinb3x: i recognize those words like the acpi exiting, dont think it said battery state. but i will go crash it and double check.20:16
Xiaolinif it does say that, what are the implicattions?20:16
Mendelonce i conect to irc chat wich one is right for my problem?20:16
b3xXiaolin, just that it is probably over heating and you ought to hit that lapop with some compressed air to see if its dusty20:17
oxmoxis there something iotop dont show because my hdd is doing something but iotop dont show much ?20:17
Xiaolinyou can leave this server and channel running, and still be able to chat with irc.gimp at the same time20:17
hitsujiTMOevon: no. but ... http://portableapps.com/apps/graphics_pictures/gimp_portable20:17
Arunhitsuji: will try that20:17
Xiaolini frickin love portableapps20:18
Xiaolinb3x: do you really think i could go from cold boot to overheating within seconds?20:19
evonhitsujiTMO: Thanks20:19
Xiaolinb3x: windows has been running all day, ubuntu crashes when i try to switch window managers at the login20:19
b3xXiaolin, well, its either that or Ubuntu thinks its over heating ...20:19
MrCuriousugh, 1 change, locked myself out of MAAS ontrol panel20:19
Joelwhen can I tell which versions of ubuntu a package "applies" to? I'm interested in when the default-jdk package came into existance, and what versions of ubuntu it applies to20:20
hitsujiTMOJoel: you could check its changelog20:21
b3xXiaolin, try running sensors and see what the output is20:21
JoelhitsujiTMO: good thought. thanks.20:21
trismJoel: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/java-common/+publishinghistory20:21
PiciJoel: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/madison.cgi as well20:21
Xiaolinb3x: ive had this thing running at over 90c (checked it using a free sensor app for windows) currently its not. but i will crash a couple times right now while monitoring also boot back to ubuntu and try to catch the rest of that error.20:22
nemoXiaolin: temp1:         +9.6°C  (high = +70.0°C)20:23
nemoXiaolin: from sensors on my desktop :)20:23
nemo♥ water cooling20:23
Xiaolinthis whole issue is all my fault, 2006 laptops should NOT be running Skyrim or emulating a PS220:24
nemoXiaolin: before I got the water cooling, I had a cronjob that forced kill of overactive processes if temperature got too high20:24
nemoXiaolin: you could get one of those cooling desks for it maybe20:24
nemolap desks20:24
Xiaolinyeah i have a cheap lap fan on it now20:25
nemooh well. score one for desktops :)20:25
TheL00ter79 Testing new client20:25
Xiaolinrunning open hardware monitor now, about to launch youtube and crash20:25
nemoXiaolin: I've run burnMMX on all 6 cores and temperature has not gone over 40°C :)20:25
nemoXiaolin: hm. for youtube, maybe use HTML5 video instead?20:26
nemoXiaolin: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/youtube-all-html5/20:26
Xiaolinso far we dont know for sure what the problem is, i dont think its over heating, but maybe a sensor inside is fried20:26
nemoXiaolin: you checked your xorg log and dmesg already right?20:27
Xiaolinattempted to yesterday, and thats when ubuntu started crashing before i could log in or very soon after. even tried using a tty to check the logs and it still crashed20:27
hitsujiTMOXiaolin: is it doing an immedite reboot or what?20:27
Xiaolinno i told the bios to leave it off after power failures, so it just shutsdown20:28
Arunhitsuji: i followed that post but "sudo lshw -c network " is showing only http://paste.ubuntu.com/6686888/20:29
hitsujiTMOXiaolin: but is it a hard halt. or does it go thru the shutdown procedure?20:29
Xiaolinhard n fast20:29
Arunhitsuji: uname-r showed "3.2.0-56-generic-pae"20:29
TheL00ter79hello everybody20:30
Xiaolintemp is at 60c right now, here goes the crash20:30
nemoXiaolin: can't ssh in to check log?20:31
Xiaolin51 seconds buffered20:31
nemoXiaolin: also20:31
Xiaolingonna crash any second20:31
Xiaolinwont be able to read20:31
nemoXiaolin: if this just started happening. tried falling back to old kernel?20:31
Xiaolintried that20:31
hitsujiTMOArun: try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2150729 then.20:31
mmmmmmmHi I have this on my bootdmesg >> ACPI Warning: 0x0000000000000830-0x000000000000083f SystemIO conflicts with Region \GPRL 1 (20130517/utaddress-251)20:31
Xiaolinthis happens in windows as well just not as severe20:31
Arunhitsuji: ok20:32
hitsujiTMOXiaolin: is that cpu temp or gpu temp?20:32
Xiaolin1:50 buffered, crash must be coming soon20:32
Xiaolincpu, gpu drivers are disabled20:32
Xiaolinsurprised im still running20:33
Xiaolintemp went up to 70c20:33
mmmmmmmcan it be fixed20:33
Xiaolinsee what i mean, this issue refuses to follow logic.20:34
Xiaolinhere i am proving a point and it just to spite me it keeps on keepin on20:34
Xiaolinok, ill open 5 youtube videos and see what it thinks of that20:35
mmmmmmmI also have id-generic 0003:06CB:5710.0002: usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed: -120:36
Xiaolintemp now at 80c20:36
mmmmmmmwhich slows boot20:36
mihaihi everyone!20:37
bekksmmmmmmm: then plug out that device for booting.20:37
=== mihai is now known as Guest653
hitsujiTMOmmmmmmm: what is the exact make and model of the laptop and what version of ubuntu is this?20:37
Xiaolinif this flash game loads im gonna smash this thing for laughing at me20:37
