brainwashfor trusty?00:00
Unit193Well, it's already a transitional package now, so doesn't exist.00:08
Unit193!info gcalctool00:08
ubottugcalctool (source: gnome-calculator): gnome-calculator is a powerful graphical calculator for GNOME (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.8.2-1ubuntu4 (saucy), package size 42 kB, installed size 88 kB00:08
brainwashcould have been changed in raring already :P00:17
Unit193But wasn't, so why not now?00:17
brainwashI like changes00:18
brainwashso lets make sure that trusty will be awesome00:18
ranhi. there is a known bug about logging the results of fsck?02:21
holsteinran: not that im aware of.. did you see anything in lp?02:22
Unit193/var/log/fsck exists, but nothing of interest for me.02:23
holsteini have nothing logged there02:24
ranim not a developer, but in the past boot.log has showed the results of fsck. sorry about my english.02:26
ranthis is very important data, and this was the only easy way to read the results of fsck.02:29
Unit193ran: 1. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/513644  2. What happens if you remove  quiet  from the grub options?02:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 513644 in mountall (Ubuntu) "Does not log fsck invocations in /var/log/fsck/" [Wishlist,Triaged]02:48
rani dont see anything, until the password screen.02:57
Unit193http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/xubuntu Huh.06:49
NoskcajUnit193, PPA updated, will indicator need a rebuild?07:57
Noskcajhey elfy 07:57
elfyhi Noskcaj 07:58
Noskcajthe version of panel in my ppa is updated to git master, thanks to Unit193 07:59
elfyok - apt will be having a look shortly I'd hope - keeping an eye on software updater working - not that I use it when it tells me :p08:00
Unit193Noskcaj: Shouldn't.  Also, you version weirdly. :P08:08
NoskcajUnit193, For panel, it's copying from lionel's PPA08:08
Noskcajfor everything else, stop h8ing ;)08:09
Unit193Nah. .master.gitdoij44r. ;P08:09
Unit193Anywho, you should be set then.08:09
Noskcajnow if apt-get update would be less slow, i could actually test it08:10
elfyfast enough here :p08:11
elfyjust got those updates - what does the newer panel fix?08:12
NoskcajIt's actually from master, for one08:12
Unit193elfy: Tries to fix transparency, not quite though.08:12
elfythe whole panel is now transparent - not just the indicator bit 08:15
elfyis that what you mean by not quite?08:15
elfyhad it set to transparent - it's just not been working for ages - forgot the setting :D08:16
Unit193elfy: Wait, so everything is actually working now?08:17
Unit193elfy: Can you set a panel bg?08:17
elfylooks to be 08:17
elfyhang on will look08:17
Unit193Hrm, I may have to install it.08:17
elfylets me set bg fine08:19
Unit193Well that was issue one, second was icons too large and indicator-sound had dumb deps or recommends.  I'll try it for sure though on a VM or something that's easier to revert.08:20
elfyonly oddity I can see at moment - right click on something populating panel to get it's menu - highlights in system colour08:20
elfyright click on ind panel and highlighting is odd08:21
elfynot easy to explain that - so http://i.imgur.com/yYLDQmZ.png08:24
Unit193Ah, strange, but not too bad.08:27
elfynope - I agree - not 'bad' but strange :)08:27
elfyall in all - it's looking good imo 08:27
elfynice to have the gtk3 inds - even if we don't want to use them 08:28
Noskcajhey DanChapman 08:29
DanChapmanNoskcaj, hey there :-)08:29
elfyhi DanChapman 08:30
DanChapmanGood Morning elfy08:30
Unit193Yep, would be easier on here since it only has indicator-messages-gtk2 indicator-status-provider-pidgin libappindicator1 libappindicator3-1 and libindicator-messages-status-provider1 from other releases.08:32
elfywouldn't know - too voodooie for me :p08:33
Unit193indicator-sound is held too, libindicator7 and indicator-messages it seems as well. :P08:34
Unit193VM it is.08:34
elfymmm - I see date is still borked though08:35
Unit193Menulibre2 should hopefully be ready for testing soon.08:35
