koellhey ianorlin :)00:18
totoroI'm fond of Lubuntu00:24
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Guest79197I have found a bug in the design, though00:25
Guest79197Is anyone here?00:25
Guest79197I'd like to know if anyone else has this bug00:25
JordanJ2Guest79197, ?00:26
Guest79197JordanJ2, do you have the latest version of Firefox?00:26
JordanJ2If it comes with the default Lubuntu install, yes00:27
Guest79197When you hover the close tab button, does a very uselessly big black box appear?00:28
Guest79197With "Close tab" in it00:28
koellomg i love lubuntu <300:28
Guest79197koell, me too! So light, so simple00:29
JordanJ2It does00:29
Guest79197Could we consider this a bug?00:29
Guest79197I think it's quite ridiculously ugly00:29
Guest79197In fact, same with just hovering the tab00:30
koellGuest79197: tried fedora 20 with lxde. lxde by default looks so terrible ugly!00:32
Guest79197I believe you koell, I tried LXDE in Ubuntu 13.10 and it was ugly as well. The Lubuntu team got the trick to make it look nice!00:32
Guest79197I found another bug as well00:33
phillwGuest79197:  you can raise a bug,00:33
phillw: bug00:33
koellGuest79197: yes and i dont know how they did. i tried export lubuntu's theme to fedora, but it looks still bad there xD00:33
Guest79197What do you mean, pillw?00:34
phillwoh, for FFs....00:34
Guest79197koell, I think Fedora's better experienced with Gnome00:34
Guest79197phillw, the other one I found is with Aerosnap00:34
phillwbug bot needs a number :)00:34
phillwGuest79197: i USE00:35
koellGuest79197: yeah I always use gnome shell in fedora, and unity in ubuntu. i think they stick more on xfce there00:35
phillwI use centos00:35
koellGuest79197: aerosnap in lubuntu?00:36
Guest79197Yes. You know what's aerosnap, don't you?00:36
koellGuest79197: oh wow!! didnt know this works in lubuntu!00:37
Guest79197In fact, it works better than most other desktop environments in general. With the up and down arrows, we can even split the windows vertically!00:38
koellGuest79197: but there's one problem: how come back to default size before?00:38
koellGuest79197: other querstion: do u know how to get thicker borders? imho its really hard to resize windows00:39
Guest79197That's one of the intuitive problems. ALT+SPACEBAR and then X00:39
Guest79197 koell, no I don't know how to do that. I've been using Lubuntu for only three days... But I agree that windows are really hard to resize00:40
Guest79197So yeah, could you help me find out if I've got a real bug, koell?00:40
koellGuest79197: only 3 days? u know more than me using this distro more than 3 months :D00:40
koellGuest79197: sure, i'll try my best00:41
Guest79197Haha, everyone I know tells me that with anything computer-related. It just always work the same00:41
koellhey philw :)00:41
Guest79197First of all, could you split your window by doing SUPER+Left/Right Arrow?00:42
koellGuest79197: we can also speak german in query too :)00:42
phillwwork with each other,00:42
phillwBut, can I as00:42
phillwk one00:42
phillwask onn00:42
Guest79197koeel: Oh, sorry I don't speak nor write German.00:42
Guest79197I'm Canadian French00:43
koellGuest79197: but u r on a german server?00:43
Guest79197I'm on Lubuntu's IRC channel00:43
Guest79197I didn't know it was regionalized00:43
koellGuest79197: ok, whats next? :)00:44
Guest79197So, the window is split in half?00:44
koellGuest79197: i've several windows open, ok?00:44
Guest79197Alright, I'd just want to know if there is an empty gap below the splitted window?00:45
koellGuest79197: yes!!!00:45
Guest79197Well, that's my bug00:45
koellGuest79197: its height is not full :)00:45
Guest79197I'd expect the window to take full height00:45
Guest79197I think I'll file both00:46
koellGuest79197: i think its not really bug. they did this because by default the lxde panel is at the bottom.00:46
koellGuest79197: how did u setup ur panels?00:47
Guest79197koell, the problem is there even if the panel is not hidden00:47
koellGuest79197: i know. my bottom panel is only shown on mouse hover00:47
Guest79197As a matter of fact, the issue is solved when you uncheck Reserve space, and not covered by maximized windows00:48
Guest79197But then, the maximized windows get buried under the panel!00:48
koellGuest79197: how can i uncheck reserve space?00:50
Guest79197Right click on the panel, Panel Settings, then go in the Advanced tab00:50
koellGuest79197: weird bug. not the biggest one, but still a bug :)00:51
Guest79197These are two issues I found three days ago and that I'm interested in filing for the sake of contributing to the project :)00:52
Guest79197Well no, that's of course not a big bug, except for those who actually want to use aerosnap (which is IMO underused)00:52
