techmedia13frnds, anyone can tell if Ubuntu for Android works with Nexus 5?00:33
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licensedi can not boot ubuntu touch on razr xt910 =(( i flash saucy and then phablet. bot not working04:46
zhbnsomeone can tell me  how to create a program with qt creator05:05
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BeldarM4dH4TT3r, If you want help state the issue to the channel many will not just click on a link.06:14
alfonsojonI installed Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 4, but now I'm stuck at the Google screen06:19
Beldaralfonsojon, Hmm, isn't that the android start?06:22
alfonsojonNormally for Android, it goes Google -> Flying colored dots -> Android06:22
alfonsojonOr for CM it's Google -> CM logo -> Cyanogenmod06:22
Beldaralfonsojon, Not the touch I believe.06:23
alfonsojonSo I assume Ubuntu would be Google -> Ubuntu Logo -> Ubuntu Touch?06:23
Beldaralfonsojon, You following a install wiki?06:24
alfonsojonI used the manual instructions because I'm used to toying around with CyanogenMod and they were familiar to me.06:25
BeldarI would not try and fix a broken install, I would just try again.06:25
alfonsojonI found my problem06:25
alfonsojonI forgot to flash the second zip06:25
alfonsojonMy bad06:25
Beldarheh, cool06:25
Beldarit happens06:26
alfonsojonI prefer sideload anyways06:26
alfonsojonit tells me to push it, but sideload > all06:26
alfonsojonalso, if you already have CWM, installing the Ubuntu CWM is not needed06:26
alfonsojonbut meh06:26
BeldarI have a nexus 7 I have used about every possible load06:27
Beldarfrom windows and linux06:27
lotuspsychjeBeldar: you happy with ubuntu touch's smoothness on nexus7 ?06:28
alfonsojonthere we go06:29
alfonsojon"Welcome to the Ubuntu RootFS Updater"06:29
alfonsojonBlah blah blah tarball06:29
Beldarlotuspsychje, I have not tried it for months, I'm waiting for the desktop version and touch to be better06:30
alfonsojonUnity on desktop needs some love.06:31
Beldarthe nexus has 2 gigs ram at the most I believe, a bit underpowered really, run the latest android great though.06:31
alfonsojonbasically all Chromebooks have 2GB of RAM06:32
alfonsojonthey run fine06:32
alfonsojonmy parents PC also has that much06:32
alfonsojonbut honestly, android flies on this puppy06:32
alfonsojonI just felt like toying around with Ubuntu Touch now that I bought one06:32
alfonsojonalright black screen06:32
alfonsojon= loading (right?)06:32
alfonsojonIt's loaded up, awesome.06:34
alfonsojonIt feels a bit out of place not having any navigation buttons06:34
alfonsojonWhy does the keyboard keep hiding itself?06:34
M4dH4TT3rbeldar "many" are not the smartest than because it it obviously a pastebin link07:51
BeldarM4dH4TT3r, Irc protocol is a description of the issue at the least with the link.07:54
M4dH4TT3rirc protocol? where do you get this shit?07:55
Beldartake your meds dude07:56
M4dH4TT3rquit making shit up dude07:57
MrGateis the source code for ubuntu touch in the wild ?10:45
ogra_MrGate, it is in the ubuntu archive and as bzr trees on launchpad10:50
ogra_(oh, and there are some android bits at http://phablet.ubuntu.com that i always forget)10:52
taiebotHi i am still trying to fix my 3g issue. I think i have found the problem the mobile-provider-info is not showing any sign of my carrier so i have put my own config and i am trying to get on the phone but it still not working :-(12:12
taiebotanyone having a how to in order to troubleshoot mobile connection on UT? what should i look for ?13:00
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shiggitayhey all.... someone by the name of ValoXis is close to getting an alpha of UT for the Nexus 5, but he's having complications with stuff...13:43
shiggitayhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2594874 <== the thread13:43
shiggitayAlso is anyone porting UT for the LG GPad 8.3? :)14:20
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robbyf_no ota updates since Dec 23rd?16:00
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VarsI want to install ubuntu touch on a lg nexus 5, but i haven't see any information around16:01
Varsany one?16:02
RobbyFit's not officially supported by canonical16:02
Varsso Nexus 5 not supported and S3 is WIP16:04
Varsok. did any one know about ubuntu phones? like the ubuntu edge16:04
RobbyFThey are all community driven so it's up to us16:04
RobbyFedge never came to be16:04
Varsyeah it only made 12 million16:05
Varsthe goal were 30, unfortunatelly16:05
Varsok so then I got to wait16:06
RobbyFyour welcome.16:06
taiebotanyone having a how to in order to troubleshoot mobile connection on UT? what should i look for ? I am using a nexus 4 and my mobile provider is vectone http://www.vectonemobile.co.uk/16:13
dakerRobbyF: ?16:14
dakerRobbyF: which channel ?16:15
FuLgOrEhi. did you see this thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2594874 regarding Nexus 5 Port already?16:16
popeyRobbyF: expect updates this coming week16:45
popeyRobbyF: much of the company was on vacation for the last two weeks16:45
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EgyParadoxHello, how can I remove the dual boot app?, my device is boot looping and I cannot boot into recovery18:04
m_strNickEgyParadox: only bootloader ?18:07
EgyParadoxThe boot animation runs continuously, after the Google logo shows18:09
EgyParadoxis shown*18:10
m_strNickEgyParadox: but you can not adb in at this point to start the recovery ?18:17
m_strNickOr can you get to bootloader then go to recovery18:17
EgyParadoxWhen I start the recovery Ubuntu Touch starts18:17
EgyParadoxI tried reflashing the recovery it didn't work18:18
