Darkangelcurious* i was just wondering if this is the chat line Ubuntu-developers hangout at?01:45
Patrickdknot really02:18
Patrickdkmore like beta testers02:18
Hydr0p0nXwill the 14.04 alpha auto upgrade to full version when it's released ?03:23
holsteinHydr0p0nX: there is only the one 14.04 version.. its not a "rolling release", but the repositories get updates as they come in03:26
Hydr0p0nXWhile i know it's not perfect, does it seem relatively stable ?03:28
holsteinHydr0p0nX: its not released yet03:29
holsteinHydr0p0nX: if you want stable, or released, use the released version. 14.04 could be rock solid now and for many days, then have an issue03:30
Hydr0p0nXreleased versions have an issue03:32
Hydr0p0nXi understand how pre-releases work, i'm asking for an opinion03:33
holsteinHydr0p0nX: sure.. and, specific hardware cases dont support linux well03:33
holsteinHydr0p0nX: the fact is, its not out yet. if you want stable, go with one of the stable releases..03:33
Logan_Hydr0p0nX: I only use it for development with gnome-session-fallback (not Unity), and it has been stable for me03:51
Logan_sorry, it's called gnome-session-flashback now03:52
Hydr0p0nXi'm looking to use it for a mythbox, 13.10 livecd has an issue with my usb keyboard/mouse, but hdmi audio out works, 12.04 has an issue with hdmi audio but keyboard/mouse work right03:54
Hydr0p0nXhoping with 14.04 both work03:54
holsteintry it live and see.. you can just not run updates til april03:54
pgnomecan anyone help me get google earth to work properly?04:15
pgnomemy system is amd64 14.0404:16
holsteinpgnome: not here, likely.. i would try whatever version of ubuntu google earth supports officially04:16
pgnomeI installed 32-bit GE04:16
holsteinpgnome: you could try the 64bit one, since you are running 64bit04:17
pgnomeI thought I had to use 32-bit and multiarch04:17
pgnomeI am using skype currently without problems and it's 32-bit w/ multiarch installed04:17
pgnomeI don't understand why I'm having a problem04:18
pgnomeI googled the error message and it might have to do with lib files?04:18
pgnome./googleearth-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libGLU.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:18
pgnomeI don't understand the error enough - but04:18
holsteinpgnome: they may not support 14.0404:19
trismpgnome: libglu1-mesa:i386 maybe04:20
Patrickdkissue with hdmi audio out?04:25
Patrickdkthat has worked for me since pre-10.0404:25
lotuspsychjePatrickdk: maybe its using another audio driver?04:28
PatrickdkI only use nvidia cards, they use the intel driver04:28
lotuspsychjePatrickdk: also its still in test phase, so alot can change in the future04:28
lotuspsychjePatrickdk: play around a bit, if you cant get it straight file a bug04:29
Patrickdkdo what?04:29
lotuspsychjePatrickdk: report a bug04:29
Patrickdka bug for what?04:29
lotuspsychjePatrickdk: for your issue?04:29
* Patrickdk not believing that 14.04 would support hdmi audio for something that didn't before?04:29
lotuspsychjethere's a solution for everything right04:30
Patrickdksounds like something in 14.04 default config changed to make the hdmi audio work, I seriously doubt it was a driver issue04:30
PatrickdkI never said there was a problem04:30
Patrickdklack of reading on your part :)04:30
lotuspsychjeoh, sorry it never worked04:30
lotuspsychjebut now it works?04:30
PatrickdkI said it's worked since pre-10.0404:30
Patrickdkwhat part of that is a *bug*04:30
Patrickdkbut I didn't say it worked out of the box04:31
Patrickdkhdmi audio did take me several hours, probably a good 10 total, to get working04:32
Patrickdkworking reliable and rock solid04:32
lotuspsychjetrusty seems solid to me04:32
Patrickdkthings kept defaulting to the onboard soundcard, or non-digital04:33
Patrickdktook a bit to find and adjust all the configs04:33
lotuspsychjewhat did the trick exactly?04:33
Patrickdka few things, loading the intel driver with correct options, so the hdmi audio was always in a predictable place (first sound card)04:34
Patrickdksecond was to adjust the config files for alsa, vlc, pulse, ... to use the correct digital sound port on the card04:34
lotuspsychjei see04:34
PatrickdkI wanted digital, for at3/dts passthough04:34
Patrickdkthat was just extra for me04:35
Patrickdkbut as he wants it for mythtv, likely the same for him04:35
Patrickdkonly alittle annoying to do, but since I do it for mythtv also04:36
Patrickdkit's easy to replicate, just clone another machine, and off it goes04:36
lotuspsychjenice one04:36
Patrickdkmine are iscsi boot, so it's I do just clone the disk image, and the new machine iscsi boots off it :)04:37
Patrickdkharddrives produce as much heat as the cpu04:37