=== Guest653 is now known as IonutMihai
Xiaolinjk, no rash decisions will be made this day20:38
mmmmmmmhitsujiTMO: Split x2 HP20:38
IonutMihaidoes anyone have the latest version of xubuntu installed?20:38
bekks!anyone | IonutMihai20:38
ubottuIonutMihai: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:38
mmmmmmmbekks: I can't20:38
Xiaolinalmost at 90c, i usually dont let it get beyond 100c20:38
bekksmmmmmmm: why not?20:38
GTB3NWb3x, love classic, thanks :)20:38
mmmmmmmbekks: It's the famous synaptics v103s touchpad20:39
IonutMihaican somebody answer me some questions about the latest xubuntu release?20:40
=== hdrealFan is now known as MaGeD
Arunhitsuji: that solved the issue :) thank you :)20:41
XiaolinIonutMihai: in this channel, almost everyoe has at least 3 flavors of linux installed. so odds are yes someone here does.20:41
mmmmmmmok, ignore that20:41
=== MaGeD is now known as Guest9019
Guest9019Hello , i need offline copy of this driver , Atheros AR8161 Ethernet Controller20:42
hitsujiTMOmmmmmmm: seems to be lots of issue with your laptop and 13.10. it's seems its all very much too new.20:42
IonutMihaii'm a newbie so sorry for my silly questions. However , can you help me with my issue , please? I understand if you don't have time for the easy ones - no problem20:42
hitsujiTMO!yay | arun20:42
ubottuarun: Glad you made it! :-)20:42
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
Xiaolinso my laptop just made me out to be a liar, its like this laptop is making me pay for all the good times we've had.20:42
seanh_Hey does anyone know whether this Wacom Bamboo Pad (http://www.wacom.com/en/us/everyday/bamboo-pad-usb) is supported in Ubuntu? And whether the gestures work for navigation etc?20:43
mmmmmmmhitsujiTMO: Yes, and two Launchpad bugs 1189721 and 126588320:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1265883 in linux (Ubuntu) "New Synaptics Touchpad v103S doesn't work" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126588320:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1189721 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ralink RT3290 needs bluetooth driver" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118972120:43
IonutMihaiwhen i update to the latest xubuntu version , the pc simply doesnt load the os so i have to reinstall an old version -13.0420:43
IonutMihaii've tried 3 times in a row20:43
mmmmmmmnow i use a 3.13-rc6 kernel20:43
hitsujiTMOmmmmmmm: the acpi thing should have another bug report. if not you should report a bug on it20:43
greasyfatne1 use kubuntu desktop20:43
greasyfatwhat is kubuntu dekstop20:44
rwwgreasyfat: KDE with an Ubuntu base20:44
hitsujiTMOmmmmmmm: personally i'd use it as an excuse to test out 14.0420:44
mknarrIonutMihai, Dose it load anything please explain20:44
greasyfathow come my icons sometime disappear off my desktop20:44
greasyfatseems random which apps stick and which dont20:44
Xiaolingreasyfat: its just another flavor of ubuntu, centered around education and eye candy.20:44
IonutMihaiNo , it simply freezes - black screen20:44
IonutMihaii've waited even 30 mins and nothing20:44
mknarrIonutMihai,  can you hit  alt+f1 to get to a terminal ?20:44
greasyfatwell eye candy is always good but im more interested in ease of use20:45
Xiaolinb3x: well my laptop just suashed the overheating aspect, im running like normal at 90c. no issues... wtf20:45
IonutMihainow i can20:45
rwwctrl alt f1, probably20:45
greasyfat90c lol20:45
mknarrIonutMihai, ok it sounds like it could be possibly your video drivers not starting lightdm or X20:45
greasyfatu gonna boil yer nards off with that laptop20:46
mknarrdownload the latest video drivers for your videocard and install them20:46
mknarrIonutMihai, then reboot your computer20:46
greasyfatwhen i installed ubuntu it made the boot partition too small, now i cant do upgrades20:46
Xiaolingreasyfat: ease of use i would give to plain Ubuntu out the box, but all of them support fancy apps that make stuff easier, like docks and launchers and all sorts of crazy features that are generally compatible between each flavor20:46
hitsujiTMOXiaolin: intel or amd?20:47
mmmmmmmhitsujiTMO: Will 14.04 be "touchable"? xd Chromium seems to work fine with toucscreen but Firefox doesn't20:47
greasyfatim stuck on 13.04 cuz keeps saying /boot is full20:47
angelWhich easy-to-use program I can use for subtitle a video?20:47
XiaolinhitsujiTMO: intel with ati graphics20:47
Xiaolinangel: use DeVeDe20:47
greasyfatangel u cant use linux for videos cuz all the codecs are closed source proprietary20:47
mknarrIonutMihai, Let me know if that works for you :D20:47
Xiaolinignore him20:48
hitsujiTMOXiaolin: odd. most intel cpus i've used have a hard cutoff of 80C20:48
Xiaolini normally run this at 90c, all day.20:48
micromI have not installed a printer in years, I can't find the PPD file for a Canon imageClass I just bought... are PPD file still the way to go? The manufacturer does not have one it seems.20:48
greasyfathiji the mobo decides the cut off not the cpu20:48
hitsujiTMOgreasyfat: remove old kernels20:48
greasyfathitsuji how do i do that?20:48
mknarrmicrom, can i get the model # of your printer please20:49
hitsujiTMOgreasyfat: pastebin the ouput of: dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-20:49
greasyfatnmi see20:49
greasyfati can justs use fil explorer and delete?20:50