Gallomimiachange your address to dhcp and the field is called "dhcp client id" fill it in there00:00
Hydr0p0nXis there a supported method of getting kernel 3.12 on ubuntu 12.04 ?00:00
GallomimiaHydr0p0nX: nope. download the .deb files from kernel.ubuntu.org00:00
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BbbKUEGallomimia so I need to penale dhcp on router00:00
BurritoHydr0p0nX, I compiled 3.12 myself in order to investigate/fix a WiFi bug... I use Linux Mint 13, and it worked. It's the equivalent of trying it on Ubuntu 12.04, I guess. Your package manager might cry a little, and your graphics drivers might need to be reinstalled (I had to).00:01
Gallomimiaif your dhcp is disabled, how is there any info being passed about hostnames/dhcp client id's?00:01
killerbart10can someone help me, i get the initramfs/busybox error when booting ubuntu 12.0300:01
GallomimiaHydr0p0nX, Burrito: i simply installed the .deb packages with dpkg -i00:01
killerbart10 00:02
Hydr0p0nXi've got 3.12 installed, but the nvidia driver complains about it00:02
BurritoGallomimia, Ah, yes. That will work too. I had to compile in order to get special config options.00:02
killerbart10can someone help me, i get the initramfs/busybox error when booting ubuntu 12.0300:02
Hydr0p0nXso i'm stuck with nouveau or compile from source00:02
Burritoonce is enough, kill_u00:02
Burritokillerbart10, *00:02
Gallomimiahttp://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.12-saucy/ (for 13.10)00:02
Gallomimiaoops. you wanted 12.04?00:02
BbbKUEGallomimia can you please explain metter?00:03
Hydr0p0nXGallomimia, that's the kernel i'm using now00:03
Hydr0p0nXand it's fixed my audio out issue00:03
Gallomimiaactually no. but if you have dhcp disabled, there's no medium for passing the hostname or client ID to the router00:03
hitsujiTMOHydr0p0nX: did you ibstall the headers ?00:04
hot2trothow can I remove everything in a directory, but not certain things in that directory usinga  wildcard?  So, how could I remove everything in a directory besides things ending in .avi?00:04
Gallomimiaall three packages. i missed one and it went bananas on me00:04
BurritoHydr0p0nX, I also had problems. I had to uninstall everything nvidia and jockey related, and then reinstall the appropriate driver. I followed this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/66339/how-do-i-solve-this-nvidia-driver-download-error00:04
hitsujiTMOHydr0p0nX: what error are you getting?00:04
Gallomimiahot2trot: find command is your answer00:04
rwwhot2trot: find . \! -iname '*.avi'        <--- if that works, add -delete on the end00:04
Hydr0p0nXThe dkms.conf for this module includes a BUILD_EXCLUSIVE directive which00:04
Hydr0p0nXdoes not match this kernel/arch00:04
BurritoGallomimia, Is there no DNS-related method for hostnames? I regularly use DNS names on my network, and some of the clients I use it with do not use DHCP.00:05
Gallomimiarww has it. use it without -delete as a test to make sure00:05
BARbQGallomimia Here I am00:05
GallomimiaBurrito: that's a configuration nightmare i think... what did you do?00:05
BurritoGallomimia, It just works.00:05
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Gallomimiawhat kinda router?00:05
hot2trotrww: the only problem is, i'm actually putting it into a script... and it's not for removing files, i was just using that example to clarify my question and make a template I could follow00:05
Burritokillerbart10, yes?00:06
killerbart10can someone help me, i get the initramfs/busybox error when booting ubuntu 12.0300:06
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rwwhot2trot: then perhaps you should ask your actual question :P00:06
hot2trotrww: I actually want mplayer to play all the videos in a directory EXCEPT certain ones...00:06
BurritoGallomimia,  Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH200:06
Gallomimiahot2trot: find is highly scriptable. the man page will tell you all about it00:06
Burritokillerbart10, once is enough.00:06
hitsujiTMOHydr0p0nX: have you tried commenting out the BUILD_EXCLUSIVE directive?00:06
GallomimiaBurrito: with dhcp on?00:06
rwwhot2trot: if you stick all the file names one after the other on mplayer's command line, will it work?00:06
rwwhot2trot: like, theoretically00:06
Gallomimiait does00:06
hot2trotrww: well... yes00:06
Gallomimiai just found that out last night00:07
killerbart10where can i find help on boot failure00:07
rwwhot2trot: find . \! -iname '*.avi' -print0 | xargs mplayer00:07
Gallomimia!nick BARbQ00:07
BurritoGallomimia, The router has DHCP on, but not all of the clients use it. I told some clients to use static IPs. Maybe I have the vocabulary wrong? Maybe they still use DHCP to get their static IPs?00:07
rwwhot2trot: find . \! -iname '*.avi' -print0 | xargs -0 mplayer00:07
Gallomimia!nick > BARbQ00:07
ubottuBARbQ, please see my private message00:07
Burritokillerbart10, More details on the error might help.00:07
Gallomimiabah. just... tell everyone00:07
ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.00:07
Hydr0p0nXi don't see a build_exclusin in the dkms.conf,00:08
hot2trotrww: thank you good sir!00:08
rwwhot2trot: no problem :)00:08
BARbQGallomimia I just tried to connected via dhcp and see no hostname. Only IP00:09
killerbart10im bootin ubuntu 12.3 from sd card and i get a busbox error say that my partition isnt mounted00:09
Burritokillerbart10, SD card? Maybe the SD card is not partitioned correctly? In any case, this tool can be used to solve most common booting issues: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair00:09
Burritokillerbart10, has this issue occurred just out of the blue? Could you boot from it before? Or did it start occurring after an update?00:10
GallomimiaBARbQ: the hostname of another computer is determined through lookup services. this consists of looking at nameservers and through the host file. each machine needs access to a list of hosts you want determined. the router on the network sometimes doubles as a nameserver, or you can configure it all yourself.00:10
Gallomimianext time try google if you're so impatient :(00:11
BurritoGallomimia, I think that's what mine does. It has DNSMasq installed.00:11
BurritoSo.. It can do some nameserver things I guess00:11
Gallomimiaand it probably pairs it up with the dhcp-client-id's that each machine gives when it requests an ip00:11
BurritoI see00:11
killerbart10i booted fine befor then i uninstalled it because itwouldnt connect the internet then i tried installing it and thats when i get the error00:11
Gallomimiaand then anything that has .com or .net at the end, it requests the details from your isp's nameservers and passes that along00:12
Gallomimialike a normal dns00:12
Gallomimiapossible to configure a linux machine to run one... not as hard as you think, but not as easy as you'd like00:13
Burritokillerbart10, Use GParted to completely format the SD card, removing all partitions and flags, then make one bug EXT2 or EXT3 partition, and try installing it again. (If you haven't already tried that).00:13
Burritokillerbart10, what did you use to install the system onto the SD card?00:13
killerbart10im not curruntly using ubuntu to make my sd bootable00:13
killerbart10i used the terminal dd command00:14
BurritoI've never done that before.00:14
PublicStaticVoidanyone know the package to support aac playback?00:14
PublicStaticVoidwasnt in ubuntu-restricted-extras or -extras00:14
PublicStaticVoider -adons00:14
FloodBot1PublicStaticVoid: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:14
* Burrito pats FloodBot1 on the head "So sensitive..."00:15
PublicStaticVoidYeah that wasn't a flood00:15
BurritoPublicStaticVoid, libfaac0 and libfaad2 look relevant.00:17
PublicStaticVoidBurrito: Thanks. Can you tell me how you searched that, for future reference?00:17
BurritoI have it installed - I searched Synaptic for ".aac" and then sorted by what I have installed.00:18
BurritoSynaptic found it in precise/multiverse00:18
PublicStaticVoidI guess apt-cache search isnt very powerful just searches package names00:18
Gallomimiakillerbart10: what type of image file are you working with? it's likely you used dd of=/dev/thepartition and not the root device file. try it again00:18
PublicStaticVoidHow do I use synaptic to search packages?00:19
Gallomimiadpkg --get-selections is more powerful00:19
Gallomimiaor are you looking for something to install?00:19
Gallomimiawhat i listed shows your installed packages00:20
BurritoPublicStaticVoid, I'm on Mint. I ran "synaptic-pkexec", entered my password, and then used the search UI (there's a small search box at the top of the window). If you want an ncurses or text interface, I think Aptitude might be able to help you.00:20
killerbart10yes, i used the ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-i386.iso file with dd00:20
PublicStaticVoidlooking for a better way to search the repos for packages then just apt-cache search maybe a command that searches the descriptions as well?00:20
Gallomimiacan you list the full command you used to dd it on there killerbart10 ?00:20
PublicStaticVoidBurrito: Yea I like to just use commands if possible for speed00:21
PublicStaticVoidnot a big UI person00:21
Gallomimiafinding the right /dev for your of= thing is tough :/00:21
killerbart10dd if=/home/user/Desktop/ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdb100:21
Gallomimiaknock the 1 off the end and try that00:21
PublicStaticVoider GUI I should say00:21
Gallomimiaagain, be super careful with dd00:21
PublicStaticVoidyeah dd needs a partition I am prety sure00:22
Gallomimiasdb means the second drive attached00:22
ClaireMcHi. I'm new to Ubuntu. How do I access a list of all the installed applications rather than just the icons in the side bar?00:22
PublicStaticVoiddd = data destroyer00:22
hitsujiTMOPublicStaticVoid: apt-cache search searches the description aswell00:22
Gallomimianot to make bootable drives. it needs the full disk00:22
Gallomimiasince it includes an mbr and so on00:22
PublicStaticVoidhitsujiTMO: huh, well apt-cache search aac returned nothing :(00:22
Burritoyeah, remember that ISOs are images of entire disks, meant to be booted as they are.00:22
PublicStaticVoidNo it returned to much sorry.00:22
Gallomimiagrep it perhaps? or put it thru less and read it all00:23
PublicStaticVoidhaha ok00:23
Burritoapt-cache search aac | grep aac? :P00:23
Gallomimiapipe it to a file and put it on your tablet to read during number 2?00:23
Gallomimiano grep it for something useful.00:24
Gallomimia"something useful" will be probably what you think of after reading the first few pages of results00:24
Burritooh, doing "| grep aac" actually helps00:24
Gallomimiaheh. can't see why, the results should all have aac in it?00:24
PublicStaticVoidI know right00:25
PublicStaticVoidSO I woulnt know what to grep00:25
PublicStaticVoidmaybe codec00:25
Gallomimiamaybe support00:25
Gallomimiamaybe audio00:25
Gallomimiathat's why i suggest less, skim the results a few pages, and grep it for a few things.00:25
killerbart10i also cant connect to the internet in ubuntu, it asks me to put the WEP key in but when i do it doesnt let me press connect?00:26
Gallomimiai also suggest the full results into a text file so you can do multiple operations on it without having to poll the apt-cache 5 or 10 times?00:26
Gallomimiakillerbart10: your key isn't long enough00:26
GallomimiaWEP minimum length is 8 right?00:26
BurritoTry WICD maybe?00:27
killerbart10but iit works on my other computers00:27
PublicStaticVoidkillerbart10: sounds like it isnt getting enough characters or not getting expected input00:27
killerbart10what should i do?00:27
BurritoMaybe NetworkManager is expecting a full Hex "key", and not a passphrase.00:27
PublicStaticVoidNetworkManager sucks so bad00:27
gordonjcpwasn't there a networkmanager plugin for WEP, that didn't bother asking for a WEP key but just cracked it?00:27
PublicStaticVoidWell i did when I used it on Arch00:27
BurritoI think you should try WICD, killerbart10. You would need to get it through a wired network connection or through a USB stick.00:28
PublicStaticVoidWhy on earth is your router still using WEP btw?Might as well still be open00:28
Burritoyeah, I also think you should start using WPA2, killerbart10 :P00:28
PublicStaticVoidCause WEP is cracked as easily as an android app now a days00:28
piccagordonjcp: that doesn't sound ethical at all, but wouldn't surprise me00:28
killerbart10how do i find what key i have00:29
PublicStaticVoidaircrack-ng can do any WEP key in about 2 mins or less00:29
Gallomimiakillerbart10: you usually set that in your accesspoint's setup00:29
PublicStaticVoidgordonjcp: Haha00:29
killerbart10ok brb00:29
BurritoSometimes I wish tab-completion would pick the person who spoke last, first.00:30
PublicStaticVoidjust type your default gateway address in a browser on any machine connected to the router00:30
BurritoWould be very useful in these big channels.00:30
Gallomimiait will, if you use a client that is smart00:30
PublicStaticVoidBurrito: There is an irssi plugin for that00:30
BurritoHexChat is dumb, then. :<00:30
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BurritoHexChat supports plugins. I'll look for one.00:30
piccaBurrito: which IRC client are you using00:30
Burritopicca, HexChat, like XChat except the project is alive.00:31
PublicStaticVoidBurrito: Python and Perl?00:31
PublicStaticVoidor Just Perl?00:31
=== TekWiz is now known as TekWizz
BurritoPublicStaticVoid, Both00:31
PublicStaticVoidI have a touchscreen and never use it now that I nuked win 8.100:31
BurritoPublicStaticVoid, It can also be extended to support TCL and so on.00:31
PublicStaticVoidBurrito: Jealous00:31
piccaBurrito: it's a good idea, and not seen any other irc clients implement it00:31
TekWizzWow I'm new to IRC lol00:31
Gallomimiaohhh... i'm using Xchat. is it a package Burrito?00:31
PublicStaticVoidWish irssi would FINALLY add native python support00:31
Gallomimiawe can see that TekWizz :)00:32
TekWizzI'm using Konversation, is that a good client?00:32
TekWizzThanks Gallomimia00:32
Gallomimiaif it gets you in here, it's good enough00:32
PublicStaticVoidIf you are into fat chicks it is00:32
PublicStaticVoidand by fat chicks I mean bloated IRC Clients...00:32
piccalol PublicStaticVoid00:32
TekWizzAnybody know the most popular client for windows?00:32
BurritoGallomimia, Here is their PPA: https://launchpad.net/~gwendal-lebihan-dev/+archive/hexchat-stable00:32
PublicStaticVoidhey picca00:32
piccaBig Beautiful IRC clients00:32
PublicStaticVoidI knew you before I got a new identity!00:33
killerbart10i found my passphrase, do i enter that at the password screen on ubuntu00:33
PublicStaticVoidkillerbart10: Yea00:33
rww@random pizza icecream00:33
TekWizzWell Konversation looks nice, it's got usernames in colors00:33
rwwoops, wrong channel00:33
BurritoTekWizz, mIRC is one of the most popular. Not sure if it is still popular.00:33
Gallomimiauh... someone remind me good way to add ppa's00:33
PublicStaticVoidBurrito: Ewww00:33
Burritosudo apt-add-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/hexchat-stable00:33
Gallomimiamirc is definitely most popular for winblowz00:33
TekWizzoh yeah I remember mIRC from the Amiga days00:33
PublicStaticVoidEveryone should use weechat irssi or emacs00:33
killerbart10ok going to try and boot ubuntu if fails ill be back00:33
PublicStaticVoidI havent tried hexchat00:34
PublicStaticVoidis it CLI?00:34
cuddylierHi, I'm having trouble removing MySQL after accidentally deleting the /etc/mysql/my.cnf00:34
cuddylierI've tried everything in this guide: http://stuffthatspins.com/2011/01/08/ubuntu-10-x-completely-remove-and-clean-mysql-installation/00:34
BurritoPublicStaticVoid, Unfortunately not00:34
cuddylierAll leads to nothing00:34
cuddylierAnyone any idea apart from an OS reinstall?00:34
PublicStaticVoidI am sort of a Command Line Interface Type...00:34
PublicStaticVoidIf anyone gets that joke..00:35
Gallomimiaapt-get remove mysql ??00:35
PublicStaticVoidI wish there was a DE geared twards touchscreen besides Enlightenment00:35
Gallomimiai wish firefoxOS had command line at all :(00:36
PublicStaticVoidHas anyone tried OracleOS?00:36
Gallomimiaany suggsetions what to install on my phone instead?00:36
PublicStaticVoidis it just Solaris reborn? Haha00:36
Burritohehehehe.. type00:36
PublicStaticVoidGallomimia: You were trying to install Ubuntu on your phone?00:37
PublicStaticVoidLike Ubuntu Touch?00:37
Gallomimiano, i have a ffos zte dev preview00:37
PublicStaticVoidMy GF is here00:37
PublicStaticVoidI will be back later00:38
faraji need hlp plese00:40
killerbart10im back00:40
farajneed hlp  dhcpd.conf00:40
killerbart10i still get busyboox error00:41
farajalsaaaalam alyukom00:41
Burritofaraj, Just ask :)00:41
BurritoGallomimia, ah, HexChat can do tab completion in the "last-spoken" order. I found something in the options.00:42
quemanyone who built a cheap NAS recently?00:42
hitsujiTMO!anyone | quem00:43
ubottuquem: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:43
killerbart10burrito check you message00:43
BurritoI saw the message in here too, you didn't have to PM me00:44
Burritobut.. I'll Google around00:44
killerbart10oh sorry00:44
BurritoWhat is the error, specifically? Something like: "No init found. Try passing init= bootarg." | "BusyBox v1.18. (Ubuntu 1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4) built-in shell (ash)" ?00:45
killerbart10only BusyBox v1.18. (Ubuntu 1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4) built-in shell (ash) no device found00:45
quemhitsujiTMO: heh.. i told someone not to ask to ask earlier. now i feel like i made the same blunder.00:46
hitsujiTMOquem: :P whats the actual problem?00:46
cuddylierAnyone know why I'm getting these errors when trying to uninstall MySQL? brandon98@y7mail.com00:47
quemhitsujiTMO: i'm essentially looking for the cheapest possible motherboard/psu that aren't unreliable. and i wonder how much RAM i need for ZFS to function, as it sounds very appealing to me.00:47
cuddylierI mean: http://pastie.org/860212600:47
quemi shun data loss like the plague.00:47
hitsujiTMOquem: hmm. how many drives? if you want 10 go for http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=Z87%20Extreme600:48
killerbart10any luck?00:51
Burritokillerbart10, It seems like boot-repair has solved the issue for many people, maybe you can try it00:51
Burritoquem, many people have done it with a Raspberry Pi. They are low voltage, and can run for months on end without a reboot.00:51
BurritoAlso easy to make a battery backup for them.00:52
killerbart10how do use/install boot-repair?00:52
BurritoIt's a package - you can install: sudo apt-get install boot-repair00:52
Burritoand then use: boot-repair00:53
BurritoYou will have to change the "Advanced Settings" to be more relevant to the SD card, though. It will by default try to perform operations on your current (hard drive) system.00:53
killerbart10sudo apt-get install boot-rapair00:54
killerbart10Reading package lists... Done00:54
killerbart10Building dependency tree... Done00:54
killerbart10E: Couldn't find package boot-rapair00:54
ander_beldar : thanks for your help earlier...00:54
bekkskillerbart10: boot-repair, not boot-rapair00:54
hitsujiTMOkillerbart10: did you dd the iso to the sd?00:54
bekkskillerbart10: And I guess boot-repair is a livecd.00:55
DMackeyI have a question, I'm looking for that "Ubuntu Satanic Edition 666.10 64-bit iso" Every link I follow leads to a dead end. TOrrents included.00:55
ander_i fixed the usb card reader....00:55
bekksDMackey: It isnt support officially.00:55
killerbart10couldnt find package00:56
DMackeyI'm ok with that.00:56
DMackeyI read about it, just wanted to play with it.00:56
killerbart10could i unmount the sd then install the iso again like i have done befor00:56
BurritohitsujiTMO, yep, that's what he did. At first he dd'd it to "/dev/sdb1". Now he also tried to dd it to "/dev/sdb", and apparently that didn't work either.00:56
Beldarander_, Cool, no prob.00:56
Burritokillerbart10, did you spell "boot-repair" correctly?00:56
hitsujiTMODMackey: i don't think it actually exists. think that was a piss take00:57
ander_Beldar, Ifix the card reader issue .. i feel really dumb  .. it was a bad usb cable , something so simple.. but thank you for your time00:57
killerbart10i did sdb1 and sdb they worked befor00:57
DMackeyhitsujiTMO, Well that sucks.00:57
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
Burritokillerbart10, oh, sorry, do this first: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update"00:57
=== Mars is now known as Guest85428
Beldarander_, Heh, been there.00:57
brokendriveneed help in a bad way.00:58
hitsujiTMOkillerbart10: did you md5sum the iso to make sure it downloaded correctly? boot repair isn't going to fix any problems with an iso image00:58
killerbart10what is md5sum00:59
ander_Beldar,  yea i overlooked  cause it was giveing it   power , just no data00:59
hitsujiTMO!md5 | killerbart1000:59
ubottukillerbart10: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:59
hitsujiTMO!details | brokendrive00:59
ubottubrokendrive: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:59
brokendriveneed help with ddrescue. im trying to create an image of a 1 tb broken drive onto my new 2tb mac hard drive to recover as much data as possible. I have managed to get a live cd of swift sans forensics ubuntu running on the mac now.01:00
jaccarmacI need some CPR for my kernel. Can anyone help me with vagrant and uname hell?01:00
brokendrivethe external broken 1tb drive is at /sdb and the mac drive is /sda01:01
hitsujiTMObrokendrive: do you have a partition that is not hfs on the mac drive?01:02
hitsujiTMObrokendrive: >1tb that is01:02
brokendrivei was hoping to go something like this ddrescue -r=1 -n -S -v /dev/sdb /dev/sda1/newfile/oldharddrive.img recovery.log01:02
killerbart10could i reinstall the whole ISO back on the sd01:02
brokendriveHITSU...no the mac is all hfs01:02
krabadorkihi people, how can i set an user to not run an installed software?01:03
jaccarmacI need some CPR for my kernel. Can anyone help me with vagrant and uname hell?01:03
hitsujiTMObrokendrive: linux can only mount a hfs partition as writable if the journal is disabled on the partition01:03
brokendriveHITSU > both drives are HFS from old mac drive to new mac drive01:03
SiecjeI am on ubuntu and I just formatted a usb drive using disk utility and I did NTFS but I don't have write permission on it01:04
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brokendriveHITSUJITMO> is that possible to change without effecting the opperation of the drive on the mac once im done recovery ops01:05
brokendrivethe journaling setting?01:05
SiecjeI just formatted a USB drive using "Disk Utility" to NTFS but I don't have write permission on it01:05
killerbart10i have a md5sum.txt file on the sd01:06
hitsujiTMObrokendrive: why not look for a copy of ddrescue thats native to the mac?01:06
killerbart10im not usin mac01:06
Guest45566hello :) I am using Ubuntu 13.10 and need a program that will allow me to record what I am doing on the computer, and audio at the same time when I need it. Is there a program that will do such a thing?01:06
brokendrivei didnt know there was a difference... all the disk recovery pages kept refrencing linux live cd and ddrescue01:06
hitsujiTMObrokendrive: http://derflounder.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/using-ddrescue-on-a-failing-hard-drive/      that was you can easily create the image01:08
cuddylierWhy does my SFTP timeout whenever I'm trying to upload a config I edited? it's like 20kb01:09
Faycuddylier: use wireshark and find out ;)01:10
cuddylierit's weird as it's the first time in 17 ubuntu boxes it has happened01:10
Juliecuddylier: I would try an ssh connection forst and see if that times out01:10
cuddylierI have 8 with the same provider01:10
cuddylierSSH is fine01:10
killerbart10istalling ubuntu01:10
SiecjeHow can I format a USB drive but be able to put files onit01:10
zacariasHi. I have a hard drive with Mac OS and Ubuntu installed. I reduced the sive of the Mac OS partition to save space for increasing the size of the Ubuntu partition. Now, I have 9 GB of free space just after the Mac OS partition, but after that I have a 1 MB partition with the bios_grub, and then the ext4 partition with Ubuntu. I'm affraid of moving the tiniy bios_grub partition. How should I do it (without having to install all again)?01:13
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Fayyou hit it with a rock.01:14
=== maged is now known as Guest33542
=== Guest33542 is now known as hdrealfan
* killerbart10 is waiting for ubuntu to install01:15
quemBurrito: i use a raspberry pi + external drive for my offsite backups, but the new one needs to manage 4 drives at considerably higher speeds, preferably using zfs.01:15
brokendriveHITSUJITNO > is there a way to turn on journaling or could I get a second external drive above 1 tb and clone the image that way I avoid trying to write to the macs good hard drive?01:16
quemhitsujiTMO: four hdds + one ssd!01:16
quemhitsujiTMO: thanks for the suggestion, but it's quite pricy! :)01:16
BeldarSiebjee, a usb is the same as a HD in formatting, take you pick here. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=format+USB01:16
krabadorhow can i let an user run an installed software, and another user not ?01:17
Burritoquem, I see01:18
Burritokrabador, I know very little about permissions, but I guess you are looking for group permissions.01:19
victor__Create a group: "allowed". Then add users into that group. Next run chgrp on the applications (to "allowed"). And finally, chmod to allow only root and "allowed" to execute.01:20
hitsujiTMOquem any preference on form factor?01:20
hdrealfanguyz , i'm on eOS luna , and i have Intel hd4000 graphics , do i need to install additional driver or not01:20
krabadorBurrito, i thinked about the creation of a group, and don't add an user, but i don't know how to set the group01:20
krabadorvictor__, tell me more01:21
gordonjcp!elementary | hdrealfan01:21
ubottuhdrealfan: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.01:21
hitsujiTMOquem. hmm thats 1 too many drives for any mobos with onboard processors :(01:21
Burritozacarias, if I were you (and if you can make another partition on that drive), I would make a 9GB partition in that free space before the grub partition, and mount something like /usr/bin on there. Or any folder that would take up roughly 9GB eventually. A more permanent and elegant solution would be to just move the grub partition and deal with what comes.01:21
Burritoif you can call it 'elegant'.01:21
Guest45566hello :) I am using Ubuntu 13.10 and need a program that will allow me to record what I am doing on the computer, and audio at the same time when I need it. Is there a program that will do such a thing?01:21
Dratonhi everyone, back again - so i copied over my windows partition with dd, hopped on windows and removed the ubuntu parts from the copy, but now i'm trying to get windows to identify the new copies as its boot sectors  (still booting off of the original drive)01:21
Dratonany ideas?01:21
hdrealfanok thanks gordonjcp01:22
brokendriveHITSUJITMO > when I do a #fdisk -l it shows the drives as a GPT system not HFS does that change things? I wonder if I can test write a file to the macs /dev/sda to see if its writable?01:22
krabadorvictor__, and if i installed a sofwarem and i create the group, users without permission will look sotware's icons in menus ?01:23
spearheadkrabador: if you only want one use to be able to run it set the owner of the file to that user and set the permissions using chmod 700 path_to_file/name _ of _ file01:23
victor__krabador "groupadd allowed"01:23
hitsujiTMObrokendrive: gpt is the partition table. hfs is a partition type. different things01:23
BeldarDraton, You dd'd the windows boot partition?01:23
spearheadkrabador: that will allow only that user and root to read write or execute that file.01:24
DratonBeldar: I dd'd the whole disk to prevent issues, did a update-grub01:24
DratonBeldar: then booted off of the 'sddb (thew windows ssd)01:25
victor__krabador next, add users into group: sudo usermod -a -G allowed user_a01:25
hitsujiTMObrokendrive: you can disable the journal in osx and reenable it after. but you be better off to install the mac port of ddrescue01:25
quemhitsujiTMO: damn, that hadn't occurred to me at all. guess asus c8hm70-i/hdmi is off the menu too then. :/01:25
BeldarDraton, Then removed the ubuntu, cause it's on the original ssd, which ubuntu got the update grub?01:25
hitsujiTMOquem: this is prob what id go for http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/H87%20Pro4/01:25
brokendriveHITSUJITMO> I was hoping to do this in the forensics linux distro to use some of the utils on the image if i have to to recover wedding photos... i guess i could come back to the linux once the image is made on the mac01:26
DratonBeldar: I want ubuntu (primary) on the original ssd, removed ubuntu from sdb (the new windows only drive) but windows is showing it's booting of of sda still - i'm afraid that if i remove windows from sda it will put me in a bad state01:26
victor__krabador then, change the applications permissions... say, firefox. sudo chgrp allowed /usr/bin/firefox01:26
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BeldarDraton, Having two identical windows, is a problem, did you make an image as I suggested?01:27
krabadorvictor__, and this last, let only allowed members to run /usr/bin/firefox ?01:28
hitsujiTMOquem: or if you want something a little cheaper http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4729#ov01:29
quemhitsujiTMO: ah, looks good. but i suppose it wouldn't fit in a mini-itx case?01:29
=== kruxoman_ is now known as kruxoman
hitsujiTMOquem: ahh so m-itx cool01:29
BeldarDraton, Do you have a recovery or install disc for windows, if it were mr I would setup the new ssd's mbr to boot just windows, check that it boots and then remove the original.01:30
quemhitsujiTMO: good thing i didn't order anything yet.. i've done many uninformed dumbass purchases lately and i'm getting tired of it. :P haven't been following the developments in hardware in nearly a decade and gotten by with crappy laptops instead of assembling anything myself.01:30
victor__krabador finally, the permission itself: sudo chmod 774 /usr/bin/firefox01:30
victor__krabador i guess this will do.... 774: owner can do everything... group too, others just read.01:31
DratonBeldar: at this point i just dd'd and updated grub, i don't have a repair disk01:32
quemhitsujiTMO: what do you think of the ASRock E350M1?01:32
rwwshould be 775 if you want them to also execute it01:32
killerbart10i going to try and install ubuntu AGAIN01:32
rwwoh, nvm01:32
quemhitsujiTMO: never mind.. it's 4 SATA + 1 E-SATA.01:32
victor__rww but he said he would like to prevent other users from executing... i guess it should be 401:32
DratonBeldar: going to try something one sec01:33
BeldarDraton, Heh, your totally unprepared like most users, usually it is mistakes here that are a good dope slap needed. You can boot into a windows right?01:33
hitsujiTMOquem: you're willing to drop to 3 hdds?01:33
quemhehe, not quite.01:33
krabadorvictor, ok01:33
quembut one, sure.. 1 SSD + 3 HDD.01:34
DratonBeldar: I think the issue is the new drive doesn't have an MBR01:34
DratonBeldar: so windows isn't identifying it as a system drive01:34
BeldarDraton, Right and a recovery disc made in a windows will fix this.01:35
DratonBeldar: I can boot into a windows recovery partition, trying to restore the mbr now01:35
BeldarDraton, right in the sense we can load the bcd boot to the mbr and see if it boots, nothing to do with it being seen however.01:36
damarusamaI only have the iw commande - can I use that to connect my wireless adapter to my unsecured network?01:36
BeldarDraton, Dude, you are picking at it and may end up with a broken setup. Can you boot to windows and make the tiny recovery disc?01:37
quemhitsujiTMO: maybe i could run the OS off a 16 or 32 GB USB memory. :)01:38
hitsujiTMOquem: yup looks pretty sweet. what price are you getting for it?01:38
hitsujiTMOquem: lol, thats not a bad idea :P01:38
DratonBeldar: so everything i'm doing is to the new drive01:38
quem537 SEK, 82 USD, is the best option in Sweden.01:38
DratonBeldar so worst case i can restore from the old01:39
quemhitsujiTMO: it's a hell lot cheaper than an SSD anyhow, heh01:39
BeldarDraton, We are not even close to actually communicating, I can't really help without that.01:39
DratonBeldar: I don't what you mean? I'm currently on the restore partition of the original drive (sda). I'm using it, in essence, as a restore cd to restore the windows mbr on the new drive (sdb)01:40
hitsujiTMOquem: yeah not gonna find something much cheaper than that01:40
kkkkkkkkkkkhi, all i am using ubuntu 12.04 64 bit and kernel  but it is freezing randomly, most of times, when chrome open, it happens everytime i login and do browsing, for example say after 30-40 minutes, alt+ctrl+delete not working, alt+ctrl+f2 not working, only things that works for me, alt+prtsys+REISUB, I don't want to lose my work and it is annoying, this thing was not present in 32 bit ubuntu and it was working quite good, with kernel
BeldarDraton, You might ask in ##windows on this part, a recovery disc/usb is the standard way to reload the mbr.01:42
kkkkkkkkkkki installed a updated version in a hope that it will provide more stability01:42
kkkkkkkkkkkbut it is more vulnurable01:42
kkkkkkkkkkkFay: yes01:42
Fayidfk bro ubuntu is wack01:42
Beldar!ops | Fay01:43
ubottuFay: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!01:43
rwwFay: #ubuntu is a tech support channel. We have #ubuntu-offtopic if you'd prefer to chat :)01:44
kkkkkkkkkkki think it is a emergency to use it every time01:44
quemhitsujiTMO: great. i just saved 300 SEK!01:44
laura-_Hi.. my computer isn't starting after upgrading from 13.04->13.10 this morning.  I *think* I've narrowed it down to this bug with UFI + iso8859-1 https://bugs.launchpad.net/linuxmint/+bug/122133001:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 1221330 in Ubuntu "FAT32 can't be mounted - IO charset iso8859-1 not found" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:44
Faypsh #ubuntu is a google n00bfest scavenger hunt.01:44
Xgateshey guys01:44
Xgatesdoes Ubuntu have an off topic channel?01:44
laura-_But I don't understand what UFI is.  Is there any  workaround?01:44
MonkeyDust!uefi | laura-_01:45
ubottulaura-_: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:45
FlannelXgates: yes, #ubuntu-offtopic.01:45
DratonBeldar: alright expended that option, going to make a recovery win 7 drive01:45
XgatesI wanted to talk and share some thoughts on the Unity Amazon and Search stuff and if some others are into wanting to let Canocial and Shuttleworth know...01:45
XgatesFlannel: thanks01:45
elkyXgates: tjat01:45
elkyXgates: this is not the place for that01:45
Flannelelky: He knows that.01:46
kkkkkkkkkkki am not a linux expert, but i have few issues with ubuntu, like i want to call through my mobile -broadband, because in windows i used to do so, when it has calling support then it should be available for linux also, second microphone has a large noise in recording, but while on windows, there is very less noise as compared to that, i didn't find anything to configure like noise compression and echo suppression, how to do that in ubuntu01:46
laura-_MonkeyDust - Thanks for the note.. although I don't believe that helps in my situation.  I followed the instructions and bumped up against that bug01:46
BeldarDraton, Cool so make it, remove the original ssd boot it go to the recovery terminal and run. BootRec.exe /fixmbr01:46
elkyFlannel: to be honest, -offtopic isn't a messenger service for canonical either.01:46
BeldarDraton, If the windows boot needs a rebuild I have the commands for it.01:47
rwwelky: it is, however, the hangout for people who hate the 'buntu01:47
kkkkkkkkkkkon internet , at many places it is advised to install  pulseaudio2, how to do that in ubuntu, or how to know whether i have installed it or not01:47
rwwshould be called #ubuntu-offmessage01:47
Beldarshould be called ubuntu sub mean IQ01:48
james-hello how's it going? Hoping someone can help me figure out why I can't open programs. I can't even open firefox, I click on it and it loads and then stops. Nothing comes up and I cant do anything01:48
james-using ubuntu 13.1001:48
kkkkkkkkkkkjames: did you tried to restart and then tried to open again01:49
Beldarjames-, Any info leading to this? Any backups?01:49
kkkkkkkkkkkjames-: many programs stay in the memory and do not respond01:49
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admbaumhello everyone01:50
james-Beldar, nope very random, been using 13.10 for a week now and it always works great. all of a sudden I have problems. kkkkkkkkkkk How can I clean programs from memory? Is there a way to stop this?01:50
Hydr0p0nXis there any tuning that can be done with the nouveau driver ?01:50
Beldarjames-, So no update or install then this happens?01:51
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Dratonjames-: when you open does it show any indication of opening? or does it just 'silently' fail?01:52
laura-_MonkeyDust: Do you think a clean install of 13.10 would avoid that error?01:52
daftykinselky: are you marrying a freenode'ian?01:52
ickefeshi guys. do you know if there is a PPA for VLC 2.12 for Ubuntu 12.04?01:52
Beldarjames-, Have you tried a reboot, as is your info is just empty is all.01:52
elkydaftykins: this is not an appropriate topic01:53
james-Beldar, I did have an update earlier, but I was using the internet at the time and it was working fine. I tried to reboot, I also checked the system monitor and couldn't find any signs of firefox. I did try a reboot. Draton it shows an indication, the mouse cursor turns into a circle to show that it is loading then it just stops and nothing happens afterwards.01:54
OerHeksickefes, no, sorry, only 2.2 > https://launchpad.net/~videolan/+archive/master-daily?field.series_filter=precise01:55
admbaumfixed my issue and didnt event have to ask anyone.....w00t w00t01:55
Beldaradmbaum, Heh, my ego does not allow me to ask for help.01:56
ickefesDerHeks: Thank you. I guess 2.2 will have VP9 compatibility compared to VLC2.0801:56
