PublicStaticVoidmy touchscreen already works as a mouse00:04
PublicStaticVoidwacom is installed by default lol00:04
PublicStaticVoidIs that all it does?00:04
PublicStaticVoidI will check out unity8 though00:05
PublicStaticVoidnik90: i it supposed to say no data sources?00:09
PublicStaticVoidnothing I click on works..00:11
PublicStaticVoidI thought it was like a version for a desktop not a phone emulator haha00:11
PublicStaticVoidwasnt in ubuntu-restricted-extras or -extras00:14
PublicStaticVoider -adons00:14
PublicStaticVoidoops wc00:14
nik90PublicStaticVoid: I did say it wasn't ready for desktop. That said, if you resize the window, the UI will adapt to the window size.00:23
nik90but the convergence is a wip. So it doesn't happen with all UI elements00:23
PublicStaticVoidyeah nothings works00:23
PublicStaticVoidso I will wait a while00:23
PublicStaticVoidlooks good though00:23
nik90I haven't personally tried. So you might want to ask on #ubuntu-touch on how to test it.00:23
PublicStaticVoidBy nothing I mean clicking or touching apps does nothing00:24
PublicStaticVoidI thought this was #ubuntu-touch haha00:24
nik90could be that you need to add additional parameters while running it to get those working00:24
PublicStaticVoidI am in there haha00:24
ahayzennik90, managed to convert the recently played tracks to use U1DB \o/00:51
nik90ahayzen: wow! that's awesome00:53
ahayzennik90, the only issue i've hit so far is 'u1db: Invalid docID', so far I have found if u have a space or a dot it doesn't like it :/00:53
ahayzennik90, i need to sanitise them in some way but i'm not sure of all the legal chars yet lol and I need to ensure they are unique00:55
nik90ahayzen: yup. I guess docId is quite similar to qml Id which are special00:55
ahayzennik90, yeah00:55
nik90ahayzen: why dont you let u1db generate the docId automatically?00:55
ahayzennik90, it can do tht?00:55
ahayzennik90, wht just leave it blank?00:55
nik90if you use the putDoc() method and give it just the data, it will create a document with a unique docId00:56
nik90this doesn't work for static document creation00:56
nik90at least that's what I think00:56
ahayzennik90, thanks i'll try tht :)00:58
ahayzennik90, it works :) ... just realised i need to sort the query some how00:59
ahayzennik90, oh no its just backwards, do u know how to get a listview to display the results backwards lol01:01
nik90ahayzen: sorting hmm..I have no idea about that. But that is something I would be interested in knowing as well.01:01
ahayzennik90, ah no it may be trickier than tht01:01
ahayzennik90, also using the autogenerate does make it more difficult to detect wht is already there, i'll continue investigating :)01:02
nik90ahayzen: you can use the function listDocs() to list all the docs available in the database01:03
nik90it returns all the docIds as a list.01:03
ahayzennik90, before i was using recent_albumname ... so it would just overwrite the existing when it needs to update the time01:04
ahayzennik90, tht would mean searching through all the docs for the matching album :/01:04
ahayzennik90, if i could take a hash of the album name tht would probably be the best/easiest solution to solve the id issue01:05
nik90ahayzen: hash?01:06
nik90you meant a part of the album name?01:06
ahayzennik90, if i took say a md5 of the album name tht would both be unique and would contain valid characters?01:06
nik90ahayzen: are there quite a bit of songs in the recently played? or is it just the last played song that you are storing?01:07
ahayzennik90, it is a list of all the albums/playlists played by the user IIRC ... so could be massive01:08
nik90ahayzen: ah okay01:08
ahayzennik90, although i don't know if it is planned to be limited to x items, at the moment we just have a clear button01:08
nik90ahayzen: in that case, why dont you add a property called "type" = "recentPlayed" and then query for docs with that property value?01:09
nik90that's what stuart recommended in order to filter through the docs in a database01:09
nik90ahayzen: btw, check out https://one.ubuntu.com/developer/data/u1db/high-level-api01:09
nik90it is a python API01:09
nik90however it shows some valid index and query expressions that can be used01:10
ahayzennik90, i'm not sure how i've done it but i've got the contents as {"recent": {"title": title, ... }} and then the index points at "recent.title" etc and then the query points at the index?01:10
