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thumpergood morning juju world20:36
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davecheneybonjour juju-dev22:54
wallyworld_hi thumper23:42
thumperhey wallyworld_23:45
wallyworld_good break?23:46
thumpertoo short23:49
thumperI think I could have done with another week or two23:49
thumperwallyworld_: how about you?23:53
wallyworld_thumper: i could have done with another month or too - by the time you catch up with everyone etc, you haven't had a break really23:53
* thumper nods23:54
thumperI'm trying to remember where I was with all my work23:54
wallyworld_me too23:54
wallyworld_i have a branch in progress23:55
wallyworld_just need to write tests23:55
thumperme too23:55
wallyworld_but need to do some infrastructure for that23:55
thumperand one that I need to land23:55
thumperbut for some reason the bot isn't updating the dependencies23:55
wallyworld_the bot doesn't23:55
wallyworld_you need to do it manually if i recall correctly23:55
wallyworld_dependencies.sv not used by bot yet23:56
wallyworld_did you need me to log in and do it?23:57
thumperperhaps I should learn :)23:57
thumperdo we have docs on the bot?23:58
wallyworld_not sure23:58
wallyworld_the ip address is
thumperwhere is that written down?23:58
wallyworld_you need to source some canonistack credentials23:58
wallyworld_i just remember it23:58
wallyworld_there was an email i think23:59
wallyworld_let me search for it23:59

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