koellGuest79197: i think its underused because the most ppl think u can use it as in windows, just with the mouse itself. the most users dont use shortcuts well enough00:56
Guest79197Yeah, that's why I think they're working on some kind of visual response when you drag the window to an edge00:56
koellGuest79197: would be great on the next lubuntu release!00:59
Guest79197Do you know the Undecorate feature?00:59
koellGuest79197: i dont know whats the checkbox is for. it doesnt matter if its on or off. i've not seen any differences xD01:02
Guest79197It's not a checkbox...01:02
Guest79197It's in ALT+SPACEBAR01:02
Guest79197Well, I have to go.. goodbye!01:05
koellGuest79197: ook, see ya01:05
Guest79197see ya01:05
_joeywhy do some people say lubuntu is buggy?02:10
_joeyI'm using it on my lappy , it works alright02:10
holstein_joey: maybe its buggy on their hardware.. the hardware they have may not support linux well02:11
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YaMoonSunExcuse me, how should I setup the swap file? First on the hard disk, or last? Logical or primary?07:46
* YaMoonSun feels quite alone atm07:52
vn151502510any where, no problem07:52
Unit193Generally logical.07:52
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info07:52
YaMoonSunSo then the error message I receive upon start-up isn't related to the drive attempting to read the swap first?07:53
YaMoonSunI should be fine with 256mb ram and a 768 Swap, no?07:55
* YaMoonSun patiently awaits an answer.08:01
Unit193Well, you can try it at least.08:07
YaMoonSunThe graphical setup is quite slow due to the cd-drive being used to install it. Is there an alternitive .iso for low spec systems?08:12
YaMoonSunI'm looking for a link, but it's proving quite difficult to find.08:14
YaMoonSunWith that I shouldn't have a problem with future installations - Hopefully. Same features, no? Minus the graphical install08:22
Unit193It uses the Debian installer rather than Ubiquity.08:22
YaMoonSunAh, alrighty - I don't think I've attempted to install debian yet. Should be interesting.08:23
YaMoonSunDo the restricted extras include java for firefox?09:14
Unit193Depends if they install icedtea plugin.09:15
YaMoonSunThat enables java then?09:15
YaMoonSunThanks for the speedy replies btw09:15
Unit193!info icedtea-plugin09:16
ubottuicedtea-plugin (source: icedtea-web): web browser plugin to execute Java applets (dependency package). In component main, is extra. Version 1.4-3ubuntu2 (saucy), package size 3 kB, installed size 35 kB09:16
Unit193Sure, though it's 4am so not sure if sane.09:16
YaMoonSunWell, it's 1:16am here, so I'm nearly on your level.09:17
YaMoonSunMinus the ubuntu knowledge ;=;09:17
YaMoonSunSpend 48 hours trying to update Windows XP, and finally just said fuck it, I'm swapping back to Lubuntu.09:18
YaMoonSunSuper old machine.09:18
Unit193Do try to keep the language family friendly though.  Yeah, 256 with XP isn't going to be fun, I had 512 with 500MHz several years back, that sure wasn't.09:19
* YaMoonSun apologizes09:20
YaMoonSunIt wasn't too bad, but there's an issue I can't fix regarding the updates taking up 100% cpu usage via svchost.exe09:20
YaMoonSunRather annoying..09:21
YaMoonSunOnly 4 more months of support offered from Microsoft for XP regardless. Hopefully the Windows Update page still is usable for other machines.09:21
TheSchafwith stock XP the ms page is shit to use09:23
TheSchafbecause the old IE cant even render the ms page properly09:24
YaMoonSunYou mean 6? I had to manually update to 8 -,-09:24
YaMoonSunInstalling java manually looks quite.. A mission...09:26
Unit193Use openjdk.09:27
YaMoonSunFrom the lubuntu software center?09:27
YaMoonSunI don't suppose has any games to recommend? It's for my little cousin, she's about 12-13 now I believe.09:37
Unit193Penguin Command? :P09:50
YaMoonSunidk, been a windows user for 18 years, lol09:52
jarnosWhat is the name of the screenshot utility in Lubuntu?13:34
jarnosIIRC it is in the Accessories menu, but I can't see it in Xfce session.13:37
koellhii phillw13:55
koellhow to get this terminal? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9POlABMMQF815:31
goculorcan you help me with docx files in lubuntu? they are recogniced like zip files, sorry for my bad english15:57
zleapI know that libreoffice opens them15:59
zleapabi word sort of opens them but doc files seem to look terrible in that, either doc or docx16:00
goculorI can open them but if I set the writter for them, the zip files will be opened with the writter too16:01
zleaphowever my lubuntu system just sees them as .doc files (icon wise) maybe you need right click, select open with, choose libreoffice (or something else) and tick the box that says to always open with this file16:01
zleapwhy are they showing up as .zip files, what is the extension to the file16:01
zleapwhat happens if you try the above16:02
