brainwashmugshot will be part of Xubuntu 14.04 LTS00:00
Orioai do not like the lts version00:00
brainwashbut you might like this program00:00
Orioaim looking at it now00:01
Orioaim installing it now00:02
ObrienDaveglenrock, you are correct. 96x96 JPG named to ~/.face works great. cheers :)00:05
glenrockgreat :)00:05
Orioaok i got it to change the profile pic have to wait to logout till after my movie hopefully it worked00:05
Orioai couldn't get it to work that way00:05
Orioamaybe it was the way i named it face.jpg00:08
heavyammoHey guys, my sound is muted all of a sudden when I booted, how do I unmute it from terminal00:08
brainwashheavyammo: run "alsamixer"00:08
heavyammobrainwash,  I  tried funny key combos, but I still cannot umuted, I could move the slider up and down but the sound toggle that appears in the upper right corner has a red X on it00:12
glenrockheavyammo: try this:   amixer set Master 100% && amixer set PCM 100%00:14
heavyammoglenrock, did not work00:15
heavyammothis is what I get v00:15
glenrockheavyammo: i see.00:16
glenrockheavyammo: go back to alsamixer.  you will see MM at the bottom of each of the muted channels.  you can unmute with the M key00:17
glenrockheavyammo: the MM should turn to 0000:17
heavyammoglenrock, <300:17
heavyammoit worked00:17
heavyammothanks a lot00:17
heavyammoI was going nuuutts00:18
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glenrockhi, we're here02:39
holsteinxubuntu821: hey.. feel free and ask if you have a question, or use the #xubuntu-offtopic channel for chat.. thanks!02:39
xubuntu821I'm having trouble getting my laptop to boot with usb. i keep getting "bootmgr is missing. press ctrl alt delete"02:40
xubuntu821i formatted the flash drive to 12.04.1 xubuntu02:40
holsteinxubuntu821: you actually dont "format the drive to 12.04"02:41
holsteinxubuntu821: you should check the sum of the downloaded iso, which i assume is 12.04.1.. then, you can use something like unetbootin to make a bootable usb stick, though, you should also be able to dd copy the iso over02:41
holstein!md5 | xubuntu821 if you want to check the sum02:42
ubottuxubuntu821 if you want to check the sum: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:42
xubuntu821but i got xubuntu to boot through wubi then in xubuntu i used os uninstaller to delete windows02:43
holsteinyou can also take the usb to another machine, one that may boot usb more easily, and test it, to make sure its possible to boot.. then, you can reduce the variables, knowing that the stick is functional02:43
holsteinxubuntu821: wubi wont work without the windows, AFAIK02:44
uBUXUBuhappy freakin new years xubuntites!02:44
holsteinxubuntu821: you would do a fresh install from the iso, if you want a normal xubuntu install.. or you can read about how to migrate the wubi install to a normal install.. but, its not trivial, and the fresh install is much easier02:44
xubuntu821so the only option would be to burn a cd with xubuntu on it? since the usb method isn't working02:45
holsteinxubuntu821: no.. you can test that you have made the USB properly, and if the machine boots usb, you can boot usb02:45
holsteinxubuntu821: looks to me like, you have removed windows, and the bootmgr, and that message is saying "i have nothing on the hard drive that i can boot any longer"02:47
holsteinxubuntu821: you should be able to boot USB or whatever the machine is capable of booting and do an installation of xubuntu02:47
xubuntu821i can't use unetbootin on the laptop since i have no OS installed. i do have another laptop though. what am i supposed to do with the usb flash drive if I'm not supposed to format it to xubuntu??02:47
holsteinxubuntu821: thats just not the way you do it.. the format of the disk is one thing.. then, the data you put on it is another02:48
holsteinxubuntu821: you will use a fat32 formatted stick with unetbootin to make the xubuntu bootable usb stick02:48
simo1(this might be a dumb question) but are u sure the system is reading the usb first in the booting order?02:49
holsteinlooks to me like it is not.. it is trying to read the hard drive that is broken now, due to removing windows02:50
xubuntu821yea i put the usb first02:50
holsteinxubuntu821: thats the error i would expect to see if, either, the machine is booting the hard drive instead, or the stick is not created properly02:50
