arc__Hello all00:06
ali1234twisted has a class called "InMemoryUsernamePasswordDatabaseDontUse"01:16
ali1234i find this very amusing01:16
penguin42how many uses of it are there?01:20
ali1234good question01:32
ali1234so i'm writing a silly little app with twisted and pygame01:32
ali1234the mechanics of letting people join a chatroom are... interesting01:33
ali1234for example, why shouldn't multiple users have exactly the same name?01:33
daftykinsdepends how they're identified for sending out the messages i suppose01:38
ali1234weirdly, if you go totally minimal there are also no restrictions on what you can allow01:39
daftykinsin terms of?01:41
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ali1234well supposing you don't use anything the client sends to hash the connections01:46
ali1234now anyone can set any name they want01:46
ali1234everyone can have the same name if they want to01:47
arc__There is no point of having the same name [it will get confusing :)]02:12
ali1234confusing is good02:30
ali1234(as long as i am not the one who is confused)02:30
arc__Maybe :D02:31
arc__Its like say mike when there is 100 mikes02:31
arc__It gets award :)02:32
ali1234ah but i'm making a chat room where everyone has a unique avatar02:32
ali1234so you can go "hey mike with pink hair"02:32
ali1234problem solved?02:32
arc__Kk zlol02:33
arc__U have to let me try the beta02:33
ali1234in fact i probably won't even display names02:34
arc__Woe !?02:34
arc__I mean wow !?02:34
arc__Well anyway good night and don't let those server hackers bite02:35
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brobostigonmorning everyone.10:49
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon10:52
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS10:52
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* MartijnVdS is doing chef stuffs again11:11
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: http://www.getchef.com/11:13
brobostigonlooks interesting.11:15
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: makes it very easy to set up a new server when an old one dies -- all you need is a basic install and a run of "chef"11:19
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: because all configuration files, list of packages to install, etc. are kept there11:19
brobostigondefinatly useful.11:20
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:20
brobostigonmorning bigcalm11:20
MartijnVdSalso allows you to clone machines easily (like adding + configuring more webservers when load goes up)11:20
MartijnVdSmuch flexible!11:21
MartijnVdS(you define "recipes", which you can further configure using "roles", and you assign machines ("nodes") one or more roles11:22
brobostigonso a recipe would be something like apache setup, then a role would be something like lamp, combining several recipes together?11:24
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: yes11:24
bigcalmAnybody know of a voice memo app for Android that will automatically email once recording has finished?11:28
MartijnVdSbigcalm: I use Google Keep, it doesn't email, but stores it in Google Drive11:28
bigcalmHumm, that might be an option at a push11:28
MartijnVdSbigcalm: automatic sharing is a pain on android, because "sharing" triggers the UI usually, to select an app to share with11:29
MartijnVdSso the app would have to speak SMTP itself11:29
bigcalmThat's arse11:30
MartijnVdSbigcalm: but there might be ways around that, because G+ has a special dialog too11:31
MartijnVdSbigcalm: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tokasiki.android.voicerecorder claims "Send data as attached file via gmail"11:32
bigcalmI need to be able to record thought just before I fall asleep at night. And then those thoughts to be emailed to me ready for digestion the next morning in my office11:32
bigcalmMartijnVdS: oh, that looks to be good11:33
MartijnVdSbigcalm: if you set Google Keep as the default page in your web browser at work, that should work ;)11:33
mappssounds interesting 0=- thoughts before you go to sleep eh..what do you do before sleep11:40