elfychanging theme or icons still sets the ind panel to transparent09:13
ochosielfy: that's not only a problem related to the panel09:22
ochosiall gtk3 apps have a hard time with changing themes09:22
ochosiyou have to mostly close and restart them after changing themes09:22
ochosione of the less-fun regressions of gtk3 over gtk209:23
elfyok - I thought that was the case - just pointing out what I see :)09:23
ochosisure thing09:24
elfythe date thing is odd - saw a bug for it - but if we're not using that ind then I'm meh09:24
ochosii think the indicator-plugin also needs an update09:25
ochosiwe're using the latest release, but there were some fixes after that with respect to label width09:25
ochosiso this is how the new panel looks in saucy: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-01052014-102435am.php09:25
ochosiUnit193: ^09:25
Unit193Yeah, wasn't sure if you wanted to move back to snapshots since he kindly released some for you.09:26
elfyochosi: if you were looking at the terminal icon in a panel like that - I'm not surprised you thought it was ok :)09:27
ochosielfy: haha, no well that never worked until just now ;)09:27
ochosiso does transparency work for you now in trusty?09:27
ochosifor the whole panel?09:27
ochosior just the gtk3 indicators09:27
ochosiand fwiw, i think i'll have to add text-shadows to the indicators in our theme (as you can see in the incosnsitency between the clock and the power-indicator time)09:28
ochosifeel free to remove the frame around the systray ;)09:29
elfyI just did :)09:29
ochosiactually, do you not have indicator-application installed?09:29
ochosibecause the nm-applet should also be an indicator09:29
ochosibrainwash: sorry, i can't reproduce your xfdesktop theming problem so far (have relogged a few times now)09:30
elfyochosi: it is installed09:30
ochosistrange that it isn't in use then...09:30
elfyyea - sitting in notification area that is09:31
elfyand it's not hidden 09:31
elfyso other than that not working here - the only real odd looking thing is workspace switcher bg being black when it has miniature view09:33
elfylooking good :)09:34
ochosiit should normall automatically only show an indicator once indicator-application is found and the systray-icon is hidden automatically09:34
ochosinice, good to hear09:34
ochosiwell that's a problem of the workspace switcher itself, it was always like that09:34
ochosiso it isn't a regression09:35
elfyyea - understood - no idea why that application indicator isn't working here09:35
ochosiyeah, we should try to find out09:35
elfyyep - realise it's not a regression09:35
ochosiwhat if you e.g. start transmission?09:35
ochosithat should also have an app-indicator09:35
elfydoesn't show up 09:35
ochosior, if you go to the settings of the indicator plugin09:36
ochosishould look like this ^09:36
elfynot got session management09:36
ochosiwell that's just another indicator09:37
elfyI have bluetooth and kbd hidden 09:37
ochosiso application is there?09:38
ochosiin the list i mean09:38
ochosiif not, check if you accidentally have indicator-application-gtk2 installed as well09:38
elfyit is in the list 09:38
ochosican you still check whether you have the gtk2 package installed?09:39
ochosi(that'd at least explain it)09:39
elfynot installed09:39
elfyind-application/libappindicator3-1 and xfce4-indicator-plugin09:40
elfyare the only things installed synaptic finds with indicator-applica09:40
ochosithen we have to find the problem elsewhere09:41
elfyjust so you know what it looks like here 09:42
elfyas always - more than happy to install/remove/fiddle with things as people point them out 09:42
ochosiso the main regression is gone, we should really start trying to get that in the archive now09:43
ochosiok, thanks elfy09:44
Unit193Erm, would have to wait on garcon and 3.11 release, I'd think.09:45
elfywhat was the main regression then? 09:46
ochosiUnit193: you mean a 4.11.1 release of the panel?09:47
ochosielfy: transparency and bg-image setting failed09:47