james-Beldar, I also uninstalled firefox and reinstalled it and it didn't make a difference.01:56
Senexorquick question deleted my .cache folder because it was 10gb  large and now all thumbnails are gone why arent they regenerated?01:56
gzimdahli am running xubuntu from a pendrive with persistence. I have installed gnome and unity but I  do not see them as options when I logout and back in. Any ideas?01:56
admbaumI was trying so hard to fix my networking issue all by myselfins01:56
Senexordoes anyone have any idea what i can do about that?01:57
Beldarjames-, run firefox in the terminal and see what it shows01:57
james-Beldar, sorry what is the command?01:57
Beldarjames-, firefox01:57
james-Beldar, got a problem, ill pastebin it hold on.01:58
james-Beldar, oh wait i can;t i dont have a browser, can i paste output here?01:58
Beldarjames-, not more than about 2 lines01:59
james-Beldar, is there a way we can do a private message so i can show you? Its more than 2 lines and i have no access to pastebin01:59
Beldar!pastebinit | james-01:59
ubottujames-: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com01:59
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=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
james-Beldar, I installed it but can't find it anywhere02:02
Beldarjames-, Now run firefox| pastebinit  let it go to the error and is stopped and it will give you a pastebin address02:03
Senexornobody an idea where the error is located?02:03
james-Beldar, permission denied you are trying to send an empty document, exiting02:04
Beldarjames-, This is not really an area over all I expect I can help you fix.02:04
Dratonjames-: are all apps not opening?02:05
james-Draton, seems to be only firefox and thunderbird02:06
Dratonhmm ok, any relevant logs that you can see? you could do a "ls /var/log/ | pastebinit" (without quotes of course)02:07
Dratonhopefully they are doing standard logging02:07
james-Draton, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6694520/02:07
Dratonhmm, looks pretty standard, looking to see if we have to pass some commandline param to force some debug level02:09
james-Draton, there was one other program that gave me a hard time, I tried installing istanbul desktop recorder and it installed but failed to start as well. Did the same thing firefox and thunderbird are doing now. I deleted it.02:10
Dratonjames-: completely random, doubt it will work but: try typing firefox -private02:11
sideup66hello room02:11
sideup66if anyone is here02:11
james-Draton, permission denied02:11
Dratontype sudo !!02:11
raubDraton: does firefox log to syslog?02:12
Dratonraub: i was hoping, i think there's a commandline param for it02:12
sideup66sudo, your essentially commanding the computer to make you a sandwich02:12
james-Draton, sudo firefox worked.02:12
Dratonand firefox opened?02:12
james-Draton, yes02:12
Dratonjames-: did you do sudo firefox? or sudo firefox -private?02:13
james-Draton, I tried sudo firefox and it worked.02:13
Dratonok sooo02:13
Dratonone of two things:02:13
Dratoncorrupt firefox profile02:13
Dratonpermissions issue on firefox02:13
raubDraton: -jsconsole perhaps?02:13
james-Draton, sudo thunderbird works as well. I just can't select the icons02:14
Dratonjames-: how did you install them?02:14
Dratonraub: I think jsconsole is depreciated02:15
james-Draton, firefox was installed with Ubuntu02:15
spearheadDraton: would a dpkg --reconfigure do anything in this case?02:15
raubDraton: I almost want to ask him to run id02:16
Stormer97okay, so I just finished updating mesa and some other video drivers, and now all DEs are getting some amount of artifacting, and my DE of choice, Cinnamon, even with software rendering, has artifacting so server it is totally unusable. Also, my wifi totally stopped working, and make can no long compile my wifi driver, even though it worked 2 hours ago.02:16
Dratonspearhead: maybe, but it seems that this is a shear permissions issue, strange for a standard install no?02:16
Dratonjames-: no updating since then?02:16
quemhdrealfan: thank you again for your help. :)02:17
=== carla is now known as Guest54751
BeldarStormer97, updating mesa with?02:17
spearheadDraton: yeah unless that package he installed messed with it...02:17
BeldarStormer97, any ppa's involved here?02:17
Stormer97apt-get dist-upgrade after adding a video driver PPA suggested by steam02:17
BeldarStormer97, what about the mesa, is it out of the ubuntu repos?02:18
Stormer97I beleive I installed mesa from apt, I did not specify a repo02:18
Dratonspearhead: which program? might have missed it02:18
james-Draton, I did do an update but wasn't experiencing an error at the time. The first version of firefox installed with ubuntu 13.10, when I experienced the error and couldnt get it to work I installed the next one from the software manager. Do you think the update could have done it? Is there a way to go back before the update to see if it makes a difference?02:18
Stormer97also, this is 12.04, if it matters02:19
BeldarStormer97, and mesa was for what de? and what de's do you have, they genrally have different window managers.02:19
BeldarStormer97, Then cinnamon is a ppa as well.02:20
Stormer97aye, cinnamon is a ppa02:20
Beldar!ppa | Stormer9702:20
ubottuStormer97: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:20
spearheadDraton: he said he tried installing Istanbul desktop recorder and it installed but wouldn't open.02:20
Stormer97the problem started immediately after updaing from the steam video ppa02:20
Stormer97is there a way I can uninstall everyting from it?02:21
BeldarStormer97, sure but with a handful of ppa's not supported here, kinda hard to really get to the gist.02:21
BeldarStormer97, The bots ppa info mentions ppa-purge02:21
Beldar!ppa-purge | Stormer9702:22
ubottuStormer97: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:22
Stormer97not sure which PPA it was02:22
Dratonjames-: you said it was only the 3 programs, the new one you installed, firefox and thunderbird?02:22
Stormer97what is the command to list all PPAs?02:22
Stormer97actually, is there a way to remove all non-stock PPAs?02:23
BeldarStormer97, ppa-purge is how you do it.02:23
Beldareach one individually02:24
james-Draton, yes only the 3. When I installed istanbul desktop recorder it wouldnt open, I deleted it. Firefox stopped working, tried to restart and it failed. I deleted it and reinstalled it still had the same problem. Thunderbird I left alone. Is it possible the update I did or istanbul somehow corrupted firefox and thunderbird?02:24
BeldarStormer97, Stock and ppa don't go together, ppa's are 3rd parties is all.02:24
Stormer97I ran sudo ppa=purge *02:25
spearheadjames-: could you run ls -la /usr/lib/firefox | pastebinit02:25
BeldarStormer97, Some quite usable, just have to be careful. read the bots info on ppa-purge02:25
james-spearhead, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6694599/02:26
Stormer97you know what, this is a new install, ima just say fuck it and install ubuntu 13, and start from scratch02:26
Gallomimialooking for some ppa's? run: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/02:26
Gallomimiawhy remove ppa's? why not remove the packages you installed from them instead?02:27
BeldarStormer97, 13.04 and above have cinnamon in the ubuntu repos, and be careful no swearing here.02:27
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
Gallomimiahe left. seems to have a workable solution for him02:28
spearheadjames-: how about ls -la /usr/bin/firefox | pastebinit02:28
Dratonspearhead: beat me to it :)02:28
james-spearhead, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6694609/02:28
spearheadDraton: all his permissions seem to match mine02:29
Dratonspearhead: including the link?02:29
Beldarjames-, Have you in general rooted the terminal when needing admin access?02:30
james-Beldar, i dont know what that means lol02:31
Beldarjames-, Heh, good, many here so and have a bad habit of doing it.02:31
spearheadDraton: yeah the link in /usr/bin and all the files in /usr/lib/firefox. Unless I missed one, I can go back and look again.02:31
ROPABeldar you helped me out getting skype to run yesterday evening, many thanks, it works now!!!!02:32
BeldarROPA, Cool, someone else helped if I remember as well.02:32
Beldarkostkon I think02:33
ROPABeldar they're not online, will thanks em when I see them here.02:33
spearheadBeldar: I admit that if I am going to be doing a lot of admin work I tend to just root the terminal... probably should stop...02:33
Gallomimiasudo -i ??02:33
Beldarspearhead, Heh, it's not debian. ;)02:33
Hydr0p0nXdoes any release of 12.04 support libg3dvl-mesa ?02:34
Gallomimiaim trying to stay out of that habit too02:34
Gallomimiaalso making sure to keep out of the habit of leaving ssh root@somewhere sessions open when i'm not sitting there02:34
smil3ytrying to mount an osx mountain lion partition to recover some pics for a customer, drive is reporting as "unrecognized file system" in fdisk, any clue?02:35
spearheadYeah, I have that habit too... trying to just ssh in as normal user then sudo if needed02:35
Beldarsmil3y, gdisk I believe for osx, just a guess02:36
Gallomimiasmil3y: double check the disk isn't encrypted, tho i think it only does that on user home's02:36
Gallomimiai have put my HFS+ disks into my ubuntu machine and used them with no issue :/02:36
smil3ygallomimia> yea he says he doesnt think its encrypted, ill give it a try, thanks02:37
Gallomimiaholy crap that disk is still HFS+ ?? i can w/r to it no problems...02:37
james-Draton, spearhead this thing is whacked. I randomly clicked them and they worked I have no idea why.02:38
Gallomimiajames-: how many times have you rebooted recently?02:38
Beldarjames-, You might run a memory check from the live boot.02:38
james-Gallomimia, only once. I rebooted after I first had the problem and when firefox still didnt work i uninstalled it and reinstalled it from the software manager and still had the issue.02:39
Gallomimiayup. pretty whack02:39
spearheadMaybe because firefox is smart and it fixed the problem itself when you ran it with sudo... we can hope. Maybe. Naw probably not...02:39
Beldarjames-, You would have to purge FF to get it all off the OS02:39
raraputri135Ado orang indonesia da02:39
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India02:40
Gallomimiahmmm right. without purge, you leave config files that likely cause some issues behind02:40
Gallomimiaindonesia != india02:40
james-spearhead, firefox smart made me lol, Beldar how do I purge firefox?02:40
smil3ygollomimia> i dont believe so, its mountain lion so it should be zfs? not sure02:40
raraputri135SO in here is indians?02:40
quemany of you guys heard of or had experience with PSUs from the manufacturers MS-Tech, LC-Power, Techsolo or Advance?02:41
Beldarjames-, sudo apt-get purge firefox the sudo apt-get install firefox02:41
SonikkuAmerica!id | raraputri13502:41
ubotturaraputri135: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia02:41
raraputri135Oh okay okay sorry02:41
james-Beldar, what does the purge command do? I will run them now02:42
Beldarjames-, removes the app and configs generally02:42
james-Beldar, ok one sec ill go run em02:42
james-Beldar, ok purge complete,  apt-get install firefox is running now. Should I do the same with thunderbird?02:43
james-Beldar, install complete FF seems to work fine02:44
Beldarjames-, I would see if this fixes FF first, I wonder if you have a failing memory card or something else.02:44
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james-Beldar, should I restart and see if FF still works?02:45
Beldarjames-, YOU can do the same with thunderbird yeah.02:45
=== fly2web^ is now known as flying2web
Beldarjames-, Your choice on a reboot, in this case it should not matter theoretically.02:45
spearheadsmil3y: according to the mountain lion core technologies overview by default it should be hfs+ but could be hfsx02:45
simonektvci siete?02:46
simonektvalmeno ciao02:46
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)02:47
FloodBot1simonektv: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:47
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james-Beldar, ok ill leave it alone for now. I am really stumped as to what could have caused the issue, very strange. I was searching for a desktop recording program at the same time as doing the update i wish i knew what could have done it. I want to continue searching for a recording program but im kind of afraid now02:48
spearheadjames-: have you tried audacity?02:49
james-spearhead, no not yet02:49
Beldarjames-, Heh now you know the purge I use it regularly on removing stuff.02:50
connor__hi does any one know hoe you install github.com/dvdhrm/xwiimote-bindings it says use just run ./configure [--prefix=/usr] but where?02:51
james-Beldar, thank you very much im adding a few of these commands to my notes02:51
Dratonjames-: i'm guessing it might have been a corrupted profile02:51
BeldarDraton, My thought as well.02:51
Dratonthe sudo would have forced to a new user root, with a new profile02:52
laura-_Crazy question: Is it possible to change the charset of the /boot/efi partition?02:52
spearheadjames-: depending on what you want to use it for it is good for recording, playback and some editing. Website at http://audacity.sourceforge.net and it is in the repositories if you want to install it.02:52
laura-_I think I'm getting burned because my /boot/efi partition is iso8859-1, and it doesn't look like Ubuntu 13.10 supports that combo02:53
DratonSo Beldar: i have a recovery disk (assuming this worked)... if i understand you: 1. unplug original ssd 2. boot into recovery and restore mbr on new ssd, 3. replugin old ssd, 4. update grub and boot into new ssd, confirm everything is happy, 5. remove old windows02:54
james-spearhead, i just want it for recording desktop. If I am doing something and I want to record it, maybe some audio sometimes. I am taking computer science in college and could use such a program to do presentations for class projects. I am taking Linux next semester and could really use such a program.02:54
ZiberCan I get my terminal to show user@remotehost when I SSH?02:54
DratonBeldar: I assume the unplugging is to prevent the mbr restore from nuking grub?02:55
Dratonziber: yes you can02:55
Dratonziber: google .bash_rc and .bash_profile02:56
BeldarDraton, Basically you have identical windows, and yeah we just want the windows bootloader in that new ssd, so if it boots you know you can remove the windows from the original.02:56
spearheadjames-: Ok well audacity is just for audio... I used a desktop recorder before... I will try and find it again...02:56
connor__hi does any one know hoe you install github.com/dvdhrm/xwiimote-bindings it says use just run ./configure [--prefix=/usr] but where?02:56
ZiberDraton: Is there something I can do locally instead of remotely?02:56
james-spearhead, thank you!02:56
hitsujiTMOZiber: whats the output of: echo $SHELL02:57
Mathewhelp please any one02:57
ZiberhitsujiTMO: Locally or remotely?02:57
BeldarDraton, So we want that new SSD booting straight to windows before you reattach the first ssd.02:57
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hitsujiTMOZiber: remotely02:57
ZiberAll my servers are bash... /bin/bash.02:57
* dragon121 is away: I'm busy02:57
hitsujiTMOZiber: what prompt are you getting?02:58
* dragon121 is back (gone 00:00:15)02:58
Guest97587trying to install ubuntu 10 on my laptop but after it runs up for a bit i get a bard out monitor and no funtionality02:58
ZiberhitsujiTMO: Well, the prompt I'm getting is one I've set in .profile. I'm using terminal on my local ubuntu 13.10 laptop, and all the tabs are <user>@<localhost name>. I want them to be <remote user>@<remote hostname>02:58
DratonBeldar: I'll follow up in a bit - usb app looks to have puked for some reaosn.03:00
james-spearhead, Draton and Beldar thank you guys for trying to help me with my other issue. Even though it randomly started working and i haven't a clue what the issue was I learned some new commands :) spearhead i'm not going anywhere yet, i'm gonna wait and see what desktop recorder you think i should try I dont want to mess anything up.03:00
hitsujiTMOZiber so its the tab title you want to change not the prompt?03:00
laura-_Hmm.. Would doing a clean install of 13.10 format my /boot/efi partition?03:01
ZiberhitsujiTMO: Yeah, and I think I figured out a way I can do it remotely.03:01
hitsujiTMOlaura-_: how many OS do you have on the pc?03:02
Guest97587i tryed dvd boot and got the same issue im using boot from a pendrive03:02
laura-_hitsujiTMO: Just Ubuntu (although Windows previously)03:03
Guest97587i did have the splash sceen for a bit03:03
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hitsujiTMOlaura-_: you can unmount /boot/efi ... format it with: sudo mkfs.ext4 -F32 /dev/sdXY. remount it and then run grub-install03:04
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laura-_hitsujiTMO: I believe my upgrade 13.04->.10 got hosed because of missing support for an iso8859-1 charset on the /boot/efi partition03:04
=== Guest12289 is now known as YK_NT_MATHEW
laura-_hitsujiTMO: Except, doesn't the efi partition need to be FAT32?03:04
hitsujiTMOlaura-_: lol sorry that shoul have been  sudo mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sdXY       . efi can be fat12, fat16 or fat3203:05
* dragon121 is away: I'm busy03:06
Angel_Of_Sorrowhey guys03:06
YK_NT_MATHEWhow would i start the install in 1280 1024?03:06
* dragon121 is back (gone 00:00:45)03:06
laura-_hitsujiTMO: I've got Boot-Repair open now.  Would that be the same thing as formatting it (back) to FAT32 in GParted, followed by running Boot-Repair?03:06
Beldar!away | dragon12103:06
ubottudragon121: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»03:06
hitsujiTMOlaura-_: no. boot repair doesn't format the efi partition at all.03:07
hitsujiTMOlaura-_: but yes sorry, that would be the same03:08
connor__hi does any one know hoe you install github.com/dvdhrm/xwiimote-bindings it says use just run ./configure [--prefix=/usr] but where?03:08
hitsujiTMOlaura-_: you'd also have to update /etc/fstab with the new UUID for the efi partition03:08
Beldarlaura-_, Be sure to save the bootinfo summary, if you do not get this fixed the thread listed on its web page is a good place to post it for help03:09
YK_NT_MATHEWlaura have you tryed a windows xp boot and go to dos prompt03:10
BeldarYK_NT_MATHEW, Are you kidding?03:10
YK_NT_MATHEWust the fix mbr fix boot (would they work )03:10
BeldarYK_NT_MATHEW, This is windows * and a uefi, the fixmbr is a different command to start with, and will not fix their problem.03:11
laura-_hitsujiTMO: Hmm. If I format /boot/efi and then run Boot Repair, do you think it would recreate the data necessary to support my 13.10 install?03:11
smil3yGallomimia> thanks man, gdisk worked, had to repair boot and boots up fine now, no need to backup shit03:11
Beldarsmil3y, No swearing here please.03:12
smil3yBeldar> sorry, slipped03:13
hitsujiTMOlaura-_: it should, but you may need to update /etc/fstab seperately. i don't think boot-repair touches that03:13
Aprelhi how do I pass a bash variable as part of a command in a script? for ex: I have on one line: addopt="--all", but `ls $addopt` raises an error. It's not equivalent to ls --all. How would I pass addopt as a switch to the ls line?03:13
alteregoadarmok and jalad at tanagra03:14
laura-_hitsujiTMO: Interesting!  If I did this, would it prevent me from being able to do a "scortched earth" reinstall of 13.04?03:15
Beldar!id | alteregoa03:15
ubottualteregoa: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia03:15
laura-_hitsujiTMO: As in, is there anything that wouldn't be completely undone/fixed if I did a full reinstall?03:15
laura-_hitsujiTMO: I'm trying to figure out at what point I just throw in the towel and try installing 13.04.03:16
alteregoaBeldar this is not indonesian, it's tamarian03:16
alteregoashaka when the walls fell03:16
Beldaralteregoa, This is an english channel, many if us can only use a translator to tell, if you speak english use it.03:16
=== zz__gypsy_ is now known as _gypsy_
hitsujiTMOlaura-_: nope. the hdd can be completely erased or what not. nothing there is permanent03:16
alteregoaBeldar fascinating03:17
alteregoado you speak esperanto too?03:17
Beldaralteregoa, Your inability to show any cognitive development is.03:17
hitsujiTMOaprel; is: echo `ls $addopt`                                     giving an error?                     `ls $addopt`             on its own will try to execute the result of the list03:17
alteregoawe on NCC1701D speak a lot of languages03:17
laura-_hitsujiTMO: What are the odds of the format fixing the problem? https://bugs.launchpad.net/linuxmint/+bug/122133003:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 1221330 in Ubuntu "FAT32 can't be mounted - IO charset iso8859-1 not found" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:18
laura-_hitsujiTMO: The format the /boot/efi partition, then fix everything up03:18
hitsujiTMOlaura-_: i'm not familiar with how the charset could be causing the problem i'm afraid03:18
laura-_hitsujiTMO: Yeah, you and me both.03:19
hitsujiTMOlaura-_: its certainly worth a shot tho. but don't forget to remount /boot/efi before running boot-repair03:19
AprelhitsujiTMO: echo `ls $addopts` doesn't work either. I get the error: ./test.sh: line 1: =--all: command not found03:20
AprelI'm guessing that's counting "line 0" because the first line is simply $addopts="--all"03:21
hitsujiTMOaprel remove the $.03:21
idanielHi, guys, kinda new with Ubuntu, Linux. I hear "Pipelight" is a new way to watch Netfix on Linux. Has it become an update yet on Ubuntu?03:21
james-on ubuntu 13.10 i right clicked on a mounted item in my unity launcher and accidently clicked on something that makes it so it dont show mounted items there. Is there a way to make it normal again?03:22
=== correcto_ is now known as correcto
hitsujiTMOaprel: addopts="--all" not $addopts="--all"                     and that is line 1. there is no line 003:22
spearheadjames-: I can't remember which one I have used before but out of the ones in Ubuntu Software Center two look good, RecordMyDesktop and Kazam. I just installed both of them and they both seem to record well and both have the option to select the area to record. They both have good reviews so I would say try them both out and see which one you like better. One thing I will say is that Kazam saves the video in mp4 which is nice, Reco03:22
AprelhitsujiTMO: oops, you're right there. Now let me try the echo syntax in my more complicated script....03:22
james-spearhead, What is mp4?03:23
james-spearhead, and thank you I will install both now03:23
laura-_hitsujiTMO: Formatted my EMI partition.  Running Boot-Repair just to see what it does.  I feel sick :(03:23
rcmaehl_mibbitIf I wanted to copy the image of a cd directly to a flash drive it'd be 'sudo dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/dev/flashdrive' right?03:23
spearheadjames-: mp4 is fairly standard in video, practically anything will play mp4.03:24
justnoHi guys, I'm a fair noob with linux, i have a netbook i was running ubuntu on and everything was fine, then i tried lubuntu and cant seem to get the sd card to mount03:24
hitsujiTMOspearhead: mp4 is a container not a format. it can contain any number of codecs so don't rely on the extension to determine compatability03:25
mjmac85_Hello!  I'm confused on how to setup permissions for a folder.  I will be adding a lot of files and do not want to have to do chmod every time I create a new file in the folder.  How can I set it up so that these new files inherit the permission on the parent directory?03:25
spearheadjames-: it is a file type, kind of like the difference between mp3 and wav audio files.03:25
AprelhitsujiTMO: Okay, now trying in my other script: addopts="--keep-foreign-metadata" and on a later line: flac `echo $addopts` -ds -o /tmp/flacBack.wav "$flacName" gives an error line 12: [: --keep-foreign-metadata: integer expression expected03:26
james-spearhead, I see. Cool I am checking them out now, they seem to work awesome!03:26
hitsujiTMOspearhead: nope. wav and mp3 are codecs. mp4 is a container03:26
spearheadhitsujiTMO: that is true but if it is contained in a mp4 it pretty much always has the same codec... at least in my experience.03:27
james-spearhead, where does kazam save files?03:27
spearheadhitsujiTMO: it is usually m4v codec03:28
spearheadjames-: it saved it in my Videos folder.03:29
ZiberWhat does "client denied by server configuration" mean when getting a 403 error on an apache server under 13.10 mean?03:29
james-spearhead, trying to figure out how to stop kazam lol03:29
Aprelrcmaehl_mibbit: that might work. But some OSes might fail to mount it because will likely be ISO/UDF, not FAT or NTFS, which it is expecting on a flash drive.03:29
hitsujiTMOspearhead: if your using a simgle app to write mp4s then it will most certainly use the same codec each time, but i download all sorts of mp4s and they're always a huge variety of codecs in them, h264, x264, mp3, aac, ac3, xvid, divx, mpeg2 ... the list goes on03:30
jarnomp4 is a codec mkv is a container imho03:31
Aprelrcmaehl_mibbit: Are you trying to take a bootable image like one of the ubuntu isos and copy to flash drive to boot form it?03:31
spearheadjames-: when the Kazam window has focus in the bar at the top of the screen click File > Quit or hit Ctrl+q03:32
hitsujiTMOAprel: that should be: flac "$addopts" -ds -o /tmp/flacBack.wav "$flacName"                      in the least03:32
rcmaehl_mibbitAprel: I had an iso a while back that a burned to a cd, now I need it on the flash drive because I'm working on a netbook but i only have the cd now03:32
Apreljarno: :) mkv is amazing. I wish there was as much support for it as mp403:32
DratonBeldar: what was that mbr command?03:32
BeldarDraton, BootRec.exe /fixmbr03:33
DratonBeldar: great just wanted to confirm, ran and booting now03:33
BeldarDraton, cool.03:33
james-spearhead, thank you03:34
Aprelrcmaehl_mibbit: the easiest way would be to mount the CD and then copy all the files over to the flash. Using dd may still work. I'd be interested if it did.03:34
DratonBeldar: ok so failed to boot, going to use the recovery to try to repair, guessing it doesn't like the hardware change03:34
DratonBeldar: hit the mbr though03:34
spearheadjarno: I think it is both a container and a codec because I know you can have an mp4 file type which is not encoded as mp4 (or m4v as the video one is called I think) the confusion comes since mp4 files are used for video, video and audio, or just audio...03:35
BeldarDraton, Lets run the bootscript from a live cd, or you can from ubuntu a live cd would keep it cleaner though. http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/03:35
spearheadjames-: np03:36
spearheadjames-: how long have you been running linux?03:36
omnicitadelso my wife asked me a for a favor and I thought I could come up with a fix… she has a 400 page PDF which each page is really 2 pages side by side vertically… after 4 hours I am about to print all 400 pages, cut them and rescan… I have never felt so technically useless as I do now…03:36
AprelIs there an easy way to change to change the "Accessed/Modified" times in file properties from 24-hour system to 12-hour am/pm?03:37
BeldarDraton, The bootscript is helpful, here are the rebuild commands from that recovery cli. http://pastebin.com/0vUyCax303:37
spearheadjames-: when you right clicked on the mounted item in the unity launcher did you click on Unlock from Launcher?03:37
jarnoreal vs fake03:38
Beldarfor that*03:38
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest76162
jarnoseen avi container it can be just a name03:40
BeldarDraton, Generally if you are running the repair 3 times is the usual amount run, I would run the rebuild commands if needed. We can get you a good clone if needed, so no biggie.03:40
Guest76162Hi, i've got a challenging problem. While installing/updating the new ubuntu 13.10, I was installing my nvidia drivers and some OsX skins with general updates, etc... and after a required reboot, the screen goes through the paces like the purple background with the Ubuntu logo and the five dots, then goes completely black. The mouse only activates after i wiggle it, and i get a white X (the mac curser, if i recall) and that's it. no keystrokes do03:40
Guest76162anything, no mouse clicks do anything... both screens are activated, the laptop main and the 32" secondary... but nothing else happens. This is the same computer, am on a live-boot now... so showing error screens may be a little bit of a challenge. Ideas? anyone?03:40
vl4kn0Hi, I have problem with ath9k driver. It's got very weak transmission power compared to windows 7. Is there any way to fix this?03:41
BeldarGuest76162, You can from the tty change the nvidia..etc, or maybe try a nomodeset boot to get to the desktop03:42
DratonBeldar: i'm getting a 'the requested system device cannot be found" part of the 'reboot multiple times stuff?03:42
Guest76162how would I go about that?, Beldar?03:43
BeldarDraton, Hmm, not sure what that means, if it were me I would want windows to boot up and just go, maybe an image of the original to load might be  better.03:44
Beldar!nomodeset | Guest7616203:44
ubottuGuest76162: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:44
BeldarDraton, I assume there is a boot partition, it would have a boot flag on it (active) the bootscript would give us a lot more info if you want to still work on this load.03:45
DratonBeldar: trying one more thing03:46
BeldarDraton, cool.03:46
Guest76162Beldar: it booted once fine, all of this makes no sense to me. sorry. :(03:46
spearheadWhat would be the best way to refresh the unity interface without loging out and back in?03:47
=== james is now known as Guest32007
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest55960
BeldarGuest76162, "I was installing my nvidia drivers and some OsX skins with general updates, etc." is changing the OS in a manner that can cause this and a reboot will show the actual nvidia changes.03:47
pvl1is it safe to remove modem manager03:49
Guest76162Beldar: That I understand, it was the link you sent me. All the code goes over my head.03:49
Beldarspearhead, you can run a reset, however a reboot is generally used to finalize it, look up unity/compiz reset for your release.03:49
Guest32007Hello I am having a problem on Ubuntu with Amazon. I was able to remove it by using gksudo nautilus and going to /usr/share/applications to delete it. It has been gone for a while but now it is randomly back and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.03:49
spearheadBeldar: Ok thanks, by the way, what irc client do you use?03:49
BeldarGuest76162, The nomodeset link is just adding nomodeset to grub via hitting e for edit at the grub menu.03:49
Beldarspearhead, hexchat03:50
pvl1Guest32007 what Amazon? an app?03:50
spearheadBeldar: thx03:50
Guest32007pvl1, yes, if i type amazon in unity search it shows it as an app. I do not want it I had a hard time figuring out how to get rid of it the first time now i tried what i did before to get rid of it and it isn't there03:51
Guest76162Beldar: I'll give it a shot and return if it fails :D thanks!03:51
Scroll_Tro0L< Brand new Unix user03:51
glitsj16pvl1: if you don't do (or plan to do) mobile broadband it's safe to purge modemmanager yes03:52
DratonBeldar: pasted in pm03:52
pvl1Guest32007 have utried removing it through your package manager03:52
pvl1glitsj16 thank you03:52
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Guest32007pvl1, it dont show03:52
DratonBeldar: the storage drives in ntfs were initialized in windows, which is why i assume the MBR is pointing to windows?03:53
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
Beldarspearhead, On my nexus 7 and htc dna I use andchat03:53
pvl1Guest32007 have you seen http://askubuntu.com/questions/363912/how-to-remove-amazon-and-ubuntu-one-music03:54
BeldarDraton, Should be if you have just the new ssd plugged in, I wonder if there is just boot stuff missing. In general I would not dd windows, but I don;t dd anything really.03:54
Dratonhmm ok03:54
spearheadBeldar: I am actually using andchat right now on my GS403:55
BeldarDraton, I just clone everything, I have ssd's and many IS all rather small so it is pretty fast.03:55
Beldarspearhead, I like it for android.03:56
Guest32007pvl1, yes that is where i found the gksudo nautilus to get rid of amazon, and i was able to remove it and now its back and when i try using gksudo nautilus to remove it again it dont work.03:57
Guest32007pvl1, amazon is like a disease03:57
DratonBeldar: perhaps try clonezilla?03:57
mjmac85_I have a question about using acl to automatically set permissions for new files created03:57
BurritoGuest32007, maybe it's a package that needs to be removed? Maybe make a symlink to /dev/null in the file's place?03:58
Guest32007Burrito, idk what that means03:58
BurritoGuest32007, and by "don't work", what do you mean? Any error messages? Does it go away and then come back?03:59
Guest32007Burrito, oh it works fine i just dont want it. If i want to visit amazon ill go to amazon.com i just dont want it installed on my OS03:59
BurritoNo, I mean when you try to remove it, what doesn't work?03:59
BeldarDraton, I use clonezilla and windows has a cloner, up to the pro version you get one image, pro and up unlimited, either will work fine.04:01
Burrito<Guest32007> pvl1, yes that is where i found the gksudo nautilus to get rid of amazon, [...] i try using gksudo nautilus to remove it again it dont work.04:01
=== spearhead_ is now known as spearhead
Guest32007Burrito, i cant find it anywhere when i try to remove it. If i right click on it it only gives the launch option instead of the uninstall option and when i use gksudo nautilys and navigate to /usr/share/applications amazon dont show in applications.04:01
BeldarDraton, Clonezilla saves the mbr the windows imager does not.04:01
pvl1Guest32007 gimme a few minutes I'm not at my computer04:02
Guest32007Burrito, ive had this issue before and was able to use gksudo nautilus to get rid of it, all of a sudden amazon is randomly back and i have no clue why and i cant get it off my system. pvl1 ok ill be here04:02
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
BurritoGuest32007, Unfortunately I haven't used Ubuntu in a while... Is Amazon just in Unity for you (the adverts), or has it taken over more of Ubuntu? If it's just in Unity, this command should still work: sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping04:03
pvl1Guest32007 sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping04:03
Burritoand then restart unity like this. unity --replace &04:04
pvl1thanks Burrito04:04
Burrito(with the & on the end)04:04
pvl1sorry eagles just tied04:04
Guest32007pvl1, Burrito http://paste.ubuntu.com/6694918/04:05
pvl1Guest32007 throw a -f flag and try purge instead of remove04:06
Guest32007pvl1, how do i do that :) sorry im new04:07
Burritosudo apt-get -f purge unity-lens-shopping04:07
pvl1thanks Burrito04:07
Guest32007pvl1, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6694932/04:08
Guest32007Burrito, thank you for the command04:08
Burritohttp://www.webupd8.org/2013/10/how-to-disable-amazon-shopping.html <-- That page suggests --> gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Lenses disabled-scopes "['more_suggestions-amazon.scope', 'more_suggestions-u1ms.scope', 'more_suggestions-populartracks.scope', 'music-musicstore.scope', 'more_suggestions-ebay.scope', 'more_suggestions-ubuntushop.scope', 'more_suggestions-skimlinks.scope']"04:09
BurritoApparently 13.10 has different rules.04:10
BurritoSo you have to disable them as plugins and not packages, as detailed on that page :/04:10
pvl1sudo dpkg -r unity-lens-shopping04:10
pvl1remove what it suggests04:10
pvl1or, get something other than unity04:11
deltmy X server is still executed with "-nolisten tcp" even if i removed that from /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc04:13
delt... in the entire /etc directory, X11/xinit/xserverrc seems to be the only file that contains the phrase "nolisten tcp"04:14
deltwell, contained04:14
pvl1why do u need to listen tcp04:14
deltso i can run apps directly from other hosts on my network04:14
deltusing the $DISPLAY environment variable and tcp/ip04:15
pvl1ssh not an option?04:15
deltyeah, but i'd prefer to have tcp working as well04:15
deltand also, just knowing how this system is built =)04:16
Guest32007pvl1, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6694956/ Im going to try disabling applications all together04:16
=== Guest55960 is now known as VLanX
pgnomehello, can anyone help me with a Google Earth problem?04:17
Beldarpgnome, Maybe state the issues to the channel.04:17
deltpvl1: ...so, any idea?04:17
pvl1delt towards the bottom http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164228604:17
kyanonymoushow do I use proxies with this thing?04:18
deltpvl1: thanks, reading04:18
schultzaWhat's the default M04:18
schultzaWhat's the default MTA for ubuntu.04:18
pvl1delt basically said to edit session04:18
kyanonymoushow do i use this thing with proxies?04:19
Beldarschultza, I believe this is it. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix04:19
pvl1Guest32007 why do u want to use unity, I recommend trying another desktop manager04:19
pvl1kyanonymous do u mean irc04:20
schultzapvl1: Everyone has their needs/wants/religious followings.04:20
Beldarkyanonymous, This thing?04:20
kyanonymousyes pvl104:20
kyanonymousid like to connect to an irc with a false ip04:20
Beldarkyanonymous, register and get a cloak04:20
pvl1kyanonymous this is an ubuntu support channel04:20
Guest32007pvl1, i dont need unity on 13.10?04:21
schultzaYou mean, you would like to use a relay irc chat?04:21
pgnometrying to get GE to work but I have an error msg04:21
pgnome./googleearth-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libGLU.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:21
Guest32007pvl1, i'd rather not use it honestly, after finding shopping stuff on it i find it kind of annoying.04:21
kyanonymousso where do I go to learn how to use irssi?04:21
pvl1Guest32007 correct, u don't. that's what is great about Linux04:21
