Kilosmorning Private_User magespawn and others05:53
Private_Usermorning Kilos05:53
Private_UserHappy New year to all05:53
Kilosty and the same to you05:54
magespawnGood Morning Kilos Private_User 06:06
Private_Usermorning magespawn06:07
magespawnhey squirm06:56
magespawnanyone here know Joomla?06:57
magespawnit looks like my employers website has been compromised again06:58
Kiloshi Squirm 07:14
Squirmmagespawn: I know it a little, but definitely not enough to help you with that07:24
magespawnlooks like the whole account of the server has been changed, can't log in to the joomla or the cpanel07:25
Squirmjoomla shouldn't be able to change the cpanel password07:25
Squirmbut if they got the cpanel password, they could probably edit Joomla's mysql db and change the password07:26
Kiloslooks like a common prob07:26
magespawni do not think it has, what i mean is, i have passwords to both, and neither work07:26
Squirmmaybe do a password reset on cpanel, use the forgot my password or something on the account, or send in a ticket07:26
Squirmthen reset Joomlas password07:27
magespawnKilos I think that this is not a hack, usually with a hack they cracker would put something up in its place07:27
Kilosnot just change passwd to make life hard for you07:27
magespawnSquirm, support ticker already sent, but i am not the name on the account so life is going to get interesting07:28
Kilosgoogle is full of that with joomla07:28
magespawnno do not think so Kilos, this is the website www.bonamanzi.co.za07:28
magespawnand the host is in the states, i think07:28
Kiloscant you adduser as admin and start that way?07:28
magespawnso support is going to take awhile07:28
Kilosif you have to always fix the thing you better get admin permissions once its going again07:29
magespawnyup the previous IT guy for the group apparently walked out in December, so life is about to get very interesting07:31
Kilosisnt joomla what Symmetri1 uses07:31
magespawnjust got a reply, they cannot assist me as my email address is not the one that is listed for the account07:31
Kilostime for him to be of help07:31
magespawnno idea07:31
magespawni think i have to get control of the account before i can even attempt to do anything07:32
Kilosdo you know whose email addy was used07:32
Kiloscontact him 07:32
Kilosthen get a reset to his mail and go on from there07:33
Kilosunless its him doing the dirty07:33
magespawnmight very well be07:34
magespawnso life is about to get very interesting07:34
Kilosand yeah you need full control if its your problem07:34
Kilosbad news when peeps just walk out of a job07:35
Kiloshi SilverCode 09:03
SquirmBecause I'm such a fan of live music, I'm trying to promote local bands in different areas. If you know of anyone who is in a band or you yourself want to join, https://www.facebook.com/groups/gigirc/members/ - I'm going to start off by creating Facebook events for gigs. I'm also going to try compile a list of venues that can be used. So the more people there, the merrier11:08
Kiloshi superfly 11:37
Squirmgot a drip filter coffee machine for christmas from my parents11:48
Squirmand then I bought coffee yesterday11:48
Squirmit's so good11:48
Squirmback to Treverton12:13
Squirmwill bbl12:13
Squirmwork tomorrow12:13
Kilosgo safe Squirm 12:17
Kiloswhere are the clever peeps14:38
Kilosim trying to make a win me boot stick with unetbootin but something dont work14:38
* Squirm looks around15:19
magespawnfrom what win Kilos?16:22
Kiloswindows millenium magespawn 16:22
Kilosi tried to cp all off the cd like i do with ubuntu and then used unetbootin to make the stick but it dont boot16:23
Kiloslike when initramfs is missing16:23
Kilosmillenium and xp cant install from the dvdrw16:24
Kiloswin7 is from same dvd16:24
magespawni never used millennium, there must be something missing16:25
Kilosthe funny thing is16:25
Kilosi can fdisk from 98 and me but once done they cant install or format. like it dont see the cd in the dvd thing16:26
Kilosgrrrr some more16:26
magespawnthe unetbootin page says you have to use a .iso file16:26
magespawnmaybe the dvd drive is broken16:27
Kilosno man its new and win7 is installing from it16:27
Kilosits win me and xp that cant16:27
Kilosand i need me if i want to play ra116:27
Kilosi crashed all my ubuntu's here by trying to run RA in wine16:28
Kiloshad to install gdm from cli and fsck from 12.04 to fix my 10.1016:29
Kiloslast time i ever try wine16:29
Kilos12.04 kept rebooting to the password enter window16:30
Kilosso lightdm was messed up16:31
Kilosneed to find a supplier of cdroms methinks16:31
Kilosall i can find are external cdroms16:35
SquirmKilos: afaik you can't do it16:42
Squirmas in, use your flash disk to boot from into Windows ME16:42
SquirmI've had the same issue with XP16:43
Squirmyou can however use unetbootin to boot something like Win716:43
Kilosyeah i been trying all day squirm. the funny part is how come they boot and do fdisk but no more16:43
Squirmwhat do you mean boot and do fdisk?16:44
Squirmfdisk is a linux thing16:44
Kilosbut at least i didnt have to reinstall ubuntu this time. learned to fix some things16:44
Kilosno man16:45
Kilosfdisk is the dos way of partitioning a drive16:45
Kiloshi psychicist 17:25
psychicisthi Kilos 17:25
magespawnhey all, have any of you tried this website before https://www.edx.org18:08
magespawnany who, i am off for the night, see you tomorrow everyone18:17
Kiloshi SmilyBorg wb18:22
SmilyBorgHey Kilos18:23
=== inetpro_ is now known as inetpro
inetproguten abend20:33
inetproKilos: wat gaan aan?20:34
inetproen nou?20:34
Kilos-net splits en goed20:35
Kilos-wens dit wil kom reen20:35
Kilos-maaz het gedooi20:36
inetproja, nogal warm vandag gewees20:36
inetproreen is altyd welkom20:36
Kilos-veral hier by ons20:36
Kilos-daar is jou twee ook weg20:37
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
inetprococooncrash: what happened wit Maaz?20:38
inetprowith as well20:38
Kilosyesterday even chanserv died20:38
Kiloswas left with on georgl and i here20:39
Kilosdid you see the message from freenode inetpro ?20:39
inetproMaaz: wb20:42
MaazThank you so much inetpro my good good friend20:42
inetprococooncrash: thanks20:42
Kiloswaiting for 11pm to do 60m upgrade20:56
Kiloswb magespawn 21:01
magespawnhey Klos21:01
magespawnKilos, 21:01
magespawnshould stay asleep21:01
inetpromagespawn: hello21:01
Kilosim doing an upgrade21:01
magespawnhey inetpro21:01
magespawnlong time21:01
magespawncool beans Kilos 21:01
inetproyep, you been scarce21:01
magespawngoing to scarcer, if things go my way tomorrow21:02
magespawnbut we will see21:03
magespawnmight be moving up to more work responsibility21:04
inetpromagespawn: don't forget about us here21:05
Kilosyou better still attend meets21:05
Kilos28th of this month21:06
Kilosfly has plans21:06
magespawni will do my best21:06
Kilosbetter than that21:06
magespawnja oom21:07
Kilosdont let joomla beat you down21:07
Kilosi miss you man21:07
magespawni appreciate the sentiment21:14
magespawni don't  think joomla will, hopefull it will take more than that 21:15
magespawnright off again bedtime21:40
Kilossleep tight magespawn 21:40
magespawngood night21:41
Kilosnight peeps. sleep tight21:59

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