ochosiUnit193: i'm not really sure that'll happen in time09:47
elfyochosi: oh right - that's been missing for a while 09:48
elfygood to have it back though :)09:48
ochosiUnit193: problem is, we can't pressure upstream to do a release of the panel just on behalf of our schedule09:49
ochosii mean we can, but it's not nice and probably won't work09:49
elfyochosi: I always end up with a desktop full of screenshots as soon as I start talking to you ... 09:51
ochosimore problems?09:51
elfyno - not at all :)09:52
ochosigood :)09:52
elfythe only shame is the lack of command history in whisker menu 09:52
elfyI'll start hassling bluesabre for menulibre2 soon :)09:53
ochosiyeah, well, not strictly a regression over the classical menu09:53
ochosifrom what i read, it's almost finished09:53
elfyyep - read that in scrollback 09:53
elfyno - not a regression - but without that I'm a bit +0 on whisker-menu 09:54
elfyochosi: do you know what the current state of play with light locker is - I've lost track completely10:11
ochosielfy: are you using/testing it atm?10:15
elfyjust the lock screen issue - I think - I saw something from jarnos re a fix from xfce end - but not had the chance to look more10:18
elfyie - lock screen isn't working with the patch hanging about on the LP bug report10:18
ochosiso you edited /usr/bin/xflock4 and added the line for light-locker?10:19
elfyyea 10:19
ochosicould you paste the content of the file?10:20
elfythe one I saw from jarnos was a lot of change - I did try renaming the current xflock4 to .bak and just putting in that one - but then lock screen just ended up disabled in the menu 10:20
elfyhttp://pastebin.com/v2Gwszyy 10:21
elfycurrent xflock4 10:21
elfyhttp://bug-attachment.xfce.org/attachment.cgi?id=5295 was the thing I tried to use 10:22
ochosiand you have xscreensaver uninstalled i presume?10:22
ochosiwith the file you pasted it should work10:22
elfyand no gnome-screensaver obviously10:22
elfyyea - that was what I thought - doesn't though10:22
ochosiyou could try to run xflock4 from the terminal and see whether there's any output at all10:22
elfyjust returns to the prompt10:23
ochosiand running light-locker-command -l directly?10:25
elfythis particular install was a new vanilla - to which I added the few PPAs to get panel/tabwin etc in 10:25
elfylight-locker: command not found10:26
ochosido you have light-locker installed?10:26
elfyyes ... now ... 10:27
elfyI told you I was all over the place ... 10:27
ochosithen the xflock4 patch should work better10:27
elfyok - so light-locker works ok ... 10:27
ochosialthough after installing, you might have to restart your session10:27
elfyjust did it - locked and logged back in10:27
elfysorry for wasting time :(10:27
ochosino problem at all10:28
ochosithe main thing is that it works10:28
ochosiso please test that as much as you can :)10:28
ochosi(suspend etc)10:28
ochosii'll try to get a few fixes needed for that into the greeter asap10:28
elfyok 10:29
ochosi(currently it may show "log in" where it should say "unlock" after suspending)10:30
elfyI'll look now 10:33
elfysuspend comes right back to the desktop, perhaps it will need rebooting10:34
ochosipossible, not sure10:34
elfylocking - shows 'unlock' 10:34
ochosiok, that's good10:34
elfyI'll reboot now - and then check what happens with suspend10:35
elfyochosi: ok - a few observations10:41
elfy1 - still got grey screen thing - assume that's somthing else anyway10:42
elfy2 - lock screen - works fine, showed 'lock' not login - came back to apps open when I locked screen10:42
ochosiad 1: yeah, that takes a few PPAs and not even then it's working for everyone10:43
elfy3 - suspend - showed me screen lock warning as it went down / when I brought it back - went to login - logged in to desktop with none of the apps open when I suspended / the 'names' of the various items on the desktop were in a highlighted box - all of them10:44
elfyhad to logout - then login again and got the session stuff back 10:44
elfythat's all I saw10:45
ochosihm, 3 is strange10:45