ahayzennik90, similar to this one http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~geldliste-developers/geldliste/ubuntu-app-showdown/view/head:/geldliste/model/GeldlisteDatabase.qml01:11
nik90ahayzen: I think that should work. I am still getting used to the query stuff01:12
ahayzennik90, yh it seems like there a few different ways of doing it01:13
ahayzennik90, anyway i better go to sleep, thanks for all ur help :)01:15
nik90ahayzen: np. gud nite01:16
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nik90ahayzen: were you able to fix the issue where the listview showed results backwards?13:38
ahayzennik90, no i realised it was just showing them in order added13:38
ahayzennik90, i also found in the spec 'Recent: the last n albums that were played or added.' so i have changed it to use ur idea of auto ids13:38
nik90I still have 2 things I need to figure out -> 1. changing the order 2. Different types of query expressions allowed13:38
nik90ahayzen: oh by the way I figured out basic filtering methods13:39
ahayzennik90, i think all i now need is to be able to sort the query in descending order on a field13:39
nik90I created dynamic tasks similar to { "task": {"name": "sample task 0", "status": "Started", "progress": 20} }13:39
ahayzennik90, and then put the index on task.name ?13:39
ahayzennik90, ^^ is wht i figured out last night as well :)13:40
nik90actually my index lists expression: ["task.name", "task.status", "task.progress"]13:40
ahayzennik90, and then ur query points at ur index?13:40
nik90I noticed that if I dont add task.status and task.progress, I cannot display that data in a listview13:40
ahayzennik90, yeah it is like ur telling it wht to put in the SELECT statement13:41
nik90my query is query: [{"name":"*"}, {"status":"*"}, {"progress":"*"}]13:41
nik90best part is I can change it to status:"Done"13:41
nik90and then it will show only tasks that are done13:41
nik90but I still need to find out all available logic expressions that can be used.13:42
ahayzennik90, cool, my query is blank at the moment as i want all of the recent items13:42
nik90ahayzen: yup that makes sense for recent items13:42
nik90so in your list view your model is the query object13:42
ahayzennik90, i just need to be able to sort the query. Then i can remove any docs after X index13:42
ahayzennik90, yep13:42
ahayzennik90, oh yeah to remove a doc u do db.putDoc("", docId)13:43
nik90yeah, I saw it in geldliste this morning13:43
nik90I was up pretty much the whole nite trying to figure this thing out :P13:43
ahayzennik90, yeah same lol13:43
ahayzennik90, it does seem much cleaner than localstorage though :)13:44
nik90oh also, query also provides the docId as well just so you know13:44
ahayzennik90, yep i'm just playing with tht now13:44
ahayzennik90, so who do we talk to regarding sorting etc?13:44
nik90+1.. u1db much cleaner than local storage13:44
nik90definitely stuart again13:45
nik90I will send a g+ message to him and include you in the conversation13:45
ahayzennik90, is he around on IRC?....ah cool thx13:45
nik90he normally is, but I havent seen him on irc this whole weekend13:46
nik90his nick is aquarius13:46
ahayzennik90, he is probably hiding from u ;)13:46
nik90hey I dont think I have you in my circles, can you link me to your profile13:46
nik90lol ;P13:46
ahayzennik90, http://andrewhayzen.co.uk/plus13:46
nik90ahayzen: let me know if you figure out any other cool tricks13:48
ahayzennik90, haha i will, i'm still wondering about the best way to do the playlists13:48
ahayzennik90, do u think you can double nest the elements eg playlist.tracks.file ?14:06
ahayzennik90, so it would then be {"playlist": {"name":"test", "tracks": {"file":"/path"}}}14:06
nik90ahayzen: absolutely14:09
nik90ahayzen: but I am guessing you might need to adjust the query appropriately since you will essentially have 2 models14:09
ahayzennik90, and then wht would the playlisttrack index look like? ["playlist.tracks.file"]14:09
ahayzennik90, well i need two models. one for the list of playlists then one for the list of tracks in a playlist14:09
ahayzennik90, i'll try it and see wht happens :)14:10
nik90ahayzen: yup, give it a try, I am experimenting with that as well14:10
ahayzennik90, if it can do ^^ and we can figure out sorting then we are on to a winner :)14:10
nik90ahayzen: yup :) because that should cover almost 80-90% of what most apps need14:17
ahayzennik90, yep :)14:18
ahayzennik90, wht would be really cool would be able to go sort: ["recent.time"] and then have a true false for asc/desc or something14:19