MartijnVdSmapps: he's trying to conceal that he's actually a robot that doesn't need sleep11:41
bigcalmI think about work :(11:45
MartijnVdSbigcalm: is it that much fun? :)11:45
bigcalmI don't want to be thinking about work my whole waking life11:48
mappswhy do u then11:49
mappswhat is your job? not a sysamdin or something and ou kie there talking commands?11:49
bigcalmHumf, too many steps required to send an email from this app. Might try Google Keep11:51
bigcalmmapps: I'm a web dev11:52
MartijnVdSmapps: "*zzz* *mumble* rm -rf *mumble* *zzzz*", next morning he wakes up to an empty server ;)11:52
bigcalmHaha, it attempts to do voice to text: "suzi really into she speak this pos it doesn't like it speak slowly"11:58
* bigcalm goes to make bacon sandwiches11:59
MartijnVdSwhat did you actually say?11:59
mappslove those11:59
mappsso small and play everything11:59
Myrttibigcalm: I'm trying frantically to remember what I've been doing for the past two months, timesheets are due on Tuesday...12:15
penguin42Myrtti: I find that's what the 'sent' folder is for12:24
Myrttiyeah, combing through my emails isn't that much fun either12:25
dwatkinsmy browser history is quite useful for that, depends on what you do, though12:28
Myrttithat would be useful, if I hadn't been bouncing from one browser to another...12:30
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ali1234it's done: http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/swosh/swosh-0.2.tar.gz12:53
ali1234the most confusing chat room ever12:53
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bigcalmdirecthex: is there any point in me downloading and seeding beta1?13:49
directhexbigcalm, no. i'm hoping to make a release today13:49
directhexif i can defeat pulse13:49
bigcalmI did wonder :)13:49
* penguin42 hands directhex a larger hammer13:49
bigcalmYou need to be more vocal about your releases. I only seeded 1.0beta1alpa1 to 4.53 and completely missed beta113:50
bigcalmOh well, seeding anyway. Just for fun :) (only took 3 mins to fetch)13:52
ali1234i'm at 58.4414:00
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directhexok, if this works, i'm tagging the release & starting on documentation14:21
daftykinsjust got a friends old and new laptop in to migrate between14:46
daftykinsLatvian keyboards O_O14:46
penguin42not that weird, although I can't quite see what's going on with the \|14:49
penguin42daftykins: I mean at least all the numbers and letters are in the right place - I mean look at French; http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/File:Backslash_On_French_Keyboard.jpg14:49
penguin42that's just insane14:50
popeythat used to throw me all the time when I taught classes in belgium14:50
penguin42popey: Set the keymap back to UK/US and close your eyes?14:50
bigcalmOr just don't look at the keyboard :P14:51
popeyi would if the pc admins let me ☹14:51
daftykinshaha slip into blind pianist mode14:51
penguin42omg, I hadn't realised they'd moved the M as well14:51
penguin42wth possessed them to move the M?14:52
daftykinsworking on French housemates ones back in Uni always made me laugh when first seeing command prompt asked for confirmation with "O/N?"14:52
Myrttipenguin42: huh?14:53
Myrttiit's where it's supposed to be14:53
Myrttiisn't it like that in UK too?14:54
penguin42Myrtti: No - *every* other keyboard layout has the M on the bottom row next to the N14:54
bigcalmUm, UK is as daftykins says14:54
Myrttiare you confusing the cyrillic subset with the Latin one?14:54
Myrttibecause it looks like you are14:54
penguin42Myrtti: I'm talking about the French layout link I sent14:54
penguin42Myrtti: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/File:Backslash_On_French_Keyboard.jpg14:55
Myrttioh, that14:55
directhexok, who can help me seed Ye Olde SteamOSe third release?14:55
daftykinsazerty, wx and m displaced14:55
directhexthis one is 300M smaller, and fixes audio issues14:55
MyrttiFinnish keyboards have the non-Latin characters moved14:55
Myrttibut otherwise it's the same14:55
Myrttinext to z on the left is <>| key, next to m is ,; key14:56