brainwashhighlight box.. that's the xfdesktop theme bug :D10:45
ochosibut i'll ask you to test again after i pushed some fixes to the greeter for that10:45
elfyok 10:45
elfybrainwash: thanks 10:46
elfycertainly this morning when I brought it back from suspend without light-locker installed it worked fine - other than just coming straight back to the desktop with no password :D10:46
elfyso not really working 'fine' ... 10:47
brainwashelfy: did you set the env var "INDICATOR_ALLOW_NO_WATCHERS=yes"?10:47
brainwashif no, the nm-applet might fail to load as indicator10:47
brainwashand fall back to notification icon10:47
elfyochosi: I tend to know when things get updated - I read the list of updated packages, if I see a light locker change I will be on the case to test suspend10:48
brainwashsee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Trusty/Gtk3Indicators10:48
brainwashknown issues10:48
elfybrainwash: yep - did that - got all indicators here - excecpt the app inds for some reason 10:48
brainwashelfy: are you sure that your system was able to suspend properly? the open apps should no vanish and stay open10:50
elfysuspended - told me it was suspending - gave me some warning screen - turned off - came back to login screen - logged in - none of the open apps appeared - and they do that for any sort of restart for me 10:51
brainwashand did the desktop icons look like this (right side) http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/onetwo.php ?10:51
elfyso - logically I would say that it's not suspending properly with light-locker installed10:52
elfybrainwash: yep - that's what I had - not orange though10:52
elfy2 ticks - I'll see if it replicates10:52
brainwashthe orange part is the default look with numix theme10:53
ochosibrainwash: looks like ambiance actually10:53
elfyok - that cam back properly that time - just said login instead of unlock10:55
brainwashI'll update my panel now and restore the missing items (compiling from source broke the wrapper-1.0 somehow, so some panel items got removed)10:56
ochosielfy: that's the known issue10:56
elfyfleetingly saw a light locker message when it came back this time as well10:56
ochosithat's not a huge problem i think10:56
ochosithe locker message i mean10:56
elfyok - so not sure why I got all that earlier stuff - but the last 2 or 3 suspends seemed to be ok 10:57
elfyochosi: understood10:57
ochosiok, nice10:57
brainwashlogin button instead of unlock one -> bug 126456310:57
ubottubug 1264563 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "switch-to-greeter does not set lock hint" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126456310:57
elfyso - that's looking good - even better when it's installed :p10:57
elfyknome: nice easy job for you to do - it's more than 48 hours now :)10:58
knomewhat is10:58
elfyand the 3 proposed people are missing from -team :)10:58
ochosinice catch :)10:59
elfyI'm starting to wake up a bit ... 10:59
elfyit's been a rather rubbish 4 weeks 11:00
knomeheh, yeah11:00
knomeelfy, what do you mean "missing"11:01
elfybetter late than never :D11:01
knomeyeah, being too exact never was the point11:03
elfybrainwash: I me too'd that 11:03
knomebut thanks for the reminder11:03
elfyknome: lol - welcome :)11:03
knomealso tweeted that11:03
elfyslicky at least was someone I wanted in to team last cycle 11:04
elfyknome: that trello board set up for qa seems to be working well as a tool by the way11:06
knomewhat are you working on in there11:07
ubottubluesabre, elfy, GridCube, jjfrv8, knome, micahg, mr_pouit, ochosi, pleia2, skellat, Unit19311:22
elfyknome: best change that as well then :p11:22
knomewhat now11:22
elfyI'm really waking up ... 11:22
knomemy internet is meh11:22
knomejust started lagging11:22
elfyI'd lend you some if I could 11:22
elfynot much - just some :p11:23
elfythat good ... 11:51
brainwashreplaced my compiled version of xfce4-panel with the new PPA one, transparency is working now, but the mail and sound indicator are using a second (empty) row again12:11