nik90ahayzen: +114:21
ahayzennik90, ^^ would be enough for me i think14:21
nik90ahayzen: in the u1db python docs, I have seen a sort function. dont know if there is a equivalent in qml javascript14:21
ahayzennik90, i saw some of the py examples just wrapped sorted() around the results, are u able to point me to an example?14:22
nik90ahayzen: http://pythonhosted.org/u1db/high-level-api.html14:24
nik90search for that string in the link14:24
ahayzennik90, is tht not python sorting it no U1DB though?14:25
ahayzen*not U1DB14:25
nik90I think so...that's why I hope javascript has something similar14:26
ahayzennik90, but we just point the listView at the query so surely we would want the query to do it for us before it reaches the listView?14:27
ahayzennik90, otherwise we would have to extract the results, sort them and then somehow make them back into a listmodel14:28
nik90ahayzen: well in essence we can create a listmodel and have a for loop where we go through the query results and then push it to the listmodel with a appropriate filter or expression14:29
nik90ahayzen: but before we go to that step, I am trying to ensure that u1db has some trick up its sleeve14:30
ahayzennik90, we could but U1db appears to be very fast so i would prefer it to do the sorting internally to maintain the performance14:30
nik90I take it you refer internally->u1db ?14:31
ahayzennik90, yep internally as in, in its statements when it is reading from the actual db14:33
nik90ahayzen: btw is this statement { "task": {"name": "sample task 0", "status": "Started", "progress": 20, "tags": [{"tag":"test1"},{"tag":"test2"}]}} seem correct? It should be similar to your recent playlist object14:33
nik90where task is a playlist and tags are the filenames14:34
ahayzennik90, ooo interesting, i'm still building my interface :)14:35
ahayzennik90, just deciding how to detect if a playlist name already exists in the db14:35
ahayzennik90, can either loop through the results or i was thinking of using a query to filter by that name and then count the results14:36
nik90is this to check while creating a new playlist to avoid duplicate playlist names?14:38
nik90I would use the query filter and count the results.14:38
ahayzennik90, yep and i agree thts the best way14:39
* ahayzen notices the music-app doesn't currently stop duplicate playlist names causing interesting affects14:39
nik90I am guessing localstorage will override an existing playlist?14:42
ahayzennik90, i end up with two tht are like merged lol because we currently have playlist(id, name) with id as the key. i'm now gonna change this to just name with that as the key to prevent this14:43
ahayzennik90, so if i have {"playlist": {"tracks": []}} and then i want to add to tht playlist how to add {"file": "/path"} to it. Is this where the issue of QML not picking up appends that Stuart mentioned occurs?14:45
nik90ahayzen: yes14:48
ahayzennik90, so i have to get the contents of the doc add it to tht var then reset the *whole* contents back to the doc?14:48
nik90that's what I am planning to do14:49
ahayzennik90, something like var contents = doc.contents; contents.playlist.tracks.push(record); doc.contents = contents;14:49
nik90I am not sure about the contents.tracks.push() part, but others seems fine14:50
ahayzennik90, haha yeah i'm not sure either14:50
nik90although I am still stuck in the {"playlist": {"tracks": []}} part. I am not sure how to display it using a query14:51
nik90it is not working for me14:51
ahayzennik90, ah i'm still building the parts to put the data in lol so will probably have the same issue in a bit14:52
nik90ahayzen: you should test all this in a sample program rather than on the music app, since you can iteratively test it quickly14:54
ahayzennik90, yeah probably a better idea but i'm pretty much there hehe14:54
ahayzennik90, yeah something in there isn't working as expected :/15:12
nik90ahayzen: regarding the push or viewing the query?15:13
ahayzennik90, just viewing the query haven't got as far as pushing yet15:13
nik90I have a feeling that the index keys should have the same size15:13
ahayzennik90, i can create a playlist with {"playlist": {"name": "a", "tracks": []}} but i can't get the tracks part back to count how many tracks there are15:14
nik90in our case, we have playlist.name and playlist.tracks of different size15:14
ahayzennik90, i've tried doing playlist.tracks and it just says it doesn't exist when i try and do contents.tracks.length in the listview15:14