Beldarpgnome, use the full words, where did you install from, and what is the error?04:21
schultza !irssi04:21
ubottuirssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen04:21
pvl1!window manager04:22
pgnomeBeldar,  I followed all the correct instructions - from the website04:22
ubottuA desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors04:22
pgnomeI am using amd64 but multiarch is installed... ia32 libs is deprecated04:22
pvl1thanks schultza04:23
schultzapvl1: I try. :)04:23
pvl1everyone hack him, he didn't proxy!04:23
ubottuA Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is the server software that sends and queues mail. The default MTA (and !MDA) on Ubuntu is !postfix ("exim" is also officially supported). See also !MailServer and !MUA04:23
pgnomeI think it's a bug with google since they won't fix the conflict with libglu.so.1?04:23
Beldarpgnome, sure, I believe though that the latest from google will not run always, did you look around for google earth on ubuntu and the release you are running.04:23
Guest32007pvl1, how do i switch between different managers?04:23
pvl1!windowmanagers | Guest3200704:23
ubottuGuest32007: A desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors04:23
schultzapvl1: should one use a proxy for irc?04:24
pvl1yes absolutely schultza theres hackers lurking that have nothing better to hack than your firewalled, dynamic ip network04:24
lotuspsychjemorning to all04:25
Beldarpgnome, Your using 14.04 as well so not really relevant on this channel.04:25
pvl1Guest32007 first pick and install one04:25
schultzaGuest32007: First, you will need to make sure the others are installed. Then on the login screen, there is a button you can click to mark another GUI for use on login.04:25
Beldarlotuspsychje, mourning, ;)04:25
lotuspsychjeBeldar: hello mate :p04:26
pgnomewhy does it matter?04:26
Guest32007schultza, awesome, so i can switch between what manager i want to use without having to install a whole new os? that sounds fantastic how do i get them?04:26
Beldarpgnome, Just a development is dealt with on #ubuntu+1 is all.04:26
pgnomeit's giving the same error msg that it has since 12.0404:26
Beldarpgnome, Many if us are on both channels04:27
schultzaInstall them. For example, for kde. "sudo apt-get install kde-desktop" or something like that. I don't do this often, others will offer better help.04:28
pvl1Guest32007: if you want, private message me ill be here a while04:29
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GeoHi, does anyone have any thoughts regarding using a Blue/Green WD HDD with mdadm in a RAID 5 configuration? I've seen arguments both for and against it, due to lacking TLER.04:29
GeoI've determined its not an issue on RAID0/1 setups, but can't figure out for sure on RAID 504:29
pvl1Geo: blue is not recommended for raid04:29
Geonone of them are, because of TLER04:30
Geobut thats not necessarily true04:30
Geowhich leads me back to the question04:30
pvl1Geo: you should ask in #hardware04:31
pvl1no problem Geo, sorry. but theyd help much more than i could for sure :)04:32
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
PublicStaticVoidUnity now has workspace switching with ctl alt arrow disabled?04:36
schultzaI'm back.04:37
PublicStaticVoidEveryone in my timezone is watching starwars mythbusters haha04:38
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=== Guest96115 is now known as PublicStaticVoid
PublicStaticVoidHaving wireless issues04:42
lotuspsychje!details | PublicStaticVoid04:43
ubottuPublicStaticVoid: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:43
PublicStaticVoidWasnt asking for help with wifi haha04:43
PublicStaticVoidJust explaining why I left a second ago04:43
lotuspsychjeoh :p04:43
PublicStaticVoidI am asking however why ctrl alt arrow doesnt switch workspaces anymore?04:44
PublicStaticVoidDoes it have to be enabled?04:44
PublicStaticVoidYey thought my connection was messed up already04:45
PublicStaticVoidMan it is dead in here04:47
lotuspsychje!patience | PublicStaticVoid04:47
ubottuPublicStaticVoid: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/04:47
PublicStaticVoidAnyone.. Workspace switching in Unity.. seems to ave changed04:47
pvl1whats the question04:47
PublicStaticVoidDude I am glad you can use the bot... Awesome..04:48
schultzaFor one getting started in MTAs, especially Exim, where should s/he begin?04:48
deltseems as soon as i run xrdb to load some (ooolllddd Xdefaults), it makes fonts in kde applications huge04:48
delteven if i just run xrdb with no input04:48
schultzaWell, now the bot is of no use.04:49
schultzaLater guys.04:49
Beldarheh, the silent bot04:50
PublicStaticVoidschultza: Has multiple workspace switching been removed from Unity?04:50
spearheadPublicStaticVoid: http://askubuntu.com/questions/83176/how-do-i-quickly-switch-between-workspaces-in-unity/283758#28375804:50
PublicStaticVoidspearhead: Thx04:50
sampson623I have a problem, when I try to run ubuntu on my virtual machine it gives me a error saying that it needs a x86-64 CPU but it only detects a i686 cpu and I have to find a kernel appropriate for my CPU. What should I do?04:50
pvl1sampson623: r you trying to run a 64 bit  os in a 32 bit vm04:51
deltsampson623: you probably downloaded the 64bit version when your VM emulates a 32bit machine04:51
PublicStaticVoidUse a 64bit vm...04:51
sampson623delt Ohh, that's probably it04:51
sgenHello all, Im having a problem scp'ing a file from my local machine to a vm running on my local machine. When I "scp ./testfile.txt user@" I get the error:  scp: /testfile.txt: Permission denied. Does anyone know what could be causing this?04:52
pvl1sgen: file permissions...04:52
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions04:53
pvl1!chmod | sgen04:53
ubottusgen: please see above04:53
rwwsgen: you're trying to upload a file to /testfile.txt. your normal user does not have permission to create files in /04:53
pvl1good call rww04:53
sgenisnt the directory relative to the user scp ssh's as?04:54
rwwsgen: no04:54
rwwsgen: if you want home directory, ~/testfile04:54
sgengot it thanks!04:54
sgenThat was the problem scp dir isnt relative I wanted :~/ thanks!04:55
sampson623I have Virtual Box 4.3.6 that should run 64 bit Ubuntu right?04:56
=== james is now known as Guest38061
pvl1sampson623: your OS must be 64bit04:59
PublicStaticVoidsampson623: your host machine must be 64bit and you must configure the vm to run 64bit04:59
PublicStaticVoidshould default to 64 if your host machine is 64bit04:59
pvl1your a 64bit05:00
sampson623My OS is 64 bit, how do I make VirtualBox run 64 bit? PublicStaticVoid05:02
isyahhow to install fribidi package on 12.04.. i tried sudo apt-get install fribidi...none...pls help05:02
SierraARHello! I'm looking at instructions to have tmux automatically run when I log into a shell, and they say to 'add the following line of bash code to your .bashrc before your aliases; the code for other shells is very similar:'. What part of .bashrc is the aliases? Are these the somename=somevalue lines?05:03
=== Rallias is now known as Gasseus
PublicStaticVoidweird they disabled Workspaces since 13.0405:04
PublicStaticVoidDUnno why on earth they would do that05:04
PublicStaticVoidEasy enough to reenable though05:04
pvl1PublicStaticVoid: i didnt know that, thats really weird, i agree05:04
pvl1sampson623: how did u check your os05:05
PublicStaticVoidWhats that?05:05
maxh76Hello, I have a porblem with installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, when the others are done being helped of course.05:05
PublicStaticVoidpvl1: They have been doing all sorts of weirf things lately05:05
pvl1isyah: what version ubuntu05:05
lotuspsychjemaxh76: can you describe your problem?05:05
pvl1PublicStaticVoid: thats why i dont use unity05:05
DrakkenWarrwhat is the problem maxh7605:05
PublicStaticVoidLike making the decison to goto Gir instead of Wayland05:05
isyahpvl1: ubuntu 12.0405:06
PublicStaticVoidI am gunna be using Enlightenment 0.18 soon05:06
spearheadI just switched to GNOME 3.10 and I am liking it so fat05:06
sampson623I just went here (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/827218) and it told me. Also I have a program files x86 folder.  @ pvl105:06
maxh76I got this message after installing Ubuntu 12.04, there's a lot more to it. ONe second.05:06
DrakkenWarrenlightment is sexy as hell though05:06
PublicStaticVoidSince I have a touchscreen, and id like to actually take advantage of it05:06
PublicStaticVoidI hated Gnome 305:06
PublicStaticVoidLooks so weird out of the box05:06
maxh76"bUG: unable to handle kernel pagin request at ff2b0022"05:06
PublicStaticVoidWish it was a full DE though05:06
PublicStaticVoidinstead of just a WM05:06
lotuspsychjePublicStaticVoid: please focus on ubuntu support mate05:07
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support  discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.05:07
pvl1sampson623: you do realize your in an ubuntu support channel... but neverthe less try #vbox05:07
PublicStaticVoidlotuspsychje: Calm down.. its dead.. no one cares.. Let the Ops moderate, k?05:08
sampson623#vbox is dead :( @pvl105:08
SierraARHm, let's try rephrasing my question xD05:08
PublicStaticVoid##linux is never dead05:08
lotuspsychjePublicStaticVoid: this isnt about moderating, but about keeping space for support questions05:08
maxh76Whats your question SierraAR?05:09
PublicStaticVoidThere is plenty of space05:09
SierraARIn ~/.bashrc, are the 'alias lines' the SOMENAME=somevalue lines?05:09
MartynKeigherhey all.. anyone pretty good with Ruby/Gems and Mysql??05:09
PublicStaticVoidDont send anymore bot commands at me please and thank you.05:09
MartynKeigheri ahve asked about in the ruby and ruby gems room but its so quiet over there!05:09
maxh76Not sure, not on an ubuntu machine sadly.05:09
SierraARIn reference to the instructions given here for starting tmux on every shell login: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Tmux#Start_tmux_on_every_shell_login05:09
PublicStaticVoidTry ##linux05:09
SierraARJust not 100% sure on where exactly the code goes05:09
pvl1sampson623: PM me05:10
maxh76I am having troubles installing Ubuntuon my friends machine, I have it on mine but it's off and downstairs right now.05:10
PublicStaticVoidWould be simple if Ubuntu would switch to systemd05:10
maxh76Would any of you know about kernel paging bugs when installing Ubuntu?05:11
pvl1isyah: are you still here05:11
spearheadSierraAR: in your .bashrc there should be a little section towards the top which says something like # If not running interactively, don't do anything05:12
PublicStaticVoidWould it be difficult to make my Ubuntu use systemd?05:12
spearheadSierraAR: Put it directly after that section05:12
SierraARspearhead: Alright, thanks05:13
pvl1PublicStaticVoid: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/systemd05:13
spearheadSierraAR: in mine it would look like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6695134/05:14
SierraARspearhead: http://pastebin.com/BWgFz9qn correct? Want to make sure I dont lock myself out of ssh05:14
isyahpvl1: yes... i am still here... can you help me on this?05:16
PublicStaticVoidpvl1: Thanks.. loks like its not a good idea05:17
SierraARAwesome, it's working. Thanks05:17
spearheadSierraAR: np05:17
SierraARIs there  away to have the default .bashrc thats created when adduser is run include that line of code?05:18
pvl1np PublicStaticVoid05:18
pvl1isyah: are you looking for http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/centerim-fribidi05:19
pvl1isyah: or are you looking to develop with the libraries for fribidi05:19
SierraARActually nevermind that last question, probably isnt the best idea05:19
daliti want to power down my screen off if kept idle. how to do?05:19
isyahpvl1: i did try intall centrim-fribidi..show got error for mpv... no fribidi package05:20
AiAhey people.... this is something I have never had happend to me... I installed nvidia drivers to my system, and now whenever I press the play button on the minecraft launcher, X restarts (used to be the machine shuts down).... ANy thougts?05:20
maxh76Try making sure openJDK 7 and 6 are both installed.05:20
pvl1isyah: have you enabled the other repos?05:21
maxh76Try "sudo apt-get get update && sudo apt-get install && sudo apt-get upgrade" to check all repositories, install new packages, and upgrade packages.05:21
pvl1!repos | isyah05:21
ubottuisyah: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.05:21
isyahpvl1: okay... let me try05:22
spearheadSierraAR: if you end up wanting to what you would need to do is change the default .bashrc file which is in /etc/skel/.bashrc I would recommend backing it up first though with sudo cp /etc/skel/.bashrc /etc/skel/.bashrc.bk05:22
SierraARspearhead: K, thanks05:23
xanguaisyah: centrim-fribidi =/ centerim-fribidi05:23
pvl1ty xangua05:23
isyahxangua: centerim-fribidi05:24
headpunterI just put ubuntu onto my 2 year old laptop that has a nvidia optimus setup, i downloaded the driver from nvidia but it seems like it takes forever to install, (tried once, it failed), I am not sure i am doing it right05:25
headpunter(complete ubuntu noob)05:25
BabaNKhi all05:26
BabaNKi've upgrade ubuntu 14.04 (trusty)05:26
pvl1headpunter: any errors05:26
BabaNKnow i cannot able to get into xwindows05:26
pvl1headpunter: can you describe how you are installing it05:26
BabaNKwhen i run startx only blank screen is appearing... without anything05:26
BabaNKtried to repair unity by reinstall unity and compiz05:27
headpunterpvl1, i just downloaded the driver from nvidia and double clicked it05:27
BabaNKcan anybody help me?05:27
headpunterit was a .run file05:27
g1Hi.How to login in terminal not the graphic desktop  when PC boot every time?05:27
Scott_SAlright, folks, time to pick brains. Anyone had an issue where installing the latest Intel HD drivers causes 2D acceleration for Unity's dash to stop working properly?05:27
AiAheadpunter, that file will make you wanna go ctrl, alt, f1 and shut down x and then install the driver...05:28
lotuspsychje14.04 | BabaNK05:28
headpunterpvl1, ok05:28
lotuspsychje!14.04 | BabaNK05:28
ubottuBabaNK: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+105:28
pvl1thanks AiA05:29
robierobhey i am interested in a terminal login as well..05:29
pvl1g1 ctrl+alt+F105:29
AiAi just did that myself, but now it seems I cannot play minecraft:D05:30
robierobyou got minecraft working on ubuntu?05:30
Scott_SIf we're talking about installing Nvidia/AMD drivers, installing via apt-get doesn't require you to shut down x.05:30
Scott_SAlso, use openjdk-7-jre instead of openjdk-6-jre.05:30
g1My memry used is always 99%,when I ctrl+alt+F1 ,the  unity-greeter process is not disapear05:30
AiAfunny story... it's java, so really shouldn't be a problem05:30
isyahpvl1: xangua :E: Unable to locate package fribidi05:30
robierobrealy how?05:31
AiAyou download it of the site, and double click the minercaft.jar05:31
isyahpvl1: xangua : i have updated the repo as well05:31
AiAthat will make your pc start the launcher05:31
pvl1g1 thats probably not unity-greeter. but you could just close it. sudo service gdm stop05:32
robieroblinux ubuntu?05:32
AiAyes robierob05:32
robierobaia: seriously no fucking with me?05:32
AiAmake sure you have java installed first...05:32
robierobok there we go how do i do that?05:32
AiAno robierob... why would I fuck with you?05:32
Scott_Srobierob, open the terminal " sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre"05:33
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:33
robieroblol ok just a sek05:33
headpunterwhat do i search for in apt-get for the nvidia drivers05:33
Scott_Sheadpunter, "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current"05:34
pvl1isyah: i think your best bet is to build from source05:34
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-current | HeadlessDan05:34
ubottuHeadlessDan: nvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.88-0ubuntu8 (saucy), package size 4 kB, installed size 34 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)05:34
robierobok i got it05:34
g1pvl1:gdm: unrecognized service. Can I login as terminal by default?05:34
AiAthen you download minecratf...05:34
pvl1isyah: http://fribidi.org/05:34
AiAuse the .jar file...05:34
robierobis this a version i can just single player...05:34
headpunterScott_S, i am loving this apt-get stuff more and more05:34
maxh76You also have to set the Minecraft.jar as exuctable.05:35
AiAthis is the client of minecraft... like any other client...05:35
robierob? ok you go me05:35
pvl1g1: http://askubuntu.com/questions/76543/how-do-i-disable-gdm-and-graphical-user-selection05:35
Scott_Sheadpunter, aptitude is your best friend if you're not well-versed with linux.05:35
robierobright click05:35
AiAyou may play on a server if you feel like it05:35
maxh76AiA, do you have minecraft working?05:35
robierobslow down your blowing my mind05:35
lotuspsychjeAiA: plz keep this channel for ubuntu support only05:35
isyahpvl1: okay... thanks05:35
Scott_S!offtopic | AiA05:35
ubottuAiA: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:35
maxh76AiA, Check your nVidia driver version.05:36
pvl1isyah: come back if you need help compiling05:36
AiAI had... until it made my x crash when I hit the play button, after I fiddeled with thte drivers05:36
AiA331.20 atm... the one of nvidia site...05:36
AiAnext step for me is deleting that, removing it...05:37
pvl1AiA: ive had better luck with the version previous05:37
headpunterdoes nvidida optimus work in linux?05:37
maxh76'sudo apt-get get update' thenn 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current-319*' yes to the prompts. You might want to uninstall nvidia first. 'sudo apt-get uninstall nvidia-*' make sure you're in a TTY before that, and reinstall 'ubuntu-desktop'05:37
pvl1AiA: what is the problem05:37
lotuspsychje!optimus | HeadlessDan05:38
ubottuHeadlessDan: The Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/05:38
AiAcan I just download that, and install it like the other, or do I need to do something omnious to the driver?05:38
maxh76Well, installing it from the Nvidia website isn't as good.05:38
maxh76That's probably why it broke.05:38
pvl1maxh76: why not05:38
pvl1why wouldnt the manufacturers drivers be optimal05:38
maxh76You need to install Ubuntu's nvidia drivers, that should be better.05:38
maxh76Well, you don't need to.05:39
robierobAiA: whats the file location for minecraft in the file tree?05:39
maxh76I've heard people installing from the manufacturer and it didn't work well. Ubuntu's nvidia drivers are open source and seem to work better as well05:39
maxh76You can go into the additional drivers utility and activate the recommended nvidia drivers. 319, I believe.05:40
lotuspsychjeheadpunter: that link was for you mate05:40
pvl1maxh76: no what youve heard is that compiling didnt work well. when you bite the bullet and go through the effort to actually install it, its better, bc it compiles for your system05:40
maxh76pv11: oh, okay. So installing from ubuntu's repos for nvidia drivers doesn't compile? I'm a bit confused.05:40
pvl1maxh76: the open source ones are just easier to install05:41
pvl1maxh76: not exactly. the repos one is modified, after all its open source05:41
maxh76pv11: Okay, so the one's from the manufacturer are better?05:41
pvl1and the open source community, unless its willing to reverse engineer expensive gpu chips isnt able to develop the same driver that the manuf. can05:41
pvl1they are definetly better05:41
pvl1they are the ones that made the technology in the first place05:42
headpunterthanks lotuspsychje05:42
pvl1thats why even when your on windows, you prefer the actual driver, over whatever windows supplies05:42
maxh76Maybe I'll try installing those, wonder how much that would up my performance. Although I have a nvidia 204 card, so it's pretty old..05:42
maxh76Well, yea that's true. But ubuntu, linux in itself actually, is much different from the perspective. Some open-source drivers for some tools are better then the proprietary ones.05:43
pvl1maxh76: the performance difference is usually for newer cards.05:43
pvl1maxh76: i havent neccessarily seen it, but i wont disspute it. its just when it comes to things like gpu's, its the manufacturer thats best05:44
Scott_S!offtopic | maxh76 pvl105:45
ubottumaxh76 pvl1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:45
maxh76I understand now, before I thought that the proprietary nvidia drivers were worse than ubuntu's ope source ones.05:45
pvl1lol sorry, rant05:45
maxh76Right, off topic. Sorry guys.05:45
maxh76pv11: I do have a question with an ubuntu install on my friend's machine.05:45
phutchinsanyone having issues install ruby2.0.0p247 on ubuntu 13.10 via rvm?05:45
pvl1maxh76: whats up05:45
Scott_SUbuntu uses a repository from Nvidia, the drivers are the same, the repository simply has drivers that are easier to install. They aren't guaranteed to be the latest. /info05:46
pvl1Scott_S: does that mean that they compile upon installation05:46
maxh76I get 'BUG: unable to handle kernel paging error at ff2b0022'05:47
pvl1maxh76: while its installing?05:47
phutchinsGetting 404's on doing the rvm install...05:47
phutchinsThe requested url does not exist(22): 'http://cache.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/./ruby-2.0.0p247.tar.bz2'05:47
Scott_Spvl1, Well, there are a few things it has to compile. You may have noticed it generates a boot image when it installs and uses the nouveau server for 3d acceleration.05:47
maxh76pv11: After the install, it installs fine. But then when I turn it back on, that's what happens.05:47
peyammaxh76, bad made image. during instalation = Download again and make cd05:48
pvl1Scott_S: is nvidia still the module?05:48
maxh76Oh, okay. That seems like an easy solution.05:48
Scott_Spvl1, Let's go to #ubuntu-offtopic05:48
maxh76What would I do if that doesn't work?05:48
pvl1Scott_S: yes sure05:48
peyammaxh76, come bac here05:48
peyammaxh76, be aware of what ubuntu u download, 64 or 8605:49
maxh76peyam: alright, thanks for the help. I have to go to sleep now. Been stalling.05:49
peyamgo sleep05:49
maxh76I shall, goodnight.05:49
maxh76sleep well everyone, have a great day/night.05:49
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
schonehas anyone been successful getting any ubuntu ver on a USB stick to work on a macbook air with persistence???05:56
peyamschone, do you make the usb in mac ? or other os?05:57
schonemake it on a mac05:57
schoneI've tried it making it in ubuntu too... but obi that has no uefi boot so it didn't work at all05:57
peyamuse virtuel box05:57
peyamI dunno..  never owned a mac05:58
lotuspsychje!mac | schone05:58
ubottuschone: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages05:58
schonelotuspsychje: my air version doesn't show up there05:59
lotuspsychjeschone: did you change bios to usb first boot?06:00
rwwit's a Mac, it doesn't have BIOS06:00
peyamhaha, I dont get that mac06:00
peyamalways a pain in the as06:01
=== iter_ is now known as iter
spearheadif I remember right you have to hold a key down on boot to select usb maybe "c"?06:01
headpunter is the main thing holding more games from coming to linux just that there isn't a directx replacement?06:02
schonethe problem is that i want persistence06:03
schoneand that for some reason is unachievable task06:03
rwwheadpunter: ... OpenGL?06:03
pvl1headpunter: that and its a smaller market06:03
schoneI've tried unetbootin (which creates an unbootable usb stick)06:03
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
schoneI've tried others that don't offer the persistent drive06:03
pvl1headpunter: most PC gamers probably run windows06:03
schoneand they work06:03
Beldarschone, a persistent has limitations06:03
schonebut again i need persistence on the free space left on that usb06:03
schoneBeldar: i can live with limitations... as long as i have some persistence06:04
Beldarschone, a casper-rw named partition will give you it.06:04
schonehow can I create one for an already packaged ISO file?06:04
spearheadschone: if you create the usb startup disk in Ubuntu with Startup Disk Creator it has the option to create a persistance file using the remaining space on the usb drive06:04
headpunterwhile i realize a lot of games can run opengl, most games for windows are still in directx06:04
schonecause thats what pinguintosh creates for me06:04
idanielI just downloaded all the "pipeline" with the included wine stuff so that I can watch netflix and it isn't working at all.06:04
lotuspsychjeheadpunter: try askin in #ubuntu-offtopic mate06:04
schonespearhead: I've done that... but ubuntu creates a non UEFI boot loader ...06:05
Beldarschone, HOw big is the usb?06:05
lotuspsychje!netflix | idaniel06:05
ubottuidaniel: If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop06:05
schoneis there a way to get what ubuntu created to work with Mac's UEFI boot06:05
schoneBeldar: 8gb06:05
headpunterI got everything working that i needed to, thanks for the help #ubuntu06:05
idanielo.k. thanks!06:06
Beldarschone, You can have one 1 gig partition for the iso, and a second that is the casper-rw, the persistent, however doing this in a apple I have no idea.06:06
schoneBeldar: thats my problem... in apple06:06
Beldarschone, I suspect it is easily possible, just a little research is needed, this is ubuntu, not ubuntu on apple computers support. ;)06:07
* satellit_e VirtualBox? works on my MacBookPro06:07
schoneBeldar: thx neways06:07
schonesatellit_e: i'd like it without a virtualization if i could....06:08
spearheadschone: you could try this option I cant vouch for it though  http://applescript.wonderhowto.com/how-to/boot-ubuntu-macbook-from-usb-0128013/06:08
BeldarI would use apple if someone gave me one, but a purchase is unlikely for me.06:08
spearheadme too, great hardware... just too expensive06:09
satellit_eunderstood....apple makes so many different drivers....very hard to get the right ones working thus sugesstion06:09
schonemaybe i should ask it differently06:10
Scroll_Tro0LAny recommendations for a VM for windows?06:10
schonei have a 12.04 installation turned into an IMG file06:10
schoneis there any way i can add a casper-rw to it postfact06:10
varunendraschone, are you able to boot the macbook from USB (Ubuntu Live) ?06:10
lotuspsychjeScroll_Tro0L: ##windows06:10
Scroll_Tro0LI mean for running windows on ubuntu06:10
lotuspsychjeScroll_Tro0L: or you want run windows from ubuntu?06:10
Scroll_Tro0LYes, that.06:11
lotuspsychjeScroll_Tro0L: virtualbox06:11
Scroll_Tro0LI'm brand new to unix06:11
schonevarunendra: yes... with 12.04 i am.  But its packed into the USB stick as an ISO file06:11
satellit_eonly server works I think06:11
lotuspsychje!info virtualbox | Scroll_Tro0L06:11
ubottuScroll_Tro0L: virtualbox (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.16-dfsg-3 (saucy), package size 13831 kB, installed size 50333 kB06:11
Scroll_Tro0LLike I said, I'm totaly new, so please bear with me. Should I make a new user for VM installation?06:11
Scroll_Tro0LAnd which folder should I be tossing this dl file into and installing it?06:12
varunendraschone, can you get to Ubuntu's advance boot menu while booting from that?06:12
lotuspsychjeScroll_Tro0L: after virtualbox install you can install any Os on it06:12
schonevarunendra: not sure i know what u mean by that06:12
satellit_eand export the appliance to any other OS -06:12
lotuspsychjeScroll_Tro0L: after install virtualbox, every ubuntu user can manage his own virtualx Os sessions06:13
varunendraschone, the third picture on this page : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions06:13
spearheadScrollTro0L: you don't need to create another user and you should be able to install virtual box from ubuntu software center06:13
schonevarunendra: no i cannot06:13
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
schonebut i do have an option to add the persistent keyword to the boot options06:13
schonenot sure where it adds it tho06:13
Scroll_Tro0Llotuspsychje, K. I just copy/pasted something for the repo.06:13
Scroll_Tro0LPer ubuntu website instructions06:13
lotuspsychjeScroll_Tro0L: you can find it in software centre like spearhead sugested06:14
Scroll_Tro0LUsing this06:14
varunendraschone, normally it depends which bootloader you are using. In live USB it is usually "syslinux", in an optical media it is "isolinux". Not sure if it can be something else on a mac supported app.06:15
satellit_ethis is 11.04 LTS on a PC with VirtualBox installed.06:15
lotuspsychjesatellit_e: 11.04 is eol06:15
schonevarunendra: lets suppose its loads the kernel fine, how can I add an rw filesystem to it post fact06:15
schoneafter its been created06:15
satellit_e12.04 LTS sorry06:15
lotuspsychjesatellit_e: :p06:15
Scroll_Tro0LI'm using 12.0406:16
Scroll_Tro0LNOt 1306:16
* satellit_e (actually Linux Mint 13 cinnamon)06:16
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:16
rwwoh, nvm. my bad06:17
sina_tHey guys06:17
varunendraschone, to be honest, I'm not sure about that, but I can tell it would be more complex than it needs to be. Probably you'd have to create a rw duplicate of the filesystem (or keep it ready somewhere), then 'chroot' into it. But like I said, I'm not sure if it would work as expected.06:17
schonegot ya06:18
sina_twho can help me for SNMP ??06:18
schoneok thanks!06:18
lotuspsychje!details | sina_t06:18
ubottusina_t: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:18
sina_tOK, I want to add some MIBs to my new snmp intsalled, so I downloaded and put it in the right place but it's not work as good06:19
Scroll_Tro0LSo once this is all setup, all the instructions I see are for gui version of ubuntu. Does the server version come with a desktop pre-installed or would I need to install it seperately?06:20
varunendraschone, which program are you using to boot the ISO? Does it create a "syslinux.cfg" file?06:22
schoneits create a uefi boot06:23
thom_rHow do I change file permissions? Owner is root, so I can't delete pictures from a certain file.06:23
fegothom_r: look for the chmod command.06:25
=== LjL^ is now known as LjL
thom_rcan you give me more details than that06:26
fegochmod 777 filename06:26
fegothe above commands makes a file read, write and executable to the world.06:27
fegoit is still a very versatile command.06:27
satellit_egksu imagewriter in mint 13 makes bootable USB sticks will it work with UEFI?06:27
varunendraschone, if you could get the advance boot menu somehow, it would have been fairly easy. But it seems you should also be able to add the "persistence" flag in the isolinux/txt.cfg file within the ISO. Maybe use "ISOmaster" to replace that file and see if it helps06:30
hkrhow do I install ubuntu alongside windows in such a way that I can erase the ubuntu partition anytime and have windows working ?06:34
ianorlinyou can get them both working in a dualboot06:34
ianorlinand choose when you boot06:34
hkryes. ianorlin06:35
varunendrahkr, which version of Windows? EFI booting or traditional MBR based?06:35
pvl1!grub | hkr06:35
ubottuhkr: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:35
hkrI have EFI bios but windows seems to be installed as MBR :\06:35
pvl1hkr: it works the other way around tho06:35
hkrwhat do you mean pvl1 ?06:36
hkrI can install grub again after removing linux ?06:36
pvl1hkr: thats the point06:36
pvl1if you remove grub06:36
varunendrahkr, as far as I know, you can't boot an MBR based setup when EFI is enabled in BIOS.06:36
pvl1you remove your bootloader, and cant get windows.06:36
pvl1!wubi | hkr06:37
ubottuhkr: Wubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug06:37
hkrvarunendra:I have "both uefi and legacy" option enabled in bios06:37
hkrpvl1: so how do i stop the grub from getting removed while deleting ubuntu ?06:38
Scroll_Tro0LMy host has a custom kernel of ubuntu installed that's messing with the vbox install, can I change to another kernel with my current install or do I need to wipe?06:38
varunendrahkr, If using Windows Vista or higher, you can use EasyBCD program (in windows) to boot Ubuntu. But if it is a GPT based partition scheme, simply delete the Ubuntu partition and keep using Windows. Grub won't affect the booting in that case.06:39
pvl1hkr: put it in another partition, or there might be a different bootloader you can load06:39
pvl1do that ^^^06:39
hkrpvl1:you mean VBR or PBR ?06:39
=== _gypsy_ is now known as zz__gypsy_
hkrvarunendra:why doesnt grub affect booting in GPT ?06:40
pvl1hkr: not sure what you mean. i think varunendra will be able to help you better than i06:40
varunendrahkr, because it gets installed in PBR, not MBR (there is nothing like MBR at all in the GPT scheme)06:40
hkrokay... so if i use gpt i can use windows boot manager as the default bootloader too, varunendra?06:41
sampson623_I have a problem, when I try to enable amd-v I go into the BIOS but I cant see where I could enable it. I have Uefi bios but I go into my BIOS setup06:41
varunendrahkr, I haven't used EFI based booting myself yet, but I believe it provides its own boot menu, not that of Windows or Ubuntu or any other OS installed.06:42
hkrokay thanks a lot varunendra :D06:42
varunendranp :)06:43
dixoncxInstalled and set admin pass for ntop. how to start ntop ? i got error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6695395/06:43
varunendrahkr, one more thing, if it is an MBR based setup, just choose to install Grub on the Partition (not MBR), then in windows, use EasyBCD to add Ubuntu to Windows boot menu06:43
pvl1dixoncx: perhaps sudo service ntop start06:44
thom_rI have tried several options to delete the folder. It keeps telling me No such file or directory.06:44
pvl1thom_r: maybe you already deleted it06:44
hkrvarunendra: So will grub show up at boot or will the windows boot manager come up ?06:44
thom_rnope, still there06:44
pvl1what folder06:44
dixoncxpvl1, nope. but sudo ntop works.06:45
sampson623_can anyone help?06:45
varunendrahkr, in the EasyBCD method, it'll be Windows Boot menu06:45
pvl1dixoncx: what happens when you run that command06:45
thom_rI just want to change the permissions from root to user06:45
hkrOkay. Thanks a lot :D06:45
Beldardixoncx, The manpage may help. http://www.ntop.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/ntop-man.html06:46
varunendrahkr, but perhaps you'll get (if you wish) the Grub menu too after choosing "Ubuntu" from Windows menu06:46
=== cds is now known as thechris
pvl1thom_r: chown -R user:group EXACT/PATH which i feel is probably /home/Viber/Downloads06:46
thom_rit's actually in documents06:46
hkrthanks a lot, varunendra06:46
thom_rbut I will try that06:46
pvl1thom_r: Documents06:46
pvl1D not d06:46
hkrI will get grub after choosing linux from the windows boot menu. I think ive seen it in a lot of places.06:47
varunendrahkr, you're welcome :)06:47
thom_rok, it came back with invalid group06:48
Angel_Of_Sorrowcan you get ubuntu as a dvd?06:49
hkryes you need to buy it06:49
thom_rpvl1, can you give me an example of what to put for user:group?06:49
hkrAngel_Of_Sorrow: http://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=1706:50
pvl1thom_r your username06:51
pvl1thom_r: you can change just user06:51
thom_rso thom:group for example?06:52
=== noel is now known as Guest64579
pvl1thom_r: just thom06:52
pvl1no :group06:52
thom_rok, gotcha06:52
thom_rthank you06:53
pvl1no problem06:53
thom_rthat returns no such file or directory06:53
pvl1thom_r: can i see your command please06:54
thom_rchown -R thom /home/Documents/ViberDownloads06:54
=== Guest39609 is now known as DonVitoCorleone
Angel_Of_Sorrowcan you get ubuntu as a dvd? that link proved inconclusive06:54
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving06:54
thom_r!/home/Documents/ViberDownloads ?06:55
ubottuthom_r: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:55
pvl1thom_r: your home dir is split up by user names. its never /home/Documents by default, its /home/user/Documents which is probably /home/thom/Documents since you are in fact thom06:56
pvl1thom_r: furthermore, learn to use tab completion in the terminal. write /home/ and hit tab twice06:56
pvl1!tab completion06:56
=== Mohi is now known as IAmNotThatGuy
thom_rchown: changing ownership of ‘/home/thom/Documents/ViberDownloads/3f99f55b524d2a65251f5f136ebe94ff5175f1ef6262926a745fde3b5da5c0ad.jpg’: Operation not permitted06:58
thom_r. That is what I'm getting now06:58
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
pvl1thom_r: excellent! you learned somethings. get used to using tab compleition, much convenient. anyways. put sudo in front of that06:59
satellit_ecan you copy paste it to your /home ?  (that will give a copy with our permissions06:59
thom_rthat worked, AWESOME07:00
thom_rthank you so much07:00
pvl1satellit_e: if its readable by you i guess so07:00
pvl1no problem thom_r07:01
thom_rpvl1, you are wizard in the Linux world.07:03
richwhere is the LXLE channel?07:05
pvl1thom_r: just been using it a while thats all07:05
pvl1rich do u mean #lxde07:05
ubottuianorlin: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:05
ianorlinalthough not sure there is one07:05
pvl1its on efnet07:05
pvl1i think07:06
llutz!alis | rich07:06
ubotturich: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:06
ianorlinit uses lxde but is different07:06
richno, lxle - its Lubuntu 12.04 with LXDE. its a new distro... LE=life extension - lol07:06
pvl1so really its just #lubuntu07:06
pvl1thom_r: whyd ya ask07:06
ianorlinwith other stuff added07:06
richyes, just a lot fancier07:06
Angel_Of_Sorrowwhat does the following mean - i am getting a dvd where -The entire oss, non-oss, and packman repositories + all updates and security fixes come with the package07:07
thom_rask what?07:07
llutzAngel_Of_Sorrow: how is that ubuntu-related?07:07
Angel_Of_Sorrowthats what i want to know07:08
Angel_Of_Sorrowwhat are packman repositories?07:08
Angel_Of_Sorrowis that for mythtv?07:08
pvl1rich: how is it fancier im interested now07:08
bhaveshAngel_Of_Sorrow: "pacman" is from Arch Linux, not realted to Ubuntu.07:08
Scroll_Tro0LI have no modules folder in proc and I don't have permissions to make it. Any way to make the folder without messing with kernel?07:08
pvl1Angel_Of_Sorrow: why dont you just download it and burn it07:08
pvl1or make a usb07:08
rich.lemme find the URL to their site, then you can check it out for yourself07:09