brainwashin deskbar mode I mean12:12
elfybrainwash: looks ok here in deskbar mode12:16
elfyjarnos: hi - caught your comments earlier re light-locker - thanks for those12:17
elfyfixed it - I didn't have light-locker installed at all ... 12:18
elfybrainwash: http://imagebin.org/28526612:19
brainwashelfy: does it look ok after login? if you switch the mode mid session the glitch might not occur12:19
elfychecking that12:20
brainwashwhat happens if you hover over the mail indicator?12:20
brainwashhow big is the highlight box12:20
elfy2 rows - the deskbar is set at 2 rows12:20
elfyaligned ind to left - highlights 2 rows12:21
ochosihover-size = panel-width x icon-height+widget-padding12:21
elfyhang on - logging out/in12:21
ochosibrainwash: i've lost track of that a bit over the holidays, but what's the status quo of the flicker-free desktop-transition?12:21
ochosido we have PPAs that fix that for everyone now?12:21
ochosior does it still need stuff compiled from source12:22
elfybrainwash: no change 12:22
brainwashochosi: yes, Unit193's PPA (xfwm4, optionally xfdesktop) and a recent version of lightdm-gtk-greeter (1.7.0 for example)12:23
brainwashelfy: thanks12:23
elfysetting the panel back to not really annoying now then :)12:23
jarnoselfy, you are welcome12:24
brainwashochosi: and it works for me (worked all the time with ali1234's fixes)12:24
elfyback later - have a good day 12:26
ochosibrainwash: has it worked for others as well?12:28
elfybefore I go - odd thing - panel preferences - hover over auto show and hide to get the tooltip12:34
elfyyou get the same tooltip on don't reserve space now12:35
elfyseems that the don't reserve space thing doesn't make a difference now too - previously an app wouldn't overlap panel iirc12:37
ochosithe tooltips aren't the same for me here12:38
ochosiand the functionality is also different12:38
ochosielfy ^12:38
brainwashochosi: not sure, Unit193 reported a strange black screen flicker12:38
ochosiautohide hides the panel when there's no mouse-over12:39
ochosireserve-space keeps the panel on top of everything, so maximized windows go underneath it12:39
elfymmm - definitely the same tooltip here 12:39
brainwashochosi: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/i269.php12:39
ochosithat is very strange, we're using the same package12:40
ochosibrainwash: must be a problem with deskbar and indicators12:40
elfyochosi: - yea - agreed with the functionality - could have sworn that resizing would do the same behaviour12:40
elfybut definitely different toolktips12:40
elfysigh 12:41
elfys/different/the same12:41
ochosii thought the tooltips are the same?12:41
* ochosi is a little confused12:41
ochosiso the functionality works12:41
brainwashochosi: but I don't understand, it did not happen with my compiled version of the panel (git master), but now it happens again with the PPA version12:41
elfyochosi: yea - just rechecked - just tooltip oddity12:41
ochosielfy: still weird. could you ask other trusty testers about this later?12:42
ochosibrainwash: it doesn't seem to happen for me with all indicators12:43
elfyochosi: yep will do 12:43
ochosibrainwash: it might have something to do with the ellipsizing that was added recently (i.e. after the 2.2.0 release) of the indicator-plugin12:43
ochosielfy: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-01052014-014429pm.php12:44
ochosibrainwash: doesn't happen with nm-applet, "only" with sound and power12:45
brainwashand messages12:45
elfyochosi: mmm - odd - I'll ask people ealry this week 12:45
elfyreally off now12:45
ochosibrainwash: i think we might need the latest git version of the indicator-plugin as well to fix that12:45
ochosiok, ttyl elfy 12:46
Unit193brainwash: Netbook is good, VM has the flicker.15:24
ochosicould be due to VM graphics drivers?15:39
ali1234yesterday i loaded up gnome shell inside virtualbox... omg the flickering everywhere16:34
ali1234http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuVQYr5KzP8 <- flickering not caused by youtube. this is what it actually looked like16:34