simo1but when it starts up, if you hold in enter (on mine) it will put you into bios and you can choose from the list of alternative startups (or something...) and select the USB there...? (you probably know.)02:51
xubuntu821my usb is ntfs btw. i read somewhere that i was supposed to convert fat32 to ntfs02:51
holsteinxubuntu821: you are reading here, right now.. you take a fat32 formatted stick, and use unetbootin to create a bootable stick02:52
holsteinxubuntu821: not ntfs02:52
xubuntu821i can select the usb i want to boot but i get the message "bootmgr is missing" and that happened even when my windows os was still on the laptop02:52
holsteinxubuntu821: it tries to boot the stick, that is not created correctly.. then, goes on to the hard drive, and gives that error message02:53
holsteinxubuntu821: make the stick properly.. test it on another machine02:53
xubuntu821it also says the same thing. i guess I'll convert the usb to fat3202:54
holsteinxubuntu821: then, the issue is with the stick you made.. so, try making with the suggested filesystem.. you wont convert it. you will format it fat32 and remake the stick02:54
xubuntu821oh lol yes format to fat32. then what? place the .iso on the usb?02:56
holsteinxubuntu821: no02:57
holsteinxubuntu821: you either use unetbootin to create a bootable stick, or you can dd copy the image02:57
holsteinxubuntu821: placing the image on the drive will *not* make it bootable02:57
xubuntu821isn't unetbootin used for the laptop that you plan to put the os on? because it asks to reboot after. i want to use this usb for the other laptop02:58
holsteinxubuntu821: no02:58
simo1i dont mean to step on any toes - but doesn't Unet do all of the work for you? all it needs is a fully blank drive - you don't need to format it to anything. just blank it out and let it do its thing..?02:58
holsteinxubuntu821: it is for making a bootable usb stick.. when you are asked "would you like to reboot and test" say, no, and take the stick to another machine02:59
holsteinsimo1: honestly, i dont remember.. i thought you had to have it prepared.. maybe in windows it'll do it automatically03:00
holsteinxubuntu821: you make the stick bootable with unetbootin literally on whatever machine you like, then take the stick to whatever machine you like03:00
Orioaanyone know how to move log in box?03:02
xubuntu821would you happen to know what a "volume label" for my drive would be03:02
xubuntu821trying to format to fat32 via CMD03:02
holsteinxubuntu821: name it what you want.. i say, go with the defaults so as not to break it03:03
holsteinxubuntu821: use gparted03:03
holstein!info gparted03:03
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.16.1-1 (saucy), package size 517 kB, installed size 1816 kB03:03
holsteinOrioa: move log in box?03:03
Orioayeah it is the middle of window want to move it to like the bottom03:04
holsteinOrioa: move what?03:04
Orioathe log in box were you put your name and password03:04
holsteinOrioa: for the main system? at the main user login screen?03:04
xubuntu821okay the formatting begins03:05
holsteinOrioa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM might help.. otherwise, i might just look for a login manager that fits my needs better out of the box03:06
Orioak ty03:07
xubuntu821so is it possible to install xubuntu without wubi, usb or cd?03:07
holsteinxubuntu821: its all open, so yes.. literally most anything is possible03:08
holsteinxubuntu821: you will, at some point, want to boot something.. and those are among the easiest ways03:08
xubuntu821i won't even ask how to. wubi seems like the easiest way but why would anyone want to use both ubuntu and windows. takes up space for no reason03:09
holsteinxubuntu821: there are reasons03:09
xubuntu821is formatting supposed to take this long? only 6%03:12
RipresaTecnin widnows xubuntu821 ?03:19
xubuntu821yup usibg command prompt03:19
RipresaTecncommand your using plz03:19
xubuntu821format /fs:fat32 f:03:19
RipresaTecnadd quick in there before f:03:19
xubuntu821invalid parameter...03:20
holsteinxubuntu821: use gparted to do the format.. the time it takes depends on many things.. you can be doing it incorrectly in the command line03:21
