xnoxbwlang: there is upstart-monitor package/script which lets you monitor all events emitted.00:03
xnoxbwlang: i think that will help.00:03
bwlangxnox... hmm i iwas just poking around in the wrong place... so thanks for redirecting me  - great timing ;)00:04
bwlangxnox: hmm this script seems broken.  upstart-monitor -n still seem to be trying to find gtk  (which i do not have000:08
xnoxbwlang: there is an option to force non-gui mode.00:09
bwlangyeah... the man page says -n00:09
bwlangbut it does not seem to work.00:09
xnoxbwlang: and in some releases it used to have a bug where it would still try to import python-gi / gtk-gir.00:09
bwlangah... i'll try to find an updated version00:10
xnoxbwlang: try later one, or just comment out the Gtk imports.00:10
bwlangoh... it's just python - i'll try to munge it a bit;00:11
bwlangit was a missing dependency on gir1.2-gtk-3.000:19
bwlangxnox: hmm - i see the events but i don't see my echo...  do i need to do something to get my script to be re-read?00:25
bwlangxnox: did i do something dumb? https://gist.github.com/bwlang/e815f103ae0cbea1a7ba00:27
bwlangrebooting now...00:28
bwlanghmm - i get the echo on reboot, but i don't get it when i do eject -T... even though i do see the events using upstart-monitor00:32
bwlangah... s/added/changed/ doh... thanks xnox for pointing me in the right direction, and staying silent while i embarass myself 00:37
xnoxbwlang: i get a whoops when browsing that. Can you copy&paste to e.g. paste.ubuntu.com ?00:56
xnoxbwlang: I'm just really busy, and periodically check irc =) i'm glad you sorted your job ;-)00:56
bwlangxnox:  thanks... sorry to bug you.00:56
bwlangnow i'm just sorting out the script conditions, upstart-monitor really helped me track this down.00:57
xnoxbwlang: no worries =) at least you stayed connect to irc for someone to come back to you... most people drop off rather quick =)00:57
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p3rsistWith upstart, how can I make a job B restart when job A is restarted?23:15
ionstop on stopping A, start on started A23:16
p3rsistyeah okey thanks :)23:21

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