knomeshouldn't #ubuntu-wiki point here, since the channel itself seems dead10:34
SaberX01I would think so .. all *-doc  should do.10:36
SaberX01knome .. did you scribe all the PGP stuff? Was pretty nice .. read through it all again this evening.10:38
knomescribe... what?10:38
SaberX01the GnuPG stuff: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto10:42
knomeno, i didn't touch that :)10:44
knomewhat's peoples take on that?11:13
pleia2if it were alive, it belongs on wiki.u.c, not the help wiki11:14
knomeyes, but it seems to be dead11:14
knomeand even that page has like 150 hits ever11:14
pleia2oh neat, the header says that11:14
knomeyes, i tagged it11:14
knomebut i was wondering whether we really want to move it11:14
knomeor just delete it11:14
pleia2yeah, might be for deleting since it's pretty old now11:15
pleia2I think I might pass out now, see you11:17
knomegood night! :)11:18
SaberX01knome, Well, I spend allot of Time in IRC ..and the main thing I see comming back from those we send to !es ot !ru  etc is the activity on those channels is often very low compare3d to the main support channel.11:25
SaberX01As for the doc itself, see how it's in EN .. not sure how much it's being used.11:28
knomeseems its impossible to delete the page at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/https%3A/wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw/Lubuntu/Documentation/CheckCD17:42
knomeanybody has ideas?17:42
knomehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/https:/wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw/Lubuntu/Documentation/CheckCD?action=DeletePage gets you to the "really delete the page?" page, but clicking delete again redirects you to "not found"17:43
knomerenaming doesn't work either17:44
knomeooh, i did it17:45
knomejust created page https:, then deleted that with all subpages17:45
SaberX01knome, Where is the central knowledge base intended to be; help.ubuntu.com  wiki.ubuntu.com  askubuntu.com ?  Which is considered the master reference ?18:00
knomewiki.ubuntu.com is directed to developer coordination18:02
knomeat least loosely18:02
SaberX01Ok, so the ubuntu-doc group focus is on help.ubuntu.com  ?18:04
knomethe main focus should be on the official documentation.18:04
knomeor at least that's how i see it18:05
knomebut as with the community help wiki and askubuntu;18:05
knomethey are different ways to achieve the same things18:05
knomesome people prefer the other18:05
knomethe rest something else18:06
SaberX01I do not disagree, I am just trying to get my heard around what the priorities are and where to spend calories18:06
knomedo what scratches your itch18:06
SaberX01By official documentation, what are you referring to there?18:08
SaberX01Belay my last I found it.18:09
=== balloons_ is now known as balloons
knomeIdleOne, thanks, it works23:54

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