RipresaTecnwell i know windows can do it just havent done it in years lol03:22
RipresaTecntry adding quick before/fs03:22
xubuntu821okay i formatted it using another tool. took about 10 seconds. im doing the unetbootin thing now. I've done this before. i think it'll end with the same result03:25
RipresaTecnwell now im going to havge to install windows and figure our how to do it just cause03:26
xubuntu821nah dont waste your time on windows. xubuntu was great for the little time i did use it03:27
RipresaTecnahh it would be a waste of time but i enjoy using both03:28
xubuntu821alright I'm finished with unetbootin. now do i try booting usb?03:28
xubuntu821it worked!!! thanks holstein03:31
RipresaTecnyoull need to either chnage your boot order in your bios or access your boot menu03:31
RipresaTecnok nvm03:31
xubuntu821i guess i did need fat3203:32
xubuntu821lol thank you too RipresaTecn03:33
xubuntu656hi - no joy in loading xubuntu 12.10 desktop 64. regardless of image, getting i/o error 5 while coping files. using sandisk usb for image. installing to another sandisk (32gb) usb. any ideas???03:43
xubuntu885Hi - looking for some help installing xubuntu 12.10 or other...03:49
Unit193Problem?  Also, not 13.10?03:50
xubuntu885thank! getting i/o error 5 when installing. using sandisk usb for iso and another for boot installation. copy starts fine but err5 after about 2mins. tried several versions with same result...03:53
xubuntu885oh, also tried 13.10 w same result03:55
xubuntu885hi - I've tried 13.10 & 12.10 desktop 64 iso and both show 1 error after using "File Integrity Check". any ideas? thanks!04:27
fibz_if you are torrenting, force re-check of file data in the torrent client after downloads to ensure that corruption issues are repaired04:32
fibz_otherwise there could be a problem with the USB device you are running from04:32
xubuntu490hi - have trouble installing 13.10 - md5 checksum matches but "file integrity check" shows 1 file error. install starts fine but err5 after 2min or so. any ideas?? thanks!05:02
holsteinxubuntu490: could be the internet connection you are using to download the iso's. that would be a common element05:02
xubuntu490wouldn't that show up in the checksum?05:03
holsteinxubuntu490: if the md5 sum matches, i would expect it to be "ok".. in that scenario, i would try a different installation media05:03
holsteinUSB for example, if you are using optical drives.. could be a bad optical drive05:03
holsteinyou could test that by taking it to another machine05:03
holsteini have a machine with a bad optical drive.. i take the hard drive to another machine to image it05:03
xubuntu490using sandisk usb for install and another for ultimate boot - tried several images w same result...05:04
holsteinxubuntu490: try and determine the common element. are you using the same stick each time? will the stick boot on other hardware? will *any* stick boot on the machine in question?05:04
xubuntu490ok - i'll try some other combos... thanks for the quick response :)05:05
uBUXUBuhi everyone05:14
holsteinuBUXUBu: hello!.. be sure you use the #xubuntu-offtopic channel for chat05:15
xubuntu490will do05:15
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xubuntu504buenas noches, tengo una impesora epson xp201... alguien sabe como podría monitorear el nivel de ttinta ?07:34
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:34
xubuntu504ok.. muchas gracias07:35
F1kis there anyone who can point me towards a thread where I can read about automating (x)ubuntu installations?09:00
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html - See also !cloning09:06
phasipHey! The ubuntu update dialog always pops up when I run apt-get update which I don't want, how can I disable this?11:12
phasipAlso, I have some software installed from the ubuntu software center that apparently has a upgrade, but it doesn't get upgraded when I do apt-get upgrade, do I have to do this thought the GUI or can I make apt-get upgrade these too?11:13
Unit193Might want to read the difference on dist-upgrade and upgrade.  The dialog automatically popping up is a "feature" enjoy it or disable Software updater from launching (like I did a long time ago), used to be an option.11:15
phasipUnit193: Allright, actually dist-upgrade doesn't upgrade this app either =/11:17
