rick_h_greg-g: have fun, hope the sap isn't too bad01:10
rick_h_cmaloney: yea, erica went to the store, out of things, crazy01:10
rick_h_bad when the weather hits on normal weekend routines01:10
rick_h_extra people out to 'prepare for the storm'01:10
rick_h_greg-g: https://plus.google.com/116120911388966791792/posts/1wsAmZv9VWN02:26
greg-gseriously, my bank just gobsmacked me06:10
_stink_greg-g: awesome!14:32
cmaloneygreg-g: woah.15:42
cmaloneyNote: Meeting tonight is canceled.15:50
jrwrengreg-g: yeah, awesome15:57
jrwrencmaloney: but... its a virtual meeting. the snow doesn't hurt us, it helps us :)15:58
cmaloneyjrwren: Yeah, I know16:05
cmaloneybut if there's nothing really to talk about then there's little point to the meeting16:05
cmaloneythat and I don't want folks to get confused that there's no meeting on the portal16:06
jrwrenah, cool16:06
cmaloneyTrying to keep it quiet so when we merge to the ubuntu-us-mi section of the portal there's no problems.16:06
cmaloneyor few problems. :)16:06
gamerchick02guess who's not going to Clio today on account of the snow? now i have more time to do... u h. i dunno.16:25
cmaloneyYeah, that's the fun part: figuring out what you'd be doing if you didn't have to do the things that normally keep you busy.17:05
gamerchick02i planned on going today so i caught up on all my stuff (cleaning, shopping, etc)17:10
gamerchick02i'm doing laundry now. whoopie17:10
gamerchick02gotta restart x, brb17:10
cmaloneywoo woo17:53
gamerchick02today would be a good day for sledding.17:56
rick_h_I think it'll be a good day for some more grocery shopping18:24
rick_h_and coffee, and the radio store is closed :(18:24
gamerchick02i'm not going out again.18:25
rick_h_they say another 6" or so18:26
rick_h_well, that was from 10am ish18:26
rick_h_so I figure I've got to go out and test that out towards the end of it18:26
gamerchick02yes. i hope it stops so things can get cleaned up and i can get to work tomorrow18:27
gamerchick02after having a week and a half off due to holidays i really can't afford to be snowed in for two days18:28
gamerchick02well i can but i don't want to be. you know.18:28
rick_h_yea, I'm getting doubtful that the boy will have day care tomorrow18:29
rick_h_the main roads weren't bad earlier, at least one lane of them18:29
rick_h_but that was only 4-5" from overnight18:29
rick_h_if it keeps going and just as much falls, into the late night, I'm planning on a snow day tomorrow18:29
rick_h_and looking out the window right now it's falling heavier now than any earlier time18:30
gamerchick02Walton wasn't cleaned off well and Tim's wasn't open18:30
gamerchick02so i cleaned 4 inches off my car and shoveled behind for no reason. oh well.18:31
rick_h_I hit up starbucks. They had a few people there. One lane of dixie, sashabar, and such were ok18:32
rick_h_waldon was fun but passible, the dirt road back was more fun. Full ruts of the good stuff.18:32
gamerchick02i don't have an off road vehicle.18:33
gamerchick02so no, not fun for me.18:33
rick_h_yea, there were more cars driving around than I expected.18:33
rick_h_For a Sunday and with the scare of twice as much snow I figured more people would hide inside18:33
gamerchick02i went out once. not going again. :-P18:34
gamerchick02must be bad in Flint... Kettering is closed.18:57
jrwrenyesterday sledding was great.18:57
jrwrenbut i was a little too into it and now i'm paying hte price.18:57
jrwrenbruised tailbone18:58
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rick_h_ok, I'm tried of shoveling21:10
gamerchick02you don't have a snowblower?21:13
rick_h_no, it would take up space in the wood shop21:13
rick_h_I've got a 'snow pusher' and a 'snow shovel'21:14
rick_h_usually the pusher does all the work and it's easy21:14
rick_h_except when we get *this* much snow, you can't just push it. You've got to lift it 3' in the air to get it over the shoulders of the drive21:14
rick_h_so NOW I'm done and tired21:14
gamerchick02stop and rest. :)21:15
