docjay_could anyone give me some advice on my final stages for setting up my mythtv backend?19:58
docjay_What I am wanting to do at this point is flag commercials and transcode them lossless19:58
docjay_I guess the best way is to setup a job?19:58
docjay_I am running xmbc for my frontend19:58
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docjay_btw, I'm running mythtv .27 with patches.  Could anyone please share thier jobs they run?19:59
docjay_After I get this part done, I'll be ready do some more recordings and then hopefully  release it to the living room20:01
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docjay_anyone around?21:43
zuixro_Hey, I'm trying to use the Remove Commercials script from the wiki, but mythutils keeps failing with status 146 when I try to use gencutlist. It says that no program data exists for the file I'm giving it, but it's still in the database. I'm using .27. Has anyone solved this?21:52
tgm4883docjay_, question?23:44

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