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ochosihey xnox 17:33
lderanhi xnox :D17:48
ochosixnox: i don't want to bother you long or steal too much of your time, but first of all, thanks a lot in advance! your offer to help is very much appreciated!17:49
ochosiwhenever you have time for that, we could quickly go through what is needed the most17:49
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elfyochosi: is there a simple reason why my alt tab is square and not rounded like you see here https://plus.google.com/106086509626546157534/posts/69DtYWSJjss19:36
jarnosbrainwash, where did you get recent light-locker from?19:38
ochosielfy: i guess you're not using Unit193's PPA (or if you do, it was superseded recently by the xfce4.12 PPA)19:38
elfyochosi: was sure I was 19:39
elfythough I have the 4.12 as well - so that would be it I guess - thanks19:40
ochosino problem19:41
ochosiyou can force the version back to Unit's PPA19:41
ochosithen the tabwin should look ok19:41
elfynope - that's ok - I'll just let updates come on through 19:41
ochosiwill maybe take a longer while for tabwin to land19:41
ochosior may not land at all in 14.0419:42
elfyyep - that's fine19:42
elfyjust wondered if I'd done something :)19:42
ochosias to your complaint against whiskermenu, i'd suggest you file a bugreport on github19:44
elfywhat complaint?19:44
ochosiwell you said you lack the command-history or something19:44
ochosi(although there is in fact recently used)19:45
ochosisry, don't remember well what you wanted :p19:45
knomeor was it Unit193 19:45
elfyoic - not a complaint - just an observation - just not seeing a need for whisker menu on top of anything else without it19:45
elfyrecently used has nothing in it 19:45
brainwashjarnos: daily PPA19:46
elfyknome: no - it was me - unless it was both of us :)19:46
ochosiwell you have to launch apps with whiskermenu for it to have something in it :)19:46
ochosiworks as expected here19:46
ochosiyou can even use that as startup-screen19:47
ochosii mean always display favorites or recently-used when you click the icon19:47
ochosiquite useful i think19:47
elfyochosi: I only use Alt+F2 for things like root thunar/panel restarts etc - so the command history for me works19:47
elfydifferent people - different uses :)19:47
ochosiwell anyway, we're deciding on what we think is good for most ppl19:58
ochosinot necessarily ourselves19:58
brainwashthis would mean that we should go with libreoffice and get rid abibug.. abiword :)19:58
brainwashand don't the ubuntu guys even plan to keep libreoffice up-to-date during the LTS cycle?19:58
Noskcaj10brainwash, My issue with libreoffice is how much bigger is it, disk space, RAM, and CPU. Plus it's packaging is a mess, so we'd have to hope the ubuntu guys keep all the bugs fixed, since even a patch is more difficult19:58
brainwashright, but it should be maintained quite well, on the other hand it takes ages to fix stuff in abiword19:58
brainwashis libreoffice-writer really a big CPU/RAM hog?19:58
Unit193knome: No, I looked at whisker a little, and my first observation stands firm.19:58
ochosiNoskcaj10: is the panel packaging quality-wise up to speed so that it could potentially be uploaded to ubuntu as is from the PPA?19:58
Unit193ochosi: Close, not quite.19:58
brainwashI've changed my mind and really enjoy whisker menu now, version 1.3 has a nasty bug, hopefully we can expect 1.3.1 soon :)19:58
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ochosiUnit193: do you think you could get it into the shape that'd be needed?19:58
brainwashah right, xfdesktop still shows the old tree app menu, is that OK or should whisker menu get integrated somehow?19:58
Unit193s/you/Jackson/ ?  Sure, I don't see why not, just a little fix.19:58
Noskcaj10ochosi, panel should be good, i'll have to check with a debdiff that the cheangelog is right though19:58
ochosibrainwash: no, whisker can't get integrated there19:58
ochosibrainwash: so that part will stay as it is19:58