zleapi know they are like wrappers for what is inside anyway16:03
goculorif I set writer for .docx files, the .zip files will be opened with writer too16:04
goculorand docx files has the zip icon16:04
zleapsounds like there may be a bug somewhere then16:12
zleapwhat version of lubuntu are you using ?16:12
goculorthe latest, 13.1016:14
zleapsame here16:15
zleapmaybe someone else can help,  sorry16:15
koelldocx sucks, everyone using it. we all should use plain txt files16:15
zleapwhat about files created with libreoffice writer and saved with it16:15
zleapkoell, unfortunatly we don't have much choice as others use it and send us files in t16:16
zleapgranted Plain text and Latex would be better16:16
zleapLaTeX sorry16:16
goculorthey send me docx files, I don't mind to use doc, docx or odt16:17
koellzleap: that's the reason we still need install win16:18
zleapi have not used windows for years,  libreoffice opens docx files fine16:18
koelli hate office applications -.-16:18
goculorbut that is a problem of pcmanfm, in other computer with xfce this don't happen16:19
zleapso why am i not getting this issue then16:20
zleapi did a upgrade from 13.04 , are you using a clean install16:21
koellthunar should be the standarf fm on lubuntu16:21
zleapyeah it is16:21
zleapso what could be causing this issue,16:21
goculorclean install, do you want to see a screen shot of the problem?16:21
zleapcould do but i can't really help that much16:22
zleapbut that does help,  the main difference here is how we installed upgrade vs clean install16:22
zleapwe could do with someone with some experience of bug reporting16:23
zleapi got to bugs.lainchpad page and can't figure out how to actually report something16:23
Unit193jarnos: It just uses a bind to scrot, by default.16:26
zleapUnit193, can you help further with this,  i am unsure what is causing the issue16:29
Unit193zleap: Rather busy, sorry.  Not read any scrollback of the  issue.16:30
zleapcould it be a mis entry in the config file somewhere,  in which case why does just re-associating the files with .doc / docx just fix it, and leave anything with .zip alone16:30
Unit193Files being opened yb wrong app? .local/share/ look ther.16:31
goculorUnit193 the problem is that if I set a text editor for .docx file, the same application will be open zip files. And docx files has the zip icon. sorry for my bad english16:34
Dominic_anyone know how to get compiz working on lubuntu?16:44
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frakceyo all18:56
ianorlinhow can I help?19:03
frakceianorlin:  tu es un robot ou juste un gentil humain qui veux aider son prochain19:15
holstein!fr | frakce19:16
ubottufrakce: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:16
holsteinubottu is the bot.. the rest are volunteers19:16
ubottuholstein: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:16
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Guest82306hello, I use ubuntu 13.10 which has qemu 1.5 installed , I need qemu 1.7 which seems to exist in ubuntu 14.4; how can I add 14.4 repository to synaptic so it install the new release of qemu?23:10
Guest82306use lubuntu 13.10 to be specific23:10
E8newallmI'm trying to get the Openbox Configuration Manager to detect a GTK theme, but it's expecting an obt file and the GTK theme is just a bunch of folders23:24
Unit193If you want to set the gtk theme, you'd use lxappearance, for the window borders, since it's openbox, it needs an openbox theme.23:25
E8newallmI used lxappearance but that just brings up the customise screen which is the same thing23:27
E8newallmIgnore me I'm being stupid :P23:37
Unit193lxappearance-obconf is a module for lxappearance, but yeah, it has different tabs.23:40
updhi, i have windows and i want to install lubuntu on usb how can i do it ?23:46
koellupd: hey welcome. just follow this guide here http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows23:49
koellupd: its quite the same. u only need to download lubuntu from lubuntu.net23:49
updyes i'm downloading, but this will be actually bootable usb, like dvd for installation and not installed on usb right ?23:50
updso any changes i will made they will be gone next time ?23:50
koellupd: right. u can use it as live cd and try lubuntu before. but is much faster if u install it23:51
koellupd: correctly.23:51
updwell i want to install it on usb :)23:51
koellupd: its also for install :D23:51
ubottuTo have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence23:51
koellupd: u can try it before and then install23:51
updso i make this then boot from usb and then install on the same usb ? :D23:52
updah nevermind got confused23:53
koellupd: got it!!23:53
koellupd: now swing ur ass to lubuntu!23:54
updhehe i will thanks :)23:54
koellupd: its 2in1 :D23:54

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