ubottuTo compile modules and drivers that are not bundled with the standard kernel,  for more info /msg ubottu kernel  , install the relevant package, usually called "<modulename>-source", and run « sudo module-assistant » (you will have to do this again after kernel updates). To prevent specific modules from loading, see /msg ubottu blacklist07:09
pvl1thanks rich07:09
richits: www.lxle.net - I love it. I found regular Lubuntu had a very boring desktop. This rocks07:10
bhaveshAngel_Of_Sorrow: this might help you for making your own Ubutnu DVD : http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/burn-a-dvd-on-windows07:11
richits good for old PC's like mine :)07:11
ianorlinunless your dvd burner was broken07:11
pvl1ianorlin: usb!!07:11
pvl1rich: i like07:12
richIt's great! brings eye candy to LXDE07:13
roger_hey can anyone help me pls07:13
pvl1we can all try roger_07:13
richalis lxle07:15
rich!alis lxle07:15
rwwit's lxde07:15
ianorlinno lxle is another distro07:15
richgeez i've forgotten how to use IRC... its been almost 10 yrs !07:15
rwwsilly name07:15
roger_hey who said u can help me07:16
pvl1roger_: whats your problem07:16
richhow do I invoke alis?07:16
roger_should i pm u07:16
llutz!alis | rich07:16
ubotturich: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:16
thom_rroger_ what seems to be your problem?07:16
pvl1roger_: you can ask here, well all try to help together07:16
roger_the fn key on my laptop only work if i suspend then resume07:16
roger_after boot on07:17
rich!alis | lxle07:17
ubottulxle: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:17
=== MomoNasty is now known as Momo|Off
roger_and i want to know how i can make them work straight off the bat07:17
varunendraroger_, what brand/model the laptop is ? And is it just some particular function or all the combinations with the Fn key?07:17
llutzrich: "Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*"  so hard?07:17
rich.thanks llutz07:19
richif I install regular Ubuntu do I have to accept the Unity DE? I d/l'd the "live" DVD and the only choice it booted to was  Unity.07:21
=== ]DMackey[ is now known as DMackey
roger_varunendra, brand is vaio and some fn keys work before resume but not all07:22
pvl1rich: after installing you can pick another07:22
pvl1!windowmanagers | rich07:22
ubotturich: A desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors07:22
rich.cool, thanks07:23
varunendraroger_, which ones are not working? And what is the output of "lsmod | grep wmi" ?07:23
richSo if Ubuntu allows you to install an LXDE desktop, then what is the different between Ubuntu and Lubuntu?07:24
ubottu!Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.07:24
roger_varunendra, i dont know ur stupid man07:24
roger_varunendra, im talking about suspend and resume07:25
lotuspsychje!language | roger_07:25
ubotturoger_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:25
roger_varunendra, its working but only after resume from suspend07:25
roger_ok relax07:25
roger_i am too stone anyway07:25
thom_rrich, Lubuntu comes with LXDE by default.07:26
richright, I get that, but are the internals of Lubuntu different that Ubuntu?07:26
Beldarrich, look on the web for the intrinsic details they are just different desktops.07:27
richare the messages I'm getting in "red" private messages?07:27
thom_rrich, no07:28
rich(it's been a long time since i've used IRC_07:28
thom_rthose are directed towards you07:28
rich.cool feature07:28
thom_rwhen you type someones name, it will show up to them in red07:28
richthom_r so this message is in red for you?07:28
rich.ok lol07:28
richthe ubottu bot is incredible. They are parsing my questions and sending me answers! Never saw an IRC bot do that before (in 2002 anyway).07:33
SaberX01 |less07:37
Scroll_Tro0LFor Vbox, when setting the ostype, how important is it to match the exact OS?07:38
Scroll_Tro0LCan I leave it as other or the closest OS?07:39
rwwScroll_Tro0L: iirc it just changes default settings07:40
BeldarScroll_Tro0L, Might help you to know there is a #vbox channel as well if needed.07:41
Scroll_Tro0LWilco, thanks.07:41
Scroll_Tro0LWhat is the equivalent of pf.conf from freebsd in ubuntu?07:52
Scroll_Tro0LIt's all the port forwarding rules07:53
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
HitmanIs trolling art of lulz?07:54
HitmanSorry fail07:55
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=== Sinis_smooth is now known as GREECE|Sinis
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
kubanchelllow! I have a problem. My USB keyboard doesnt work in tty-virtual terminal08:18
PublicStaticVoidDo you mean the tty that come up when you press ctr alt Fn?08:20
kubancPublicStaticVoid, tty1 when i press ctrl+alt+F108:20
PublicStaticVoidtry https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallUSBKeyboard08:21
PublicStaticVoidpastebin your lsusb please08:21
kubancPublicStaticVoid, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6695697/08:22
PublicStaticVoidkubanc: is it a wireless mouse/keyboard combo?08:24
luyenhello every on08:26
luyeni have a question08:26
chuanfooso many people08:29
luyeni set up ubuntu 12.0408:30
luyeni can see my wifi and acess to my wifi08:30
luyenbut only 2 minute, it dis and don't show any thing08:31
luyensorry for my ES >.<08:31
chuanfooyou can baidu or goolge08:32
luyenand other problem08:32
luyenI can't install "wine" software center08:33
lolcatwhere are the ubuntu coders?08:34
chuanfoosorry ,i'm new08:34
luyenit's showa error : The following packages have unmet dependencies:08:35
luyenwine1.4: PreDepends: dpkg (>= but 1.16.12ubuntu1 is to be installed08:35
luyen         Depends: libc6 (>= 2.14) but 2.17-93ubuntu4 is to be installed08:35
luyen         Depends: wine1.4-amd64 (= 1.4.1-0ubuntu7) but 1.4.1-0ubuntu7 is to be installed08:35
luyen         Depends: wine1.4-i386 (= 1.4.1-0ubuntu7) but it is a virtual package08:35
FloodBot1luyen: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:35
chuanfooluyen you should install the dependencies first08:36
luyenhow can i do it? i'm just use linux in short time08:38
=== paul_ is now known as paulus68
Angel_Of_Sorrowmy laptop has a 450gig C:Drive, and a 50gig D:Drive...i was told that the installer will offer the option to automatically install linux in the free space of the harddrive....most of that is in my huge  C:Drive. Will linux automatically partition and resize the C:Drive ?08:44
Angel_Of_Sorrowsh simplez08:46
thom_rAngel_Of_Sorrow, what operating system do you currently have?08:46
Angel_Of_Sorrowwindows xp08:47
thom_rok, I'm assuming you have powerful enough hardware to run Ubuntu well. If not I would suggest Lubuntu, or Zorin Lite.08:48
Angel_Of_Sorrowi have 16gig of ram08:49
Angel_Of_Sorrowdo all linux's have that auto partition installation option?08:50
llutzAngel_Of_Sorrow: no08:50
thom_ryou should be fine with Ubuntu then08:52
kubanchellow! my USB logitech keyboard is not working in tty (ctrl+alt+F1). Any idea?08:52
thom_rI recommend 4 gigs for Ubuntu as a minimum.08:53
PublicStaticVoidI switched to te open source AMD Driver crashed and burned.. restrted to black screen had to use nomodeset to get a tty08:57
PublicStaticVoidHow can I switch back to the binary driver from CLI now?08:58
PublicStaticVoidI think it is because I am using a very new Video chipset08:58
PublicStaticVoidSorry if anyone answered I missed it09:00
tiesHello. I just accidently deleted the entire /home/me/Documents. I tried recovery via a usb with extundelete but receive the error message "638 recoverable inodes found. Looking through the directory structure for deleted files ...  638 recoverable inodes still lost. No files were undeleted.". Any suggestions^09:00
llutzties: standard answer: recover from backup09:01
llutzties: you may try photorec or similar tools but if they will have more success....09:02
tiestell llutz unfortunately I was in the process of eliminating unecessary files, and was just finished and about to copy them to a usb when I clicked "effacer" instead of "copier"09:02
PublicStaticVoidSo for some reason when I switched from the binary AMD Driver to the Xorg open source driver I crashed and rebooted into a black screen. Had to use nomodeset kernel option just to get back to a tty09:03
PublicStaticVoidCould my chipset be to new for the open source driver?09:03
llutzties: "clicked" so some GUI-acions? doesn't your gui has a trashbin to recover from?09:03
PublicStaticVoidalso how can I switch back to the binary driver?09:03
tiesllutz: well, I looked there, but it seems to me that they bypassed this folder and just "disappeared", kind of like with shift-del if I have understood correctly... If it helps, I am using xubuntu 12.04...09:05
llutzties: shift-del removes files directly in most filemanagers afaik. so you're lost if you don't have a backup. i'd try photorec as a last resort09:06
llutzties: and for the future you should think about some automatic backup-solutions. as you see, manual backups won't work09:07
tiesllutz: ya.... I thought it would work out... but one wrong click and disaster strikes... darn....09:08
MarkDaviesHow can I send a text in a form field using w3m? Simple Enter doesn't work.09:13
PublicStaticVoidI get this in Dmesg:09:20
PublicStaticVoidACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed [\_SB_.PCI0.VGA_.AF03]09:20
PublicStaticVoidand if I use the open source ATI/AMD Driver I get a black screen which responds t nothing..09:21
Name141Is 12.04 the latest LTS?09:24
_polto_anyone, I need to restore a 8.04 and install some packages. I did find the CD , but repositories listed in /etc/apt/sources.list  are no longer available. where can I find a mirror pls ?09:24
_polto_Name141, yes next will be in April.09:25
Name141_polto_: I think that one still has the ATi support for 4670 ?09:25
Name141As in ATi/AMD drivers?09:25
PublicStaticVoidI think 8400 just inst supported by the open source driver yet09:26
kubancHellow! Is it OK if I do sudo apt-get purge nvidia* and then sudo apt-get install nvidia-current ???09:26
PublicStaticVoidIs there some site that lists all the Video chipsets and their support and such?09:26
_polto_Name141, no idea.09:27
Name141_polto_: I guess  I don't really need acceloration less I am going to try Steam on the machine?09:28
=== Plinker__ is now known as Plinker
aeon-ltdkubanc: are you just trying to reinstall?09:28
_polto_Name141, some window manager use 3d acceleration also.09:28
Name141with ATi drivers09:30
Name141_polto_: So is there any reason I might want to revert back to a previous release?09:30
_polto_Name141, I do not know your particular needs ;)09:30
kubancaeon-ltd, i tries to updated graphic card drivers from Nvidia sitem but now i don't see desktop mode. I looked with command dpkg -l | grep nvidia what do i have installed and I can see that there is no package nvidia-current, only packages nvidia-common, nvidia-current-updates, nvidia-settings and nvidia-settings-updates. So I am assuming i need to reinstall drivers09:30
Name141_polto_: I'm basically just using the machine as a backup now09:30
Name141since I replaced XP with Ubuntu09:31
_polto_If 12.04 LTS is doing the job you should stick to it. If not, I would install 13.10 and upgrade to LTS as soon as it will be available. You need to try ...09:32
_polto_Name141, ..09:32
aeon-ltdkubanc: purge should get rid of residual files, so yeah those commands should be fine. no guarantee if it helps your situation or not09:32
lolcatCan I set ecrypfs in reverse?09:32
Name141_polto_: I figure I will go back to the LTS just to be left alone longer09:33
aeon-ltdkubanc: i'm not sure if it would be necessary to remove and purge all nvidia pkgs though]09:33
lolcatCan I use ecrypfs to keep all my files in plaintext on the drive, but to present a folder with encrypted versions of all the files?09:33
aeon-ltdkubanc: you could just try installing nvidia-current first09:33
_polto_anyone, I need to restore a 8.04 and install some packages. I did find the CD , but repositories listed in /etc/apt/sources.list  are no longer available. where can I find a mirror pls ?09:34
kubancaeon-ltd, well I already purged it :D09:34
aeon-ltdkubanc: :)09:35
glambertis there a way to dd (or other) /dev/sda but ignore certain partitions?09:36
kubancaeon-ltd, ok, the desktop is showing now...09:37
kubancaeon-ltd, THNX for help09:37
aeon-ltdglambert: sda would do the whole drive09:37
glambertI know09:38
glambertI've got ubuntu and windows 8 dual booted and I want to back up the windows partitions09:38
aeon-ltdglambert: but partitions are designated sdax, i think that would work though i've rarely used dd09:38
glambertwhat's sdax?09:38
aeon-ltdglambert: are you sure something like clonezilla might be better?09:39
glambertplan is to back up everything windows into an image file and then resize ubuntu to fill disk09:39
aeon-ltdglambert: sda x as in a number e.g. sda109:39
glambertthen I can either VM my windows partition or just keep it until I ever need to restore it09:39
SaberX01glambert, as far as I know, dd has no knowledge of the file system itself, so if you wnated higher resolution on say backups or something, when you built your partitions, create lots more of them to start with.09:39
glambertaeon-ltd, ah, sorry09:39
glambertI'd prefer not to have to do anything with live disks or usbs09:41
glambertmainly because I have neither available atm :)09:41
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
aeon-ltddd is safest from live envronments09:41
SaberX01glambert, what's the end goal, what you trying to do ?09:41
aeon-ltdusing dd whilst booted could lead to unbootable copies09:42
glambertback up everything windows into an image and either VM it or keep it incase I need to restore windows in the future, for whatever reason09:42
glambertand then resize ubuntu to fill disk rather than half of it09:43
glambertwhich I will need a live disk for at that point09:43
SaberX01glambert, for the Windows BU, you better off using the Full BU utils it provides, and restore that in the VM, should should work, thought I've not tried it. As for fullign the disk, LiveCD and gparted can do that.09:44
glambertwindows has backup facilities? do they actually function?09:45
SaberX01glambert, Well the ones I've used do .. I ran Vitsa64 for a long time and used the full BU/Restore  on that .. worked pretty good.09:46
nashantsomeone please help. Chrome keeps causing such high iowait that my laptop becomes completely unresponsive. This is the syslog from the offending time period http://pastebin.com/ZNXZLfsP09:47
glamberthmm, OK, will look into it.  Where does it store the backup files?09:47
SaberX01glambert, Well, that's the issue for you on what your trying to do/. The best solution would be an external device of some sort, so you can re-size the partition without worrying about the Win partition.09:48
glambertI was hoping to do the backup from within ubuntu, then test it out by creating a VM for it and/or creating a new partition and putting the image on there, then if all OK, deleting the partition(s)09:49
theGrgHi. When I installed Ubuntu I set it up with full disk encryption using the installer. Now I'm trying "vgscan" or "lvdisplay", but it says "No volume groups found". Why would this happen? I want to run "lvreduce" on the volume.09:50
SaberX01glambert, the BU can be done from within Ubuntu / *Nix but having that BU actually boot In a VM .. don't think that can work but there may be some work around for it, I just don't know what it is.09:51
glambertSaberX01, ok thanks, will keep looking into it09:53
theGrgEven though a /dev/mapper/sda6_crypt exists here.09:53
SaberX01glambert, my best suggestion would be BU your data files from the Win Install .. then expand Ubuntu to full disk, in VBox, do a fresh Win Install and copy your data files back in, then you'll always have a Working Windows VM you can easily BU / Transfer.09:54
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
jgcampbell300does anyone here see a security problem with adding ssh keys to root accounts on all my local servers and desktops ... so i can ssh with out password from root account on any term on the network to any other term ?09:55
PublicStaticVoidI dunno if I need latest AMD Binary or wha09:57
SaberX01jgcampbell300, yes and no .. depends on your ssh-server config .. and if you add passphrases to your keys. Not having a passphrase on a root account is a risk.09:57
PublicStaticVoidBut I cant even use the open source driver09:57
PublicStaticVoidand the Binary in the repos is buggy09:57
PublicStaticVoidLike if I use Cinnamon is wrecks my system09:57
SaberX01jgcampbell300, additionally, having ssh access to roo in itself is also a risk, one in shich I always disable on my servers.09:58
jgcampbell300SaberX01, so i problaby should do it to add more security but use a passphrase as well09:58
jgcampbell300SaberX01, ahh .. so how do you manage them ... ssh then sudo09:58
SaberX01jgcampbell300, I do ssh-key for a normal user, then if I need sudo / root, I change manually or via a script if needed.09:58
jgcampbell300SaberX01, sounds good ... thanks09:59
SaberX01jgcampbell300, Here's some good config tip info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Configuring10:00
jgcampbell300SaberX01, cool thank you10:00
jgcampbell300i cant rember how to turn off all the extra info "people leaveing entering in chat here" with xchat10:01
kubanchellow! Any ideas why my fonts aren't smooth in ubuntu 12.10?10:01
SaberX01jgcampbell300, `too biggest ones for config security, disable root login, and diable PW login .. but Make sure your keys, at least two fo them work first before disabling PW login.10:01
PublicStaticVoidwhats the codename for 13.10?10:02
jgcampbell300SaberX01, i was thinking i read something like that ... the PW tho im kina fuzzy on ... should i put key and pw or just remove pw and use key only10:02
thom_rsaucy salamander10:03
SaberX01jgcampbell300, Until you have PW-Less login working, e.g. via SSH-Keys, do not disable PW login.10:03
thom_r14.04 is Trusty Tahr10:03
jgcampbell300SaberX01, ahh ok gotcha ... sounds like a plan .. i am so sick of entering a password for every diffrent ssh i start10:04
SaberX01jgcampbell300, Aslo, for you Key Passphrase, make that different that your user account PW, that's incase sombody somhow gets hold of your private key, unless they know the passphrase, wont work.10:04
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
SaberX01jgcampbell300, Using a Key Passphrase is important, you only need to enter it once per session .. like when you boot up adn do the first Login after that is pass through.10:06
SaberX01jgcampbell300, additionally, you can uses, if you choose, the same ssh-key for as many boxes as you wish, or if your really paranoid, make a new one for each server .. lol ..10:08
PublicStaticVoidI need to backup my Xorg.cong but its not where I am used to it being...10:11
jgcampbell300ubotu, help10:11
PublicStaticVoidUsed to be in /etc/x1110:11
jgcampbell300SaberX01, lol that sounds like something i would have done in past ... one for each box ... i am thinking more of one per location for now10:13
jgcampbell300SaberX01, or im sure i could make some kind of small script to create and upload to my storage server10:14
ScrollWhat is the term for an install with no gui?10:14
ScrollTrying to find proper guides10:14
jgcampbell300Scroll, i think your looking for installing a server10:15
jgcampbell300Scroll, im pretty sure like ubuntu 12.04 server has no gui10:15
ScrollServer is installed, I want to find a guide for starting apps on server start. But they're all for the desktop-looking version of ubuntu10:15
jgcampbell300Scroll, oh headless10:15
ScrollAwesome, thanks.10:16
SaberX01jgcampbell300, I have seperate keys for some things, like my Launchpad account, and the the EU data center, or JA datacenter, then I have one grandmaster key, that I keep both priv + pub keys locked up, that is on every thing I access via sorta like a Sudo Super Key only for emergencies.10:16
SaberX01*via ssh10:16
SaberX01jgcampbell300, and they two keys are offline encrypted, so if anyone does get hold of them, good luck busing the key :-)10:17
ScrollIf I want to make a user only for executing a certain script, I just make a user without a password and access it via sudo?10:18
jgcampbell300SaberX01, hmm that sounds like what i was thinking about doing ... i have been dumping all of my time into replacing peoples windows environments with linux and theres alot of people wanting my help10:18
jgcampbell300SaberX01, hmm define offline encrypted10:18
hitsujiTMOScroll yes10:18
SaberX01jgcampbell300, gpg encryption10:19
jgcampbell300SaberX01, ahh ok10:19
SaberX01jgcampbell300, Like: tar cfJ - some-key-pair | openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -e > some-key-pair.tar.xz10:20
hitsujiTMOScroll: adduser --gecos "" --disabled-password usernameforaccount10:20
jgcampbell300SaberX01, i have so much work to do on my network its not funny ... the last few months have been crazy ... im running backups right now .. hopefully ill have time today to make some long needed changes10:20
jgcampbell300SaberX01, ya im glad you said that gona put that in my notes ... 256bit ?10:21
SaberX01Yeah,.. ubless you have a super-computer cluster handy for a few years, 256 probably pretty safe bet :-)10:21
jgcampbell300SaberX01, lol aye10:23
jgcampbell300SaberX01, what irc client do you use10:23
ScrollhitsujiTMO, Now just sudo -u user ./script.sh?10:23
hitsujiTMOScroll: yup10:23
SaberX01jgcampbell300, irssi an xchat10:24
PebkacJonesdoes freebsd suck?10:25
jgcampbell300 SaberX01 1-10 how is it10:25
hitsujiTMO!ot | PebkacJones10:25
ubottuPebkacJones: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:25
jgcampbell300PebkacJones, i have heard freebsd is bad ass if you want high end security10:25
jzk1I upgraded to 13.10 and now all my gnome panel icons are gone, and compiz is b0rked10:25
RomancePebkacJones: yes but that is offtopic10:25
PublicStaticVoidso if on 13.10 and running this   sh amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13-4-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/raring10:26
PebkacJonesok thx10:26
PublicStaticVoidI would change raring to saucy?10:26
PublicStaticVoidor slamander?10:26
PublicStaticVoidcause its taking forever and is not verbose..10:27
ScrollIf I wanted to run a script at start, i should put it in rc.local?10:27
PublicStaticVoidSo I dunno if it is hanging or what10:27
PublicStaticVoidor ~/.xinit10:27
PublicStaticVoidor make it a service10:28
PublicStaticVoidDunno how with upstart though10:28
PebkacJonesRomance, are you romantic?10:28
RomancePebkacJones: yes but that is offtopic too, please #ubuntu-offtopic10:29
SaberX01jgcampbell300, I like them both, irssi fun to play with, and there's tons of mods and scripts .. xchat, good for DE environment.10:29
acgnXchat must be good10:29
Morocowho award  about ubuntu LTS server10:33
jgcampbell300oh i have a strange question .. if i try to x11 forward something like say firefox from a headless server to a desktop will it run firefox on the server and the gui for firefox on the desktop10:36
bekksjgcampbell300: Yes.10:37
Isualinhey! if i open a jpeg/png file with default picture viewer and click on the photo and drag it my desktop crashes. i don't know the right terms for ubuntu10:37
jgcampbell300bekks, thats cool .. i never thought about that ... so i am wondering if i could just run all my software from the server and use terminals around my lab to access them10:38
bekksjgcampbell300: I'd rather use nxserver/nxclient10:38
SaberX01jgcampbell300, Port FWD Info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/PortForwardin10:38
Alina-malinahow can i connect to remote windows machine with shell using winexe? or there is other options as well?10:39
SaberX01jgcampbell300,  Whoops, good linky here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/PortForwarding10:39
bekksAlina-malina: What is "winexe"?10:39
jgcampbell300hey thanks guys ... that sounds like something i really need to look into10:40
BjornWcan somebody tell me how I can chang my apps icon when active in the application bar?10:40
jgcampbell300hmm i wonder if i can make one sshd.config file and copy it to multi systems10:42
bekksjgcampbell300: Sure.10:42
jgcampbell300cool .. this is starting to sound alot less time consuming that i thought10:42
SaberX01jgcampbell300, that's how most admins do it for clusters of the same type-config10:43
bekksjgcampbell300: So how many computers do you have in your "lab"?10:43
SaberX01jgcampbell300, you could write a simple script to do it for you.10:44
Zalungican any one give a help about LTS server (ubuntu)10:44
jgcampbell300bekks,right now not many .. 10 or so up and running10:44
bekksSaberX01: Those things already exist. ssh-copy-id and scp :)10:44
Romance!ask | Zalungi10:44
ubottuZalungi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:44
jgcampbell300bekks, nother 20 or so remote for dev10:44
SaberX01bekks, Ahh yes, Im aware of that.10:45
jgcampbell300SaberX01, I like that idea10:45
ZalungiRomance; is that possible to install the ubuntu LTS server on single computer , already i hv windows o/s on the same machine10:46
Romance!dualboot | Zalungi10:46
ubottuZalungi: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot10:46
jgcampbell300lol display banner for ssh ... thats a good idea ... leave them a message on my private net that if they got this far more power to them but dont touch the music or porn lol10:47
Heymans341Hello; I have ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS but my os doesn't launch. I get a "entry not supported" screen after the computer starts. I can get in the bios and boot an installer from a usb stick but nothing else. Anybody can help?10:48
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: where EXACTLY are you getting that error? is it in grub? after grub or before grub?10:50
Zalungiubottu; thanks the link seen , however can i use the cd as a live cd b4 installing ?10:51
ubottuZalungi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:51
Heymans341I turn the commputer on, there's a first screen with hard disks etc, then it says launching OS and then nothing, although the machine keeps on going.10:51
Romance!livecd | Zalungi10:51
ubottuZalungi: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.10:51
acgnHeymans341: It didn't enter grub?10:52
Zalungiubuntu desktop , yes live cd  iknow but what about LTS ubuntu server10:52
Heymans341I'm sorry I don'know what that means10:53
Romance!server | Zalungi10:53
ubottuZalungi: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server10:53
Heymans341the OS doesn't launch normally. I can get in the bios and select to boot with a usb stick.10:53
acgnHeymans341: Mm did it enter a screen to choose ubuntu/advanced options to startubuntu?10:54
SneakyBeaverI keep getting seg faults when starting Steam. Checked forums/google and nothing helps. Any ideas?10:54
acgnHeymans341: but cannot select ubuntu?10:54
Heymans341there is no other os on the machine10:54
Zalungithat is good rich info , then will follow the link , cya then10:54
Heymans341yes acgn, I cannot select anything10:55
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: the "first screen with hard drives" does it look like this http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-DAoIzD2ZBjM/TtZHYBNRP1I/AAAAAAAAFCs/nVg15g46Zno/s1600/grub2_picture.png ?10:55
SaberX01SneakyBeaver, seeing how that's probably a 3rd party install, your best best is going directly to the authors.10:56
jgcampbell300SaberX01, do you have a link explaining details of ssh keys ?10:56
SaberX01jgcampbell300, Here's GnuPG, let me go get the SSH counter part: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto10:56
SneakyBeaverSaberX01 it's apparently a really common issue but the only fixes I see are outdated since Steam's latest update. Steam support is awfully slow.10:57
SaberX01jgcampbell300, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys10:57
Heymans341hitsuji no not at all, something like that http://www.google.fr/imgres?imgurl=http://i.stack.imgur.com/lH8n4.gif&imgrefurl=http://superuser.com/questions/230758/how-do-computers-boot&h=255&w=500&sz=19&tbnid=mPdDoZzGp6DhMM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=176&zoom=1&usg=__zNa0IcJet99RkAj6JGE0cSay7bk=&docid=70ZKA6ZqjsKM7M&sa=X&ei=fDrJUvmCEaun0wXYqYDwDQ&ved=0CEEQ9QEwAQ&dur=23310:57
jgcampbell300SaberX01, thanks much10:57
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: ahh bios screen then. can you boot a live cd?10:58
SaberX01SneakyBeaver, Not sure, but normally SegFaults only gonna get resolved by source code patches so the authors are you best chance at resolution.10:58
SneakyBeaverAlright, thanks anyways SaberX01, back to Windows I guess.10:58
Heymans341hitsuji I can boot a usb stick10:59
PublicStaticVoidHow can I get a package from a ppa I installed instead of from the repos?10:59
PublicStaticVoidI installed the ppa but I think ap-get install package will just use the ubuntu repos and not the ppa?10:59
Heymans341I'm running a test version from ausb stick right now10:59
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: can you pastebin the output of: sudo fdisk -l11:00
SaberX01PublicStaticVoid, Did you do an update after installing the PPA?11:00
PublicStaticVoidno haha11:00
PublicStaticVoidill repurge11:00
SaberX01That would help11:00
Heymans341I can't find the terminal :(11:01
xatr0zalt ctrl t11:01
SaberX01put a GPS tracker on it .. :_011:01
PublicStaticVoidSo it will default to the ppa and not the ubuntu repo arter an update then?11:01
James0rdoes this channel offer support for Kubuntu?11:01
SaberX01PublicStaticVoid, PPA info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding_PPAs11:01
bekksPublicStaticVoid: It will default to the more recent version.11:01
Heymans341Disk /dev/sda: 1000.2 GB, 1000204886016 bytes11:02
Heymans341255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 121601 cylinders, total 1953525168 sectors11:02
Heymans341Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes11:02
Heymans341Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes11:02
Heymans341I/O size (minimum/optimal): 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes11:02
FloodBot1Heymans341: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:02
Heymans341Disk identifier: 0x00038dfe11:02
Heymans341   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System11:02
SaberX01James0r, to a degree yes, but for KDE specifics, may be better in #kubuntu11:02
PublicStaticVoidbekks: Hm well I dont know if it is more recent just read in a forum that the bug with 13.04 and cinnamon doesnt happen if I get it from the ppa11:03
streulmawhy i it taking so long if I in the window "Preparing to install Ubuntu" if I click on continue? It takes his time...11:04
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: sudo mkdir -p /mnt/ubuntu; sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/ubuntu11:06
PublicStaticVoidWish Ubuntu allowed you to select systemd at instal11:06
streulmainstaller does notting....11:06
hitsujiTMOPublicStaticVoid: ubuntu has upstart instead11:06
PublicStaticVoidhitsujiTMO: Whats the -p in mkdir?11:06
PublicStaticVoidhitsujiTMO: Yeah, thats the problem.. Debian lets you choose from all 3 at install11:07
hitsujiTMOPublicStaticVoid: if /mn doesn't exist it will make it instead of throwing an error. if /mnt/ubuntu exist it will not throw an error11:08
PublicStaticVoidman its 3 AM and there are two playoff games tomorrow wtf am I up?11:08
Heymans341hitsuji first command didn't do anything, second command got this: mount: /dev/sda1 already mounted or /mnt/ubuntu busy11:08
Heymans341mount: according to mtab, /dev/sda1 is already mounted on /mnt/ubuntu11:08
PublicStaticVoidhitsujiTMO: Nice to know, thx11:08
streulmaok solved. sudo pkill -9 ubiquity11:09
PublicStaticVoidHeymans341: ls /mnt/ubuntu11:09
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: please pastebin output of: ls -l /mnt/ubuntu/var/log11:10
Heymans341publicstaticvoid http://paste.ubuntu.com/6696278/11:11
Heymans341hitsuji http://paste.ubuntu.com/6696285/11:12
dALoLHi all, where do I find the ubuntu android installer? isn't it released?11:12
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: please pastebin contents of: /mnt/ubuntu/var/log/dmesg11:13
SaberX01jgcampbell300, you still around?11:14
jgcampbell300SaberX01: aye just got back11:14
Heymans341hitsuji permission denied11:14
streulmadALoL what do you mean? I can install Ubuntu in my Android phone. But not install Ubuntu Touch on my phone.11:14
SammaelHello all, I have a question about load balancing. Is it allowed to be posted here ?11:14
acgnpermission denied?sudo su?11:14
SaberX01jgcampbell300, Once you get your keys setup, seeing how you only have like 10 boxes, add aliases to you ~/.bashrc to connect like:  alias srv1='ssh user@IP-ADDRESS' .. then all you type in the term is srv111:16
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: use sudo to read it, ie: sudo cat /mnt/ubuntu/var/log/dmesg              or: sudo nano /mnt/ubuntu/var/log/dmesg11:16
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dALoLstreulma So, when I want to use Ubuntu on my Samsung galaxy s3, which version shall I install? (Call, Photo etc. will work?)11:17
Heymans341hitsuji : nothing has been logged yet11:17
jgcampbell300SaberX01: this is just dev for a larger deployment .. will look into that tho ... i could use that on home network ... wouldnt that be handeled by my dns th o11:18
acgnBy the way how to save a file in nano?11:18
SaberX01jgcampbell300, if you have FQDN use that, otherwise, use IP addy ..11:18
alketHi, I am trying to connect with direct LAN Ubuntu 12.10 and Windows 7 to transfer some files, for some reason ubuntu doesn't connect11:19
jgcampbell300SaberX01: kk11:19
SaberX01jgcampbell300,  It's just a quick shortcut .. if you log in and out allot.11:19
SaberX01I use allot of aliases, so I source them from a file called from .bashrc.11:20
bekksalket: Define "direct LAN" and "does not connect" please.11:20
Heymans341hitsuji also the terrminal has changed somehow after that second command11:20
jgcampbell300SaberX01: gona put that in my notes ... im haveing alot of reading time right now lol11:20
SaberX01jgcampbell300, that's a never ending deal for admins . lol .11:21
alketbekks, with RJ45 cable, I am connecting one side with ubuntu and other side with windows for file transfer, ubuntu has created Auto Eth but doesn't connect11:21
bekksacgn: Look at the bottom of the screen in nano, it says ctrl-o to save and ctrl-x to exit nano.11:21
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: seems ubuntu may be failing right at the start with such a shord dmesg11:22
jgcampbell300SaberX01: i here that ...11:22
bekksalket: you have to manually set an IP, since Windows isnt running a DHCP server.11:22
acgnbekks: Thanks- -11:22
Heymans341hitsuji yes I think so too. maybe it's a motherboard problem?11:22
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: hard to tell what it is with no logs11:23
SaberX01Just share the NIC port on the Ubuntu machine .. but that's not not going to enable file sharing, need Samba for that or SSHFS11:23
Heymans341I am running the test version maybe that's why?11:23
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bekksHeymans341: Which test version?11:24
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: hat do you mean by a test version?11:24
Heymans341a bootable usb of 12.04.3 LTS.11:25
bekksHeymans341: Thats no test version.11:25
Heymans341no I mean when I bbot it asks me install or test, right now I'm testing because if i choose install it doesn' boot after the install is complete11:26
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: can you pastebin contents of: /mnt/ubuntu/boot/grub/grub.cfg11:26
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: thats just that you're in the live cd11:27
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: so is the copy of ubuntu /dev/sda just a fresh install that you have never booted yet?11:28
Heymans341hitsuji what is the sudo command please11:28
streulmadALoL are you still here? You bring me on an idea for my S3 to run Ubuntu. But it don't works (no call function) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/i930011:28
Heymans341hitsuji yes11:28
dALoLyes I am - wow thanks for that!11:29
alketthank you bekks its working now11:29
James0rhow can i use a python script with conky? here's the script i want to use http://www.gefoo.org/conky-amarok-integration-show-current-playing-song.html11:29
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: ahhh, ok. pastebin output of: cat /proc/cpuinfo11:30
jgcampbell300omg the never ending exit enter messages11:30
jgcampbell300is there a way to turn that off from server11:30
cfhowlettjgcampbell300, turn em off!11:30
MonkeyDustjgcampbell300  what's your irc client?11:31
Heymans341hitsuji http://paste.ubuntu.com/6696372/11:31
jgcampbell300i use xchat normaly but just swithed to pidgin11:31
streulmadALoL try this http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/saucy/daily-preinstalled/20131127/11:32
bekksjgcampbell300: Switch back to an IRC client then :)11:32
SaberX01jgcampbell300,  I think think there's a plugin Hide Join-Leave or Part messages, something  like that.11:33
MarkDaviesWhat package do you recommend for viewing images in a console?11:34
dALoLThanks I'll try that.11:34
jgcampbell300i know there usto be an option to turn it off i just cant find it11:34
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: can you pastebin contents of: /mnt/ubuntu/boot/grub/grub.cfg11:35
Heymans341hitsuji actually no I can't copy the results to pastebin11:37
acgnoh i had something wrong^11:38
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /mnt/ubuntu/boot/grub/grub.cfg11:38
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Heymans341hitsuji unable to locate package pastebinit11:39
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: cat /mnt/ubuntu/boot/grub/grub.cfg | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us11:41
Heymans341installed curl11:42
steve_fiis there a build of 14.04 that boots straight to Mir and doesn't have X.org at all? I'm having major issues getting my tablet to boot without nomodeset and I've been at this for about a week now11:42