lotuspsychjeyou can clone an ubuntu install with that to another pc?04:38
Patrickdkit's easy to clone, do it all the time04:38
Patrickdkonly a few things to adjust04:38
lotuspsychjesounds nice04:38
lotuspsychjedoesnt install is a bit strange on iscsi?04:38
Patrickdkchange hostname, change udev/rules/70-persistant-net, and hosts.conf04:39
lotuspsychjei had a user once struggling with it04:39
Patrickdkif you use a desktop isntall, it's a pain04:39
Patrickdkif you use the server install, it just works04:39
lotuspsychjehe had to give a username:password or something04:39
Patrickdkthat is optional, depending on how you setup iscsi security04:39
Patrickdkno security, not needed04:39
Patrickdkif you use chap security, then you need it04:39
Patrickdkand if you do 2way chap security, you need it twice :)04:40
lotuspsychjeclient and host04:40
PatrickdkI know all this very good, and I had a hell of a time attempting it using ubuntu desktop iso04:40
lotuspsychjewell as you talk about it, it sounds easy :p04:40
Patrickdkthe catch with the iscsi install is only if you secure it via initiator name04:41
Patrickdkubuntu installer will pick a random name, then give the install another random name04:41
lotuspsychjeyou have to browse the network for that file right?04:41
Patrickdkwhat file?04:41
lotuspsychjehmm not sure anymore04:41
lotuspsychjeor link to the host04:41
lotuspsychjein your network04:42
lotuspsychjeso the desktop knows where the host is?04:42
lotuspsychjeor can you setup standalone also?04:42
Patrickdkheh? the whole point of iscsi is it's not local04:43
Patrickdkif you wanted standalone you would install it to the local disk :)04:43
lotuspsychjeyes, but could one install ubuntu server to run it standalone04:43
Patrickdkdunno what that means04:43
Patrickdkrun it standalone?04:43
lotuspsychjeokay, i think thats what this user have a real pain04:44
lotuspsychjehe wanted to in stall ubuntu desktop on an iscsi machine04:44
lotuspsychjewithout the other host04:44
lotuspsychjestandalone desktop..04:44
lotuspsychjeso ubuntu setup asked a network l:p04:44
PatrickdkI think your confusing something04:45
Patrickdkwithout the other host?04:45
lotuspsychjedont you have to link always to other iscsi?04:45
Patrickdkit's like the sata cable going to your harddrive04:45
Patrickdkif the network to your iscsi host/target isn't working04:45
Patrickdkwell, your cable to your disk isn't plugged in04:45
Patrickdkhard to install without a disk04:46
lotuspsychjelink to your own local drive then?04:46
Patrickdkthen your not using iscsi04:47
Patrickdkfor me, the point was not to waste power/heat from the local drive04:47
Patrickdkmainly heat/noise04:47
Patrickdkso it loading from my server, that is always on anyways, was ideal04:47
lotuspsychjei see04:48
Patrickdkhalf the office at work, I do it the same way04:48
Patrickdkthe computers iscsi boot windows from the server04:48
Patrickdkthe server can manage snapshots, restore, reimage, ...04:48
Patrickdksince those are temporary usage machines, I reset the image after each use, so it's clean04:49
Patrickdkat home here, I do the same thing, just lots of ubuntu iscsi boot machines, for mythtv, and kids04:49
lotuspsychjeso you running trusty everywhere?04:49
Patrickdkdunno what trusty is04:49
Patrickdkthat is what 14.04 is called?04:50
Patrickdkna, I used to be very active doing this04:50
Patrickdkbut since 13.04 we kindof got pushed out04:50
lotuspsychjebut you run it right now ?04:50
Patrickdkwith the ubuntu quality overhaul04:50
Patrickdknot yet04:50
PatrickdkI will be soon04:50
lotuspsychjewhy do you ask in this chan then?04:50
Patrickdknow that the holidays are over04:50
PatrickdkI have been in this channel for 6 years04:51
PatrickdkI was responding to someone else asking04:51
lotuspsychjeor discuss04:51
Patrickdkdunno :)04:51
Patrickdkno other channels where active04:51
PatrickdkI normally don't talk in here often04:51
PatrickdkI do read though, to keep up04:52
lotuspsychjemy plan is to install LTS everywhere for users04:52
Patrickdkbut going be putting 14.04 server through it's tests04:52
Patrickdkand since I do a lot of iscsi, I will be testing iscsi a lot04:52
PatrickdkI would almost always find a bug or two for iscsi installs before each release04:52
lotuspsychjewell good news for the iscsi freakz then :p04:53
Patrickdkso have to get moving on those04:53
Patrickdkya, they do automated kvm iscsi tests now04:53
Patrickdksince the tests are all local to the same machine, they seem not to catch some timing issues04:54
Patrickdkthat my tests seem to catch using real networks04:54
Patrickdkafter all that testing, I'll have to migrate my ppa's to 14.04, that can take awhile04:55
Patrickdkthen likely in 2015, I'll be upgrading everything :)04:55