daftykinsis m bottom or middle row?14:57
Myrttiand whateer comes with shift+numbers is also changed I suppose14:57
Myrttidaftykins: zxcvbnm,.-14:57
ali1234directhex: i can't really do anything until there's an existing DHT network14:57
directhexi'll work on getting my main CDN online14:58
penguin42Myrtti: Yeh the weirdest thing on Finnish seems to be losing the ^ and shifting the &*() across14:58
Myrtti^ is just moved14:59
penguin42but that layout isn't THAT weird14:59
MyrttiFinnish, no.14:59
directhexali1234, well it's showing up on the trackers now with me as sole seeder. not a fast way to do initial transfer, mind you15:00
ali1234yeah.. i still can't access the trackers15:00
directhexoh yeah... grr15:00
ali1234if you enable DHT, it will probably work, eventually15:01
bigcalmdirecthex: is there a new torrent?15:02
directhexbigcalm, yes15:02
bigcalmdirecthex: where would I find it?15:02
daftykinshe's working on that now15:02
bigcalmOh, okay15:02
directhexnot many seeders yet, mind you15:02
bigcalmNot surprising :)15:03
bigcalmShall I stop seeding beta1alpha1?15:04
directhexbigcalm, yeah, that's pretty much obsolete, as per the changelog on http://directhex.github.io/steamos-installer/15:05
daftykinsare you after decent connections or anything you can get?15:08
bigcalmEvery little helps15:09
directhexdaftykins, for the initial rush (i.e. next few days) anything i can get. after then the whole bittorrent thing should take care of itself, really15:09
bigcalmI limit all of my torrent uploads to 150K/s though15:09
daftykinscool, i'll fire it up15:09
directhexit helps to have a fat pipe early on, but the guy i got to help me last time is afk15:09
directhexat least it's smaller this time, so less to seed :D15:09
directhexOK. how can i record a video from vmware, where the resolution will change frequently? vmware 10 dropped the record feature15:10
* daftykins joins the torrent15:10
daftykinsbigcalm: what's your upload, to cap at that? i used to cap at that when i had 2Mb15:11
penguin42directhex: What happens if you run it full screen and try some whole screen recorders?15:12
directhexpenguin42, i'll test that. might be my only choice15:12
directhexwill tinker once windows finishes installing15:13
bigcalmdaftykins: I'm on VirginMedia's 60/3 connection15:13
daftykinshaving 5 up now is soooo much nicer15:14
directhexi have 16 up, but torrents always seem slow for me :/15:14
daftykinsslow on the download?15:14
* popey en-torrents15:14
daftykinsor upload15:14
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daftykinshow odd15:14
daftykinsi'm hovering between 320 and 400KB/sec up atm, 400 being my self-imposed cap15:15
* popey torrents on his vps, 100Mb/s up/down15:15
daftykins760 down :O15:15
bigcalmI've increased my upload to 200K/s15:15
directhexoh that's better, 2MB up15:15
directhexor is that 2Mb?15:15
directhexMB. i guess i'm maxed out then15:15
popey2.5MB/s down15:15
popey1.7MB/s up15:16
popeyand climbing15:16
bigcalmThat's what you get for joining the party late :P15:16
daftykinsmy VPS only has ~200GB/month so i can't do that (:15:16
bigcalmI can't remember what Bytemark limit me to, don't want to mess with it15:16
daftykinsthat's my bigv one15:16
popeyseems to have topped out at 2.5MB/s each way15:17
popeyI get way more bandwidth than I can use on my vpos15:18
daftykinspopey: is that a bitfolk one?15:18
popeyProjected / Contracted (GB)15:18
popey     In: 6.836 / 880.00015:18
popey    Out: 51.884 / 440.00015:18
popeythat was last month15:18
daftykinsooh that'd be nice15:18
bigcalm13 mins remaining. Now 5 mins, 7 mins, 5, 4,15:18
arc__I need help with samba4 anc pdc15:18
arc__And pdc15:18
arc__I have it set up but my win xp pc cant connect to it15:19
daftykinsXP's dead in 3 months ;)15:19
MyrttiI seem to be giving my whole bandwidth to the torrent by accident15:19
arc__It says invalid domain15:19
* penguin42 hands daftykins the wooden stakes15:19
daftykinspenguin42: ty sir! *sharpens*15:20
arc__Also my mac cant connect to it ethier15:20
arc__What am i doing wornd15:20