SammaelHello all, I would like to setup a cluster for file sharing over multiple servers. The idea is to start with 2 servers and increase the amount in the future. Is MAAS a good idea for this? The main issue I fear is bandwith there each server will have 200mbps and I would like to use that to the best which is possible.11:43
Heymans341hitsuji thanks for everything I gitta go my baby just woke up11:43
hitsujiTMOHeymans341: np11:43
Heymans341thanks again11:43
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bhaveshI am installing Ubuntu and Windows in my friends hard drive which I have connected to my cpu, if he takes the hard drive back to his home, what will he have to do? Just install grub with sudo install grub /dev/sda ?11:46
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bekksbhavesh: if you connect his drive as sdba, install grub and your friend doesnt need to do anything.11:48
SaberX01bhavesh, Install windows first, then, Ubuntu, then give the LiveCD / Install disk to your friend, have him reinstall Ubuntu hen he gets home, overwritign the first install.11:48
hitsujiTMObhavesh: he'll prob need to reinstall both ubuntu and windows. What kind of hardware do you have? and what kind of hardware does he have?11:48
SaberX01what he said ^^ I doubt the Win install will work .. maybe even BSOD on him.11:49
x__hi all11:49
bhaveshhitsujiTMO: I have an AMD processor with 4GB RAM, he has an Intel P4 with 2GB RAM11:49
bekksbhavesh: Then he will experience issues with windows.11:50
hitsujiTMObhavesh: lots of issues11:50
bekksbhavesh: And did you install 32 or 64bit Ubuntu?11:50
SaberX01He's better off just doing the installs himself rather than re-doin them both when he gets home.11:50
bhaveshbekks: I am going to install 32bit11:50
bhaveshokay, thank you.11:50
bekksbhavesh: I'll second SaberX01 at that point.11:51
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thom_reddy_ English please12:01
ubottueddy_,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:01
eddy_ /join #ubuntu-cn12:03
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eddy_ /join #ubuntu-cn12:04
thom_reddy_ open a new channel tab12:05
cfhowlettBudek, greeetings12:05
BudekAnyone can send msg to #ubuntu-pl?12:05
thom_rhey budek12:06
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enedilBudek: Banned12:07
enedilYou are banned from #ubuntu-pl.12:07
BudekLold :D12:07
enedilBudek: I registered on freenode yesterday12:07
RulexecHello. What to do, if after latest "ubuntu base" update, each time, when screen is dimed (for example, if I press Ctrl+Alt+L), brightness level is setting to maximum?12:11
MarkDavieshow can I learn what is IP address of my router?12:12
hitsujiTMOwhatismyip.com ?12:13
BudekMarkDavies:  ifconfig, search gateway12:13
hitsujiTMOor internal ip?12:13
MyrttiMarkDavies: it's usually the Default Route on your connection information12:14
subz3r0Budek: thats bullshit. ifconfig does not show the gateway12:14
subz3r0route -n does12:14
MarkDavieshitsujiTMO: I'm not sure, I'm looking for "IP of my router" in order to make networking possible under FreeDOS12:14
Budeksubz3r0: yep, my bad12:14
Budekjust too much windows :x12:14
subz3r0!cn | eddy_12:15
ubottueddy_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:15
eddy_ /join #ubuntu-cn12:15
Rulexecsubz3r0: wow :)12:15
subz3r0Rulexec: what wow?12:15
minashi. my laptop's embedded microphone sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. what settings should I check?12:16
Rulexecsubz3r0: cool bot command.12:16
subz3r0Rulexec: yeah its amazing12:16
Allison43MarkDavies, route -n,   the gateway is your router ip in moist cases12:18
cfhowlettyou do mean "most" --- right?12:19
MarkDaviesso it is
Allison43MarkDavies, that looks normal12:19
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: i prefer moist tbh12:21
cristian_cI've tried bustle-dbus-monitor and bustle12:22
cristian_cIn the various tests I've done, I have not seen activity about mouse and keyboard connected12:23
cristian_cdevices work but are not announced in bustle12:23
cristian_cat the same time, the only information shown by bustle are those related to applications12:23
cristian_cmay be bustle is not the right program to detect the activity of the devices?12:29
cristian_cand if so, what is the right program to monitor this activity?12:29
cristian_cAny ideas?12:29
hitsujiTMOcristian_c: what exactly do you want to record? whats the end goal?12:32
cristian_chitsujiTMO, I was told to check if the keyboard is announced correctly on dbus12:34
MonkeyDust"announced correctly"?12:34
cristian_chitsujiTMO, the keyboard battery is not detected by upower -d or upower -e12:34
cristian_chitsujiTMO, I was told so12:35
shaun__any reason why df -h wouldnt work , i type df -h as root and it acts like its going to output something but never does12:35
cristian_cMonkeyDust, , I was told so12:35
phtevenhello.  I woke up this morning and my hdmi cable isn't recognized.  it was working fine when I went to bed last night.  what can I do to diagnose the problem and get it working again?12:35
bekksshaun__: IO error, stale mount lock, incredible number of inodes, etc.12:36
bekksshaun__: check dmesg first12:36
hitsujiTMOcristian_c: told by who exactly?12:36
cristian_cMonkeyDust, hitsujiTMO , I've checked the permissions on the device, dmesg, syslog upower version and dbus with bustle12:36
shaun__thanks bekks , ill google those12:36
cristian_chitsujiTMO, gentoo users12:36
shaun__dmesg looks ok btw12:37
bekksshaun__: Just type it into a terminal.12:37
cristian_cHisaoNakai, the have talked generally about dbus, not bustle in particular12:37
cristian_cI've looked for dbus monitor applications12:37
hitsujiTMOcristian_c: why would the system be able to see the battery level of a keyboard?12:37
MonkeyDustcristian_c  gentoo users are ueber-geeks, they use solutions way over our heads12:38
bekksMonkeyDust: s/over our heads/somethings far from reality/ ;) Just my 2 cents.12:39
ikoniahitsujiTMO: I believe the expecation is set from some keyboard providers providing "connection" software for their wirless keyboard, which also feeds back battery status12:39
ikoniaMonkeyDust: that's just a stupid thing to say12:39
ikoniaplease don't make up stuff like that and feed it to users, it's just nonsense12:39
SaberX01Allot of KB's support that function and more in Win, especially the Logitec Gaming KB's.12:39
ikoniaSaberX01: yes, via 3rd party propitary software12:40
hitsujiTMOcristian_c: so your end goal is to be able to see the power level of a keyboard's battery?12:40
SaberX01Not seen allot of those work well in Linux though.12:40
cristian_chitsujiTMO, yes, the keyboard has a led12:41
cristian_cfor the battery12:41
cristian_cMonkeyDust, lol12:41
hitsujiTMOcristian_c: what is the make and model of the keyboard?12:41
streulmaMonkeyDust I installed 13.10 today and it is fully working on Macbook Pro 5-2 :)12:42
SaberX01ikonia, That may actually be the solution, to modprobe the Win driver, like the old days for allot of WiFi cards, but who know.12:42
ikoniaSaberX01: errr no12:42
streulmacan I change information on Ubuntu wiki pages?12:42
ikoniaSaberX01: create an account, login, change it12:42
ikoniaSaberX01: oops, that was for streulma12:42
streulmaI want to help people12:42
streulmayeay it is working :p12:42
streulmaNow I have a fast laptop !12:43
cloudgeeksteroide_py: how we encode the hash of passwd stored in hash file, I forget12:43
cloudgeekmy root password12:43
Myrttiyour root password? you're not supposed to have one12:44
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phtevenI woke up this morning and my hdmi cable isn't recognized.  it was working fine when I went to bed last night.  what can I do to diagnose the problem and get it working again?12:45
cloudgeekHow I can encode my root password on , I am using 12.04, I want restore it12:45
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:45
user82does anyone else recently have problems with skype? mine occasionally freezes until i kill it manually12:45
streulmacloudgeek: You are a Sudo user, just do sudo passwd root12:45
cristian_chitsujiTMO, ok, media wireless keyboard by labtec12:45
cloudgeekstreulma: let me try it12:46
ikoniacloudgeek: no, do not do that12:46
ikoniacloudgeek: do not do that.12:46
MonkeyDuststreulma  i'm really glad you made it work!12:46
streulmahmm yes12:46
streulmahe IS already root12:46
cloudgeekikonia: what I need to do, I am in recovery mode, I am online from other system12:46
ikoniacloudgeek: you should not have a root password12:46
ikoniacloudgeek: you should be using your normal user account and sudo12:46
cloudgeekikonia: I know , I give root permission using sudo -s12:47
cloudgeeksu -12:47
ikoniacloudgeek: right, so you shouldn't be doing hat12:47
bekkscloudgeek: ouch. use sudo -i :)12:47
ikoniacloudgeek: you should be using your normal account and "sudo"12:47
cloudgeekikonia: also my regular user password also gone12:48
ikoniacloudgeek: that's why there is no root password12:48
ikoniacloudgeek: I doubt it's "gone"12:48
cloudgeekikonia: I know that guy trolling me12:48
ikoniacloudgeek: what has happened12:48
ikoniacloudgeek: no-one is trolling you12:48
cfhowlettzxd, greetings12:48
cloudgeekikonia: I given my system to my sister, I don't how he done my password is not working12:48
phtevencan someone please suggest a better channel for me to get help with my hdmi issue?12:48
streulmaMonkeyDust: yes :) it was a pain, but it works, I think my laptop is now faster then OSX :)12:48
VLanXhello, is there a way to check for a packet, which dependency it has already installed and what arent?12:49
ikoniacloudgeek: ok, so what is your username12:49
cloudgeekikonia: I think don't able recognise the password12:49
cloudgeekikonia: ompy12:49
cloudgeekthat is /etc/passwd12:49
ikoniacloudgeek: so from the recovery shell "passwrd ompy" and set your users password12:49
zxdwhat settings to change maybe in /etc/apt ? for  Update Manager not to popup and download only twice weekly announcing only LTS releases then install the updates12:49
cloudgeekikonia: I tried that I will print you error meassge12:50
edzz23khow do i go on to ausnet12:50
edzz23kim from australia i want a aussie chat room12:50
cfhowlettzxd, easier to make the changes via update manager ...12:50
cloudgeekikonia: Authentication token manipuation error12:51
ikoniacloudgeek: please show me the output of the command "id" now please.12:51
zxdcfhowlett: yes but I am trying to deploy  automation via chef to multiplie fresh ubuntu installations12:52
cloudgeekikonia: that is other system , I could type not paste that exactly12:52
ikoniacloudgeek: ok, type it12:52
sgo11hi, I am just wondering how to check/test if 2D and 3D acceleration enabled or not in the system? thanks.12:52
bekkssgo11: In vbox?12:52
cfhowlettzxd, ah.  different.  sorry, but I don't know the specifics on that one ... however, the #ubuntu-server probably do .12:52
cloudgeekikonia: uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)12:52
ubottuzxd,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server12:52
ikoniacloudgeek: ok, so you should be able to update the password with that account with out a problem12:53
edzz23khow do i get into an australian chat roon12:53
kostkonedzz23k, #ubuntu-au12:53
sgo11bekks, not in vbox. I will have a arm device soon. I would like to know how to check this beforehand. thanks. :)12:53
ikoniacloudgeek: is your root file system mounted read/write12:54
cloudgeekikonia: I done passwd ompy , then fill new passwd , but after that it is saying passwd unchnaged12:54
ikoniacloudgeek: eg: can you do "touch /etc/test"12:54
edzz23kwhat about turkey chatroom12:54
cloudgeekikonia: read only12:54
ikoniacloudgeek: ok, so that's the problem then12:54
hitsujiTMOcristian_c: it seems that battery-monitor should automatically pick it up if its a known interface. if not then either they keyboard does not advertise the battery level or advertises it in an unknown way12:55
ikoniacloudgeek: you can't update the password file while it's read only12:55
edzz23kwhat about turkey chatroom12:55
cloudgeekikonia:How I can get write permission there12:55
cfhowlettedzz23k, so no you want to go from aussie only to turkey?  forgive me for saying so, but I detect trolling12:55
cristian_chitsujiTMO, ok12:55
cloudgeekikonia: What we can do ? now12:55
ikoniacloudgeek: why is it mounted read only12:55
MonkeyDust!tr | edzz23k12:55
ubottuedzz23k: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.12:55
cristian_chitsujiTMO, but I've not understood which battery-monitor12:55
cristian_cit's not a laptop battery12:56
hitsujiTMOcristian_c: no but the same app will pick it up12:56
cristian_chitsujiTMO, uhm, I don't know :(12:56
cristian_chitsujiTMO, there are two problems12:56
edzz23khow do i get into turkish chat rooms plz12:56
hitsujiTMOcristian_c: if that doesn't show up then it looks like you're out of luck12:56
cloudgeekikonia: I don't shall I try it again , If you advise I can restart it again12:57
cristian_chitsujiTMO, 1) battery detection (upower, etc...), 2) led detection12:57
ikoniacloudgeek: run "mount -o remount rw /"12:57
Allison43edzz23k, join #ubuntu-au12:57
cristian_chitsujiTMO, uhm, ok12:57
dn4why does it seems like ubuntu is filtering out support for older computer systems that previously worked on older Ubuntu versions12:57
cloudgeekikonia: okay,12:57
MonkeyDustedzz23k  type   /join #ubuntu-tr12:57
ikoniadn4: that's just your perception12:58
cristian_chitsujiTMO, then, can't I detect hardware in general with bustle?12:58
dn4ikonia, I have proof12:58
dn4something to do with udev during the boot up process on my motherboard12:58
dn4and then my bios gets all sorts of fact up12:59
dn4but ubuntu 10.04 installs perfectly12:59
SaberX01cristian_c, hitsujiTMO WHile not specific to a Keyboard, this solar apt grabs the Batt level and displays it though: http://askubuntu.com/questions/248006/how-can-i-see-the-battery-status-of-my-logitech-wireless-mouse12:59
kostkondn4, what's the cpu12:59
dn4AMD Athalon12:59
cloudgeekikonia: thanks12:59
ikoniadn4: that's not "proof" that's just you having a problem12:59
dn4ikonia, yeah but why does my bios get changed13:00
cristian_cSaberX01, ok, I'll take a look, thanks13:00
cristian_cSaberX01, ok, but Solaar is only for logitech13:00
cloudgeekikonia: let me try to login in it  :)13:01
SaberX01cristian_c, Well, that's too bad, as there is a PPA for it also.13:02
dn4can udev go into the bios and change stuff?13:02
ikoniadn4: no13:02
cloudgeekikonia: Thank you very much13:03
dn4then why did my bios settings get changed followed by mod probe cpu lockup due to udev ?13:03
zxdin sort are there any config files for update-manager where does it save its settings?13:04
cristian_cSaberX01, ok13:04
hitsujiTMOdn4: what bios settings got changed exactly? typically an os cannot write to the bios settings13:04
Allison43dn4, which bios settings get changed ?13:04
cristian_chitsujiTMO, or have I to try other applications to detect hardware with dbus?13:05
Allison43dn4, or are you changing the bios settings and forgetting to save them and blaming udev13:05
dn4it was a video setting13:05
hitsujiTMOcristian_c: i'm not sure what bustle is tbh, so no idea13:05
dn4and now my machine won't boot up regularly and I have to use the recovery mode13:06
cristian_chitsujiTMO, ok13:06
hitsujiTMOdn4: what exact setting? video setting isn't exactly a bios setting13:06
hitsujiTMOdn4: what is your gpu?13:07
dn4no gnu; old Asus a7v266 motherboard13:08
SaberX01cristian_c, what is the make and model of this thing your trying to get the batt level on?13:08
hitsujiTMOdn4: so its an onboard gpu. can you pastebin output of: lspci13:10
dn4hitsujiTMO, I can do that in 24 hours possibly13:11
dn4not at this exact moment13:11
hitsujiTMOdn4: kk13:11
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Allison43dn4, to be less verbose , sudo lshw -C video , will give the info needed13:13
Guest56531Hello how's it going? I am using Ubuntu 13.10 with the Cinnamon window manager and I can't use my mouse pad to click. (Dell N4010 laptop) I put synclient tapbutton1=1 into the terminal and it works but when I restart I have to do the command again because it don't save. Is there a way I can fix this?13:15
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james-Hello, hopefully someone can be available to help real quick :) I mounted another partition because I needed a file from it and when I went to unmount it I accidently did something and now it won't show the mounted drives on my unity bar. I am using Ubuntu 13.10 can someone help?13:25
lotuspsychje!mount | james-13:26
ubottujames-: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount13:26
james-lotuspsychje, this all seems good to know, I saved the page but it don't tell me how to get the mounted volumes back on my unity bar.13:27
ice9disabling the touchpad while typing is now working13:27
lotuspsychjejames-: here's a guy who solved it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=218346513:28
fatjonhi. i wan't to install the update from the "Software Updater" but it show me (Packege operation falied, The installation or removal of a software packege falied.) i have ubuntu 13.1013:28
ashoksahoohello, what is the safe way to upgrade from windows 7 to 8 keeping ubuntu dual boot intact13:29
james-lotuspsychje, when I plug a flash drive into my machine it automatically mounts and shows on the unity bar. My partitions used to do the same but they don't now.13:29
james-lotuspsychje, ill check that one out thank you :)13:29
lotuspsychje!dualboot | ashoksahoo13:30
ubottuashoksahoo: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot13:30
cfhowlettashoksahoo, just assume that you're GOING To lose ubuntu and plan to reinstall.  win8 is trashing ubuntu all by itself.  I seriously doubt that upgrading from win7 to win8 will be any less damaging to ubuntu13:30
MohamdHello guys . i am having a big problem in installing Ubuntu ( i tried all different sorts of other Linux Distros)13:30
merandusI'm getting a  ubuntu-based VPS, I'm still a beginner at linux, should i   install 32bits or 64? any ideas?13:30
fatjonhi. i wan't to install the update from the "Software Updater" but it show me (Packege operation falied, The installation or removal of a software packege falied.) i have ubuntu 13.1013:30
ashoksahooI cant afford to lose anything13:30
cfhowlettashoksahoo, then stay with win713:31
bekksashoksahoo: Create backups. Unless your data is not worth to be kept.13:31
SaberX01merandus, 6413:31
Mohamdit seems the distro perfectly works live via the pendrive .. but when i start to install it says the ERno 5 : input and output error13:31
Mohamdwhat do you think i should do?13:31
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit13:31
bekksMohamd: Investigate the error :)13:31
james-lotuspsychje, nope that isn't it either :0 sorry to be a pain in the neck, don't have to mount volumes through the terminal I can still mount them by going to files, device, and selecting the volume i'd like to mount. It just don't show in the unity bar on the left that it's mounted. It's easier when it's on the launcher.13:31
merandusSaberX01:  any reasons? imy vp has 2gb memory by the way13:31
fatjonhi. i wan't to install the update from the "Software Updater" but it show me (Packege operation falied, The installation or removal of a software packege falied.) i have ubuntu 13.1013:31
lotuspsychjejames-: are those ntfs drives?13:32
Mohamdbekks : do you think i should re supply a new hard disk?13:32
Allison43Mohamd, what's the problem ,give some details13:32
bekksMohamd: I think you should investigate the error.13:32
SaberX01merandus, All my server are 64  .. come to think of it, I only have one box that's not 64.13:32
fatjonhi. i wan't to install the update from the "Software Updater" but it show me (Packege operation falied, The installation or removal of a software packege falied.) i have ubuntu 13.1013:33
james-lotuspsychje, Sometimes, but I mainly use linux drives. I just like the mounted drives to show on unity. I can show you a picture if you'd like, is there something similar to pastebin but instead of pastes I can show pictures?13:33
MohamdInstallation failed : installer encountered an error copying files to the hardisk13:33
Mohamd[erno 5] input and output error13:33
bekksMohamd: Yeah, then type: dmesg and see which errors occured.13:33
SaberX01merandus, its pretty easy really, if you have 64 installed and need it, you have it, if ya dont and need it, your hosed. easier just to install it.13:33
bekksMohamd: Yes, dmesg13:34
merandusSaberX01:  so  for having both 64/32 support i just go with 64?13:34
bekksmerandus: Yes.13:34
Mohamdbekks : im not on the linux now , because i cant install it13:34
merandusSaberX01: if i go 32bit, then i won't be able to work 64bit packages/codes or something13:35
bekksmerandus: Correct. Using 32bit, you cannot use 64bit. But you can use 32bit when being on 64bit.13:35
SaberX01merandus, Yup, if ya need 32bit support, just add ia32-libs .. and go from there.13:35
Mohamdas soon as that error pops .. then it shows up that the launcher has crashed13:35
merandusbekks: oh i see13:36
merandusso i'll guess i just go with 64.13:36
SaberX01good choice :-)13:36
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SaberX01merandus, You may want to start reading here also: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/SaucyUbuntuServerGuide13:37
fatjonhi. i wan't to install the update from the "Software Updater" but it show me (Packege operation falied, The installation or removal of a software packege falied.) i have ubuntu 13.1013:38
merandusSaberX01: i'm going to install 12.4 though i guess?13:38
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cristian_chitsujiTMO, ok, media wireless keyboard by labtec <--- SaberX0113:39
bekksmerandus: Install Ubuntu 12.04 - Opensuse 12.4 isnt ontopic in here ;)13:39
james-:/ the person th8at was helping me appears to have quit. Is there any way I can get my mounted volumes to show on my unity bar again? I clicked something when I went to unmount and now I have to go to the file manager to manage mounted volumes instead of having them on my unity bar.13:39
=== david is now known as Guest70043
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
SaberX01merandus, sorry my bad, here's the actual guide, I was working on documentation earlier: https://help.ubuntu.com/13.10/serverguide/index.html13:39
Phoenixxlcould someone please tell me where the sequence number for init.d entries is stored. The general default is 20 but some serviced have their own. openvpn for example has 80 , where can those be changed per program. Or where are they defined when installing. Thnx for any reply.13:41
ikoniaPhoenixxl: doesn't work like that with upstart13:41
Phoenixxlikonia, i know i'm not talking about upstart13:42
ikoniaPhoenixxl: what are you talking about then, as upstart is the init system for ubuntu13:42
SaberX01cristian_c, I did a quick search, did not yield much you probably need to compile a module, but that's a guess, and where to find the how too, probably not easy either.13:43
Phoenixxlikonia, update-rc.d13:43
Oxcydehello all13:43
bekksPhoenixxl: update-rc.d is for SYSV init, which is not used by Ubuntu.13:43
MadhurjyaHello, Can someone help me with some graphics related issue on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS13:43
cristian_cSaberX01, ok13:43
cristian_cSaberX01, #ubuntu-offtopic?13:44
Phoenixxlbekks, sure it is13:44
Phoenixxlbekks, server 12.04.3 uses it when installing openpn13:44
bekksPhoenixxl: The init system of Ubuntu is upstart, not SYSV13:45
SaberX01cristian_c, I dont think so, but maybe. Id' go to the MFG and ask them about Linux support of the product.13:45
maksimkaaaHi, Can I show what the current time in different timezone like Moscow using date command? my pc is UTC and i want to check what is current date in another city without changing the timezone on my pc..13:45
MadhurjyaHello, A little support needed here!13:45
ikoniamaksimkaaa: that is not dates function13:45
maksimkaaaikonia: is there another tool for that? or should i write a program for that?13:46
cristian_cSaberX01, mfg as manufacturing?13:46
ikoniamaksimkaaa: a shell script would work just fine13:46
SaberX01cristian_c, yes, MFG = manufacturer of the product.13:46
Phoenixxlbekks, I just need to know where the sequence numbers are stored13:47
cristian_cSaberX01, but I think it dowsn't know linux13:47
maksimkaaaikonia: a shell script? what exactly will it do and where will it get its tz info from ?13:47
bekksPhoenixxl: In the name of the file in /rcX.d/13:47
Phoenixxlbekks, danted starts too early13:47
MadhurjyaIs there anyone who can help with graphics related UNITY interface on ubuntu??13:47
bekksPhoenixxl: /etc/rcX.d/13:47
cristian_calmost all input manufacturers don't know lnux13:47
bekks!anyone| Madhurjya13:47
Phoenixxlbekks, when they are generated13:47
ikoniamaksimkaaa: if you know your current time zone is utc and you know russia is say +2 then you just do date %format hour syntax +213:48
Phoenixxlbekks, they must have a template with a default13:48
bekksPhoenixxl: When installing the package. They arent generated, they are just copied from the package archive.13:48
Phoenixxlbekks, how else would sudo get to 75 for example13:48
ikoniamaksimkaaa: then just put that in a script so you can cll time zones13:48
bekksPhoenixxl: From the package archive it was installed from.13:48
Phoenixxlbekks, ok we're getting somewhere now13:48
Phoenixxlbekks, and where is that stored ?13:48
SaberX01maksimkaaa, quick example, type isn the terminal:  TZ=CET date; TZ=UTC date; TZ=Hongkong date; TZ=Montreal date13:49
bekksPhoenixxl: Do you know what a .deb file is?13:49
Phoenixxlbekks, do you know what sarcasm is ?13:49
Phoenixxlbekks, i'd apreciate yopu hold back13:49
james-Ok so I found what I did... I had my mounted drives on my unity launcher and accidently clicked unlock from launcher. Now when I try to mount a volume it don't show in Unity, and I can't figure out how to make it so they go back to the launcher when I mount them. Is it possible to go back"?13:50
maksimkaaaSaberX01: this is what is was looking for :)13:50
Phoenixxlbekks, saying you don't know would have been just fine. You'll live.13:51
Madhurjya<bekks> I recently updated from Ubuntu 11.04 to 12.4 LTS.. So, I am on unity now and whenever Istart in normal mode, the screen distorts and system crashes! This never happened when I was using Gnome! Also, my computer still works fine when I boot in fail safe graphics mode. Any thoughts?13:51
pchi, can anybody please help me? My printer stopped printing in Ubuntu suddenly. I did nothing - no updates, no installing software in Ubuntu, only simple using of Ubuntu like photos in Gimp, writing in OpenOffice, sometimes browsing internet. Can somebody help please?13:51
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bekksPhoenixxl: I do know the answer and I told it to you. I you dont know what a .deb file is, dont blame others.13:52
fatjonhi. i wan't to install the update from the "Software Updater" but it show me (Packege operation falied, The installation or removal of a software packege falied.) i have ubuntu 13.1013:52
Phoenixxlbekks, ok , i do know what a deb file is , and a rpn , and k know what aptitude is and apt-get and dpkg13:53
MadhurjyaI recently updated from Ubuntu 11.04 to 12.4 LTS.. So, I am on unity now and whenever Istart in normal mode, the screen distorts and system crashes! This never happened when I was using Gnome! Also, my computer still works fine when I boot in fail safe graphics mode. PLEASE HELP!13:53
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xplicitWhoa slow down eggheads, let me get a pen.13:53
Phoenixxlbekks, i don't know however where it is conventional to store a sequence number , and i'd really lkike to know that13:53
j_f-fwhich package is involved by "window-stack-br[1820]: segfault at 8 ip"13:54
bekksPhoenixxl: So you know that a .deb is basically a package archive, and that - upon installation - files from the archive are just copied to the filesystem, do you? And those filenames are not generated somehow, they are stored as is in the .deb13:54
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bekksPhoenixxl: I told you that the sequence number is stored in the filename only.13:54
pcMadhurjya, have you tried run terminal and run sudo apt-get install gnome-panel? then log off from unity and then choose start with gnome?13:54
Phoenixxlbekks, when generating defaults it always generates the same number13:54
Phoenixxlbekks, it doesn't read the deb to do that13:55
bekksPhoenixxl: It does NOT generate whatsoever.13:55
bekksPhoenixxl: The sequence number i stored statically, in the filename.13:55
bekksPhoenixxl: If you dont want to accept that, I am out.13:55
Madhurjyapc, yep! But it crashes in the logon screen,itself13:55
Phoenixxlbekks, update-rc.D -f someservice remove13:56
pcMadhurjya, probably caused with lightdm manager - tried to reinstall it?13:56
bekksPhoenixxl: whatever.13:56
Phoenixxlbekks, if that survice had sequence number 80 when installed13:56
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pcMadhurjya, and what about cache settings for light dm?13:57
fatjonhi. i wan't to install the update from the "Software Updater" but it show me (Packege operation falied, The installation or removal of a software packege falied.) i have ubuntu 13.1013:57
Phoenixxlbekks, when doing a update-rd.d someservice defaults13:57
Phoenixxlbekks, it will have the same sequence number again13:57
Madhurjyapc, Do you think it could be a problem with my 1400 X 900 display or my graphics drivers? (It's  an old system)13:57
Phoenixxlbekks, it doesn't read the .deb again13:57
bekksPhoenixxl: Of course. because it is stored statically in the file name.13:57
bekksPhoenixxl: When will you accept that fact?13:57
Phoenixxlbekks, so it must be stored somewhere13:57
bekksPhoenixxl: In the filename.13:57
bekksPhoenixxl: I told you five times now.13:57
hungguruanyone here?13:58
Phoenixxlbekks, the "file name" is gone after doing a remove13:58
pcMadhurjya, yes I think yes - I use older Ubuntu on older system, my experience is old system- older Ubuntu13:58
bekksPhoenixxl: It isnt. It still lifes in /etc/init.d/13:58
gordonjcphow can I stop windows sticking to the top bar in Unity?13:58
Phoenixxlbekks, the init script yes , but that doesn't contain the sequence number13:59
Phoenixxlbekks, it's the first place i looked13:59
fatjonhi. i wan't to install the update from the "Software Updater" but it show me (Packege operation falied, The installation or removal of a software packege falied.) i have ubuntu 13.1013:59
Madhurjyapc, Should I try Xubuntu or Lubuntu?13:59
bekksMadhurjya: Depends on your personal choice.13:59
hitsujiTMOPhoenixxl: you may be looking for where update-rc.d is actually being called. Check the install config or post install script14:00
pcMadhurjya, have a try, but I think the problem might be the version of kernel and adherent libraries, for example I was unable to run new nvidia drivers on 10 yrs old system14:00
Madhurjyabekks,pc I mean which one do you think would run better in an older system (amd athlon 4600/2GB RAM/128mb NVIDIA integrated nForge Graph.)14:01
SaberX01gordonjcp, I think they call that sticky edges .. there's some compiz config stuff for it, not sure exactly where it's at.14:01
PhoenixxlhitsujiTMO, hello , i will have a look. but it must have "default" values somewhere .. i'm not talking about the default 20 here .. anyway , ill have another look.14:02
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SaberX01gordonjcp, Dash >> Display >> Dticky Edges == Off14:03
Madhurjyapc, Hmmm... Maybe the NVIDIA chipset is the problem!14:03
pcMadhurjya, I have to go, I hope you would get solution, bye for now (btw Ubuntustudio is interesting)14:03
bekksMadhurjya: it isnt.14:03
Madhurjyapc, oky14:03
Madhurjyabekks, Then what do you think the problem is?14:04
bekksMadhurjya: I havent read you had any specific problems yet14:05
zzzHello everyone, I am using a Dell laptop with Ubuntu 13.10  and I am trying to format my thumb drive. I right click the drive select format and it looks like it's going to format, the drive flashes then it stops formatting and everything is still on it.14:05
gordonjcpSaberX01: sticky edges are off14:05
Madhurjyabekks, The problem is that whenever I start Ubunt 12.04 LTS, the display distorts and crashes!14:05
gordonjcpSaberX01: makes no difference, and I believe that's only for multiple monitors14:06
bekksMadhurjya: So which nvidia driver did you install?14:06
PhoenixxlhitsujiTMO, yes , thnx I looked it's hardcoded in the install script , sadly . That means I'll have to manually redo the dante entry if it ever gets updated . bah. thnx.14:06
lucas-argdo we already have some ubuntu roms for tf300 or razrhd?14:06
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
SaberX01gordonjcp,yeah, I have 3 monitors, so maybe why that works there.14:07
Madhurjyabekks, Well, ths stock driver!14:07
bekksMadhurjya: So which driver do you use?14:07
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vboxuserhi all!14:08
SaberX01gordonjcp, Im pretty sure there's some compiz manager stuff too, but I dont know what it is.14:08
Phoenixxlbekks, if you don't know , just say it . there is no shame in it. "its all upstart" .. I wish it was.14:08
Madhurjyabekks, It's an integrated nForce Graphics Card *ancient*.. I did not install any driver..14:08
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zzzI can't format my flash drive on ubuntu, I have to use windows :/ can I fix this?14:09
ithi peeps14:09
gordonjcpzzz: what happens when you try?14:09
Madhurjyabekks, which driver should i install?14:09
zzzgordonjcp, I select format I name the drive what I want it, I hit format it looks like it's going to format, the drive flashes, then it stops and everything is still on the drive14:10
MonkeyDustzzz  gparted can do that, simply delete the file system on the flash drive14:10
SaberX01Phoenixxl, I wish they were too. Get them all on one method or another, but the half way buz is irritating.14:10
zzzMonkeyDust, I didn't think of trying gparted. Hold on let me start it14:11
vboxuserI just installed Ubuntu server on an old laptop, so: no GUI. I'd like to connect to it my external USB HDD and share it through my house and other PCs (Linux, Windows) using Samba. The thing I need to do is: how can I get my USB HDD automagically mounted at a choosen mountpoint when I plug-in that HDD?14:11
Madhurjyabekks, you there?14:11
zzzMonkeyDust, doesnt look like gparted is seeing the drive, but Ubuntu is seeing the drive. Can I send a picture to you on pastebin or do I need to use something else?14:13
itcan i install proper AMD graphic drivers on ubuntu sudio?14:13
bekkszzz: gdisk -l14:13
Allison43Madhurjya, pastebin the output of sudo lshw -C video14:13
gordonjcpSaberX01: for future reference, it's "Edge Resistance" and can't be turned off but can be set to 1 pixel14:13
zzzbekks, what does that do? I tried to run it I have to install it I just want to know what it is before I install is all.14:14
itwhy does ubuntu detects my monitor as a 22 inch goldstar when its a 23 inch14:14
SaberX01vboxuser, lots of ways to do it, you already know Samab probably best File Share method, here's info on Mount/USB: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB14:14
SaberX01gordonjcp, Is that in Compiz Mgr?>14:14
MonkeyDustzzz  with the flash drive plugged it, does     lsblk     see it?14:15
ice9disabling touch pad while typing is not working! any idea?14:16
itwhy does ubuntu detects my monitor as a 22 inch goldstar when its a 23 inch lg tv14:16
zzzMonkeyDust, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697156/14:16
itcan i install proper AMD graphic drivers on ubuntu sudio?14:17
gordonjcpSaberX01: yes14:17
SaberX01vboxuser, also, for extended info on fstab: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab14:17
SaberX01gordonjcp, thnks14:17
vboxuserSaberX01, ty for links... I'm reading this---> http://serverfault.com/questions/414120/how-to-get-usb-devices-to-automount-in-ubuntu-12-04-server14:17
MonkeyDustzzz  good, i wonder why gparted doesnt see it... are you familiar with fdisk?14:18
zzzMonkeyDust, no but i'm willing to learn :)14:18
Allison43it, yes , but ask in #ubuntu-studio14:18
jonez813i have a lvm filesystem that i cant seem to mount. i have looked online but i keep betting bad superblock errors and short read error. is there anything i can do to mount /dev/hpbun/root and recover my data. external hdd took a dive off a table...14:19
itcopy paste is your friend:)14:19
vboxuserSaberX01, but the thing I need to do is just like Windows, you know, inserting an USB device and it will be automagically mounted/opened. Something like this---> http://www.howtogeek.com/96298/assign-a-static-drive-letter-to-a-usb-drive-in-windows-7/ Understood?14:19
gordonjcpjonez813: you may well have more than one superblock14:19
anton02how do u install samba414:20
SaberX01vboxuser, Yeah, usbmount is not installed by default on the server.14:20
zzzMonkeyDust, I messed up i'm sorry. gparted sees it I didn't select it from the menu on top i just went to close it and realized my error14:20
bekks!info samba414:20
ubottusamba4 (source: samba4): SMB/CIFS file, NT domain and active directory server (version 4). In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.3+dfsg1-0.1ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 1658 kB, installed size 10844 kB14:20
bekksanton02: apt-get install samba414:20
MonkeyDustzzz  ok, great14:20
jonez813gordonjcp: i have done mke2fs -n to find the superblocks, and tried mount -b *allsuperblockslisted* with no luck14:20
zzzMonkeyDust, even though it recognizes it I don't see a place to select format14:20
vboxuserSaberX01, but the thing I need to do is just like Windows, you know, inserting an USB device and it will be automagically mounted/opened. Something like this---> http://www.howtogeek.com/96298/assign-a-static-drive-letter-to-a-usb-drive-in-windows-7/ Understood?14:20
anton02bekks: nice14:21
zzzMonkeyDust, I can right click on it and I see something that says format to but it is gray and i cant clicck14:21
bekksanton02: I told you the same a few days ago :)14:21
vboxuserSaberX01, or even something like this---> https://github.com/LemonBoy/ldm14:21
SaberX01vboxuser, I dont know what that's talking about, Windows part.14:22