ochosiUnit193: well, you replied, so... ;)19:58
brainwashmmh, inconsistency19:58
ochosibrainwash: yeah, but okayish19:58
brainwashbug 125408719:59
ubottubug 1254087 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "[wishlist] Option to Use Whiskermenu as Desktop Menu" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125408719:59
brainwashalready marked as wish list request20:00
ochosii don't think it's really possible20:00
ochosiyeah, by whom?20:00
ochosihe's not gottcode or a contributor to xfdesktop afaik20:00
brainwashand is xubu default settings even the right package?20:01
Unit193Doesn't matter, working patches still welcome. ;)20:01
Unit193brainwash: Not unless it already works.20:01
jarnosbrainwash, thx20:02
brainwashmaybe someone will work on a patch, when whisker menu gets more popular20:03
Noskcaj10I think we should try and drop the default size of whiskermenu slightly, it takes a quarter of my screen20:03
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ochosiNoskcaj: quick question, what's the debian status of the 4.11 packages that we need?22:33
ochosie.g. libxfce4ui, garcon, xfwm422:33
ochosior xfdesktop22:33
ochosior Unit193 ^22:35
Unit193Need for?22:38
Unit193Yes, but in what way do you need something?  What task are you trying to fulfill.22:41
ochosiwell some say we should always sync from debian22:42
ochosiso if stuff lands there, we'll benefit from it22:42
Unit193libxfce4ui+garcon/git+xfce4-panel/git+xfce4-indicator-plugin for gtk3 indicators, libxfce4ui+xfwm+xfdesktop for seemless, etc.22:42
Unit193I'd like to get the terminal in, Debian has it with all the fixes for Ubuntu.22:43
ochosimhm, that'd be nice22:44
brainwash_that's basically the whole Xfce environment22:45
ochosiwell not the whole22:46
ochosiUnit193: why is libxfce4ui needed for seemless?22:46
ochosibut anyway, we need it22:46
brainwash_new version of appfinder would be nice too22:48
brainwash_including "Use GDbus for communication."22:48
Unit193ochosi: xfwm buildlog: checking for libxfce4ui-1 >= 4.11.0... 4.11.22:57
Unit193https://launchpadlibrarian.net/160584863/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-i386.xfwm4_4.11.0%2Btabwin.git20131215.fa67b6a-1~13.10_UPLOADING.txt.gz if you don't believe me. :)22:58
jarnosbrainwash_, I tried recent light-locker with --lock-after-screensaver option. It breaks screen saver and displays the greeter. I think it should not display anything until user action stops screensaver.23:01
ochosijarnos: you seem to misunderstand that option23:01
ochosilight-locker never displays screensavers23:01
ochosithis is meant for time-based locking23:01
ochosi(based on the setting of X11s screensaver extension, which saves us to have another ticker running for the timeout)23:02
ochosiUnit193: i believe you, i must've forgotten about it :)23:04
jarnosochosi, but if user has set "xset s blank", screen should blank and not display any greeter.23:04
ochosiwell the greeter is the lockscreen23:05
ochosiso if the screen is locked, you get forwarded to there23:05
ochosiyou can set the timeout though in the light-locker desktop file23:05
ochosiso the screen blanks for e.g. 600secs and only then does the session get locked23:06
slickymastergood night all23:14
ochosihey slickymaster 23:14
slickymasterhi ochosi 23:15
ochosijjfrv8_, slickymaster: due to your fabulous work on the xfdesktop docs, there was a proposal now to create doc-versions (i.e. different docs for 4.10 and 4.12), the apps would dynamically find the correct docs for their versions23:15
ochosithat would create less confusion for users and would make our/your job easier23:16
jarnosochosi, light-locker should behave so that it does not display anything, if triggered by the timeout. I tested it and it overrides even DPMS commands for monitor to Standby/Suspend/Off.23:16
slickymasterochosi, that is good news23:17
ochosislickymaster: yeah, i think so too23:17
ochosijarnos: light-locker doesn't control any of that. if you lock your session, you get to the greeter. end of story.23:17