Unit193Weird, is this something you paid for?11:17
phasipNope, but now that I checked it behaves weird. If I only check in the software center there's no upgrade, but when the app asks me to upgrade and I choose yes it sends me to the software center where there now is a upgrade... I guess there's some black magic there.11:21
Unit193I'm going with that, purged USC long ago too.11:24
fibz_something might have an unmet dependency?11:24
phasipUnit193: What's your reason for sticking with (x)ubuntu and not use debian instead then?11:27
phasipfibz_: Dunno, that feels strange, shouldn't apt-get fix that or at least warn about it? Anyway, I just went with upgrading through the software center this time =/11:27
Unit193Plenty of other reasons, community and that Xubuntu sometimes tends to keep up with Xfce better, has a nice setup.  Yeah, if you have unmet deps, it will very loudly tell you.11:28
phasipAllright, thanks Unit193, went from arch -> xubuntu and have lately started thinking that maybe I should use debian instead11:29
Unit193Sure, at the very least in a VM.11:30
phasipOh, didn't think of that. Yeah, probably will.11:34
Szymek_Witam :)13:06
xubuntu106hi guys. been trying out xubuntu in live mode, looks and feels great. how does it pan out as an everyday desktop distro (net, movies, music, pics etc.)? Is there anything i might miss as an ordinary desktop user?13:50
cfhowlettxubuntu106, I dual boot.  I use windows when I'm working as your whiteboard and custom software require it.  ubuntu for everything else.  ubuntu has met my needs quite readily and I will continue using it as I have since 2007.13:52
xubuntu106I find unity a bit clustered and distracting whenever i enter the dash. As for the shortcuts, i can dock them somewhere else. Just wondering if Xfce's not too deprecated or anything similar...13:53
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/13:54
ubottuymmv is short for "Your mileage may vary". It means that someone else's experience with compatibility, performance etc. may not necessarily match yours. Also see !wfm13:54
xubuntu005Hello world14:00
xubuntu005I have a problem Xubuntu 12.04 LTS14:00
cfhowlettxubuntu005, details14:00
xubuntu005I have problem to Xubuntu 12.04 LTS no upgrade to 12.1014:01
cfhowletterror messages?14:01
cfhowlettcrystal ball is out for repairs ...14:01
xubuntu005I have this error message to xubuntu 12.04 LTS upgrade to 12.1014:04
xubuntu005can no upgrade:An upgrade from 'quantal' to 'saucy' is not supported with this tool14:04
xubuntu005Help me please?14:05
knome!patience | xubuntu00514:07
ubottuxubuntu005: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/14:07
knomexubuntu005, the reason you're getting that message is that quantal (13.04) is not an LTS release14:07
knomesorry, quantal is 12.10.14:08
knomesaucy (13.10) isn't an LTS version either.14:09
knomeyou can upgrade normally to 13.04, then to 13.10 if you wish14:09
xubuntu005I have 12.04 LTS14:10
knomeare you sure? the error message doesn't sound like that14:10
knomexubuntu005, type 'lsb_release -a' in a terminal14:11
knome(without the quotes)14:11
knomethen see what it says what the release is14:11
knomebut ultimately... the next LTS release after 12.04 isn't released yet, will be in april14:12
xubuntu005open terminal and i see ubuntu 12.10 quantal14:12
knomeok, then you are in 12.10 quantal, not 12.04 LTS14:12
knomeor something is messed up14:12
xubuntu00512.10 very good14:12
knomeprobably the former14:12
knomeso as i said, you can upgrade to 13.04, then 13.10 (two separate upgrades)14:12
knome14.04 LTS will be out in april14:12
xubuntu005i cant upgrade to 13.1014:13
xubuntu00512.10 quantal no upgrade to 13.1014:14
xubuntu005ok ok good14:15
knomeunless you upgrade with the LTS->LTS path, you can only upgrade to the *next* release14:15
knomeso you will have to do two separate upgrades; from 12.10 to 13.04, and from 13.04 to 13.1014:16
knomeno problem; good luck and enjoy14:17
xubuntu005I like Xubuntu14:18
dalitjust installed OS. where can i find file manager?15:15
ipxmanthunar i believe15:16
dalitbut where to locate it on start menu?15:17
daliti m also missing shortcut icons at the bottom center as in debian xfce15:19
SonikkuAmericaOops, dalit left... I guess he'll find them soon enough.15:46
