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WalzmynUpgraded to 13.10 and my webcam (logitech, USB) quit working. Any idea how to fix?01:18
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RoguehorseAnyone alive??03:27
Poisoned_Dragonmeh, depends on your definition.03:30
RoguehorseNo doubt03:30
RoguehorseFunny thing about IRC. %0 people in the lst and no one says a word03:31
Poisoned_Dragongotta be at the right place and time.03:33
RoguehorseI guess03:33
Poisoned_DragonGot a question?03:33
RoguehorseSo what kind of discussion usually happens here. My first time to this channel. I don't do much IRC03:34
Poisoned_Dragonthis is the support channel for kubuntu03:36
Poisoned_DragonSo, mostly support conversations.03:36
RoguehorseSo if I can't figure something out I come here?03:36
Poisoned_DragonI believe there is a #kubuntu-offtopic for general conversation.03:36
Poisoned_DragonAnd, hopefully, someone will be around to answer you03:37
Poisoned_DragonSometimes, the forums and askubuntu might be your first choices. You get to here if you strike out.03:37
RoguehorseThat's funny. The system seems to work great, you guys must feel like Maytag men.03:38
valorieit's amazing what corner cases people find though03:39
RoguehorseStill trying to think of something that doesn't work right.......hmmm03:40
dread22can ayone answer an opensuse question please?03:41
Poisoned_DragonI had an issue with video overlay, but it managed to sort itself out.03:42
Poisoned_DragonWhich is fine by me.03:42
Poisoned_DragonSorry, dread22, this only for kubuntu support.03:43
Poisoned_DragonIf you need help with kde on opensuse, it's best to ask in an opensuse room, or #kde.eee03:44
FloodBotK1Poisoned_Dragon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:44
Poisoned_DragonOk, ok. I get it. XD Bots can be so sensitive.03:45
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jotyam new to this, how does it work?10:00
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lordievaderGood afternoon.11:04
BluesKajhiyas all11:24
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dadexix86_Hi to anyone! I'm on on Kubuntu 13.10. Is there a way to know which file(s) is indexing Nepomuk? virtuoso-t is using 1.5GB of RAM and 100% of one of my CPUs.14:31
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BluesKajdadexix86_, system monitor , process tab14:41
dadexix86_BluesKaj there is no such information in that tab14:48
dadexix86_BluesKaj this is the image of what I see http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/1081/eb59.png14:49
BluesKajdadexix86_, do you want nepomuk to run, if not you can disable it in system settings>desktop search14:51
dadexix86_Yes, I want to search in Dolphin.14:53
dadexix86_If there is another way to search in Dolphin, than I will be more than glad to disable Nepomuk. If not, I cannot disable it.14:54
undefYou can hit Ctrl+F and it will bring up a search bar.14:55
BluesKajor kmenu>computer>system settings>desktop search14:56
BluesKajundef, that only works within the irc client chat text \14:57
dadexix86_In the FAQ http://userbase.kde.org/Nepomuk#Frequently_Asked_Questions "How can I disable the semantic desktop?" there is this "In case you want to turn off all semantic features, uncheck Enable Nepomuk Semantic Desktop. Notice that this will turn off search in Dolphin as well."14:57
undefWell, I meant while you were in Dolphin since that is what he asked about.14:57
dadexix86_So disabling Nepomuk does not turn off search in Dolphin?14:58
undefOh, you want to disable it and still search. I misunderstood. My apologies.14:58
BluesKajsearching in dolphin has to be more specific like path/to/file , nepomuk is more general14:59
undefI just disabled mine and was still able to search files in Dolphin.14:59
dadexix86_But my question was something else, it was not about turning it off. Is there a way to know which file is causing trouble to Nepomuk?15:00
BluesKajnepomuk is a pita for home users mostly, unless you need it for work15:00
dadexix86_But I need it, its so simple to look for a word in Dolphin and find all the documents related to that word15:01
dadexix86_I just want to get rid of the file that is causing trouble to the indexer, maybe it was something corrupted or so (it happened before with a .djvu, but in previous versions it was easy to find the troubled file, it was written in the Nepomuk control window) :)15:03
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BluesKajvirtuoso used to be the culprit back in the day , but since I stopped using nepomuk and akonadi , i don't see those cpu usage problems15:05
