ochosiok, so the short answer is it's impossible right now00:00
ochosiat least until bug 402814 is resolved00:00
ubot5bug 402814 in Launchpad itself "Importing revisions with submodules is not supported" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40281400:00
ochosithanks for the heads up, wgrant !00:01
DalekSecNow that it is 2014, 1024bit keys are not only deprecated, but also "disallowed".  Given that information, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1240681 still exists, likely should have been fixed a while ago too. :/  Can this be set to critical now?01:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1240681 in Launchpad itself "New GPG generated keys are 1024 bits" [High,Triaged]01:32
Fudgehi, do you need to be the maintainer of a ppa to create new archives? ~vinux, wanting to create trusty archives02:45
TheLordOfTimeFudge, "archives"?  do you mean to upload new packages to a specific release within that PPA (i.e. a package for trusty)02:47
TheLordOfTimeFudge, also, I think the team there is doing something wrong... :/02:47
Fudgehi TheLordOfTime, no to create a new archive as its called precise precise-proposed and precise-updates02:48
TheLordOfTimeFudge, for the PPA, you need to be a member of the team that owns it, I think.  I'm not 100% certain of that but pretty certain that's the case02:48
TheLordOfTimeso you're trying to replicate what ubuntu's repos are doing...02:48
TheLordOfTime... with PPAs.02:48
FudgeI am, fudge333 Rob Whyte02:48
Fudgeyeah basically mate02:48
Fudgeeasier to keep track of02:49
TheLordOfTimeFudge, i'm not questioning that team's screwed up method, but ultimately you can't do anything02:49
TheLordOfTimea group administrator has to create the PPA02:49
TheLordOfTimeor the owner of the group02:49
TheLordOfTime(at least, AIUI the system)02:49
TheLordOfTimeonce they make the PPA, I think anyone in the team can upload to it, but I'm not super well versed in the PPA permissions structure, I do know the group's administrators need to create the PPAs.02:49
Fudgenot sure why i am not an admin really, must have to get the owner to make me one maybe, Bill Cox was the creator of our group on launchpad but we transfered it to themuso last year, but he is away today02:50
Fudgeyeah members can upload02:50
TheLordOfTimewait, i do know the answer to this, members can upload, but admins have to create02:50
* TheLordOfTime manages a couple teams xD02:50
TheLordOfTimespeaking of PPAs, I have failed builds o.O02:50
* TheLordOfTime goes to check02:50
FudgeI hate those!!02:50
TheLordOfTimeFudge, usually it's because i omitted a ; or something xD02:51
FudgeI had huge issues backporting glibglib-202:51
Fudgelucky you TheLordOfTime , I am very noob and usually spend days that i dont really have getting small tasks achieved02:51
Fudgeour project has difficulty atracting devs who can spend an hour or so a week helping out02:52
Fudgeeveryone is too busy and the users of our software usually it is to much of a learning curve02:52
TheLordOfTimeFudge, we can talk elsewhere about the evils of packaging and dev work, if you want, but not here.02:55
TheLordOfTimei do have to go prep some debdiffs though, so i might not have the chance02:55
Fudgeill pm u quick02:55
Fudgethanx TheLordOfTime02:56
DalekSecTheLordOfTime: How about forgetting to change it from 'unstable' to 'saucy|trusty'?  I used to do that a lot. :P02:59
TheLordOfTimeDalekSec, same thing, discussion on the evils can take place elsewhere.  My issue is usually the dependencies in older releases :/03:00
codygarverHey, I'm getting the error "can't build with source format '3.0 (native)'" but there's nothing suspicious about my recipe header that I can see: "# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version {debversion}+elementary{revno:elementary-patch}"05:16
DalekSeccodygarver: They're forcing 3.0 (native)  now on recipe builds.05:19
codygarverDalekSec, I've gotten that error before and resolved it by removing hyphens (like "-0") from the recipe, this is the only one that's given me trouble even though it's nearly identical to successful ones05:21
codygarverlike this works https://code.launchpad.net/~elementary-os/+recipe/ubiquity-trusty-daily but this does not https://code.launchpad.net/~elementary-os/+recipe/grub2-trusty-daily05:21
wgrantDalekSec, codygarver: bzr-builder has always forced 3.0 (native) if the package specifies 3.0 (quilt) but there is no orig tarball05:23
wgranttrusty's dpkg now refuses to build a native package with a non-native version05:23
wgrantYou need to either use a native version (one without any hyphens), or give the branch enough information for bzr-builder to construct an orig.tar.*, eg. using bzr import-upstream.05:24
codygarverI've been here before about that issue and you guys helped me05:24
DalekSecwgrant: Interesting.  That's the one I hit.  Did you see my first comment linking to a bug report?05:25
codygarverwgrant, can you explain the difference in success on the two recipes I linked?05:25
wgrantcodygarver: Both recipes use {debversion}, so they append something to the latest version specified in debian/changelog05:26
wgrantubiquity is a native package, so it has a native version05:27
wgrantgrub2 is non-native to it has a non-native version05:27
wgrantDalekSec: That should be fixed with some upgrades we're doing this month.05:27
DalekSecwgrant: Fantastic!  Thank you.05:27
codygarverwgrant, thanks a lot05:27
DalekSecMind saying 2048 or 4096?05:28
wgrantIt'll be 4096.05:28
cjwatsonFudge,TheLordOfTime: The permissions discussion I see in scrollback wasn't really accurate.  There isn't a separate operation of "creating archives" for a new series; you just upload (or copy) and that happens automatically.08:48
cjwatsonFudge: Oh, wait, I've just seen that you actually have different PPAs for different pockets.  Wow.  Weird and very unLPish.  TheLordOfTime is correct then ...08:49
cjwatsonCreating a PPA is restricted to the owner, indeed08:51
Fudgeit is weird yes, I didnt set it up initially and the trend has just stuck unfortunately08:58
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NothingMuchHereTHi, I'm  having difficulties with understanding my launchpad accounts23:19
NothingMuchHereTOr account23:19
NothingMuchHereTI'm trying to change my login email address but it doesn't work, I still have to login through the old email23:19
hloeungNothingMuchHereT: you'll also need to add it to your SSO account23:28
hloeungNothingMuchHereT: login.launchpad.net or login.ubuntu.com23:29

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