ochosijarnos: however, i have implemented screen-blanking in the greeter now, so that when your screen locks, it remains blank23:18
slickymasterochosi, I planning on finishing eric's points this week23:18
ochosislickymaster: nice, thanks a bunch! it's much appreciated23:18
ochosislickymaster: thing is, even if we get versions, it'll be just copy paste to create the new pages23:18
slickymasterochosi, yes, pretty much since its core it's already done23:19
ochosijarnos: problem is: going to the greeter opens a new VT, so basically a new X session. that means that all x settings from your running session are inaccessible (because they're user-specific, so the greeter can't access them, because your session is locked). all timers, incl. dpms get reset (so the screen comes back on)23:20
brainwash_ochosi: so it would take another 10 min (default value) to blank the screen again?23:24
ochosibrainwash_: yup23:25
brainwash_should we reduce this value? xscreensaver blanks the screen after some seconds again, if you move the mouse and do not enter the password to unlock the session23:27
brainwash_or if you type a wrong password23:27
brainwash_10 min to blank again appears to be quite long23:27
ochosiwell, the greeter does blank the screen initially on lock for that exact reason23:27
brainwash_but only initially23:27
ochosifiddling with X variables from the greeter... i'm not sure i wanna go there23:28
brainwash_lightdm should be able to do alter this timeout23:28
ochosiit doesn't atm afaik23:29
brainwash_wish list :)23:29
ochosiand i'm not sure that they'd see it as a priority23:29
brainwash_this also applies to the normal login greeter scenario23:29
ochosiyes, but afaik they have some sort of powermanagement in unity greeter23:30
jarnosochosi, can you set the greeter to blank initially and after certain time of inactivity using xset or something in the new VT?23:30
brainwash_changing the timeout sounds like a nice feature23:30
ochosijarnos: the initial blanking is already happening, if you use the greeter from our daily PPA you can test it23:30
ochosithe other thing i haven't touched yet23:30
ochosifeel free to investigate, i'm just as new to this as you23:31
jarnosochosi, I don't get the update from daily PPA (for saucy), yet.23:33
jarnosochosi, DPMS Standby event triggers the lock as well.23:35
brainwash_jarnos: you should report your findings here https://github.com/the-cavalry/light-locker23:39
jarnosochosi, did you mean initial blanking is supposed to work in 1.0.0+2112+4? How do you make it blank?23:39
brainwash_so we don't lose track of them23:39
brainwash_jarnos: run "light-locker-command -" or "dm-tool lock"23:40
brainwash_"light-locker-command -l"23:40
jarnosbrainwash_, it displays greeter, and does not blank. That is not initial blanking.23:41
brainwash_works for me on two different systems23:41
brainwash_wait a minute, you do use a recent version of lightdm-gtk-greeter, right?23:45
brainwash_ideally 1.7.023:45
brainwash_the initial screen blanking has been modified slightly23:47
brainwash_in the first version it did blank the screen twice, which unblanked the screen on some systems23:47
jarnosbrainwash_, lightdm-gtk-greeter 1.6.1-0ubuntu1, the next Xubuntu will have 1.6.1-0ubuntu2, right?23:49
jarnosbrainwash_, but I think that is not the cause. I am using multiple outputs.23:50
brainwash_try https://launchpad.net/~lightdm-gtk-greeter-team/+archive/daily23:50
ochosijarnos: i'm also using more than one display, still works23:50
jarnosI tested again with single output. Not working.23:52
brainwash_the ppa will fix that23:53
jarnosbrainwash_, you mean it will give me more recent lightdm?23:53
jarnosor lightdm-gtk-greeter?23:54
brainwash_the latest version of gtk greeter23:54
brainwash_including a fix for the initial screen blank 23:54
jarnosbrainwash_, soon?23:57
brainwash_already does23:58
brainwash_just install the new package and trigger lock screen23:58

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