penguin42daftykins: If that doesn't work you could try mercury and holy water in through the CD slot15:21
daftykinscan't say i have experience involving domain controllers with samba setup, but i've done simple file shares hosted on Linux15:21
popeyexpect that to look different in a bit15:21
daftykinsarc__: what's your setup? Linux system sharing a folder to this mac and XP client?15:22
popeydirecthex: done, seeding at 2MB/s15:22
arc__Ubuntu server as a pdc15:22
* daftykins thinks he's going to come second15:22
directhexi wanna record a screencast on installing dual-boot steamos, then i'll announce15:22
popeyzoiks, 4Mb/s15:22
popey5.. ⍨15:23
arc__i my clients to logon and save there stuff in the server they have a h drive15:23
arc__I want15:23
daftykinsaww ok i came third15:23
daftykinsthe stats of your progress in my client lied ;)15:23
daftykinsthere we go, seeding @ 400KB/sec15:23
arc__What r u seeding ? [Dont say plants :)]15:24
popeysuppose I should rate limit this15:24
daftykinsarc__: directhex's steamOS version15:24
arc__Oh ok15:24
arc__Where can i download it from ?15:24
daftykinsarc__: i have never setup a server such as that then i'm afraid :( have you found any guides online or some-such?15:24
arc__COOL WILL download15:25
bigcalmDon't forget to see!15:25
directhexpenguin42's idea works, but kazam doesn't seem to record properly from my microphone :/15:25
penguin42directhex: Does anything else record from your mic?15:26
daftykinshrmm best get doing some house chores instead of working on these laptops! as fun as it is15:26
popeydirecthex: vokoscreen is quite nice15:27
popey[Rate   0.0/  0.0 KB]15:27
popeyright, everyone's got it now ☻15:27
directhexi think the baby just woke up /o\15:27
bigcalmNope, I'm still uploading15:27
directhexpopey, not in saucy?15:27
popeydirecthex: no, i got a deb from somewhere iirc15:28
popey  Installed: 1.8.2-115:28
popeyprobably debian15:28
bigcalmWho is the ono.com user?15:29
ali1234i finally managed to connect15:29
bigcalmali1234: I see you @ 110K/s15:30
* daftykins spots an ali1234 15:30
daftykinsdo i show up as some dynamic .sure.com ?15:30
MyrttiI see only ip addresses15:30
Myrttinot hosts15:30
bigcalmSame here, manually translating them15:31
directhexOK it'll do. recording time.15:31
Myrttiand I see only 3 peers15:31
ali1234i'm getting 1.3M/s15:31
daftykinsah my client resolves for me15:32
arc__I am downloading now15:32
ali123410M/s and it's complete15:33
arc__Eta 4h15:33
arc__Going to be a long wait15:33
daftykinswhoever's @ demon.co.uk shows up as 0% complete 0o15:33
ali1234that is also me15:34
daftykinshehe nah you should speed up in a bit15:34
ali1234i started a local client with dht to try to bootstrap the server15:34
penguin42popey: What does scrub do?15:34
arc__Yay eta 42 mins15:34
daftykinsali1234: ah, it seems to grab a couple of KB/sec every now and then15:34
ali1234yeah i set it to max 5K/s download15:34
ali1234since i don't actually want to download it, just get the peerlist onto DHT15:34
popeypenguin42: checks for inconsistencies15:34
directhexnope, baby is awake. screencast cancelled15:35
daftykinsthe wee hexy spawn15:35
arc__Eta 19 mins from eta 4h15:35
* popey wgets the iso down to his home server and seeds there15:36
directhexbloody children15:37
directhexok, announce time15:37
nigelbwhat are you guys downloading?15:37
daftykinsdirecthex's steamOS build15:37
penguin42popey: So basically fsck?15:38
popeynot really15:38
popeyit works online15:38
popey\o/ seeding at home too15:39
popeythere is a fsck utility too (contrary to popular opinion) :D15:40
popeynot that I've ever had to use it, because btrfs (IME) has recovered fine without itt15:40
popeyright, to the shops15:40
arc__so what is special about this ver of steam os15:40
daftykinsdirecthex's edition takes away a lot of daft limitations it has15:41
popeydoesnt need UEFI for example15:41
daftykinslike installing to LVM only15:41
directhexarc__, see list on http://directhex.github.io/steamos-installer/15:41
arc__Ok thanks15:42
arc__It awesome should work perfectly on my old gaming rig15:45