MonkeyDustzzz  or simply "delete"?14:22
anton02bekks: lol it wasnt me i dont think14:22
zzzMonkeyDust, delete is also gray14:22
MonkeyDustzzz  odd... maybe you have to unmount it first, does that make sense?14:23
SaberX01vboxuser, A server not like a desktop, it's not setup to do loads of restarts., Generally, you set it up, and it stays up and runnign for long periods of time. Allot of these tool, while they function on servers, are for DE users.14:23
zzzMonkeyDust, I will that hold on. I wouldn't know what makes sense I have used Linux for a while now but I am no problem solver yet by any means, to me you are the expert :)14:24
SaberX01vboxuser, So wiht that in mind, create a mount point, mount the device, add to fstab if you like, config Samba or SSHFS, and you should eb good to go.14:25
vboxuserSaberX01, let me explain again. Maybe I'm wrong! :p So, having no DE, I need to make my external USB HDD automagically mounted always at the same mountpoint when I simply plug-in this device14:25
jjavaholicis it possible to disable the autohide feature of scribes?14:25
zzzMonkeyDust, nope, i unmounted and gparted dont see it14:25
anton02jjavaholic: do you like coffee for the taste or the caffeine?14:25
MonkeyDustzzz  in time, you'll be the one helping others14:25
llutzvboxuser: write an udev-rule, here are some ideas how http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16822114:25
jjavaholicwhat about both?14:26
anton02jjavaholic: or are you referring to the programming language?14:26
zzzMonkeyDust, I look forward to it, you have helped me a lot the passed week. I don't have the same nickname as I had before because it wouldn't go through for some reason, but I am taking networking classes and really need to get this stuff down.14:27
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
Phoenixxlvboxuser, You can edit /etc/udev/rules.d/85-my_rule.rules14:27
jjavaholicprogramming language14:27
Phoenixxlvboxuser, if you know your device id and vendor ID14:27
anton02im sort of a caffeineholic14:28
vboxuserllutz ty for link14:28
Phoenixxlvboxuser, ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb_device", SYSFS{idVendor}=="YOURVENDORID", SYSFS{idProduct}=="YOURPRODUCTID", RUN+="YOURSCRIPT"14:28
vboxuserllutz, will be a looong study. Thins I've never seen before14:28
SaberX01vboxuser, Or, if you want to get even more indepth, install NFS on your external HDD: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-file-system.html14:29
Phoenixxlvboxuser, you can have it mounted when inserted using that script14:29
vboxuserPhoenixxl, the funny thing I've nevere scripted in my life!!! :p14:29
zzzMonkeyDust, Should I try formatting  using the overwrite existing data with 0's (slow) ? What does it mean to do that?14:29
llutzvboxuser: there is always a 1st time, so good luck14:30
Phoenixxlif you've used a command prompt you're half way set14:30
vboxuserllutz, something I need to know/read/study to learn some basic scripting?14:30
vboxuseryuo're all talking about bash-scripting?14:30
SaberX01vboxuser, Not being funny, but an external USB device not the best choice for a server. If ya have room in the box, that's a better place for it.14:30
llutzvboxuser: for a start it would be helpful to know how to use a cli-editor like vim/nano/mcedit/...14:31
MonkeyDustzzz  not sure what you mean, but do some reading here (dry technical stuff) http://www.howtogeek.com/106873/how-to-use-fdisk-to-manage-partitions-on-linux/14:31
Phoenixxlvboxuser, ash yes, it's basically listing commands to perform and having the ability to put in iterations and selections.14:31
Phoenixxlvboxuser, all programming is sequences , interations and selections.14:32
vboxuserSaberX01, I know, but it's a easy server. Simple PS3MediaServer streaming and 2 simple Samba shares. The server isn't always turned on and it's not essential14:32
Phoenixxlvboxuser, if you can program in one language you can program in any14:32
SaberX01vboxuser, may as well get used to scripts now, you gonna do allot of editing to set things up.14:32
vboxuserSo... I can use nano. But how someone do/learn bash-scripting???14:33
vboxuserfrom where should I start? :p14:33
SaberX01Nano my editor of choice14:33
llutzvboxuser: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide14:33
SaberX01^^ that's a good place to start, then the LDP Advanced Bash Scripting Guide as well.14:33
llutzlater then http://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/ vboxuser14:34
dimitrishello and happy new year14:34
dimitriscan someone help me on a wifi problem i have on ubuntu?14:35
Phoenixxlvboxuser, #!/bin/sh14:35
Phoenixxlvboxuser, echo Hello World14:35
SaberX01better choice #!/usr/bin/env bash14:35
Phoenixxlvboxuser, there you go , that's your first script14:35
vboxuserok guys... Entering here to ask how to automount devices and exiting learning bash scripting... :p14:35
=== g_hpc_geek is now known as ghartmann
JohnnyLgpe-tetris is too small screen-wise, can someone recommend a good, safe tetris to install locally on Ubuntu?14:36
Phoenixxlvboxuser, chmod + x the file14:36
zzzMonkeyDust, can you make sure i'm right? According to the output of lsblk and the info on the site would i do sudo fdisk /sdb/sdb1? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697156/14:36
llutzPhoenixxl: #!/bin/bash if he follows those guides, or he'll get some suprises later14:36
PhoenixxlSaberX01, I'm old , lol14:36
JohnnyLtrying to install emacs  now.14:36
SaberX01/bin/sh goes to Dash anyway14:37
itstupid irc14:37
Phoenixxlhalf my computers are BSD14:38
SaberX01Man, I tried for ages to get used to emacs .. never could get comfy with that one, allthough allot of folks like it.14:38
PhoenixxlTHE HORROR14:38
MonkeyDustzzz  good, you're already learning, now be careful14:38
zzzMonkeyDust, awesome :) I will try it now14:39
zzzMonkeyDust, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697257/14:40
hitsujiTMOzzz what are you trying to do?14:42
itthis irc is full of enemies14:42
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
MonkeyDustzzz  it's sdb, not sdb114:42
SaberX01think he needs /dev/sdb1 not  /sdb/sdb114:42
dimitrisis this a support channel for ubuntu?14:43
Allison43zzz, /dev/sdb or /dev/sdb114:43
hitsujiTMOdimitris: yes14:43
MonkeyDustdimitris  yes14:43
itnop its NSA operation14:43
SaberX01Whoops, dimitris Yes is UB support channel14:43
dimitriscan someone help me lease with a wifi problem on ubuntu?14:43
hitsujiTMOit please refrain from the trolling14:43
iti seem to have hit a nerv14:44
hitsujiTMOdimitris: can you explain the issue please14:44
SaberX01!details | dimitris14:44
ubottudimitris: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:44
zzzhitsujiTMO, trying to format my thumb drive using the fdisk command because Ubuntu won't format it when I right click and gparted won't let me. MonkeyDust Ill try sdb instead one sec14:44
zzzMonkeyDust, like this? sudo fdisk /sdb14:45
=== hub is now known as Guest92618
hitsujiTMOzzz: fdisk doesn't format. it only sets partition tables.  how exactly is gparted not letting you format?14:45
=== ricardo is now known as Guest74483
dimitrisi installed ubuntu on a friends pc14:46
dimitrisand wifi was working proper14:46
dimitrisnow wifi doesnt work any more14:46
zzzhitsujiTMO, when I right click on the drive format is grayed out, and delete, is grayed out. When I go to files and right click on the drive I can click format, when I do it looks like it's going to work and the drive flashes then everything stops and the drive dont format.14:46
hitsujiTMOdimitris: can you pastebin the output of: lspci       from that machine?14:46
Krupptzzz: sudo fdisk -l to be sure your going to be working on proper device (drive, partition) once you have determined which drive you would run "sudo fdisk /dev/sdb" IF you found that to be true via the output of "fdisk -l"14:47
hitsujiTMOzzz: is there an (!) by the drive name?14:47
Guest74483dimitris sometimes it helps to disable additional drivers for wifi adapter14:47
Guest74483and reboot14:47
dimitrisguys i am not very good with these....14:47
dimitrisi need very detailed help...14:47
zzzhitsujiTMO, nope, only ! is next to my NTFS partitions which i'm not worried about.14:48
Guest74483dimitris: go to software & updates --> last tab on the right (drivers), disable wifi driver14:48
hitsujiTMOzzz: can you pastebin the output of: sudo fdisk -l14:48
dimitrisif someone could please personal message me...14:48
anton02i installed samba4, but when I right click folder and click share, ubuntu asks me to install package 'samba'. What should I do?14:48
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
itanton02, dont install samn14:49
Keanu73it: Samn? what's that?14:49
zzzhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697317/14:49
itit taliban code14:49
Keanu73i'll look it up on Wikipedia14:50
ityes go figigure it out14:50
Keanu73hmm, not on wikipedia14:50
hitsujiTMOzzz: can you also pastebin the output of: mount14:50
Keanu73anton02: What's samba?14:50
anton02Keanu73: are you new?14:51
itsheck on wikipedia14:51
llutzzzz: all you want to do is to format your usb-drive? "sudo umount /dev/sdb1 && sudo mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sdb1"14:51
hitsujiTMOzzz: are you just trying to format as fat32?14:51
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html14:51
Keanu73anton02: No, I used Ubuntu 12.04 before14:51
bittyxCan anyone help with a tiny problem? If I run "gem -v" from my terminal, I get the current version, but "sudo gem -v" says "sudo: gem: command not found". Why could that happen?14:51
=== Guest74483 is now known as Chr0nicle
zzzhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697324/ there wasnt any output it didnt throw an error but it didnt do anything either. llutz yes thats all i wanna do is format the drive :)14:52
hitsujiTMOzzz: mount     not  : mount    sorry14:52
zzzhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697329/14:53
Keanu73anton02: Is this samba?: http://www.samba.org/14:53
SaberX01bittyx, If I recall correctly, it's setup that way so RVM is installed per user, in the $USER home dirs and not at the system level.14:53
hitsujiTMOzzz: its mounted. thats why it can't be formatted. use the command llutz specified to umount and format it.14:54
bittyxSaberX01: So I *can't* run "gem" through sudo, but I also don't need to?14:54
JoshSynis there a good GUI alarm software?14:54
anton02Keanu73: yes14:55
zzzhitsujiTMO, llutz command not found14:56
itfuck ubuntu im buying a MAC14:56
SaberX01bittyx, If you rellay need / want sudo to use it: sudo chown -R <your_user_name>:<your_group> ~/.rbenv  but, you should check with the package maintainers before doing that.14:56
Krupptzzz:sudo umount /media/james/PENDRIVE14:56
NisstrXhow can I load ubuntu to a pc and let it run only one app14:57
SaberX01bittyx, As far as needign too .. I dont think so, RVM is installed in the users /home .. so it has nothgin to do with system paths, therefore, sudo no needed.14:57
Hitisantazhey im testing, please ignore14:57
llutzNisstrX: kiosk-mode is what you're looking for14:57
bittyxSaberX01: Okay, it seems this is also causing different problems ("gem install sass" works, but "sass" is not in my path after that, so I can't run it at all), so I'll try and ask elsewhere, somewhere ruby or sass specific. Thanks!14:57
HitisantazWill i get any good performance gaming on amd?14:58
zzzhitsujiTMO, the command Kruppt gave me worked, sudo umount /dev/sdb1 && sudo mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sdb1. Im going to put this in my notes, will I always have to use the command line to format my drives?14:58
dimitrishello can i pm someone to help me on ubuntu?14:58
SaberX01bittyx, That's what Id' recommend, asking in #ruby or #gem .. but Im pretty sure you dont need sudo for gems.14:58
=== jan is now known as Guest46510
hitsujiTMOzzz: no, just make sure you unmount the filesystem before trying to format the partition. you can unmount in gparted too15:00
dimitrishitsujiTMO can you please help me?15:01
Jacob999Hello everyone: does anyone how to uninstall Ubuntu from an old macbook in order to install lubuntu?15:02
hitsujiTMOdimitris: can you pastebin the output of: lspci       from that machine? its a terminal command15:02
enediland why?15:02
SaberX01Jacob999, Just install right over top is you dont need anythign off the machine first.15:02
dimitrisso i just type lspci on terminal and press enter?15:03
enedilu can install package lubuntu-desktop15:03
enedilsudo apt-get install lubuntu desktop15:03
Jacob999will sudo apt-get install lubuntu desktop uninstall ubuntu?15:04
SaberX01That depends on how old the orig Ubuntu install is, it's it's 10.04 or before that wont work.15:04
dimitrishitsujiTMO i did that and got a big list on terminal15:04
SaberX01Jacob999, What version is your original Ubuntu install ?15:04
hitsujiTMOdimitris: can you copy the output and paste it to paste.ubuntu.com   then copy the url here15:05
Jacob999looking it up now. I think its fairly recent.15:05
zzzhitsujiTMO, For some reason I can't unmount anywhere15:05
JohnnyLgpe-tetris is too small screen-wise, can someone recommend a good, safe tetris to install locally on Ubuntu?15:05
Jacob999ubuntu 12.1015:06
it_im using kali linux and joined irc to look for vics15:07
enedilJacob999: It's ok15:07
llutz!ot | it_15:07
ubottuit_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:07
zzzhitsujiTMO, ok i restarted gparted and was able to unmount. but I still have the problem. When I right click and select format it dont do anything15:07
Jacob999awesome thanks15:07
JohnnyLemacs is useless for tetris.15:07
hitsujiTMOzzz: hmm, thats a little odd15:08
hitsujiTMOzzz: but does it format from the command line?15:08
coolbob-armwould this be the place to ask ubuntu 13.04 arm questions?15:08
dimitrishitsujiTMO i did what you told me what i do next?15:09
=== Gasseus is now known as Rallias
hitsujiTMOdimitris: can you paste the link it generate here please15:09
SaberX01Jacob999, so ya got two options, just install lubuntu-desktop or dl the lubuntu ISO and fresh 13.10 over top, which probably better idea as 12.10 no longer supported.15:09
BlackkattOkey, just formated a drive to etx4 using Gparted, but I have no right to use it drive, cannot write anything on it15:10
Blackkattsays that root is owner so i cant change the security settings15:10
llutz!permissions | Blackkatt15:10
ubottuBlackkatt: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions15:10
it_are you reading contents from my term?15:10
Jacob999saberx01, okay so you would recommend me updating ubuntu to 13.10?15:11
it_WARN: / is world writable!15:11
it_WARN: / is group writable!15:11
solisanwhat is this?15:12
SaberX01Jacob999, I would yes, 13.04 is about EOL, 13.10 is EOL in Apr-2014 .. then 14.04 is Live LTS.15:12
it_a sandwich15:12
dimitrishitsujiTMO: is it easy to fix you think?15:12
llutzit_: do you have anything ubuntu-related to say? this is not a place for your random nonsense15:12
solisanok by15:12
Blackkattllutz, yes, i get that, but i still dont know how to give me access, why does GUI Gparted set root as owner?15:12
LayneHey, I hope someone can answer me a quick licensing question.15:12
LayneI was wondering if I have to pay any license fees if I want to create a VM with ubuntu as development environment for a project that has commercial value. Note, ubuntu itself won't be the hosting OS it's just that I want to use it as development environment. The finished product can run on any OS. It's jsut that I'm using ubuntu to develop a commercial product.15:13
it_!ops llutz15:13
llutzBlackkatt: because only root can do what you did.15:13
Blackkattllutz,  yes, but how do i set the owner to "me" ?15:13
Jacob999saberx01, alright ill give it a shot. thanks15:13
SaberX01Jacob999, I take that back, 13.10 is EOL in July 2014 not APR15:13
llutzBlackkatt: man chown15:13
Blackkatti use the GUI version i  totally new to this15:13
hitsujiTMOdimitris: can you pastebin output of: rfkill list all15:13
it_man chroot15:13
Blackkattof gparted that is15:13
Jacob999Saberx01, okay well ill try that. Thank you.15:14
SaberX01Jacob999, The you can do a release-upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04 in April, should good to go then.15:14
dimitrishitsujiTMO: and then do the link thing again?15:14
zzzhitsujiTMO, yes it formats using sudo umount /dev/sdb1 && sudo mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sdb115:14
MonkeyDustzzz  you made it?15:14
hitsujiTMOdimitris: yes, same again15:14
DJonesit_: Do you have a support issue, please don't use the !op's trigger unless it is a channel emergency15:14
hitsujiTMOzzz: may be an issue with gparted then. sounds a little unusual15:15
coolbob-armis there a better irc app then loqui for ubuntu?15:15
SaberX01Jacob999, You ahve one other option too, you can install 12.04 LTS now, then do one release-upgrade in April to 14.04 LTS ether way works good.15:16
dimitrishitsujiTMO: i get nothing back with this commant15:16
MonkeyDustcoolbob-arm  xchat and irssi are popular15:16
hitsujiTMOdimitris: ok then, try: lspci -knn | grep Network -A 315:18
zzzMonkeyDust, kind of. When I use the sudo umount /dev/sdb1 && sudo mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sdb1 command i can format with no problem. For some reason I have to use gparted to unmount the flash drive and then when I try formatting it it don't format it flashes like its going to and does nothing.15:18
ausjke_i saw my sysstat cron has a debian-sa1 command, but debian-sa1 is under /usr/lib/sysstat, which is not on typical PATH, how could it be executed by a cron?15:18
SaberX01coolbob-arm, IRC client info, lots to choose form:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat15:18
zzzhitsujiTMO, yes unusual to me as well15:18
it_LOL why does ubuntu detects my monitor as a 22 inch goldstar when its a 23 inch15:19
thom_rit might be a 22.9 inch but is marketed as a 2315:19
llutzausjke_: is it called with full path or do they set extra environment in crontab for it?15:19
SaberX01what he said ^^^ 22.99"15:19
it_its not goldstar15:19
dimitrishitsujiTMO: how do i put this line on my keyboard after -knn?15:19
ausjke_llutz: neither, but this is the 'default' ubuntu files15:20
it_I WIN ubuntu SYCKS15:20
thom_rwhat kind of monitor is it?15:20
it_lg fhd tv15:20
ausjke_llutz: which mean i may be missing something basic15:20
Keanu73<rt AT NO SPAM ubuntu DOT com>.15:20
it_the sound isnt working15:20
ausjke_llutz: oops sorry it's in PATH15:20
hitsujiTMOdimitris: depends on your keyboard. sometimes its shift + \      on some its besides 1 on the top row. some times its marked as ¦15:21
flammidoes somebody know how to install a firmware update for my touchpad without windows? :-D15:21
Jacob999SaberX01, okay, so let me get this straight since I am very new to linux. But all I need to do is sudoapt-get install lubuntu desktop?15:21
Keanu73I wanna get ubuntu LogBot in my channel :D15:21
bekksflammi: When the manufacturer requires Windows to do so, then there is no other way.15:21
flammibekks: the firmware update is packaged in an exe ...15:22
bekksflammi: Then it requires Windows :)15:22
monty_hallis there a recommended app to use google drive?15:22
killerbart10when i try and boot from ubuntu it starts says booting/loading ubuntu the boots back into KDE.15:22
flammibekks: hmm... i hoped that it is not necessary to install windows on my laptop...15:23
flammibekks: but thx ;-)15:23
dimitrishitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697490/15:23
blacklighthi all, i'm experiencing problems on my saucy x64 when starting or configuring most of my audio apps (audacity, lmms, mixxx...), they take at least 20 seconds to start and on stdout i see these messages15:23
blacklightfrom what i read around the net, it is an issue with bluez-alsa, but uninstalling bluetooth support for alsa is not an option for me15:24
hitsujiTMOdimitris: which version of ubuntu did you say this was again?15:24
killerbart10when i try and boot from ubuntu it starts says booting/loading ubuntu the boots back into KDE.15:24
blacklightthis is perfectly reproducible if you install bluez-alsa on x64 and then you simply go with this python code:15:25
blacklight>>> import pyaudio15:25
blacklight>>> p = pyaudio.PyAudio()15:25
hitsujiTMOdimitris: can you also tell me the output of: sudo modprobe iwlwifi15:25
dimitrishitsujiTMO: ubuntu 13.10 32bit15:25
killerbart10when i try and boot from ubuntu it starts says booting/loading ubuntu the boots back into KDE.15:26
blacklightthe system takes at least 20 seconds for initializing the audio and those messages pop out, there are folks reporting this issue even 2 years ago, it looks confirmed, but no workaround or solution, is anyone aware of some progress?15:26
it_try av linux15:26
SaberX01blacklight, if bluez is causing the issue, I understand you cant remove it perm, but for test the fix, maybe submit a bug report with before and after.15:26
blacklightSaberX01: bluez is the issue, and there are already many bug reports for this, for example here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/36161515:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 361615 in bluez (Ubuntu) "ALSA lib pcm_bluetooth.c:1569:(audioservice_expect) BT_GET_CAPABILITIES failed : Input/output error(5)" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:27
blacklightbut so far no one as provided a solution as far as i know15:27
blacklight(that bug was actually reported in 2009..)15:28
SaberX01blacklight, maybe refreshing it with new data will bring it out more I dont know.15:28
alfredohello folks15:29
sk1pperhi folks, which linux/ubuntu distribution would you suggest for an acer aspire one with 1GB of RAM and CPU at 1.6GHz ?15:29
dimitrishitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697519/15:30
hitsujiTMOsk1pper: lubuntu or xubuntu15:30
gauss /msg NickServ identify k@cl6jat15:30
SaberX01blacklight, also, could go into #ubuntu-bugs and ask about the disposition there as well.15:30
arc__All distros15:30
Blackkattllutz,  btw next time recommend the already installed app for Ubuntu  "Disks" it formats and set right permissions (me)15:30
llutzgauss: time to change password15:30
blacklightSaberX01: thanks i'll try that ^^15:30
llutzblacklight: i won't15:30
hitsujiTMOdimitris: do you know how to load an older kernel from the grub menu?15:30
Blackkattllutz,  strange as it just did!15:30
sk1pperhitsujiTMO: thanks, where can I download from?15:30
dimitrishitsujiTMO: unfotunately no my friend15:31
hitsujiTMOsk1pper: all the releases are here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/15:31
llutzBlackkatt: nice that it works, but i only recommend universal solutions (aka shell-commands) since i don't know what software someone has installed or not15:31
sk1pperhitsujiTMO: okay, thanks15:32
Blackkattllutz,  its installed by  default, thats why i mention it15:32
zzzMonkeyDust, I also have another issue maybe you could shed some light on :) I am on a laptop. When I log in I have to use the synclient tapbutton1=1 command to be able to tap my mouse pad to select things. is there a way I can fix this?15:33
hitsujiTMOdimitris: can you reboot the laptop and after the bios screen hit shift or escape to bring up the grub menu. go to the advanced menu and select an older kernel from the list. see if that allows the wifi to work15:33
it_is someone using AirOS?15:33
llutzBlackkatt: does it also come with mini.iso, server, lubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu?15:33
Blackkattso next n00b that comes in, you can tell them instead making them even more confused15:34
Blackkattllutz,  oh am sry, i thought i was in the ubuntu channel, ooooh snap I am :p15:34
arc__Ohh u just got burnt15:34
hitsujiTMOzzz: you need yo add a display-setup-script to lightdm that calls that command15:35
llutzBlackkatt: you are but given flavours are supported here too15:35
=== zz__gypsy_ is now known as _gypsy_
zzzhitsujiTMO, sounds promising but i'm a lost noob lol15:35
dimitrishitsujiTMO: do you mean restart the laptop and then push esc or shift? who is the bios screen?15:35
it_anyone using mint?15:36
it_the arabic version of ubuntu15:36
Blackkattis it possible to show transfer speed when moving/copying ?15:36
hitsujiTMOdimitris: the bios screen is the initial screen that comes on when you boot15:36
DJones!offtopic | it_15:36
ubottuit_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:36
Blackkattit came up after a few seconds :)15:36
BlackkattI'm so loving Ubuntu15:36
it_ubuntu will love you back15:37
Blackkattit_,  hahaha good to know ;915:37
SaberX01Blackkatt, depends of the app your using. rsync, curl, wget all do that sort of thing.15:37
zzzhitsujiTMO, I should also point out I am using the cinnamon window manager on Ubuntu 13.10 when I have this issue. When I use saucy i have no problem with the mouse.15:37
BlackkattSaberX01, what now?15:39
SaberX01dl speeds15:39
SaberX01or xfer speeds you asked about15:39
BlackkattSaberX01,  aah, i was talking about copy/moving15:39
hitsujiTMOzzz: try adding a file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/90-synclient.conf      with the contents: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697553/15:39
Blackkattfrom drive to drive15:39
dimitrishitsujiTMO: sorry cant find it... anyway.... i think i bothered you alot... thank you very much for your time15:39
it_how do i flash bios firmware on ubuntu?15:40
hitsujiTMOit_ flashrom15:40
joker__hello everyone !15:41
dimitrishitsujiTMO: sorry cant find it... anyway.... i think i bothered you alot... thank you very much for your time15:41
matrix_happy new year15:41
joker__does anyone know how to run xchat from behind a https proxy .. i cannot ise xchat because of it15:42
it_if you make it15:42
blacklightBlackkatt: you can use rsync for checking transfer speed, or do like me (cp and then watch -n 1 'ls -lh your_target_file' for checking how much data is transferred)15:42
hitsujiTMOdimitris: I think the issue is a missing firmware from the latest kernel update. you need to boot an older kernel to get wifi back15:42
zzzhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697575/15:42
SaberX01blacklight, Blackkatt and if you want a nice little progress bar, pipe it though an app called:   pv15:43
Blackkattblacklight, thnx no need it came up after a few seconds on the transfer bar15:43
hitsujiTMOzzz: i meant for you to create the file. it doesn't exist15:43
jonez813i have a lvm filesystem that i cant seem to mount. i have looked online but i keep betting bad superblock errors and short read error. is there anything i can do to mount /dev/hpbun/root and recover my data. external hdd took a dive off a table...15:44
it_can i use that with eufi bios?15:44
blacklightjonez813: have you already tried fsck -y on the drive?15:44
hitsujiTMOjonez813: if it took a dive then its most likely physical damage. is there any rattling when you shake it?15:45
jonez813blacklight: not that specific command, used fsck already, i will try that command15:45
it_antontimed out :/15:46
hitsujiTMOjonez813: can you check the smart data for the drive15:46
hitsujiTMOit_: if it supports you uefi then yes15:46
jonez813hitsujiTMO: i dont think physical damage, no symptoms like clicking or rattling it can mount the boot partition, just not the root15:46
joker__i am behind a https proxy of my institute .. i want to use xchat on ubuntu 12.04 .. i tried changing settings in xchat but there are no options to change the type of proxy to https .. when i use http , i get a forbidden error .. can anyone please help15:47
it_use webchat15:47
SaberX01joker__, http://xchat.org/faq/#q2515:48
it_tiger question15:48
joker__i tried that but  there is no option to change proxy type to https15:48
it_use webchat15:49
SaberX01joker__, Exactly, faq #25 says: is only supported for HTTP and Socks5.15:49
it_hes no joker SaberX0115:49
jonez813blacklight: fsck -y returned fsck.ext2: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/mapper/hpbun--vg-root http://pastebin.com/8wLh1vKw15:50
joker__<saberx01, can u tell me  client on ubuntu to run https proxy15:50
jonez813hitsujiTMO: i will look into checking the smart data15:50
dddnsGood day! Tell me please, which squid log analyzers can save page titles?15:51
SaberX01joker__, No I do not know off top of my head, but you could start reading up on these clients: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat15:51
joker__SaberX01 , thanks a lot .. i will try finding one ..15:53
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zzzhitsujiTMO, im lost on how to create it15:58
jonez813hitsujiTMO: it would smart data is not available on this device.15:59
jonez813hitsujiTMO: *appear*15:59
hitsujiTMOzzz: sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/90-synclient.conf                  then paste the text: ctrl + o to save. ctrl + x to close16:00
nephishi all16:01
nephisyou hou16:02
zzzhitsujiTMO, I did it but it didn't work16:04
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zzzhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6697728/16:07
hitsujiTMOzzz: hmm. may need to be done in the user session. try adding the command to ~/.xprofile16:08
hitsujiTMOzzz: might aswell: sudo rm /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/90-synclient.conf16:10
spearheadhitsujiTMO: would lightdm load the configs at login or boot? he might need to restart for it to load them...16:11
zzzhitsujiTMO, james@james-Inspiron-N4010:~$ ~/.xprofile16:11
zzzbash: /home/james/.xprofile: No such file or directory16:11
chemist^hello everyone16:12
zzzhitsujiTMO, ~/c.xprofile didn16:13
hitsujiTMOzzz: again: nano ~/.xprofile                         add the single line line: synclient tapbutton1=116:14
zzzhitsujiTMO, should I restart to see if it works?16:15
A1ReconWhere are the stream saved files stored in the PC? http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/vlc-streaming.html16:15
hitsujiTMOzzz: just relog16:15
zzzhitsujiTMO, ok one sec16:15
zzzhitsujiTMO, still didn't take place :/16:16
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A1ReconMy question was about VLC..... just in case you didn't notice....16:17
hitsujiTMOzzz: i'm out of idea then. ~/.xprofile is souced by lightdm when you login. so it anthing should work then that should16:17
zzzhitsujiTMO, when I type nemo ~/ .xprofile synclient tapbutton1=1 shows in it16:18
spearheadA1Recon: you have to define where you want the file to be stored and what you want it to be named. if you follow the how to when it gets to the part where you are in the destinations config you click the add button next to the dropdown that says file and browse to where you want the file to go...16:21
Keanu73!foo is bar16:24
HisaoNakaicristian_c: Excuse me? o.o16:26
chemist^hello hitsujiTMO :) remember me? :P16:26
A1Reconspearhead: What would happen if I did not click next and went ahead with stream? Shouldn't the file be saved somewhere by default?16:30
spearheadA1Recon: if I understand how stream works in vlc the bytes it gets from the source are stored in ram until they are displayed then they are discarded. if that is not the case then the stream might get saved in /tmp but would be deleted as soon as you stopped streaming. also that would be a raw data file and you would have to process it with some application before it would be usable.16:32
jonez813hitsujiTMO: this is a LVM that im trying to mount, not sure if  i said that originally16:32
SaberX01A1Recon, they are most likely in ~/Downlaods/ if you've not changed any preference, or so the docs say.16:33
spearheadA1Recon: but I am pretty sure it is not saved because you cannot rewind the stream16:33
SaberX01Yeah, from reading the docs, you have to tell it to record or whatever.16:34
hayer_So I wrote a simple script to connect to my VPN if I was not connected( http://pastebin.com/R09g2Vhe ) -- But where should I put it? in /etc/network/if-up.d/ ?16:35
chemist^hey people, what's up16:35
chemist^i've got a question regarding SSL and TOR using irc... i have successfully connected to freenode with tor and ssl auth...16:35
lotuspsychjenot sure if this is relevant but you can record stuff with kazam16:35
chemist^is it possible to connect to ircnet servers using this method?16:35
lotuspsychje!freenode | chemist^16:36
ubottuchemist^: freenode is the IRC network that you're on! - See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml - freenode has policies that govern how people should use the network which can be read at http://freenode.net/policy.shtml - The Ubuntu channels on freenode also have their own !Guidelines16:36
chemist^lotuspsychje ? :) i made it work with freenode16:36
chemist^my question is ... if it's possible to connect to ircnet servers16:37
lotuspsychjechemist^: ok maybe ask on ircnet network?16:37
chemist^they do not have such support channels as freenode does :D16:37
Myrttichemist^: how is that related to Ubuntu?16:38
lotuspsychjechemist^: well, its not really an ubuntu issue neither right :p16:39
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spearheadchemist^: have you tried it?16:39
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl16:39
chemist^lotuspsychje, IMHO i don't believe it's possible to auth with ssl on ircnet because you need to have a registered nickname with nickserv....which is not an option on ircnet servers16:39
chemist^spearhead, yes...16:39
chemist^lotuspsychje, :D no it's not16:39
chemist^Myrtti, i'm using an irc client on ubuntu :P16:39
Myrttiyou're already asking in the somewhat more right place, which is #ubuntu-offtopic16:40
Myrttiso let's move there16:40
chemist^wow :D16:42
jhutchinsThere's a new one.16:42
lotuspsychjealot of botnets playin lately16:43
hayer_So I wrote a simple script to connect to my VPN if I was not connected( http://pastebin.com/R09g2Vhe ) -- But where should I put it? in /etc/network/if-up.d/ ?16:43
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phutchinsinteresting lol16:43
hitsujiTMOi wish peeps would actually learn to not install malware16:43
hayer_I wish peeps would actually care about my questions :(16:44
chemist^hitsujiTMO, :D16:44
PlasmastarI heard this pretty interesting tip to get a load of bots for starting a net.16:44
* hayer_ goes full retard. Dog is dead.16:44
lotuspsychje!patience | hayer_16:44
ubottuhayer_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/16:44
PlasmastarI thought it was funny as hell.16:44
hitsujiTMOhey chemist^16:44
hayer_lotuspsychje: know how I can ignore parts, joins, etc in irssi?16:45
hayer_90% of text on screen is parts and joins.16:45
Plasmastarhayer_: Apparently peeps can trick pedophiles into installing their warez.16:45
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spearheadhayer_: https://pthree.org/2010/03/12/irssi-handling-joinspartsquits/16:45
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DJones!quietirssi | hayer_16:46
ubottuhayer_: To ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS16:46
nashantsomeone please help. Chrome keeps causing such high iowait that my laptop becomes completely unresponsive. This is the syslog from the offending time period http://pastebin.com/ZNXZLfsP16:46
spearheadhayer_: how often do you want your script to run?16:47
limikaelhello, how can I create a bootable ubuntu usb (for installation on my eee) using mac os x?16:47
dominic__ok, so how does this even work, no one is talking16:48
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hitsujiTMOnashant: how much ram do you have?16:48
hayer_spearhead: when ever I connect to internet -- cba connecting to VPN everytime I connect to internet16:48
spearhead!patience | dominic__16:48
ubottudominic__: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/16:48
Hydr0p0nXcan anyone point me to current documentation on getting hardware video decoding to work with nouveau driver?16:49
nashanthitsujiTMO: 4GB, tested absolutely fine with memtest16:49
lotuspsychjelimikael: maybe there's a unetbootin for mac?16:49
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hitsujiTMOnashant: can you pastebin output of: free -m16:49
limikaellotuspsychje: hm… googling...16:49
dominic__it's working16:49
spearheadhayer_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/258580/how-to-run-a-script-every-time-internet-connects16:50
nashanthitsujiTMO: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/827060816:51
hitsujiTMOnashant: do you have any resouce intensive chrome plugins?  is this any page or only specific pages?16:52
limikaellotuspsychje: ah there is..16:52
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lotuspsychjelimikael: yes, just found it :p use the iso with unetbootin16:53
limikaellotuspsychje: do i need to format it first or something?16:53
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lotuspsychjelimikael: maybe fat3216:54
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limikaellotuspsychje: ok will try first without formatting to see what happens… if not i will format16:54
lotuspsychjelimikael: good luck and welcome to the ubuntu experience :p16:55
flammidoes somebody else here also has this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/74186916:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 741869 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Unity/compiz intercepts Super and Alt keypresses from grabbed windows like VMs." [High,Triaged]16:57
flammiand knows a good workaround?16:57
limikaellotuspsychje: ty.. :)16:58
hitsujiTMOflammi: remap they in unity-tweak-tool or whatnot16:58
limikaellotuspsychje: ah yes it seems to be booting… :)16:59
nashanthitsujiTMO: I've disabled all chrome plugins. It doesn't seem to be site specific. I've done a forced reboot and reopened the same pages in chrome when it asked, and had no issue17:00
Blackkatthmm the driver for ntfs filsystem on ubuntu seems very good, so what have I to gain using ext4 instead?17:00
MyrttiBlackkatt: native tools to fix it if it goes pear shaped17:02
limikaellotuspsychje: hm no… i just came to a syslinux prompt (actually, it is debian i'm trying to install, not ubuntu)17:02
MyrttiBlackkatt: afaik also better ACL support (obviously)17:02
flammihitsujiTMO: thx, i have already searched for something like the unity-tweak-tool17:03
BlackkattMyrtti, that means if something does wrong right?17:03
MyrttiBlackkatt: yes.17:03
