xnoxLogan_: i find submittodebian to be broken.00:01
Logan_xnox: it's fine for ubuntu100:02
xnoxLogan_: if i wish to cherrypick, take lp:debian/package and cherry-pick/merge what you want to submit and then just do a bzr diff to generate patch.00:02
Logan_but once you pass that, it gets wonky00:02
Logan_oh, that would work00:02
xnoxLogan_: or reverse, might be easier, take lp:ubuntu/package uncommit to last debian revision and do $ bzr shelve -i, to remove not-needed chunks (e.g. ubuntu changelog, reverse maintainership field, etc...)00:03
jtaylormitya57: numpy merge https://code.launchpad.net/~jtaylor/ubuntu/trusty/python-numpy/new-upstream/+merge/20047300:37
dokojtaylor, well, then you should prepare scipy too01:07
jtaylorscipy is a simple sync01:08
jtaylorI just would like numpy first to see test results01:08
dokowell, if you already *know* that cython will fail ...01:09
jtaylorI know01:10
jtaylorI'm planning to look into it01:10
jtaylormost likely its just an overly explicit tet01:10
jtaylorbut if someone else wants to have a look, be my guest :)01:11
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infinityLogan_: submittodebian for the whole delta is easy, just edit the changelog to collapse ubuntu* to one changelog entry, then run it.02:10
Logan_Now that's clever. I'll try that.02:10
infinity(Yes, it should probably have a version range argument to do that for you)02:10
Logan_I would prefer that. I might file a bug.02:10
Logan_Although ubuntu-dev-tools development seems kinda dead right now.02:10
xnoxLaney: huh, ubuntu-dev-tools has constantly new commits and frequent uploads, they are done direct to debian and synced to ubuntu however.02:29
xnoxunping, Logan_ ^02:29
xnoxLogan_: and patches are welcome.02:29
xnoxLogan_: infinity: did "submittodebian" started to reverse X-Original-Maintainer thing? that was bugging me the most I think.02:30
Logan_yeah, that's still a bug02:30
Logan_infinity: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mpclib/+publishinghistory Any reason why you deleted mpclib from proposed? (It's still in release, and it's also still in unstable in Debian.)02:49
xnoxLogan_: deletions have comments - Superseded by mpclib302:54
xnoxLogan_: i guess transition to mpclib3 should happen, and then mpclib also removed from -release.02:54
xnoxLogan_: see text under arrow.02:54
Logan_well yes02:57
xnoxLogan_: do you want updates in the mean time, or we need to keep both into trusty?02:57
Logan_I just don't see the point of removing it from proposed right now02:58
xnoxLogan_: -proposed is an overlay, and the less things are in -proposed the better. My guess is that it was not migrating to -release and generating britney spew.02:58
infinityLogan_: It was failed-to-upload in -proposed because it shipped older versions of libmpc-dev02:58
xnoxLogan_: and possibly was not co-installable with mpclib3.02:59
xnoxLogan_: oh, that =) ^02:59
infinityLogan_: Hence the superseded comment.02:59
mitya57jtaylor: thank you!05:20
NoskcajA trusty-proposed branch for jsxgraph has not been made, and fixing the ftbfs should just need a b-dep on uglifyjs08:01
Fudgeoh the error for gstreamer package http://paste.ubuntu.com/6695846/09:11
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jtaylordoko_: a cython fix for numpy is available, so nothing in main would be broken13:22
jtaylor(just a test issue, so cython does not need fixing before the upload)13:23
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labsinxnox, ping?21:34
labsinxnox, I'm trying to cross-compile my app (with cmake) and I have a lot of issues22:08
labsinusing click chroot22:08
xnoxcan you pastebin full build-log or better email ubuntu-phone with it attached?22:09
xnoxtogether with pointers to source-code and your cmake files?22:09
labsinxnox, ok22:09
xnoxit's not something i can look into over irc, just right now.22:09
labsinI'll post it on the already running topic22:10
Logan_xnox: ...halp22:17
Logan_should we back out the changes for both gstreamer packages?22:18
Logan_but I want them to work on ppc64el :(22:18
Fudgeinfinity:  I hope I filed this correctly as you suggested the other day, bug #126621922:24
ubottubug 1266219 in LaTeXDraw "Mirrors do not work" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126621922:24
Fudgeoops that is the wrong bug22:24
Fudgebug #126629122:26
ubottubug 1266291 in unity (Ubuntu) "Workspace switcher toggle in Appearance Behaviour tab not available to Orca" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126629122:26
xnoxLogan_: i think, previously it didn't run gettext/autopoint, yet my patch probably made it run.22:28
jtaylorgrr whats the deal with the skimage autopkgtest, its unreprodicable in a chroot and local kvm adt suite22:28
xnoxLogan_: a short term fix is to compare .debs (e.g. amd64) before the changes & after and purge any "extra" conflicting files.22:28
jtayloris it running in some kind of qemu emulation without proper floating point support?22:28
xnoxLogan_: ".mo" for sure, but possibly more.22:28
Logan_xnox: okay - I have to go shower and head to dinner, but I'll take a look later22:29
xnoxLogan_: i'm off to bed now, but can look into it tomorrow morning.22:29
xnoxLogan_: it's not the end of the world... =)22:29
Logan_you never know. the apocalypse is nigh!22:29
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