nik90yup for me it says playlist.tracks is undefine15:15
nik90I tried Query.results[0].tracks15:15
ahayzennik90, gonna need a new plan ;)15:17
nik90ahayzen: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~uonedb-qt/u1db-qt/trunk/view/head:/examples/u1db-qt-example-5/u1db-qt-example-5.qml15:21
nik90there they use a similar document contents and have made a index and query15:21
nik90but on trying it with playlist, it doesnt work15:21
ahayzennik90, ooo tht is close15:21
nik90this is so unfair :/15:21
ahayzennik90, the issue is we have tracks as a list15:21
ahayzennik90, oh but they have word as a list...15:22
nik90but the thing is look at their index15:22
nik90both have the same size15:22
nik90unlike ours15:22
ahayzennik90, interesting15:22
ahayzennik90, ok i could put a playlist.count to solve tht i just need to then have a way of only showing the playlist.tracks.xx that have a playlist.name==x which will be the next issue lol15:24
nik90ahayzen: I figured how to view it!!!15:39
ahayzennik90, how?15:40
nik90ahayzen: let me post the code. 10 secs15:40
ahayzennik90, np15:40
nik90ahayzen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697573/15:42
ahayzennik90, ooo interesting15:43
nik90ahayzen: I realised that the query gives the docId of the playlist we are interested in. So with the docId, I get the tracks info directly from the database :)15:44
ahayzennik90, cool once i get my smaller example working i'll see if it works15:45
ahayzennik90, i'm getting data back \o/15:50
nik90ahayzen: awesome!15:50
nik90ahayzen: are you going to try the adding/editing part now?15:50
ahayzennik90, yep and then see if i can copy the changes across to the music-app attempt :)15:51
ahayzennik90, i can see the push is working on the actual array, just need to get it to update the document16:02
nik90ahayzen: well if you pushed into a javascript array and that worked, then document.contents = javascript array should work?16:03
ahayzennik90, but i don't have the actual document so i thought db.putDoc(contents, docId); might work16:04
nik90ahayzen: oh yeah that will work!! nice!16:04
ahayzennik90, but something isn't working :/16:05
ahayzennik90, i can see it trying to read stuff for the listmodel but it is coming back with u1db: Failed to get document : No document16:06
ahayzennik90, brb16:07
ahayzennik90, see wht u make of http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6697749/ bits of it are overcomplicated for tht small example and some temporary methods have been added but u get the idea16:12
ahayzennik90, just when u hit add u can see it being added to the contents but not the listview16:13
nik90should I be looking at function addToPlaylist() ?16:15
ahayzennik90, yeah16:19
ahayzennik90, it all needs cleaning up as things have been added/removed alot lol but still not sure y it isn't quite working16:20
nik90hmm it works for me on my program.16:21
nik90ahayzen: I copied most of the stuff from your program16:21
nik90let me debug yours..1 min16:21
ahayzennik90, hmm probably have a query/index linked incorrectly somewhere16:21
nik90ahayzen: give me the ooutput as I ask them16:22
nik90ahayzen: when you do contents = db.getDoc(doc)16:22
nik90do you get the right contents output?16:22
nik90I am trying to validate if your docId you passed is correct16:23
ahayzennik90, the output of this ... console.debug("DOC", doc, JSON.stringify(contents));16:23
ahayzennik90, is DOC D-132a191a-6bd1-476b-af51-04a32a94fbba {"playlist":{"name":"test","tracks":[{"file":"/path/to/file"},{"file":"/new/path"},{"file":"/new/path"}]}}16:23
ahayzennik90, and then the second debug line after the push u can see the new item...DOC D-132a191a-6bd1-476b-af51-04a32a94fbba {"playlist":{"name":"test","tracks":[{"file":"/path/to/file"},{"file":"/new/path"},{"file":"/new/path"},{"file":"/new/path"}]}}16:24
nik90okay that seems fine then16:24
ahayzennik90, it seems to be failing in playlist.getDb().getDoc(docId)16:26
ahayzennik90, tht appears to be where this appears 'u1db: Failed to get document : No document'16:26
nik90ahayzen: ah..okay16:27
ahayzennik90, tht is in the listitem16:27
nik90ahayzen: could it be that it is confusing the two identical playlist variable names?16:30
nik90in that statement16:30
ahayzennik90, where?16:31
nik90ahayzen: in playlist.getDb().getDoc(docId).playlist.tracks[index].file16:31
nik90could you change Playlist { id: playlist } to someother name16:31
ahayzenbut i am calling tht playlist aren't i?16:32