arc__thanks for creating this15:46
directhexOK, announcement now public15:48
daftykinswhere's that?15:50
bigcalmTwitter :)15:50
directhextwitter, reddit, steam forums15:51
daftykinshah, close my eyes bopping to a tune, open them and the cat has materialised in front of my face on my desk15:51
* bigcalm wants a kitty15:52
daftykinsi kinda adopted cat #3 from my parents already great pet collection15:53
daftykinsshe's settled in well :>15:54
daftykinshaha this Lenovo comes with a start menu replacement on Windows 816:18
ali1234right, i figured out how to bounce bittorrent tracker udp traffic and now i can connect to the trackers :)16:24
daftykinswhat's different about your setup that you needed to fiddle?16:24
ali1234it's on hetzner16:24
daftykinsah yes16:25
bigcalmWhy do I never have AAA batteries when I need them?16:30
bigcalmFound 8 dead. Now on charge16:30
daftykinsnew Lenovo cheaptop from amazon then, £260 delivered - 40GB of the 500GB drive wasted due to crazy manufacturer restore partitions16:31
bigcalmIt saves them shipping restore media16:32
ali1234the lenovo one is actually quite good as it combines installation and backup into one system16:33
ali1234has some bugs though16:33
daftykinsno doubt i'm going to nuke it with a clean 8.1 install shortly16:34
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bigcalmFinally passed the ratio of 117:34
daftykinsbigcalm: hehe, i'm hitting 2.917:37
daftykinslots of US based clients mooching it17:46
daftykinsa Spaniard earlier too17:46
DJonesdaftykins: Which Lenovo did you get?17:47
daftykinsDJones: not me personally, but this is the super cheap: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-G500s-15-6-inch-Laptop-Integrated/dp/B00FSBF7A4/17:48
daftykinsnot long ago i also setup a U330 Touch, which was a £580 ultrabook17:48
DJonesShame, I was hoping for an i7 with nvidia graphics and 1920x1080 graphics for the £260 :)17:50
DJonesOh, and a touchscreen17:51
daftykinshow gimmicky :(17:51
bigcalmSomebody with verizon.net just went 100%17:52
bigcalmMaybe I should try out this thing, rather than just seed it17:52
daftykinsbigcalm: that's dangerous talk17:54
popey            done      811.0 MB Rate: 176.3 /   0.0 KB Uploaded:  4847.0 MB                 [   R: 5.98]17:58
popeynearly 617:58
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MyrttiI'm having an extremely slow day18:05
daftykinsme too18:05
Myrttiwhat was the command to figure out the uuid of a harddrive again?18:05
daftykinswith sudo i believe18:05
Myrttiyeah I remembered that immediately after saying it...18:06
daftykinshate it when that happens :)18:06
Myrttiso when there's a harddrive I don't want to be automounted, can I do like "UUID=xxxx-xxxx none vfat noauto 0 0"?18:07
bigcalmSomething like that, yes18:11
bigcalmThough, if the drive isn't in fstab, it shouldn't be auto mounted anyway18:12
Myrttiexternal harddrive18:12
bigcalmOh, they have a habit of auto mounting, yes :)18:13
Myrtti(I got an external 1TB harddrive from work for doing backups, it has a small partition with their Mac and Windows software on it which I'm not interested in but don't really want to nuke from the harddrive either)18:13
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directhe`vokoscreen AV sync is not so good :/21:02
directhe`Think it's hard installing Ye Olde SteamOSe dual boot? A VIDEO FOR YOU! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiidu3jHWLQ&feature=youtu.be22:22
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Seeker`wow, LjL  is still around22:29
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popey            done      811.0 MB Rate: 241.8 /   0.0 KB Uploaded: 14219.8 MB                 [   R: 17.53]22:45
directhexpopey, popular download?22:49
directhexi only have a 4.3 ratio here22:49
popeyyeah, seems popular22:53
popeyalso served ~2.0 from my home rate-limited box22:55
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* popey embeddens22:57
Azelphurdoes anyone know if there's a way in conky to goto a voffset?23:56

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