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xubuntu283Hello, just one quick Q. Is it safe to install Rhythmbox in Xfce. considering it's gtk, i suspect it shouldn't be a problem.17:56
holsteinxubuntu283: nothing particularly unsafe about that17:58
xubuntu283Great. thanks holstein:17:59
Poisoned_DragonDoesn't rhythmbox pull in gnome packages?18:02
GridCubenot if you --no-install-recommends18:22
Poisoned_DragonWould it still be functional?18:35
holsteinPoisoned_Dragon: it?18:35
holsteinPoisoned_Dragon: id have to test it and see, but it should be fine18:35
Poisoned_Dragonno need18:36
Poisoned_DragonJust curious18:36
Poisoned_Dragonthe person relevant to the topic is long gone.18:36
new-to-linuxcan someone help me out pls. im running ubuntu 13.10 and it keeps freezing from time to time.19:38
new-to-linuxis it laptop problem or ubuntu problem19:38
PoseurDePneushello , most likely a problem with the hardware recognition by ubuntu19:39
PoseurDePneuswhat kind of laptop do you have, what graphic card / hard drive / proc19:39
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Alex__sorry, what the time xubunto need to load at first installation?21:09
TheSheepit really depends on the hardware and the installation medium, but it shouldn't take more than, say, 2 hours21:10
TheSheepin the worst case21:10
Alex__It's the first contacs with linux, sorry for i**ot answers21:12
TheSheepno reason to feel sorry21:12
Alex__if i like it, i will install ubuntu on desktop21:12
Alex__but on installting there isn't any information really?21:13
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate21:13
TheSheep"isn't" was correct21:13
Alex__i'm on holiday by school21:14
Alex__i'm italian21:14
TheSheepyeah, I can see, your English is pretty good :)21:14
Alex__.... ahahhahaah21:14
TheSheepanyways, if you have any problems or questions, just ask here, and if anybody knows, they will answer21:15
Alex__yeah, i'm studing information technology, i love learn more every day21:16
TheSheepyou are welcome21:17
Alex__i can write c++ code on linux really?21:20
Alex__what's the best linux ide?21:20
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TheSheepAlex__: well, the opinions are split there21:28
TheSheepAlex__: a lot of people are using vim or emacs and don't really want any IDEs21:28
TheSheepAlex__: Java people usually use Eclipse21:28
TheSheepAlex__: KDE folk may use kdevelop21:29
Alex__thanks :D21:29
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator21:29
TheSheepAlex__: qtcreator is nice if you are using QT21:30
delthow come my /etc/profile doesn't get run on new terminal logins?22:15
deltnm, kludged it by calling it from ~/.bashrc22:25
deltmy xubuntu machine is stuck on the login screen. how can i see some form of diagnostic?22:54
ST66force shut down with axe and go to sleep22:55
bekksdelt: Did it work before?22:56
knomeST66, that's not a welcome attitude22:56
delti might have f'd something up in /etc/ that it didn't like :/22:57
deltor in the user account22:57
bekksdelt: So what else have you done in /etc/?22:59
deltoh, i added my account to several groups, including root22:59
deltthat might be it22:59
bekksdelt: Why? Why did you do that?23:00
deltcos that's the way im used to having it23:00
deltanyway, i removed it, no go23:01
delt(from root group)23:01
ST66knome i know. just bored23:02
knome!offtopic | ST6623:02
ubottuST66: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!23:02
deltthe X11 server restarts when i login.23:03
bekksdelt: Do you have enough free space?23:05
delthitsujiTMO: http://www.deimos.ca/miscjunk/lightdm.log.txt23:12
xubuntu614hello, how to increase the screen backlight? thanks23:15
ST66xubuntu614 laptop?23:19
deltbingo, removing the files from /etc/profile.d/ did the trick23:20
xubuntu614sorry for bad english23:21
ST66xubuntu614 at moment you can't adjust brightness at all?23:21
xubuntu614I can not find where23:22
ST66with fn button23:22
ST66on keyboard23:23
ST66i dont know what laptop you have23:23
xubuntu614 Thank you. I found....23:23
delthow can i allow remote access to my X11 server? xhost isn't working :/23:23
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deltbeen using slackware since the mid 90's ...i'm so stuck in my old ways :D23:30

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