nik90true, but there is playlist.getDb() and also playlist.tracks[index].file as well16:33
nik90so I thought perhaps it is confusing between those two playlist variable names16:33
ahayzenah i see wht u mean16:33
nik90ahayzen: I am pretty sure the way you are adding stuff to the u1db is correct since it works for me as well. So that's a huge win for us :)16:35
ahayzennik90, yep :)...u have a repeater in ur listview...16:36
nik90ahayzen: is it working for you now?16:38
ahayzennik90, no lol16:38
ahayzennik90, ooo maybe now but my repeater is putting the text ontop of itself so just get a black blob lol16:39
nik90lol..use a column or row16:39
nik90you need to use a repeater since it is a array inside a array if you know what I mean16:40
ahayzennik90, thx16:40
nik90or else we need to use a ListItem.Multivalue16:40
nik90I tried that but it showed [object Object] instead of the actual value16:40
ahayzennik90, right tht works16:41
ahayzennik90, i just wonder if i can get the UI right, it should be ok (yn)16:41
nik90ahayzen: well here's what I am thinking right now. -> I got dynamic documents working!! I can add, edit, delete and view them!16:42
nik90I will worry about the UI a bit later :P16:42
nik90I think i have enough to start my blog post explaining what I did.16:43
* nik90 is tired..16:43
ahayzennik90, yep it is coming together slowly :)16:43
nik90the thing is this is all quite new and hence takes time to get it right..I struggled in a similar fashion with local storage as well. The only difference between the code will be more cleaner and leaner this time.16:45
ahayzennik90, right just got the filter working, think i have enough to attempt to get it working with the music-app16:46
nik90ahayzen: yup..me too for the clock app.16:46
nik90ahayzen: btw thnx for working with me on this..nice to work together and exchange code to help one other16:47
ahayzennik90, and hopefully we'll get a response about the sorting then we'll be sorted (if u pardon the pun) ;)16:47
nik90lol with the pun ;D16:47
ahayzennik90, no problem and thanks to u as well been a great help with getting this going16:48
ahayzennik90, sure we'll get there eventually16:48
ahayzennik90, do u know where the U1DB are stored so they can be easily deleted?17:02
nik90ahayzen: it is located in ~/.local/share/applicationName17:03
nik90ahayzen: just so you know, I deleted my u1db file 1000 times in the past 24 hours :)17:04
ahayzennik90, found it thanks :)17:04
nik90ahayzen: hope you saw stuart's reply on g+17:22
ahayzennik90, oooo reading now thx17:23
nik90ahayzen: no sorting available in u1db, but he has a valid point why. Unfortunately for us, QML doesn't offer sorting either :?17:23
ahayzennik90, damn17:24
ahayzennik90, he says you can do it in the ListModel with C++, anyway of the SDK exposing this to us?17:25
ahayzennik90, IIRC correctly in Gtk you have a TreeModelSort which u put around the liststore...this would be perfect if we had a ModelSort to put around the Query we get17:26
ahayzennik90, still not sure if the way we are getting the third level elements is the best as it makes it tricky to do swipeDelete etc in the listview17:34
nik90ahayzen: I really want ListModel Sorting as a SDK feature definitely.17:46
ahayzennik90, now who is best to talk to about this?17:46
ahayzennik90, most of them are probably still on holiday until tomorrow at a guess ;)17:47
nik90ahayzen: well I propose getting an email in the mailing list first and then talking to sdk devs like zsombi, florian and tim17:47
nik90ahayzen: yes :)17:47
ahayzennik90, agreed17:47
nik90ahayzen: regarding the third level elements17:47
nik90ahayzen: can you ask on the g+ post to stuart17:48
nik90ahayzen: to confirm if we are doing to the proper way17:48
nik90I need to go prepare dinner now17:48
ahayzennik90, yep will do :)17:48
ahayzennik90, i need to take decorations down and have dinner as well ;) lol17:48
ahayzennik90, speak later17:48
nik90ahayzen: go ahead..tlk later..bye17:48
nik90ahayzen: did db.getIndexKeys(indexname) work for you?19:44
nik90It doesnt work for me19:45
ahayzen_nik90, oh if u mean '>>> print db.get_index_keys("by-file")' then yes it does work for me19:56
nik90ahayzen_: yes I meant that19:57
ahayzen_nik90, what happens for u?19:57
nik90is the function getIndexKeys() or get_index_keys()19:57
nik90for me it outputs u1db: Failed to get index keys:19:58
nik90SELECT  FROM document d,  WHERE  GROUP BY19:58
ahayzen_nik90, get_index_keys()19:58