hitsujiTMOnashant: the trace seems to suggest that 2 chrome processes crashed when they hit 1.5gb + 1gb of memory usage. the high io would be the pc swapping17:03
BlackkattMyrtti,  good point.17:03
Blackkattthat other part what is that?17:03
IlmenI have a problem: when I do apt-get update, I get a "404 Error: not found" on a PPA I added some time ago, "ppa:thefirstm/quassel", if I remember correctly; yet, when I try removing it with apt-add-repository --remove, I get the following response:  "Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:thefirstm/quassel'.  Please check that the PPA name or format is correct."17:04
hitsujiTMOflammi: in unity tweak tool you can remap those keys in unity -> additional17:04
IlmenWhat did I wrong?17:05
Blackkattcould anyone recommend something like FireWire (system info app) ?17:05
limikaellotuspsychje: trying with ubuntu instead...17:05
MyrttiBlackkatt: if the computer is used by several people, you can assign directories and files to be owned by users and groups and what those can do (read write execute)17:05
hitsujiTMO!ppa-purge | Ilmen17:05
ubottuIlmen: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:05
IlmenIs it necessary to remove the software installed from the repository to delete?17:06
hitsujiTMOIlmen: what software is it?17:06
BlackkattMyrtti,  ah, thnx for the info. I'm gonna leave one drive ntfs where games are going to be install (have dual boot, win8 for gaming) but I saw an option that said when formating (compatible with most ntfs system) would you care to elaborate ? :917:06
Blackkattif you even know what i mean :D17:07
MyrttiBlackkatt: nope :-|17:07
Blackkattwith "Drives"17:07
Blackkatttheres that option for selecting filesystem to format too17:07
hitsujiTMOIlmen: not necessary if it doesn't replace system packages. you can delete the specific apt source from the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ manually17:08
Ilmenhmm okay17:08
IlmenI have another similar problem though17:08
IlmenSince several weeks I have another repository that isn't working anymore17:09
Ilmenbut this one is official and I can't update my software anymore because of it, it seems17:09
Ilmen"Err http://ppa.launchpad.net saucy/main amd64 Packages17:10
Ilmen  404  Not Found"17:10
hitsujiTMOIlmen: thats not an official repo. thats a ppa17:10
hitsujiTMOIlmen: what ppa is it?17:11
IlmenWeird, I don't remember having added this ppa17:11
nashanthitsujiTMO: It seems to me like for some reason chrome has a huge memory leak issue on my system, but I don't know why17:12
IlmenUnless it's related to the error with Quassel's?17:12
hitsujiTMOIlmen: can you pastebin the output of: cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*17:12
hitsujiTMOnashant: natually i'd think it was a plugin, but if you've removed them all then look at the extensions17:13
ravigehlotI am running Ubuntu Server. On this computer, I only have FluxBox as my window manager. I am trying to install kubuntu-desktop but it chocks when it tries to install libreoffice-common. What is going on?17:16
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: whats the error you get?17:16
daftykinsodd to install a server distro then install X.17:16
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: libreoffice-common it is not going to be installed17:17
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I run apt-get install -f but that doesn't correct it17:17
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: whats the actual error. it spouts it out when it tries to run the libreoffice-common post install script17:18
IlmenhitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/pPELCrcb17:18
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: libreoffice-core : Depends : libreoffice-common > 1:4.1.3 but it is not going to be installed17:19
alketHi, In Ubuntu 13.10 clicking at the clock, the calendar shows up, at the end of calendar there is Add Event, that button doesn't work, it shows nothing17:19
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: that's the error17:19
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: have you any ppas installed?17:19
zzzHello again everyone, got a quick question. My trash shows it has stuff in it but i click it and its emptyh17:19
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: not for libreoffice17:20
hitsujiTMOIlmen: hmm. youve a lot of ppas installed. try commenting them out one at a time till you find the offending one17:20
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: is that what I need then?17:20
ayigawhen i tape ifconfig commande nothin is coming , someone could help me pls17:21
IlmenhitsujiTMO: # for commentaries?17:21
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: no. but one of the ppas may override a common dependency causing your problem17:21
hitsujiTMOIlmen: yup17:21
flammican someone recommend a alternative to nagios for network monitoring?17:21
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: /etc/apt/sources.list?17:21
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daftykinsayiga: nothing at all or an error?17:21
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: ppas are in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/    have you added repos to /etc/apt/sources.list ?17:22
ayigaSorry, command-not-found has crashed! Please file a bug report at:17:22
ayigaPlease include the following information with the report:17:22
ayigacommand-not-found version: 0.2.4417:22
daftykinsayiga: /sbin/ifconfig ?17:22
ayigahere it is th messag who it's comin17:22
flammidaftykins: is spiceworks open-source?17:22
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: they were added on sources.list.d17:22
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: sources.list is intact17:23
daftykinsflammi: can't remember off-hand17:23
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: ok. what ppas are they?17:23
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: can I just delete the ones I no longer need?17:23
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: no17:23
hitsujiTMO!ppa-purge | ravigehlot17:23
ubotturavigehlot: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:23
hitsujiTMOayiga: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue17:24
ayigadaftykins what should i do17:24
daftykinsayiga: what happens when you type "/sbin/ifconfig" ?17:25
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: gnome3, birdie-team, google-chrome, kubuntu-ppa-backports-saucy, kubuntu-ppa-ppa-saucy, olivier-berten, ricotz, upubuntu-com-office, webup8team17:25
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flammihmm, i am not sure if spiceworks is the right option, can somebody else recommend a good network monitoring solution?17:25
flammidaftykins: or have you another idea?17:25
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: many of them could be the culpret. especially gnome3.17:26
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: true...17:26
Laurenceb_i have a problem, i cant connect to wifi17:26
Laurenceb_i see no wifi networks17:26
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: because libreoffice is broken, it won't let me install ppa-purge17:26
Laurenceb_can anyone help me?17:26
ayigayeah now it is ok17:26
ayigabut how can i solve this problem17:26
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: wget the .deb and install it with: sudo dpkg -i whatever.deb17:27
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I don't want libre office...I want it out17:28
ayigai just want , when i tape ifconfig that the result came17:28
hitsujiTMOayiga: whats output of: echo $PATH17:28
daftykinsayiga: well it's not a problem. i'd imagine your user just isn't setup right. what version is this?17:28
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: sudo apt-get -f install isn't doing the trick17:28
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: how do I remove it then17:28
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: its a dependency so you have to install it afaik.17:28
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: let me try synaptic on fluxbox, brb17:29
connor__I keep getting  bash: ./configure.ac: Permission denied17:29
hitsujiTMOayiga: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue17:29
Laurenceb_hi, can anone help me with wifi issues?17:29
Laurenceb_on ibm thinkpad17:29
daftykinsLaurenceb_: just ask with detail17:29
ayigaayiga@ayiga-HP-G62-Notebook-PC:~$ cat /etc/issue17:30
ayigaUbuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l17:30
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: it is uninstalling it using synaptic17:30
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: ok17:30
Laurenceb_ok so i was connected via wifi, then suddenly connection went17:30
Laurenceb_now i cant see a single network17:30
connor__I'm getting bash: ./configure.ac: Permission denied17:30
connor__but I chmod the permissions to 77717:30
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: How does ppa-purge works? If I purge the PPA, will it also purge the software on my machine?17:30
hitsujiTMOayiga: is this the initially created user?17:30
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: yes17:30
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: that's pretty cool.17:31
trijntjeLaurenceb_: define suddenly17:31
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: it reverts it back to the packages in the repo17:31
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: nice17:31
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: that's what I want17:31
Laurenceb_trijntje: i was using the net, then no connection17:31
IlmenhitsujiTMO: Well, I appended ".disabled" to both of Quassel's ppa source files, and now everything works fine, so it was the responsible17:31
IlmenThanks for your support :)17:31
Ilmen*to both file names17:32
trijntjeLaurenceb_: have you tried rebooting? replugging the wifi dongle, that kind of thing?17:32
Laurenceb_its built in wifi17:32
connor__so I chmoded a file to 777 but i get a permission denied when i run it17:32
hitsujiTMOayiga: it seems you've modified the $PATH var somehow. have you tried to add entries to it at some point?17:32
hitsujiTMOayiga: can you also paste the output of: groups17:32
ayigai dont think so17:32
hitsujiTMO!yay | Ilmen17:33
ubottuIlmen: Glad you made it! :-)17:33
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: with ppa-purge, how do I know the repo/sub-directory17:33
ayigaso do u have any idea to solve this problem pls17:33
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: you can detemine that from the url in the ppa17:33
hitsujiTMOayiga: can you also paste the output of: groups17:34
SaberX01connor__, 777 is wrong, but where is the file your trying to run ?17:34
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: k17:34
connor__DaberX01: on a folder in my desktop17:35
connor__SaberX01: on a folder in my desktop17:35
ayigai did not get u bro17:35
SPFINCanybody know of any deep net irc channels?17:35
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: for instance, if the url is: http://ppa.launchpad.net/yannubuntu/boot-repair/ubuntu  then the ppa is: ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair17:36
trijntjeLaurenceb_: reboot?17:36
Laurenceb_id rather not17:36
Laurenceb_im wondering if its a hardware failure17:36
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: okay. fair enough17:36
Laurenceb_where would i see mini pci card issues?17:36
trijntjeLaurenceb_: why not? Could be some random thingy that will go away when you reboot17:36
hitsujiTMOayiga: please type: groups                into the terminal, and paste the output of the command here17:36
Laurenceb_id have to make sure everything is saved ok17:37
Laurenceb_its a mess on here atm....17:37
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: synaptic is still working on fix the broken packages. after that, I will purge the ppa. Question...is this the equivalent of trying to unsinstall/remove a package?17:37
jostI want to update one package and its dependencies to a specific version (not the newest one). How do I do that?17:37
trijntjeLaurenceb_: what is the output of ifconfig in a terminal? Does it show a wlan?17:38
DJones!pinning | jost17:38
ubottujost: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto17:38
SaberX01connor__, in a terminal <Ctrl+Alt+T>:  chmod +x ~/path/to/file/filename   should set the execute bit ..17:38
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: its prob gonna uninstall any package that depends on the offending package17:38
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: right...that's what I have a problem with...17:38
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: that's a major issue with linux...uinstalling dependency packages17:39
Laurenceb_trijntje: i see wlan017:39
Laurenceb_  UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:117:39
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: my issue began after I installed Blender 3D on KDE. I didn't like it and uninstalled it. It managed to uninstall CORE KDE packages....KDE was messed up after that. I am not sure how that can be allowed.17:39
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varunendra!pastebin | Laurenceb_17:40
ubottuLaurenceb_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:40
connor__<SaberX01> thank you :017:40
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: most of the time the issue is cause by people not knowing how to propperly create packages + ppas that don't conflict.17:40
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: ouch17:40
varunendraLaurenceb_, please show us the output of : "lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net"17:40
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I agree. Well, PPAs are at my own risk. It is not checked or monitored by Canonnical. So I understand that I took a risk. I just couldn't fathom how uninstalling Blender could uninstall core KDE features.17:41
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: that blew me away17:41
jostDJones: thats not what I want - the package is installed in version 2.0.10, and I want to update to 2.0.23, but not to a newer version, which is also available. Its a one-time thing, and it should not prevent any further updates. I've googled that this command should work: `apt-get install <package-name>=2.0.23`, but I'm not sure if it works fine with the already installed package?17:41
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: thats a bit of an odd one alright17:42
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: true...17:42
varunendraLaurenceb_, did you plug in a cable (ethernet) just before wifi disconnected? What is that "th0" interface?17:42
hitsujiTMOjost: where exactly is the package? is it in backports?]17:42
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: What I need to do is I need to create an ISO image of my drive. One that I can restore to when shit hits the fan. I am using duplicity to backup important files. I didn't realize that I needed more than just a simple backup.17:42
Laurenceb_it should say eth0, c&p fail17:43
Laurenceb_varunendra: no, it just disconnected suddenly17:43
Laurenceb_no apparent reason17:43
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: dd ftw :P17:43
josthitsujiTMO: it is in the zentyal repositories17:43
ravigehlotravigehlot: to an external HHD, right?17:43
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: HDD17:44
josthitsujiTMO: and quite old17:44
varunendraLaurenceb_, was the cable connected all the time?17:44
Laurenceb_its was on wifi17:44
Laurenceb_no cable17:44
hitsujiTMOjost: then you do want apt pinning. give the zentyal repos a low or negative priority and gave that single package from zentyal repo a priority higher than 50017:44
Laurenceb_fixed it17:45
Laurenceb_i think17:45
varunendraLaurenceb_, your ifconfig output shows eth0 as connected (there is an IP, and traffic), while the wlan0 has no IP - most probably  disconnected17:45
Laurenceb_i think a nm-applet issue17:46
Laurenceb_how do i spawn a new nm-applet ?17:46
Laurenceb_i killed the old one17:46
josthitsujiTMO: and there is no way around that stuff? Something like "do an apt-get upgrade, but for that package only to 2.0.23, not to the newest 3.x"?17:46
varunendraLaurenceb_, Alt-F2 > nm-applet17:46
nashanthitsujiTMO: I was thinking extensions when you said plugins. The only extensions I've got enabled are AdBlock and a backspace to go back one17:46
varunendraLaurenceb_, Network Manager is designed to prefer ethernet if a connection is detected. You sure no cable is plugged in?17:47
nashanthitsujiTMO: The plugins enabled are PDF viewer, native client, widevine, java and flash17:48
nashantI've got another question. Is there any way to set up power profiles like in windows? In windows I would have a night profile and a day profile, but I can't find any way of doing this in ubuntu17:50
hitsujiTMOjost: you can do: apt-get install package/repocodename          but you still need to set a lower priority for the zyntyal repo17:50
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: synaptic managed to remove the package17:51
hitsujiTMOnashant: disable all the plugins first and test17:51
nashanthitsujiTMO: I don't even know how to test it properly. Dunno how to replicate the situation17:52
hitsujiTMOnashant: how often did it happen?17:53
nashanthitsujiTMO: Today? a couple of times. Yesterday a few17:53
nashantCould it be a conflict between the chrome built in flash plugin and the system flash plugin?17:54
hitsujiTMOnashant: then just try with them disabled. if you go 12 hours without a crash you know one of them is a culprit. enable them one at a time till you find the cause.      no, chomes plugin is disabled if it finds the system flash plugin17:55
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: ppa-purge says it can't find the list of packages17:56
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: hmm, interesting. does that ppa still exist?17:57
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: its on /etc/apt/sources.list.d17:57
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: as in look it up on launchpad. soo if its still being hosted17:57
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: k17:58
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
nashanthitsujiTMO: Does it show as disabled? Because if it's supposed to, then that could be the issue because mine showed as enabled17:58
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
kablaai just intalled the ubuntu 12.04 32 bit server on an old computer, it was able to install the operating system just fine, but when i rebooted my monitor "says fd0 read error" and then "invalid input"17:59
hitsujiTMOnashant: no, you shouldn't even see the pepper plugin if there's a system plugin available18:00
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: it is there...I had a typo18:00
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: thanks for the help18:01
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: its removing it18:01
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: np18:01
nashanthitsujiTMO: Well this looks liek the problem then. I've got system flash installed, and the Adobe Flash Plugin was showing as enabled in chrome. Just disabled it, and now running my system monitor looks a lot happier playing flash videos18:02
nashantWonder how it got itself confused18:02
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: as far as removing dependecies...it will give you a change to review the dependencies...18:02
hitsujiTMOnashant: sweet18:02
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: even though....it's hard to tell what that dependency is for anyways...18:02
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: dont think so. i think it just does its thing18:02
kablaa i just intalled the ubuntu 12.04 32 bit server on an old computer, it was able to install the operating system just fine, but when i rebooted my monitor "says fd0 read error" and then "invalid input18:03
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I am going to remove it and then remove the other stuff (I will check launchpad first) and then try to re-install KDE...18:03
=== LjL is now known as LjL-Away
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: are you any familiar with dual monitors set up for console use?18:04
icerootkablaa: fd0 read error sounds like you a trying to boot from floppy? fd0 is floppy18:04
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: as in in cli?18:04
kablaaiceroot, no, I'm uing a cd rom18:04
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: Nope. Just the standard linux console that you get when you press Ctrl+Alt+number18:05
kablaaiceroot, a few other people have posted this problem, but i haven't found a solution18:05
shawnp1963hello all.  Is there a channel dedicated to Steam for Ubuntu?18:05
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I have got 2 monitors. The 1st one is using a the laptop screen, the 2nd one uses a nice wide screen. The wide screen one isn't using all it's space...18:06
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: ahh. not really. for such a situation i use dwm.18:06
savidHow can I install Java 32-bit on ubuntu and switch using the update-alternatives system?18:06
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: the console canonly mirror the output afaik18:06
savidIs there a specific package for 32-bit java?18:07
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: hummm18:07
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: k...18:07
hitsujiTMOsavid: why 32bit?18:07
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: there might be a way to tell the BIOS to use the external VGA port as primary18:07
savidhitsujiTMO, I need it for Juniper VPN18:07
ubuntawyi have lvm 50G inside it /dev/sda1 50GB i want to resize sda1 to 10 and leave the rest unpartitiond18:08
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
hitsujiTMOsavid: you can try installing with the openjdk-7-jre:i386  or whatever package. but 64bit should work just as easily18:09
savidhitsujiTMO, for whatever reason, juniper requires 32bit (has an error msg that explicitly says so). I'll try openjdk.18:11
hitsujiTMOsavid: just add on :i386 to the end of whatever package you need and it should install the 32bit package18:13
=== zero1 is now known as zer01
kablaa i just intalled the ubuntu 12.04 32 bit server on an old computer, it was able to install the operating system just fine, but when i rebooted my monitor "says fd0 read error" and then "invalid input18:15
daftykinskablaa: sounds like it's trying to read a floppy disk drive, maybe change BIOS to say there isn't one18:16
kablaahow do i do that?18:17
hayer_is there a /etc/network/if-post-up.d ?18:17
=== Enissay__ is now known as Enissay
daftykinskablaa: delete/F2 on power on as normal and change 3.5" floppy to none instead of present, if it has it18:17
zer01hello, how stable is the use of vpn on ubuntu phone ? anyone tried out yet ? and btw when (estimated) are the first phone sales going to start ?18:18
hitsujiTMOhayer_: no. use /etc/network/if-up.d/18:18
llutzhayer_: if-up.d18:18
kablaadaftykins, can i do that now that the OS is installed or do I have to reinstall it ?18:18
daftykinszer01: #ubuntu-touch for phone talk18:18
daftykinskablaa: just do it now.18:18
kablaaok, I'll give that  try18:18
killerbart10why wont it let me boot in to ubuntu 12.04.318:18
=== _gypsy_ is now known as zz__gypsy_
jgautierI just bought this controller to use with ubuntu and my xbmc setup http://www.amazon.com/2-4GHz-Remote-Controller-Android-Set-top-box/dp/B00DIXSPA8 the controller is fine but the power button on it doesnt actually send anything to the computer it just turns the controller off and on.  Is there way to detect whether or not there is a 2.4ghz connection to the dongle and then perform and action based on that?18:19
killerbart10why wont it let me boot in to ubuntu 12.04.318:19
daftykinskillerbart10: repeating a question with no information is NOT going to get you an answer18:20
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
hayer_hitsujiTMO: is that executed AFTER it connects to the network?18:20
homieis there any118:21
hitsujiTMOhayer_: yes.18:21
killerbart10im trying to boot ubuntu 12.04 from sd card but when i select my boot device to the sd card it says Loading/booting ubuntu then takes me back to kde18:22
daftykinshomie: anyone what?18:22
homiehey dafty got stuck for videos in firefox18:22
homieflash player18:22
homiewill someone help me please18:24
Seven_Six_TwoI have fstab entries on saucy client mounting precise server nfs exports, which are now failing "init: idmapd-mounting (/home/username/mount) main process (612) killed by TERM signal"18:24
daftykinshomie: is flash installed?18:24
waykool99have very technical hardware question. want to install different versions of Ubuntu. have several SATA and IDE internal drives and DVD RW drives. 10 year old dell optiplex. Motherboard has 2 SATA and IDE has single ribbon cable w/Master Slave. Right now, have 2 2- TB SATA drives, 1 IDE dvdrw, 1 old IDE drive. I noticed BIOS reacts odd if boot order is either SATA or IDE first. question.....18:25
homieno ... when i install it automatically its says no plugin..18:25
hitsujiTMOhayer_: its covered in: man interfaces18:25
UtopyI have one problem for configure iptables rules18:26
UtopyI accept all trafic input18:26
Utopyand one rule output is : iptables -A OUTPUT -m owner --uid-owner 1000 -j ACCEPT18:27
Utopyping is not possible :/18:27
waykool99bought new SATA DVDRW drive. if i install 1 SATA drive, 1 SATA DVDRW, 2 IDE drives, how might i setup GRUB? should i install IDE drives, next version Ubuntu to SATA drive, update/upgrade GRUB? or is there a better way?18:29
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: are you still there?18:29
usii need help how to hacking18:29
killerbart10im trying to boot ubuntu 12.04 from sd card but when i select my boot device to the sd card it says Loading/booting ubuntu then takes me back to kde18:29
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: just about :P18:30
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: some ppas have .distUpgrade...what's that18:30
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: they were disabled during a dist upgrade.18:30
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: .....k18:30
daftykinswaykool99: disconnect drives, keep just the one you want Ubuntu on in for the install, then plug them back in after18:30
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I am going for a reboot and then I will run apt-get update, upgrade and dist-upgrade...then will try to remove those ppas, again18:31
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: is that how you would treat it?18:31
Pinkamena_Ddoes anyone know if it's possible to scroll to the center of a page when viewing a pdf18:32
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: remove the .distUpgrade just before using ppa-purge18:32
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: hummm...good idea18:32
waykool99if i go the RAID route, does RAID only allow 1 OS? or can you create separate partitions within the RAID?18:32
lars762is /etc/shadow empty without a root password? i just set up a new box and there is an entry in etc/shadow for root.is this normal18:33
ikonialars762: it's fine18:34
hitsujiTMOlars762: there's always going to be an entry for root. instead of a password you'll see either ! or *. * = disabled password. ! = disabled account18:34
lars762no ! or *, just a hash18:35
hitsujiTMOlars762: if you see a hash for root. then you've created a root password18:36
lars762and if i didn't?18:36
ikonialars762: is this a default ubuntu install, yes/no18:36
hitsujiTMOlars762: then i'd ask for: cat /etc/issue18:36
waykool99thank you Daft. good suggestion18:37
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: that did it brb18:42
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StrawHatwasup guys18:45
oxsynHow can i change the default save location for the screenshot tool in ubuntu 13.10 desktop?18:45
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: feels fresh again ;)18:46
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: thanks!18:46
=== zz__gypsy_ is now known as _gypsy_
StrawHatwhat do  u mean18:46
hitsujiTMO!yay | ravigehlot18:46
ubotturavigehlot: Glad you made it! :-)18:46
wandernautaHi all! I have some problems with tearing with the nouveau driver and fullscreen (HD) video as well as YouTube. Am I just SOL or is there a magic go-do-smooth-video button? I don't care about 3D performance. Card is a NVidia NVS-somethingsomething I believe.18:47
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I am still getting the login screen for KDE...even after I removed the PPA...18:48
StrawHatit might be a ur gfx card18:48
StrawHatbut i doubt it18:48
bekkswandernauta: Why dont you use the nvidia drivers then?18:48
wandernautaStrawHat, Framerate is better on Windows + no tearing.18:48
wandernautabekks, I thought 2D performance was similar between the two, and I dislike the binary blob18:48
StrawHatI mean are u using firefox for youtube?18:48
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: that would be from the kde login package in ubuntu repos18:49
wandernautaStrawHat, Chrome, but there's also tearing if I use mplayer or vlc18:49
bekkswandernauta: the performance is pretty different.18:49
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: so the PPA doesn't remove the software...it only restores it to the former state...18:49
wandernautabekks, Yes, for 3D.18:49
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: you can change the greeter in your lightdm config if you wish18:49
Beldaroxsyn, My guess is there may be a control in dconf-editor18:49
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: this isn't the same as removing18:49
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: KDE is still installed18:49
bekkswandernauta: Even for 2D.18:49
StrawHatwander ur using nvidia18:50
StrawHatdrivers right?18:50
StrawHatand there all updated?18:50
wandernautaStrawHat, No, nouveau I belive.18:50
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: it removes the ppa packages and reverts them to the packages in the repo.18:50
Essence1Hi, I am trying to install an ubuntu server onto my other computer and when trying to create a LVM group between two drives it says it cannot create group and if i check virtual console 4 it gives me a partman-lvm: Incorrect metadata area header checksum error, anyone have any idea how to fix this?18:50
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: confused...18:50
StrawHattry updating ur gfx card dirvers18:50
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: yup its still installed, but you shouldn't have any conflicts now18:50
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: The reason why I use PPAs is because the package doesn't exist in the repo, right?18:51
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: there are no conflicts18:51
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: the repo contains updated packages. kde itself is in the ubuntu repos18:51
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: the PPA contains updated packages. kde itself is in the ubuntu repos18:52
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: oh18:52
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I see18:52
wandernautaStrawHat, I've got the newest xserver-xorg-video-nouveau there is I believe.18:52
andrewvosI have installed 3.12.6 on 13.10 and I don't seem to have AUFS anymore. modprobe aufs tells me this. Used this url http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/12/install-kernel-3-12-6-ubuntu-linux-mint/18:52
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: the error you were getting earlier about openoffince-common, was a conflict18:52
andrewvosCan someone enlighten em?18:52
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: how can I search the Ubuntu repo then? I was using Launchpad/ppa instead not knowing what I was doing. Launchpad/ppa will have the stuff that is not monitored/checked by Ubuntu.18:52
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: like the latest...most updated software18:52
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: but Ubuntu does have its own repo of approved/checke packages18:53
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: apt-cache search <package>              or whatnot18:53
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: k18:53
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I need to completly reinstall KDE...any hints on how to do that?18:53
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: you can also search in software centre18:54
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I don't run Unity here...I don't have the Software Center.18:54
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: mine is bare bones (Server edition)18:54
Beldarandrewvos, kernels outside the release are not supported18:54
stazichhi, is anyone here running Ubuntu on Macbook Air?18:55
andrewvosstazich: Me. It is not fun. What you need?18:56
bekks!anyone | stazich18:56
ubottustazich: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.18:56
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I made a bunch of wrong decisions because I didn't understand how the Ubuntu packaging system worked. Now I seem to have a better understaning of it.18:56
stazichvery interested where to know how ubuntu is making the book. Are you having much difficulties getting anything to run?18:57
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I am glad that by running ppa-purge, I am back to the Ubuntu repo packages...not the PPA ones. I had PPAs for KDE. What for? didn't need those. I was probably running edge here not knowing why those conflicts were showing.18:57
stazichandrewvos: I was meaning to address you in the last post/.18:57
needhelpquickI have an issue installing from cd. i keep getting "UNRECOVERABLE ERROR"18:57
bekksneedhelpquick: When doing what exactly?18:57
bekksneedhelpquick: And where exactly does that error appear?18:57
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: Now I gotta re-install kubuntu-desktop to have KDE completly restored to its working/tested state. I am having problems with the window decorations now showing the min/max/close buttons and etc18:58
Beldarneedhelpquick, when and where, and have you checked the sum?18:58
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: lol. yup. always check the repos first#18:58
needhelpquickit takes like 5 mins to load18:58
needhelpquickthen gets to the gui18:58
andrewvosstazich: It depends on what MBA you have. Most things work for me, except I  had to upgrade to the 3.12.6 kernel because the MBA was running VERY slow. That fixed it, but now I'm not on an official release so I can't run docker because AUFS doesn't work. Brightness doesn't work, the iSight camera doesn't work.18:58
stazichandrewvos: Why is Ubuntu on macbook air not fun?18:58
needhelpquickthen i get the error, but sometime it stalles at "*starting network...blh blah"18:58
DratonBeldar: so I nearly got my windows situation sorted, but now the windows bootloader nuked grub, and grub is saying path '/boot/grub' is not readable by grub on boot18:58
DratonBeldar: any suggestions?18:59
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: play with the theme settings. you home settings prob still have references to items in the ppa version18:59
bekksneedhelpquick: That "blah blah" is the important information we need.18:59
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: exactly. How can I re-install kde?18:59
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I want to restore it to its working state18:59
andrewvosstazich: You thinking of installing ubuntu? What MBA do you have?19:00
Essence1Hi guys, I am trying to install an ubuntu server onto my other computer and when trying to create a LVM group between two drives it says it cannot create group and if i check virtual console 4 it gives me a partman-lvm: Incorrect metadata area header checksum error, anyone have any idea how to fix this?19:00
BeldarDraton, Can you run the bootscript or use the bootrepiar apps bootinfo summary?19:00
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: try removing any settings for it in you home directory first19:00
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: I will remove .kde19:00
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: that should be where all the settings live, right?19:00
needhelpquickit stops either in the GUI with the unreconverable error. Or....brb to get that info19:00
BeldarDraton, Cool, that will give more details.19:00
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: i haven't used kde since 4.0 came outso not sure19:01
Beldarneedhelpquick, Have you checked the sum of the iso/cd/usb?19:01
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: what do you use?19:01
hitsujiTMOravigehlot: unity, openbox + dwm depending on what i'm doing19:02
needhelpquickSorry i havnt what am i checking for?19:02
habmalahi there.. I have been using linux for a long time and have no idea how windows works, I want to make a partition and install windows to it for gaming, is it still true that windows has to be installed at the beginning of the harddrive? I'm using UEFI with GPT19:02
samholmesHow do you upgrade your web server's OS without disrupting the site?19:02
Beldar!md5sum | needhelpquick use nicks here19:02
ubottuneedhelpquick use nicks here: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:02
perohabmala: yes, installing windows second will be a pain in the ass19:03
prashant_123456hello all19:03
needhelpquickyes its valid19:03
needhelpquicki just dl'd it19:03
bekksneedhelpquick: Did you compare the md5sum? If you dont, you cant tell wether it is valid.19:03
Beldarneedhelpquick, So you went from not understanding this to its fine in 3 seconds? use nicks here tab complete them.19:03
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: k19:03
andrewvosstazich: PM me if you have any more questions, I can't handle the noise in this place :)19:04