m_strNickEgyParadox: that was next question18:18
m_strNickEgyParadox: just Ubuntu's or did you try twrp or clockworkmod ?18:18
m_strNickEgyParadox: what kinda device is this ?18:19
zer01hello, how stable is the use of vpn on ubuntu phone ? anyone tried out yet ? and btw when (estimated) are the first phone sales going to start ?18:19
EgyParadoxI tried flashing it18:19
EgyParadoxThe device suddenly started to bootloop I do not know why without even rebooting18:21
m_strNickEgyParadox: I hate to say it but if twrp or what ever is not working sounds like fastboot time18:21
m_strNickEgyParadox: did you make the device writable and upgrade it ?18:21
m_strNickUbuntu part that is ^^18:21
EgyParadoxwritable how?18:21
EgyParadoxI didn't upgrade anything18:22
m_strNickEgyParadox: huh that is odd18:22
m_strNickEgyParadox: no remounting or anything also ?18:22
EgyParadoxbut that was long time ago18:23
m_strNickEgyParadox:  you can not get to bootloader then flash clockwork or twrp  and reboot the thing to see if new recovery is there. Or install a new bootloader from fastboot ?18:24
EgyParadoxI tried to flash clockwork using adb18:24
m_strNickLike run the Daulboot installer script again18:24
m_strNickI am not sure if that will install a new bootloader  again or if it looks to see if it is there and reinstalls ect.18:25
m_strNickdaul boot script that is18:25
m_strNickEgyParadox: you have to flash recovery with fastboot and not adb18:26
EgyParadoxI used both18:27
m_strNickfastboot flash recovery <Your recovery image>               from bootloader18:27
EgyParadoxI can use adb shell, if I know how to remove the dual boot app using the shell that would be great.18:28
m_strNickEgyParadox: I do not I am sure that you are going to need a new bootloader also18:30
m_strNickbut one can unistall with adb   http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12949609/android-uninstall-through-adb-shell-command   but really sounds like you need a new bootloader and reovery and maybe image also18:31
cwaynethomi, ping19:02
thomihello cwayne19:02
cwaynethomi, hiya, so i've run into a bit of an issue with the way autopilot is launching apps on touch19:02
cwaynenamely, gallery-app isn't launched with upstart, so it doesn't have the right environment variables setup19:03
thomiwhat's that?19:03
thomicwayne: AP supports upstart, so probably the gallery app tests just need to call 'launch_click_package' instead of 'launch_test_application'19:04
cwaynethomi, right, i tried that, but gallery-app isn't a click19:04
cwayneso it doesn't show up in click list19:04
cwayneso i've got some ideas for how to fix, but i don't have all the pieces yet19:04
cwaynethomi, my thinking is to get the PID, instead of doing initctl status application-click, we can just run upstart-app-pid19:05
thomicwayne: so it should be pretty easy to hack upstart app support into AP itself, and that's been on the cards for a while now anyway.19:05
cwayneand perhaps we can pass app_id to launch_click_package19:05
thomiif you want for that, you'll need to wait for an AP release, which can be a tortorous affair19:05
thomicwayne: I can try and get it done this week, if you can send me an email detailing how it ought to be launched. Fingers crossed that means that you should see it in distro by late next week (i'm guessing)19:06
cwaynehmm, i'd forgotten how difficult it is to get AP released19:07
thomiyeah, but it'll need to happen sooner or later. The only question that remains is whether or not you want to hack something into the test suite in the mean time.19:08
cwaynethomi, i fear it might be a necessary evil though, as this would be the proper fix19:08
cwaynethomi, yeah, i'd rather do 'the right thing' though rather than a hack19:08
cwaynei think we've been relying a bit too much on hacks, and blaming too many things on 'flaky AP tests' :)19:08
thomicwayne: I couldn't agree more. I didn't mean 'instead of', I meant 'as well as, and them remove it when the real thing lands'19:09
cwayneright, of course19:09
thomidepends on how bad the problems are in the GA tests I suppose19:09
cwaynewell, it's only in the touch_custom suite19:10
thomiahh, I see19:10
cwaynebut the real problem is that the way we're testing GA now is not really the way it's actually run by a user19:10
cwaynethat is, when a user launches GA, it uses upstart, but the test doesnt19:10
cwaynewhich, frankly, is not good IMHO19:11
thomiso, can you send me the details of the comand to launch GA properly, how to shut it down, and where to find the logs?19:11
thomiI'll try and get to that this afternoon, after I've waded through ths sea of email19:11
cwaynethomi, sure thing19:11
cwayneit's actually exactly the same as any  click, it's just a different APP_ID19:11
thomithanks, I'll keep you posted with my progress.19:12
cwaynethomi, sure thing, i'll include some of the stuff i've been trying out as well, perhaps it could be of some help :)19:12
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shiggitayFuLgOrE, yeah I posted a link to that thread earlier calling for help19:58
shiggitayhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2594874 <== the thread19:58
shiggitayFuLgOrE, ?19:59
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shiggitayI also tried to stir up interest in the HP TouchPad (tenderloin) UT port that was started last fall20:00
shiggitayhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=49151168&postcount=370 <====20:01
Tm_Tshiggitay: please no need to make noise over netsplit (:20:01
shiggitayTm_T,  :P20:02
shiggitayaanndn they all come flowin' back in20:02
* shiggitay goes to search for food20:02
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