nik90ahayzen_: but when I look at http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/U1DB.Database/, it says it is getIndexKeys()19:59
nik90that's why I used that19:59
nik90on using get_index_keys() I get Object U1db::Database(0x1dc1890) has no method 'get_index_keys'20:00
ahayzen_nik90, i was doing it in Python?20:00
nik90ahayzen_: oh20:00
nik90ahayzen_: I am sticking with javascript :P20:00
ahayzen_nik90, i was doing it in Python?20:00
ahayzen_nik90, did u convert his example to JS?20:01
nik90well sort of20:01
nik90he only added the get index keys line extra20:01
nik90and I found that function in javascript as getIndexKeys()20:01
ahayzen_damn moving playlist.name to the first element still doesn't fix it :/20:02
nik90paste the code in ubuntu. Let me see if you are doing something wrong20:02
ahayzen_nik90, this is working on the music-app though20:04
ahayzen_nik90, i'll see if i can get it working in tht smaller example first20:04
ahayzen_nik90, unless u wanna go though 1000s of lines of code hehe20:04
nik90lol no :P20:05
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nik90ahayzen_: you know what, I am going to convert my tasks app to music playlist app to debug better20:12
ahayzen__nik90, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6699086/20:14
ahayzen__nik90, it displays the first item from both of the documents but it should be filtering to the playlists with the name "blah" ... which don't exist... so it should bring back nothing20:15
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nik90ahayzen__: can you tell me what i am doing here -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6699191/20:30
nik90it doesn't recoginise contents.name in the listview delegate to print the playlist name20:31
nik90I changed my example to look quite similar to yours20:31
d6342035hello. I've got a question, hope anybody could hrlp me. Am learning ubuntu SDK now, and I have ubuntu on my phone. Is there any place where I can browse known and submit some bugs that I've found in core apps?21:22
nik90d6342035: hi there21:28
nik90d6342035: check out the wiki link at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps21:29
nik90d6342035: it provides the link to the project page of all the core apps where you can submit bug reports21:30
nik90d6342035: hope this helps21:30
peter321hi all21:50
peter321can you tell me, how can I import contacts from command line?21:51
peter321if I get contacts.db, and I fill my contacts to folder_id table and I change the sqlite file, will it works?21:52
peter321I mean contacts.db from /userdata/user-data/phablet/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db21:54
peter321(build 79)21:54
peter321anybody? any suggestions?21:55
peter321OK, I'll try it tomorrow...22:02
peter321bye all22:02
ahayzen__nik90, yep tht is exactly wht i have observed22:27
ahayzen__nik90, u can't seem to be able to retrieve playlist.name or put a filter on it :/22:27
ahayzen__nik90, also note how only the first track for each playlist actually appears in the listview22:33
nik90ahayzen__: when I changed the index expression to ["playlist.name", "playlist.tracks"], then the listview recognised the contents.name properly22:37
ahayzen__nik90, yep but u can't have both as stuart seemed to suggest *should* work and gave in his python example?22:37
nik90ahayzen__: after I did that, the name filtering also worked!22:38
nik90ahayzen__: the thing is the whole index thing is like a blackbox.22:38
nik90I need more documentation to go on it22:39
ahayzen__nik90, yep but then u struggle to get the track info22:39
nik90but as I mentioned above, I think it expects the index expression to have the same size22:39
nik90so for the track info, you will need another index I think22:39
nik90but again I dont to speculate too much :P. So I have sent a mail to the mailing list with the issues we had. Lets see if christian can reply to them22:40
ahayzen__nik90, i agree tht this is probably the issue in the QML implementation...but the example provided by Stuart in python did exactly wht i wanted22:40
ahayzen__nik90, this one http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6699829/22:41
ahayzen__nik90, i just read ur email thx for doing tht22:41
nik90ahayzen__: yup then it has to be a qml implementation bug..damn you QMl!!!! :P22:43
nik90ahayzen__: u r welcome22:43
ahayzen__nik90, hopefully we'll get some answers in the mailing list :)22:44

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