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SammaelHello all, I have a question about load balancing. Is it allowed to be posted here ?12:04
SammaelHello all, I would like to setup a cluster for file sharing over multiple servers. The idea is to start with 2 servers and increase the amount in the future. Is MAAS a good idea for this? The main issue I fear is bandwith there each server will have 200mbps and I would like to use that to the best which is possible.12:04
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MrCurious2DHCP for pxe vm is now working22:22
MrCurious2its trying to load a config, and busy-waiting22:22
MrCurious2Trying to load: pxelinux.cfg/01-52-54-00-9e-d2-cf22:26
MrCurious2and we have a PXE VM boot under maas direction!23:27
MrCurious2woo hoo23:27
MrCurious2status now ready, but doesnt want to boot again23:34

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