lotuspsychjedid you follow iscsi ubuntu tutorials?04:56
lotuspsychjeself search?04:56
PatrickdkI guess if you want to setup an iscsi server, you could04:56
Patrickdkbut to do it as a client, no real need to04:56
Patrickdkit's just simple enough04:56
lotuspsychjeif i understand what it does04:56
PatrickdkI'm not using ubuntu for my iscsi host/target04:57
lotuspsychjeanyway bbl04:58
lotuspsychjetnx for talk04:58
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ThomasBrhythmbox on 14.04 is terribly buggy :(05:19
ThomasBnot that i'm surprised05:24
BabaNKhi all05:39
BabaNKi've upgraded to 14.0405:39
BabaNKnow my xwindows completly messed up either with unity or gnome05:40
BabaNKwhen i login with unity then only blankscreen05:40
BabaNKi reinstalled unity compiz05:40
BabaNKand uninstall gnome05:40
BabaNKstill same problem05:40
BabaNKcan anybody help me05:40
BabaNKi can only enter into ctrl+alt+f105:41
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: wich 14.04 iso did you install?05:41
BabaNKno i did dist-upgrade -d05:41
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: 14.04 is still in test phase right05:41
BabaNKyup i know05:42
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: maybe a clean install would run smoother?05:42
BabaNKafter upgrade first time it worked... then it stopped working (unity)05:42
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: maybe to a recoverymode and failsafeX?05:42
BabaNKdownload ISO and install it?05:42
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: might be your graphics drivers05:42
BabaNKmy xlog doesnt throw any error05:43
lotuspsychjei got iso from here05:43
lotuspsychjeworks flawless on my desktop05:43
BabaNKbut screen is blank when i did startx from command prompt05:43
BabaNKor if i start gui then login screen will come after i enter password then blankscreen05:44
lotuspsychjetry recoverymode mate, fix broken packages or failsafex05:44
lotuspsychjesee what it does05:44
lotuspsychjeotherwise: clean install05:44
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: what was your previous version?05:45
BabaNKubuntu 13.1005:45
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: i think thats the prob05:45
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: from non-LTS to LTS05:45
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: i would recommend to clean install 14.0405:46
BabaNKooo ok05:46
lotuspsychjesee if you still got issues then05:46
BabaNKclean install will take at least 8 hours (download iso, take backup, install it :( )05:46
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: backup your data before ok05:46
lotuspsychjeyes i know mate05:46
lotuspsychjebut upgrade from non-lts to lts can be tricky05:47
BabaNKlts means?05:47
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)05:47
BabaNKso 13.10 is non-lts?05:48
lotuspsychjeso 14.04 will be lts, 5 years support05:48
lotuspsychje13.10 9 months support05:48
lotuspsychjeBabaNK: so if you clean install 14.04 you will be safe for 5years :p05:49
BabaNKbut 14.04 is not fully released.. it is in testing version05:50
lotuspsychjeyes, ive tested it on my desktop05:50
lotuspsychjeand i find it real stable already05:50
lotuspsychjebut that would be your choice ofcourse05:50
lotuspsychjedepends on what you want/need05:50
lotuspsychjeyou can wait till april full release aswell05:52
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kandinskihi, any idea how can I reset all compiz effects?09:55
kandinskithey are slowing down my display a lot on intel embedded graphics09:55
BluesKajhiyas all11:24
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perois it normal for apt to be grabbing 26mb of package lists on update?17:43
penguin42I think the full lists are pretty big like that17:45
perois it like that on <14.04? i don't remember17:59
jtaylorpero: in development version you update the full list every time18:01
jtaylorpost release it is split into the not changing base + updates18:02
jtayloronly updates changes so its usually much smaller18:02
peromakes sense, thx18:02
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Fudgewhere is correct place to bug report against unity in daily trusty images21:57
trismFudge: you can still use: ubuntu-bug unity;21:57
Fudgethanks trism  have not used that before22:00
Fudgelooking to actually file a bug against unity though, not a crash.22:01
trismFudge: yes it should still let you, unless something changed recently22:05
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Fudgeworks great, thanks trism22:38
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Fudgeanyone else experiencing buffering issues on totem streaming LAN media23:38

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