rick_h_yea, doing so now21:15
gamerchick02good idea.21:17
gamerchick02i'm listening to Rathole Radio and pondering going into work tomorrow.21:17
gamerchick02i really want to21:17
rick_h_heh, schools are closed. Means day care is going to be closed which will make for a fun day tomorrow21:19
gamerchick02i doubt Chrysler is going to be closed.21:22
gamerchick02rick_h_ is that your son here? https://plus.google.com/116120911388966791792/posts/Y1Hv9GFiyUP21:34
rick_h_ gamerchick02 yes21:34
gamerchick02:) he's  cute. into woodworking and Linux?21:35
rick_h_he doesn't konw what linux is21:35
rick_h_I don't let him touch much electronics yet21:35
rick_h_but he loves to play in the woodshop21:35
rick_h_he doesn't do much yet, but it's fun stuff21:36
gamerchick02maybe you can get him a tablet or something to play with Android21:36
rick_h_yea, hopefully get him exposed to things early and often21:36
rick_h_well, I like to keep him into legos, blocks, imagination stuff21:37
rick_h_try to keep him off tablets, etc21:37
gamerchick02oh yeah21:37
gamerchick02lego, blocks. heck yes. i was into all that when i was a kid21:37
brousch7rick_h_: oh no. You ordered this damn snow. Now you can shovel it21:37
rick_h_brousch7: :P21:38
rick_h_brousch7: I've been doing it21:38
gamerchick02yeah, come on over to my apartment complex and clean out the lot! :-P21:38
brousch7How bad is it over there. I would guess 6" since last night here21:41
snap-lgamerchick02: Trust me: the best they'll likely do for Chrysler is let you telecommute21:41
gamerchick02i don't have my laptop here21:42
gamerchick02it's locked in the drawer at work21:42
snap-lrick_h_: Is this what you have? (http://www.amazon.com/Garant-YSP24DU-24-Inch-Pusher-Varnished/dp/B000UGNB46)21:42
snap-l(I think you have the 30" version)21:42
rick_h_snap-l: http://www.amazon.com/Garant-YSP30LU-30-Inch-Pusher-Varnished/dp/B000A26FPC/ref=sr_sp-btf_title_1_19?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1388958175&sr=1-19&keywords=snow+pusher21:43
rick_h_best $$ spent on snow work21:43
rick_h_just don't try to lift it21:43
rick_h_it's heavy, you just push paths back/forth21:43
rick_h_so I also got http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000A28780/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc=121:43
rick_h_which is really light weight21:43
snap-lI might just get the 24" one21:43
rick_h_and use it for the tossing21:43
snap-lsince we don't have that big of a driveway.21:43
rick_h_snap-l: you want the width and weight to help push imo21:44
rick_h_just means you need fewer passes, but yea21:44
rick_h_those stupid things they sell in stores makes it a harder job21:44
snap-lI think I should get that one instead.21:44
rick_h_ummm, have fun21:45
snap-lLooks like something out of a Steampunk fantasy.21:45
rick_h_bah This will result in an additional21:47
rick_h_accumulation ranging from 2 to 4 inches between 4 and 7 PM.21:47
snap-lYeah, I think I'm going to go out and take my chances with shoveling21:47
rick_h_Clarkston, Oakland County.21:47
rick_h_Snow m8.2 inch, reported by trained spotter.21:47
rick_h_8 down, 2-4 more to goal by 7pm, and it's supposed to stop around 4am21:47
gamerchick02wahoo. >_<21:48
rick_h_snap-l: how much do you guys have?21:48
rick_h_Looking at wunderground reports it seems you guys got a bit less?21:48
rick_h_Snow m2.1 inch, reported by NWS employee.21:49
rick_h_2 miles se of Royal Oak, Oakland County.21:49
rick_h_that seems low, granted that was a couple of hours ago, but still21:49
snap-lrick_h_: Not entirely sure.22:26
snap-lWe have enough that my previous efforts at shoveling are gone. :)22:27
gamerchick02sorry to hear that snap-l22:34
snap-lSomething tells me everything will be closed tomorrow save businesses.22:36
snap-lI'm already planning on working from home22:36
brousch7School is closed already23:30
brousch7snap-l: sportsball http://i.imgur.com/sVkwF8R.gif23:41

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