philballewpleia2, with that much time, did you go and have a look around the area?00:13
nhainesphilballew: yes, feel free to forward emails of that nature to me in the future.02:03
nhainesAlso any redditors feel free to upvote my link.  It got some unexplicable downvotes early on.  :P  http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1ucltn/which_version_of_ubuntu_do_i_install_a_guide_for/02:03
darthrobot`Title: [Which version of Ubuntu do I install? (A guide for advocates) : Ubuntu]02:03
philballewnhaines, alright. Dude's in H.B., but figured that is closest to you.02:04
* philballew upvotes02:04
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jyorww: Nice to see you around again, mate!22:32
jyoStill time to submit your nomination(s) for the LoCo Election. Just edit the wiki page! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Leadership/201322:33
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Leadership/2013 - Ubuntu Wiki]22:33
rwwdon't you need to be an ubuntu member for that? :P22:33
rwwoh, no, that's IRC Council22:34
rwwhow many open slots are there?22:35
rwwb/c if there aren't enough people to fill slots then sure, otherwise no22:35
jyo3 spots, only 2 nominations so far.22:35
rwwwell, if nothing else, the edit i'm about to make should spur someone else to step up22:37
rwwor would, if login weren't taking forever22:38
jyograntbow: Any interest for another go? :)22:38
rwwubuntu wiki + login.ubuntu.com + konqueror = lolno i guess22:40
rwwanyway yes, now some more people should run just to keep me from being in charge or something idk22:52
pleia2rww: it doesn't actually matter what browser you use, the wiki is always slow :\22:53
rwwpleia2: it sits on the ubuntu login screen for over a minute, and then sends me to the homepage where i'm logged in, then logs me out on subsequent pages22:53
rwwso it is a bit more broken than usual22:54
pleia2every day I learn more things to love about our wikis22:54
rwwthis is me we're talking about though, it's highly likely something i did to my browser is to blame22:55
elkyrww: whatever you do, don't write a blog post. you have to find the right package to submit a bug report against instead22:56
elky(true story)22:56
elkytheir SSO thing i guess22:56
rwwwell, the wiki is probably to blame22:56
pleia2I typically just submit a ticket and then bug them in the sysadmins channel (they LOVE me)22:56
rwwsince, you know, it's the wiki22:56
rwwi remember when i used to do that, fun times22:57
rwwelky: does ubuntulog still disappear randomly22:57
elkyi haven't payed enough attention to know22:57
pleia2but honestly, the wiki is kind of a lost cause, the software isn't built to handle this many pages and the SSO stuff is a mess, at least it mostly works for most people eventually now22:57
elkyi assume it's still just irssi logging22:57
rwwshould switch to mediawiki. seriously.22:57
elky(re sso/website/etc: http://geekosophical.net/?p=528)22:58
darthrobot`Title: [Ouch, my brain… | Geekosophical]22:58
pleia2they should have an open source infrastructure team so we could switch it :)22:58
pleia2ack, lca meeting time22:58
elkypleia2: will that sell phones though?22:58
* pleia2 losetrackoftime22:58
* rww passes elky some kool-aid22:58
rwwtry this, it tastes pretty good22:59
elkyoh wat. now i'm sad i won't be at LCA :(23:00
rwwjyo: might be worth putting out another call for nominations over email, btw23:08
nhainesYeah.  The holidays eat all community efforts.23:09
rwwkind of a problem with elections being yearly23:10
nhainesrww: if we could rephase the cadence, that would help.23:11
nhainesEveryone knows it's all about the cadence.23:11
rwwhalf-year term would fix that right up, and put elections in summer. main downside would be that some people have more availability in summer, so you risk electing people who'll disappear in six months23:12
rww(one half-year term, then full-year terms)23:12
rwwalthough SCaLE is a booster, so maybe all of the above is off-base23:13
nhainesrww: donno if the extra overhead is worth it just to change cadenence.23:13
nhainesMight be better just to extend terms a couple months, especially if they use SCALE as a milestone.23:14

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