hatchhey hazmat  you around?17:14
hatch_hey huwshimi 22:01
hatch_how you doing?22:01
=== hatch_ is now known as hatch
huwshimihatch: Hey, good thanks. Yourself? Enjoying Europe?22:01
hatchhuwshimi so far so good22:24
hatchhey hazmat any idea on the start time?22:24
hazmathatch, wiki page says 9am22:26
hatchohh ok cool22:26
hatchI had a nap, big mistake22:27
hazmathatch, yeah.. i almost fell asleep around 6, rallied and went back out.. 22:41
hazmatlooks like just about everyone was checked in as of 7 minus william and one cisco guy22:41
hatchahh cool good to hear22:41
hatchyeah I pretty much passed out about 5:30 to 7:30 22:42
rick_h_hatch: you're missing all the fun22:47
hatchoh? Where?22:47
rick_h_hatch: the dirt roads have been fun places to play22:47
hatchhaha nice22:47
hatchshoveling is good exercise 22:48
rick_h_heh, yea. Well it's not bad on a good 4-5" day22:48
rick_h_after 9 of them and going out three times and it still coming down I think I'm pretty good22:49
hatchhaha yes it does get tiresome22:49
hatchwb huwshimi, still crappy internet?22:50
hatchrick_h_ I had no idea you guys got that much snow22:50
rick_h_hatch: well every couple of years we get a good foot of fun22:53
rick_h_hatch: normally it's just a few inches at a time22:53
hatchahh yeah I can almost no longer throw the snow over the side of my driveway anymore22:53
hatchbut that's just a yearly thing heh22:54
rick_h_yea, getting tough today. I'm not looking forward until tomorrow. 22:54
hatchso does the city have the infrasructure to deal with the snow?22:55
rick_h_yea, almost. A lot will be closed due to the foot22:55
rick_h_schools are already closed22:55
rick_h_usually because the standard is if a school bus can get kids off the dirt roads22:55
hatchohhh yeah22:55
rick_h_and the dirt roads are a 4x4 only area right now22:55
hatchIt was snowing really bad in Ottawa before we took off, you should see the huge plow/brush things they have to clean the runways22:56
hatchthey say that one can do a full runway in 20mins22:57
hatchand they were running 3 haha22:57
rick_h_my neighbor has one of those 24+" two stage monster throwers22:57
hatchthey looked like this http://stuckattheairport.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Denver_B_Denver-Airportsnowremovalequipment-500x333.jpg22:57
rick_h_I shovel for a few hours and he does 4 passes on his driveway22:58
hatchhaha he doesn't help? :P22:58
rick_h_nice, now that'll move some snow22:58
rick_h_oh he offers, but I tend to get out early/often before he comes out22:58
rick_h_when shoveling I find more passes == better22:58
rick_h_while he waits for it all to be done and then lets the beastly machine do the work at once22:59
hatchhaha yes, smaller chunks makes it easier on the back22:59
hatcha guy on our street has a blower and does the sidewalks, but odly enough he turns around halfway down my sidewalk lol22:59
rick_h_you need to send cookies22:59
hatchhaha, well my house is a good 6 from his23:00
hatchbut it's odd that he does half23:00
huwshimihatch: I guess so. Dunno what's going on.23:04
hatch:) hows that carousel thingy comin?23:04
huwshimihatch: It works, just need to fix bugs and write tests.23:07
hatchyou should get it up for others to take a peek23:07
hatchrick_h_ http://saved.io/login.php?bkm=&list= maybe a new feature for bookie? :)23:12

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