BluesKajdadexix86_, odd that system monitor doesn't list the guilty process tho15:07
dadexix86_in Kubuntu 13.04 it was in the "Show Details" popup in Nepomuk control window, but with the new version it is not there anymore. If no one knows where to find it I'll ask somewhere else, no problem :)15:09
BluesKajdadexix86_, what about ctrl+escape15:10
dadexix86_It opens the previous tab as a standalone window, there are no additional infos.15:11
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pilotKdeCIao a tutti! :)16:25
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ptomblinHere's a puzzler for you: I was using System Settings->Keyboard->Advanced to swap control and caps lock. I added a second video card and a third monitor, and now the setting doesn't work any more.16:51
ptomblinNow I have to use setxkbmap -option ctrl:swapcaps to swap them.16:52
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Jacob_I just installed kubuntu18:11
Jacob_Firefox, and stuff18:11
Jacob_And I changed the right click to show the application launcher18:12
Jacob_So it's like crunchbang18:12
Jacob_And now, I don't know how to change what the menu is itself18:12
Jacob_Like what's in what category18:12
Jacob_How do I do that?18:13
Jacob_Ok, Kmenu > apps?18:13
Jacob_Where's Kmenu? Are you talking about my kickoff menu?18:14
Jacob_Okay, now how do I change the categories?18:14
BluesKajcheck applications and computer for app groupings18:16
Jacob_I also want it to display favorites on my right-click launcher, not just my kickoff.18:16
Jacob_I can't find app groupings, is it in system settings? I'm using kubuntu 13.10.18:17
BluesKajadd a launcher by right clicking on the desktop, add widgets, type quicklaunch in the search18:18
Jacob_nothingcame up18:20
BluesKajkmenu>applications shows all apps in different related groups altho they aren't officially called groups18:21
Jacob_Ohhhhh, I thought you were asking me to add a kickoff to the desktop, and then search quicklaunch in that.18:21
Jacob_kmenu>apps is thething i want to change18:22
Jacob_I want to change the groups18:22
BluesKajnever attempted that, dunno if it can b done18:23
BluesKajright click on the desktop , add widgets , quicklaunch in the search for a handy applauncher in the panel18:24
BluesKaji just use quicklaunch for my most used apps18:26
killerbart10im trying to boot ubuntu 12.04 from sd card but when i select my boot device to the sd card it says Loading/booting ubuntu then takes me back to kde18:35
killerbart10im trying to boot ubuntu 12.04 from sd card but when i select my boot device to the sd card it says Loading/booting ubuntu then takes me back to kde18:38
BluesKajkillerbart10, from the login page right ?18:39
killerbart10boot page, press ESC when booting18:40
BluesKajdunno what you mean18:42
BluesKajnever tried booting from a sd card18:42
killerbart10i made a bootable sd card using dd command in KDE the restart > press ESC when booting > says <Loading/booting ubuntu then takes me to the KDE desktop.18:44
BluesKajare you sure it's bootable , doesn't seem like it18:45
killerbart10ive made a bootable sd card befor with ubuntu then my friend uninstalled it18:46
BluesKajkillerbart10, have you considered a live media other than a sd card like usb or cd?19:14
Poisoned_DragonOh my.... all the yelling.19:34
Poisoned_DragonIt could just be that people are momentarily busy.19:34
Poisoned_DragonOr, they are just not network savvy.19:34
Jacob_Sorry, It's just that i've had this all day and nobody's answered.19:34
Poisoned_DragonWas this a typical reboot, or after an upgrade?19:35
Jacob_A normal reboot.19:35
Jacob_I just changed the system font, and enabled wobbly windows.19:35
Poisoned_Dragonconnected to a router?19:35
Poisoned_Dragondid you try disconnecting and reconnecting the wired interface?19:36
Poisoned_DragonHow are you on now?19:36
Jacob_Okay, now it's showing the splash screen19:37
Jacob_Now it's off19:38
Jacob_@ lightdm19:38
Poisoned_Dragondang, ssd?19:38
Jacob_Yeah, it's an ssd, this is a new build19:39
Jacob_Just installed Kb, and i'm kind of a linux noob. I switched from windows 1month ago because i though kwin looked nice. :D19:40
BluesKajJacob_, open a terminal and do, sudo dhclient19:40
Jacob_Oh no I ping'd google and it's working now.19:40
Jacob_But thank you!19:41
BluesKajif the ethernet connection does work for some reason that command usually works19:41
BluesKajdoesn't work :)19:42
Poisoned_DragonHere and gone. The ebb and flow of irc.19:45
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit19:58
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