hitsujiTMOhabmala: thats never been true (or maybe in the eraly 90s it was). its just easier to setup dual boot if you install windows first.19:04
=== james is now known as Guest11915
Guest11915Hello :) Is it possible to remove the memtest option from the grub boot menu? I have a memtest live cd so I don't need it on there.19:04
needhelpquickok well im waiting to get you the other error19:04
needhelpquicki dont think its the md5...19:05
Beldar!tab | needhelpquick19:05
ubottuneedhelpquick: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:05
hitsujiTMOGuest11915: try disabling the memtest entry in /etc/grub.d/ and run update-grub19:05
needhelpquickbekks im going to getthe other error in just a sec19:05
bekksneedhelpquick: Check the md5sum.19:06
BeldarGuest11915, On the installs grub menu?19:06
DratonBeldar: pasted in pm19:06
habmalapero: hitsujiTMO: okey, blanking the drive is not an option, thanks anyway..19:06
Guest11915Beldar, the screen that appears to pick what operating system you would like to boot to19:06
BeldarDraton, I have pm off post the url here.19:06
olf-folksyou mean grub?19:06
BeldarGuest11915, on the install, or the live cd?19:07
Guest11915Beldar, on the install. I can choose between Ubuntu and Windows and I don't have a need for the memtest option because I have a memtest cd19:07
=== dbarrett2 is now known as dbarrett
BeldarGuest11915, sudo chmod -x /etc/grub.d/20_memtest86+   then ru sudo update-grub19:08
needhelpquickbekks the md5 is good19:09
bekksneedhelpquick: Did you check the cd too, or just the iso?19:09
DratonBeldar: paste.ubuntu.com/6698731 if you missed it, i'm guessing this is a chroot thing?19:09
needhelpquickthere the same on the cd too19:09
needhelpquickbrb for that other error19:10
Guest11915Beldar, thank you :) gonna restart and check it out19:10
BeldarDraton, So sda is the new ssd sdb the old?19:10
bekksneedhelpquick: I doubt you managed to check the checksum of the entire cd within that short time.19:10
DratonBeldar: sda = old sdb = new19:10
DratonBeldar: I want windows booting of sdb, ubuntu off of sda19:10
=== richard is now known as Guest95373
BeldarDraton, Cool, you could chroot to a grub-install /dev/sda then update grub19:11
needhelpquickit was right beside me19:11
DratonBeldar: do you mean mount /dev/sda5 then chroot to it then install?19:11
FoxhoundzHello people19:11
needhelpquickOk well the Disk that i burnt at 4x seems to be working19:12
BeldarDraton, If it were me I would want the windows boot in the sda mbr and grub in sdb if that is where you intend ubuntu to be.19:12
bekksneedhelpquick: How did you check the md5sum of the cd?19:12
needhelpquickok but now lol i got19:12
needhelpquickok but now lol i got" the installer crashed19:12
DratonBeldar: I want ubuntu on sda, windows on sdb19:13
BeldarDraton, I only see one ubuntu on the HD, lookm closely at the script sometimes HD's get reversed in order with a usb boot to the live.19:13
BeldarDraton, so sdb is actually the new ssd?19:14
DratonBeldar: right, trying to move windows there19:14
DratonBeldar: but in doing so windows nuked the mbr on sda19:14
needhelpquickbekks sorry man but the md5 is fine....can we move to something else?19:15
BeldarDraton, Cool, so if you boot the sdb first does it go straight to windows?19:16
=== james_ is now known as Guest37841
DratonBeldar: yes, but for some reason it was refing back to the original windows partitions19:17
Guest37841Beldar, thank you my boot menu is much cleaner now. Could you please tell me how to find the location of a program?19:17
triven_I am using Ubuntu 64 bit as a gust OS on virutalbox. I need to add myself to the vboxsf group. How can I do this?19:17
DratonBeldar: also got grub working again19:17
DratonBeldar: just at a loss for how to fix windows :)19:17
BeldarDraton, The problem here is that when you have identical windows, grub is not smart enough to ascertain a difference. So if you have that windows imaged I would remove the original, and just leave the new on sdb and update grub that should be it.19:19
needhelpquickwould downloads the 32 bit version on a 64 bit system make a problem?19:19
DratonBeldar: Ok, sounds good, i do have windows imaged, here goes nothing...19:19
BeldarDraton, Cool, having an image is your best insurance.19:20
DratonBeldar: So if i nuke sda1 and sda2, then do a update-grub, it should be good to go?19:20
BeldarDraton, Yeah should be good, at worst you may need to reload the sdb with the bootrec /fixmbr to make sure windows boots on its own, grub should see it and add just it to the grub menu withna grub-update.19:22
DratonBeldar: alright, here goes nothing.19:22
needhelpquickbekks i check the md5 its good, when i tryied again i got the the instakker but the it shut down after picking where i want to install19:22
bekksneedhelpquick: I asked you two times how did you check the md5sum of the cd?19:22
needhelpquickmy bad19:22
needhelpquickwith terinal19:23
needhelpquickis the sum19:23
BeldarDraton, I would probably run a chkdsk /f/r on windows at some point just to make sure it all tightened up.19:23
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
DratonBeldar: failed to boot, hoping into a windows drive now to repair the mbr19:26
andrewvosIs there any way I can get AUFS working with ubuntu 13.10 running 3.12.6?19:33
=== cheez0r is now known as Guest42071
BeldarDraton, Not sure what you mean.19:33
Dratongparted did a logical operation not physical19:33
Dratonthe ntfs volumes were still there it just unmapped them in the partition table19:33
needhelpquickthe application lsb_release has closed unexpextedly19:33
BeldarDraton, Ah on the sda you can remove the ntfs and expand the extended then the logical ubuntu ext419:34
olf-folksneedhelpquick: i thought lsb-release was a test file in /etc/19:34
BeldarDraton, extend meaning resize19:34
needhelpquicki dont know lol19:34
needhelpquickmy instakker is going BONKERS19:35
DratonBeldar: i put an ext4 in there for now, i need to resize when in a live cd because it's mounted19:35
BeldarDraton, Yeah, cool sounds like you basically set.19:35
DratonBeldar: baring windows being a pos ;)19:35
user82hi. how would i get the source code for my current kernel? there is only a generic 3.11 source in the repos as far as i see19:36
Blackkatthow to get a x10 remote working? :)19:36
Blackkatti can move around with it, but most keys do not work19:36
BeldarDraton, heh, I use W8.1 to have word to write grad papers, I got it cheap through scholastic discounts, it works for some needed tasks.19:37
needhelpquickold-folks  will a 32 bit version work on 64 bit system19:37
DratonBeldar: yeah, that and games19:37
artie_google chrome isn't working in 13.10, any ideas why?? Tried the 32 and 64 bit versions19:38
needhelpquickis anyone able to help19:38
needhelpquickapplication compiz closed unexpectedly19:39
Beldarartie_, "isn't working" is not a detailed description.19:39
DratonBeldar: aaand windows nuked mbr again, their bootrec tool doesn't seem to get that it shouldn't be touching my original ssd19:39
Guest95373chrome usually don work on 13.10... chromium works better19:39
=== surfsue is now known as surfdue
=== rory- is now known as rory
=== ejv_ is now known as ejv
artie_won't install beldar19:40
=== luckman212_ is now known as luckman212
BeldarDraton, If you have the rebuild commands I gave you I would remove the sda and run them to orientate the windows.19:40
DratonBeldar: alright, let me try that19:41
artie_Beldar does a ppa have to be installed???19:41
Beldarartie_, wont install is not really enough info is all, here we need details.19:41
Beldarartie_, ppa? for what, where are you getting chrome?19:41
hitsujiTMOartie_: did you run: sudo apt-get -f install                after installing the .deb?19:41
needhelpquick"/usr/shar/jockey/jockey-backend"   ?????19:42
artie_beldar getting chrome from the website, it trys to open in software cener, but it locks up during the install.19:42
artie_hitsujiTMO I did not try that, I'll try it now.19:43
Beldarartie_, I use gdebi, I keep the software center closed, I never use it, you might look at hitsujiTMO's question as well if you get as far as an install. Download chrome install gdebi and try it for the install.19:44
deadmundthe chormium-browser package   is not the best choice?19:44
bekks!best | deadmund19:44
ubottudeadmund: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.19:44
Beldardeadmund, best is a subjective opinion19:44
needhelpquickcan someone answer...."will 32 bit ubuntu work on a 64 bit sustem?19:44
deadmundneedhelpquick: yes19:45
bekksdeadmund: chromium is a browser, there are various other browsers too.19:45
deadmundneedhelpquick: It will work but you won't be able to use more than 3.2GB of RAM19:45
bekksthats not correct.19:45
bekksUsing PAE, you can even use much more RAM, but never more than 4GB per thread.19:45
Beldardeadmund, pae kernels allow more ram19:45
deadmundoh yeah19:46
deadmundforgot about PAE19:46
needhelpquickok thats fine, "usr/sbin/aptd/"  internal error?19:46
needhelpquick"usr/share/apport/apport-gtk" ??? application problem19:47
needhelpquickim getting 101 erors19:47
=== fireStorm is now known as kingston
harrishas anyone gotten pipelight working as i got it installed but when i go to watch netflix i get an error19:47
deadmundneedhelpquick: You're going to have to give more details.  "application problem" and "internal error" are very vague.19:49
jhutchins 19:58
needhelpquickcan anyone explain why i get 10+ erros when i try and instakk19:58
bekksneedhelpquick: You still didnt answer my question how you checked the md5sum of the cd, not the iso. you told the md5sum, but not how you checked it.19:58
needhelpquickbekks i just followed the instruction u gave me with terminal19:58
bekksneedhelpquick: I didnt even gave you a single instruction.19:58
needhelpquickthe link19:58
jhutchinsneedhelpquick: What are you running now?19:58
bekksneedhelpquick: I didnt gave you any link.19:58
needhelpquickscroll up there were 2 links19:58
needhelpquickmaybe not by you19:58
needhelpquickbut directed to me19:58
bekksneedhelpquick: I didnt gave you any links. So either you state the full command you used to check the md5sum of the cd, or I am resting your case.19:58
needhelpquickjhutins im not running any os atm19:58
MonkeyDustneedhelpquick  then how are you here?19:58
needhelpquickmd5sum "path to iso"19:58
needhelpquicklol kali on a laptop19:58
MonkeyDustneedhelpquick  kali is the os and not supported here19:58
needhelpquicki have an old desktop i wanna use an an icecast server19:58
bekksneedhelpquick: the cd isnt the iso. So you actually did not check the md5sum of the cd. I am resting your case. Good luck.19:58
needhelpquickyea...ok im trying to install ubunto 12.04 on my desktop19:58
MonkeyDustneedhelpquick  ok, and what goes wrong19:58
needhelpquickbekks i appreciate your help, would you tell be how to do so19:58
=== Isotho_ is now known as Isotho
kingstonUsing a headless Ubuntu 12.04 with SSH, I've successfully had two Radeon 7990 cards running for a while.19:58
kingstonThen i added a 3de 7990 card and now things got out of hand. There seem to be a problem in xorg.conf stopping me from enabling the fglrx drivers. I'm really not very good with Linux yet, so most of the fixes i've seen so far after searching askubuntu etc. has made more questions then answers i'm afraid. Anyone able to give me some help on getting t19:58
kingstonhis 3de card up and running?19:58
FloodBot1kingston: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:58
needhelpquickmonkeydust i get to the installer and i just get about 10+ erros19:58
MonkeyDustneedhelpquick  what's the nature of the errors?19:58
needhelpquick"internal error" "unrecoverable error"19:58
MonkeyDustneedhelpquick  sounds like bad media19:58
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit19:58
jhutchinsSounds like bad hardware.19:58
=== DEREK| is now known as [Derek]
MonkeyDustneedhelpquick  first get your installer and hardware right, then try again19:58
needhelpquickok so i burnt onto a DVD-R is that ok?19:58
MonkeyDustneedhelpquick  depends on what you burnt and where you got it from19:58
needhelpquicksorry what do you mean get the instakker and hardware right?19:58
needhelpquicki dld from the site hours ago19:58
MonkeyDust!md5 | needhelpquick first this19:58
ubottuneedhelpquick first this: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:58
needhelpquickand i reburnt onto a diff dvd-r " i checked the md5sum19:58
jhutchinsneedhelpquick: Stop for a moment and think about the fact that there are thousdands of successful installs out there.  We're not blaming you, but we do suspect that you are behind at least some of your problems.19:58
needhelpquickyes i agree19:58
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
jhutchinsneedhelpquick: Given the kinds of errors you're getting, I would try a live CD, possibly something like systemrescuecd that's meant for hardware diagnostics.19:58
needhelpquickim sorry im giving you everything linux gives me : bekks19:58
=== demon_spork is now known as demonspork
jhutchinsneedhelpquick: Run memcheck for an hour or so, do some disk checks.  Reseat cards and modules and check cables.19:58
=== HeathHayle2 is now known as HeathHayle
artie_i tried sudo apt-get install -f chrome, terminal says can't find package chrome.19:58
MonkeyDustneedhelpquick  and md5 check your installer, first, it may be corrupt19:58
bekksneedhelpquick: I am out of your problem. I asked you several times wether you checked the md5sum of the cd, you answered yes, while in fact you didnt. I am sorry, but thats not how I am going to support you.19:58
=== Xjs-moonshine is now known as Xjs|moonshine
=== DavidDuffey is now known as dduffey
jhutchinsneedhelpquick: The 12.04 installer has been out for two years now.  It's not immune to errors or problems, but it's not the code that suspect.19:58
needhelpquickbekks: i asked you on how to do that, and you didnt respond sry for the trouble19:58
bekksneedhelpquick: I am out of your issue, sorry.19:58
MonkeyDust!md5 | here's how19:58
ubottuhere's how: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:58
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
jhutchinsneedhelpquick: What have you used to create the CD?20:00
=== adamxWork is now known as adamWork
=== Fyodorovna is now known as Beldar
needhelpquickjhutchins brasero20:00
needhelpquicki takes probably 8 mins to load up that not right is it?20:01
=== Madkiss_ is now known as Madkiss
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
needhelpquickmonkeydust it takes probably 8 mins to load up that not right is it?20:01
MonkeyDustneedhelpquick  what live usb creator did you use? unetbootin?20:02
=== IceMonkey is now known as 17WAAOWYF
MonkeyDustah, a cd20:02
=== gordonjc1 is now known as gordonjcp
needhelpquickMoneyDust im using a DVD-R and i burnt the image with brasero20:02
MonkeyDustneedhelpquick  and what bootable cd creator did you use?20:02
needhelpquicki didn520:03
Beldarneedhelpquick, You did mention this as an old computer, what is the chip and ram?20:03
needhelpquickBeldar: What would you recommend i RE do its the second dvd-r ive burnt20:20
=== adamxx is now known as adamx
Beldarneedhelpquick, Genrally making sure it is athe slowest possible burn is helpful.20:21
korisnikjebem vammater20:21
needhelpquickok thats what ive been thinking the entire time20:21
needhelpquickill brb later after i reburn this20:21
=== codethough is now known as codethought
needhelpquickthanks bekks beldar and monkeydust20:21
needhelpquickand olf-folks_20:21
Beldarneedhelpquick, In brasero I turn off the sum check in the plugins20:21
=== cime is now known as 21WAB3OYW
=== tajys is now known as 13WABNCZK
needhelpquickok ill do that20:22
=== Joel is now known as Guest53917
michaelrosequestion, I know mint and peppermintos are both based on ubuntu, but are all 3 basically compatible with on another, ie you could use a ppa designed for one in any of the 3?20:23
Beldar!ppa | michaelrose20:24
ubottumichaelrose: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge20:24
MonkeyDustmichaelrose  better ask in the !mint channel20:24
=== [Batou] is now known as HisaoNakai
Beldarmichaelrose: notice this "WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk."20:25
=== Madkiss_ is now known as Madkiss
spearhead_Beldar: what is with all the net split stuff?20:25
=== Neozonz|Disc is now known as 77CAAYWHA
=== BrandonS is now known as BrandonB
=== lind_ is now known as lind
michaelrose#ubuntu is full of people mint is relatively a ghost town20:27
=== nuru is now known as Guest34955
bekksmichaelrose: And mint isnt supported in here :)20:27
MrAndyI guess you only have google left, michaelrose.20:28
michaelrosethanks anyway20:28
=== [1]ninjai is now known as ninjai
michaelrosenetsplits on other channels as well20:29
=== It is now known as Wug
Beldarspearhead_, Did you see the global notice?20:30
Beldarmichaelrose, You might consider just running ubuntu all the OS's you mentioned can be duplicated in ubuntu if you need their tweaks, then you have ubuntu support here anyway.20:32
needhelpquickbeldar is there anything i can do to check this disk before i try it out?20:33
Beldarneedhelpquick, Just the md5sum is all I know.20:34
michaelrosedoes upgrading to a new version of ubuntu without doing a fresh installation usually work?20:34
Beldarmichaelrose, depends on how much you tweak it, really a backup is good insurance including an image.20:35
=== megabitdo is now known as megabitdragon
=== Sierr[a]AR is now known as SierraAR
gmachine_24greetings. is there a way to change the time stamp on a file - or many files, actually - because the files are dated last summer even though they were added to my system a few days ago - and my music scanner doesn't list them in the "new" folder... which it normally does20:36
=== rax-Y is now known as rax-
=== JonathanS is now known as JonathanD
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=== spearhead_ is now known as 45PAAZ2AK
=== dbarrett2 is now known as afk|dbarrett
=== MrAlexandro_ is now known as MrAlexandro
=== cvtsx_ is now known as cvtsx
Beldarmichaelrose, WE do see users here who add ppa's that have to be purged to get a good release upgrade at times, personally I fresh install.20:37
=== io is now known as IdleOne
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=== _KaszpiR__ is now known as _KaszpiR_
=== G4MBY2 is now known as PaulW2U
michaelroseI did the same thing with fedora, in theory it was possible to just change the release and upgrade but frequently something did not work, most of my customizations are going to be in the files in the home directory anyway20:39
=== gartral|away is now known as gartral
=== afk|dbarrett is now known as dbarrett
=== unforgiven512_ is now known as unforgiven512
gmachine_24I always do a fresh install; long ago I tried an upgrade - and I mean about 12 years ago or so - it failed, never tried again20:39
AcidRain2012whats up with irc?20:39
AcidRain2012being attacked?20:40
=== scottb_ is now known as scottb
=== MarkusH- is now known as MarkusH
flavioola boa tarde20:41
=== flavio is now known as Guest53253
michaelroseI suppose its only a few hours every 6 months but still annoying, I like in theory the idea of a rolling distro but the one example I actually tried ended up being less than desirable in that it managed to completely break twice20:41
Guest53253alguem pode me insinar como instalar o 2mandvd no ubuntu...20:41
michaelrosewhich rather defeats the entire purpose of never having to set everything up again20:41
DJones!br | Guest5325320:42
ubottuGuest53253: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.20:42
AcidRain2012michaelrose, i agree20:42
michaelroseanother question in this netsplit nonesense do you actually miss statements from people?20:42
AcidRain2012michaelni, but my last full restore was done in 1hr, sql database, email server, icecast, a few dedicated irc bots, an sms bot, and virtualhosts20:43
spearheadI got kicked off and had to disconnect and reconnect to the server...20:43
AcidRain2012ive had practice as ive been around long enough for at least 4 ubuntu EOL's20:43
Myrttimichaelrose: netsplit splits the channel population to fractions on different sides of the split, so yes it is possible some messages get lots20:43
Myrttilost, even20:44
Guest53253como faço para entrar na comunidade brasileira20:44
Myrtti!br | Guest5325320:44
ubottuGuest53253: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.20:44
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
michaelroseits unfortunate that it broke itself, I rather liked sabayon20:44
michaelroseI'm going to try ubuntu or a ubuntu based distro shortly20:45
gmachine_24anyone build a media server with mythbuntu or other variations? thoughts? good? bad? I'm building one to back up music, video and my other computers.20:46
AcidRain2012michaelrose, id check out kali linux. its pretty nice20:46
AcidRain2012michaelrose, then again, with the KDE desktop over any linux distro is epic win20:46
=== JanC__ is now known as JanC
=== _gypsy_ is now known as zz__gypsy_
gordonjcpmichaelrose: stick to normal Ubuntu20:46
=== rdz_ is now known as rdz
michaelrosegordon I tried kubuntu and found it to be unstable earlier20:49
gordonjcpmichaelrose: if I meant kubuntu I'd have said kubuntu20:50
=== MMies is now known as Raspberry
michaelrosealso unity is an abomoniation20:50
gordonjcpUnity is the only DE worth bothering with20:50
gordonjcpmichaelrose: when you say "unstable" what exactly do you mean?20:50
michaelroseI mean random kde applications crashed20:51
spearheadgordonjcp: i am currently running gnome 3.10 and i like it better than unity...20:51
gordonjcpit's been years since I used KDE20:51
michaelroseand its not really a kde thing as this was loooooong after kde 4.0 and it runs fine in other distros20:51
gordonjcpI'd be surprised if it was *that* buggy20:51
gordonjcpmichaelrose: did you file a bug?20:51
gordonjcpspearhead: I don't like Gnome 320:51
AcidRain2012michaelrose, with unity being the worst creation since Win95, running KDE i found that alot of GTK applications crash20:51
AcidRain2012like transmission for example20:52
gordonjcpspearhead: the little boxes are too big and the fonts are tiny20:52
AcidRain2012but ktorrent runs fine20:52
michaelrosePersonally I like kde and i320:52
gordonjcpif you don't like Unity, it's probably because you're a shut-in neckbeard autist20:52
AcidRain2012i dont like anything that gives me windows flashbacks20:53
AcidRain2012i also dont like anything where it takes time and effort to find terminal20:53
spearheadno its because i used gnome for years and unity is a good wm but it just looks cluttered...20:53
michaelroseAcidRain2012, unfortunately I have to use windows 7 at work20:53
AcidRain2012michaelrose, i feel so sry for u brother20:53
gordonjcp"waaah unity is slow"20:53
gordonjcpyeah? Here's a fiver, buy yourself 1GB of RAM20:54
gordonjcpbuy a sweetie with the change20:54
gordonjcp"waaah ubuntu is bloated because of unity!"20:54
michaelrosehard to beat instant login with i320:54
gordonjcpyeah?  It installs in 5GB of disk space20:54
gmachine_24unity....... me no likes20:54
gordonjcpI just threw 20 or so 8GB hard disks in the bin20:54
=== 31NAAADHK is now known as paulus68
gordonjcpmichaelrose: how often do you log in?20:55
=== hub is now known as Guest65752
michaelrosesadly right now frequently my computer is broken and I stuck my hd in my wifes computer20:55
spearheadgordonjcp: oh yeah? i have ubuntu server running off a 512Mb sd card...20:55
michaelroseI'll fix it by the end of the month20:55
AcidRain2012i wouldnt buy a 1gig either. id go ahead and get the 8gig stick ;p20:56
michaelrosebut i3 is still nicer than any of the heavy de20:56
AcidRain2012michaelrose, link me to i3? i havent seen this one20:56
gordonjcpspearhead: yes, and I have embedded Linux devices running with 4MB of flash and 8MB of RAM.  I know you can make it really small20:56
gordonjcpAcidRain2012: i3 is one of those crappy dark-grey-on-dark-grey pixelly window managers20:57
michaelrosesuper simple config file fairly easy to customize20:57
pvl1gordonjcp: are you looking for eye candy or productivity20:57
gordonjcpit's a tiling window manager so you can only have one program open at once20:57
gordonjcppvl1: productivity, hence Unity20:57
michaelroseummm actually no20:57
pvl1what is wrong with you20:57
spearheadgordonjcp: my point is I don't really care how much disk space it takes up... I just care about how easy it is to use and how it looks.20:57
pvl1IT TILES20:57
pvl1its  TILING window manager20:58
pvl1it tiles20:58
FudusWindows 1.0 power20:58
gordonjcppvl1: just like the 1980s!20:58
michaelroseI can have 36 desktops one for each letter and number and switch between them by tapping shift then a letter or number20:58
ravigehlothitsujiTMO: u there?20:58
gordonjcppvl1: every screenshot I've seen of i3 has a bunch of terminals with tiny grey-on-grey pixelly text that looks like hell to read20:58
pvl1gordonjcp: you want eye candy20:58
gordonjcppvl1: how is that productive?20:58
michaelroseeach desktop can have one or more applications but you really don't want more than 3 because all are visible in some configuration20:58
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
gordonjcppvl1: no, I want productivity20:59
gordonjcppvl1: i3 cannot provide it20:59
AcidRain2012i3 looks insanely lightweight20:59
spearheadgordonjcp: how long have you been using ubuntu?20:59
pvl1gordonjcp: because people that atually develop on linux and do networking debugging sit in terminals all day. and i3 is just a window manager. you can picknwhat ever terminal you want20:59
michaelrosealso if you have multple monitors obviously you can have a desktop showing in each monitor20:59
pvl1the pictures, ppl pick their terminals and colors. just most ppl use uxterm20:59
pvl1you can yous gnome terminal, lxterminal, what have you on i320:59
AcidRain2012i3 looks like its gonna be for a terminal junkie. i enjoy the gui from time to time20:59
pvl1it just tiles your windows20:59
gordonjcppvl1: yes, I have about 12 terminals open right now20:59
=== sysadmin is now known as VlanX
michaelroseso if you are smart and have 2 large monitors you can see between 2 and 6 windows on screen at once21:00
AcidRain2012ive got 4 terminal myself ;)21:00
gordonjcpspearhead: on and off, since 6.1021:00
* AcidRain2012 opens 9 more terminals to be +1 on gordonjcp 21:00
gordonjcpAcidRain2012: rofl21:00
gordonjcpAcidRain2012: that's like, nine louder innit?21:00
spearheadgordonjcp: do you like unity or the old gnome better?21:00
gordonjcpspearhead: much prefer Unity21:00
pvl1gordonjcp: lets take this to #ubuntu-offtopic21:00
michaelrosealso it lets you bind specific applications to specific desktops and bind specific desktops to specific monitors21:00
gordonjcpspearhead: it took a bit of getting used to21:00
gordonjcppvl1: excellent idea21:01
bbteufelwhy not use the tty 1 through 6 ? ctrl+alt+f1/f2/f3/f4/f5/f6 :P21:01
gordonjcpspearhead: bear in mind I've been using Unix longer than most people in this channel have been breathing21:01
Barrin6I have ubuntu 12.04 installed right now. It has unity. Do I have to reinstall the whole OS if I want a different desktop environment?21:01
pvl1!windowmanagers | Barrin621:02
ubottuBarrin6: A desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors21:02
ubottuGNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome21:02
Barrin6sweet thanks pvl121:02
pvl1Barrin6: you probably want a gnome2 fork btw21:02
needhelpquickBeldar: It still didnt work :S21:03
=== cma2714 is now known as cmastudios
=== matanya_ is now known as matanya
=== zz__gypsy_ is now known as _gypsy_
Beldarneedhelpquick, So how old is this computer?21:03
euleвсем дорго вечера21:03
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.21:04
jhutchinsIs there a utility that will locate duplicate filenames in a tree?21:04
bekksjhutchins: fdupes, and various others.21:04
qurkshey guys21:04
Barrin6not sure if this is unique only to unity, but I like I can hit the Windows key and type what program I want21:05
raystoncan someone point me at a good guide for how to properly set up a 32bit prefix in Wine? Trying to use dotnet20 so I can play Ultima Online on my ubuntu box21:06
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ubottuGNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome21:07
ravigehlotWhen trying to install Kubuntu-desktop, I am forced to install LibreOffice. Why is that?21:08
needhelpquick2003 custom pc not packaged21:09
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OerHeksravigehlot, it is part of the metapackage, you can install Kubuntu desktop without the extra software with --no-install-recommends option21:12
nfisherHi all! ive a little problem on my lucid machine here... when i try to scroll down in my iceweasel-browser per keyboard arrows, it would not scroll down as it used to, but kind of "select" things on the website and jump right to the bottom (or randomly elswhere on the page). Any ideas what might be wrong here?!21:13
OerHeksbut then you would skip a lot21:13
Kajunfiendi'm having a problem with software updater... for some reason it has a blank window when it opens. anyone know why?21:13
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels21:14
TheMittenQuick question, I'm using a run-from-DVD trial of Ubuntu desktop (12.x version) to get files off of a dead hard drive. Is there a quick way to install a jumpdrive driver while running from a DVD?21:14
spearheadTheMitten: you should't need to install a jumpdrive driver21:15
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Kajunfiendi'm having a problem with software updater... for some reason it has a blank window when it opens. anyone know why?21:15
spearheadTheMitten: what does it do when you plug in the drive?21:15
TheMittenspearhead: nothing that I can tell. I have checked to make sure the USB ports are still powered and I didn't bump a cable when I was playing.21:16
ravigehlotOerHeks: k21:16
ravigehlotOerHeks: I just don't understand why LibreOffice is included when it is clearly broken.21:17
spearheadTheMitten: plug in the drive and then run sudo dmesg in terminal to see if it is recognized21:17
us0rHey, I'm trying to install ubuntu onto a pc off a flash drive. I just used it to load ubu onto a laptop no problem but when I try it on the pc it doesnt work. set boot order properly and used the same iso but no dice. any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?21:17
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OerHeksravigehlot, broken? LO works fine here21:18
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lokusanyone know if something like this exists? i'm running a persistent usb-booted linux distro now and i'd like to try and mount some kind of NFS style free cloud storage space (for reliable backup). is this a thing yet?21:19
TheMittenspearhead: "unable to enumerate USB device on port 1"21:19
TheMittenamongst many other things.21:20
Barrin6!desktop manager21:20
Beldarneedhelpquick, 2003 that us pretty old are you sure this computer is even up for the job?21:20
TheMittenhowever my other flash drive works immediately. I think I'll just use it.21:21
Beldarneedhelpquick, Be sure to alwyas use nicks if you address another here.21:21
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ubottuA desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors21:22
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.21:22
spearheadTheMitten: have you tried a different usb port on the computer21:22
TheMittenspearhead: I have tried the two in front. My second flash drive works in both, the first works in neither.21:23
spearheadBarrin6: if you are using the bot for lots of information please use /msg ubottu !windowmanagers to open a private message with the bot21:24
Barrin6okay sorry21:24
spearheadTheMitten: try one of the ports in the back, it might not be getting enough power for some reason...21:27
gmachine_24TheMitten: I'm sure you tried this but did you try a different computer? My usb drives are funny that way. Sometimes. Ha. Ha.21:28
Enekooshello, I try config Bluetooth headphones in ubuntu 12.04 lts, system detect it and paring but not sound anything21:28
EnekoosI search some time for net but not see anything21:28
Gallomimiawhere the smeg can i read more about the process on my system known as "zeitgeist"21:29
gmachine_24german philosophy21:29
gmachine_24greetings. is there a way to change the time stamp on a file - or many files, actually - because the files are dated last summer even though they were added to my system a few days ago - and my music scanner doesn't list them in the "new" folder... which it normally does21:30
TheMittengmachine_24: yeah, it works on other computers.21:30
gmachine_24TheMitten: I came in late. You tried different usb drives on the computer where you're having problems?21:30
Gallomimiado you want them to say today's date, right now, or do you want to edit it?21:30
gmachine_24Gallomimia: Today's date would be great.21:31
TheMittenspearhead: no dice in the back slots, either.21:31
Gallomimiarun touch on them21:31
gmachine_24Gallomimia: ..... ok..... that is a program?21:31
TheMittenno worries though, I'm dropping the files in question to the other drive atm.21:31
Gallomimiasure is. it's a command line program... acts like you've made changes but without any changes21:31
gmachine_24swell. thanks.21:32
thirddayStops responding when modifying normal style font Stops responding when modifying normal style font21:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 1050718 in abiword (Ubuntu) "Stops responding when modifying normal style font" [Undecided,New]21:33
spearheadTheMitten: have you used this drive with ubuntu before?21:33
ClientAliveHas anyone installed redmine on 13.10 desktop? I attempted it twice from software center recently but ran into error while trying to get through the configuration gui. Anything that can be advised to get a successful install?21:34
TheMittenspearhead: I have not.21:34
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glitsj16Gallomimia: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/08/is-zeitgeist-spying-on-you might be of interest21:36
bekksglitsj16: the answer is "no", even before reading the article :)21:36
spearheadTheMitten: I'm not sure what the problem is, everything I can find online says that it probably isn't getting enought power... but it might be something completely different.21:37
sv2241hey there. does anyone have an idea on how to configure ProFTPd for allowing a user to access multiple paths?21:37
glitsj16bekks: i agree, the link has a confusing title, subtit on the page is "Why Zeitgeist is not evil"21:37
bekkssv2241: configure the paths to allow access.21:38
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TheMittenspearhead: thanks for trying.21:40
mariannehi there... anyone out there with synergy exerpience... having trouble with connecting to a new iMac from my ubuntu box21:41
sv2241bekks: how? I've considered initially a chrooted environment for ftpusers but didn't worked out as that ment to mount bind filesystems in ftpusers home directories. that doesn't work as I don't want to provide access to whole filesystems, just few subdirectories21:41
bekkssv2241: bind mounting is the solution.21:41
Ignacio`Is there any way for reinstall one package?21:42
Ignacio`(with apt-get)21:42
sv2241bekks: I thought so too but it doesn't work for me. need something else. Like in Windows FTP servers, where you can add specific paths for a user to access21:43
AcidRain_sv2241, what issue are u having?21:43
MyrttiIgnacio`: install --reinstall21:43
sv2241bekks: one cannot mount bind a subdirectory under a filesystem but the whole filesystem itself21:43
AcidRain_sv2241, not true...21:43
bekkssv2241: Thats not true.21:44
AcidRain_i currently have like... 7-15 subdirectories mounted in my sftp users folder21:44
sv2241AcidRain_: ok.. how does it work then?21:44
Ignacio`Myrtti, thx!21:44
AcidRain_same as u are bind mounting the whole filesystem. just target a subdirectory....21:44
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AcidRain_sv2241, if u still have the issue of more than just that subdirectory being accessed. then the issue is your permissions21:45
sv2241AcidRain_, bekks: something like this? mount -t nfs -o hard,retry=100,ro /home/user/Music21:46
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sv2241AcidRain_, bekks: or mount --bind -t nfs -o hard,retry=100,ro /home/user/Music ?21:46
AcidRain2012 /media/Server2/My_Documents/Text_Files     /media/AcidShower/FTP/ftpuser/My_Documents/Text_Files/  bind  _netdev,bind         0  021:47
AcidRain2012im not sure what your numbers mean. but this is what i use21:47
sv2241AcidRain2012: what would be the equivalent in command line? mount -t nfs or mount -t cifs.....21:48
AcidRain_not sure. u wanna use --bind though. i know this21:49
sv2241AcidRain_: alright, let me give it a try real quick21:49
AcidRain_though, i believe that if u do NOT specify a filesystem type, mount will do it for u. or at least try.21:49
XposWinUhow can I read/edit a link in gedit? not the destination of the link.21:50
BeldarXposWinU, gksduo gedit /path to link21:50
AcidRain_Beldar, that looks like it will edit the original path21:51
XposWinUI need to edit the link itself, not the destinaiton*21:52
sv2241AcidRain_: root@server:/# mount --bind /home/user/Music21:52
sv2241mount: special device does not exist21:52
BeldarXposWinU, Right, but you need the links file that you want to edit.21:53
AcidRain_what is this?
Beldaror text whaterver it is21:53
hitsujiTMOXposWinU: what do you mean by edit a link exactly?21:53
AcidRain_remove that. and it should work21:53
sv2241AcidRain_: the server ( I'm mount binding from is a QNAP NAS. client is Ubuntu 12.1021:53
hitsujiTMOsv2241: you dont use bind with nfs shares. what are you trying to do?21:54
XposWinUI have a link file pointing to /a/b/c.txt, I want to edit the link file, not c.txt21:54
AcidRain_sv2241, ah. thats beyond me. i havent dealt with that.21:54
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AcidRain_Beldar, i think hes trying to edit the link location on the link file21:54
hitsujiTMOXposWinU: what about it do you want to edit? you use ln to change the link21:55
Gallomimiarhythmbox requires to install plugins of the following types. where do i get the plugins?21:55
AcidRain_Gallomimia, what p